Big Brother 24 – Can you spot the clues or hints for the upcoming season?

The premiere of Big Brother 24 is just a week and a half away and the suspense is killing us! We can’t wait for the cast to be revealed and the tour of the newly redesigned house to be released. From that we’ll learn what this seasons theme will be and how that might shape the season. The other day the host of Big Brother, Julie Chen posted a photo of her in a suburban neighborhood asking if anyone could spot the clues to what might be in store for us this season. Is she just teasing us or are there actual clues to the season in the photo? Take a look and tell us what you think the clues she’s hinting at are?

Ponytail – Lots of speculation that Frankie Grandes back with that high Ariana Grande ponytail signature look? Will there be a returning house guest or celebrity? (Simon would be over the moon happy Franke returned!) Or does it represent high school clique theme like they did for Big Brother 11?

Butterfly – Julie Chen has a butterfly ring on in the photo. There’s speculation online that this represents: The Butterfly Effect – “In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.”

Suburban Neighborhood – Suburban themed house?

Sunflower dress and butterfly ring – Garden Theme? Garden of Eden? Although, she is wearing the same dress as the one she wore in a number of other BB24 promo shots.

Looking up at the sky – Sky or space theme? “sky’s the limit, anything goes” type of theme? Her hands are also on her hip in a superhero type pose, so possibly a superhero themed house?

Tell us your thoughts and what clues you see hidden in this cryptic post on Instagram…

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Dementia Joe

Please no Frankie.


The butterfly effect makes the most sense


She is looking at the stars so it must be all stars


Based on what I have heard about Julie Chen…

Looking at the sky = Those BB Houseguests with the most faith in God will prevail. 🙂


Or….All of the guests are people who “have their heads in the clouds”