Big Brother 24 Live Feeds Officially GO LIVE July 6th 11pm PT / July 7 2am ET!

IT’S OFFICIAL! The Big Brother 24 Live Feeds will officially turn on for the season after the premiere on July 6 @ 11pm Pacific (July 7 @ 2am Eastern Time)! Its going to be a late night!

With one week to go, we couldn’t be more excited. Now’s the time to head over to Paramount+ and get your free trial setup! Signing up through the Paramount+ links on helps support all the spoilers and updates we do at no extra cost to you. The feeds cost the same no matter where you get them from so why not help us keep the lights on to keep you up to date on everything happening on the live feeds 24/7!
The all new cast of house guests are rumored to be released tomorrow and any day we should also get to see a tour of the newly redesigned BB24 house that they house guests will be living in for the next 82 days!

While we wait for the cast release, did you happen to crack Julie’s code? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and if you’ve signed up for the feeds! 🙂

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Haven’t heard about “The Challenge: USA”, check it out HERE. It will air after the BB24 premiere and feature 6 big brother alumni.

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i broke the code. Chenbot will be a houseguest

Just a guess

She’s leaning back and looking forward, so maybe its “Back to the Future ” theme