PART 1 Of 3 HOH Winner: NICOLE! “A girl won the 1st part HOH! I’m as shocked as you are!”

PART 2 HOH: Cody Vs Enzo
PART 3 HOH: Nicole Vs ? (Part 2 Winner)

10:36pm – 11:10pm The live feeds return. Enzo talks about how the spinning really got to him. That moon made fall into sit down. Cody – hitting that thing spinning 180 miles an hour every single time .. why is he just grazing it and I am getting dragged by this thing. Enzo – what was that thirty? Thirty five minutes!? Cody leaves to shower. Enzo to himself – That’s it! I have to move to comp two! Enzo – This is it. This is my destiny now. This is my fate. I’ve got to beat Cody. Enzo leaves to shower next.

Nicole to the cameras in the kitchen – A girl won the 1st part HOH! I’m as shocked as you are! Cody comes back to eat with Nicole. They chat about the comp. Cody – you won the first HOH. If I was in your spot I would be f**king hyped! They continue talking about the comp. Nicole – the feeders are shook! There is no way I would have won that. Cody – well you just did!

11:40pm The final 3 are sitting around the kitchen table talking about the HOH comp. Cody – all the moon did was propel me into the wall. Enzo – I hate ropes! F**k that sh*t yo! The only comp I hate this year was this scary go round. Cody – that was brutal. That was not what I though! The f**king MOON! I want to spear it down. Enzo – I just hated that comp all the way around. The best part of that comp was laying in the dirt and coming up and doing zombie sh*t. Everything else sucked! Once I saw it I was like I don’t have a shot in hell.

11:50pm Kitchen. Enzo talking to himself.
Enzo – f**k man. Whatever YO! I’m f**king tired yo! I am ready to get on a flight and go F**king home. I’m f**king tired man. This sh*t is too long Yo! Too Long! Cody joins Enzo. Enzo – I am f**king exhausted. Plus getting sick (spinning around in the HOH comp) f**ked me up. Seeing the kids today too .. today was a sh*tty day man. Cody – what do you mean ..seeing the kids was a great thing! Enzo – yeah it was a great thing but it kind of f**ked me up too. Cody – it did? Enzo – yeah because I just want to get the f**k out of here now. Cody – right.

12:09am Bedroom. Enzo talking to himself.
Enzo – Oh my god! My season is over! If I don’t win this comp.. its done! Sh*t! I don’t want to talk to anybody after this. I just want to go f**king home! Seeing my kids f**ked me up! F**K! He starts studying the days / events of the season. F**k I am in trouble.

12:36 am Chit chat..
They talk about Victor in his “montage” during the show today.
Nicole – he looked terrible
Cody – ohh shit
Enzo – yeah he was missing you
Nicole – he looked sad but I always think that. My parents would look sad too and they told me they weren’t. Christie didn’t look sad (Cody’s GF)
Cody – yeah Christie looked happy that I was gone.
Cody goes on being sarcastic about how happy she was he was gone.
Cody – she’s probably getting sad that I’m coming back.
Enzo says his kids looked like they didn’t want to do the video.
They laugh.

Nicole – Vic has been on this show before so he knows what he should or shouldn’t do and he still does it.
Cody – what he do
Nicole – he knows I’m going to disect.. this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. what is?
Cody – not having you with him

2:26 am Chit chat about jury votes.
Nicole – there’s nothing I’m worried about coming out at all but if someone wants to sabotage someone in jury they can totally do that
Enzo – yeah
Nicole – for sure.. nobody did that on our season everyone was cool

Nicole goes over the tough questions in BB18 “I was very nonchalant and giddy I thought it was so cool I was in the final 2 I didn’t overthink I was that nervous it was so weird”
Nicole – I didn’t sit on the block until final 4 so I thought that was a big thing
Nicole – Paul made me seem small
Enzo – in his speech?
Paul – a little bit.. not bad but I was like OKay ..

Nicole says Paul told James something when he was evicted that made James not vote for Nicole “And it was a lie that’s how smart Paul was”

3:00 am Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

8:57 am sleeping yo

9:52 am Lights on everyone sleeping.

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Lady E

Damn it lol. Enzo didn’t want to blindside/upset Cody, so he kept a former winner in the house. Admire the loyalty, but hate the stupidity

al spath

It’s like Cody taking Derrick, Nicole won’t and should not take Cody if she wins HOH final. She wins over Enzo in a near sweep, Cody will get Dani’s and other competitors votes.

Jessica Ruiz

I don’t think she will cut Cody, and for that she will loose bc the jury will not voy for a winner to win again.

The Beef

They won’t vote for her over Cody, not because she’s a former winner, but because Cody deserves to beat her ass! Even if she wins the final HOH, it will be 7 comp wins to 3. He will have made every single critical decision in that house as to who to eliminate except for the last one, and then she makes the WRONG decision and chooses to bring him to final 2 over Enzo? How stupid a decision that would be! If she makes that one, she deserves to lose for that decision alone!

Her only chance to win is to win part 3, cut Cody and go against Enzo. Then she has a decent chance to get the jury votes because she’s the one that got Cody out, and that’s the only reason she has a shot.


gosh why did nicole have to win!


Cuz she’s the GOAT.

Where’s Janelle

Nicole has done a great job at playing Big Brother. She has long proven that her win in BB 18 wasn’t a fluke.


Attaching yourself to a dudebro man is the only way a woman can win BB these days… any independent thinkners or underdogs get crushed early bt the dudelliance.


Ummm Kaycee?


Yes, Kaycee included, thank you for participating.

another name

only things I took note of:
Nicf and Cody discuss how the comp rules had been changed in regard to taking feet off of the pedestal. The part where the guys are saying her rope didn’t spin as much or as hard? Possible, and even feasible, but it’s coming from two egomaniacal about physical comp guys that lost to Nicf in a physical endurance comp… it’s also possible they are making excuses for their bruised egos.
Part two of HOH is usually events of season in order, a mixture of knowledge with a physical component. Cody beats Enzo in both physical ability and season knowledge in just about every situation. It shouldn’t even be close.
So, if you are as tinfoil hat as me, why would it be a production boon to have Nicf win part one of HOH? a) gives her a moment in the sun in the final week. b) heightens fan excitement that Cody didn’t win, so there is a chance he doesn’t make the final 2 easily.
c) gives Cody a reason to cut Nicf instead of Enzo in the end. If he wins no comps in the final HOH, and over half the jury weigh comps as being a large factor in the decision, cutting Nicf at final 3 gives Cody the easier win against Enzo. So Nicf winning the first part of the final HOH can be used as a viable reason to cut her in finals in some storyline writer’s meeting.


Omg yes. That’s dead on!!!!

All Stars???

”If he wins no comps in the final HOH” as you state, then he doesn’t get to cut anybody.

another name

The “he” in that was enzo. not cody. Sorry for the grammatical confusion.

If enzo loses part one and part two he becomes the victoria in this situation. for cody’s redemption arc, taking the victoria (someone that made foolish moves for his own game, but good for the game of others when he had the power to make moves, and only won comps based on chance, others throwing, or bending the rules, but considers himself a comp beast) would redeem him. In his redemption arc to the win, cody must cut the one he is most loyal to, and take the supposedly easier win to the end.

Even if cody has a bond to enzo, and the episodes push that bro bond as being greater than his bond to nicf, who are we trying to kid…. he’s made moves in the game in protection of nicf, while he has made moves in the game to get enzo to protect cody himself thereby showing his heirarchy of need.

Here is the problem with the in-house thought process: Is Enzo the easier win?

Tbh, the entire season has been a love letter to season 16 enacted in the production mode of season 18 from crazed stalker Grod fulfilling her masturbatory fantasy of an underwear model winning the season and becoming a posterboy… so it matters not who cody takes to the end, there will be bonus dollars flowing for everyone that votes however production wants them to vote.
We know tptb have a thing for nicf and cody. We know tptb have a thing for season 16 (they give the season 16 episodes to every new houseguest as their sample season of how they want people to play). We more than suspect the first episode hoh was tampered if not outright rigged (from our own eyes and later comments in the house from Ian, Kevin, and Grinchmas on feeds). We know there was a production house meeting during a feed outage about the wall yellers, and the effect of said meeting altered how multiple houseguests were playing / failing to play. We know they’ve been wanting to set up a season 16 finals by the amount of d/r (voice of the storyline) segments given to nicf and cody (both are near 200 d/r clips now).

I originally thought the storyline was calling for the clash of the sidekicks… but Memphis failed to really get a lot of d/r inclusion. He got plenty of chen praise, but had little to do with the actual storyline promotion in the d/r. I then briefly went on about a clash of the second placers between Cody and Tyler, until Tyler wanted to quit, and I knew that storyline would cease to be. For a while I thought the triangle of pre-alliance would be the final 3… but that would mean there would be nobody in jury pushing for the pre-alliance and production outcome, so Dani’s ticket would get punched. Then I returned to the Memphis Cody idea, because the d/r and storyline dept was pushing the committee so much that the houseguests relented and went all in on the backup alliance as the primary alliance. However, Memphis again failed to become a storyline voice, so he would be gone. This led me to the Nicf, Enzo, Cody final we are seeing (that I have been pondering since the triple) because that story was getting so much prominence. We know Enzo is a good little production note follower, and we know that both cody and nicole had neither problem nor qualm about going to d/r to speak to a producer and make threats (both have mentioned doing so on feeds). Pretty comfortable in your storyline position if you feel empowered to go to production to make threats… so I guess we know what’s up with that.


Sounds like this comp was geared to the lightest of the trio – – (ie Nicole) since the weight of the men sped up how fast they spun and how hard they hit the wall. Cue TPTB clearly geared this comp for Nicole to win. UGH

The few takeaways we’re getting is

  1. Cody got to pick his rope first (& must’ve forgot which rope TPTB told him to pick)
  2. they CHANGED the rules to allow their feet to come off b/c Cody’s feet came off in the first pass (cheater cheater TPTB-eaters)
  3. Cody is pissed at the comp & “how unfair it seemingly was for the guys” (excuse me while I laugh at that irony – – since that’s how everyone else playing this season felt about his advantages throughout the entire game & all of the viewers feel via this spoon fed sh*tty season).

Sucks *ss that she won b/c now Enzo has virtually no shot of participating in P3 since Cody will win P2. He knows his info better, is more physical & even if Enzo wins convincingly TPTB won’t ever ALLOW him to win even if he has a better time than Cody.

I don’t know why I’m surprised —- week after week I come back forgetting the definition of insanity (READ: doing the same thing over and over – expecting a different result) to this sh*tty season hoping & praying for something different to happen but it’s still the same pre-planned crap. What can I say – I’m a glutten for punishment. I guess a leopard (me) can’t change her spots so now I’ll cling to the hope Enzo does the unthinkable & TPTB suffer an anueryism to allow his win, OR Nicole suffers some form of over confidence & in her sleep walks out the front door visualizing her win resulting in her disqualification OR she wins P3 & the jury STILL picks Enzo over her.

BUT I’ll come back to earth knowing it’s going to be Cody/Nicole in those two chairs & have to be satisfied by the one thing that can still happen which is Janelle winning AFP with Kaysar and Keesha or one of the other pre-jurors being the top three vote getters just so ALL the jury/winners & TPTB get to feel our angst, pain and annoyance at the worst Big Brother season EVER!

P.S. — WORST — is now we’ll have to listen to coin slots brag about what a great player she is & how she’s going to be the best BB winner of all time – just shoot me now. FFS UGH


Don’t shoot BB not worth it anymore.

Nicole…yech, watch the backstabbing beech( Janelle,Ian, Da’Vonne, Dani…etc)
drop Cody and take Enzo to F2 if she wins Part 3.
When this BB season over, its forgotten.


Bingo, but nevermind, let the Muppet masters behind the BB curtain have a little fun trying to make it a grande finale.

I’m really looking forward to the finale and the excitement of a live cardboard cutout audience with voice over cheers from last season. All this for a flu virus that has a 99.87% “survival rate”. Hopefully next season we can have Julie wear the mask instead of the contestants coming out of the house quarantine.



Right, WHY do they wear the mask, but she doesn’t?? Both should be!


It would be crazy if Enzo is able to beat Cody in part 2. Odds are probably a million to one but hey there’s a chance. Who knows maybe it will be a puzzle he can figure out. I want Cody to win out of the 3 but just saying. If Nicole or Enzo are able to win this last HOH whoever cuts Cody will win the game if they can actually do it that’s what the jury seems to want a big move.


Joops, meant to put my comment here. Well CBS it’s working out the way you planned. Your favorite “Nicole” won the first part HOH; lol. The comp was actually in Nicole’s season, and she stated she liked it. I can’t recall if she played. And if I’m not mistaking, It also happens to be the one comp that Enzo& Cody mentioned they did not want.
This season is trash.
But hey, we all expected the expected!!!!
BTW: Nicole has to be 50 years old; at least.


Did anyone see a post someone created with the final four, when it was four houseguest; as the Wizard of Oz. It was..
Xmas as the Scarecrow; the scarecrow needed a brain.
Cody was the Tin Man, who wanted a heart.
And of course Enzo was the Cowardly Lion; who desperately needed courage.
And of course Nicole was the innocent little dorothy, but they should’ve put her head on the Wicked Witch of the West.
The post was funny.


Well, Enzo you put yourself in that situation, so there’s nobody to blame but yourself. UNLESS you pull out a miraculous win in part 2 and beat Nicole in part 3, only to take her to the final 2 because you took out Cody.

If Cody just ends up making it to final 2 regardless, his chances of winning are 90%.

But, I pity the fool that would take a “returning winner” to the end only to lose to her in the final 2. If it ends up being Cody and Nicole competing against each other in the 3rd part HOH, which I’m sure it will be, she will probably beat him. She would NEED to guarantee herself 1st place by taking out Cody. If she decides to keep Cody and take him to the end, maybe just maybe, if she sincerely apologizes to Da’Vonne, she could possibly get her vote. Forget Tyler, Memphis, and Dani, she needs Ian, David, Kevin, and Da’Vonne would be the swing vote…..again.

The Beef

If she wins and decides to go to the end with Cody, Tyler, Memphis, Christmas, Dani and Enzo are guaranteed votes for Cody. That’s five and that’s enough. Not saying he won’t get more than that because I do believe David’s vote is still in play. Kevin isn’t voting for Cody and he’s said as much. Ian is Nicole’s friend, and he may use her winning the final HOH as a reason to vote for her. Da’Vonne, I think, still votes for Nicole because she is female, even though she backstabbed her again, but I could be wrong about that.

But it doesn’t matter, because Cody still has those five votes (IMHO), and that’s all he needs. That’s why I don’t think she will take him IF she wins the final HOH. She’s smart enough to figure this out, and she’ll end up taking Enzo and hoping that Cody will still vote for her.

Ministry of Truth Secretary

A couple of thoughts here:

1) Why does one have to join CBS All Access to vote for AFP? One used to be able to vote without having to join anything. Just another way for CBS to rip off viewers.

2) Masks don’t protect one from someone else’s germs. Masks protect others from the germs of the persons wearing them, so…the people who get evicted have been safe from infection, so they couldn’t possibly give Chenbot the covid. Chenbot could give the covid to the contestants. Has Chenbot been tested? If not, she should be. If she has, then there is NO need for evicted houseguests to wear a mask or social distance. They can’t give Chenbot a disease they don’t have.

3) Why does Enzo blame his horrendous comp play on seeing his kids? What a weak man he is. He has been a terrible comp player all season, and when push comes to shove, and he can’t perform, he blames his kids! What a weasel, YO! Don’t you want to win the “cheese” for your kids, YO? Then don’t say you’re “too tired” or “this s**t is too long” or “I just want to get out of here” YO! You are weak, and I can’t believe you blame seeing your kids on your inability to win a comp. YO. YO. YO. (You are a yo-yo.)

4) If stupid a$$ “Coin Slot” wins, I will throw something–HARD–at the wall!! Her sanctimonious ways are worse than all the other houseguests’ foibles put together!!

5) With all the crap on BB, thank goodness for college football. LOL


I just voted by signing up to cbs and ignored the CBS all access crap


Right on. NCAA football is the only thing keepin me sane. :p


Log into CBS. Then find BB. Every time you vote it tries to get you to sign up for All Access. But hit the back button up top, and it will allow you to vote again, up to 10 times. Mine went to Janelle to show the TPTB what we think of this season, and because she played the game while she was in the house and was up against pre-game alliances and the 1st comp was rigged.

Dropping a Deuce in Frisco

I don’t like her but give her credit. Nicole has stepped up her game here at the end.


Did she? Or did production tell her it’s time for them to get her a comp win?


The greatness about Nicole‘s game is that it doesn’t matter who wins the competitions her goal gets met.
Typically does it with getting no blood on her hands. That is a huge deal and why even if she doesn’t win a competition aka final 4 vetos season 18 and 22 she still is able to get the person in power to see why it’s in there benefit to keep her. It still is Unfathomable that she stayed against David especially in the last week when you consider how Enzo has been completely regretting the vote in that he didn’t keep David! It was their chance to take Nicole out the house in particular Enzo didn’t take it to take out a former winner against a player who got 16th Place the year before!?
Point being is that when Nicole is not in a position a power things are still able to go her way to where she not only stays past eviction but she can position herself with better outcomes in the game moving forward to where the target gets placed on another player. Tyler, Memphis, And Christmas all going out in succession after they put Nicole in harms way to be evicted against David in the triple eviction is a clear example of that. It is completely true that once Tyler and Christmas exposed themselves getting rid of Nicole because they were fighting an uphill battle with their games as far as their position in the house because they lost their leverage in deals they could make; Nicole could have promised them anything and lied moving forward without her game being affected since they voted her out of the house already.

Not to mention the houseguest Kevin Davonne and David who Nicole had to do the face to face dirty work lying to to their face about the Ian vote.
Nicole put herself out there to be targeted by them for the Ian vote in yet all those houseguest got evicted in succession even with Nicole being on the block against David. It was a great lie and well played by Nicole since she was doing the work face to face giving them (Kevin, Davonne, And David) a false sense of hope to keep Ian and she was able to convince Davonne about being sketchy with David because David just lied blantlantly about his Disruptor power not even a week before! That is well played an incredible job by Nicole though people argue it was Dani’s plan, and you can give Dani credit for Conceiving the plan.
However Nicole‘s still deserves credit because she executed the PLAN!
Nicole still deserves a great deal of credit since she was the one who had to do the work and engaging them (Kevin, Davonne, And David) talking about what’s going on to keep them at calm and at bay; that is impressive and great strategy considering the circumstances how David sketched players out (Davonne & Kevin).
A lot of Fans do not like Nicole, but it’s undeniable how successful she has played these last couple of seasons. It fair to say she is a great player and has shown through her gameplay that she is an all star player.


It really helps when production tells people not to target her or to work with her.


I think you are one of a select few that applaud whiney Nicole’s play. She is nothing more than a shadow. She hangs on to others coat tails (usually a male) and rides thru the season. Absolutely production has helped her as well. Nicole is as smart as a rock. Her shameful behaviour cost her her sponsors why oh why would BB reward her $500,000? Her actions speak volumes – she should not be the last standing. Shame on BB for allowing her to stay in the game after her insensitive, appalling behaviour toward a castmate and her so called friend.

BBAS2 baby

Hahahaha one of the guys (or both) will finally be sitting on that block chair after the third hoh


Once again whiney is handed the win. And Enzo’s unending excuses for his lack of endurance was comical. Enzo left out he was constipated as another lame excuse. Round 2 winner will be Cody and final pair will be Cody and Nicole as revealed to viewers from the get go & confirmed by wall yeller. Good riddance to the dismal BB Allstar season. Lacklustre, boring and unwatchable.

BiBiFan 2020

Enjoy third place Enzo!

All Stars???


One Opinion

So if Nicole wins the 3rd comp and takes Enzo to the final 2, she has a good chance of winning this season. That will mean she has spent more days in the Big Brother house than anybody ever, and could possibly be the first ever 2 time winner of the show. With these figures, that will put Nicole up there as one of the best BB players of all time. That is really hard to believe.

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

Treachery………………..Nicole is thy name!


Do I have your assurance on that ?

Absolutely voting Janelle for America’s Favorite !

OG watcher no more

Ugh! Are these two guys really that stupid?? This is EXACTLY what she’s done every season-who on earth would take a previous winner to the end?!!! And did you hear her “congratulations Nicole” she is so full of herself it makes me sick. I’m an OG watcher, actually decided to stop watching last year because it’s just so predictable and lame, but thought I would give an all star season a chance-boring. Thank you for your updates on here-I’m not gonna even bother watching the last few-I’ll just read online…cannot stomach whiny Nicole for another minute-dumb, dumb, dumb…


What was the comp giving hand job.s

Most likely



I could be wrong, but I don’t see the jury picking Nicole to win again if she is in F2.

another name

The votes Nicf can count on in jury: Ian and Kevin. That’s her only two votes that can be checked off on the list.
The votes Enzo and Cody believe she has: Ian, Kevin, Dani and Da’vonne… maybe Tyler because they think Tyler will be against them. Maybe David.

The votes Nicf has on her wish list: Ian, Kevin, Davonne, Dani, Christmas, David and if Cody wins final three and cuts Enzo… a bitter Enzo.

The Beef

That may be her wish list, but I don’t see Christmas voting for her against Cody, nor will Dani. I don’t think Enzo will either considering everything he’s said about people already winning once winning it a second time, and didn’t he vote for Hayden even after he cut him in his first season? No, Enzo will vote for Cody. I see her getting at most 4 votes, and that’s if she gets both Da’Vonne and David’s vote.

another name

I still say she’d get Ian and Kevin.
Everything else is poor social reading on the part of each of the final 3. It’s like they never even got to know their jurors to be making such assumptions.

The Beef

And I’m pretty much agreeing with you. The four she has a chance with against Cody are Ian and Kevin (the two locks) and possibly Da’Vonne and David. That’s four and that’s the only four I think she has a chance to get against Cody, and she may not get David or Da’Vonne. Depends on how bad Day’s feelings are hurt and possibly who wins the final HOH.


Honestly, I do not see what all of the hype is over Janelle this season. Yes I too love her however, she was very overrated this season and did not live up to her past potential in saving herself when it mattered most. Is she worthy of favorite houseguest, to some yes, but I’m not sure why when she did absolutely nothing this season. I will not vote for someone solely to upset “Nicole” . Nicole knows that Jannie was already a favorite before the season even started so it won’t make a difference if she wins again or not. Nicole is focused on the final win, and if she wins twice, she will have bragging rights, something Janelle could never do. Again, I say Nicole is not fazed by Janelle winning AFH when she can hold her up $500K if she wins, so let’s give to someone who truly deserves it.


My hope for the week is that Enzo wins part 2 and him and Nicole make a final 2. And whoever wins cuts Cody and wins 500,000. But my biggest fear is Enzo wins Part 2 and either one wins and keeps Cody. So either way im excited to see how this season ends


Can someone explain the comics competition? I don’t get it. The houseguests just watched? Or were they participating somehow? Bizarre.

I Bite

They were watching. It was a random win.

Laura Johnston

Wow people are bitter in here lol. Kudos to Nicole for winning and making the boys butt hurt!


I hope Nicole doesn’t win again. She is a damn floater the whole freakin’ game until the end. Now she starts playing. Janelle was right about her!


Nicole F > Janelle (it’s the truth & Janelle can stand this)


classic cbs setting it up for nicole.