Big Brother 23 Cast

The cast reveal day has finally arrived! Today we get our first look at the all new cast of newbies that are going to be entering the newly redesigned Casino Beach Club themed house! Check out their bios and let us know your thoughts and first impressions.

Looks like a fun bunch! can’t wait to see what they are all like when the feeds come on.


Whitney Williams (30), from Portland, Oregon
Occupation: Make-Up Artist

Britini, 24, from Niagara Falls, New York.

Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher

Kyland Young (29), from San Bernardino County, California.
Occupation: Account Executive

Hannah Chaddha (21), from Chicago, Illinois.
Occupation: Graduate Student

Brandon “Frenchie” French (34), from Camden, Tennessee.
ocupation: Farmer

Christian Birkenberger (23)

Derek Xiao (24), 24, from Baltimore, Maryland.
Occupation: Start-Up Founder

Tiffany Mitchell (40), from Detroit, Michigan
Occupation: Phlebotomist

Brent, 28, from Cranston, Rhode Island.

Occupation: Flight Attendant

Azah Awasum (30), from Baltimore, Maryland.
Current Occupation: Director of Sales Operations

Sarah Steagall (27), from Boiling Springs, South Carolina.
Occupation: Forensic Scientist

Xavier Prather (27), from Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Occupation: Attorney

Alyssa Lopez, 24, from Sarasota, Florida.
Occupation: Swimwear Designer

Derek Frazier (29), from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Occupation: Safety Officer

Christie, 27, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Occupation: Professional Dancer

Travis Long (22), from Austin, Texas.
Occupation: Tech Sales Consultant

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Judy B

Welcome back! Hoping this group of people is entertaining this season.

The Foosa

Well, I’m usually looking forward to BBUS, but after BBCAN nonsense, I’m expecting more of the same as BBUS and BBCAN are run from the same “control central”. Looking at the list, it’s pretty obvious where this is headed…..Also, look for massive live feed blackouts throughout the season a-la BBKanada. I just hope the wizards behind the curtain can at least pretend a little that the contestants have free choice (unlike BBCAN this yr). I had to suspend my disbelief so many times in order to believe what I was watching, like a very poorly written Nicolas Cage movie (anyone seen The Humanity Bureau filmed in my hometown in BC; I will never get that 94 minutes back)…..

Just an aside, BBAUS just finished and for me was one of the best seasons of all BB’s globally (watch it and prove me wrong). Sure, it’s a hybrid between BBUK and BBUS , but the house was fairly and reasonably represented based on Australia’s demographics and guess who won? A BLACK person, Marley, who was a very deserving champion, played the game well and was the only one who did it was most of his integrity intact (hard to do). The only person who would have beat him was Danny (white, hetro, “over the hill” 48 yr old) and both of them would have brought eachother to the final and both made it to the top 4. So, the SJW’s within CBS, a “person of colour” can indeed win something without having to stack the cards the height of Mt Everest.

Can’t wait for BBAUS to return next April…..


Hmmm. A few of these, based on occupation, should have excellent attention to detail. We shall see if the salespeople exhibit too much charm


Hi Simon and Dawg! I’m ready for this season! Can’t wait!!


Welcome back! I also can’t wait for it to start. I hope its a good one!


they seem very promising so far
can’t wait for next week

Hopeful for a Good Season

Waiting for some good entertainment


African-Americans make up 13.4 percent of the US population but make up 37.5 percent of the houseguests.


ya but theyre talked about 99.9% of the time in entertainment, sports, corporations, social media, and politics. i just hope we can have a season where race isnt the main topic like it has been the last couple seasons, but i wont hold my breath


CBS doesn’t want an all-white alliance bulldozing 3 years in a row so they are purposely diversifying now.

The Foosa

It didn’t have to be that way, but there were plenty of “persons of color” during said seasons chose to “stay with their own” and that leads to failure….


Not one season have I heard the house guests base their alliance on skin color until this year and it’s seems ok because they are people of color. Come on let’s be fair…. What is good or bad for one race should be the same for another.

The Foosa

Some look to be “hybrids” so in reality, its higher….


Imagine being triggered by the mere presence of minorities.


I have high hopes


No Hair, lol 3 who are bald, and i bet Frenchie is bald too under that hat

Backseat Driver

I love bald men……


Brittni is Tik Tok famous


no house pictures? :(


My top 3 men are:

1) Kyland Young *# 1 overall*
2) Xavier Prather
3) Brent Champagne

My top 3 women are:

1) Azah Awasum
2) Hannah Chaddha
3) Alyssa Lopez

Hopefully I stay fans of these six and most go far.

BB Canada really let me down with most of my favorites not even making it to the jury. Horrible season overall too.. I never finished just read the updates here.

Guy From Canada

Can not agree more about BBCan. I turned off the last two weeks and watched the feeds on/off and read on here. Same wih BBUSA “allstars”. The Canadian on was steaming with production interference, banana-gate to Kiefer allegedly changing the vote last second from a Braedon win (per the backyard interviews). So much potential

Fraggle Rockbottom

You still hiding under your bed from that Influenza C virus or are you finally coming to your senses and acting rationally again?


Due to my work schedule, I get most of my Big Brother scoop from this page. Happy to be able to spend another summer on this page!

another name

not really going to be into it this season, too much going on, and far too worried about things getting grod’d to death yet again. 21 and 22… need i give more reason? Blink. blink.
That said, thought I’d pass along some info that came up on my screen earlier from a friend that is already trying to predict the entire season before the first episode (yet another tangent to this tangent: mark in pencil who you’re going to like based on bios… if season 21 taught the viewers anything, it’s bios do not represent the actual person, they represent the character grod and the flying monkeys are pushing). I’d forgotten to tell my friend I’m skipping this one, my bad.
Apparently SOME of the rumors floating around about the format for season 23 during the final month of bbcan9 were true. cool. Teams (cringe because teams usually are a production device to keep certain hg’s safe). Additional comp (if the risk is equal to the reward, cool, if it’s just another save the prodo faves venture, yuck). Embraced diversity (so you won’t hear that all four of the first evicted hg’s were nominated for eviction because they stood out and didn’t blend in with the crowd). No returns (if they stick to no returns…. bonus. it means they actually have enough faith in their cast not to fuq it up with a bunch of asshats you’ve already gotten bored of seeing).
The other two rumors: a bribery power and a secret hoh week (see bbcan9 invisible hoh)… who knows. Those feel more like post week 4 events with some casino twist.
Tangents over… on to the actual meat:

The scoop:
More of the cast are claiming applicant status this season. Whether by applicant they mean approached to apply and attended a casting call, or actually just applied as fans of their own volition… I do not know. Knowing that the casting has been on blast for seasons about a 50 percent recruitment rate… they could be playing fast and loose with the definition of applicant, or it could be kosher. I don’t know. Hopefully for all of you, six or seven of the cast members don’t chat about knowing each other before the season began (without it being a twist, just another grod to screw with everyone’s enjoyment).
Christian is a fan applicant replacement for Garrett. Garrett, as far as I know, never actually entered the house, but was in sequester. Reason? Couldn’t tell you. Don’t actually give a damn. Reason is irrelevant. Garrett who? Leave him to live his life.
Christie, a recruit, has been replaced by Claire, an applicant. No clue on what basis Christie left, but she has been replaced. Claire in the photo i saw looks alarmingly like a younger version of bb17 Shelli. Hopefully it’s only skin deep. Otherwise get ready with your sideye looks and sneers or grimace faces. Just my opinion. I’m sure shelli’s a lovely woman… who just happens to be able to fit both feet in her mouth in ever conversation she has on live feeds.
Nope. Don’t know why either left.
Nope. Not really interested in knowing why. If it’s scandal who cares. If it’s jitters, leave them be. If it’s illness, wish them well.
Yep, my friend says they verified the information with more than one source (not that I asked, because asking for receipts, especially from a friend, is gauche, and passive aggressively calling someone a liar… don’t believe what someone says, do your own research, find your own proof and bring it back yourself). According to their screen shot in the message, Dingo at Hamsterwatch agrees with the information. There, I’ve given you a way to start your search for verification if you wanted to ask for receipts.

Hope everyone has a great season, and I really hope I have to kick myself later after finding out after the fact that the grod didn’t grod the whole damn season into a grodpocalypse of predetermined sketchy grod bullcrap, wherein the edit of episode one didn’t all but crown the grodamned winner.
Wish everyone the best.


Chritie has been replace by another houseguest


I already don’t like this cast.

Jets jets jets

As I said when they announced that they were going to make sure the people of color were properly represented that they would go overboard. 6 out of 16 are black. How is that a representation of this country. Last time I checked blacks made up about 18% of the population. 37.5% is double. I’m willing to bet that they will team up and band together and steamroll the house. As is the case in the rest of the country we have to over extend how we treat blacks. This is supposed to be a representation of our society. That’s the experiment and idea of the game. 3 black men and 4 white doesn’t even come close to that. Before the obvious I’m a bigot comments: I was never a slave holder, I am not responsible for how blacks were treated in the past. Giving a spot to a person based solely on race (which is what is happening) takes a spot away from a white male. Fairness needs to go both ways in order for it to be fair.
Just saw the teaser. Both people highlighted “black” coincidence?
Also where are the Latinos? There should be more Latinos than blacks. Why aren’t they over represented? Just saying. I thought this was supposed to be a FAIR representation of our society. HOW IS THIS FAIR?
Why isn’t there a Native American? There is an Asian. There is an Indian. Very good. But as per usual we have to pander to the blacks.

Hanna Bananna

If there’s an “eating apples through a picket fence” challenge, “Whitney’s a (horse)shoe-in to win!