Big Brother 22 All-Stars week 11 review and eviction results

Enzo won the Head of Household Nominated Nicole and Christmas. Cody won the veto and will have the only vote to evict tonight. He will evict Christmas. Final 3 will be Enzo, Nicole and Cody. (My opinion is unless Enzo wins final HOH he’ll get cut)

(Dani continues to lust for Cody )

Memphis joins them. The Jury pretty much says whoever cuts Cody wins the game. If no one cuts Cody he wins. David defends Nicole’s game if she’s the final 2 with Enzo.

Christmas congratulates Enzo “you got third place”

Cody evicts Christmas

After being shown the goodbye messages and finding out Memphis had a wiseguys with Cody Christmas claims to have “Saw it all” weeks ago.

Maxiumum 10 online votes per person per day

Messages from their family

Look at what happened to Victor. holy shit.

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Kevin: I have been lighting several prayer candles…Me: You are the reason Cody is still in the house!


Why is that Kevin is the reason Cody is still in the house? What did I miss?

Billy Big Bottom

Listening to the ‘experts’ in gameplay that are D’ayvonne & Danielle witter on in the jury house makes me feel like chucking up my dinner. Yawn, yawn, yawn … they’ve 6 times in the game & all they have really show is one of them got to F2 because her dad took her there!

Tediously discussing a non-event season is such an anticlimax. Last night’s show was historically embarrassing and a split pot win by Cody and Nicole guaranteed. Dreadful last 3 weeks to the season and that’s saying something.


Jackass Lives with Jenny

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

Cody has no balls,he will not make the BIG MOVE that he needs to make and just may get his butt kicked in the final 2!


Nicole is so irritating, now enzo


The top picture of Nicole in the mask reminds me of Buffalo Bill from Silence of The Lambs … who would skin overweight women to make a suit for himself. Yikes !


AFP vote time….Ugh!!

Piece of Schiff

Voting for Tyler.


There are only a few I think that I would consider voting for. A couple currently in jury and one that left before Jury House began


Yuck! All he did was whine this season and attempted to quit. He doesn’t get my respect or vote


Only way to vote is to sign up for cbs all acesss


Ffs I’d vote for Julie – this season has been worse than season 9!


Bombshell gets my vote over Coin Slots any day.

Yellow Ducky For The Win

Wow. Christmas sure has a mighty high opinion of her game play. She knew everything that was going on and still managed to lose? So sad.

Sam X

Yea she is delusional

The Beef

For Christmas to sit there and tell Julie she thought she had a good chance to win against all three of them just goes to show she had no clue as to where she stood in the game. She’s the only one of the four who had absolutely no chance of winning, no matter which of the other three she was sitting next to.


Dani is so sore that she lost to Nicole, who was supposed to be her friend. She bashed her in the house, and is bashing her in the jury house. I hope Nicole sees this and treats Dani like the spoiled, ungrateful little beech that she is.

The Beef

I thought Dani might actually vote for Nicole if Cody was somehow eliminated, but after tonight, I’m not so sure. She really does seem bitter towards her for sure.


The same Dani that voted for Porsche to win over Rachel out of spite/jealousy? Lol ya…right

The Beef

She also voted for Porsche because she was her friend, as she has been friends with Nicole BEFORE they had there little falling out a week or two before the triple eviction, and Nicole backstabbed her, like she has done so many others in this game. I wasn’t entirely sure how much Dani knew about the talking Nicole did about her behind her back, but after the show Thursday night, it’s pretty clear she knows she did it, and she is likely holding that grudge against Nicole.

That’s fine by me, as I don’t think she deserves to win against either Cody or Enzo, since she didn’t really start playing until week 10 (day 65 – final 5), when she finally won a competition. She’s done well since then, and IMO got screwed by TPTB in the Final 4 POV, due to the huge advantage the guys had on the hamster wheel, but she still has only 2 comp wins to this point, while Cody has 7 and Enzo has 4 (if you count the safety suite). Cody has made every single decision as to who was leaving, if there was a decision to be made, and the other two either went along with it or couldn’t do anything about it, so clearly he has played the best game.


Both Dani & Nicole act the same way in my opinion. That’s why their so called ” friends”.


team Cody & Enzo !
Cody played a FLAWLESS GAME & deserves to win ! Enzo played an amazing game and deserves 2nd place. My opinion is that even though Nicole once won before, she simply didn’t play the best this season, she just happened to get lucky and still be there, she played a great game mind you, just either Cody and Enzo both played a much better one. I do wish Christmas was still there, I’m not very fond of her but she played hard and was loyal – she deserved a shot at the money !


She played her best before the season started.


Cody played a game that was mapped out for him..the only people thinking this is a good season or that these three deserve to be where they are at do not know how they actually got there. A lot of Derrick and crapload of production. I don’t even understand how anyone can find this garbage season entertaining..I literally haven’t watched an episode since Kaysar left. I come here to see if my predictions are right and well..they are spot on. I could have told you the end by watching episode 1.


Enzo’s only chance is if Nicole wins final hoh and in his pitch he talks about how she can’t beat Cody or him. So it’s about who she wants to give the money to and it would charge his and his kids life. Being that he is an old dude that can’t sell himself like Cody. I think because of how she talks about the money changing her life she knows it would help Enzo more.


Nicole could care less about winning. It’s all about the money, honey, for her. Poor Victor. She has totally emasculated him. Booo.


Well, at least everyone will remember this “all-stars” season…not in a good way but it’ll be remembered.

another name

Episode Recap.
Gross. The actual house clips were completely a waste of time, and pretty revised for storyline. Writing on the wall much?
Jury visit: scripted, but did anyone else notice ms. no place for bitterness Dani was making positive Cody comments, but throwing every bit of shade she could toward Nicf? So, bitterness is pretty subjective I guess. Da’vonne backs Enzo? Well guess Enzo is going to jury next: Da’vonne backing a houseguest is the kiss of death (the last ones she supported all left in the triple).
If we had to assume votes right now: if Cody is final 2 Cody wins. He’d have the votes of Dani, David, Memphis, Tyler and Christmas (the comps mean everything people plus his other arrangements), plus he’d have Da’vonne if he’s against Nicf (redemption arc, she doesn’t give Nicf another vote).
If Cody fails to win final HOH, but still makes final 2, he wins again. If he fails to win final HOH, and is evicted, the winner of hoh that cut him wins almost unanimously.
I’m boycotting the concept of voting for a favorite house guest all together. I just don’t care. They all got their 40k prejury signing, or their 52k jury renegotiation plus the bonus money gifts of 5 or 10k to Grinchmas, Da’vonne, Dani, Tyler, David, Nicf. I mean… I’ve never been a fan of the fave prize anyway.


What if Kaysar or Janelle won AFP? That would REALLY show them that this season was very much disliked.


I am voting Janelle


I vote Janelle to win by a nose, and see Nicole’s head explode.

Not Really a Fan

What have either of those two turds EVER won? NOTHING. Neither are all stars. Not sure why they get so much pub.


That’s PRECISELY WHY I’m voting for Janelle. I want to see Nicole get third place and realize that her Janelleousy can grow even more when she realizes Janie got $65k even though she was evicted so early!

This has been the worst season from my perspective which is saying A LOT considering how badly the BB franchise has spiraled since Grodner fell in love with Derrick’s season – so I genuinely hope the three players who are finalists for AFP are all pre-jury members just to drive home to Robyn Kass & Allison Grodner it’s time they change the way they pre-plan every season. So I’m hoping Janelle (winner), Kaysar & I don’t know I guess anyone of the other pre-jury members as the third most votes — first evictee Keesha would really drive home how much we HATED this season.

In truth, I’d be happy if Tyler won b/c he at least tried to play the game. I can’t bring myself to vote for Da’Vonne even though she’s still the master of DRs but she made so many terrible moves this season I just can’t & for as much as David is a nice guy he’s still clueless as his jury comments showed — he’s ready to anoint Nic over Enzo when even in his naivety he KNOWS Enzo was playing the game – sorry but that feels like bitterness by b/c Enzo voted him out over Nicole. Plus he won $10k already.


I’d vote for David before I’d vote for Day!
Tyler is ok as he tried to play but the crybaby I’m not going to jury kinda threw me
It would be hilarious If Janelle did win AFP. I’d be so kewl with that!

Southern girl

I’d love to see Enzo win the final HOH, cut Cody and win. It’s a long shot I know but it would be epic.
I’m voting Janelle for AFP but would also be ok with Tyler or Day getting it.
Thanks Simon & Dawg for the updates.. I know this season had to be nauseating Lol


I’m voting for Davonne, I would also consider Ian.


Bah, humbug. I hope Nicole is third.

Sam X

Christmas is delusional AF!!! Wow! What an exit interview

Lady E

Vic had a personality before he got with Nic LOL


Can I go out on a limb here (where I’m certain I’ll be joined by others) & vote for Simon/Dawg for America’s favorite players?? Seriously, NO ONE has endured more or played better. Love ya, Simon & Dawg…..y’all are the best.


Thank you! I wish we were in the running for it!


Does Dani’s husband and Nicole’s finance realize how these girl have fallen in love with Cody? And does Cody’s girlfriend realize that he has done the same?


Just a thought for next year’s rankings (& I think it’s been suggested before): zero or even negative votes when the players are just this awful. Some of ’em it’s even tough to give a “1” to.
Ahhh, but yet I watch. Go figure.
Big ups to Simon/Dawg for keeping it entertaining.

Daisy mae

Here’s the thing everyone in jury should vote for whoever is sitting beside Cody, make him second best again. If enzo is there give it to him Cody is so smug and Nicole too both think now that they are in the final two they have it in the bag!

Chichi Riviera

Nicole ducked the life right out of Victor. Like Children of the Corn stuff. Does she suck his breath out while he sleeps? Next year, he will be wearing glasses and weigh 300 pounds.


Oh Gosh, I dont think he looks bad. Please long hair and salsa- thats a gimmick that looks normal only in Miami. Last thing you want to do to is look like your in Miami when you are not! I know, I grew up in Florida. Your last sentence is hilarious though… lol


Well CBS it’s working out the way you planned. Your favorite “Nicole” won the first part HOH; lol. The comp was actually in Nicole’s season, and she stated she liked it. I can’t recall if she played. And if I’m not mistaking, It also happens to be the one comp that Enzo& Cody mentioned they did not want.
This season is trash.
But hey, we all expected the expected!!!!