Big Brother 24 Live Premiere Move-In Cast Confirmed!

CBS has officially confirmed the newbie house guests will be moving into the house on the live 90 minute July 6th premiere. This is fantastic news as the house guests typically move in the prior week and the live feed subscribers are left in the dark trying to piece together what’s happened. Seeing the friendships, showmances, alliances and other drama happen live as it happens is huge! It usually takes quite awhile after the feeds turn on to sort out what we missed in the prior week. Its not official when the live feeds will be turned on but they will likely go live after the west coast airing concludes. The live shows are also rumored to have live audiences again which is a big plus because they’re just not the same without an audience.

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Haven’t heard about “The Challenge: USA”, check it out HERE. It will air after the BB24 premiere and feature 6 big brother alumni.

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Great news.


Going to be rip roaring fun 🙂


Can’t wait for the new season Simon!


This is a positive change for the show. Now I’m crossing my fingers that the producers have selected HGs like last year (who want to play the game, not just increase their Instagram followers).


Thank god all I needed was new monitor. Its supposed to arrive tonight. yayyy


i liked not having an audience, it was like some of the earlier seasons