Big Brother 23 House Pics

We know the Cast, The twists and now the house pictures have been released. We’re all set for Big Brother 23 feeds to start on Thursday.

This year’s house is a mix of Beach, Spa meets “Monte Carlo”. I was thinking they should have picked smoldering ruins but I guess this would be my second choice. The colours will make for good captures 🙂  They’ve pulled the workout equipment back inside. Something we haven’t seen since the golden age of BB. This should help people out during long lockdowns. There are loads of Sea themed bedrooms the bathroom is a spa and the living room is a mess of bright colour. The reef room and sea glass room look pretty cool. Yacht room.. meh.

The living room is bright.


HOH kinda sucks..

The upstairs lounge is a “Poker Chip Parlor” .. There’s only chess to play.



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lowkey kinda ugly

Sarah Arruda

That living room is an absolute mess. I have a headache just looking at it. Also, is it just me or do the spa chairs not look tall enough for the bar in the bathroom?


Simon or Dawg,
How the heck do I change my profile picture next to my name? It’s a drawing I did of Cher a long time ago and I have no idea how it even got on here. It’s not connected to my email in any way. So confused. Please help!


Thank you so much Simon! I changed it to my actual face. lol Hope it worked.


Prior houseguests were making fun of the Reef Room in the Clubhouse chat I just listened to


they had the workout equipment in the house during the last Celeb BB


100 x better than the last Canada BB house

Feeds Gold

wheres the bb beach club pool and swim up bar haha?

will be interesting to see the captains pick their teams and what the risk vs reward punishments are

so teams will end around final 12

with the wildcard comps sunday nights hopefully that means the first 4 hoh comps will be completed in thursday live eps rather than extending to sunday


Hopefully the cutoff of the feeds won’t be as bad as they were last year


Apparently Memphis and Christmas are now engaged. Remember this if you are single: There is a special someone for everyone even if the match doesn’t make sense (Brandon and Rachel made much more sense than this pair)

Hanna Bananna

Probably just each other’s beard!


How long do you think it will take for someone to cut their foot on that huge peice of coral in reef room?

Hanna Bananna

Sadly, my mid-August, that place starts to smell like feet and dirty laundry!

black angst.gif

Ok. I think I know which houseguest I like the least


This is the most ugliest cast of big brother!!! I refuse to watch it after 10 years of watching!!!!