“on guys you’re only supposed to powder so the shine is gone.”

Head of Household Winner – ENZO
Nominations – Nicole & Christmas
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony
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Another Slow day on the feeds. Cody still plans on evicting Christmas tomorrow.

1:00 pm Coins packs

2:00 pm Christmas packs

2:09 pm Christmas and Cody
Christmas – I know you have a lot to think about and you need to do what’s best for your game and you know where I am I wanted to check in with you and you know like. It was today Enzo said something that was very kinda like I hadn’t even thought of this is Nicole’s third time and if she goes to final 3 for a second time it’s pretty significant. I don’t think you are going to get somebody voting against her because they don’t want to see her win

Cody says on a “returner” season he doesn’t think people will vote based on what people did in previous seasons.
Adds if he went with Nicole to the final 2 and Nicole won he would think “ohh I’m on a season where people voted based on past seasons not the current season”
Christmas – I started thinking per-jury person and what their vote will be even though she has some marks against her in jury. Kevin openly said he would vote for her if she made it to the end.
Christmas – Da’Vonne and her.. Da’Vonne knew she had backstabbed her and still gave her a hug on the way out and she has Dani campaigning for her and repairing that relationship to Da’Vonne.
Christmas – you and David Clashed the whole time umm.. Dani, I think you had a good relationship with Dani. I don’t know what that was. Nicole also had a good relationship with her. Umm.. Ian, they were both winners. He’s going to look at her move as a really strong game move now that he’s stepped away from it and calmed down about it.
feeds cut.. when we’re back.
Cody is talking about if people base their vote on competition wins alone then he would have beaten Derrick. “if that was the case paul would have won both his times. I don’t think Comp wins are a thing I think there’s more going on”

Christmas says if it comes down to her which guy she can beat it’ll be a crapshoot “Enzo goes have great jury management I know he’s burned me I’m sure he’s burned, other people. You have great comps you had good jury management you ruffled some feathers. I have ruffled a lot of feathers. I have a few comps like.. I’m sure Dani is campaigning against me. No matter what you may not believe me right now but I am telling you if I am in that final 2 and it’s my decision I am choosing you.
Cody – yeah
Christmas – 100% and I don’t know what I need to say or do to really lock in with you
Cody says if he gets to final 2 it’ll be a toss-up. Points out everyone thought Tyler was going to win his season and he lost. Cody thought Paul should have won both his seasons and he lost.
Christmas – If I go to final 3 it’s like you are guaranteed final 2
Feeds cut. when we’re back Cody is alone in the room.

3:10 pm Cody and Nicole
Nicole says Christmas is annoying her
Cody – she was like Kevin has said he will vote for her. like she has her relationships
Nicole wonders how Christmas knows this but not her she feels that is something Kevin would have told her.
Cody – she’s like I think Ian will definitely vote for her because I think he’ll have time to settle down
Cody – I’m like it’s very possible
Nicole – she’s going hard. His messy gameplay has already taken her too far
Cody – no her lucky gameplay has taken her too far she’s been on the block with people that needed to go over her
Cody – she was given lives and so many opportunities to actually like win the comp and push herself forward.
Nicole says she thinks Memphis would have taken Enzo to the end. “But he thinks I was the worst so .. but I can’t see him wanting her to be there” (Christmas)
Feeds cut to stars. When we’re back..
Nicole – she’s grabbing at straws
Cody going on about how it’s insulting that Chritsmas and Memphis kept telling Nicole they want to take her to the end because she sucked this year and would be an easy person to beat.
Cody – I think you’ve done a ton of sh1t
Nicole – I do wish I would have done more it’s very hard for me to accept
They talk about how Christmas didn’t “know sh1t”
Nicole – she’s still clueless

Chit chat about how shitty the lighting is in the house. Nicole mentions how easy guys have it as she continues her 3 hours makeup/skincare routine. Cody mentions how he ridiculous the makeup can be sometimes “on set”.
Cody – I don’t want it to look like I’m wearing makeup and sometimes it’s so obvious
Nicole – I’ve never noticed a guy wearing makeup in a movie.
Cody – on guys you’re only supposed to powder so the shine is gone.

4:28 pm Meal time..
Enzo talking about what he’ll do after the show “maybe I’ll hit a bar Sunday night. Watch the game Sunday night grab a couple beers for the first time. I’ll face time you guys the final four. I’ll do that when I’m really drunk so I make an a$$ outta myself”
Feeds cut..

5:35 pm
Christmas – I like team sports.. I like to have my team I’m a team Christmas player but this is an individual game that you have to have teammates for but then you have to turn on your teammates. That’s insane that’s bizarre. I’m so grateful I’m in final 4 I cannot really express like I’m really proud of myself. I came in here and saw who was in here and went oh my goodness. theirs some heavy players in here. Dans not here, Pauls not here, Josh is not here, Kaycee is not here whatever like.. doesn’t matter There is still potent and very dangerous players in this game and I am happy to be considered one of them now. I feel like I was definitely overlooked in my last season and understandably so but I hope that you guys as viewers in America view me as the Big Brother player that you guys thought I could be and a bit more. I love this game and I’m not ready for it to end for me yet.

(this conversation with the viewers continues )

6:30 pm

7:00 pm

8:45pm The house guests are lazing around the house. Christmas is reading the bible / sleeping. Cody and Nicole are playing backgammon. Enzo and Christmas are playing chess.

9:35pm – 11:20pm Bathroom. Enzo and Cody. They’re recounting the past events of the season and past seasons. Enzo – you can’t tell me that you and me aren’t going to be sitting in the final two. There is no way!? No way! I don’t give a f**k! There is no way! Cody – everything just worked. Enzo – everything fit together. Enzo, Nicole and Cody head up to the HOH room. Enzo and Cody play chess. The conversation turns to talking about survivor.

11:30pm The house guests head to bed..

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Dropping a Duece in Frisco

We need a Christmas miracle.

Sleepy Laptop Surprise


if Nichoe wins the third part of the final HOH do you think there is a chance she would cut Cody?


I’m very jaded. I think they are planning on splitting the money. I remember some shenanigans between Derrick and Caleb and a truck after season 16. I can’t remember exactly though and I don’t care enough to go find it.


It is within Nicoles Big Brother personality to cut Cody and take Enzo to the final two. Nicole is the queen of bounced checks. Enzo is easier for Nicole to beat (In her head.)

Piece of Schiff

I was surprised how well Cody knew his dates in the veto comp. I think the odds are in his favor for the win but between Cody, Nicole and Enzo I am rooting for Covid.

Fred Sanford

1:00 pm Coins packs

Isnt it funny, that CBS has forced many of us to root for Christmas?

Miss Impression

No it’s not funny.


I do not like any of them. They are the toughest final 4 to watch on liv stream. The lies they tell themselves to justify game moves is annoying as hell. The fakeness of of Nicole is unreal. Enzo is annoying, Christmas is unhinged, and Cody is really into himself. This is one of those Seasons I stopped caring who wins around final 5. I try to watch the feeds but they are boring and annoying as hell.

Piece of Schiff

As if this season wasn’t bad enough now I have to see Da’Vonne, Dani and Kevin again on finale night. This season was a disaster.

Piece of Schiff

We all know it is going to end up Cody winning, Nicole second and Enzo third. What a waste of a season. Grodner and All Stars need to go.


What the hell was that about?? Tonight’s episode was the worst ever. Ridiculous pointless waste of time. Sheesh.

Miss Impression

Dumbest thing ever.


Plus, no offense to women in general, but these 2 (Nic & Xmas) when they win they are “so strong; so smart; such killer comp beasts”…etc & when things don’t go their way….ooohhh, boo hoo hoo freakin’ hoo. Hysterical crying. An embarrassment to all women.


As a woman, it is sickening to me also. There is “using tears” to get ahead…but this ridiculous whiny, petty stuff every single day is nauseating. Grown women, I think not. Give me a Janelle any day!!!


That episode was the the closest example of this production addled season — the luxury competition with comics thing where Nicole won – umm — so who was actually controlling the comics? Weird. And then Xmas crying over Memphis — all this time I thought the reason she cried is b/c the jury player also won money but it was only b/c she didn’t select his comic (slaps head).

Then the POV – At first I thought – oh so we get to see this comp I guess it wasn’t fixed. BUT then we see how it plays out & it looked so fishy.

For example, WHY on earth would Xmas stop so short on the last “X” she got? Every other time she went to within five but on that question when the answer was 41 she stopped at 30 (not even 35) like if that wasn’t a total production set up I’m not sure what was. (double head slap).

Anyway – Xmas is taking big swings on why Cody should keep her. Of course as per typical Nic is mad that she has the audacity to play the game. Credit to Xmas for at least trying (and in truth – she’s right – Cody/Enzo SHOULD take her to F3 b/c neither of them know how close Nic is to the jury).

As it stands it sure looks like Cody is going to keep Nic and I remain convinced he’ll take Enzo if he has the choice AND I also think Nic will cut Cody if she has the choice b/c she’ll need to in order to win. Enzo is the question mark but I think as much as he would want to bring Cody he might clue in that he could beat Nic by making the big move (with Tyler’s words echoing in his ears).

another name

Just like the first episode, where Grinchmas won 5k for losing the comp, we have arbitrary financial gifting again. I guess that was foreshadowing. JUST like the oddness of the comp. Enough questionable activity to raise suspicion, without the glaringliy obvious admission to give us confirmation.

The Beef

At least we found out she didn’t get to “gift” Memphis $10k. That was about the only good news that came out of that stupid, “random winner” luxury comp/no comp.

Lady E

I wished Nicole didn’t “cry” on camera during Ian’s eviction. It was so cringey lol. If Enzo takes her to F2, he would definitely earn the jury’s respect. My concern is the rigged game, so I feel like someone might argue that Enzo was disloyal to Cody, because they had a F2 deal. The logical jury members will always understand that this is a game.


True – but all Enzo would have to do is say by a show of hands how many of you were in an alliance with Cody? Every single one of the jury members would raise their hands Day was in the Slick 6 & David was in the guy’s alliance with him. He could point out he was the ONLY non-Committee member to get to the end.

Followed by – and how many of you had a F2 with him? Memphis, Tyler, Dani, Nic & Kevin (although it was fake) would all raise their hands so Enzo could then say — okay so I was one of six F2’s Cody had in the house & for me to deserve your vote I needed to make a big move & THIS was the biggest move made this season. In addition, he can point out he may have worked to Cody’s desires but also point out by not voting out Nic when Ty/Xmas did he put a spotlight on Ty & by telling Cody about the second WG alliance he put a spotlight on Memphis so in some ways he was more responsible for their evictions than Cody was.

Unfortunately, we’re relying on the Meow Meow making those arguments. But to your point for sure he’d gain Tyler, Memphis & Xmas votes for the move. Dani has always said Cody deserved the win & downplayed Nicole’s role so she might be swayed but I think Kevin, Day & David would also truly value the move and the fact he got to the end which they weren’t able to do would be viewed as a positive.

If Enzo was the one picking & he took Nic the only votes that I think would possibly go her way would be maybe Cody, Dani and Ian, and even then if Ian based his vote on how he said he would then Enzo beats Nic easily.

IMHO, Enzo HAS to win the endurance comp to get to that P3 portion of the comp. I mean at this point it seems like a veritable certainty Cody has won the season & will be the one making the choice of who to take with him. For me the only uncertainty is if he’ll go against everything he said in his GBMs & take Enzo or suddenly shift gears to take his pre-game alliance & whether either Zo/Nic will threaten him with their vote for not taking them since he’s promised it all season.


well said but Enzo is also in multiple alliances. Remember.. Its a big brother and every one lies. Moreover Day and Kevin said, Enzo did not make any good moves, he just tells everyone what they want to hear and they do not like his game play.
So Enzo will lose against anyone but Christmas and he knew it. That’s why, he is pushing Cody to evict Nicole instead of Christmas so that he can team up with Christmas to evict Cody in the end. But we all know that is not going to happen.

This is Cody’s game to lose unless Nicole and Enzo cut him off in the end.

Cody will win against anyone.
Between Nicole and Enzo – Whoever cuts cody in the end they will win.
Christmas will lose against anyone.


That’s valid (all the deals). But the difference between Cody & Enzo is Cody was the one creating the majority of his deals. The prearranged Committee, his prearranged F2s with each of Nicole, Enzo, Dani & Memphis. Then he made his F2 with Tyler once he was in the house. I can’t recall but didn’t Cody create the Slick 6? the Guy’s alliance? and the Core 4? (there were two F4 deals with Cody/Nic/Dani in each – Enzo in one, Ian in one).

What alliances did Enzo CREATE? I can’t recall if it was Enzo, Tyler or Cody who made Triple Thr3at but I guess my point is anyone who approaches you in BB & says let’s make an alliance you simply agree to that or face becoming their target. And I do think it’s a big deal he’s the only non-Committee member & then getting to F3.

As for Day/Kevin not being happy with Enzo’s game moves I think Tyler & Memphis will help his cause since they’ll point to Enzo being the one who shafted Ty/Xmas on the Nic vote & then told on Memphis’ two different WG alliances. That is game management & right or wrong it’s a strategy. Clearly, Enzo’s hope was for Nic to leave this week & for Xmas to be in F3 – that won’t happen as we know & there is the intended plot line of TPTB pushing for Cody/Nic finale but again I’ll point to Cody repeatedly saying in his GBMs that he was with Enzo so if he elects to bring Nic then it looks shady.

I do think Enzo can beat Nicole b/c all he has to say is she is only in the game b/c he elected NOT to evict her in DE & that it had NOTHING to do with her game management but simply b/c his partnerships with Cody/Memphis were stronger. Obviously how he presents his case will matter but Enzo had an impact from early in the game making sure he was safe everywhere whereas all Nic had to do was lie in bed hidden behind Cody, Dani & Ian. She only started to ‘play’ at F5.

IMHO Enzo has a much greater story to tell about his path to a F2 chair than she does & short of her being the one to cut Cody I doubt she would garner the votes needed against Enzo. Many are saying Enzo might get toasted for cutting Cody but again IMHO Nic would get hit harder since he’s the sole reason she got this far in the game. In fact, it would give Enzo a reason to cut Cody — “I aligned with you on every vote b/c I thought it was to better our path to the end but the one time I asked you to do something for me & stick with taking out the harder opponent you elected to keep Nic so since you valued her over me I guess you won’t mind me taking her to F2” (mic drop)

The Beef

I feel the need to chime in and agree with you here, especially about that veto comp last night. Let’s assume that everyone knows the dates equally, which might not be a fair assumption, but let’s do it anyway. Those hamster wheels appeared to be fairly heavy, giving a HUGE advantage to the men in both starting and stopping them, as they are clearly bigger (more weight) and stronger than the ladies are. In fact, there were at least two times and maybe more when Nicole was ahead of Cody, couldn’t stop the wheel in time, and ended up going over and had to start over. Pretty clear to me this was a big advantage for the male competitors, and why do that NOW at such a critical point in the game? Maybe because they wanted Cody to win?

If you want to have a fair game, you’ve got to come up with competitions that are fair for everybody. In this case, the size of the wheels should have been adjusted somehow to offset the weight and strength advantage the men obviously had over the ladies, or maybe just play that comp earlier when it wasn’t nearly as critical. I personally think Nicole got screwed big time on this one, and I’m not ashamed to say it. Without his advantage in size and strength, I think she beats Cody on that comp – hands down.


That Pregame Alliance is the only reason they didn’t take Nicole out in the triple, which would’ve been the first & only big move of the season. Well at least Cody will be able to afford that 3k to her wedding with that 500k tho LOL


I’m sure they are actually splitting the money.


I so wish cameras would be on whiney Nicole when she finds out the loss of her sponsors……I would even pay to see her avalanche of tears over that news lol.


Im sure she will do a YouTube or Instagram video of her “apology”.

I Bite

Anyone know what is going on with the lower part of Xmas’ face? I noticed early on that at times, her cheeks look like they are hanging low below her mouth. And her mouth gets an odd look to it too by that area, as well. Now in the photo above she also has that excess saggy skin look.

Did she have some injections gone wrong? I’ve never seen skin do this on a young person.

Just puzzled by the physical mechanics.


Probably a side effect of all her crying and whining!


that was horrible! This season was a disaster! Hope next season isn’t the played the same way. I also hate the way Nicole talks out loud for the cameras!


I want a purely newbie season… no All Stars, No Veterans etc… I really do not enjoy them. The other problem is when houseguests return it is generally ones I never liked. TBH Brittany Haynes and Paul A are probably my favorites to return….I missed having Paul on this Season. I didn’t really need to see most of them again.


But the Battle of the Block was a fan favorite!


Yess i loved Brittany!!


Kaysar already said it long before….I’m pretty sure that Janelle also told people.


I suggest for all of our entertainment you write your own script for them, how about Cody votes out Nicole then xmas wins the final and boots out Cody


I don’t really want anyone left to win but at this point the most satisfying out come for me is

3rd – Nicole -cause she’s a terrible player and should not be this far in the game.
2nd – Cody – just cause I wanna see the look on his face when he realizes he’s no Derrick.
1st – Enzo – out of the trash people left he’s 15% less trash.


Yo Yo Meow for the win!


Just let this insane season be over. Dont care who wins – none of remaining 4 deserve squat! BB Allstars was a major flop!


will we see the endurance comp tonight on feeds?


Can we add something to your request? During the physical endurance comp, they be forced to watch political ads and debates


So is this season…and they need to watch the Star Wars Christmas Special on repeat…