Christie tests positive for Covid and is replaced with Claire


We find out today that Christie Valdiserri tested positive with Covid and will not be in the cast of Big Brother 23. Their replacement looks to be an infinitely better casting pic.  Claire Rehfuss (@ClaireRehfuss)  25 year old Senior Cloud Solution Architect AI at Microsoft.  Claire told USAmagazine she plans to “try to get out the strong alpha dudes early.” Let’s see how that goes.


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Claire with hair!

Fruit Loop Dingus

And she’s from the town just down the road from me! LFG!

Feeds Gold

Hi Simon, Dawg I am really happy bb starts up again this week

Thanks again for providing your great site for fans to follow updates and interact in the comments

I just heard Taran Armstrong say Christie tested positive despite being vaccinated

Claire seems to be a very solid replacement, a super fan of bb and survivor

Looking forward to the all newbie live night 1 feeds and see the characters and alliances develop

Enjoy the season everyone