Big Brother 22 All-Stars week 9 review and eviction results

Cody won head of household and the Power of Veto Put Tyler and Christmas on the block. After this week we’ll have the pregame alliance VS Christmas. More Kraken than I could ever imagine.

That’s all I got onto the show.

Enzo votes to Evict Tyler
Nicole votes to Evict Tyler
Memphis votes to Evict Tyler

Tyler Evicted.

8:00 pm feeds down YO

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Team New School Team New School

Dani looks like she’s made up for a part in a horror movie.


what i thought she looked beautiful and love her long hair


She could use some inches cut from that hair!


That’s not her real hair they’re extensions… but I agree.

Where’s Janelle

Nicole is the new HOH

Roisin Dubh

Harley Quinn



Big Baby

Who’s leaving this week Memphis or Christmas?


Chop the hair, maybe then, just maybe


I can only hope Memphis and Christmas win the next several HOHs


ewwww no

Where’s Janelle

Would you be all right if Nicole won the next HOH ?


I was hoping that too… but sadly, Nicole won. Ugh.

Memphis & Christmas are going on the block.


ian keeps it classy as a juror. dani is bitter af and already advocating cody for the win. ugh. da’vonne, kevin, and david remain clueless they were even playing a game.


Thats exactly what was expected from each of them. Dani was always going to be bitter against certain ppl, but not others (aka cody) no matter what cause its obv she has a big crush on him whether she realizes or not. To her tyler going against her is the worst but im sure she will accept that cody did it and will still campaign for him
As for day kevin and david… no words needed. They were always clueless and even if tyler goes and explains everything to them, they wont believe him and will prob just be swayed by dani
And we know day will simply vote for whatever she considers her “morals” to say… so i dont doubt she would once again vote for nicole just so a girl wins the game

I Bite

Kevin has had a very good handle on what was going on in the house. Not perfect. But more so than the rest.


My **”** Comcast went out as soon as the announcer started the show.. typical


Ok since tyler is gone. Heres who i want to win:
1. Whoever takes out cody
2. If cody makes it to the f2 then he deserves to win for having played everyone all game. If no one can see how hes run the entire game then they deserve to lose

Enzo, only if he takes out cody or actively contributes and plots for it. If not as far as im concerned sure he had great social game, but he used it to play codys game sooo

I used to think memphis was actually smart as much of a douche as he is. His gameplay moving forward and whether he realizes how cody MUST go or he will win the entire game, will to me show if he deserves to win or not
Memphis not realizing that not only will cody cut him soon and hes bottom on the totem pole is so insane to me that im clinging to hope that hes been just saying those things in case it goes back to cody
If he wins and pushes for nicole to leave like he said he would OR puts up christmas, who not only is his closest ally but the only person he can beat in a f2, then hes just a fool


at this point it just seems that enzo is going to help cody get to final two with nicole. Don’t see how enzo can think he beats cody in the end. I don’t see memphis beating enzo in the end either.

Production wins

I don’t think Cody will win because he played a great game. He will probably win due to production interference and pregame alliances. No one left is really worthy of the title. Production should be ashamed. They took a once a year event that we enjoyed and scripted it just like the movies. Absolutely pathetic.

No Winning for Nicole

Memphis’ to lose. Enzo was going to get 3rd place no matter who went home this week. Christmas is locked in for 2nd place.

Houka Inumuta

It Happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two years in the running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Memphis is next now.


It’s 2020 whatda ya expect?


Ha ha so true!


If they don’t get CPS out he will win. Memo is probably out if he or shatmiss does not win hoh

Houka Inumuta

My friends should go on once the next post is here.

Now Memphis is leaving on October 15 so i’m happy to say this season is a good one for me.

Miss Impression

Why is Enzo helping Cody take Nichole to final 2?


because they can beat her and then take each other, they think she sucks in comps, like in bb16 when they took victoria to end and she was dericks nicole.

Miss Impression

I thought everyone knew Cody is taking Nichole to the finals.He cuts Enzo at 3.


Hoping for a Christmas or Memphis win and put Cody and Coins on the block


That is the only thing that can save this season. Enzo would have to vote out Cody or make Memphis do the right thing and expose their F2. Memphis knows he can beat Nicole in F2.


Good job guys! Keep up the good work!
I’m rooting for Cody to win,


You mean you are rooting for Derrick to win.

Tom is a Canuck

Xmas and Julie’s loud and firm Praise the Lord shout outs are getting annoying.

I Bite

Julie as host and CBS rep, has no excuse for hoisting religion on viewers.

I Bite

She jumped and collared the shark once she added the Moonves.

Nicole the hoe

Why cause she loves god ???? If your judging her for that I will leave this site

Tom is a Canuck

And you’re not judging Nicole? Why is she a hoe? The god stuff is polarizing. Like politics except worse.

I Bite

Slut shaming is polarizing, as well. And downright nasty.

I Bite

For pontificating on national television. Would you be okay with her saying that she loves Allah, or Buddha?


Omg right??? She has been so off the little game she has this year!

Carla Tortellini

Or political stuff disguised as victim based hustling.


Heaven forbid someone say “I love God too” in the public sphere.


Christmas ‘and Julie’s reference to god is Christian. Not all of us watching are. Those of us who aren’t don’t equate god with Jesus. Everyone is entitled to worship in their own way and everyone’s beliefs should be respected. I just don’t want to hear about it on a TV show as I don’t have the same ability / platform to share mine.

Thank you for understanding.

Tom is a Canuck

Very well put. Isn’t Julie’s husband Jewish?

Get Over Yourself

I’m not female, women should just shut up because it offends me.

Tom is a Canuck

To many others it’s worse and more offensive than worshipping at the altar of Trumpism.

I Bite

Not everyone worships or has faith. Heaven forbid someone say “There is no false human deity” in public. How would that feel?

Fudd Mister

What’s stopping you from saying that, nothing. Life is better when you grow up and can tolerate peoples varying beliefs without being offended.


90% of the content of all the ‘don’t vote me out speeches’ are annoying and worthless.

Tom is a Canuck

Yes and so torturously scripted. Approved by TBTB.

another name

I’d rather hear what the jurors had to say in an actual conversation instead of a predetermined and production endorsed set up conversation: You know, an old school d/r type segment where they actually talk candidly about the new juror, the hg’s left in the game and their actual thoughts instead of what we saw tonight.
Tonight’s jury segment was a little too close to a bbcan jury segment, where you can practically see the cue cards reflected in the windows behind the jurors.

The smartest juror is the one that holds out on agreeing to the production vote in lieu of consideration for a place on another show, and a cash bonus.

The episode itself? Couldn’t stand one moment of the d/r in the episode. It was crap.
Now they are trying to shoe horn in game relationships they didn’t reveal all season, but wink wink still not actually acknowledge them.
I tracked the alliances and pair deals. I charted them. To say that Tyler tried not to double dip (his exit interview) is crap. To say that Cody only has three final two deals in the game is crap. To say that the vote was still undecided (as per Julie before the vote) is crap. That vote was decided days ago.
While not the most revisionist episode edit of the season, it was certainly full of crap. Episodies would be so confused by what actually happened this season.

Kat’s Alien’s Bitch

Well I am cheering for Xmas and snicole. The guy’s arrogance is just too much. But neither has much of a chance.

Big Baby

Nicole won HOH tonight

Tom is a Canuck

Wow she beat out xmas the Rocky themed xfit champ. Not too shabby.

Where’s Janelle

That’s 4 competitions in a row that Nicole has done better than Christmas


Any word on new HOH




I just got banned from the live feeds(for 60 min) for saying Nic aka coin slots…..lmao…so sad…She won HOH..NOOOOOOOO

Tom is a Canuck

Her nose may mean she is challenged.


Nicole won HoH, so may as well have the wrap party. Cody wins the show.

For that not to happen now takes a very specific combination of many wins by Memphis or Christmas.

Nicole and Enzo are never cutting Cody this week with 2 on the other side, and without them agreeing to do it, Cody never sees the block this week.

Next week he’d need to not win EITHER comp, and have the veto winner be the leftover Memphis/Christmas, or a shocking move

Final 3 he only gets cut if if Christmas has won final 4 Hoh or veto and final 3 hoh, or Memphis has won out from here.

I guess there is a very small chance that if Christmas made final 3, Enzo or Nicole would take her over Cody in a big signature move attempt. But basically Cody just won.