Big Brother BBQ – “Kick back with a cold beer, a juicy burger and hot buns around the pool!”

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Jess and Christie Cliff
Power of Veto Players are: Jackson, Christie, Jess, Nicole, Cliff, Tommy
Power of Veto holder: Tommy
Power of Veto Ceremony: Tommy used the Veto on Christie. Jackson put Cliff up as the replacement.
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8pm – 8:35pm Back gammon tournament…

8:41pm Nicole goes into the diary room. The others plan to play a practical joke on her because she thinks something is happening tonight. As soon as she goes into the diary room they all start screaming – OH MY GOD!! WE MADE IT! MOM! DAD! OH MY GOD! NICOLE! WHERE’S NICOLE!! Soon after Nicole comes rushing out of the diary room to realize they were playing a prank on her. They all laugh.

8:54pm Tommy and Christie playing backgammon. Cue the below photo and gif of Christie winning.

9:12pm – 9:30pm Big Brother gives the house guests the BBQ, food, beer and wine. Jackson – All summer long its been all work and no play but today is different because we’re celebrating labour day. So kick back with a cold beer, a juicy burger and hot buns around the pool! From your friends at POP TV!

10:06pm -10:45pm All the house guests enjoy the burgers except for Jackson as he ate right before they got the BBQ. Jackson is currently cooking all the meat in the house on the BBQ as they know BB will take it back tomorrow. After eating they all sit around chatting about random things and what they love about their jobs.

Cliff finds his shoes that were missing but now they’re frozen. Jackson had taken them and put them in the freezer.

11:08pm Jackson sprays whipping cream into ziploc bags and then puts them in Christie, Nicole and Tommy’s pillows so that when they lay down on the pillow it will squish the whip cream out. While Jackson is working on his second pillow Big Brother says You’ve got to be kidding me!?

11:50pm Hammock. Tommy and Christie.
Christie – Cliff and Michie are 100 million percent working together. Tommy – yeah I think thats true. Christie – I am putting up Michie and Holly if I win. Its the only, only way to get them out. Keeping her off the block is dangerous. And I really don’t care at this point. She isn’t playing a separate game from him. If she was she wouldn’t be on board to keep Cliff. Tommy – right. Christie -she would be doing what was best for her and she’s not and I am not protecting her any more. I am done. I just can’t. Its the only way to get him out. Jess was saying that Nicole was saying that she is really really torn. She is weighing out which way to go because it is a game. She was thinking that there is a shot .. that Nicole might see it better for her. Tommy – no way. Christie – Cliff will win over any of us and so will Michie. I don’t know how to go about it. I really don’t want her (Jess) to go. Jess joins them.

12:17am Christie finds the whip cream pillow. Christie – oh this motherf**ker! What is that!? EWWWW What is it!?! This motherf**ker!

12:53pm Hammock. More talk of pranks they’ve been pulling. Nicole put worcestershire sauce in the chocolate milk.

12:57am Jess – I would love for you, me and Tommy to be in the final 2. Christie – I would too. Push that.

3:15am All the house guests are sleeping…

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Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

It’s a labor watching these people.

Franks fumes

We need a union to fight production…….

Nick G

Then why are you still watching? Let alone commenting and reading a spoilers website..

K Bake

Because time and effort have been invested. Some of us, no matter how unpleasant the cast, are not quitters.

J e t s jets jets jets

Like I like agree like I think.

g Love

Anyone else having trouble with the CBS kicking out every 5 mins?


Yes! I was! I deleted the app and re-downloaded it, problem solved


I am having the same problem. I have sent them messages on the site but it’s not getting better. So annoying!!!!!!


Yes; I deleted the app and reinstalled it and it fixed the problem.


I thought they were down earlier or I had a bad connection. I updated my app and seemed to work fine afterwards

Franks fumes

Nicole should be considered by the Pope for sainthood after the miracle of surviving that marathon complaining session with Jess last night. Nicole goes into a shaman like magical state where she is impervious to Jess’s Medusa like ear calcifying speech patterns…..truly a miracle indeed.

J e t s jets jets jets

I’m still waiting for her to complete a full sentence


I can hear Cliff saying, “Taste the meat not the heat.”

J e t s jets jets jets

I was getting pissed at Jackson cooking those burgers last night. Don’t push down on the patties and release all that juice. That’s how you dry them out. He’s to young to be cooking. You have to have experience to run a grill and he doesn’t have it Cliff should have been cooking but Jackson’s alpha male kicked in and he had to be the center of attention.

Red in Blue

On AD, it was interesting watching Jess and Holly sitting side by side eating burgers. The difference in chewing . It defied words.

I can’t wait till Thursday when JCM announces that today is DE day, just to see the looks on their faces. I wouldn’t be surprised if one or two need a break to change their shorts. A good camera shot would make for great TV. It’ll be even funnier if Jacka$$ gets evicted by Crusty in the double. Maybe Holly will team up with Jess. Now that would make an interesting couple.

Just a game

Holly and jess?
Jess will be gone.

Bullies SUCK

Not unless Tommy and Christie convince Nicole it would be best for her game to get Cliff, Michie, and Holly out before Jess. I got hate for saying it a couple of days ago, but until I am shown to be a fool, I can see this swing happen to oust the Michie/Holly power.


It won’t work

Tommy Sucks

Last nite Tommy says he will throw Cliff under the bus to Jackoff. He will start planting the seeds today. He wants to keep Jess. He thinks it’s risky but can work if Jackoff doesn’t trust Cliff.

Bullies SUCK

Nobody on here wants to entertain the idea that Cliff leaves Thursday. Once the DE is announced, I think that will be adeos Cliff.

Sis's Werewolf

Holly team up with Jess??? I thought Jess was being voted out first??? Totally agree on the houseguest’s reactions.


Guy From Canada

I’d rather see Crusty go in the double by Nicole’s or Cliffs hand., Tommy take out Jackson (or Holly by association) then watch Tommy and Jackson/Holly battle it out in the end from f4 onwards to finale.

SD Bird

My Heart Would Sing . . . if only Nicole could send Christy to Jury on her own HOH. : 0

Just a game

Jess – I would love for you, me and Tommy to be in the final 2. Christie – I would too. Push that.

Another brilliant moment by jess. *facepalm*

Next time she would be saying to Christy
” i would like love it for me and you like to win the game”

By the way, if nicole chose to evict cliff it’s not that bad. Her best final 2 will be with jess. And 3 People will still protect her. But she will never.(she should of done it when he was against kat)

Is BB letting Paul back in week 7 so he can win

Sorry Dawg and Simon tor this season for you guys. Seems like a super tough season to recap. Nothing ever happens. Boring houseguests. I gave up on the season 3 weeks ago so i just read you guys, as always, and it seems like you guys struggle with these HORRIBlE house guests. Thanks for giving it your best!!!!


I really want to see Crusty go in the double………after that I don’t care, I just need to see LIVE meltdown!!

Just a game

Holly will be a better live meltdown. She is not expecting it at all. She may even throw the hoh
which will make it even better.


When Julie announces that it is a double, I don’t think Holly will throw it.


Manifest it please


Jackson wants to keep Cliff to take a shot at Christie n Tommy (or that’s what I thought).
He used to be against Christie (until he wasn’t).
If there were to be a tie, would Jackson be dumb enough to break the tie to vote out Cliff so Christie can get rid of him?
Don’t do it Jackson!

Swaggie's Missing Brow

You know a season has circled and gone down the toilet when all you have left is to pull for someone as despicable as Jackson because he’s the biggest hope of getting rid of someone even more nauseating.


Holly AND Jackson both need Cliff AND Nicole….if they vote out Cliff, Nicole goes to Jess, T and C with only Holly to compete in HOH, then the showmance will be on the block and one will go home for sure.

With Jess out, they keep good tidings with Cliff and N, and have three of their four competing for HOH against C and T. One of their 3 win HOH, C and T go up with a guarrantee of taking one out.

Jackson, Nicole, Holly only send Cliff home if each one of them thinks they have a legit shot at getting to final 2 with Jess.

Then again, this has been the worst cast to understand the game/have TPTB interfere…

Living 4 Parentheses

ANOTHER mad skill of Jess’s that she’s covertly kept under wraps: MATH…”I would love for you, me and Tommy to be in final TWO.”


I wonder if they are going to do the guess how many comp like they used to, good thing they are getting rid of her, Jess would have killed it !!


So now that production knows Christie can win at backgammon, I’m sure that will be the next HOH competition !


I swear to god if Cliff gets evicted this week with Christie still in the house, I’m quitting BB for good.

Let's get real

If, and I do realize it would be a big if, what Jackson said in dr during the show is true-that he won hoh to keep Cliff and Nicole from being evicted, I doubt he’s going to change his target.

But if Tommy and Christy push and say we think you want to keep Cliff because we think you’re riding the middle, he may be swayed?

My hope is if Tommy and Christie show any mistrust in Jackson, maybe the lightbulb will go off that Holly throwing the next HOH is a bad move.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Jackson is in a tough spot, but I dont feel too bad because he should not have flipped the vote to evict Sis instead of Christie.


When was Kristy protecting Holly, did I miss something?


I was told the next HOH is to compose as many sentences using the word “like” in 5 minutes. Not sure who can pull something like that off?


I posted 2 comments today but neither are showing. What’s up with that? Today isn’t the first time either. I would understand if I was saying something harsh but I’m not.


Thank you


The messages are moderated and Simon and Dawg approve each message so we don’t end up with a million work from home types bots posting. Also it cuts down on the truly hateful messages most of the time. They get busy with a variety of other things and it may take a few hours before the messages are finally posted.

SD Bird

With all the different plans to evict Cliff, Christy & Tommy are going to confuse Jess. She may just confess everything to Jackson for better ‘understanding’. Wink Wink
They haven’t been paying attention to Jess’s capacity to follow along with complex maneuvers.

J e t s jets jets jets

“Jess – I would love for you, me and Tommy to be in the final 2. “
Ok so like now we like know that like like like she like can’t like count like like to like 3

Bullies SUCK

This kind of, like, really points out, like like, how much of a mental giant, like, Michie is since he, like, sees, like like, Jess like, like, a mental, like, competition beast, like. Like, you like know??

But, but, that multiplicative identity plainly states that any number PLUS one is that number. Hence, 2 + 1 like obviously equals like two. Duh!


Why are donations important to this site?
An example of two posts that are flagged as containing sexual adult content and therefore not eligible for ads.

It’s getting to the point where our content is not advertiser-friendly even with the extreme measure we take to censor.


Wow, it doesn’t take much !! I couldn’t find anything worthy of being flagged !! Do our comments, and what we say figure into the equation ?


They do. We have to keep an eye on that end as well.


I donated too, thanks for breaking it down for us every day! It’s my guilty pleasure 🙂


You’re very welcome Hedda! thanks for the support :):)

Amy N

Donation in the tip jar, thanks for all your hard work!


Thanks Amy n 🙂


“Christie” & “grace” are antonyms that should never be placed in the same sentence together.

Stephanie J

They need to get TT out in the double eviction!! He needs to go ASAP hasn’t seen the block yet and I would love to see him goooooo!!!! Please get him out of that house ?


Is Jess the dumbest player to ever make it this far? Just asking.