Big Brother Canada 4 March 20 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 21th
HOH Winner: JOEL Next HOH: March 24th
Original Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine
Have Nots Tim, Raul, Kelsey, Jared

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From what I can gather Dallas will not use the Veto. Not sure who will be the target, Raul or Kelsey. I thought Kelsey was going into the veto but it’s more up in the air now.

9:23pm Bathroom Raul, Mitch, Kelsey and Jared cam 1-2

9:20pm Dallas and Cassandra Cam 3-4

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Many of us are so grateful for what you guys do here. We understand how busy you are and being sick on top of it is really rough. I hope you will soon be on the mend and feeling better!


We got your back, if anybody complains we’ll give them a thumbs down 🙂


Thanks Simon. I really appreciate you and Dawg posting the videos actually because I’m not using the feeds this year. Between your post and Hamsterwatch/Twitter updates I’ve been getting a clear idea of the going ons in the house. I hope you feel better soon. 🙂

Caren in Canada

Just the fact that even sick you think about BB and us speaks volumes about your dedication! I hope you feel better soon but in the meantime I am sure I speak for all when I say any updates you give are very appreciated!

sunny dee

i enjoy the ‘new’ theme of doing the end of the day with all interesting videos like this. i’m finding it saves me from going thru the After Dark to get the same key conversations, so very grateful and happy to see them done this way.

so sorry you don’t feel well. i enjoy this site and appreciate all the work that goes into it. imagine having to pick what to post about, out of 24 hours a day of live feeds, to help keep everyone up to date. i would just get too wordy myself.

i have also always enjoyed the side comments (in brackets) every time you guys do it. 🙂 and the polls of course.


Mitch, Joel, and Lov just had a meeting in the HoH about getting Dallas to use the veto to take off Raul and put Tim up as a pawn to make sure Kelsey goes home AND to kick Tim down a few notches.. they feel he is getting too powerful because he is doing his own thing and not abiding by anyone’s team (Lov hates it). Mitch is “pretty sure” Tim will stay.. I wonder how this will go over if it happens.

Will Kelsey still go? Maddy will vote her out for sure, but will everyone else?


Thanks to you and Dawg for all you do! It is appreciated by us in the US who don’t get live feeds. You are both amazing! Thank you and I hope you are well and feeling better soon.


Hopefully you get better soon! Appreciate all the work u do 🙂


Kelsey’s crazy eyes are starting to really look creepy. I might like have to like not watch like any more videos of like her.


Anybody have any idea how the fake double eviction will work???


The assumption is from listening to RHAP Happy Hour with Jordan Parhar is that during the 2nd vote they will do everything normal. House votes and Arisa says ____ has been evicted, but then when they leave the front doors might be locked for them to go out to talk Arisa and then she says it’s fake, that’s just specualtion though, but that would be the way i see it.

Also didn’t this happen on BB16 when Victoria was supposed to leave, but it was a fake eviction as well? I don’t remember since i try to forget that season ever exists.


Thank you for all that you and Dawg do. I hope that you get well and are feeling better soon.


everytime mitch talks he mentions being emotionally lonely, which is a shame. i’m also genuinely not sure who’s leaving this week. excited to see what’ll happen.


I am starting to think that telling everyone in the house that he is emotionally lonely is strategic. It makes him appear weaker, it makes it seem that he has no connection in the house, it plays on the empathy of others because they don’t want to kick someone when they’re down. Every person he says that to says ‘oh, come hang out with me’ and his answer is always ‘er um, oh yeah we should do that some time’ with a complete lack of enthusiasm that someone is offering him a solution.


Yup it really helps a lot to get these highlight convos even if they’re not summarized. It allows me to get my fix without falling into the endless trap of the feeds 🙂


Discovered you two from bbcan3 and continued with bbus17. Love your site. Thank you. It’s crazy that Lovieta is still running this house! Joel has thrown his game away to follow her commands. Very frustrating to watch and want to tell him to run from that.

Tim to win

Thanks for everything you do guys! Much appreciated
Secretly I think Mitch wants Tim out because he is similar to Mitch in a lot of ways…first of all he is mostly liked by everyone in the house and is not a threat. ..he could go far and Mitch sees that…if the veto does get used which I don’t want it to and don’t think Dallas will since he mentioned he wouldn’t …but if for some reason it does and Kelsey and Tim end up being on the block…Tim will go home. Maddy will vote out Tim because she said she was annoyed with Tim liked by everyone and not doing anything. Plus she would want the threat of Kelsey to remain in the house. Raul and Jared will vote for Kelsey. The only votes I see going towards Tim to stay are from Cass Nikki the brothers loveita and maybe Ramsey. But still don’t think Tim will stay and mitch knows that! He controls Joel not loveita…loveita is just clinging onto whoever has power. All in all I want Tim Nikki or the brothers to win.


Kelsey is an effin’ c**t who plays the what’s wrong, are you mad at me? She flirts with anything with a penis then says what? what’s wrong? I’ve done this. I’m 53 now so I see what she’s doing and it’s so horribly insecure on her part.


Really??? You’re 53 and you’re calling a 25 year old girl the C word. Dislike her all you want as I don’t care for her either but that’s just wrong.


Tonight Cassandra told Phil the brothers just don’t get her humor. She constantly says Loveita doesn’t get her humor. She’s said it to a lot of people. A little advice: if nobody gets your humor, you’re probably just not funny. Nope, not funny, just sarcastically passive agressive and rudely stuck up.


Cassandra is a hippo. She looks like she got her face bashed in and never recovered. Her attitude and tone of voice are irritating. She is really ugly.


Do you have the rest of the conversation from “Jared and Kelsey talk about flirting” where Tim comes in? People were saying Tim and Jared talked about Maddy saying something about a fake boyfriend and she used to be a lesbian. People weren’t sure about who Maddy was talking about. Do you have that clip?


There are some problems here…
Mitch’s motivation for keeping Raul using the pov is issue number one. The chance of the trio staying intact greatly affects Joel and Loveita negatively while strengthening Mitch’s game. Since they believe Loveita controlled Joel and missed her target again they will be emboldened to attack. Loveita and Joel aren’t going to be seen as magnanimous, the move will build Mitch within the trio because they will believe Mitch convinced Joel. It depends on Dallas risking the chance to strike at the trio, and be seen as the house as going back on his word in the declared war of the sides he called out a few days before. Red Flag.
The Cassandra Joel dynamic is issue number two. Joel must see that Cassandra is passive agressively trying to manipulate him. it’s far too obvious. If their final two deal is as strong as she is telling him, why did she follow him into the have not room after eviction saying “did you flip,” before Joel told her it was Tim. If the trust was there, that would never be a question for two people having a final two. Red Flag.
The Loveita alliance with the trio deal. Joel was included in that. Cassandra is saying he wasn’t, but the deal was for the trio and Mitch to work with Joel and Loveita until jury. The trio had no intention of honoring the deal. They just wanted to get through the week intact. The fact that Loveita brought it up to Mitch and Joel in week three, and now Cassandra is bringing it up third party without Mitch and Joel included shows the way information is passing through the house. His reaction tells me he’s aware of the actual circumstance, but acting surprised to Cassandra. Almost a red flag and still could be a red flag depending on Joel’s memory of week three.
Interesting dynamic arising with Joel seemingly testing everyone.


Thank you Simon. Get well soon.


I rub the same thing to Dallas, I rub the same thing to Joel, I rub I like just literally rub ’cause I don’t know how else to communicate with men – I jusrub. I look at people with my crazy eyes and expect that to be enough. She is like, so literally, shallow that anyone who would keep her is just as disgustingly shallow…;


Admins, who is your favourite? Ur doing an amazing job updating so quick so thanks!


Thank you. I don’t really have a favourite but I’m liking Tim, Mitch and Nikki on the live feeds right now.