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Big Brother Alumni Twitter Accounts

Big Brother 13 Twitter
While we wait for the Rumors and the open Big Brother 13 Casting Calls lets check out what past houseguests are up to. Compiled is a list of the last 5 Seasons houseguest twitter accounts, Some are blocked, some should be blocked and a few are active. For all you BIG BROTHER fans out there this is a fun way to see if these people are anything like what they were in the Big Brother House.

For a more complete updated list of Big Brother Alumni Twitter Accounts


Big Brother 13 Houseguest Twitter Accounts

Porsche Briggs
Dominic Briones
Lawon Exum
Cassi Colvin
Kalia Booker

Big Brother 12 Houseguest Twitter Accounts

Britney Haynes
Rachel Reilly
Ragan Fox
Andrew Gordon
Kristin Bitting
Hayden Moss
Brendon (doesn’t work 🙁 )

Big Brother 11 Houseguest Twitter Accounts

Kevin Campbell
Chima Simone
Ronnie Talbot
Laura Crosby
This twitter account has been set to private, Check out Laura Crosby in her wedding dress in 2011.

Jessie Godderz
Jordan Lloyd
Casey Turner
Jeff Schroeder
Michele Noonan
Natalie Martinez

Big Brother 10 Houseguest Twitter Accounts

Memphis Garrett
Dan Gheesling
Michelle Costa
Steven Daigle
Renny Martyn

Big Brother 9 Houseguest Twitter Accounts

Chelsia Hart
Amanda Hansen
Natalie Cunial
Parker Delon
Alex Coladonto
Sheila Kennedy
James Zinkland

Big Brother 8 Houseguest Twitter Accounts

Nick Starcevic
Kail Harbick
Jen Johnson
Evel Dick
Joe Barber
Daniele Donato

Big Brother 7 Houseguest Twitter Accounts

Janelle Pierzina
James Rhine
Kaysar Ridha
WHAT!!! no BB 1 to 6…. 🙁

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Hey did anyone catch BB11 Michell on the game show Baggage- she was picked.


I saw her on baggage and I was totally shocked by her “transformation”. She is truly not the same nerdy person on BB11. hopefully, she has gotten over her night tremors.


If you add 1 twitter account, you need to follow Jun Song, bb4 winner. Her tweets are hysterically entertaining. @jundishes