Big Brother 22 HOH Winner Results! “I really wanted to beat you [Cody].”

Head of Household Winner – Nicole
Have nots –
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
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Spoilers – Christmas and Memphis are going to be nominated.

9:07pm The live feeds return from being blocked for the HOH competition.

Bedroom. Nicole, Christmas, Cody
Christmas and Cody are playing backgammon. Nicole – I really wanted to beat you. (Cody) Christmas – you beat him today in the comp. Nicole – he didn’t play. I’ve never beat you in a comp. Christmas – well you beat three others so that’s all you needed to do. Today you are a winner and me because I stayed in the house. Nicole – I want to see my family, Victor and the pups! I hope Vic took a picture of the pups and sent it in.. but I know that is pretty far fetched. Christmas – I can really not wait for all your updates! Like I really don’t know if I am even getting married! Enzo joins them. Enzo – they have to wait till the episode ends over here till you get your room. Nicole – I waited 10 weeks for this. I watched everyone else open and read their letters. Over and over again.. some times three times.. which is awesome but.. Christmas – you’re going to cry. Nicole – I don’t think I will ..I don’t cry with stuff like that. Some times I black out and don’t cry. I will probably cry later. Enzo – I cry listening to music because I get thinking. Tomorrow is 19 days YO! Nicole – Oh Wow!

Kitchen. Cody is working out. Nicole joins him and tell him that a committee member has won every single HOH except for Enzo. Memphis – and the fact that we made it to seven people. That is crazy! What the F**k! Nicole – and we took out our own too. Its not like someone took out our own. Cody – that’s what is crazy we took out our own and we won 6 of 7 HOHs. Memphis joins them. Memphis – I kept saying in there that the committee died when Dani walked out the door. Cody – I said something similar .. they asked me about the committee and I said the committee is dead! When we targeted our own. Its great that we can talk about this and laugh about it. It shows that the right group of people got together when it could have gone any other way.

11:05pm The house guests are waiting around for Nicole to get her HOH room. Bathroom. Nicole and Cody.
Nicole – came through when you needed me right? Cody – one million percent! Big Time! Bigger than any big time! I mean you guys both have. You both have been so f**king big! Nicole – he just says that to make us feel better. Cody – who? Me? She (Christmas) was in the lead.. you know I was going up. Nicole – I know.

12:20 am Nicole reading her HOH letter Cody chilling to the HOH music..

12:40 am Christmas and Memphis

Memphis – we’re still in a good spot as long as we’re not both on the block
Christmas – I don’t know what you said but I think so
He repeats
Christmas – yeah
Memphis – it’s all about the f**ing veto
Christmas – you don’t want a split vote because then she’s the tiebreaker
Christmas – I’m going to talk to Enzo Tomorrow. It’s going to be a play by ear thing if we have to throw it to Enzo. To you or to me ..
She adds they have to make sure Cody and Nicole are out of the POV before they can start throwing it.
Christmas is talking about some scenario where Enzo uses the veto on one of them and Cody goes up by default
Christmas says just one ball bounced out of her basket during the HOH, “Just one little ball and I had one left”
Christmas – hardest failure of my life.

12:53 am Memphis is sleeping, Enzo is studying days.

1:30 am Cody and Nicole
Talking about the BB comics competition. Nicole is explaining what it was like on Big Brother 18.
Nicole asks if Memphis or Christmas win veto and Enzo goes up will he freak out?
Cody – I don’t know we’ll just bring him in a room and have a conversation us three
Nicole – I’ll say I’m sorry I gotta put one of you up which one wants to go
Cody laughs..
Nicole – no seriously I will have to
Cody – I know but it doesn’t matter
Nicole – I’ll try and get him to volunteer
Cody – she’s putting you up bro she doesn’t know you like she knows me. Sorry
Nicole – if it happens it happens..
Nicole says she wants the vote to be 1:1 so she can be the one sending Memphis or Christmas out.
Nicole – I can stand up and be like get out of here
Cody – if the noms stay the same we can split it
Nicole laughs “Don’t do that”
Nicole talks about them being final two and how Cody is probably destroying her in his goodbye messages.
Cody – that backfired on Paul on 19.. I won’t do that

2:23 am Nicole, Cody, and Enzo
Enzo – I would have been so upset if Memphis had won… so upset.
Enzo – that would have been his fourth HOH .. c’mon with that sh1t yo. Look I like Memphis he’s funny he’s a good kids he’s a little sometimes rough around the edges but he means well.. If he would have won again his fourth f***ing HOH I would have been ahhhh YO F** that
Nicole sighs “he’s gotta go so he can’t win anything more”
Enzo – He’s the target YO f** that get him out yo
Enzo jokes that he wants to use the veto so that Christmas and Memphis come to him saying “use it on us so we can backdoor cody.. ohh ok”

Nicole laughs “then they’ll have to convince me to put him up” (umm you have to put cody up)
Cody – what do you mean you won’t have a choice.. he would use the veto and I would go up.
Enzo – there would be two votes they would still he he ..
they all laugh ..
Nicole – they can’t backdoor him
Cody – you know what I will use the veto but I vote to keep him
Enzo – look I’m waiting for them to say that to me if I win that I can see them doing that. They think they are running the season or he thinks he’s running the season I’m just like YO enough YO

Cody starts complaining about always wearing a hat.
Enzo – you think they are going to get us up early tomorrow
Cody – yeah I’m about to HIT it are you sleepy
Nicole – yeah
Nicole says they can spend all week in the HOH she doesn’t care.
Enzo – how many times do you think Christmas is going to come up here tomorrow?
Nicole – once I put her up she won’t come up at all
Cody – she’s going to be hiding in the key room with Memphis but Memphis is going to still come out and hang out that’s what I think is going to pull her out
Nicole – I’m going to hide up here all week I don’t care
Cody says he’s going to be up there “This f*ing area is more comfy to hang out in and I don’t even need to talk”

Enzo – can you imagine if.. when we win the POV and keep the noms the same then them two campaigning.. I’m like ohh shit
Cody – just remember what I’ve done in this game.. that is what Christmas is going to say
Nicole – like try to flip the vote and get me out.. Yeah I remember
Enzo – what will be Memphis’ campaign..
Nicole – he’s going to say he wants to take you two to the final three or something and Christmas will tell you the same thing
Cody – yeah
Nicole – they are going to talk crap on me..

3:37 am Coins, Enzo and Cody

Nicole is chit-chatting about Big Brother 18 and the week her and Corey were on the block.

4:00 am Sleeping

9:30 am houseguests waking up

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Amazing win….get ride of Shitmas
And u all know who’s the last girl standing. Cody should just sleep in the HOH room with Nicole.


that is nicole’s MO


She has to give at least one handjob to keep her streak going.

another name

so… wait…
the hoh comp was handling balls while moving up and down like on a teeter totter?
Oh. that explains it.


settle down

Linguini Pants

This year so sucks, especially for what is supposed to be an All Star game. I know I’m biased, but the last two people I want to win are Cody or Nicole. And there are reasons for that. There’s a reason Nicole has so many nasty nicknames. There’s a reason even CBS highlights what a fu*king moron Cody is.

Cody? What a dumbass. But I have to admit he’s been in the catbird’s seat since day one, had his tentacles and spies out in numbers (is Enzo for real with this sycophant loyalty?) So hoping at the end Enzo says he’s been playing Cody the whole time. So I am so hoping Enzo’s loyalty was a ruse and just smarter gameplay. Even the Broadcast has no problem highlighting how ignorant Cody is. I would HATE for such an idiot to manage to win this game over actual smart people. So emblematic of our country right now. Sigh.

And Nicole? We all know. No need to go there. Her game play is so obvious. She always plays the dumb damsel in distress, in the past using her sexuality to advance, then cry cry cry, oh, woe is me. When she’s actually a pretty smart woman, playing the dumbass, helpless woman in distress (lying on the floor crying as Cody comes to her aid.) Her game is ALWAYS at the mercy of the men. What a disservice she does to strong women who stand on their own. (Janelle). That’s why most think she’s ignoble. Maybe that’s an indictment on our society. I don’t know. That’s another debate. But this perceived identity that CBS conveys of this poor, helpless, little midwestern girl, hated by the Big City Janelle. Oh, poor little Nicole! What an underdog (who’s already won the game by using a man shield) but poor Nicole is the underdog at the mercy of all. Yeah. Bite me! What’s their point in creating this narrative?

So yeah, I’d hate for either of those two to win. It’s Dumb versus Demeaning. No great choice there. So All Stars my ass. This year’s game was so pacified based on fear. It used to be played based on moxie. Those days are gone.

At this point I’m hoping Enzo or Memphis wins. And I never thought I would think that.


Agree with you 100%..I call this season all star floaters. So preditable and down right boring. The only move Nicole can make to save the day is back door Cody. Then Xmas wins HOH and puts up Nicole and Enzo. Nicole goes to jury.. Then Memphis or Enzo win. Out of the two, Enzo’s game is the best. . . But that won’t happen. Nicole, Cody, Enzo & Memphsis all believe their games are good enough to win. They are counting on each other’s loyality to get them to the final two. No one wants to make a move. e.g. They had Two chances to vote out Nicole and blew it.



Frankie’s Pink Shorts

Nicole will ask Cody whom to put up and he’ll tell her to put up Memphis and Christmas. So she will. And then Enzo and Cody will just vote out Christmas. If Christmas takes herself off the block with the POV, Nicole will put up Enzo, and Cody will vote out Memphis. If Christmas votes out Enzo, Nicole will break the tie and vote out Memphis. Yawn.


yup. boring week.

Game fan

I think Memphis is the #1 target


Can we just fast forward this week?


I vote to have this week canceled!!




“Are you Freakin kiddin me”?


What in the actual F#CK??
I was rooting for Memphis or even Christmas (THAT is what this show has come to, rooting for Christmas!) and instead THIS is what we get??
This show is THE worst.


At this point, I hope Nicole wins lol just because the season has been ridiculous and they should have voted her out week 1.

Team Janelle

I was just thinking the same. They’re all dumb enough to drag her to the end, they deserve it if they lose to her. Bunch of morons


Eww! Gross!! I I’ll never sink that low. I have integrity to maintain. I’d rather cheer for one of the nominations chairs to win it all. Think about it, it’s still there after all this time!!! 😉


So Nicole wins and Janelle wins AFP…that would be interesting.

Miss Impression

Krampus goes next…
then Memphis…
then Enzo…
Cody beats Nichole in finale…
the pregame is complete.

Carlito's Way

Expect the expected.


Way to go Nicole! People always underestimate her. She’s a very smart and strategic player and knows exactly when to win. She’s proof you don’t have to win everything to get to the end. Dr. Will never won anything and people claim he’s the best of all time. The only people who hate Nicole are jealous women like Janelle. Or these ugly incel type of guys that just hate women.

Where’s Janelle

Big Brother is a game that is all about TIMING and This HOH win For Nicole proves that she didn’t have to win competitions to put herself in a good place in the House. Nicole deserves to be recognized as a great Big Brother player- it’s insulting that just last week people referred to Nicole as Victoria. Nicole is getting scary close to being in final 2 again. If Nicole pulls that off and makes it to the end she should be appreciated as an amazing Big Brother player!!

It’s quite remarkable how well Nicole has done at big brother in spite of all the negativity and harsh criticism she gets – people need to recognize how shes managed become One of the better big brother players that’s ever been on the show and people need to quit picking on her!!


Nicole has made it purely based on whining , crying and her last two BB times by giving handjobs to guys on her season ! She s had a pregame alliance with snot snorter Cody that was arranged and coached by sgt porkchop and dan before entering the house this season .so it’s insulting to think that she’s a great player who deserves anything ! The harsh criticism she receives has been brought on by her weasely personality and when she gets out and realizes her sponsors have dropped her I hope she can see that laughing and making fun of Ian was not a good look …




Are you being for real? Im waiting for the punchline and you left me hanging..

Old school number 1 fan


Enzo's bald spot

Bawhaha! This is hilarious. In fact it’s so funny that I took a screenshot so if I’m having a bad day I can just look at it and laugh.

Fred Sanford

I don’t mind a player who is rude, scandalous, lying, evil, etc…. IF it is directed at the other players and is using legit game theory & mechanics… However, I despise when a player sits in the diary room and lies, misleads, whines, & cries into tv camera at the viewers, as if they are trying to present a perfect omage for public consumption.. Many have done this to play a PR game, but Nicole, Enzo, and tyler have been atrociously guilty of this. Nicole is a pure fraud, while Enzo tries to play viewers about how risky and aggressive his gameplay is. It was cringe when tyler tried to play the viewing public with his ideology about “doing the right thing”. ( Nicole crying to the eviction camera over Ian should have woke non-feed viewers up to her fakery… So bad, even CBS had to run cover for her the following week with all the “sympathy/planned” edits. I suspect some of these players negotiated beforehand with CBS on their personal image, and it is why the feeds are offline so much. Remember what CBS done to last years winner? Network crucified him whether liked or not. Live feeds have usually told the behind scenes stories, but we are at record levels of feeds being down.
It is no longer a competition as much as playing to the cameras trying to hit some post-game “Social Structure”. Almost as if winning is second to twitter life. Viewers at home are not innocent either…. Nor the network. One misspoken word, and it can lead to indefinite public shaming and crucifixion. CBS has went out of their way to destroy the games integrity. Way too many viewers have went far beyond the spirit of competition and turned into Salem Witch Hunters. So viewers get a mixture of ingenious trash, laced with fewer and fewer legit players. Handpicked by CBS not for genuine game play, but for shock value. It used to seem like a more genuine game.


People may not like how Nicole is playing, but the girl is using what works for her. And it definitely works! Unfortunately in a house full of alpha males, who always team up together, you have to be the “dumb girl”, the “damsel in distress”, the “flirt” in order to get far, otherwise team alpha male will always vote you out early. Example: Jenelle. But even in season 7 when she was kicking a$$ she still had the showmance with Dr. Will, which I’m sure helped get her to the final 3 status. Unfortunately in the game, a common theme is team alpha male is threatened by a strong female instead of looking at her as an asset. A strong female that went far and won was Kaycee that didn’t fit an any of the previous roles. However she didn’t win any comps til week 9 which was a veto and her first HOH wasn’t until week 11. I’m sure if she started to win a lot earlier she might have been considered a target.

Kats Alien Bitch

It’s interesting that female alliances seldom hold together, and guy alliances do. If you know that, then to your point, Nicole is playing smart.



The Beef

How do you explain Christmas then? You dismiss Kaycee and I’m sure you’ll dismiss Rachel Reilly and attribute her win somehow to Brendon, even though he was evicted twice that season and finally finished in 6th place. All three of those women are Alpha type ladies, not “dumb girl, damsel in distress” types at all.

It may work for Nicole, but you don’t “have to be the “dumb girl”, the “damsel in distress”, “the flirt” in order to get far” in the game, and it’s been proven by others.


Rachel had production’s help with her win. They brought back the duo twist after Brandon got evicted and they partnered her with Jordan. And yes she was an alpha female but her first season she got evicted in week 5 after she had won 2 HOH’s. The winner of her first season was Hayden and basically the brigade, team alpha male ran that house. And I didn’t dismiss Kaycee. She won. And she didn’t fit in to that role. But she also didn’t really show any of her strengths until halfway through the game. If she would have showed them earlier she may not have gotten that far. And as far as Christmas goes….seriously? In her head she may be alpha female but in the stats this season she is not


This is for you and for Where;s Janelle.

I think I am going to vomit. Ugh! Disgusting!! Do you both realize I can never unsee that but luckily I can forget. So, you’re lucky. And one last thing, spare us the bs please. Thanks.


*Massive eye roll*

This is ridiculous… you have no clue who the hundreds or thousands of people posting here are, and you are so completely off base you should be required to take a Psych 101 class before you are allowed to spew your BS nonsense again.
But keep making blanket statements based on incongruous and unsubstantiated stereotypes if it will fit your laughable narrative.
Nobody on this site should ever take anything you post seriously again.


I’m to old for this sh!t


I’m so glad Tyler is gone.


with a name like yours, everyone leaves

Pull my finger

Ga that was lame lol.

Old school number 1 fan

Dumb too

Pull my finger

Lame too.


I said last week that somehow Nicole would win HOH. Season per script right on cue .

Houka Inumuta

Everyone always told me that i’m wrong. That none of my pirdictions come true well here you go. I have called it 2 years ago.

Ira Gamagori

Houka, You are so right. I can’t believe anyone has ever doubted you!!!!!!!!!

Dani's stink eye

‘Pirdictions’? Two years ago you should have learned how to spell correctly. Well, Coinslots for final two with Codeine. Well played Grod, for another stellar season. Can I wake up from this nightmare now?

Ira Gamagori

I’m so proud of Houka!!!!!! Tyler finally got out!!!!! Congratuations!!!!!!!!!!

Nonon Jakuzure

You did well Houka. Tyler is finally gone!!!!!

Uzu Sanageyama

You have waited for this for the past 2 years for this very moment. Congratulations Houka!!!!!

Satsuki Kiyuin

Great Job Houka, You have done well!!!!! You are the the most logical person i know!!!!!


This season was going so well now it is taking a very bad turn. If anyone but Nicole wins this season it will be ok. But if she some how wins. I will actually vomit.


LOL Nicole won me 2-bits “isurrender”,
game is fixed

Nic got to go

i think it’s clear that production want Nicole to be the first double winner of big brother. That’s sad. Felt this way since the triple

not a fan


Nicole’s putting up Christmas and Memphis and Christmas will go if she doesn’t win veto. Then Memphis next week. I just really hope Cody after that is the one to chose so he can cut Nicole at final 3. I’m no huge Enzo fan but I’m pretty sure Cody will beat him if he keeps him with Nicole I just don’t know because the jury might think it’s “impressive”(even though I don’t think it is) she made it to the end again and give her a second win.


weird to see Nicole fans coming out of the woodwork


This season has been the biggest letdown. I think I only watched a couple of hours in total of the feeds so thanks! I owe you. Will send more $$ your way. If I ever hear anyone say “yo” or “like” more than twice, I will probably punch them!


You’ve got bandwagoners everywhere. At least I hope that’s the case!

Team Janelle

I’m fairly certain they’re family members. One is definitely her mom. LOL




Victor also. He’s going to try to get some followers now.

Where’s Janelle

Been a Nicole fan since 2014, zero relations to her.

As a former winner its a shame that people can’t recognize how impressive it is for Nicole to still be in the house and in a good position.
She has kept bigger targets in front of her and it has really paid off given her the opportunity to get to the final two in the end for a 2ND TIME!
No matter how you put it that is impressive, and Nicole deserves credit for being a great player.


No kidding.. I thought it was sarcasm then I realized… Huh


People, remember… this is Nicole. She is putting up Christmas and Memphis… if one of them wins veto,,, she will nominate Cody…. and then tell Memphis/ Christmas and Enzo to take the shot when they get a shot…. if they tie Nicole would send Cody to jury,

The Beef

Resume’ wise that may be her best move, but game wise I’m not sure it is because Cotex may be the only one who will take her to the Final 2! I just don’t see either Memphis, Christmas or Enzo taking her over anybody but maybe Cotex, because taking HIM is a sure loss for anybody (numbnutz Enzo will probably still take Cody though, because he is just that dumb).

I see she is trying to leverage her position for a guaranteed F2 spot with Cody, which is smart on her part, but what does she expect him to tell her? No? Of course he is going to agree with her demand that he promises to take her to the Final 2 if he wins the final HOH in order to keep him off the block this week! What fool wouldn’t? He absolutely HAS to agree to it, or he’s in jeopardy of going to jury, and he knows that, so he will, and he won’t feel like he has to honor an agreement made under such circumstances, although he still may do it if he feels like it’s the best thing for him to do.


Big Brother 22 continues to be fun.

Team Janelle

I never thought in a million years I’d be rooting for Christmas smh


I think BB22 is funny in a silly way,
like the sagas’ of
Janelle n Kaysar
David(was my fav to watch n read)
and the big one Nicole
so many times i wanted to walk away, but this site OBB
reminded me BB22 is funny.

I predict Nicole wins(not that i want that
Enzo 3rd again(hoping)
the others dosen’t matter

my 2-bits thoughts

Kats Alien Bitch

Nicole has played well. I want either her or X-mas to win because I can’t stand the guys that are left, so hopefully X-MAS wins veto and Memphis or Enzo goes home.


I wish they would have a black big brother with one obese white woman for extra chaos


I do to immensely so people will shut up about how day and bay and David were actually good players

Carolyn Hausey

Big Brother is a Hoax. They Decided from the Beginning Who Will Win. Nicole Has Won Nothing, But All of a Sudden She Wins VETO. Then She js so Arrogant to Say She Wants the Vote to Be alive. So She Can Choose Which One Goes Home. This Season ws Boring. No Battle Back or Anything. I’m Done with this Skow!!!!


She actually won HOH, but I’m right there with everything you said.

The Beef

“I’m Done with this Skow!!!!”

More like this “scow” as in GARBAGE scow! That’s what this whole season has been like, a big ol’ fully loaded garbage scow! The only thing left to do is tow it somewhere, and dump it!

Carolyn Hausey


Carolyn Hausey

Please Excuse the Typos!!



One Opinion

Please correct me if I am wrong. But isn’t Nicole the only one that played in HOH that has done this type of comp before? If so that would give her a advantage. If I am thinking correctly Nicole and Cody have played this comp before. Cant remember if Christmas had this comp her season but even if she did she had a broke leg.


Nicole was already gone when they played this comp in season 16 (I think this was the final five comp) and Cody did win it back then and so did Frankie because it was a rewind week. So the four that played last night were all new to it.

BBAS2 baby

Nope she hasn’t, this comp was played the week when the reset button was in play and where Frankie won

I believe she got evicted second time and that comp was right after

EDIT: 2 weeks after she was evicted, the comp happened when Christine left

Backseat Driver

After watching jury house….these remaining players may be in for a jolt when they vote the winner….


But it was so refreshing to see that Dani is onto Nicole’s game play, because Nicole is definitely counting on Dani’s vote and Dani has already said that she’s giving it to Cody.

The Beef

Don’t worry. She or Christmas can always count on getting Da’Vonnes vote, as she was only concerned about “who is going to be the last woman standing inside that house”. Whoever it is, if she makes the Final 2, she gets Da’Vonne’s vote.


I’m glad Nicole won. Christmas and Nicole as final 2 would be epic. Go women!


BB Allstars is a joke. Absolutely the bottom of the barrel season. Filled with misfits, whiners, moaners & each had their own agendas. Boring to watch. Whiney will win to pay for her wedding to Victor since she’s lost majority of her sponsors. Cody is following Derricks tutoring so teaming up with Nicole pre game will bite him in the end. None of the remaining 5 deserve the win – yo yo meow has been played big time. He is a fool. Xmas, Memphis coasted through to being close but no cigars. Masterminds none of them are. Don’t care who wins I stopped watching weeks ago.


It’s not even in the barrel, this season is in the bottom of the septic tank.


This is time to get rid of Cody! I can dream!!! I’m from New Jersey and usually root for people from Jersey, these guys make it impossible!


If what people are saying is true, that Derrick helped Cody to orchestrate this BB experience, then it was easily done. Cody is the new Derrick. Everyone loves him. He is more intense than Derrick. But it is the two minions that do the work. Enzo is the new Cody. He talks about his gameplay(non-existent) and talks big about what he is going to say and do to others if they mess with him and/or Cody. But, alas, he never does a thing that can be deemed even remotely assertive. And Nicole is the new Victoria. Are you proud of me, Big Daddy? Did I do good? Watcha gonna buy with that half a mil I am helping you win?


And if it is the possibility that the last three are enzo nik and Cody and enzo has the choice he will take cody.. and be the new cody


Mr YoYo Meow man is a joke. Yaps yaps yaps all talk no action. He could have evicted Nicole all his badmouthing her was bogus. That’s when it was obvious the 3 stooges were playing together.


Most predictable, boring, worst season ever.. Almost seems staged. Woudn’t surprised me if this was the last we see of Big Brother. I mean if this was the best they can do, then really not worth watching again and again and again. Team up with the cool kids. Vote out the perceived good players and nerds. Talk strategy and cry in the diary room. zzzzzzzzzzzzz


The outcome is predetermined. This show is so predictable and this season of so called AllStars is a train wreck. I stopped watching.