Big Brother 24 Spoilers After the Twist Live Show results.

This was Twist week. Half the house was outside the other half inside. Each side had its own HOH, Nominations, Veto, Veto Ceremony, and eviction. Michael was the HOH for the insiders and Terrance for the outsiders. Through schoolyard picks, Terrance and Michael chose their sides. The outsiders were Joe, Turner, Kyle, and Alyssa with Terrance being their HOH. The insiders were Taylor, Monte, Brittany, and Jasmine with Michael as the  HOH. Michael nominates Jasmine and Monte. The clear target is Jasmine. Kyle spills the beans and fills Terrance in on the Leftovers resulting in nominations being Joe and Turner. At this point, Joe was the target.

The power of Veto is played and Brittany wins it inside, Terrance the comp beast wins it outside. Sometime after the veto results, a segment of the fans start hitting the backyard with what I assume was multiple wall yellers and drones. The feeds go down and stay down. When they’re back it’s only the snooze fest of the insiders resulting in days of shitty feeds when we could have had FIREWORKS.

Eventually, the feeds come back and we find out the backyard is now covered in some sort of tarp. This must be to protect the game from people flying drones in with messages to save Joe. Terrance does use the veto on Turner putting Kyle up. Kyle, Terrance, Alyssa, and Turner form a new Alliance called the “AfterParty” which is planning on taking out the insiders AKA Leftover-leftovers. They agree to lie to the insiders and say Joe outed the Leftovers to Terrance to save his game. We’ll see Joe leave to Jury this week and I hope someone flies a drone to him with a bottle of Kraken rum.

Absolutely nothing of interest happened with the inside half so say goodbye to Jasmine.

This is a fun season I hope some fans start to chill. Call the drones in if we start seeing Cody, Paul, Christmas, Nicole, and all the other neat characters for the 3rd and 4th time.

Let’s have a drink to Joe he’s a great BB character and have one for Jasmine cause it’s her birthday year and the savages in the house voted her out.

Taylor votes to evict Jasmine
Brittany votes to evict Jasmine

Jasmine evicted.

The forming of the afterparty.

Turner votes to evict Joe
Alyssa votes to evict Joe

Joe is evicted.

“Let’s go Afterparty!”

They reunite.

Taylor looks for Joe

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Who’s gonna explain to me this shout-out to Rihanna nonsense?

Did it start because of Taylor quoting her songbook when that idiot hose name I cannot remember was evicted?

Amy V.

Apparently Rihanna is a super fan.


Oh, that’s cool.


I am glad that they showed a DR confirming what everyone including the houseguests already knew: that Jasmine was milking her injury

CacklingHyena Kamala & PedoHairSniff Joe

She was milking it from the get go, when Nicole’s rough hands entered her rectum to sanitize, deoderize and reinvigorize. I feel sorry for Jasmine’s husband, I rather be married to a cactus.


Love your screen name!

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that JazMEAN has a husband! She’s the last woman on the planet any man would ever want! Nothing lovable about her…


Those were good goodbye messages from the Indoor crew




I’m happier than a tornado in a trailer park! Bye Jasmine!!


I’m happier than a pig in sh!t!

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Jasmine.


I know ZERO about fashion, but I must confess that during last week’s eviction, someone on here asked why Julie was “dressed like a schoolteacher” and that made me LOL hard.

I’m looking forward to their comment about Julie’s fashion choice for tonite. God knows I need to laugh more these days.


I’ve said this for the past… well, ever…
Julie NEEDS a new stylist, ASAP.

Whoever is dressing her, doesn’t like her very much — as they’re ALWAYS putting her in all of these weird, tacky overdone accessories with fringe & feathers, and they clearly can’t say no to putting her in these HUGE statement necklaces made of porcelain & plastic (they even appropriated her to look like a cheapened Pocahontas a few weeks ago! It’s really sad).

Whoever styles her, clearly hates her.

The worst though; is they’re constantly putting her in tea-length dresses (tea is not knee length, and it’s not full length (to her ankles) but it’s that god-awful length right in between that hits right below her calves.

No-BODY looks good in tea-legth (although, I have to say… it’s considered a very *risque* look for the amish — showing a little calf, is like looking at a Playboy centerfold for them, lol).



Oh wow, Avalon… you made me laugh out loud literally.

Fashion criticism works for me only when the person critiquing the look illustrates exactly what they are criticizing. Saying that she looked like a cheapened Pocahontas makes me understand that “oh, okay they are turning her into a bad cosplay going fashion victim” which is ridiculous especially when we take in consideration that she’s not a kid anymore, ALSO when someone else says she looks like a schoolteacher and I can see the resemblance by thinking “Oh yeah, damn, she does look like she copied Mrs. Gordon’s outfits from 2003,” – all that, instead of mentioning fashion trends, or dropping designer names, etc., is what makes the comment productive and more accessible to people like me that doesn’t get fashion that much. In your case you even explained to me something I had never heard about “tea-length.” So TIL about tea-length.

Then you go and tie everything up with the Amish and Playboy references and it was like the perfect ending to a stand-up routine. That would get you so much applause. Oh wow… I’m still laughing here.


I agree. I didn’t like the red dress she wore tonight, but she really needs to have her clothes altered. She’s not very tall and those tea length dresses make her just look old. And what was up with the slacks outfit? Casual Wednesday? For God’s sake, woman you are on television all over the world! Show some pride and at least try to be the host with the most.!


They pick odd dresses that often don’t fit well. I don’t think they tailor them and I’d bet money she picks her dress from a group right before she goes on. With her money, she can afford to have them fit her properly.


That was my comment! Sorry, I don’t have one for tonight. I’ve given her wider berth since the origami dress of several years ago.

It does annoy me when the HGs fawn over here. She’s so overdone, she’s like an overstuffed entree. Too much dressing, too much to digest.

Mad Max

I have to wonder if SHE picks her own wardrobe? Certainly she would have input if someone’s is selecting her outfits……maybe she has no fashion sense at all???


Seeing Turner say in diary room he is actually loyal to after party shocks me but makes me so happy hopefully he guns for this hoh him Alyssa or Kyle need to win it


Now if only other BB fans (the Twitterverse) realize that there is nuance in this game


Turner… hahaha what an opportunist. LOL


Wow. People would really rather keep joe than Kyle? Listening to joe sink his own game was painful


I was really happy to hear Alyssa nail Joe on how he lied to her all the time and then Turner to say that he only thought he was included in the Leftovers because it happened on his HOH.


YES! I loved seeing her get worked up and doing such a good job of hammering him. Then the way Turner jumped in as well. And Terrence adding that obviously Joe is too committed to the LOs to be trusted to shift gears at this point.

I Spy

All the LOs lied to Alyssa. She was outside the alliance.


Jasmine has been voted out! Yeahhhhh lollllll

Big mama

That fake accent gone now from Jasmine. Finally her real voice while talking to Julie


Fake limp was gone too once she scooted out the door!


In heels!


CBS again producing this show with 2 weeks from retirement energy – sending Turner to vote first just gave away that Joseph was leaving no matter what because Alyssa would never vote her boy out.


My mind went blank quick. Was Jasmine’s eviction live or taped? Joseph got an audience but don’t remember hearing an audience for Jasmine


There was an audience for her – yeah.

Paul Sucks

And just like that Jasmine’s foot is healed upon eviction. They should have evicted her weeks ago. Her pain could have been lifted! That was downright inhumane making her suffer for so long.


I am definitely going to see what Joseph’s goodbye messages were like tomorrow


I dont get a lot of comments trashing Kyle for not protecting the Alliance. The Alliance has pretty much done what it was supposed to do which was creating an opportunity for the Leftovers to take the game in their hands. They have been talking about their individual games and breaking the alliance for almost 2 weeks. And almost everyones has think about doing it but were just scared of the consequences. For Kyle it was a good time to make the move and remember he believes he has Michael with him. And also part of what makes BB boring nowadays are this huge alliances steamrolling the game. This makes it way better.


Some sort of childish affliction about ‘snitches’. Bc people were brainwashed as kids. It’s a way to shame people into not asserting themselves with the truth.


It’s not good to trust Michael. They need to go after him.

Not Jason’s Holly

I feel if they don’t back door Michael this week, he will win! Once they are down to 7 or 6, he will play in comps and win. Take a shot when you can! If not, be ready to lose!

Patricia Hudson

Absolutely,,, Michael is a accomplished and smooth attorney who knows how to manipulate people without them realizing they are being manipulated. If they can backdoor Michael, this is the time b’cus he is geared to win it ALL. He will be rearing his head to win more comps.


Turner, you never roll with a snitch. Kyle will always be a snitch! You should know that, big mistake buddy!


Lost all respect for turner BUT maybe he’ll come back around after he’s back in the house for a minute. Absolutely pointless to roll with a showmance. You’ll always be a third wheel. Surely he’s smarter than that.


Turner’s playing both sides. If he goes with after party he’s not their target, if he goes against them he is. Writing was on the wall alyssa and Kyle were voting to evict joe, turner gained nothing fighting that


Except that the After party is not solid, Terrance is a rollercoaster since day 1 and Kyle is a ” snitch ” not to be trusted. In my view, other side is better positioned. Eventhough the LOs are no more, Micheal
and Monte will go after Kyle and Turner b4 they go after each other….well, at least that’s what I would do.

The Beef

Did you listen to Monte’s speech tonight? Did you hear him say how he never targeted any of them EVER? Are they and YOU forgetting how he went after Taylor in weeks 1 and 2 of the game, and agreed with his Pound buddies to target her the week after they got rid of Ameerah? How big of a difference is there between what you call a “snitch” and someone who lies to his alliance members faces, especially when most if not all of them know he’s doing it?


I hope they will get Kyle and Turner…hell….the whole after party!

un autre nom

Eviction Episode Review: Brochella and Dyrefest
Preamble: Still cranky this evening. uh oh.
Double agents. Showmance. Split happens.
Michael winner, Terrrance runner up (he lost but he won).
INDOORS: Jasmine target.
OUTDOORS: Kyle spins and spills.
Britt wins Brochella veto
Terrance wins Dyrefest veto.
Terrance reveals Kyle’s spill to Joseph.
Kyle and Joseph on the block.
Lord of the flies outdoors Turner d/r.

Brochella worries about outside.
Post veto D/R
Britt: Jasmine target, no idea what is going on outside.
Jasmine: I still have a chance.
Monte: Still on the block but hey.
Jasmine is playing up injury. We been knew for 3 weeks.
Outdoor worries.
Michael gives all of the scenarios (ED. he has a good idea… c’mon he and Britt have said Joseph leaving is optimal for them… it isn’t anymore but d’oh).
VOTE BROCHELLA. 11 minutes into episode.
Monte: boilerplate. honest. not after you. Rihanna shout out again.
Jasmine: Cornbread (remember bbott), boilerplate. True self, chickenwings, candied bacon, diabetes, clogged arteries.
Taylor votes to evict: Jasmine.
Britt votes to evict: Jasmine.
By a vote of 2-0 Jasmine is evicted..
Michael in contacts is freaking me out.
Alyssa has a big mouth.
Joseph is her premonition to be evicted.
I’m a LEO.
Michael: alliance member list, social threat She smiles and nods.
Monte: respect
Britt: 7 person alliance. got a dirty look from Jasmine.
Taylor: didn’t put a black woman in danger.
Jasmine wishes she’d worked with Michael, he tries to be honest.
Britt and Michael gave essentially the same message and got very different results (ED. tell me Jasmine respects Britt… nope) 23 minutes into episode.

Meanwhile with a dumpster fire in progress… we take you to Dyrefest.
Post veto d/r
Terrance showmance vs. bromance.
Kyle what happened? I’m not supposed to be on the block.
Turner: happy off the block… but my boys.
Joseph: hopefully easier against Kyle.
Kyle Terrance: get rid of threat that is Joseph. Kyle feels fine.
Turner Terrance showing I got you.
Kyle says Turner is persuadable.
Joseph, MOnte and Taylor run it.
Joseph says Kyle made the alliance. He’ll snake all of you.
Joseph called to d/r. Lock in as a four.
Turner isn’t close to the four inside.
Turner names the after party.
Daniel saved you, not Kyle.
Don’t put words in Kyle’s mouth.
Turner… audio.
Alyssa is calling out Joseph.
Kyle is happy. (ED. Kyle happy d/r sorta irk me today)
Joseph and Turner. You weren’t loyal.
Turner didn’t feel he was part of the Leftovers, he was only included because he was HOH (ED. and in the Oasis, and in the Pound named by Turner… but okay).
Terrance says showmance is better than bromance.
ED. not revealed: Alyssa telling Kyle all the secrets is what made the Leftovers possible. She was pissed about this. We got a curated selection, not the whole deal here.
Joseph: boilerplate. Pick the team player. Love you all.
Kyle: challenging week. I can win comps. Battle. Let’s go to war.
Go upstairs to D/R.
Turner votes to evict: Joseph
Alyssa votes to evict: Joseph
By a vote of 2-0 Joseph is evicted
Brochella is in lockdown. They won’t see who is evicted.
Lots of soundblock As Joseph left.
AFTERPARTY cheers. Oh, naming targets is what they are muting.
Joseph talk with Julie. 39 mintues into episode.
But first 10 million commercials. No really. 49 minutes into episode.
Bromance with Monte was the big concern.
Joseph was 100% loyal (ED. until he snaked them trying to save himself)
Kyle played an immoral game is the essence. No respect.
Played spy. The decision was the decision as a team when it comes to Terrance / Indy choice. Taylor question. Broken heart to not say goodbye. Can’t put himself first (ED. inauthentic). NO GBM’s. They’ll be on insta tomorrow.

Commercials first though. HOH reveal looks REALLY DOUBTFUL.
Sunday episode is 830 eastern normal time on west coast.
mini face cracks and tension entering.

un autre nom

Feeds returned quick.


May mean that the HoH comp for them isn’t for a while


Doesn’t sound like they plan on revealing the Leftovers being exposed yet. They may be waiting to see who wins HoH 1st

un autre nom

Of course not. Nobody is dumb enough to yell out EVERYONE KNOWS, or WE”RE GONNA GET YOU before HOH. Except that guy week two on bbcan10.


At least they didn’t do the plan of lying about noms/renoms. That plan was extremely stupid

un autre nom

Yeah, that plan was Kyle saying, hey everybody, drop trou and bend over… I’ll just be waaaaay over there.


Stupidest “reunion” ever.


Stupidest twist ever! it costs us nice guy Joseph.


He’s definitely NOT a nice guy, lol.


You know something i don’t? Please fill me in lol

Mad Max

at least he wasn’t an immature Rat like Kyle is!

The Beef

The split was designed to stop the Leftover’s steamroll and shake things up in the house. It has certainly done the latter, and whether or not the LO steamroll ends will be determined by who wins this weeks HOH.


I don’t care what anybody says, but Kyle is TRASH!!! And how can Alyssa be more upset with Joe than the dude she banged on a pool float?!?!?! They both lied to her, but only one slept with her, and took everything she said to him back to his alliance, that he kept from her, make it make sense


Louder for those in back!

un autre nom

Just under ELEVEN FRICKIN MINUTES OF COMMERCIALS between Joseph you are evicted and Julie’s first question to Joseph.
NOW you know why feeds were off so much. AD RATE BONANZA.


Dear Jasmine: Without exception each and every time you opened your mouth to speak I muted the t.v. Now I know why they put the mute button on the remote. You made the mistake in thinking viewers would find you adorable. Wrong.


She was AWFULL. That’s EXACTLY what she thought. And was trying to be America’s favorite house guest. And was America’s most HATED house guest ?


Feeds are back!!


Really hoping Monte wins HoH


Does Alyssa still not comprehend that Kyle would have left her on the block without Daniel using the veto? Daniel told her to her face and now Joe, this girl is dense.


Do we know that he would have left her up? Daniel and Nicole thought they were geniuses and made it easy for him by insisting on using the veto. But prior to that, he was still trying to figure out a way to use it and not upset the alliance iirc.

Regardless, she knows that they tried making him use it to take her out last week. So she knows he put her above his alliances wishes just a week ago with Turner there to vouch for it. So she probably assumes he would’ve used the veto on her whether Daniel wanted to or not.

Mad Max

She is beyond dense…..just desperate for camera time and the only way she can get it is the showmance angle…..not a brain in that girl’s head!

illegal smile

Kyle is public enemy #1 Turner best do damage control. Kyle will always pick Alyssa and vice versa. Wow! 10 seconds to ruin his game.Brochella peeps will see that as well as turner and Terrance. So they’re playing cody & jessica have fun in jury.


My hate went from Jasmine to Kyle hope monte Britney Taylor win !


Kyle is whipped, Alyssa is dense AND a needy drama queen. Match made in BB heaven.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

joseph got screwed by the twist. and a snitch like kyle was rewarded. but at least the cup is half full, jasmine is out of the game.

Palm Oil's Meds

Turner, ALyssa, and Kyle are trash! Joseph, Taylor, and Monte have been loyal and not threats at all. Between Monte and Joseph they have only won one comp. Meanwhile Micahel has won 2 HOHs, 4 vetoes, and he’s thrown many comps too. But since they’re biased in their beliefs, they target people that don’t look like them.


Here’s the twist: did anyone find it strange that only “Joseph” was called to the dairy room at an unusual time, which allowed the after-party to form? Hmmmm…another controlled move by BB. SMH…losing faith in the truiness of the game.