Big Brother Canada 4 March 27 Live Feed updates Easter edition

POV Holder: Ramsey Next POV March 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 28th
HOH Winner: Tim Next HOH: March 31
Original Nominations: Dallas and Ramsey
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita
Have Nots No havenots this week

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Unfortunately for the next couple of days our live feed updates will be very minimal as we have prior commitments that conflict with our ability to monitor the live feeds 24/7. Simon will be posting the results of the power of veto competition and some videos. Anyone wanting to post transcriptions of conversations or summaries of are free to do so in the comments.

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It’s refreshing seeing the always confident maddy weep like a little baby. Back your bags. You’re heading home. Too bad you wont get to see either Loveita or Kelsey come back.


they will make sure she hears it

White iverson

Don’t have time to watch the feeds. But from the jist of your post is the house going to nominate Maddy when Ramsey takes himself off the block?


It`s pretty much up in the air. The house is still divided on what they think is best for them. I`m crossing my fingers she goes home.


I haven’t watched any feeds this weekend but I would think its an absolute lock
that Dallas would go home? Why would they vote out Maddy? She has no game at all.
Perfect goat to take to the end and beat.

If Maddy goes home instead of Dallas then every guy in that house is gay.
I heard she is giving handjobs to Nick and Ramsey and they are gonna vote her out over a multiple POV

Ridiculous if that happens. Season Sausagefest continues


Unless Levita/Kelsey come back in before the vote and help to get Maddy out.


How come tim never stayed true to his word? He said who ever wins the pov had the power, so is Ramsey going to throw up Maddy? I’m super confused


Me too!


Simply put he changed his mind. The plan was to announce before the POV that the winner could chose the replacement. He then worried if Dallas won who would he nominate after taking himself off the block. Tim the clown then lied and said production wouldn’t allow it which appears to be BS.
Further don’t presume Maddy is gone if she is nominated. She is certainly disliked but no one respects her game. Dallas no HG fav but he competes., Dallas could still go. My gut tells me Dallas I’d much prefer Maddy. Tim could alternatively chose a pawn to get Dallas out. Jarad/Raul maybe but that’s a long shot to happen.


How come tim never stayed true to his stupid rules.

Ramsey should have the power to replace who he wants.

Someone explain


The Aussie with Robert Plant hair Suxs!!!


Tim would have kept the whole veto winner’s choice if he could guarantee who the veto winner was, and that the veto winner would do what Tim wanted.
He couldn’t guarantee this. He lied and told the house big brother said he couldn’t.
He then said they could nominate him. But lied and told the house big brother said he couldn’t.
Tim didn’t want the veto to change the dynamic of the house. He’s chosen a side. The more everyone concentrates on Dallas, Maddy, Ramsey, (people that don’t jump to dance to his tune) the longer he can manipulate everyone.


From my understanding Tim said was if the pov was used the person that the house gave the lowest kodos would be nominated and that was maddy. He didn’t say the person who won the pov would nominate the replacement.


Tim did say that the person that won pov would have a special power. To multiple people.
He then changed his mind because it didn’t give him the power to control how things went while still crying clean hands.
He also said perhaps the pov holder has to choose the replacement out of the pov players only, until he knew who was playing in pov.
Tim also said that perhaps he could be the replacement nominee.
He also said the pov holder has to choose out of a hat.
He settled on the third in line because it has the least upset to the majority of the house because he thinks he’s not on anyone’s radar really.
He’s flipped the possibilities in front of small numbers of people with big mouths numerous times.
In every case he said big brother said he couldn’t do that… without going to the diary room in most cases.


Her ‘overconfident’ aggressive demeanour wasn’t that hard to see through. It’s extreme insecurity. I know I’m not saying anything groundbreaking. Watching her deal with the fallout of her unlikeability is pure tv gold. No wonder she’s a ‘gym rat’ she has no social skills at all. Loving this.


Maddy you made your bed, now lie in it!


That shouldn’t be a problem for her as she was already laying in bed 24/7 haha can’t wait for Maddy to get evicted!!


Watching Cassandra nap on Jared’s shoulder. Part of me is anticipating Kelsey’s reaction to such familiarity. Will she make excuses or will her eyes turn green, with her head growing snakes (not a Loveita weave joke). But that was happening while Tim talked to Maddy, so no such entertainment.
The house has been denied hot water because of excessive napping, talking about production, ignoring instructions, being slow to follow instructions, singing. How long before that sinks in and Nikki says that’s it i’m going home.
I’m getting a weird feeling. it’s like a spider-man spidey sense that something during campaigning this week is going to flip the script a little. And I don’t mean flip the script in the Tim false promise promote chaos way. Let’s face it, gathering the middle ground (people playing under the radar) was his way of placating them. The entire concept of playing under the radar is not wanting a spotlight. Forming a group of people all hiding from the spotlight would not work. The same as his whole identify the people that think for themselves in his proposals to Loveita, Joel and Mitch wasn’t about aligning with them, it was about identification of targets. Tim says he wants a group where nobody is the leader and equal footing exists. Really? Then why is Joel a target because he didn’t do what Tim wanted. Oh, rhetorical. Fact is, Tim wants all of the people that stare at him in awe and worship him at his side because that automatically gives his opinion a higher weight. This is the reality of his need to get rid of Dallas.
Anyone in the house that thinks Tim isn’t playing for Tim, and doesn’t want to win is foolish.


Joel is a target for two or more reasons. He picked a side, Dallas, and has lied to Tim and others while claiming to want to be in the middle. So basically he has become untrustworthy to some at the moment. And this could all change.


Can’t wait for BB18 to start.


Can’t wait for BB UK to start.


Why? So we can see another Frankie Grande suck dick fest? I’m ok without seeing that for now.


Thanks Simon for the updates – hope you had a great Easter!
All I can say is I hope Loveita gets to go back in to the house and does some serious damage! – If she wins HoH it is in her best interest to put Cassandra and Phil up on the block together with the option of Tim as a replacement. I say that because it is obvious that Phil and Cassandra threaten with words and scheme out of anyone the most. They are so far up Tim’s wazoo they smell of Eau de Ass! Phil saying no one should go against Tim ever is going to back fire and Cass well let her throw some more lies in to the fire and see what sticks these coming weeks?!


Cassandra probably schemes the most in a haphazoud way and much more than Phil. Love it and Kelsey are correct that Cassandra’s association with Tim gives her some authority with many of the HG’s. The more successful schemer in the house is Mitch as he is more methodical and trusted by everyone.


Hope the biggest idiot Maddy gets Evicted. What an airhead!


What’s laughable in the Tim and Maddy exchange: him saying his system was set. Like there weren’t three different theories presented by Tim in two days.
What’s the reality: he’s trying to amp up the Dallas v. Maddy hate.
I’m listening to Maddy and Tim talk. I don’t particularly like listening to either of them talk at this point, but I’m plodding through it.
Maddy seems to feel that Dallas shouldn’t campaign. Her “Dallas doesn’t even care that I’m on the block,” is so self centred from the girl that said sucks to be Dallas he was mad at me so now he can go home. Here’s what we know about Maddy’s ‘game’. It’s not big brother. Hated Kelsey because she was with Jared (said he’s too good for her umpteen times). Got angry that Kelsey won money in a veto. Voted Kelsey out. Nominated Loveita because Loveita wanted Jared gone. Thought Jared would like her now. Wanted to play in the veto with Ramsey and Dallas on the block, saying maybe I can win some money in a veto. Her entire game is the seven deadly sins.


The house guests are being given hints that someone will return.
Over the speakers sporadically, big brother was saying the names of the evicted houseguests, starting with Christine while everyone was asleep two nights ago.
There are two cupcakes left on the plate for Mitch’s birthday.
Easter eggs while they’re making easter eggs.

Maddy's Boyfriend

Karma’s a bitch, Maddy.


why the heck is cassandra speaking in that fake voice all the time. drags the words out and talks like she is stoned. I simply cannot deal with listening to her anylonger…

winner winner chicken dinner

I laugh when she talks about Maddie just because she doesn’t say the word Fuck as much as maddie does not make her a better person. watch her unzip her jacket to show the sisters or her deep throating a banana and the flirting with the guys is no worse than Maddie offering bj’s or sex on a balcony. They are both very similar trying to play the game using their sexuality, Actually it goes on in today’s society all the time, strong women like lovitta will not shine through she is using her mouth the wrong way you know the saying give head to get ahead.


Phil and Nick”s pictures are in one block,,,, Tim and Nikki”s pictures are in one black box (Top right of ever post) Evicted people, HOH etc. .. Does that mean If Nikki or Tim is voted out , both go ????


episode review:
Maddy shows that Maddy is a fool. Shows that she believes cutting Loveita will make the rest of the house let her join them. Shows that she had predetermined to cut Dallas as well. Why doesn’t she just admit it. It’s all about Jared and the money. Complete lack of logic.
Tim’s edit of his indecision on how to run hoh is going to leave episode only viewers with the impression that it wasn’t determined almost immediately that he would do his whole koala spiel. Makes it seem that he isn’t trying to find a way to get rid of Dallas without actually getting his hands dirty. Oh, a popular vote when you know the numbers in the house isn’t going to accomplish that, not at all.
Nick lies to the house saying the armpit lick is the most action he’s gotten. nope.
But then, the episodes seem to make it look like Phil doesn’t completely run the brothers’ game yet either. Not one brotherly verbal smackdown shown that i can remember.
Tim explaining the nominations. And Dallas was right in the feeds when he said Tim was just trying to get intel on everyone else, Too bad the knowledge that he was right is irrelevant. But then, the process was irrelevant from the beginning. Smart houseguest should have demanded they go to the diary room to nominate out of 5.
The Ramsey cry session is limiting what actually happened to an extreme degree. He went to every person in the house for a couple of hours trying to get a vote count.
Dallas warns Jared. What is he missing… oh yeah on feeds Jared was already another resident of Uptimsass, population 5, by this point.
They were supposed to show Emmett visiting the suite tonight…. nope, not yet.
Tim’s reasons for Ramsey were false. Ramsey got points for being in an alliance with Dallas and Maddy, and because surprise surprise, Cassandra was spreading crap about Ramsey.
Trying to out Dallas because Dallas wouldn’t play his game. Actually, that’s declaration of target in Tim speak.


And that’s exactly why we feed watchers (I’ve been watching since Season 1, when it was free, black and white, limited views and offered on AOL) come back every year. The feeds are where you know what’s really happening and the TV show is the ‘edited’ version with made up story lines and complimentary/villain edits. It’s like 2 totally different shows sometimes.


Every HOH, used wisely, gather’s Intel so Tim’s just used a different methodology.


Jared is so booooooorrrrrinnng. Why has nobody commented on it yet? People who are pretty get away with so much. He’s the biggest snoozefest since Rachelle.

sunny dee

jared; what has he won? pretty much nothing, the HOH he won was a gift handed to him by kelsey who hit the button the most and got rid of the competition. Is that Emmett like? Nope, the only reason Emmett was still in the game at the end because the two of them pretty much had to win every single comp. considering what a big threat he supposedly is, why is he still there?

Maddy actually said ‘dallas doesn’t care i’m on the block”, and she is serious? does she care that he was put on the block, with zero chance of getting out of it because she sent home a vote for him, and did not take out a vote against him when she was HOH. now she will be on the block, having the same situation, stacked the deck against them, and took away someone who would have campaigned hard and made deals to keep them if someone else was on the block.

i am not sure loveita would change her ways if she went back in. And her ways is what got her into trouble, so not sure now if that is going to happen. initially i thought good, send her back, but her private room screenings is kind of showing kelsey’s comeback as if kelsey would actually play the game if she went back in, the chance she just went back the same way (as in not playing smarter) was not a good thing.

Tim was always going to go after Dallas, imo. if Tim was half the person he claims to be, what he should have done was take all the votes, anyone would clearly know that Dallas was getting the bulk of them, and then when dallas came in and said put them all on me, Tim would have gotten a lot of fan support had he simply taken Dallas off the options. He missed an opportunity of using it to show people what the ‘game’ was really all about, seeing how many people would blindly throw others under the bus to save themselves, versus anyone who was stand up enough to not do that to anyone else, but instead sacrifice themselves. sounds over the top noble, but for all those people who say they don’t like Dallas, preferring others? Dallas is the only one who did that, and that literally makes him a far better human being in my opinion.

i am not sure about anyone else, but the whispering muttering mumbling is annoying. trying to hear cassandra and just about anyone is the worst.


I agree with a lot of what you have said.
My only hesitation in regard to Kelsey was cemented within the last hour.
Kelsey said if she goes back in everybody is going to be so happy.
She included Cass and the brothers in that group.
When Loveita said sure Raul and Jared will be, but don’t kid yourself the others will not be happy, Kelsey said no, they’ll be happy, they’re my friends.
It’s like she’s etch-a-sketching her memories when she sees what people are doing in the game while she’s gone. She believes if she goes back, summercamp will resume.
She will only actually talk to Jared to get rid of Mitch, Tim, Maddy or Dallas (whichever) and Joel. She says otherwise to Loveita, but Kelsey holds grudges. If Kelsey goes back it’s the same old same old. That’s already happening. So what game is she adding?


Simon and Dawg,
Thank you for all that you do.
While you’ve been otherwise engaged i’ve tried to increase my feed viewing time.
I find myself having to change cams to other rooms with different people after about ten minutes when my brain says stfu to them. If the cams are black screen for too long except for one convo I start to think I’m going to go stabby.
I don’t know how you guys do it, but I’m thankful that you do.


Absolutely agree. I haven’t purchased a VPN yet and to be able to come to your site with the ‘best bits’ edited (head nod to BBUK) is wonderful. How much are the feeds for a season? I want to make a donation to you guys, and that seems a good starting price point.


Feeds are free.

White iverson

Ramsey is a little bitch. I get it when Raul or Mitch cries because of their homosexuality but Ramsey? Man up dude.


Maddy talks to Cassandra.
Cassandra gets tons of information from Maddy.
Maddy assures Cassandra she controls Ramsey because he’s “literally” in love with her.
Cassandra is on the end of the bed. Maddy is by the head board.
Cassandra’s story to the house “i was kidnapped by her and nobody saved me.”
ten times in about five minutes.
Cassandra has found her newest Loveita to blame for everything.