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It certainly appears that the whole show was well rehearsed and scripted.I have lost interested in ever watching show. Seems too rehearsed and unbelievable. Good acting jobs

Guy From Canada

Victoria doing her fake awkward smile before she voted. It was her same tell when she knew she was on the block…felt just as fake today as it did then. Production told her how to vote 100%.

Another good point brought up, the edited clips for two black guys in a f2…..did production actually make two clip reels for the combinations of who was sitting f2, or did they pre determine an outcome and have only one set of clips ready…..

100% agree, scripted, fake, not enjoyable.

eddie taylor

Suck it up a Black guy won Enjoy diversity and Equality is here to stay Rightfully So

Feeds Gold

im happy for all 3 who made the finale, and im appreciative of the entertainment they provided me this season…and ty was a worthy winner

it would be nice when they do their diversity segments to instead of only showcasing the poc players, changing the vibe to showcase poc and whites interacting together to include people of all backgrounds (including whites) getting along, rather than dividing the groups into 2 and only showcasing and focusing on one in a special way and not the other, because youre never going to get a segment showcasing/celebrating the white players group(who are now and will likely in future always be the minority of the cast numbers due to the new quota system)…why does diversity have to be everyone except whites? for me diversity should be a mix, a melting pot including every colour and not excluding anyone…totally inclusive

in terms of equality it would be great to see equal treatment of the players by production

Guy From Canada

When did I say I didn’t enjoy a black person winning? I didn’t enjoy a scripted end. Is it truly black equality if someone has to produce a winner? Did Ty win on his own merit, then fantastic. Regardless of race, he was a nice person. If Breyson won, regardless of race he was a nice guy.

if this was a f2 of POC, and it was scripted, was this a win for equality? It’s an interesting quagmire indeed.

Feeds Gold

production meeting to ensure tera didnt win f3 hoh…

executive producer #1: tera is final 3, whadda we do, whadda we do, whadda we do guys?
executive producer #2: nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
executive producer #3: she could ruin our poc f2, what are the odds? what are the odds?
executive producer #1: all i care about is the season narrative…the narrrrrrrrrrrative
executive producer #2: nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
executive producer #3: how dare tera make it this far and go against the script
arisa: lets teach her a lesson…4 hour impossible f3 hoh part 1, throwing + memory part 2
executive producer #1: that will favor the 2 guys so much…fans will be sus
arisa: who cares…we couldnt get her with the fake double buyback, this is our last chance
executive producer #2: oh thats genius and evil…lets punish tera
arisa: you guys like it?
executive producer #3: ohh yeah bud…oh yeah buddie
arisa: arent i so great?
executive producer #1: the narrrrrrrrrrative…THE NARRRRRRRATIVE…it is on track
executive producer #2: yesssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
executive producer #3: woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
global bigwig: im a little worried…how is our narrative looking?
all executive producers: we will fix the glitch! tera will be next in jury
global bigwig: greeeeeat

tera easily loses part 1 and 2 and its party time for production


production meeting to ensure bitter jurors dont cost ty the jury vote win…

executive producer #1: ty must win, whadda we do, whadda we do, whadda we do guys?
executive producer #2: nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
executive producer #3: jed/beth/vic/ro not voting ty, what are the odds? what are the odds?
executive producer #1: all i care about is the season narrative…the narrrrrrrrrrrative
executive producer #2: nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
executive producer #3: how dare those bitter jurors go against the script
arisa: lets bring in the big guns…poutine papi, who said on rhap he wants ty to win
executive producer #1: he is too biased in favor of ty…fans will be sus
arisa: who cares…poutine papi roundtable…brainwash the jury until ty’s a lock
executive producer #2: oh thats genius and evil…lets sway them at all costs
arisa: you guys like it?
executive producer #3: ohh yeah bud…oh yeah buddie
arisa: arent i so great?
executive producer #1: the narrrrrrrrrrative…THE NARRRRRRRATIVE…it is on track
executive producer #2: yesssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
executive producer #3: woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
global bigwig: im a little worried…how is our narrative looking?
all executive producers: we will fix the bitter jury glitch! ty will win…sunsetters for life!
global bigwig: greeeeeat

at the jury roundtable taping anthony ‘poutine papi’ walks in to finesse them…

all jurors: oh hi antho..
anthony: shhhhhh…poutine papi is here…be calm
beth: im a bitter jury member
anthony: shut up beth
beth: how dare…
anthony: shut up beth
jed: please dont talk to her like…
anthony: shut up jed, you won veto but still got voted out, youre not a real man
vic: right now my vote is with breydon
anthony: no its not
roshow: im voting brey for the win
anthony: shut up beth
beth: i didnt say anything
anthony: ro, you will vote for who i tell you to vote for mkay
roshow: i will vote for who you tell me to vote for
anthony: thats a good lil b!tch
queefer: you do as poutine papi says
vic: should i switch my vote for ty too?
anthony: yes, spicy pee
vic: its spicy v
anthony: shut up beth
beth: i didnt say anything
anthony: shut up beth
jed: i think im gonna vote for ty, hes my boy
anthony: youre not bitter anymore are you beth cause youre gonna vote same as jed right?
beth: yes
anthony: so who are you all voting for?
all jurors: tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
anthony: i didnt hear you, say it louder
all jurors: tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
anthony: no matter how bad his jury questions/speech is right? even if brey/tera kick ass?
all jurors: yes
anthony: thats what im talkin about, poutine papi out
all jurors: bye poutine…
anthony: shut up beth

(anthony leaves to pick up his big payment from production)

after a terrible jury questions/speech performance, for saving him ty will send poutine papi a cheque in the mail, 5% of the winners $100k


Let’s not forget the partying dance video that hit social media with LaToya partying with Poutine Papi Anthony– (did they know each other prior to this season? and if yes did LaToya & Ty know each other prior?)

Just one of those things that make us say hmmmmmmmmmm

another name

I had ‘heard’ that Anthony and Ty knew each other.
LaToya was in multiple videos. With Cindy with an S, with Jamar, with Maddie, with Ika, with Anthony. For a couple of weeks post eviction she was riding her 15 minutes with the hasbeens past trying to leech 30 seconds more notoriety.
But then, a large part of the cast past and present is incestuously linked before during and after their time on the show.
One of the past hg’s i have known since about 4 years before they were cast knew multiple houseguests from past seasons socially for well over a year before getting on the show.
Anything is possible.

Guy From Canada

Ha ha I so called them out on that o. Twitter and I wasn’t alone. Then Ika and Jamar said they were being safe and were all tested that day before partying. Didn’t some bachelor person do the same thing and they got covid from a guest with a negative test? Again, called them out and crickets.

Also called put Kevin Martin for coming back during first lock down and doing errands all over town, posting on social media then going into isolation….think he had just gotten back from Mexico a year ago????…seems to be a theme with some Big Brother alumni from most of their accounts in certain circles. Or maybe I’m old and bitter ha ha

Ya Right

Racism runs rampant in the BB house. If I white person took someone because they were white, all hell would break loose, but its ok for these two, to do it. Shame on Global


In my opinion when Ty said before he evicted Tera ,that is racist.


Go Fk Urself. U R a white person that is triggered. You have lived in white privilege your whole life.. how the fk would you know how it feels to be Asian, Latino, Black, Indian etc.

Marianne martin

omg i grew up as a white mistaken for a native and didnt give a rats butt what people thought… i sure as heck didnt whine boohoo me .. but a racist remark whether from a black indian asian or white is RACISM

Ya Right

There is no white privilege. Grow up. Ty said he was taking a black person to the finals. That is rasism. If a white guy said he taking another white guy, hevoukd have been kicked out. Pure and simple. RASISM


Lol. This statement smells like its coming from someone who was born and raised in a white privileged bubble.

New Kid

Are you kidding???? Your complaint is completely misguided.

Racism has been rampant on big brother for over 20 years which is EXACTLY why there had never been a black winner of this game. If you want to get mad at someone get mad at the frickin producers and crappy casting directors (US & Canada) for allowing this crap to happen for the past 20 years. If their casting was fair and diverse from the start then this would have never happened. But no instead they decided to tokenize black players, LGBT players, and all people of color for 2 decades.

So with all that said how can you seriously blame Ty and Breydon for wanting to sit next to each other in final 2? There was literally no other chance for a black player to ever win the game and make history.

Hearing your complaints its probably safe to assume that you aren’t a BIPOC individual which clearly shows why you don’t understand the frustration that black fans such as myself have had so so many frickin years watching this damn show.

It may have looked like race was the deciding factor in Ty’s vote but honestly race was the deciding factor from the start and its all because of the damn producers and casting directors of big brother. They brought this on themselves.

If you want to complain, direct your complaints to the people who run this show. For years they’ve restricted BIPOC players from ever having any success in the game and instead they allowed for racist white players to win the game like Jackson from bb21.

So please do not hate the black players for doing what they could to increase representation and instead direct your complaints to the crappy producers and casting directors (aka Robyn Cass) for allowing lack of diversity to define the game.

Guy From Canada

Never a lack of diversity, by casting stereotypes is why people of color don’t do well. Oh gawd, season 15 was such a train wreck. To see the well spoken people of color being taken out by racist white privileged D bags….and for production to push(nudge her to drop ) Helen. They are using the same model since then. Bring in people of color who have never seen the show, recruit through Instagram/dating apps.

and BTW, Robin Kass is the problem in her process. Yes, she makes the videos and production chooses who they want….but from having her google eyed laying on her stomach asking me to take my pants off in the interview so I would be less stressed…. so glad I didn’t and instead we got Graig Merrit that season as the old white guy from the west coast (honestly he is probably more entertaining then me ha ha). she and her production company is part of the problem 100%. I should have me2’d that lady but maybe a letter to global 6 years later may make some change with the state of the world right now…..

Feeds Gold

now there actually is a canadian bb black winner, maybe production could chill for a sec on their biased poc cheerleading and go back to the game of big brother being the #1 focus and instead of obsessing on quotas and optics, i wish they just cast the best 16 players available from the talent pool each year, in terms of personality, liveliness and gameplay, regardless of race and skin colour, to maximise the chance every season reaches its potential for greatness

eddie taylor

Fact: Ty took Braydon not bcuz he was black but bcuz Tera had a better chance of winning not bcuz she’s white but bcuz she is a mom who battled hard to stay in the game especially towards the end she was a lone wolf after Tina left

another name

You mean prejudice. Prejudice is the individual’s bias against another based on race.
Racism is a social system set up by those in power in order to keep the marginalized and disenfranchised out of power based on race.
A person who, based on their race is within the group that sets the rules of the social system cannot be the victim of racism, they can, however experience prejudice.
There’s a difference.


Wtf “another name”, you have got to be kidding right ? Go look at the Webster’s dictionary for the term racism. No wonder Kanada is in the state it is currently with people like yourself. White female liberal millennial….Am I right?

Without a doubt, the house was racist towards whitey. The end worked out perfectly, with the overwhelming assistance of production and the “Global brass”. RIP BBCAN. I couldn’t even read through the 1st paragraph of the recaps mid season it was so scripted with player decisions that defied logic and reasoning. Yep, a liberal’s wet dream.

another name

Response removed. Not going to be that person today.
Coffee’s still brewing but i’m going to pretend I’m caffeinated enough for this shit. Otherwise, I’d be telling you where you could shove your dictionary, if it would fit up there with your head.
White female liberal millennial? No. Stop. Really. Quit embarrassing yourself. bwa ha ha. I’m way too old for this millennial bullshit, and you’re way too old to actually think the start of your comment was respectful or the appropriate way to open a discourse with another person gtfo. But thanks. I haven’t been confused for someone that young since I was that young.
At what point did you think a Canadian reality based entertainment program in a game show format was going to be the hill you wanted to die on? Really? This is where you choose the draw your line? This is where you set up camp to smite your enemies? Do better.
At what point did you think a season dedicated to representation and diversity was going to end any way other than how it did? I mean, did you watch the first episode using the handy dandy decoder ring that they’ve been giving us for three seasons now? The one that tells you through their editing choices exactly who is going to win the season? They telegraph it. They give you ten weeks to get used to the idea. The end result is presented to us episde one, it’s all about the journey of how they get the foregone conclusion.
I have to ask, why the hell did you think watching a season based on dedication to representation and diversity was going to be something that WOULND’T piss you off, given that it would tend to be so antithetical to the core principles you seem to espouse through your use of buzzwords and insult rhetoric? Did you just decide you wanted to be angry? Did you conclude that railing about the ending of a season dedicated to representation and diversity, was going to actually achieve anything that makes you feel better?

I do hope you feel better. Have a nice day.

Guy From Canada

It’s an interesting perspective of checking my own privilege where I can understand where you are coming from, but I dis agree. When a society judges people based on colour, has wages vary based on colour, has interactions with law enforcement based on colour….

I can’t understand what it is like to be a person of color in Canada. So I choose to let this go cause does it really matter? He chose to elevate some one based on color cause he sees society discriminate against those who look like him on a reality show. Who knows, maybe even production pushed for this with the inclusion this year they pushed for so hard.

this is not the time for the all life matter, white can’t do as black do, reverse discrimination crap. It’s a time to understand, heal, and down the road this race garbage will hopefully be more sorted.

Feeds Gold

what would happen next year if there were 4 poc hohs to start the season and all 8 players nominated were white and told the reason for nomination was because they were white, and each of the 4 hohs would prefer a poc winner…would production continue to allow that now the precedence has been set? similarly if a white hoh publicly stated to a poc player youre nominated because of your skin colour and that hoh would prefer a white winner, would the white hoh be kicked off the show?


Man, no pizazz or excitement here.
Sorry, Dunno.
oh well.

Feeds Gold

ok heres some random stats from the finale to get you excited haha…

brey is only the 2nd player in north american history to survive 6 evictions and reach f2…with a collective total 29-0 votes cast in his favour(net postive 29)

sabrina who was 2nd in bbcan season 2 also survived 6 evictions, with vote total of 22-3(net positive 19)

in america the record is 5 evictions survived to reach f2…erika who was 2nd in s7…vote total 18-3(net positive 15)

for winners the record is 4 evictions survived…will s2(vote total 13-1, net positive 12) and jordan s11(vote total 18-3, net positive 15)


ty joins cody from bb22 allstars as the only 2 north american winners ever to go through an entire season without touching the block at all including pre and post veto, as well as being safe and off the block at f4 and f3

Feeds Gold

congrats to ty on the win not having touched the block all season

but im not a fan of ty telling tera on prime time tv youre evicted because of skin colour

i appreciate brey and tera for keeping the game interesting and unpredictable until day 69

but the inevitable sunsetter win that production obsessed about all season happened

queefer, a guy who didnt stop someone sleeping getting ‘fart-beef stewed’, is canadas fave

pro-ty anthony roundtable sealed ty’s win, swaying the jury after ty bad jury management

watch anthony on rhap a few weeks ago, he majorly wanted a ty win

in future pay no attention to what jurors say, they deliberately mislead right up until the vote

ro is kicked out of all future karb meetings and events and tera is welcome to take his place

thanks simon and dawg for your great site

see you all for bb23

another name

I posted this once before i think (around week five when I tried to forecast again given house dynamics once feeds started). My episode one predictions for the season.
Now that it’s over: I figured I’d post it for a laugh to see just how far off some of my episode one reads were.
Left column from top to bottom is pre jury in order and juror one.
right column is jury and winner picked during night one episode.
Everyone with a1 was the alliance i pictured by the edit.
Everyone with a2 was the other side’s alliance i pictured by the episode edit.

episode one prediciton.jpg
Jaymie lee

Gotta always play the race card. Disgusting. Its ok to be anti white so lets pcik on the whites. Tera should never have been even aloud because ahe is the wrong colour. Give me a break. Sjw crap just play the game or is that nit aloud anymore. Arisa was no better. Cant wait for bbus they dont bother with this pc garbage. If they do fans will turn it off just like in sports. Stick to reality tv stop trying to be cnn.


Don’t Hate


I didn’t like the final either why does it have to be made black against white? Why couldn’t it be Ty Tera and let the jury choose. They don’t vote on the color of their skin they vote on game play or they should. Tera played a much better game than either of the other two. Are we not trying to be all one race instead of black against white and that’s what they made this out to.


The left want this……It’s that simple…..Imagine for a moment if roles were reversed and Tera had done that to Ty….It’s straight up racist no matter who is doing it. The dictionary does not state that racism only applies to be used against “whites”. Tera deserved the win, but due to racism (by the contestants following orders from Global), she goes home empty handed.

Just a girl...

Zero chance kweef was legitimately Canada’s fave! Never have I ever wanted to slap a guy so bad! He’s creep transition from the beginning of the season to the end was so clear in all the flash backs – true nasty colours came through! Latoya woulda made the season sooooo much better, this rehearsed nonsense was garbage! They turned it into the kweef show – no thanks – next time pick a guy with a vocabulary bigger than shouting ‘let’s goooo’ every other sentence and sticking out his yellow tartar covered tongue!
Never again

another name

Episode only viewers (the ones that don’t watch feeds) have no idea what Kiefer was like on feeds. They only know what he was like in the episode edit.
They vote for the fan votes announced on the show, but don’t stick around to watch feeds.
They outnumber the feedsters.
There’s your Keefer win.
He was mentioned on the news nationallly due to being mentioned in the house of commons my his MP.
He’s been the major focus of entertainment tonight and commercial spots for almost 2 weeks.
It was a concerted effort.

Just a girl...

When you put it that way.. ?????????? I’m an idiot – I only watch the feeds and not his publicity tour – foolish me lol! How disappointing, it could have been such a cool experience had the guy not been a disgusting creep in reality.

another name

Not an idiot at all. I’ve been telling myself exactly how he was going to win since the vote was announced so that I wouldn’t get too pissed about it.
Imagine. Voting the guy that tried to quit multiple times as the fave.
Shakes head. Shameful.


I disagree. Yes he farted and burped all season and that’s gross but he was pretty much the mastermind of most of the major moves in the game. He also convinced the house to keep him when he was the target. Don’t judge a book by its cover because he is a very smart man and deserved to win the 10k in my opinion.

another name

He said he was the mastermind of many of the moves…. after the people that made the moves were evicted, and the decisions leading to the moves had been made during cut feeds. I don’t have a charitable enough spirit to put it past him to kief details to make himself sound better. He’s the guy that said he was faking quitting on week 2, when we saw him go to D/R to quit before veto, and get talked into staying.


He said multiple times that he wanted to quit because the stress of playing a game that manipulates people and lies to them will catch up to you eventually but he said himself it was because he missed his family not because he is a quitter. I know you don’t like him since you have mentioned it many times, however, it was the other houseguests themselves that said he was the mastermind and gave him the credit for the moves. Even at the finale they said it all again. So….you have your opinion and let others have theirs.

another name

At no point did I ever say, “Bbfan, you can’t have your opinion.” I think your opinions are wonderful, even if I disagree. I’m not asking you to give up your point of view. I’m not asking you to change your mind. I’m not asking you to refrain from giving a counter opinion to what I write. I have too much respect for other commenters to ever ask them not to express their opinions. All I ask is the same respect be afforded me.
With that being said:
So… when the other houseguests have been told by him that he has been the mastermind behind everything they didn’t witness themselves multiple times, what’s going to be the prevailing opinion based on what they’ve been told?
He came up with the Trap door plan along with Ty and Brey before taking it to Tera. All four acknowledged that on feeds.
He claimed to be responsible for the vote flip week one without feeds. This claim was made after LaToya was evicted. LaToya was being credited with the flip. We have no evidence to prove or disprove. Nobody else he told this to was aware or witness to him being responsible for the flip from their response to his claim. LaToya was already evicted when he made it.
He claimed to be responsible for Vic’s Invisible week decisions, made while feeds were down. Thiis claim was made after Vic was evicted. VIc was being credited with her decisions. We have no evidence to prove or disprove. Again, nobody else he told he was responsible for for her decisions was aware or witness to him being responsible for the decisions. Vic was already evicted when he made it.
What else did houseguests say on feeds: he’s going to claim all the moves as his even if they weren’t. Each of the other 5 of the final 6 said this. More than once at multiple times. These statements helped to inform my opinion that he was liable to take credit for moves in the game that he didn’t make himself.
It’s convenient as hell that his homesickness and stress of playing a manipulation game only reared it’s head every time he was on the block.

If you mash our opposing opinions together, anyone reading gets a full and rounded point counterpoint.

Just a girl...

I wouldn’t know if he had any intelligence- all I ever heard him say was ‘LETS GOOO’ – then ‘flex’ and stick his tongue out! He was a coward who claimed moves behind people’s backs and never in the open or with a pair of balls – had he been smart he would have shut up about being able to win the whole game in order to get to f2

another name

Final thoughts. MY LAST NOVEL

Tonight, the moment of confusion on the stage where Vic looked shook, looked at Kiefer and he told her vote Tychon. What was that? It’s been bothering me. Oh. was it supposed to be a closer vote? They were gearing up for a 4-3 for a week of interviews. Something fishy happened. Was it that Tera refused to play along? Was it the sunsetters whatever that was ball of hate spouted off by LaToya from Jed’s living room? That’s right. LaToya (most OVER RATED houseguest of the SEASON) zoomed in from Jed’s house. Okay, I’m thinking I’m going to give my no holds barred honest opinions… don’t expect an apology. Going to best policy this muthafukakta thing.

Now, As someone that’s been saying Ty is the season winner since before feeds (except for that one week I switched to Jed cus.. episode edit went weird), I don’t feel good. Not because Ty won. Not because of what he said when he evicted Tera. Come on. he’d said it on feeds up to 15 times… why is everyone shook now? Why didn’t it matter before but it does now? He’s said that since… was it week 3 or was it 4? Come on. It was a thing in Ty’s strategy we ALL knew about. We all KNEW from Ty’s discussions on feeds AND in episodes that having a Black Winner of BBCAN9 was his number ONE priority. Oh wait, is it still considered a cardinal sin to say anything even remotely negative about Ty like it has been all season? Honestly, that wasn’t even negative. It was a fact.

Do I think Ty’s game was better than Breydon’s? Still no. I just don’t. I think their games were similar. I think Ty rode the wave of his alliance, But i think when Ty tried to set the course, more often than not, he failed to socially influence his alliance’s decision. Three evictions where he wanted the other outcome and backed down along with being blindsided during a vote says he didn’t have his finger on the pulse as much as he promotes. In that respect, Breydon’s social influence game while OUT of power was better than Ty’s social influence game while IN power.
Ty played a good game. He did. Very good socially. Breydon also played a very good game. Also very good sociallly. But perception was always that Ty was to be respected as a player and Breydon wasn’t. That was the way the season ran. Was Breydon robbed? No. Breydon would have to have possessed something that could be taken in order to be robbed. He was never actually given respect, so nothing was robbed from him. Somebody had to say it, Oy Gevalt.

Ty was the episode one edit guy that got the do anything to win D/R. He was the episode one edit guy that entered the first recognized alliance on air (undercover brotthers) made before the first HOH comp, even before teams were picked. THE SHOW DOES THIS. IT’S DONE IT FOR 3 SEASONS NOW. They have to have the season long continuity of the winner starting off episode one talking about their drive to win, entering an alliance, having their alliances (the 3 with Jed and Latoya flowing into the sunsetters flowing into the triangle) followed for the first five episodes, then going into their social game. That’s the pattern. That’s what they do. Ever since they came back from almost cancellation with their ‘for the fans’ season, the edit has been there for the reading as a season long arc. None of us are new, the exact same plot devices for three seasons? That’s… something. Unglaublich, It’s a big flaming bag of shit we’re all finding on our doorstep and putting out with our sock feet.

I’m sorry I never believed that Breydon was going to win. Not because of his game. Although he was oblivious to the game by design when Austin was in the house (when the two talked in week three, and he spouted off the house dynamic exactly, even naming Tina as an associate of the large alliance, I was shook because just two hours earlier the two were discussing which smurf they’d be… for over an hour). It’s not his game that I figured would cost him. He told Austin in week 5 that he was going to work Ty to take him to the final 2. Week 5. Austin’s last night. That happened.
It was the other thing. The feed cut thing. I joked for weeks about counting the feed cuts every time Breydon was in a conversation. 77. 77 short term feed cuts when Breydon actually began to speak in the conversation instead of just saying of course or obviously. 77 short term feed cuts over a period three weeks that I witnessed before I quit counting in disgust. Like BBCan was ready for a winner SO diverse that they felt the need to censor cams that much when he spoke? Riiiiight. He wasn’t going to win anyway. The jury segment was hyperproduced to make it look like it was actually a possibility. It wasn’t.
There is no way the season of diversity was going to risk having a winner that ticked more than one diversity box. Wasn’t going to happen. There’s no way a poc who also identified as LGBTQ2S+ was going to win. It was a step too far for the nervous head office. Hie was the sassy D/R pufta that all the cis viewers can admire as entertaining in that Will and Grace Jack or Drag Race Miss Congeniality confessional talker… Hiedi? I think? Never watched a full season so… having to look it up. Yeah, Hiedi kind of way. D/R sassy good, opinion on feeds bad. No WAY he was winning for that reason alone. Almost sorry for the honesty. But not.

Tera? Okay. Season of Diversity. And you thought there was a chance that prodo would say hey sure, let’s have Tera win? On a reality based entertainment programming in a game show style format series that was spotlighting diversity for the first time… Tera was really going to win? Really? Sure. That individual timed veto in part 2 was going to allow for Tera to make it to part three. mmhmm. yup. tOtally. In the same way that the jury roundtable was artificial to make it sound like Breydon had a shot… they did the same thing for Tera. She was NOT going to win in finals with Ty. And make no mistake, from the edit, Ty was ALWAYS going to be in the final 2. It’s not even a question. It’s the first season spotlighting representation. Tera was never going to be the posterchild for the first season spotlighting representation. I mean. That was NOT happening. Maybe a little too honest? But really?

In a season where long feed cuts with pod people level behavior modification upon return took the place of weekly twistos twists… this season was what it was. The EXACT same storyline devices we’ve seen for 3 seasons from Episode one to Finale. That’s what we should be ticked about. We should be ticked that a winner can be picked during episode ONE by the editing choices repeated for 3 seasons. THIS SEASON SAW A RECORD NUMBER OF BOOTH COMP HOH’S. That was gross.

And yet. YEAH TIME FOR A BUT. I don’t totally and completely hate the season. There were some aspects of it I enjoyed. There were some people I enjoyed. There were even a few surprises. I REALLY ENJOYED THEM. Not the post feed cut ones: the organic game play ones. The FEEDS amidst the plotline adustment up to end of week three because of the Ethan / Kyle situation change thing. That was unpredictbably chaotic and I loved that until they fell back into pattern. In episode edit it’s not apparent, but on feeds it was amazing. Additionally, I only had three nopelist people. WOOHOO. That’s actually a good year for me.

I’m still burned out as far as BB23 goes I’m reeallly not prepared to watch another one of Grod’s masturbatory fantasies delivered three times a week…. so much shudder.

Thank you to Simon and Dawg. I appreciate you very much. Thank you to anyone that still bothers to read my drivel. Thanks for the kindness and the debates, It’s taken my brain out of a dark place. Thanks to Every commenter making every comment. I enjoyed all of you.
Best to all. Cheers.


ugh Tera deserved it, hope she’s back for an All-Star season
disgusting speech from Ty, why does everything have to do with race? Glad this scripted shitshow is finally over, see you all for BB23

Thank you to Simon and Dawg for keeping up with the season, I had more fun reading these updates and comments than watching the show

Guy from GTA

Breaking news. Privileged Snow flakes upset a POC won BB instead of the regular white cast member. Also, water is wet. Congrats Ty! You deserve it.

Jaymie lee

Should never be about race. So its ok to be antiwhite now? Thats a thing. Cant just be about a game. The ratings for usbb are going smash bbcan they dont bother with this pc crap and sjw nonsense. If you dont want any Whites maybe tell them before the game. All colours except Whites there not whats hip these days. Gotta be something hip like a name like poc or has noone figured it out that its just coloured person backwards. How far weve fallen.


I missed BBAD and all your comments this year. Can someone give me a quick run down of the production shinnanigans and story shaping?

another name

So a guy evicted the sole remaining woman at final three.
Two guys that had formed a working relationship weeks before the finale went to finale excluding the woman. The final HOH took his final 2 to the finale.
That’s what it boils down to.
How is this new?
Big Brother US 5, 9, 14, 16, 19, 22, CAN 7. All of them did the same. 2 men going to ifinal two and evicting the sole woman in third spot.
Rationales aside, in each of these seasons a woman ended up in third with two men taking home the winnings.
Remember in North American BB when the only way a woman could win a season was against another woman? It was Can 1, 3 and US 18 before that changed. That’s what… 2013-2016 timeframe? So from 2001 to 2013/16… the only way a woman won was against another woman.
First POC winner was in 2003. Didn’t happen again until… 2017.
It was 2013, I believe, before an LGBT houseguest won a season (same year for Can and US).
These are facts as far as I know them.
Congratulations to the winner and the runner up of BBCAN season 9, a final 2 of 2 men that went to final 2 together, and cut the woman not in their final 2 at third spot.
The fact that they’re black and stated they wanted a black winner on feeds seems to be the big concern. I really don’t see why that’s the big concern. Final 2’s have been taking each other to final 2 in big brother for years.

The vote was swinging Breydon until Ty’s final speech the jury says. Beth and Jed decided with Kief to vote Ty. VIc got shook, wondering what was going on, Kiefer told her to vote Ty now. Tina and Ro heard the exchange and changed their votes as well. Or so the story goes today. The reason Beth and Jed changed: sunsetter talk team talk mixed with Beth being bitter that Brey said he didn’t trust her in the game and she wasn’t fooling anyone. She didn’t know he was aware she said he was in her pocket to everyone in the house.
Tera in interview says three jurors have expressed that they screwed up and got freaked out by the flipping going on on stage and had no clue what was going on. Essentially Tera asserts that three jurors Topaz’d due to peer pressure at the taping.
Vic in her video today shouts out Brey, saying she fuqed up.
Ro has expressed he screwed up as well. No word from Tina yet.
Do I buy it? Who cares. But I thought I’d share with you.
Leave it to season 9 to buyer’s remorse their finale votes.

Guy From Canada

Called it with Vic at the taping of the finale. She had a really easy tell when she was being fake, that smile and bug eyes like she was focusing. I think it was production again pushing for their narrative. Still remember the shenanigans form BBCan 3 wondering how Godfrey lost, and it turned out people changed their votes and questions last second from the interviews afterwards. That’s was my first inkling that BBCan had was too much production interferences.

Feeds Gold
  • i dont ever want to see a player be allowed to verbalise again they are nominating or evicting someone based on race, and i want that in the rule book, to be enforced…and all players treated to the same standard
  • i would like to see them change the maximum 50%(with an unlimited minimum) for whites and the minimum 50%(with an unlimited maximum) for poc future cast quotas changed to ‘we will cast the best 16 players available each year based on personality and gameplay potential, not race or skin colour’…some seasons that could see majority white, some seasons that could see majority poc, some seasons that could see a 50/50 split, depending on the talent available, which i would be happy with if it meant the absolute 16 best humans were cast
  • the finale jury vote theatre and post season bs spin including pretending to switch votes last minute and trying to claim they were all going to vote whoever won part 3 hoh despite brey kicking ass in the jury questioning is to cover up that anthony swayed the pro brey/tera jurors to vote for ty should he be in f2…and i dont ever want to see a former player who has recently shown major bias towards one of the f3 be anywhere near a roundtable prior to finale
another name

The jury thing… again, I was not putting that out as the truth, I was putting it out because it was statements being made by houseguests the day after. Since all we saw on the episode was Vic looking at Kiefer confused and him saying vote Ty (not enough audio but you could see her mouth ‘what. what are we doing?’ and his mouth ‘vote tychon.’ how we know he said tychon, not breydon beyond how they actually voted: even in profile the way a mouth moves to start a word beginning with t is to separate lips, with a b is to purse lips. If you’ve ever tried ventrilloquism, you know that there are some letters that cause mouth movements that are very telling, b is one of those letters). I truly thought there was going to be a 4-3 from the way that interviews were setting up the finale. I thought it would come down to Tina as being in both alliances as the swing vote, going Ty because she put more stock in sunsetters than in the oddballs including Tera. That would have been very much the season storyline episodically in a nutshell. That was my expectation.

Just my opinion, but the I want a black winner is no better or worse than the I want a male/female winner statements we’ve been hearing for years. Nobody has said we should have a season where there’s more than 50% in male / female ratio some years less in other years. Personally, I really don’t care what colour a person’s skin is I’m going to like or dislike a person based on their character / behavior, not melanin levels or region of ancestry. However, I know that it matters in society even when it shouldn’t (I actually don’t get why, but come on, it does and it’s stupid, and we all know it does and it’s stupid). It’s one of the things I was complaining about in early weeks: that society has a lot of work to do.
Is it harder in a social game, given our society, to be different? The number of times we’ve heard BBUS houseguest HOH’s saying in early weeks that their nominee or target stood out (didn’t blend in) would imply that being different than the majority does play a part in making the game more difficult. The older/younger, the fatter/skinnier, the gayer, the blacker, the less homogenized stand out in the crowd when the crowd is predominantly a clone factory of each other.
The casting process, for years has been faulty. The basic premise has been that the ones that will stand out have been cast as the ones that will stand out in a sea of sameness in order to fill a quota or check a box. The fear that putting a 50/50 into the house was originally that it would ignite a race base game that would enflame social tension and look bad optically.
Did we see that? I don’t remember ALL the poc ever being in an alliance that was all poc this season. The only place that was a thing was social media viewers choosing sides based on ethnic ratio of alliance makeup. Anthropologically, watching social media this season told us a lot more about society than the diversity and inclusion of this season’s casting. I repeat, society has a lot of work to do.
I have a couple of opinions about prejudice and and discriminatory behavior this season. But they are largely irrelevant except where they actually affect the game. I think SOME of the houseguests are possibly more prejudiced than others, given statements they made inside and outside the house, but that’s on them. There’s no race boundary on bearing prejudice.
We’ve watched season after season of the muscle guys aligning because they are the muscle guys / showmancers aligning because they are showmancing / misfits aligning because they are misfits. We’ve either supported or loathed them based on our own bent. Now there is another paradigm being offered.

Feeds Gold

i appreciate everyones opinions, and im happy simon and dawg offer this great platform, because social media and alot of sites dont allow people to freely express themselves, especially on these types of topics, without censorship

marianne martin

if this is what to expect come next season then BB canada just lost a fan … I dont care how many people get angry with me but as far as i am concern as much as i like Ty .. what he said when choosing braydon was a racist remark. If a white person said it those of colour would be screaming their heads off .. I was Not impress with the slamming of PEOPLE LIKE US .. total whining and i have had my fill of it … if anyone ones that have reason to complain is our indigenous population ..

Guy From Canada

Really I think Brendan’s story and resume was weaker as well and Ty does too. Why not say he wants to be proud with two black people at the finale, but the reason wasn’t just race.

Feeds Gold

everyone is entitled to be proud of their community and express it but all he had to do was give tera the respect she deserved after 69 days battling away…put yourself in her shoes…her kids are watching and she has sacrificed being away from them for over 2 months…she doesnt want to have to discuss with them she lost because of skin colour…give her some game reasons as a massive audience watches on why you dont want her in f2…its not difficult

its astonishing to me alot of the well known bb pundits on major sites ive seen pretending this tera incident didnt happen or making excuses for his behaviour(and also completely downplaying tys poor jury management, when thats always a major factor in determining a winner, with the goal of the game to get the majority of jurors to vote in your favour)…every player is eligible for criticism and praise…for ty, i will say he played well enough in the season to win, but for how he handled evicting tera, it did take alot of gloss off what was a historical moment for the poc and black bb community on the night…he could have handled it so much better, something im sure brey would have done in a much more measured, respectful, classy way

another name

Did you find, as a whole, for the season there seemed to be an attitude or a concerted effort on the part of the edit and the pundits, to (pardon my choice of words I don’t have a synonym that actually fits) excuse any negative action or behavior by Ty?
Was he often considered the more palatable of the three (Jed, Beth and Ty) and was therefore given more lattitude or a higher tolerance level is what I’m trying to ask.
I ask because it’s something I’ve struggled with in my understanding.
The way he treated houseguests on their way out, the way he was part of the early week intimidation routine the sunsetters were constantly calling for, the way he joked and belittled about his gaslighting of Breydon’s emotions. Normally this would have gotten a player roasted… this season it almost felt like the expectation was he should be given a pass.
I’m not sure if I’m the only one who is wondering about this.

another name

So… uh…. is now a bad time to tell US viewers that the big rumor is 23 is supposed to be following the 50/50 casting model of BBcan9?
Or That it’s supposed to be a no vet season.
Or that they are considering adopting the invisible HOH as the secret HOH week twist?
Okay. Yeah, I’m snickering. Snickering because those are all things that have actually been floating around for WEEKS as possibilities for 23.
Man I enjoyed writing that. I’ll just be off to the side giggling while some head’s explode.

Feeds Gold

i will take the no vets part, thank you…thatd be greeeeeaat!

16 newbies wooooooo

another name

There’s been tons of season rumors.
There was, at one point a rumor of a secret save power. An extra veto that could be used secretly to save a nominee as long as the recipient of the power was not a nominee themselves. Remember the mobile home comps in 18? The extra power would be won in similar fashion. Rumor was the recipient was not allowed to reveal they won the power, or face a consequence. a side rumor to this was that it would be a secret nominee switch power. still 2 noms, but the winner of this power could replace a nominee with someone of their choosing in secret or not use it at all.
There was, at one point a rumor of starting the season off in three teams (to run for the first few weeks) HOH winning team could not be nominated.
There was, at one point a rumor that there was a huge shake up coming in how the game was going to be played… that rumor has never gotten clarification. yet.
These are the little rumors that came and went.
The three rumors in the original? Those have either been made more than once, or have had staying power. Doesn’t mean they are facts, just means they are the three rumors that have been mentioned most often by multiple social media info spreaders.

another name

There was another rumor, but I never completely understood how it would work.
It was that there would be a bribery power every week. a comp or a fan vote where a houseguest could win money that they would then use to secretly bribe other houseguests ie/ bribe an hoh on who to nominate/ bribe a veto holder how to use it / bribe another houseguest on how to vote.
This rumor sounded far fetched, but it circulated twice.

Feeds Gold

i like some of the things survivor have introduced, like fire tokens

i think it would be fantastic to see some type of monetary/barter system in bb, given to comp winners(could see less throwing) and for other reasons…then you can use it to get off slop, or to bribe someone to vote a certain way, or to get someone to use veto on a particular player etc

i think it would bring an interesting element of unpredictability as i find too often the monday afternoon to thursday night part of bb weeks is a lock


Tera should have listen to TY when he said he wanted Kiefer gone. Should have known if the only choices Ty would, have as final HO, was her and Kiefer. For sure he would have had to pick her. And she would have walked away with money. … Glad Bradon and Kiefer received money. Not a fan of the winner.


I found it to be an interesting season. That about all I can say about it . ….Thanks to you guys for running this site. You are awesome.

another name

4 shock evictions this week according to the commercial.
I blame the big red button they announced was going to show up.
the two mums are back from the fake eviction (ala bbcan4) stay in the bb attic… where they listened to house conversations over radio, including a final 3 deal and disparaging remarks about them as the old broads.
the “mastermind” (read hypercontrol freak) and his two lackeys are shook.
There’s still a houseguest… that hasn’t shown up… wtf is that about?
The ‘wants to be the last woman standing in a sea of men’ woman is regretting her position… yeah, the stronger men in her group have been voted out, how did you know?
Two evictions ago… a reason one houseguest was voted out? he’s a magician, tell him to get a real job. love that they have to come up with reasons to give for nom/eviction that are… not alliance / game related in some cases. lmao.
The comps so far have been pretty well female dominated (lots of everyone must carry or hold 1/3 of their bodyweight endurance comps). And yet, more women have seen the block than men with their 3 nominees style of play. There seems to be a universal women’s alliances don’t work thing in most iterations of BB. Weird.
for some reason, even though everyone knows the control freak is losing numbers… nobody has taken a shot at him. They’re still playing the weaken his troops game when they could just take him out. Confusing. Is it because he sucks at comps (won one comp paired with a woman that did all the work, then proceeded to domineer all the decisions for the week)? It isn’t his delightful personality, that’s for sure.

Feeds Gold

the way bbau did their fake double, i could see bbcan actually doing that in future years…the impact of 2 returners coming back has much more potential to change house dynamics as opposed to only 1 coming back…especially in bb usa where they prefer 4 in the battleback…i could also see bbcan trying a fake triple eviction, with 1 or 2 of the 3 evictees returning

another name

Totally NOT buying that the hypercontrol freak just now had to be isolated over COVID concerns on week 3… and given immunity for the week… on the week his arch nemesis that has been out to evict him since episode 2 just happened to win the HOH. Did they borrow a bbcan storyline guy?

Feeds Gold

haha – danny vs katie has been pretty intense

wouldnt that be nice on bb usa or bb can to just say youre unwell and be able to take that round off and be safe

bbcan comps…pretty much all booths/mental
bbau comps…pretty much all endurance/physical

i wonder if the challenge producers would consider casting someone like katie to add some australian talent to the usa/uk/euro cast…(tilley also has been a beast in physical challenges)…from bb can if they ever cast from former players i could see them considering casting the likes of jed, ty, austin, kaela, erica

another name

Last social media check for the season.
There’s been post season interviews.
Murtz interviews are posted on
Taron interviews are posted on
The usual global interviews by Powell and morning show are on the bbcan site.
There’s been more, I just don’t remember all of the podcast ones.
Some of the jury have taken their social media back.
Others still haven’t yet, I don’t think, unless they did tonight.
There’s some donation fund weirdness that went on with Kiefer. I’ve got conflicting perspectives being throw at me: either he asked or one of his stans started collecting donations unbidden. I have NO clue what that’s about or the purpose of the funds… if it’s something you are wont to be a part of, check for yourself at the moment I’m not entertaining even researching the conflicting back stories.
Vic is beginning to plan her own channel and wants a blue checkmark… okay, she said that on feeds so not a surprise.
LaToya had another live. This time with Kiefer and Jed.
As someone that didn’t care for Beth… even I gotta admit LaToya’s really starting to edge up to crossing that cyberbullying law line when it comes to Beth. Getting close to the inciting and promoting part. I wanted to like LaToya so much, until she overplayed so tremendously and needlessly… but her post season look is getting cringe for someone whose day job is to uphold the law. The maskless bubble bursting was grimace enough, the current stuff? Crap. Last thing i want to do is feel sympathy for Beth. shudder. But that’s where it’s beginning to head. That’s so disappointing. I mean, there’s already going to be a bandwagon of hate heading Beth’s way (and if i were the type to give a damn about BB contestants a week after a season were over, I’d almost say she even earned SOME of the hate) but… why is LaToya using part of her 15 minutes to jump on board and encourage it?
Jed’s mom is planning a meet and greet tour, where you can meet her and her other son and Jed. No word yet on if this is a pay to meet tour, or just a cash in on your son’s fifteen minutes tour for your own celebutard gain followers by proxy status thingy. Oh. Planning a line up meet and greet tour during a pandemic? Okay. What. ever. Reality tv stage mom. Great. Canada’s Dina Lohan / Kris Jenner mash up. Just what we needed.
Tera is getting… okay, I don’t get why Tera is being called racist for voting for Breydon instead of Ty… but that’s the world we’re living in…. wtf???? I get the eyerolls for mentioning in every interview that it would have been nice to get some money. They all got paid to be on the show. But the vitriol part… beats the hell out of me.

That’s my 20 minute cursory check up. I’m done.
Thanks everybody.

Feeds Gold

race baiter latoya has claimed for weeks that tera is racist and wants to ‘educate’ her…shes also jealous white girl beth got to play almost the entire season with her poc crew as toya watched from home

tera voting for brey is fine…she worked with him and bonded with him and respected him and his game…and even if none of that was the case, if i were her i would have voted against ty too, for the disrespect he showed her when dismissing her off the stage finale night

i agree its utterly ridiculous to say tera is racist for voting against ty, in favour of brey…sounds like those people are trolling

on the night f3 and in post season tera has handled herself well

another name

Oh, Tera did have some cringe moments, but the racist because she voted against Ty thing just did my head in trying to figure out.

I don’t think Ty’s post game statement that Tera just woke up hating him on the final day of the season is accurate, but it is endemic of the season. Because admitting that his choices or his behavior could have an effect on others, he chose to often discount the effect so that he didn’t have to acknowledge the cause. The biggest example of this is Tera irritated and saying she felt Ty and Jed were trying to intimidate her after they went to Tera with the stated goal of strong arming her and interrogating her to show her that their alliance was the power in the house. So they went to her, in the bedroom, and she felt like she was not free to leave the room. She felt intimidated. Instead of acknowleding that two muscular men over 6 feet tall leaving a 5 foot woman feeling like she was unable to leave a room would be negative cause, Ty stated that the effect, Tera feeling intimidated was just because they were big and black. My brain always said, yeah because a 5 foot woman feeling unable to get out of a room would be just fine if the 2 over six foot muscular men were white? She’d still feel intimidated. The intimidation plan of Jed and Ty suceeded. Tera openly stated she felt intimidated by the intimidation plan of Jed and Ty. Suddenly, the intimidation plan wasn’t the cause of her distress, it was racism.
Knowing women that take alternate routes home, or walk out of their way to stay on well lit roads, or cross over to the other side of the street (or pretend to know stangers up the block) if they notice a man walking behind them, or clutch their keys like weapons between their finger when walking to their car late at night alone, out of fear of being assaulted by men (any men, of any race) left me very distressed when considering the way this specific situation was treated by the pundits, and the social media hysteria machine. She’s racist because she felt intimidated by two men that intentionally set out to intimidate her? That completely discounts their behavior and puts the scapegoat around Tera’s neck. And the scapegoating was intentional, in order to hide cause and view effect as the cause.

This is one of the situations LaToya has referenced in regard to Tera needing to be educated. I’d like to ask Officer LaToya if she would, in real life, council a woman that called 911 because she was feeling unsafe and intimidated alone in her bedroom room with 2 men, If she would ask the woman what race the two men were, and tell the caller she was racist if they were black. Her reference doesn’t make sense to me.

Feeds Gold

very well said

Feeds Gold

bb23 possible dates i think would be most likely…

2 week sequester………………………………tues june 1 to tues june 15
houseguests enter the house day 1… june 16
first 2 episodes………………………………….wed june 23, thurs june 24(possible first eviction)
feeds start day 9……………………………….thurs june 24
finale if its a 99 day season……………….wed sept 22

another name

If I were someone that actually gave a crap about Beth, I’d tell her to contact season 2 sabrina or andrew to get advice on how to deal with negative fallout to appearing on Big Brother Canada. More likely sabs, because of the post season cast shun thing at the insistence of Neda (don’t @ me, it was Ika on season 5 that informed us how that went down).
If I were someone that gave a crap about Breydon, I’d tell him to contact anyone BUT season 3 Johnny or Season 5 William, maybe get him in contact with season 6 Kaela or season 5 Karen. He’d be better served by their advice. Hell get him in contact with season 1 Aneal or season 4 Mitch, they have an interesting take on post BB life.
They really need to stop glorifying the kevinmartin play the gay for prey because of course all gay people are libido slaves trying to convert the straight thing. It wasn’t cute the first time in season 3, and it’s use in 5, 7 and 9 is just getting contemptuously insulting. That mentality led to the early death of one of my oldest friends. Let’s not bring it back.

It’s painfully obvious that this season’s fallout is ‘hold them accountable… but only the ones we don’t like’
I have a different take. Hold production accountable, and hold every houseguest up to scrutiny equally.
Supporting inclusion and diversity is more than the numbers game of who gets cast and what marginalized group they represent. It’s how you plotline develop, choose feeds to follow, cut feeds and edit episodes. In that respect I feel that the series failed. Some edits discounted or deified negative behavior. Other edits were exclusionary.

I’d throroughly enjoy sitting down with one of the directors or storyline editors to give them a pitch about how their storyline practice is becoming derivative of itself, and further point out how some of the storyline tropes they are repeatedly using could actually be harmful in the way they endorse negative stereotyping when they are viewed from a historical lens context.

Feeds Gold

for me your last 2 paragraphs include the sort of feedback corus entertainment, insight productions and global tv canada need to see from bb viewers via their site contact pages for the long term good of the show

i have given them some of my feedback ive written in this thread…the more bb fans interact with those producing the show, perhaps the higher chance of better ratings and the show lasting as long as possible


So true.
With BB only the storyline played matters,not what it affects.
LOL let the ignorance prevail.
Ask Homer Simpson he’ll tell us. Doh!

Feeds Gold

here is the 2+ hour insta live featuring cameos from julie, ty, tina and jed who joined in for the reunion of brey and austin…

another name

The fandom.
Not the fans. The fandom.
The entity. The form a mob and attack part of the social media fans.
What a bunch of assholes.
Season is over, and to be quite honest, the participants of a reality program don’t owe the viewers of the reality program anything.
However, the proper response to a reality program participant that makes an apology to things viewers found offensive should not include:

  • telling said former reality show participant which cast members they can and cannot speak to.
  • telling said former reality show participant they are going to rot in hell instead of just accepting or denying the apology.
  • telling said former reality show participant to stay off social media in all forms permanently or else.
  • telling said former reality show participant you’ll make sure they never hold a job again.

Fuck. I just knew the fandom hate machine was going to leave me sympathizing for people i didn’t like very much.
Big question to me: did the asshat fandom REALLY follow these people (there’s more than one getting a variation on this crap) JUST so they could perform mob mentatity bully style virtual lynching bullshit? How pathetic IS that???
Gee. They’re even tagging the houseguests they DO like in their hate posts… to get the approval that comes with encouraging mobs to hate.

Feeds Gold

bb23 ‘bb beach club & big risks big rewards’ theme season dates…

2 week sequester…………………………..…….…tues june 22 to tues july 6(likely)
cast revealed………………………………………….wed june 30(rumoured)
houseguests enter the house day 1……….wed july 7(confirmed)
90 min live first episode 8-9.30pm et….….wed july 7(confirmed – live et/ct, delayed mt/pt)
feeds start……………………………………….…….wed july 7 at 9.30pm pt(possibly or later date tbc)
finale………………………………………………..……wed sept 29(possibly = 85 day season)

possibly no thursday episode the day after live premiere episode, as what happened in bb22 (unconfirmed)…then each week sun, wed, thurs 8pm(time tbc)

the possible last wednesday of september bb finale could see an early october survivor premiere, later than usual, but there are rumours survivor 41 could be shortened by 10 days from 39 to 29 days currently filming in fiji (unconfirmed)

if its 16 players 85 days for bb23 (same as bb22) they could have evictions day 9, 16, 23, 30, 37, 44, 51, 58, 65, 72, 79, 82(weekend eviction f4), 85(finale eviction f3)…and have:

1 double
2 doubles and one returner