Cody – “Nicole is like I am throwing it [HOH] because they’ll go after Cody.”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Nicole
Nominations – Christmas & Tyler
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony – Cody did not use the veto
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7pm Christmas finishes the birthday cake and a note to her son Loyal. After Tyler and her play a game of backgammon.

7:51pm HOH room. Enzo and Cody.
Enzo – YO ENOUGH! LIKE COME ON YO! We just can’t hope for Christmas to win HOH that is it! And I think I still got a good grasp on her that I tell her YOU GOTTA F**KING BACKDOOR MEMPHIS! What are you crazy!? What are you doing Yo! But she is tight with Memphis! Cody – even if she does (Win HOH) we still have in our back pocket to send home Nicole. Every week is a dice roll. Say this week we burn Memphis. Memphis wins HOH and he could be like f**k you guys. Enzo – Memphis is the move to make either next week of final four.. that is the move to make on Memphis. Cody – say we burn Memphis and Tyler wins the HOH..

Ezno – Tyler is the better player we can’t keep him. Cody – say Tyler was going after Memphis and Memphis comes down.. We burn Memphis and Tyler has an opportunity to take me. Enzo – he (Tyler) got to go and I love the kid but he is the better player! Cody – What you said to me yesterday about what he said to you ..about you can’t go to the end with him.. the fact that that is where he is going lets me know that he is willing to say anything! He is willing to say anything! Anything in order to stay. At first it was blowing up the committee then it was I think I was TT .. I must have something with Nicole. Then it was you can’t go to the final two. He is trying to say anything to you to try and get Nicole to flip. So what do you think he is willing to do next week if he wins HOH!? And he wants Nicole to go to the end apparently. And now he tells me Yo.. I’ll target Nicole. He gives literally zero f**ks! Enzo – Nicole, who do you want coming after you Christmas or Tyler?! Its simple and she is like you’re right, you’re right! So calm the f**k down! That’s it! Cody – she gets too frantic. Cody – in the beginning of the week I was more Christmas (going) because of the wise guys. The second wise guys. Then when I had literally the conversation with Tyler .. the conversation was this was 1 million percent your plan. Christmas didn’t think it out. Tyler, how are you going to play dumb with me when this was your whole f**king plan. Cody sees Nicole comes so he tells Enzo to go to sleep. They both pretend to be sleeping when she comes in.

8:06pm HOH room. Enzo, Nicole and Cody.
Nicole – so what is the plan for tomorrow are we telling him (Tyler), are we blindsiding him.. well not blindsiding since he doesn’t think he is staying. Cody – think the only one.. I think its blindside or you tell him. Nicole – and then it is going to be 3 zero right!? Enzo – hell yeah! Cody – cause its going to be like I’m not voting to keep you and then he (Enzo) is going to be like well alright Nicole told me she isn’t going to vote to keep you so what am I going to do?! Nicole – do you think he has nothing he can say about me really. Cody – no. Nicole – so should I just tell him? Cody – yeah. Enzo – he may say that all three of us are working together.. who the f**k knows at this point. Cody – I would just rather it be tomorrow.. just tell him like I’m sorry I just can’t do it. Nicole – you’re too big and too strong. Cody – You’re too big of a threat in here. And then he is going to come to me and be like Bro I told you Nicole bla bla bla.. And then I will be like oh my god. Enzo – and I will tell him before the thing, I am just going with the house yo. Its 3 – 0 .. that’s it. Nicole – that’s fine, I’ll do that. Cody – that is our best bet because .. am I going to tell him!? Because he will be like wait a minute I thought you said.. Nicole – no because then that would make it look like I told you. Cody – yeah. Enzo – yeah you can’t tell him .. you already put him on the block. I am not going to f**king give you a vote because for what?! Its not going to do nothing. He is a good kid though.. he will get over it and go to the jury house. He played really messy too in the beginning. Nicole – I agree. I didn’t tell him one little bit of game information .. that is when you know you’re not playing a good game. I told you nothing! Right!? Enzo starts laughing. Cody – alright guys I need you so bad to win HOH. Nicole – stop! I know! Enzo – because you’re (Cody) probably the first one to go yeah! They laugh. Enzo – Man Christmas is going to win the whole season! If its Christmas and Memphis (final 2) who wins? Cody – I’m voting for Memphis if its Christmas and Memphis.. easy! One billion percent! I am never voting for her! What did she do!? Enzo – the renegades would be the best alliance ever! Enzo – this sucks yo! Nicole – no it doesn’t suck .. its 3 versus 2 .. this is great! Enzo – no if Memphis and Christmas make it to the end that is what sucks. They all say that isn’t going to happen. Cody – lets be honest! I am going before you two so you guys need to win this for me. So lets tighten up and get ready to win a comp! Enzo – yeah lets tighten up yo! Cody – I’m talking to you! Enzo – oh! Cody – and you (Nicole). Cody – “Nicole is like I am throwing it [HOH] because they’ll go after Cody.”

8:55pm -9:05pm HOH room. Cody, Memphis, Enzo and Tyler.
They’re talking about the past events of their season and other seasons.

9:35pm Memphis, Tyler and Christmas are in the kitchen chatting and eating. Nicole is sleeping in the HOH room.

10:10pm – 10:30pm HOH room. Tyler and Enzo.
Enzo – all she keeps saying is I don’t know! I don’t know. There are pros and cons to both of them. I have to put it in a way that if you stay it doesn’t seem like you would be with me you know!? Tyler – Yeah Yeah, I know. Enzo – I am just like you know that Christmas and Memphis definitely have something.. you break that up but if Tyler stays he is definitely going to be coming after me too. I was like you don’t know what the f**k is going to happen. His target might be Memphis. Tyler – it is! I don’t want her to go. He can beat her in everything but I can’t stay!? She don’t believe me. I don’t know .. its all up to Cody honestly. Enzo – yeah if he could twist her. Tyler – all he keeps doing is na I haven’t talked to her. I am like BRO! If you want me to stay why not talk to her. Enzo – if he wanted you to stay he would have f**king talked to her. Tyler – that’s why I am just like it is what it is. Whatever bro! Tomorrow will be crazier than you think. I am not going anywhere man. I am staying. Enzo – I f**king hope man. I f**king hope! Tyler – did you have a tough time with those goodbye messages? Enzo – yeah.. the first two. I am genuine. I don’t give a f**k yo! I hope you f**king stay though man. Tyler – I think we will be alright. Enzo – like if you don’t stay .. I am F**Ked! I am done! Tyler – I told you about all that sh*t that is going on. You just can’t go to the end with Cody bro! Enzo – yeah he is going to win against anybody right now. Tyler – I definitely think you have a shot against Memphis and Christmas. Your toughest one would be Nicole. Did you know that the committee won every HOH but yours? Enzo – yeah crazy!

12:10am The house guests are eating. Nicole is no longer a havenot. She says that shes still going to sleep up in the havenot room because she loves it.

1:15am All the house guests are sleeping..

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On the live feeds Tyler keeps telling Enzo he’s not going anywhere. Tyler is saying it’s going to be crazy tomorrow. This week is going to be like it didn’t even happen. He told Enzo that he better vote for him to stay.
Did I miss anything? Did Tyler get a power, or is he giving hints to the production gods?

Kats Alien Bitch

What else is Tyler going to say?


Don’t get your response? Hence that was a question, not a statement! In which your response was irrelevant, because it didn’t answer my question.
I was asking folks what did they take from Tyler convo with Enzo. Does he intend on going out with a speech, or is he begging the BB gods for a power, or trying to trick Enzo into thinking he has a power?
That’s it, and that’s all. Your name fits.


He was asking the feeds if he should threaten them? I think it’s part of his strategy to make them think he has a power. He’s trying everything!


Oh ok. Didn’t see the entire conversation. I was trying to see his angle.


Just watched the veto show , no way Cody or Nicole got those times . I thought Memphisor Christmas was going to win.

BBAS2 baby

I know right? I also don’t get why are almost all competitions now just individual times… production has to be doing this on purpose so they can rig things…


they like to fack with us thru editing..bast….!


I have been asked if I still watch the feeds and show and say no. They then, everyone has said the show is rigged with these timed events and agree with your analogy. I can’t say, but there have been certain timed events in the past that I watched and have been leery of the results.

Mike Hunt

Not surprised. Nicole has thrown every comp this season. The Otev was the most obvious one. Such a lazy and scummy strategy. People who play like that don’t deserve to win. Let alone be in the final two.


Cody should not of won the Otev veto.

Pull my finger

I’m so glad Tyler is going. Never liked him since what he did to Brett on his season. Perfect Karma you man bun homo.


he can always turn to be a bowling pro, saw it on reddit.


What did he do to Brett?? He had 2 members of his alliance on the block he had to vote one of them out.

Pull my finger

You obviously didn’t watch. He backdoored him in the double eviction. He could have sent Sam or JC home. instead He backstabs his own alliance member, and yet he’s shocked about Enzo?


Maybe Tyler won a power and that’s why he keeps saying, ” tomorrow will be crazy ” and ” he’s not going anywhere .” I don’t think they’re really hearing what he’s saying. Perhaps after all these weeks the show will get interesting.


Maybe it had something to do with those owls? But I doubt it because wouldn’t they have said something by now about a new twist?


Can’t stand Christmas, but at this point it will be funny if she won HOH and Cody sees the block.


I know. Never thought I would be rooting for Christmas but here I am!

Kats Alien Bitch

At this point the game has been an alternating series of lies and false bravado between two people about what a good position they are in and how they only trust the other person. Everyone left has gotten far enough to try and cement their alliances, and most everyone left knows not to trust anyone.

Unless Christmas wins the next HOH the final 4 will be Cody, Enzo, Nicole and Memphis. I don’t like any of them, but the alliances held up and the alliance won the comps. It’s not complicated.


Warning – long post

The talk from early evening until bed time in the house has Tyler still the target & leaving tonight (BIG BOO) & the main person everyone can thank for that is ENZO b/c for the first time in this game he’s overtly trying to influence & control who leaves. He’s pushing for Ty to go, deflecting every debate on Xmas being the better boot, & overtly lying or leaving out crucial information which would flip the vote to Xmas.

I mean – good for you Enzo but that’s now 2 strikes at you ruining BB All-Stars for the fans… UNLESS there is any truth to some statements Ty made to feeders & Enzo tonight.

Eve of eviction banter

Shockingly coin slots sees the situation the best:

Nicole notices Memphis/Xmas spending a ton of time together saying they look like an old married couple. She first notes to herself it’s better to keep Ty but when she brings this up to our friend Enzo he feeds her nonsense stating if we evict X then Mem/Ty will team up. SAY WHAT? — I mean use your logic Nic — we’re talking about Memphis the same man who put David on the block in week 2, set things up to backdoor him in week 7 (but Ty won POV & refused to use it) & finally got him out in the DE.

Memphis is like a rabid dog with a bone – he’s no more likely to take his sights off targeting Tyler than he is to easily take that bone away from that rabid dog (at least without a big juicy steak to replace that bone – aka game intel). This should also set off red flags for Nic b/c Cody told her about WG 2.0 so she knows Enzo is tied in a F3 with M/X.

Nic needs to have a talk with Cody alone to review the above Enzo convo & tell him her gut is saying they should keep Ty. She needs to ask how it makes any logical sense? Is it b/c Zo is the safest in the middle of two duos if Ty leaves but that it would be at their (C/N’s) expense? Tell C she’s not confident Enzo isn’t going to throw the HOH & then all the pressure is on her to win & if she doesn’t guess who is sitting on the block YOU & ME!

She needs to tell him: No way M/X are putting each other (as F2s) up so if C/N go up & one comes down then Enzo replaces them & guess who WG 2.0 vote to save? As much as I’m mad at Ty he was genuine & apologized numerous times, he’s NEVER gone against you & Memphis has always been his target plus his only tie other than you in this house is Xmas. If we vote her out & tell him Zo wanted to vote him out but we pressured him to keep you then if he wins he’ll put up Mem & Zo with you & I controlling the vote. That’ a much better option than keeping a duo in the house with you unable to play HOH & Enzo throwing it.

Would that logic get through to Cody? And if it didn’t would Nic figure out there is another alliance between C/E/M?

Enzo doubles down on lies: Cody asks Zo some details about his Mem talk: When did Mem bring up targeting Nic & when did he say he’d nom X beside her? Zo stumbles eventually saying a day or two ago (it was much earlier). Re: X, Zo oversells going on a crazy tangent stating Mem doesn’t care about her – is just using her – then shifts to saying he worries Mem might pull X off the block if he won POV to ensure Nic leaves. Worse he straight up lies that Memphis has NEVER said he’d put up Cody when that was precisely the thing they discussed on Mon (or Sun).

I wondered if Cody was testing Enzo saying: since Mem hasn’t told me about WG 2.0 of course he’d say X is nom but why would he lie to you (E) -it doesn’t make sense – what purpose would it serve? REMEMBER Cody said to the feeds how sneaky Zo is — could he be trying to gauge Enzo’s true intentions & honesty? This chat was very different from their usual exchanges & I think Zo was awkward b/c he doesn’t typically lie to Cody or use his ‘Yo, sure, sure, they all gotta go’ song & dance routine. That said, it sure didn’t seem like Cody saw through it or how hard Zo is pushing for Ty to leave (odd).

On Tues Enzo told feeders (last night) “I’m in trouble no matter what”. Weds he said his goal was to go F3 with his two F2s (Cody/Mem) as he believes both would take him over the other (which is why he asked C if he had a F2 with M). BUT he’s also playing the feeders with the same nonsense he’s played the hamsters with as he told Cody if he’s HOH they could take out Memphis next week & then he/Cody could feast on the two girls to get to F2. Maybe this is C/E posturing to get a read on each other since they are so deep in the game & with that paranoia increases.

I’m not sure he’d be terribly upset if Cody left under an Xmas HOH. If X/M decided to take the shot he could tell X let’s split the vote so you get the benefit of breaking the tie for your resume – -that way he’d not be exposed by the vote & have Nic make him her new F2.

Speaking of lies – Cody has lied much more this week than he has the entire game while the other other hamsters are also dropping some zingers:

  • when Nic asked if Cody had a F3 with Enzo/Ty he said yes but Ty offered it – it wasn’t real & they never talked after the 2nd week (ZOMG)
  • separate chats Zo asked C if he had F2 with Memphis or Ty (he lied about both)
  • Zo also lied saying he didn’t have F2 with either
  • Christmas lied to Enzo that Nic hadn’t confirmed vote – N told her Tues
  • Not a lie but blatantly RIDICULOUS STATEMENT — Enzo tells Cody he thinks he can get Xmas to nominate Memphis. If Cody doesn’t say WTF are you talking about & why are you trying so hard to oversell evicting Ty then something is wrong.

I’ve got something more detailed on Tyler’s night so I’ll post that separately.


I think Enzo is playing great..for him..not viewers. He has 2 alliances where he’s f2 and by not voting out Xmas, he’s pissing nobody off. He’s telling fibs for Memphis, Nicole and Cody to target each other and leave him the hell alone. Nobody is touching Enzo until f3..he should be one of the f2.


Enzo is a true floater who just agrees and won’t commit. As I said before, he’s a “teachers pet” who you would never trust with a secret. The only consistent venue he has, are his YO, YOs.
Personally, when I first seen him this season and his hoody, (my best friend also agrees), reminded us of a stalker or Mafia bag man.


If you saw yesterday he’s single handedly driving Ty’s eviction. Nic was ready to flip & he switched her off it. Cody would’ve definitely flipped if he thought Memphis wouldn’t put up Nic/Xmas from the start or if Memphis ever suggested he (Cody) could go OTB with Nic (HE DID) but Enzo lied to him.

The other takeaway is Enzo is loyal to Cody BUT he knows the only way he can go deep in the game with him is if Nic is gone. He’d told live feeders he wanted to go F3 with Mem/Cody b/c he thinks they’ll both take him. However, Ty did make him see how unbeatable Cody is but they are ride or die.

Much would depend on how confident Enzo would be about winning Part III of F3 to select who sat with him at F2. His best F2 is actually with Nic, Xmas b/c he’d have an easier path to winning out. The next best bet is a male/female duo (but split from their existing F2 ie. Cody/Xmas or Memphis/Nic.) I’d lean to the latter simply b/c I don’t believe the jury would reward Nic but TPTB will make sure Cody gets to F3 no matter what IMHO


Warning – long post

Tyler may be prepared for his version of “the funeral” or …

”I got something coming for them!”

This entry is an addendum to the last post isolating on Tyler’s eviction eve conversations and how others actions seem to be affecting him.

The above headline was a comment Ty made to the live feeders and implied he had something in store for his housemates. The unknown was whether that was Ty’s version of “the funeral” or if he’d found some power. Specifically the full quote was:

I got the stink (meaning everyone is avoiding him like a bad smell) —- and I got something coming for them” (More on this at the bottom)

Knows house consensus:

For reference, Tyler already knows the house is against him & will vote him out. This was verified through a series of actions. Memphis told him he wasn’t voting for him and Ty correctly read that to mean that was the house consensus as there would be no reason for him to tell him so confidently if the other votes were in question.

Additionally, Nic has avoided him like the plague treating him like the a nominee leper unable to look him in the eye – – that’s not a slight on Nic — all the hamsters tend to ostracize nominees as if talking to them will allow “the stink” to rub off on them.

Triple Thr3at is Double Douche:

The ONLY people Ty hasn’t heard from are Cody and Enzo his two greatest allies in the house. Worse — the display the duo have put on this week in their treatment of a F3 ally who was loyal to TT & NEVER put them in harm’s way is shameful. It’s no wonder Ty is feeling angry and disrespected b/c Cody told him “I’d never put you up for you to leave on my HOH – that’s not happening” and “I control the votes (Nic/Zo).

But each time Ty has asked Cody about Nic he keeps pushing him off saying “I haven’t talked to her about it” or “she doesn’t know what she’s doing”. Meanwhile, she’s been the lone honest voice of the NicodyZo trio frankly telling him she wanted them both to leave & I’ll do whatever Cody/Enzo want.

Tyler accurately knows all Cody has to say is vote out Xmas and she’s gone so this dog & pony show simply isn’t necessary – it’s insulting and disrespectful. Cody has treated his non-allies like Kevin (more of an enemy) better than he’s treating Tyler. And, it’s not like Ty wouldn’t understand he’s a threat – it’s the unnecessary extra nonsense. Either STFU or tell him the truth. But then we’re talking about the ever sensitive Golden Goose who can’t handle any criticism – Kevin sent him in a tale spin for days so with Ty telling Zo he’d never beat him in F2 & shouldn’t take him Cody is holding a mega grudge. It’s not much different than his disdain toward Memphis for creating 2 WG alliances – & not telling him about the second — this from a guy who had FIVE F2s!

Likewise the Meow Meow mist isn’t quite as potent anymore and Ty while still a friend & fan of Enzo implied he finally sees through Enzo’s game too. His rant or baiting of Enzo in the HOH seemed to say ‘you’re full of sh*t, but let me play along”.

I hope we get to witness the cowardly ROOT F2s (C/E) tell him today he’s gone b/c I want to see Ty’s reaction. Hopefully he says ‘No sh*t, after a week of you two punking me it showed how little respect my 2 closest allies in the game had for me so I’ll be sure to show you both the same respect in my speech tonight, in my download to the jury & via my vote!’

This actually is about the only thing Cody has to worry about having sent Dani out with her believing her F2 with him was real. If Dani & Ty make up in jury Ty could say things that would potentially have an impact. For example – all the other members of the Committee plus Enzo knew she was the DE target. More importantly, Cody bashed Dani for weeks mercilessly – never protecting her like he does Nic (granted Dani played a messy game but to be honest I kind of miss her in the house b/c at least she was playing). And, part of the reason why Ty knew Dani was throwing him UTB was b/c Cody was telling him.

Ultimately if Cody reaches the F2 I think Dani/Ty will still vote for him – he’s just upset at how Cody treated him this week.

Returning to that HOH chat – Ty had an agenda:

  1. relay Memphis confirmed no vote
  2. Nic saying it’s up to Cody/Enzo – doesn’t want to go against them (& since that trio were up in the HOH for hours the night prior he’d have to be deaf, dumb & blind to not see that F3).
  3. Ty’s well aware Cody only has to ask Nic so his inaction confirms Cody’s true intent (evict Ty)
  4. he isn’t leaving (this was stated at least four different times)
  5. his speech will be crazy & prove to Nic he’s on her side – she should keep him
  6. the week will likely be replayed (but differently – implying different comps)
  7. give *game advice to Enzo

*The advice included Xmas, Nic, Memphis, & Cody were the order of easiest to most difficult to win against. Going with Cody/Nic to F3 would result in Enzo repeating his former season & being evicted at F3, and for him to ensure victory from a jury who already likes him he would need to make a big move ideally by cutting Cody with Memphis as a secondary target.

Potential power, rewind week or Tyler’s version of Dan’s Funeral:

After the initial live feed comment I wondered if this implied he’d gotten an edge. Earlier in the evening Ty & Enzo were in the photo room & discovered there were pictures underneath the ones displayed. It seemed plausible he could’ve found a clue leading him to a secret power or advantage under one given his comments early and then in his repeated declaration to Enzo he was staying.

I thought perhaps he found a “cancel a vote” & that is why he’s lobbying so hard to get one of Zo or Nic to vote for him since he would know to cancel Memphis’ vote — but then the decision would go to Cody to break the tie so I threw that idea out.

I also considered this was some elaborate ruse or his version of Dan’s funeral. That his hope was Zo would run to Cody with all this intel – scare Cody into believing Ty had a special power & would be staying. With Ty’s objective being Cody would shift the vote not wanting to take a chance that Ty would stay & win HOH & gun for him in Cody’s most vulnerable week as payback for punking him.

If this is Ty’s plan I wish he hadn’t said “rewind week” as being less exact would leave more room for Cody/Zo to believe he had a fan voted power like a DPOV which would mean Ty could take both nominees off the block & would be the one to name the replacements. In that scenario Cody would be safe but Ty’s comments about Nic “knowing I have her” would lead us to believe his noms would be Enzo/Memphis although it could be Enzo/Nic.

Ty’s spiraling:

Tyler was frantic though – not only did he say he’d have Nic’s back he also told Zo he had wanted to go F3 with Zo/Nic cut her at F3 & take Zo to F2. That would mean keeping Xmas on the block – putting up Memphis & voting him out. It would still leave the trio in the house though which made no sense.

Ultimately, I landed on Tyler NOT having a power & only doing this to make Cody potentially sweat or to rile Enzo who didn’t seem bothered at all. In fact, as far as I saw he never told Cody – not even to make fun of Ty.

The most genuine moments in the conversation was the advice he gave Enzo and one other comment that if disenchanted fans see will undoubtedly win him AFP votes :

if I’d won the first HOH of the season I would’ve nominated Memphis & Nicole but then I got stuck in a dumb ass alliance with them and it ruined everything I wanted to do.”

As we count down to eviction night – it’s hard to imagine what Ty would say in his “crazy, fire speech” that would appeal to Nic. And, it’s also highly unlikely he has a power or that it’s a rewind week since Julie never announced it & nothing was said to that effect on Wednesday’s episode.

I do believe there could be a replay week but it will be used to save the golden goose. Based on this frantic Ty & his blinders to all the myriad of F3’s Zo has I’m not even convinced he’d make the right move with a DPOV anyway.

Ty was right about one thing – he never had a chance with this preordained season & the Committee WAS a shitty alliance.

The one positive is as much as I wanted Ty the underdog to stay, I’m super impressed by Enzo’s manipulation (although I admit there are so many red flags about things the hamsters are missing or ignoring it sure feels like scripting rather than organic game play).

Pulling for an Xmas HOH win (UGH — lol). I’d say she should nominate Cody/Enzo but we’re due for BB Comics which Nic won in her season so it’s prob best to put up Cody/Nic. Although – these timed events are looking very production manipulated as Xmas looked super fast in this past POV. If Enzo pulled out BB Comics after not being able to finish a similar “eye test” POV comp then for sure we’d know something was fishy. At least if one of Cody/Nic won (Cody – golden goose – hello) then he would still lose one of his preferred F3.

Have a great day all.


Thanks for breaking down what I was asking in a post up top. I was asking did anyone see Tyler and Enzo’s HOH talk. I saw a small part, and was trying to get a read on what Tyler was intending. If he had a power, or will he give a funeral speech like Dan;,but someone had a smart remark.
You wrote what I was trying to convey. What TTOTambz said!


Please see update above. This season sucks *ss


The narrator didn’t mention crowning a new HOH at the end of last nights show so maybe after the vote is revealed, Tyler will stand and say “I found this power to rewind the week”. The feeds immediately went to animals when the house was woken up so I am hoping they are taping the HOH redo and we will get to watch it all tonight!! Come on BB Gods, lets watch Cody/Nicole/Enzo squirm!


Doubtful (see update above). This season truly is meant to be occurring in 2020


Yup just mimics this year totally.


Nice, that was very intelligent and well said.
You are or could be a motivational speaker.
Maybe a political speech writer.
Sorry my thought…lol
Anyways good job!!!


Thanks – I write about the NBA — but I’m always open for another writing gig 😉


Let’s hope tyler has found DPOV and surprise memo and yo go up.


That would be AMAZING!!! TPTB should read the comments and give Tyler some advantage or somehow make the votes switch!!! SAVE TYLER!!!!


if he can`t win like Cody does, might as well get the same help he got during his first season

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

All Tyler has to do is say,”do you really want me to go to jury”?”Think about it, the decisions made in the jury house is where you live or die”. By planting this in their minds,he will really cause some chaos.

BBAS2 baby

Game aside, I wish Christmas’ son a happy birthday! She must be feeling all kinds of emotions today hope she’s okay


right because like you would ever win a challenge anyways Nicole. Stop trying to leverage sucking as strategy. seriously get this bish outa the game


it got her her win her previous season and was why she was kept around as long as she was her first season. she has no other strategy, needs someone to carry her. first time she got lucky that paul’s jury management sucked (because mostly he was teetering on being evicted every week). she won’t be so lucky this time.


I would love to hang out with Dani, Nicole and Cody.


Update: re Tyler Eviction Eve -potential power/advantage/funeral speech

Apparently the Meow Meow mist remains strong — I mentioned how Ty kept saying to Enzo he was staying & his speech would be crazy. I was having issues with my feeds & missed this part but read it on social media …part Ty – Enzo chat included…

While Tyler DID NOT tell Enzo specifically what he plans on saying he told Enzo “act surprised AND LIKE YOU BELIEVE IT’S TRUE”

So great- he had some wicked idea but instead of just doing it (I presume he was going to imply he had a power like a DPOV) he told Enzo it was an elaborate lie & b/c Enzo is the one person he told — now he’ll tell Cody & Nicole so it will be blown up.

He probably won’t do it anyway b/c each of Cody, Enzo & Nic were telling him today he’s leaving. And if Enzo tells him nah I can’t vote for you either Ty will likely throw in the towel.

Credit to Enzo for making Tyler believe he could trust him & really valued the F3 — he didn’t & Tyler will leave tonight.

UGH— why can’t we have nice things.

P.S. best BB22 related tweet I saw today was — If Nicole wins BB22 she’ll be considered the best BB player of all-time …. which is precisely what Derrick & Dan deserve.


At this point, does anyone really care who gets the loot. How can any of them be winners with the lame HOH contest they had this year. In fact except for the leaning wall, none were worth watching. Especially Christmas winning by default without really playing. The whole season is a farce and insult to even the worst reality show.
I want to wish everyone the best and its amazing so many were able to watch this lame excuse for an All Star this far.
I’m outa here, I cannot stomach this show anymore, even reading about it is depressing. Best


Derrick and Dan certainly deserve the zing unfortunately we have to suffer through the consequences.

Thanks for the Tyler scenarios breakdown as well as the Enzo commentary on the previous post.

It’s now become the better part of my BB experience this season!

Thanks Simon and Dawg for the space. Made donation #2 today

Sad BB is such a hoax

i consider this entire season an insult to the intelligence of BB fans and viewers. I am to the point I am going to boycott CBS altogether. They advertised an All-Star season but instead we got the biggest hoax, rigged, preplanned game in history. BB is dead to me!!!

Team New School Team New School

Da’Vonne just summed up why she is so bad at Big Brother. Ian isn’t upset Nicole voted him out — he understands it’s game. He asks Da’Vonne and she still says on a game level maybe but on a personal level, I can’t forgive her. She still doesn’t get that there is no personal — only game.


ian keeps it classy as a juror. dani is trash and advocating for cody already. da’vonne, kevin, and david remain clueless they were even playing a game.


Wonder how Dani will feel when she learns Nic was ALWAYS Cody’s F2 — or when Tyler tells her about all the F2 deals he has OR that there were three F3s (2 WGs & TT) she didn’t know about.

I suspect she’ll be more annoyed Cody was in on taking her out at DE or sold her out.

I still think Dani/Ty will vote based on game.


Please Tyler pull through and scoop Dani in on the real deal! Not because it will change her mind to vote for Cody to win but will bring her back down to earth on who truly WAS set up to win…I mean who was really running the game. (Cody pregame production setup etc.)
Dani thought she was “closer” to Cody. She in her personal moments got caught up in the closeness to Cody and forgot that the game called for dragging a goat to the end. As much as I thought Dani over played at moments she was no goat! Reason why she’s in the jury and Nicole lives to be dragged on to see another day.