Big Brother 24 Video – The House Guests Reveal Their Strategies & More!

Well its better late than never as the saying goes! Its just one day till the premiere of Big Brother 24 and the 16 all new house guests only just got released! We have just one day to form our first impressions on these newbies before the premiere airs tomorrow night and the live feeds begin shortly after that. Take a look at the video below where the house guest reveal game plans, HOH Wins, throwing competitions, strategies & more..

Tell us your picks to win and who you think will get evicted first! What your first impressions of the all new cast?

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Dixie Lee

I want people in this game who are really BB fans. If you have only watched one or two seasons, then you are not a real fan. They are just there for the fame & as a steppingstone. I’m sure she’s a lovely woman, but for this reason I hope Indy is the first evicted.


You can also tell who hasn’t watched the live feeds when they described certain players


You don’t need to watch the live feeds to be a fan though.


Yes but they got the edited version of people and some people mentioned (for example Xavier) exhibited some unlikable behavior on the feeds that was not shown on the show


Marvin will be one of the lemmings of this season (reference to Derrick’s season). There’s something about Michael the lawyer that makes you want to slap him. I think Kyle will be the person who becomes the 1st HoH. Daniel the Vegas performer seems to have a good grasp of the game of Big Brother. Taylor reminds me of Omarosa and may be in conflict with Indy. I think Nicole is one to watch and like Daniel has what it takes to go far in the game. Terrence is very likable but may be one that leaves early. Once I saw Brittany was a hypnotherapist, I was like “Cheater!!” Lol. I am curious about Matt the Thrift Store Owner. The remaining houseguests will probably just blend in the background


I can tell you my least two favorite. The hypnotherapist because that leaning into the camera and over use of hands is annoying AF! Then the Brazilian girl. Her accent grates on my nerves. It sounds like my in-laws and they don’t like me and I don’t like them!

Looking forward to the news season Simon and Dawg! I was MIA a bit last year but plan to be all in this year! Let’s gooo!


I’ve found the leaning into the camera hilarious lol

Biff Tannen

Man, I really like Marvin, but I worry he’s going to be too nice for this game. Also, the Italian guy whose name I’m too lazy to go look up seems to get it. I was ready to like Ameerah until she said her favorite player was Nicole Whinesalot, which tells me she either hasn’t seen much of the show so she doesn’t know how much Nicole sucks or she has seen a lot of the show and thinks Nicole doesn’t suck. Either way, it’s a no for me, dog (and Dawg) (and Simon).


Lol soooo they wait to reveal the cast until the day before to avoid issues like last season I assume and yet a cast member still ends up removed. I was actually looking forward to Marvin because I enjoyed his AGT performance. Irony.


I forget who said it in the video, they’re right. Winning the first HOH is almost crucial. It definitely sets the tone for the rest of the show, and you basically get to have your own choice in who you want in your alliance, because nobody will say no right off the top. I know most people say they don’t want it because of being a target…however, I don’t think many people who won the first HOH have been sent home the following week. DO IT PEOPLE. Let’s go!

Amy N

I’m just so excited at this point that there is a new cast! It’s too early yet, though there is a girl from our town here ?.


I like the people who have actually watched Big Brother and really want to play the game. You can tell a couple are recruits and have no idea what they are talking about. It seems like it’s gonna be a good season by first impressions!


I love that many of them liked Tyler because he is one of my favs! Looking forward to the premier tonight!