“Cliff is so adamant on navigating with Michie and Holly. I don’t know if that’s the best plan”

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Jess and Christie Cliff
Power of Veto Players are: Jackson, Christie, Jess, Nicole, Cliff, Tommy
Power of Veto holder: Tommy
Power of Veto Ceremony: Tommy used the Veto on Christie. Jackson put Cliff up as the replacement.
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Wake up was around 10:05 am

10:30 am Jessica, Nicole, and Christie
Jess – you know what random thought I had like in my head. All those little bity brownies that we had actually just equate one regular-sized brownie So we really didn’t eat a lot of brownies and that makes me happy.
Nicole – that’s true two normal-sized brownies
Christie – that’s nothing
Jess – so what if I had 5 brownie bites. 5 brownie bits is like one regular a$$ brownie

11:20 am Tommy and Christie
T – I have but it’s crazy I want to talk to you about it
C – we need to talk. It’s Cliff he’s everywhere
T – the four of them. I was trying to wait up past them the other night they snuck out and met up I think the four of them.
T – I was up till 3:30 trying to wait it out and when they went to bed I went to bed and then they came back out I was like what the f*
C – I really don’t want Jess to go
T – it might have to happen
C – I know
T – But I have a plan for her to stay. She has to plant a seed of doubt in Michie’s head about Cliff
T – Maybe she says that me, you Cliff and Nicole are working together on the DL
C – yeah .. I don’t know if Jess is going to lie
T – it’s the only way for her to stay
C – I told her to strike a deal with him to go after me and Tommy then just throw the next HOH
Tommy goes on about things Jess can say. She won’t be able to “hang on” during BB comics she needs to tell Michie she can’t win comps.
T – it’s crazy.

They talk about trying to flip Nicole’s vote saying that “she’s smart” she knows if she’s sitting next to a Michie or a Cliff she won’t win
C – she won’t even make it to final 2
C – we get Nicole. that’s 4 on 1 vs Michie and Holly (for HOH?)
They go on about how Nicole would have a better chance final 4 with them and Jess than anyone else. (true)

12:40 pm Jackson and Tommy
Jackson says he’s worried about going into final 6
Tommy – we can’t control anything we just have to see who wins and what happens. Take it from there.
J – I just feel bad because on a personal level I had a good relationship with Jess and she likes me and Holly a lot. At the same time trying to figure out what’s best for my game
T – yeah
J – is there a pro to keeping Jess over Cliff? what are the pros and cons?
J – or now that I have put Jess up on the block is she so pissed off and emotionally come after me just because of that. You know what I’m saying
T – Yeah I know it’s tricky
J – I hope I haven’t shot myself in the foot by going after Jess instead of Cliff directly this week.. Upfront
J – As much as I’ve tried to have a decent relationship with Cliff and Nicole. I know I have burnt Cliff couple times in this game. That worries me.
J – I know I just burnt Jess by putting her on the block that worries me. If she does go. going into Jury what happens there
J – I didn’t want Christie on the block
T – Christie is only here because she agreed to be a pawn
J – for me I was thinking Jess needed to go for me.
T – yeah
Jackson – I’m glad she’s off the block. I didn’t want her to go
T – yeah
J – I didn’t want you to go anywhere
T – no
J – did I make the right decision by thining Jess should be gone first. Like you said Cliff and Nicole have them two. Jess has Christie and I hope this stay between us.
J – If it comes down to Jess winning an HOH down the road if we got Cliff and Nicole out this week. With Jess in the picture, I don’t think Christie is 100% … I don’t know
T – what do you mean by that
Tommy says anyone that wants to stay in the house now will do whatever they can to stay in the house.

Holly joins them.
Holly – Cliff wants other men in the house as a shield for him I worry about him myself more than I think you should
J – I don’t know if Cliff is that kinda player he’s the kinda guy to take bold shots
Tommy says they are at a point in the game where they will see “other sides” of people
Jackson goes on about wanting to set himself up for next week. He’s trying to get the person he has the highest chance to go up on the block if they win HOH.
J – Do I think Cliff? my gut tells me he wouldn’t but he’s taken big shots before
Jackson says Jessica doesn’t want males in the house
Tommy – does she though? every time I confront her about it which I have done numerous times she says that’s not true
J – She doesn’t say it to us she says it to Girls.
Jackson – she said it to Nicole about Nick, ‘PLUS Nicole He’s a MAN’
Holly at the same time – He’s a man
T – ohh shit
Holly explains that part of Jessica’s reasoning to get Nick out was “He’s a man”
Holly – we’re how many days into this and we’re still basing opinions on gender?

Jackson says Cliff, Nicole, and Jess it’s a roll of the dice who would take a shot at him first
T – mmmmhhmmmm
J – I have good personal relationships with Cliff and Nicole, Jess I had one. I just put her on the block and she’s taking it personally because she’s giving me weird vibes
T – if Cliff goes this week there is only 2 duos left in the house and we’re going to become bigger targets.
Holly agrees “Nicole is a free agent, Jess is a free agent”

1:18 pm Nicole alone
N – Big Brother this will be another hard week
N – It’s tough I have two people that I would like to see in the final 3 on the block and one of them is going
N – Cliff is so adamant on navigating with Michie and Holly. I don’t know if that’s the best plan.
N – But I guess if one of us wins put up Christie and Tommy one of them goes and then move forward from there because the other one will still be here.
N – You put both of them on the block one comes down you put up Michie or Holly
N – I just feel bad I’ve been working with Cliff for so much longer. She’s going to campaign to me and I’m going to feel so bad

2:16 pm Cliff and Jackson
Jackson tells Cliff he’s got Holly and Nicole’s vote locked in.
Cliff – I love Nicole and everything but I know she’s not going up if the other side gets it
Jackson – it’ll be yo and me
Cliff – and if anyone gets pulled of
J – Holly
C – has to be. Zero doubt
Cliff says he wants to put Tommy up
J – “he scares me”
C – very much so

2:40 pm Everyone laying around the HOH chit chatting

2:53 pm

3:48 pm Christie and Nicole
Christie says she’s PMSing “I spend all my time mapping out every which way every which route” (the game will routes)
N – there’s no way of knowing
C – none of us stand a chance to see the end (with Michie and Holly)
N – I agree with you
C – I feel like it’s not everybody’s game as long they’re both still here. SO it’s like it’s scary. At this point, I don’t even care about Jury votes. NOt that I don’t care about them but I would rather just have a chance at getting to three then lose jury votes and not even get to see it
N – I agree
C – I feel like I’m playing the game but not playing the game. Just getting moved around
N – yup
N – how do you feel about this week
C – the way that I look at it. This is between us. Michie and Holly are actively telling me and Tommy that they are with us
N – okay
C – I know that’s not true because I know that Cliff is working with Michie since Slip n slide
C – I don’t trust Michie. It’s not like I’m targeting him at all. I’m not.
C – I’m scared.. Michie and Holly are making it like as long as we (Tommy/Christie) win the next HOH we’re good but I know he’s telling .. probably implying the same thing to you guys
C – That means they are setting themselves up to go to a final 4 no matter what
Nicole asks her if she’s in a final 4 with Tommy, Michie, and Holly
C – on my sister’s life absolutely not (that poor sister)
C – I want to win this next HOH Nicole. I want to put them up I swear on my sister’s life I can’t play this game with Michie anymore.
N – from my perspective, I wasn’t part of the 8 I wasn’t part of the 6 and I can’t help to feel like right now I’m not part of the 4

Cliff comes in.

5:20 pm It’s heating up again on the feeds.

6:21 pm Jess and Nicole
Jess campaigns
Jess says Christie and Tommy think Nicole is super tight with Cliff
Jess – I want to choose you as my final 2
Jess – there will be a time you may have to put me up for your game
Nicole – I wouldn’t though
Jess goes on that Cliff and Michie are close it was apparent to her when she put Jack and Jackson up.

Jess says there’s no way that Christie/Tommy are with Holly/Jackson
Cliff joins them.
After Cliff leaves.. Jess tells Nicole Holly will put up Christie and Nicole.
Cliff joins them again.
(It’s very hard to hear plus its jess)

6:53 pm

7:48 pm there’s been a lot of nothing..

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Such a bummer, I like Cliff. The segment with him dancing with his wife made me tear up!


That’s hilarious, these are some sorry MFrs.

Kat's Alien Bitch

Like, Jessica must have one time, well you know, surely once is possib–oh look, a butterfly.


If that’s what Christie and production want, then that’s exactly what will happen !!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

The problem is, even though Jess worships at the alter of Christie, Christie can’t control Jess.

Last Season was Better

That was good. Lol


I seen that but I hope it won’t be that way. Tommy has always wanted to go after Cliff. I really want Cliff and Nicole at the end. Sometimes I just think they do the talk of flipping to make it more intense. After all “Jackson shook Cliffs hand”.


Can Jackson ever just once:
1. Make a plan.
2. Nominate his target.
3. Freaking follow through!
He does this wishy-washy BS every HOH!
He starts out with a definitive target in mind, then vows that they ARE leaving this week and then by mid-week, Tommy or Christie has convinced him to keep his target safe!
He is SUCH a weak minded, gullible fool.
These are not the house guests you’re looking for, Jackson… MOVE ALONG!

g Love

Maybe that’s his plan, make it appear one way but let his real target Bubble up to the surface with the super controlling Christie and others. Meh, maybe less blood on his hands that way.


Nicole is the worst. She has one game move and it’s to screw over Cliff and it’s coming for a 2nd time! The one person who can help her and all she does is stab him over and over. She’s either an idiot or a low life. I don’t think she’s smart enough to be an low life though so I can’t give her credit for that.


Hopefully it sticks with Jess going, Cliff, Nichole, or Holly win Hoh, get rid of Christie, or Tommy, preferably Christie cuz she’s so damn annoying !!

Big Sister

Christy’s eating is disgusting and now I am so sick of her flipping her hair out or twirling it EVERY DAMN SECOND!! Please evict her on Thursday!!!

BB Crusty Crab Shack

That hair flipping is annoying AF

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Jacksons obsessives compulsive consumption of watermelon has become almost as bad.

Go Underdogs Go!

Well, while we’re at it, Buzzard Beth’s constant eyeglass touching followed by hair stroking is getting on my one last nerve. I know the split-end picking prompted Michie to tell her she was gonna go bald and she did NOT like that at all. Neither one can take criticism. They so deserve each other.

Susan Corbridg

And then suck up Tommy saying to Michie “I’m going to be completely obsessed with watermelon when I get out of here”. Ugh! Evict Tommy please!

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

He’ll kiss a watermelons ass for a vote.


If it’s not hair flipping, it’s nose ring spinning.


Finding the girls annoying enough to not watch the feeds…Jess like, like, like, Holly pulling hair strands from the top of her head and that unflattering stretch outfit she wears, and Christie hair flipping and chewing disorder. Nicole is OK.
Don’t mind the guys. Really like Jackson’s voice and build and Tommy’s face.

Franks fumes

Don’t forget Cliff’s fabulous ta-ta’s……..


Thanks Simon and Dawg for all the hard work, donated again. if I could label it, it would be for pain and suffering !! Can’t imagine the therapy you two are going to have to go through after this season is over !!

J e t s jets jets jets

Who ever thumbs down on Maverick32’s comments needs to leave this site immediately and never return. Simon and Dawg work very hard for us and for you to give a thumbs down to them in ANY capacity is disrespectful.


Totally agree Jets !!

I agree ......

I totally agree and the person who down voted is probably Crusty fans… LOL


Couldn’t agree more. I have legit never thumb-downed one of his comments lol


I don’t understand why Jackson is having a hard time explaining why he put Jess up or worry about Jess or what she thinks. Who cares?
How about this
“Jess, you put me up so now, I’m putting you up”
That used to be a good enough reason in BB.
Or am I just being petty?

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I know,over the years this has gotten worse.The HOH manufactures some excuse to nominate someone and everyone else plays along with the lie.They all know it’s BS so why bother.Annoying,

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I agree. There’s several reasons to put Jess up with no obligation to justify. Of ALL people those is true of Jess. She makes (like like like like) NO sense and I want to stab my own ears when and speaks. She hasn’t been loyal to either Cliff or Nicole. Nicole owes her nothing at this point. Crawling up Christie’s a** was the last straw for me.


Not sure why Jess is so hung up on Christie. Its killing me.
Great points about Cliff n Nicole. She sold out on the Cliffs angels the minute Christie pretended she may possibly (but not really) align with jess. It took jess 6 weeks to realize that no one wanted to work with her (only 3 times Nicole tried to tell Jess). So why the loyalty to Christie who never wanted a deal? Yes, Jess totally ditched Nicole n Cliff n has a nerve to be mad at Nicole.


Thanks Simon and Dawg for all you do. A little tip added to your jar. Like hopefully like Jess will like leave this like week and like ease your suffering (some) Love you both:)

Jan Nan

I really want to see Holly and Jackson on the block, or Tommy and Holly or anybody with Holly. She annoys me just as much as Christie does.

Go Underdogs Go!

So glad to hear someone say this! Holly hasn’t been on slop, the block or had any kind of punishment (unless you consider her relationship (gag) with Michie). Yet she has pouted and acted miserable most of the summer. She was the most upset of anyone about her stupid zing and has bad mouthed production numerous times. I am so done with her and her wardrobe. Just a lacy bra under overalls…REALLY??! And don’t get me started on the dreaded pink pants.


Holly started off as one of my fav players but lately I’m not feeling her. With her constantly worrying about her image and how she’s being portrayed and applying makeup all hours of the day/night…. and let’s not forget the endless pulling on her hair or roots whatever’s happening, she’s been rubbing me the wrong way. I never thought I’d say this but I actually hope Christie wins and puts holly and Jackson up, bc it’s looking like she’s the only one brave enough to do so!

Jan Nan

I’m thinking the same , if Christie will actually follow thru , and I think she would. She knows she can’t win against Jackson or Holly.


I would rather cliff stay but smarter to get him out. Then you have two easy unalllied targets for double (or next two evictions) and no votes for them and you’re final four. I hate this game :(. Of course you risk none of your four winning hoh. Hmmm what could possibly go wrong?

Cliff is annoying!

Cliff is starting to annoy me. Constantly pandering to the cameras…carrying that dumb owl around… and the dancing. Ugh. It’s not genuine, he’s just trying to get AFP. It’s been constant all season. I can’t be the only one who sees right through it can I? Jess is a dolt, but I hope Cliff goes on Thursday and does NOT win AFP.

Kat's Alien Bitch

I am not a fan either really.

But with this bunch….

BB Watcher

Simon and Dawg, firstly thanks for all the hardwork of the livefeeds summaries, but I was just wondering where does the donated money go? And how do you guys have so much time to watch the lives? Just a lil curious. Thanks again!

Red in Blue

Maintaining a web site as classy as this one isn’t cheap and it’s free for us. They also need a high speed internet connection on their island..

Both Simon and Dawg deserve something for the pain and agony they go through to keep us reading their up[dates.

Last, does anyone ask you what you do with the money you get? As for these guys, it’s really none of your, or our business what they do with the voluntary donations WE make. In other words, STFU!

BB Watcher

I think you didn’t understand what I said. Firstly, I ask where does the DONATED money go, not their own. As someone who wants to thank them for their hardwork, I also want to make sure that MY money is going for the right cause, which thanks to SImon i now know.

I was no where ever asking about their own money, but rather where mine goes when being donated. When someone is DONATING their money, they are obligated to know where that money is going. You should always know where your donated money, specifically again DONATED, goes. This is not the same as buying something and asking the clerk what they do with that money.I am not asking where there salaries are going which I think is what you assumed.

If this was a paid site this would be different. You should never give money without knowing where it goes in the scenario of donations.

Please read properly before making rude and untrue remarks dickhead.


You guys are the best.


Legit question…are the watermelons just for Jackson only? I’ve notcied if someone wants some they have to ask him when all the other food is shared.


I think this latest batch was part of his HoH basket so technically his. He’s taken over the watermelon like Matt took over cereal and I’m sure there will be a montage. I think Jackson is playing up the watermelon loving southern guy hoping for something to give his a schtick.


Ok, one more question/observation…the more I watch Jackson eat and gaurd the food the more I think he could have grown up in low poverty and didn’t know when they would get their next meal. Maybe this is why he covets the food and eats more in one day than most eat in a week. Anyone know anything about his childhood? They whole cookout was just hard to watch how he cooked all the meat in the house. Do we know if he hid all the meat he cooked?


I don’t believe he ate b/c he had eaten earlier. This was 9 PM when they got the BBQ. They are used to BB they would have taken the food back so they cooked it for leftovers. Makes sense to me. I think he’s a growing boy that’s why he eats so much.


The psychological name for that is called “Food Insecurity”.

It’s so very sad to think about how many people (especially children) in this country & in this world are experiencing insatiable hunger as I write this (usually leading to Pica).
As you mentioned, it’s extremely difficult to change one’s mindset even into adulthood (especially if they spent their entire childhood experiencing food insecurity).
The young mind is most impressionable in a child’s formative years, so food insecurity usually stays with you throughout lifetime.
If you grew up in extreme poverty & experienced food insecurity, it doesn’t matter if you become a billionaire in adulthood, you’ll ALWAYS be concerned that your food can be taken away at any moment & you’ll never, ever waste food by throwing it out… even if it’s gone bad.
It’s an irrational fear, but can you blame someone fearing that??
They usually experience Pica cravings in adulthood, even if there’s plenty of nutritious food to eat. 🙁

Noneya Bizness

I think it’s some sort of OCD but it’s extremely disturbing to me. In the beginning with all his wicked antics like throwing away the cookies I thought he was a serial killer. Not kidding very creepy


Sniff, Sniff….I smell production saying to them. You guys are boring, why not start some stuff to make it seem like you are undecided. Definitely production has a hand in this. I don’t think the flip is going to happen. I’d rather Christie go this week but Jessica is useless and boring, her going will make next week interesting


Yes!! Jessica is very very boring, good bye big Jessica!


I’ll send another donation your way. I love and appreciate what y’all do. Especially this season because I just can’t bring myself to watch the feeds or after dark. I even missed a show or two. I recently watched some of the exit interviews and realized I was off the mark on some of my comments but oh well, I can handle a few thumbs down along with an eye roll. Lol!

Thanks again!


This season is such a bummer! They all suck to watch and it’s just boring so i feel simon and dawg’s pain….

I know alot of people want christie or tommy out but i just want to see some big moves and blindsides atleast 1 or 2 this season. I feel like nicole’s greatest chance is not riding with jackson and holly it will shield her for a minute but if it’s her vs any of her alliance in the end i think she looses; her best bet is to vote out unfortuniately her closest allie which is cliff. If she went with snoozefest (jess) to final 2 she wins. It’s hard to even want any of them left to win! I just want to see some good old fashioned big brother moves…

Jan Nan

I would love to see Jackson and Holly on the block. She annoys me just as much or more than Christie and Jackson is still the jerk he’s always been. I just can’t bring myself to jump on the Jackson bandwagon.

Roll Tide

Neither Jess or Nicole are good at comps. Nicole has never won, Jess only one. I do not see how they could be final two.

Jan Nan

I like Nicole as a person. I know we are suppose to want the person who wins to have something to back up the win , but with these people Im fine with a Nicole win.

Miss Conception

I understand that Hasbro,(the toy company),has contacted CBS and is interested in making a “Big Brother” game that is based on the current house guests. It is to be called, “CLUELESS”,(not to be confused with their game of “CLUE”). If they do not wake up,”Tommy the attention whore”,is going to waltz across that stage with Bluebirds,daffodils and purple unicorns flying out of his butt,saying “I love you all and thanks for the 500k!


Tommy if they don’t get him out of there soon https://gph.is/g/4Ay51QN

Is BB letting Paul back in week 7 so he can win

I hope Simon and dawg come back next year!
I hope they dont hang it up after such a terrible season.


Ugh, again with the pimple popping? Aaand…now Christie is eating a taco. I’m not sure which is more gross.


Cliff is a bigger threat than Jess. If they are smart they will evict him.


Does anyone else think Holly looks like Audrey from BB17?

Especially tonight on after dark just saw her and immediatly though that’s Audrey Middleton’s twin…

another name

I don’t believe a flip can work. I would like a flip to work, for the sake of drama. I still don’t believe a flip can work.
In order to have a flip work: Nicole would need to do something declarative. Nicole isn’t good at declarative. Nicole is good at anxious hemm hawing and over analyzing based on moral issues, not good game moves. A flip would imply that Nicole perceives that her final four is built around the premise of getting Jackson to final two (it is).
If she flipped: would Nicole become public enemy number one? No. The two people mad at her would still be more concerned with Christie, Tommy and Jessica. She’d be public enemy number four. negative: she’d be hitching her cart to two people that don’t win comps, and one person that throws them.
If she didn’t flip: would Nicole become public enemy number one? Not completely. One of the two people left out in the cold would still target Holly and Jackson using Cliff as replacement. the other (mr. throw another comp why don’t you) would likely put up Nicole and Cliff in the interest of getting rid of Cliff because he’s a gutless coward. negative: she’s hitching her cart to a showmance and another showmance. Oh please. The way Cliff dotes on Jackson passed the eyeroll stage long ago. Cliff would accidentally lose Nicole at four if it meant having Jackson’s approval. That’s the issue. In the four that currently exists, she is gone at four.
Is she any better in the other four? Actually… maybe. Tommy doesn’t want to go to the end with Christie (He prefers Holly right now, imo). Christie has been shopping options as well. She prefers Jessica, but I don’t think she has the stamina to drag her there.

In a dramatic season end I would still see someone nominating Holly and Jackson, Jackson winning veto. Holly off to Jury. Jackson then wins HOH, and finally gets his whale Christie evicted. That takes us down to Tommy, Nicole, Jackson and i’m presuming Cliff. I’m just predicting what I would do If I were invading the Grod’s thoughts… and the Grod actually wanted something dramatic rather than a backgammon tournament.


I wld love to see holly & jackson on the block asap!