Big Brother Alumni Cassi Colvin Bikini and Lingerie Modelling Pics

Cassi Colvin was one of the first houseguests evicted during Big Brother 13. The veteran alliance held the Head of Household on week 1-3 allowing them to decimate Cassi’s alliance “The Regulators”.

Cassi was a model before BB and has continued modelling after BB. Unlike so many Big Brother Alumni who write “model” as their occupation when entering the house Cassi actually is a model. Here s collection of some new Cassi Bikini and Lingerie..

You don’t have to look far to find the Internets full of Cassi Colvin modelling pictures Here, Here , Here and Here.

What do you all think Cassi Colvin Hottest BB Hosueguest of all time?




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6 thoughts on “Big Brother Alumni Cassi Colvin Bikini and Lingerie Modelling Pics

  1. She is really hot and she needs to be on Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition or victoria secret. Many Guys will definitely would go out and especially taken from their girlfriends.

  2. All the girlfriends and wives, beware because she will steal your husbands and boyfriends! Hide them before its too late!

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