Big Brother 22 All-Stars week 10 review and eviction results

After Tyler’s eviction, Nicole won the head of household. Goes on to nominate Memphis and Christmas. She then wins the Power of Veto, doesn’t use it. Memphis is her target. From the sounds of it, Memphis is going to be evicted.
Two weeks remain in this godawful season then we can get back to purging its memory with Kraken. (Fun fact the veto has only been used once this season)

Jury house talks about who is left in the game. Dani is vocal about Cody being the winner this season

Da’Vonne brings up Black lives matter..
Tyler – I was dead serious.

Jury gets to see their loved ones. (Dani cries because the video isn’t from Cody. real cold of CBS)

Eviction Results

Cody votes to Evict Memphis
Enzo Votes to Evict Memphis

Memphis Evicted..

Knight moves HOH

Kaysar gets to show off the HOH with some clips from BB6

6:03 pm Feeds on pound puppies. They’ll probably be back at 9.

7:26 pm no feeds

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What a very touching and heartfelt messages from the juries family. Thanks BB—-


Just finished watching the veto show my my Coins and Cody with the lowest times . Surprise surprise not.

Yellow Ducky For The Win

Enzo having no idea how to play Knight Moves was priceless.


The Powers That Be (TPTB) finally got something right recognizing fans prefer the jury to the current house guests by showing their family videos instead.

And like I said on the previous page even though it would’ve been good for Enzo to force Nic to get blood on her hands he also smartly recognized if Nic/Cody were going to keep Xmas anyway it probably didn’t do as much to help him in F4. As Cody said on tonight’s show it would’ve pissed off Nic & that move although good to hurt her also could POTENTIALLY hurt Enzo b/c what if Xmas or Nic are the ones making the eviction decision? All they would need is the fact Enzo voted her out (Xmas) or in Nic’s case put her in the situation to break a tie. So as much as I wanted him to do it the truth was this was the right decision for him.

I’m pulling for Enzo to win HOH — just b/c my lone remaining hope is for him to get to F3 & CUT CODY by winning the F2 HOH

I mean I hate that Cody got gifted the season, I can’t stand Nicole. And fwiw I was a fan in her first season but after her gifted win in her 2nd season & HOW she played in that & this season I have ZERO respect for her game (or her as an individual). Xmas — meh – I’m not as negative on her as most but I’m also not a fan.

That said — seeing the comp is Knight Moves it’s tailor made for a Cody win because he’s a chess player. I think they all play but I can’t recall anyone being really good at chess other than Ian (who would’ve smoked everyone). Kaysar, Janie & Tyler were also chess players but no one left in the house is except Cody (I’m pretty sure). So essentially this HOH is tailor made for a Cody win but I’m still going to hope Enzo shocks & wins.

So NOT surprising TPTB would give Cody the best shot to win (WHY or WHY can’t we have nice things?) UGH

Lady E

I was also a fan of Nicole on her first season, but I wonder if getting backstabbed by Christine made her change.

another name

Who remembers the original veto comp from season 6, Week three?
How it was won: four people in one alliance picked off the two nominees by joining forces to surround and take out the movement options of the two nominees.
Who cares? If that’s the comp for the HOH, then two people teaming up to take out the third would be the strategic move.
Playing this as a final 4 hoh, if it is played by the same parameters as Kaysar’s original seaon is the latest rig, because it ensures a production determined outcome when there are only 3 players. Enzo and Cody team up, take Christmas out. The only problem I’m aware of: I don’t think Enzo knows how to play chess. Actually, I’m not sure if any of the three know how. So It will be like if the comp was played with just April, Yvette, and Howie.

another name

Oh, wait, the chess board came out last night between Enzo and Cody. Go figure.


Does anyone else agree that these tv episodes are sloppy & lazy? Exact same situations/scenarios played over & over & over….reruns of previously aired chit-chat (we’ve had to endure that damn “wise guys” scene at least 3X now.) So, not only crappy rookie players, but also crappy rookie repetitious clips. Yaaaawwwnnn. Also noticing excessive Nicole alternately smirking/flirting. Her arms must be tired from patting herself on the back. UGH! Bring on the Kracken, please. Just damn.

The Beef

Isn’t that amazing how those two just happened to play a game JUST last night? Laffo! I would think production would be a little less obvious with their help than that! That’s just pitiful – “Hey Cody! Might be a good idea to teach Enzo how to play chess tonight! Why? Oh, no reason! Just do it! Okay! Bye!”


If i remember correctly you don’t really need to know how to play chess. It was the movement of the Knight, an L shape. I don’t think Enzo/Cody realize they’d have to box her in to eliminate her. Maybe Cody will figure it out but there’s no way Enzo does.


To Another Name’s point– ironic Cody/Enzo played chess last night — cue the DR hinting to them.

And yes- it’s just the knight (L movement). Cody did play this season so he does know how. And if the DR cued them in no doubt the duo will go in a room & figure out they need to trap Xmas to get her out first.

I did also wonder at the time if it was possible they were throwing them a curve ball and that actual comp wouldn’t be “Knight Moves” and instead would be about what Kaysar said & what was visually on the screen. But it makes no sense for them to do that given TPTB want Xmas NOT to win & then will also likely do a timed POV to ensure anyone but Xmas wins POV

another name

true enough, the 2×3 movement in any direction is what they have to grasp.
at the same time, isn’t it an odd season placement for this particular comp?
Realistically this seems like the hoh they would have done after the triple when there were more players. Doing it when only 3 will play is most definitely a set up.

Tom is a Canuck

Seems like Cody would have thrown that to Enzo. Hard to believe Enzo won that on his own.

another name

If i heard correctly, Cody told Nicf he threw it to Enzo. Right before she started kvetching about how Enzo had offended her today, and as a result she’d choose Christmas over Enzo to go to finals with.

The Beef

It’s actually a 2×1 movement, but the concept is the same and the important thing here is that it was two against one, and they knew that! Christmas had no chance going against two players who obviously were going to team up against her and eliminate her first, and then go from there. It would have been a good comp with maybe five or six players, like a standard veto comp, but not an HOH comp at this point in the game, and especially with known alliances in play.

another name

when i was taught chess many years ago, we were taught to count beginning position. So yeah.

Memphis and Christmas had electricity, but there is no way they would make it in the outside.

another name

We could give them each a taser and let karma decide.

Reverend Fraud Alerti

No autism movements or gestures from Ian was quite puzzling. It’s a miracle!


That’s a clueless comment. He doesn’t have advanced Parkinsons, or Cerebral Palsy.


He has some Ravenous symptoms highlighted by his did you know I’m autistic blues.


Stress can exacerbate the tics of those with autism. Lack of serious stressors in his daily life may allow him to function more normally and make the rocking or other soothing motions unnecessary.


I believe he said his form of autism is the type that makes you smarter than average at the expense of issues w/social cues (aspergers)–i suspect after spending all that time in the jury house with morons like da’vonne, the guy that followed her (whathisname), etc, he’s been ‘cured’ now and is probably just struggling to function at a ‘normal’ level.


You do realize people on the spectrum do not always need their coping mechanisms? He’s probably less stressed or anxious.


All that stress he had sitting alone on a hammock. *cough* People don’t fake things for attention or money.

Lady E

Exactly, he does not have to scheme and play the game. The jury house usually seems like paradise lol.

BBAS2 baby

The look on Christmas’ face at the end of the live show really spoke volumes… I think she knows she’s screwed

Disappointed but not surprised that production brings back a comp where a pair can easily team up to take out the 3rd person this late in the game

Tom is a Canuck

Production so blatant.


Enzo wins HOH. You’re welcome. Why does anyone come to this site?

Lady E

Because I like to read lol. Thank you, Simon & Dawg!


Enzo won HOH!!!