Big Brother Canada 4 March 24 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 28th
HOH Winner: Tim Next HOH: March 31
Original Nominations: ? and ?
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita
Have Nots ?

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Maddy is just dumb for not voting out Jared or Raul.

Ariana Grande stinks!

I hated Maddy before this (fake) double eviction, but after this I respect her so much. What a strong and assertive woman! WTG Maddy! Another positive is the hope that the hateful Loveita might be flying home in a week time. #SayYourLittlePrayer


can u get any more dislikes lmao


Maddy is just an idiot for putting up Loveita


Maddy’s intentions are so transparent… can’t believe this girl thinks she is liked by Canada. Gonna be in for a shock when she gets out.
Also, Loveita’s comment after she was evicted… saying that the girls are voting each other out because they are all strong leading women??? STRONG women would not get caught up in stupid high school mentality and be able to work with both genders. I would not classify women in that house as strong, more like self conscious and immature.


Didn’t Loveita say women with strong personalities?


I’m all about empowering women, but Maddy has to be the most narcissistic female to ever play this game. She literally just killed her own game and Dallas’ game in one fell swoop.

Watching her and Dallas play pool she has zero clue her move to evict Love completely F–ked his game. If Love was in the house she would have at least been an option for the other side to target, know Dallas is left dangling in the wind all b/c she wanted Kelsey & Love out. Sure didn’t take her long to run to Jared’s room to try to replace Kelsey. What a stupid self centered female.

And on top of it all she just showed the entire house how good she’ll be at those types of comps, so she went from being someone no one would likely target immediately and would have skated late into the game to a threat who’ll get targeted.

The fact she didn’t listen to her own alliance shows just how poor a game player she is. I hope Tim puts her on the block and if he also puts up Dallas I hope he wins POV and that he is the vote that sends her ass out the door.

Meanwhile she’s dumped Nick, has been cuddling with Ramsay and they’ve been talking all week about her coming to visit Ramsay so he can boink her on his balcony … hmm what boyfriend Maddy? She is IMO the WORST type of BB player and I sincerely hope she gets voted out this week by the hand of Dallas.

But, that’s unlikely going to happen. It’s more likely it will be Dallas and Ramsay on the block b/c Tim is
going to ask everyone to tell him who they want on the block which means it’s the ‘popular kids’ all saying put up Dallas and Ramsay. So when one of her team leaves next Thursday and she recognizes she’s in line to go next perhaps she’ll finally figure out how in one selfish childish move she just ruined 3 people’s games!

I’m also not usually a proponent of the audience booing, but in her case I hope they do. Especially b/c of how graceful Love was exiting. I’m not sure I could have been as sweet as Love was given all she did to try to work with Maddy. Especially when Maddy ran up to ‘fake’ hug her at the end. I would have pushed her off me and said congrats for making the dumbest move in BBCan history. As your alliance goes out 1,2,3. make sure you remember this moment. And then I would have turned to Cass and said and now I understand your ‘you dumb b—h’ comment you just said it to the wrong girl!!!!

Maddy's Boyfriend



I wouldn’t be surprised if Dallas gets evicted this week, and Maddy takes zero responsibility for it. She’d be too selfish and stupid to feel any guilt about it whatsoever.

Viewers are gonna hate her for a long time I bet.


I can’t stop laughing! That would have been epic! Hahahahahahaha!


For Kelsey and Loveita the transfer of information is easy. How do they allow the groups that won’t trust them to know that the information is legitimate?
Hard road for Loveita. If Kelsey were to give Loveita one of the things that Jared put in her bag as a surprise to hand to him so he knew that Kelsey and Loveita agreed, that impairment would no longer exist. Heck, make the symbol for their third wheel alliance. Not as difficult to overcome as one would think.
Harder for Kelsey to get on side with Dallas, because she’s said she doesn’t even want to.
Yet another reason for Loveita to return. She’s willing to work with flexibility to get to their shared goal of weeding out the snakes, while Kelsey is stuck in the same game plan but with more info mode. She isn’t even worried about going after the snakes on her own side. She just wants Maddie. They both want Maddie, but Kelsey is staying on company line. Maddie and Ramsey. oh, not the brothers. oh, we’d be careful of Mitch.


How can anyone NOT love that Tim is HOH, if anyone can shake up the house he can…. Woot…

Big brother is life

I honestly don’t think this is a smart move on Tim’s behalf. It’s his HoH he needs to make moves and choose a side. As you can see the house is kinda uneven so if you go to a house vote it’s obvious which side comes on top. Tim just doesn’t want to be accounted to a side of the house yet but um it’s obvious that him and Cassandra are like closer than ever. If Tim wants to show he is on both sides hang out with Dal/Mad/Rams!! Be in their conversations, make it seem you four our an allaince.

When the wildcards entered the game I honestly saw Tim was going to play a way better game than Nikki. Boy was I wrong. Nikki is killing it in there. She’s playing both sides and not even on purpose. She gives off th perfect persona of not really wanting to play game 24/7 and in doing so takes any target that was in her back off. Everyone likes her seeing no reason in getting rid of her and she shows that she sucks at competitions. For a hike not knowing the North American version of Big Brkther she damn right knows how to play like Victoria Raefeli.

Heart broken

Seeing Loveita get backstabbed and then walking out of the house as literally the sweetest person to ever be evicted from Big Brother was heart breaking. I seriously almost teared up because of how much she did not deserve the hate. I watch the feeds 24/7 and I honestly have not found many reasons to dislike her. All she did was play the game the best way she could, but I mean it was all game and nothing personal. The fact that most of the people preferred Kelsey over Love says a lot about them (you are the company you keep). Man I’m scattered brained because I cannot grasp whatever reason these people personally bashed her day in and day out. I REALLY hope she gets to enter back into the house. Poor Joel…. I love that guy. Joel and Loveita surprising became the final 2 that I wanted to go to the end after this past week. I actually didn’t like Dallas in the beginning but now I’m starting to really root for him. I liked Jared in the beginning but he has turned that around completely thanks to Kelsey turning him into a mean spirited hateful person. Maddy…. tisk tisk… I cannot wait until she goes home! I kinda want her gone this week just so it bites her in the ass! Cassandra… oh my God this girl disgusts me! Please GO HOME!!!!!!


So Cassandra has a deal with Tim, Jared, Joel, the brothers. All for final 2?


Not sure Tim accepted her F2 offer.

hernanday oleary

I only watch the regular show, no live feeds or after dark. Can someone explain to me why Maddy took out Loveita with a backdoor when I thought they were on the same side and I think Jared and Raul are still coming after her best friend Dallas? Also why did she break it off with one of the brothers in the same week. She liked screwed 3 players in one week. And if I was Jared or Raul I would not work with Maddy given that Kelsey also seemed to have issues with her and she seems to have a pattern of screwing everyone she works with.

She said Love lied to her, but isn’t this BB, does she really think every other player is telling her the truth? It seemed like a cop out, is Maddy just targetting girls she perceived as pretty than her? Does she not see Tim as a threat or the brothers, or Jared, I saw alot of players in better position than Love, Mitch wasn’t even chosen by anyone in the comp, he is sitting best in the game right now, no one is targeting Mitch. I don’t get it.


Kelsey and Loveita comparing notes is giving me life. This game would have been completely different had Loveita nominated Paige and Maddy week 1. I’m not surprised that they actually get along outside of the house. Once you end up on opposite sides in the house, it difficult for most players to come together. Congrats on them realizing that Mitch is playing Cassandra’s game, but a much more subtle version. I almost wish they could both come back and start taking out all the guys and Maddy.

Speaking of Mitch, it’s very telling how he stands in the house currently considering nobody targeted him during the HOH comp tonight.

Maddy certainly is getting her wish (or so she thinks) of being the last woman in the house.


Btw I love that clip when they’re all up in the HOH room with Tim, and Ramsey looks over the picture of Tim and Ash, and is like his (Ash’s) eyes are really nice in this one, and then everyone else turns to look at Ramsey and starts laughing and saying “oh okay Ramsey”, and Raul’s like “gayyyyy!” That was TV edit material.


Does anyone know if Joel and Mitch talked and/or if Dallas and Ramsay talked and what was said in either of those convos?

I would suspect Mitch will tell Joel he couldn’t vote to save Love (but it has to have Joel thinking how
trustworthy his alliance with Mitch really is) and I saw Ramsay stupidly telling Maddy what a great move she made. Gee I wonder how great he’ll think it was when he ends up on the block with either her or Dallas tomorrow!


When Tim says if he had his way he’d just put up Joel and Mitch, I decide that all of his rise of the floaters because they’re really rocks talk is the crap i believed it to be. The whole b.s. of keep all the undecideds hopeful but don’t commit to them so that they end up having no protection and are easy pickings was the strategy all along.
But instead he’s just going to play his stupid give me nominations bull.
I guess there’s only room for one rock floating in the pool.
If he does his 5 pointer plan my guess as to breakdown if everyone voted:
Dallas receives the most votes. 14 to 18 votes.
Maddy and Jared are close to tied for second and third. 8 to 10 votes each.
Ramsey, the brothers, Raul are in there with about 3-6 votes.
a weird wildcard of joel or cassandra with about 2-3 votes.
and mitch gets overlooked again.
all without Tim voting at all. 50 points up for grabs.
If it’s just give 2 names, expect the nominees to be Dallas and Maddy with Jared tied in third with Ramsey (if everyone holds true to the deals currently in place).


I honestly think Maddy got rid of Loveita to gain favor with Jared. She has wanted to get close to him from the jump and she thinks she has a chance now that she thinks Kelsey is gone.


“Jump” is exactly what Maddie wants to do to Jared.


I’m so annoyed with Maddy! She could’ve taken out Jared last night! What a dumbass


if it is a stupid comp that decides who re-enters i’ll be pissed. Tim/Nikki were voted in as wildcards so it is only fair if Canada gets to vote for theses wildcards too. Loveita deserves to get back in the game, She has played the game from the day 1 and continues to think for herself and she stays classy. I want her and Joel back together in the house.


Maddy is the new Aaryn but without the racist bullshit. Can’t wait for her to leave the house and realize she is the most hated BBCAN player ever!


I didn’t really care for either of them in the house but now that Kelsey and loveita squashed their beef, I kind of wish bbcan would throw another twist at us and have a real double eviction next week and throw BOTH of the girls back in the house afterwards. Especially if they could stick with the idea of being aligned on the low. That would really shake things up, I’m talking maximum drama potential. Granted, Kelsey is still stubborn in sticking with her boys, but I think Love will wear her down and help her see the light in the next few days. It’s so interesting to see them bonding though, it feels like a glimpse of the conversations that go down after the show is over and everyone is trying to explain their game/point of view.
I can’t say I’m surprised they patched things up so easily, considering how quickly they got along in the beginning. What a different game it might have been had Kelsey known the game better and had Loveita not nominated her week 1. Perhaps the women could’ve worked together, or at least a few of them, and we wouldn’t have the sausage fest frat house of boredom that we currently have.
Feed 5 is the only one I’ll be watching this week.


Maddy is the worst female player in all of Big Brother formats and the cattiest of them all. Terrible “player”. I cannot wait for her eviction and I sure as hell will revel in it when it happens. This silly girl will not win that’s for damn sure.


Maddy is the worst female player in all of Big Brother formats and the cattiest of them all. Terrible “player”. I cannot wait for her eviction and I sure as hell will revel in it when it happens. This silly girl will not win that’s for damn sure.


where was Jared during Tim’s HOH room gathering? He wasnt crying in his room over Kelsey was he? WOW I guess he was quite the jealous possessive dude eh? in regards to Kelsey talking to any guy but him. Too bad
This situation is 10x worse than the Caleb/Amber thing in my opinion..Caleb was obsessed with Amber yes..but he didnt think he owned her!


Jared got called to the diary room when they were all in Tim’s HOH room. He was asked to bring some of Kelsey’s stuff to diary room that she had forgotten in the house (I think her contact lenses). So, he didn’t bail on Tim’s HOH to cry, lol.


Maddie has just trashed her own alliance and does not care….I feel Cass had a hand in this and in feeding her hate all game as well…boy what a dumb bunny ! She has ruined 2 alliances game and has made a lot of enemies as well..and she can not even see it….who will respect her now..who will have any trust in her going forward. MeI’ve lost all respect for her game and as a person.


Does anyone know if the hidden suite for the Girls has a bathroom as it seemed they were taking their makeup off in the main room?. I remember other seasons where each time a houseguest wanted to use the bathroom they had to escort them too it If so that would suck for a week having to ask each time to take a pee.


How was this a “FAKE” double eviction? This WAS a double eviction with one of the evictees coming back like it has happened in lots of BB seasons previously!

A REAL FAKE Double Eviction would’ve been sending Loveita right back into the house with Maddy havin to face her actions… and to top it, makin Loveita HOH 🙂

just sayin…

Jess B

Why does Loveita not let people look at her hair? the way she changed her hats? I don’t watch the feeds often so not sure if this has been brought up before.