Big Brother Canada 2 – ADEL WON the HASHTAG CHALLENGE – AND a Special POWER!

POV Holder: IKA Next POV ?
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: Paul & Heather
Current Nominations: Paul & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

BBCAN2-2014-03-17 14-30-56-704
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3:10pm – 5:30pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds. When the live feeds return, Neda, Rachelle and Ika are in the HOH room bathroom. Neda says well this is a weird turn of events. Ika says I think we are still fine though. Neda wonders why Adel is still in the diary room. Ika says it might have something to do with the power. They wonder if the banging they heard was from big brother making the diary room sound proof. They comment on how Paul got in trouble for laying outside the HOH room on the floor to listen to the diary room sessions. Sabrina joins them. Ika says lets see how the guys now act with Adel now that they know he won the power.

BBCAN2-2014-03-17 14-37-00-061

5:40pm Arlie says suddenly this hair cut seems like a dumb idea! Arlie and Andrew wonder where Adel is and what power he won. Andrew says maybe he got out of the house. Or maybe he’s watching us now. In the storage room – Kenny is talking to Sarah about how he wished he hadn’t gotten so excited earlier because now he feels stupid that he didnt win the challenge.
BBCAN2-2014-03-17 14-42-24-407

5:50pm – 6pm Up in the HOH – Sarah and Heather join the other girls. Sarah warns them that she could hear them laughing in the kitchen. Meanwhile Adel comes out of the Diary room and tells them all that he will tell them all what happened up in the HOH room. He says I’ll tell you what happened, just not what the SPECIAL Power is. Adel tells them a bunch of news related stories about the Olympics and hockey. He says he got to see clips of videos of what’s going on in the outside world. Big Brother then cuts the feeds.
BBCAN2-2014-03-17 14-49-01-379

BBCAN2-2014-03-17 14-52-26-634

6:25pm The live feeds are still blocked…

6:45pm The feeds return again – Adel and Sabrina are in the bathroom. Adel is stuffing tampons in his nose. Adel comments that he doesn’t know why people already say that I told Paul because I didn’t. Sabrina says no people wonder if you did. They talk about how worried they are that Paul is going to eat something and punish the house. Adel says that he thinks Paul is worried about how the world will view him after the racist/s*xest comments. Allison joins them. Heather joins them and asks if he has a nose bleed. Adel says yeah, its because of the accutane. Adel asks what the vote is going to be and Sabrina tells him that she will tell him if anything changes. They head downstairs.

BBCAN2-2014-03-17 15-47-18-535

6:55pm – 7pm Ika complains to Sabrina and Sarah how Heather is following her and won’t leave her alone. They comment on how Paul is in the diary room and how he really isn’t feeling well. Adel says that slop really isn’t agreeing with him. Sarah says well he shouldn’t be working out.

BBCAN2-2014-03-17 15-56-23-040

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Omg!!!… yay about time. 😀


BTW, what was Sarah’s hashtag challenge? Anyone know?


Whoa – what a trooper she is. Thanks 🙂


If there was ever a time for a diamond power of veto or whatever, it would be now!!! CMON BBCANADEL!


Finally now it gets good


I put in thousands of votes for adel, so I knew he’d win. Yes!


What Special power?


I don’t remember hearing that they get a special power. I thought it was just news from the outside. If they did have a power, it would probably be something useless like allowing I’m to play in the next pov or a slop pass. I’m not a fan when production throws in these spontaneous twists just cause things aren’t going the way they want it to. If contestants want to win, they should earn it….and not by tea-bagging a glass of cranberry juice.


If its another power shift or even a diamond pov where Adel can take off the current 2 noms and make up his own, it would be delightful to see him put Kenny and Andrew up 🙂
However after thats all done, i wanna see his ass gone. I understand some people like the idea that he wants to make big moves, however that doesn’t excuse him using derogatory terminology by calling Kenny and Andrew fuc*ing fagg*ts.


I don’t think that Adel honestly used it in an offensive way. He doesn’t know that Kenny is gay. Adel’s English is not that good and a lot of people (unforunately) use the word f*ggot and a word that is offensive to me retard. I don’t think his intention was to offend gay people, I think he was just meaning to call them an asshole or something of that nature. I think it’s best to move on, this season will never come close to BB15’s level of saying offensive things.


I get what you’re saying, and to an extent I agree, but in using the word faggot, retard, etc., the person is illustrating how low class they really are. It’s a lot harder to root for him, or be excited that he got a power upon learning this.

It all comes down to intent…did he say the word faggot meaning gay? no. Did he say it with hate in his heart? Seems that way, and that’s really all that matters. It’s a game. People need to calm down and grow up…they aren’t even to jury yet.


I agree with you 100% not that I’m justifying what Adel said he can learn better words and expand his vocabulary, he is not the only one making stupid ignorant comments though, like Andrew saying that Ika’s bringing her black out and acting black, what the hell does that mean really? Anyway does that make Andrew a hateful racist? NO it makes him a dumb as*s who’s very ignorant and relies heavily on stereotypes cause he’s lazy brained. It seems like BBC recruited a whole lot of ignoramuses in the house this year including Ika (just for being Ika) Paul for calling Andrew a racist (he’s 43 he ought to know better) and Sabrina who attacked Adel’s sexuality, religion and made some racially explosive comments towards Adel.. This game has taught me that no one is perfect and we can all do better when it comes to accepting others. Kyle is a fine example of that YaaaY Kyle

Persian Princess

sometimes ppl use unintelligent words to describe things, I think that was one of those moments. Just like when I hear them using the word ‘retard’ on live feeds to describe ‘stupid’. Its an unintelligent and hurtful way to describe something, however don’t think it should be used against their character (ie: now he’s a homophobe), their intelligence and perhaps their sensitivity yes.


i like that adel won, even tho i didn’t vote for him. hopefully he can go after kendrew and keep the girls safe.

Persian Princess

Man I want Sabrina out sooo much. When I 1st saw her i actually liked her, she’s beautiful and I like that she represents real women. But then I got to see that she is so self centered and such a drama queen, and essentially a really mean girl to ppl she thinks she has no use for. And man can she twist a story depending on who she is talking to…. Funny, beautiful girl but way too catty.


Confused as to how Jon didn’t win this contest. Right before the contest closed he was leading on both Facebook/Instagram by a landslide; #BBCANJon was also trending in Canada on Twitter. Questionable if you ask me…


BB Polls are always questionable I just ignore it and treat it like something assigned by production.


Yep. Simon, i’ve missed your insight. So glad you keep this site going for the Canada season. THANK YOU!


Adel was substantially (2X’s) ahead of everyone at poll closing on twitter, (, top two (john 1st) on facebook (?) or instagram and upper portion on the third.


I heard that Jon was leading on Facebook and Instagram however Adel had twice as many tweets than Jon, but I will say that it did not see the numbers myself. How many tweets did Jon have vs. Adel (the actual number)


I am not sure how they compute the total #, but at one point (hour) Adel peaked above 2400, Jon was around 1200. At each point/hour Adel was substantially ahead of everyone, even jon.


I used the topsy site to search how many tweets Adel had vs jon. Adel had 13,190 tweets while Jon had 5,679 tweets. Heather was actually the 2nd highest with 9.6k tweets.


That was the most Canadian news update ever. I’m dying. LOLOL

Miss M

So happy Adel won! This house needs a power shift.
Also, I dislike Kenny even more now that he cried cause he didn’t win……the whole game doesn’t revolve around you!


Yes!! I dislike kenny specially after what he said about
IKA ( the savage bi**h ) .


Yes! Go Adel. I voted like crazy for him.

Sabrina please stay away from Adel.


People saying the contest was rigged:

Jon only had about 4500 hashtag votes on twitter.

I made sure along with others to boost Adel’s hashtags votes up to 10,000 +

Jon did have alot of facebook pic votes and instagram votes, but add that to his low twitter counts he didnt have enough, but im sure he came in 2nd.

Jon would have just given the power to kenny and andrew anyways so I dont know why you are so mad about it people.

Atleast Adele will change something up.


Really Jon or Neda should have won the power because their costumes and videos were better, but I don’t care, we can count on Adel to use it to shake up the 5, and that’s ok by me!! I want to see them all sucking up to Adel now. I hope its the diamond pov and he gets to replace both nominees, a la Jeff. Guaranteed to set Sabrina off!!! If her two crushes are on the block together she is going to melt down. Maybe people will start to figure out where Sabrina’s true alliance is! Go Adel! Time for a powershift!!


If housemates are using “high school” outcast mentality to put up 2 people for eviction each week,

then you can always count on BB to change it up via a competition with a secret power.


(I just worry that the power may put a target on his back)


I still say Ika wasted her HOH. She should have put up Andrew and Sabrina and then backdoored Kenny. The votes would have gone her way.


But Ika doesn’t know that Sabrina is working against the girls


Actually, Ika knows she can’t trust Sabrina. She’s said so several times but she ALLOWS herself to get talked out of it because Ika’s biggest desire is for this to be a GIRL’S game, minus Heather. Ika cares more about being liked and popular among the girls so she’s allowed herself to be talked out of what she really knows in her heart. Ika has this whole imaginary world going on in her head of how she wants things to be and as soon as ANYONE says anything that confirms how she wants things, she instantly accepts it and pretends it IS that way.


I am not really sure where Ika is with Heather. Her individual game talks with Heather in the HOH come across as very calm and sincere. The only other person she has these talks with are Adel. I was thinking they had a F2 deal. Then the ‘girls’ show up and all hell breaks lose.


ika was wasting her power and boring everyone. so, production was smart to spice things up, and make everything ika did not matter. love how they’re so excited about hockey!!


Reminds me of Chima’s hoh, with Jeff playing the wizard power.


It’s time for the house to be turned upside down, and that’s what Adels gonna do. I liked Kenny at the start, then he got pretty arrogant and now he turned into such a baby by crying because he lost the challenge. That’s really poor sportsmanship on kenny’s part, i’m embarrassed that i used to like this guy.

On to the whole Adel saying f*ggot, 1) I don’t think he’s homophobic, he doesn’t know that Kenny’s gay and even if he did, he wouldn’t mean it in that context. That being said, it’s no excusable for what he said however, we should look back to what was said on BB15. That s#it was disgusting.

All in all, i’m excited for how the week will pan out. I know adel isn’t afraid to make a move and i know that he will come after Kendrew :). However, After they both leave, i think Ika should go next. She was a complete idiot for her nominations. She just wasted it.


Kenny is crying……..he should go sit with Sabrina!!!