Big Brother 23 premieres July 7th

CBS has given us a premiere date for Big Brother 23, Wednesday, July 7 (8:00-9:30 PM). I guess feeds will start on Thursday night after the show airs.

The lineup is the same:

BIG BROTHER airs Sundays and Wednesdays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), and Thursdays (8:00-9:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT)

With covid outta the way and Kasssssssting leaving I’m starting this season optimistic. The same optimistic I was when I saw that Kaysar and Janelle were coming back for a freaking all-star season. We remember BB22 as quality content.

My dream setup for this season –  smaller cast like BBCAN9 , a shorter season, one well-timed super twist to benefit my favorite, and a cast filled with people saying socially unacceptable things.

Either way, this is good news the show is back for the summer, We’ll be back (as long as we can get the feeds in Canada). One way or another find a way to have fun.


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I’m so excited! The main thing that I would change about casting is the seasons they give the players to watch in quarantine. PLEASE stop giving players seasons where an alliance dominates like 16, 22, and 19!!! Seasons that are more unpredictable will teach players to be more unpredictable! I also think that BB should lean more into the “social experiment” vibe than they have recently. I need more Kent and Bunky type moments!


They dont give players alliances. Alliances happen organically by the players. Alliances can only dominate if they win comps. This is all part of the game. Kent and Bunky were both in a dominate alliance


so I’m guessing the contestants are going into quarantine next week?

highkey hyped for this season!

The Foosa

Yeah, no thanks. After the 50% “diversity” pledge seen from BBCAN 9 (where blacks make of 3% of the population), and CBS confirming the same nonsense for BB23, it will be conducted in the same manner as the train wreck we just witnessed. BLM BS will be talked about until we are beaten into submission and feel we don’t deserve to receive oxygen to breathe.

So, you will see player moves that make absolutely no sense, u-turns within u-turns that will require the viewer to suspend their disbelief like just another lazy written Nicolas Cage B movie script……Again, no thanks. But, I will come here to view all the recaps (that’s if they actually allow 24/7 feeds anymore)…..

RIP BB franchise. The only place you are going to survive at this point is in Australia. What a season it has been and there’s still 2 weeks to go. One of the best I have seen of all the seasons from the various countries.