Big Brother Canada 4 March 28 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: Ramsey Next POV March 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 28th
HOH Winner: Tim Next HOH: March 31
Original Nominations: Dallas and Ramsey
Current Nominations: Maddy and Dallas
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita
Have Nots No havenots this week

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There was so much pre-season hype for Ramsey and obviously he hasn’t lived up to it. Can’t believe he doesn’t even know who Emmett is :/


When is the finale?

sunny dee

if dallas wants to stay, he should really work with Jared. the two (smokers) actually seem very alike and agree on a bunch of things, and get along well, and this video here isn’t the first time i’ve seen them hang out. about the only thing he could do was to drop the ‘i’m out to get jared’ angle, and done.

Bro time


Dallas went to Jared three different times hoping to form something.
Jared turned him away. the whole “get Jared” thing arose from not with me against me anyway.


Tim I thought you haven’t watched BBCAN?…then why are you and Cassandra squealing like your little girls —lol…if the fools in this house don’t see that …then am sorry!…..I just want to shout Get Maddy out —-GET MADDY OUT GET MADDY OUT !


Tim told Cassandra he’d watched bbcan and knew all about how the game worked. Last week in Joel’s HOH.


Tim already told some people he watched all of last season before entering the house.

Maybe Next Week Will Be Good

This week, strategy wise has been horrible. As much as I like Tim in BB Australia, I just do not like the way he did his nominations. It really felt like a disgrace to the game. I really want Dallas to stay this week, he’s grown on me this past week and I don’t know why. Definitely wanna see Maddy leave!

Maddy's Boyfriend

I hope Maddy gets evicted so that she can come home and see that her things have been thrown out onto the lawn, and so that I can see her reaction. #SeeYa


i do not like the the outside influence of Emmet basically telling them what they need to do to win. They should work out their own strategy. He basically told them to vote out Dallas. This season is going to be a snoozefest of people worshipping Tim all the way to finale…


1 more hot chick leaves and I’m done watching for this season..


She is a leach, don’t see how anyone could be attracted to her!


You can always watch America’s Next Top Model then.


Maddy is….



Remember the days when Big Brother used to be fun to watch? Both versions of BB, the American and Canadian have been really boring recently. Big Brother North America needs to start casting more age diversity like they do on Survivor and cast some young people mixed with other 40 or 50 year olds who have more experience and want to play hard and i’m sure that would be more interesting dynamics in the game.

Thank god Survivor is still on though because that show is the only reason i still have hope for reality game shows nowadays .


I think Kasting should just stick Sabrina in the house every year. She was amazing.


So hard to watch Jared smoke because he doesn’t smoke!!! He looks like he just learned and is trying to be one of the “cool kids”. What a big loser. And a poor attitude towards Emmett. Emmett is 10 times the man you are little boy!


What I got from the Emmett talk is this:
When anyone not with Tim asked a question he would start winding up Raul so that the giggling and moving around would loudly disrupt the answer.
His questions to Emmett were all subtle digs at Cassandra.
The only parts of answers he would repeat, or agree with were the single phrases in bigger ideas to get rid of Dallas.
A few of the people there are far too concerned with what Canada thinks of them.
I’m not blaming Tim in this. It was smart. I’m blaming the rest of the people in the room for being so stupid vain and starstruck to jump on board just because someone they are playing with, and now with Emmett, someone they are talking to, has some measure of fame. Until the whole what should we do in the vote this week question, I would adapt the information. When that question was asked I’d be thinking what is the agenda of the person asking the question, and how can I use it against them. But hey, why use your own brain when someone else will think for you?
There’s an adaptation that none of these people considered: you have to be willing to make a big move isn’t about Dallas/Maddy, it’s about going against the person dictating your game, and making a case for yourself. As well, Emmett said about jury, don’t let other people influence your decision. Think outside the box, if it’s important to think for yourself in jury, why is it less important to think for yourself in the game? Here’s the thing, both Cassandra and the brothers worry Maddy and Ramsey will target them if she stays and they get any power. No matter who wins, the nomination pool is getting more shallow. Why is the safety of Jared and Tim more important than the safety of Cassandra and the brothers. Only because Jared and Tim say so. If their safety is so much more valuable than yours, why not just forego the game and give them the money?


its interesting on the same day tim threatened people he was working with he would cut them if they voted a certain way, emmett comes in and one of the first things he says is to remember to enjoy your time with the people closest to you and the deeper your connections the further you will go and to not fear having strong bonds creating a target

tims brain may have clicked that perhaps he needs to be a little more appreciative of those loyal to him


I think given the span of attention he actually gave to Emmett, he was more likely picking and choosing the morsels he could use that supported his preconceived notions.
It wasn’t as much a learning experience for Tim, it was a scavenger hunt. That’s why he would latch on to one half of a sentence and repeat it loudly while trying to de-emphasize the whole idea expressed.
It’s really too bad the others in the room can’t actually hear very well with their heads so far up his tuchus.


he was listening with full attention during the specific emmett dialogue i mentioned though


Dallas’ best bet for survival is to call a truce with Jared by saying that he has noticed that “the foreigners” are an even bigger threat because they are pied piper and the houseguests are mice. If he says that his sole reason in the game now is to get rid of Tim, and that he’d like Jared’s help to make sure the winner of Big Brother Canada is Canadian, he might earn himself a week.
Maddy’s best bet for survival is to keep her mouth shut and be nice for another two days.
Chances of each being able to use their best bet scenario are about equal.

Cindy Withanesse