Big Brother 22 HOH Winner! “I have to fight for my life YO! That is it!”

Head of Household Winner – ENZO
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
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9:18pm – 9:45pmThe live feeds return. In the bedroom Enzo has the HOH key around his neck and is looking at the photos from the photo wall. Enzo – I know what I have to do .. I have to win out.. because I am not going to get Christmas and Cody .. there is no way. I have to win out. I have to win out and that is it! Then endurance I have to fight for my life you know!? The key to that is I have to win the endurance. I have to fight for my life yo! That is it! NO I sealed your friends fate! No I sealed your friends fate! Enzo gets up and leaves the room.

Meanwhile in the kitchen – Christmas is alone staring at the memory wall. Christmas heads to bed to read the bible. Cody is asleep in the other bedroom.

9:45pm Bedroom. Enzo – Cody wants Christmas out. I want Christmas in! Gonna have to see what happens on Saturday. I don’t give a f**k about nominations! It don’t matter! I have to win out in the final 3! I have to!

10:13pm – 10:40pm Bedroom. Nicole and Cody.
Nicole – I feel like I am about to lose my mind. Cody – why? Nicole – because I am so annoyed! Cody – why are you so annoyed? Nicole – I don’t know. I think because I hated watching that HOH comp. I cannot stress to you how much I hated that. Cody – why? Nicole – it was just really hard to watch. Cody – oh yeah and stressful? Nicole – No, yes but! I don’t know.. and then the fact that she thinks she is so close to Enzo to tell him to go after you .. and then she already said who she would put up. She is obviously closest to Enzo in this house. Cody – she is close to nobody! She is not close to anybody. She jumps around. She is just .. she literally jumps and tried a whole week to try and get me out. And now it is just going to transfer to him (Cody) and he has no power. It just goes to show .. how do you go and run to him just because he won HOH and say that Cody needs to go this week. Nicole – and Nicole she is saying. Cody – yeah but..
Nicole – she is trying to make sure she stays off the block. Cody – she is completely predictable. Nicole – I have a headache and a short fuse today! Cody – he (Enzo) won because I threw it to him. Nicole – he showed me his true colors today .. and I don’t trust him. What he did to you! F – THAT! I would never have did that to you. NEVER EVER EVER EVER! And I am still angry about it. Cody – is that what you said in there (DR)? Nicole – yes. Cody – who I am in this game .. I don’t just do for me. Nicole – no, no you don’t. Cody – if I go home this week it will be because of that. Nicole – it is very obvious what you did. It is very obvious that you took one for the team. And it just made me like .. really fired up and pissed! That was the hardest comp I have ever had to watch. Like that was so SELFISH! I guess we’re all playing an individual game so I need to have a mindset of an individual but I know how much you have done for him in this game. So it BUGS ME! Cody – I know. Nicole – and I don’t know if he is secretly hoping you and I get clipped. He was trying not to piss her off in that Competition. He does not care if one of us get cut. It is better for his game if one of us get cut.

11pm – 11:10pm Bedroom. Cody to Nicole – just know if I get clipped and you’re in the final 2 .. you are 1 million percent getting my vote. Nicole – same. You’ll get a lot but at least I’ll get one. Enzo joins them. Enzo – I wish we could just do the POV comp right now.. its driving me insane. Cody – that’s why I think I am just going to try and sleep all day tomorrow. Enzo – dude .. she is already asking me who I am going to put on the f**king block. Didn’t I say out there .. it doesn’t matter who goes on the block its about who wins the POV? Like enough!!! Nicole – oh she is not going to stop. Enzo – she won’t stop! I am just going to be like Cody has won the most and never put me on the block. They talk about the comp. Christmas comes back from the diary room.

12:11am Big Brother finally calls Enzo to the diary room. When he comes out he will get his HOH room.

12:40am Enzo is still not out of the diary room..

1:08 am Everyone in the HOH enjoying some wine
Enzo – this is such great wine yo
Chritsmas – thanks for sharing Enzo
Cody – thanks Enzo
They’re looking at some of Enzo’s pictures
Christmas – you’re moms a babe
Enzo – yeah right.. she’s pretty right she’s kinda young..
Memphis – I kinda wish Memphis was here to be with all of us
Christmas laughs
COdy – I wish Memphis was here..
Enzo – no I mean all of us
Christmas – I took it that way.. Everyone in the house has been awesome.. the last few you all are my faves.
Enzo says he wants this season to be great and he wants the winner to be great.
Enzo – Whoever wins it I’ll be happy man if it’s not me. I was really peculiar (he mispronounced particular?) about that
Christmas – all other seasons have a person there’s no person here. (person being someone they all don’t like.. you’re all that person)
Enzo – it’s wide open
Christmas – everyone has played hard and different and unique
Enzo – the jury is unique I don’t know where they’re at.
Nicole heads to bed.

They chit chat about the alcohol they all got as HOH. Apparently, Memphis got the most. 6 tall cans and wine.
They talk about after the show is over. Apparently, Christmas told her baby’s father to not bring loyal.
Enzo says he doesn’t want his gets brought to LA “they’re in virtual school”

Christmas – don’t bring loyal it’s fine just come out we’re going straight to Florida (Memphis?) like go straight to Tampa we’re in a house for a week let mom and cole and Family come there we all have a place like I don’t want to disrupt Loyal’s schedule I was being real selfish and I’m sorry
Cody – right .. yeah..
Cody goes on about wanting his girlfriend to come
Christmas – it’s not fun for them though
Cody points out all they do is talk about Big Brother when they get out he doesn’t want her to be stuck with a group of them and that’s all they talk about.
Enzo – don’t put her through it yo
Christmas goes on about wanting to have a drink with the top 6

They talk about the pandemic and how “Shook” they were flying in for the show.
Enzo – Everything I did.. purell all over me
Cody – Yeah
Cody – I don’t think my dad is coming out for a few reasons.. I don’t think he wants anyone to watch the new puppy so he’s not coming out because of that. My dad does not f*** around with these dogs.

Enzo pours Christmas more wine

Christmas – thank you, baby daddy

They talk about the fights this season. Enzo says there was the Christmas fight and the Dani/Ian FIght.
Enzo – She was screaming up here (Dani)
Cody – he said something to her about Drinking and uhh she got angry
Enzo – I want to see a clip of that (it wasn’t shown)
Christmas thinks she was the villain this season.
Enzo says they were strategic players “we know how to play this game”
Christmas – I don’t think we had a villain if I wasn’t it
Enzo – there was no villain there was a bunch of good players .. really good players
Christmas – I don’t want to be the villain
Enzo says as a person playing it “I think it was a good season not a great season”
Cody – I thin kit was a great season
Enzo – I think it was right there.. I don’t know my brother will tell me the truth he might be biased because I’m on it.
Enzo – there’s no way this season sucked.. No way YO .. no way (HAHAHAHAHAHAH )
Cody – live feeders right now. . we hate these mother f***ers
Enzo – they’re going to hate no matter what. I think the season is really really good was it great I dunno
Christmas – like I said today haters enjoy the shows..
Christmas laughs

2:10 am Enzo and Cody
Enzo – she knows she’s going home to.. she knows (Great move take the pregame final 2 to the final3)
Cody – gotta win the veto
Enzo – I’m gunning for that sh1t f** that
Cody – you need a sweep week
They talk about the HOH competition
Enzo – the key was going third and I got to go third that’s what it was YO. Cause I got to see yo guys move

Enzo – she moved this way you moved that way so I would be behind you because then she couldn’t go nowhere you were the first defense I was the second defense.
Enzo bring sup Nicole asking him why Christmas thinks she’s still on his team
Enzo – because I’m awesome that’s what I do..

Enzo – we’re good yo..
Enzo – if you go I’m f**8ed you know that. You think Nicole is going to take me over her yeah OKAY .. Nicole is taking her all the way that is why we should get rid of Nicole but jit is what it is YO.
Enzo – why is Nicole now all of a sudden in the greatest spot
Enzo – let’s say you win this veto which is most likely.. all along we’ve been getting rid of whose the better player.. Who’s the better player Nicole or Christmas?
Enzo – Nicole is definitely a better player than Christmas.
Cody – there’s no way I’m not sending Christmas home
Enzo – because you know Nicole is taking you to the finals
Cody – NO. Because Christmas has been sitting in this f***ing house for like weeks and weeks and weeks just sitting there.
Enzo – so you’re telling me, you, and Christmas at the end we’re not getting to the finals?
Cody – who the f*** knows

Enzo says he’s not going to lie going third in the HOH gave him the advantage. “Bro you know I want you in final 2.. I want you in final 2. I’m keeping your record alive I’m not putting you on the block”
Enzo – People are going to be talking about the two kids from Jersey did not go on the block the whole f***ing season. Do you understand that’s hall of fame sh1t.. Derrick did that on your season with Rookies me and you did it together with all stars and legends that to me is hall of fame sh1t bro”
Enzo goes on about how great they are. “Not only Chilltown did that”

Enzo says he’s scared of going fina; three with COdy and Nicole because Cody might throw that comps because he knows Nicole will take him.
Cody – why would I do that.. why would I want to be sitting next to her and lose to her
Enzo – that’s what I’m trying to say
Cody – no that’s not what you are trying to say. NO I want to sit next to you

Enzo says Cody and Nicole have “won their money” he never won he came in third on his season. He doesn’t want Nicole to luck out and win that final HOH and take cody.
Enzo – I’m taking Cody.. ohh thank you I have the two kids I’m going to go home and and I”m going to F***ing .. i’m i’m i’m.. gonna f!nger my a$$$$$$ole now. I’m going to go home.

Enzo says even though they may be “hated” by “People” they’re record is undeniable. Adds that people may hate Cody more than him. “People like me.. ”
Cody – don’t be doggy me like that..
Enzo – of course, they like you.. they love us .. maybe CBS doesn’t love us because we don’t get into people’s faces.. They cannot disregard what we did this season. Enzo and Cody have not been on the block in 72 days.

2:35 am Cody heads to bed.

3:52 am Zzzzzzz

6:15 am Zzzzzzzzzz
8:11 am zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
8:46 am Lights on in the key room.

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Enzo had multiple chances to make a move. He decided to be cody to Derrick, just Cody plays the Derek role this season. You still following ? Haha

Nicole is the Victoria with slightly better game play and more whining.

Give Cody the win already geez


Derrick and now Cody win to justify the hitmen as the BB goats ? Good job CBS!

Of course I still despise Derrick’s game play and how it ruined modern day BB !! ???


Yes, I suspect you are more of a Da’Vonne gameplay type of person. However, everyone who plays BB doesn’t get a trophy or even a ribbon.


Why are you bringing up Da’Vonne when she had nothing to do with the comment? OBSESSED!


Derrick’s game play was genius. He was kind to every houseguest. He out-maneuvered others but never humiliated them. As a result, he was never put on the block. Cody probably knew he would not win that season if he took Derrick to final 2, but he was a man of his word and honored their pact. Now, it’s Cody’s turn to win, but he still has many hurdles to cross before that happens. From here, the POV winner determines the outcome regardless who Enzo puts up.

Lady E

Agreed! I had a feeling that Derrick was gonna win that season, early on (his occupation probably helped lol). In order to win this game, you do have to be respected by the jury. Avoiding the block is definitely awesome.


Yep. The POV is more important than the HOH now, at this point of the game. Wouldn’t it be funny if Nicole & Cody just knew they had it in the bag, and then we see Xmas and Enzo in the F2. Hahaha

I Bite

Nah. Dan and Will are genius. They knew how to get themselves out of tight spots. Will was a master of mind games.

Vanessa was a much better player than Derrick. Her fatal error was in trusting Steve. Same could have happened to Derrick. He hung his game on a player who could beast him out at the end. It’s great to have that guy on your side for his social and comp game, but in the end you are leaving yourself up to fate. Derrick got lucky that Cody was so incredibly short sighted.

Derrick had no chance to win the final HOH questions. His social game was weak, actually. Just being nice is not enough. You need to really connect and know people.

Derrick looked like he was about to wet himself, the one time he was on the block. He was also really nervous when he lost the final HOH. You can never be 100% certain of your final 2 ‘bro’. Well, unless you’re Will and Boogie, maybe.

Will thought it was funny to be on the block. Another chance to stir the pot. Dan looked uneasy on his turn, but then beared down and came out of the punishment room with his confidence back.

Derrick was lucky to have sheep around him. He did position himself well, but nothing masterful. He had a good amount of dumb luck.

Cody’s final 2 choice was among the top 5 dumb BB moves of all time. Seriously doubt he knew he would lose. This season’s win is not the redemption he’s looking for. He has fully exposed his bad character, whereas on his season he came off superficially as a nice kid. And this season’s win is only possible bc of pregame.

Man of word is nonsense in this game. Also, please don’t imply he’s honorable. He’s an entitled bully.


I would like to see a true Survivor All Star players (Rob, Sandra, Kelly etc) in the Big Brother House and true Big Brother All Stars not these players (would take Kaysar/Janelle/Jeff/Derek/Will/Boogie/Dan/Ian) on a Survivor show each show made up of only true Big Brother All Stars on Survivor and reverse for Big Brother put Cowboy on it (remember him) That could be entertaining this season stunk watched very little of it.


YES. All of that. Except I don’t think Cody is a bully. Thinks he’s entitled? Sure. Incredibly sensitive? Yep. Way too sensitive to be a winner on a “true” season of all-stars, imo.


I don’t think Cody probably knew he would not win. Cody thinks he’s in-cred-ible. I remember the look of shock on his face as Derrick recounted his game moves in his pitch to the jury. Cody thought Derrick was likeable but in no way did he think Derrick played better than him. Now, when he heard his pitch, and then got out and saw what Derrick did…diff story, lol.


They are not goats. Derrick’s profession was a HUGE secret advantage he had over a bunch of sheep. I will never think of him as a goat, even though I like him on a personal level. As for Cody…Derrick trained him well…and w/ the exception of Dani and Memphis…I do not think these all-stars are phenomenal game-players.

Mary Altman

Congratulations Enzo!!!!!! Put up Nicole & Cody pleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee


It doesn’t matter who he puts up so why would he take a risk now

The Beef

No it doesn’t, but he shouldn’t piss Cody off at this point in the game. If he wants Cody out, he wins POV, removes Christmas from the block and has HER vote him out!


Agreed – no need to unnecessarily piss off Cody – they’ve talked about both getting to the end w/o being nominated so Enzo won’t defer from that.
However… I don’t think it behooves Enzo to have Xmas win to take out Cody…

First – he wouldn’t be the one credited for the move (which would be the ONLY reason for him to do it) so burning Cody to let Xmas make the choice would only make him look like he got played by Xmas. Second – Enzo won’t want to go to F3 with the 2 ladies b/c it’s unlikely either would pick him (although Xmas might).

Enzo will need to put in WORK this week to convince Cody that Nic has to go & I’m not confident that’ll happen. I don’t believe for one second Nic wouldn’t cut Cody at F2 given the choice — now Enzo needs to make him think that too (b/c Cody will win POV no doubt).


I do not think Enzo has to worry about Jury logic in the final vote only how much he was part of each Jurist demise.


I think Nicole is in the best spot. None of these hg’s share Memphis’ logic that @ finale…Nicole deserves insane kudos simply to have made it there, and being a previous winner. She should have been clipped MUCH earlier.


And when I say “best spot”…I mean in making it TO finale…not in actually winning.


That would be funny.

The Beef

He’s gonna put up Christmas and Nicole unless he’s a fool.


It all comes down to the POV winner they will vote who the third person will be unless it’s Enzo.


lets go xmas…win that veto. never thought i would ever be saying those words

Backseat Driver

If Enzo moves forward he would not take Cody to final.
He would win if Nicole was sitting next to him…..she’s a previous winner AND she pissed off a lot of those on jury.


Well, I don’t know about that. Enzo releases Cody, then Cody will be in the J house and blow up Enzos game. Enzo is stuck with Cody which is a testimate to Cody’s gameplay, love him or hate him.

The Beef

Exactly how can Cody blow up Enzo’s game? Most people here have been singing Enzo’s praises all season as to how good his social game has been, so nobody in the jury house is really down on him. If Cody is there, it will be because Enzo sent him there, so Enzo just eliminated the biggest threat in the game, which is a big plus on his resume’. If he ends up sitting next to Christmas, I think he beats her soundly, since she’s not very popular in the jury house. Nicole may get votes from Ian, Dani, Da’Vonne and Cody but I think Tyler, Memphis, Christmas, David and Kevin would vote for Enzo and he would win in a 5-4 close one, and it’s only that close because of her 3 friend votes and 1 female vote.

Wayne Britton

Why do people think Davonne
Will vote for Nicole. I haven’t seen Thursday’s show yet but I don’t see it.

Joey the Cryptkeeper

Da’Vonne is a woman with a history of making bad decisions.

The Beef

Some here don’t think she will because of the way Nicole lied to Da’Vonne about the whole Ian vs. Tyler vote, and that Day will take that personal and hold it against her, which she might. I just believe Da’Vonne will stand on her principle’s, and that there is no way in Hell she will vote for a white man to win over a female when given those two options. She’s always stated her preference as voting for a black winner first, and a female winner second, and I think she’ll stand by that and make up some reason for doing it. Again, that’s just my opinion based on watching her play this game for three seasons, and LISTENING to everything she has said during the game and inside the jury house during those seasons. It would REALLY be interesting to see how she votes if the female were Christmas, because she really doesn’t like her at all!


Cody can’t blow up Enzos game because they did every last move by committee and as a group… they all know Enzos game except David, Da’Vonne, and Kevin…. and all three of them would vote for Enzo in the final 3 any way. That is the true bummer of new BB gameplay vs old school… the jury knows it all so they vote strict game or bitter.



Enzo won! I’m Excited YO!!! I hope he shelves up the game YOOO!

Miss Impression

Why?He essentially has no power unless he wins veto and will do whatever Cody wants anyway.Enzo=pointless.


Enzo had not 1 but 2 golden opportunites to take out Nicole with zero blood on his hands, but he chose to take out a rookie, well who’s the idiots that kept a WINNER in the game? You can call they a rookie mistake you would expect David to make, but nope people who made it far in their respective seasons chose to make the ultimate rookie mistake by keeping a winner, by helping carry her. Is it Too Early, Now, Enzo? My guess, Nicole or Cody wins POV sends Krampus out. I’m really hoping Enzo or Krampus wins POV & sends Nicole out, she got carried long enough. Stay outta this Grodner. Let it Be.

Game fan

nicole is safe this week. no way christmas or cody votes her out


Yep…Nicole is untouchable this week. Crazy!

BBAS2 baby

Christmas or Nicole HAVE to win POV and get Cody out

Lets have another chill town breakup moment from the first All-Stars season where Janelle and Erika teamed up and got Will out


with most seasons, as they get closer to the end, I start to rationalize and try to convince myself why the players left aren’t so bad to win. Anyone else do that? I won’t get into details, but at this point I’ve pretty much fooled myself into accepting that I’m ok with any of the final 4 other than cody winning (though my stance on cody is softening also–i mean if everyone is stupid enough to carry him to the end, why should i be mad at him). I’ve cleansed my memory of their most abhorrent personality traits that annoyed me all season long. I try to think that being trapped in that house away from typical comforts like that probably brings out the worst in people and I myself would never want to do it. Anyway, I’m ready to move forward to finale night.

Lady E

LOL sometimes I give them the benefit of the doubt, as to why they should win:

Enzo – First choice; I’d want him to win. Even though he’s immature, he’s a kid at heart and is hilarious. His win would feel genuine, despite all that pre-gaming stuff going on.

Cody – Someone mentioned Cody’s loyalty to Derrick, and that granted him 2nd place on BB 16. Despite rigged games, Cody is a comp beast. If Cody won, then this would an even thing with Derrick (both winning the game, but on different seasons).

Nicole – It would be interesting to see a second winner. I thought it was going to happen with Dan, but getting 2nd place is still pretty good for a former winner. The only crappy situation is getting 2nd place twice (like Paul; this could happen to Cody).

Xmas – Legal fees


Never thought I would say this, but Christmas for POV!

Tam S

Only the one who wins the Veto matters as they have the deciding vote of who will come to final 3. Christmas or Enzo need to win this most important veto to get coin nose girl out or even Cody.

BBAS2 baby

made a simulator of how i’d like the rest of the season to play out
maybe not nicole winning but those 2 as the final 2 for sure
praying one of the girls wins this week’s veto and decides to cut Cody on Enzo’s HOH
lets have another chilltown blindside like in the first all-stars season where Janelle and Erika teamed up and got Will out


I think it has to be x-mas. I don’t see Nicole clipping Cody b4 final 3.


If Enzo puts up christmas and Nicole wins POV takes Christmas off and she votes out Cody. He deserves the win lol


Yea…but no way Nicole wouldn’t take herself off. Way too risky.


really glad enzo won. but this week its all about veto. I really hope the boys realize its nicole they need to take out and not christmas.

Game fan

enzo wants nicole gone . but cody wouldnt listen.


NO TAKE OUT CODY otherwise he takes it. Wow


Few results this season made me smile – but Enzo winning F4 HOH is one. It was his goal and while his preference would be a F3 of Cody/Xmas that’ll be tough to accomplish. At least he cemented his position and he’s well aware he needs to win out in order to pick who sits beside him.

Nic is already throwing him UTB HARD CORE – but meanwhile Cody carried Nic all season w/o her giving him any intel b/c she was lying in bed until F6 so STFU coin slots. It’s incredible how much she overplays everything. The reality is she’s pissed Enzo is safe b/c she wanted a F3 of Cody/Xmas & now that can’t happen (boo hoo SSSSSScole).

Enzo will try to work Cody to cut Nic in private (and why Xmas would be better to drag to F3). Expect a frank dialogue between Enzo/Xmas with him looking for any dirt he can get on Nic & likely him telling her that Nic threw her UTB all last week & didn’t care which of the two left. If Enzo can get any details from Xmas on how Nic wants to go to F2 with her that could be all Cody needs to cut her since we all know how he deals with others making F2’s w/o him.

I know we all wanted Enzo to cut Nic in DE but it’s hard to criticize his move. Tyler got cut b/c he tried to go against what Cody wanted (voting her out) & Memphis left b/c he didn’t tell Cody about WG 2.0 — so there is precedent.

I’m very confident if Cody makes the choice he’s taking Enzo — as Another Name always notes the mention of “named alliances” pinpoint Production’s plot line. ‘The Root’ is talked about in every recent episode & Julie is also talking about it. And the bigger tell… Cody outed his Enzo F2 to both Tyler & Memphis in his GBMs (he’s not going to do that only to burn Enzo for Nic!).

Bet the bank on Nic/Xmas going up & Cody winning POV in a timed event. (TPTB will ensure that happens).

For those who think Enzo can’t win I’ll be doing a post later in the week for each player. As a teaser the only person w/o a chance of winning the top prize is Xmas & Enzo is the only one with a (very slim) chance of beating Cody IMHO (and I mean — REALLY SLIM).

For now – I’ll bask in Enzo winning F4 HOH regardless of Cody saying he “gave it” to him. I’ll have to see the comp but it’s hard to imagine Cody would throw the F4 HOH unless he was also supremely confident TPTB will GIVE him the POV — then again… LOL it’s a safe bet they will.

We may all want a POV w/o any interference (don’t hold your breathe). The bigger story this week will be whether Enzo can convince Cody that Nic needs to go instead of Xmas. Let’s see if the Meow Meow can spray Cody to get what he wants.


Nice post. And I agree. But you don’t think x-mas could possibly win against Nicole? I do. Especially if she wins this veto AND a couple more.

Game fan

What do Enzo did at the hoh comp?
And cody is crazy to throw the hoh !

Game fan

Was asking for real what enzo did ?
That Nicole said he was sellfish
(Btw.. if cody was hoh both of you girls would probably get out enzo. And if Christmas was hoh- again he is getting voted out by you 2 .so he can be sellfish! )


I wanna know too. I too think it would be crazy for Cody to throw it to anyone, EXCEPT Enzo.

1) He’s that convinced of Enzo’s loyalty
2) He knows the hoh this week is only a title, w/ no real power
3) It further demonstrates to Enzo how Cody is ride or die w/ him.

So, if he truly did throw it…smart move.

The Beef

Except there is the slim chance that Christmas could win the POV and send his ass packing. None of us believe production is going to allow that to happen, but if lightening did strike, Cody broke his leg or something, and she did happen to fall into an unexpected win, he would most likely be going to jury, so I think there is at least SOME risk in throwing that HOH this late in the game, despite what Cody seems to think.


You’re right…for some reason I didn’t think of that scenario. I thought of her winning…but not what would happen. I forgot she would be the sole vote.

Game fan

I desgree. The hoh as no power.. excactly. So it doesn’t matter if enzo is loyal.. Christmas can win veto and take out cody .. it doesn’t matter what enzo wants to happen or Nicole wants! So cody is crazy ! He is even safer on Christmas hoh actually cause she can nominate him but she can’t vote ! So actually throwing it to enzo is worst than Christmas winning

Daisy mae

Was this the chess game for HOH? So Cody threw it to him? Why?




Cody is in the worst position why would he ever throw to Enzo this HOH, he needed to win this one. $500,000 mistake. If Christmas wins this veto he’s done. I’m not sure what Nicole would do if she wins veto, I know she knows she can’t win if Cody’s still in the house, so would she really pass up an opportunity to get him out. I’m not sure if Enzo won it what he would do as he too should know he can’t pass up an opportunity to get Cody out(it’s obvious he would rather sit next to Christmas at the end). It’s crazy Cody’s entire game is resting on one veto.

Game fan

Also .. he can still compete in the next hoh so it’s like the last hoh you wanna throw ! There is even more sence for him to throw the last one if he is against enzo . So he won’t burn nicole.
But the final 4 is the best to win !


I actually think this is the ONLY hoh that is wise to throw…if you’re ever thinking about throwing.


Because the hoh this week is just a figurine…he knows Enzo is NOT initially putting him up, in any scenario…and it gains him even more cred w/ Enzo.

Game fan

Again you making no sense sorry.
He doesn’t need enzo trust in a power less hoh.
He needs safety badly.
Enzo is not voting.


This is the easiest HoH of any Season. Enzo puts up 2 out of 3… His week is over… it is up to the PoV that he will throw or could not win. Who ever wins that PoV decides who is going to jury and who is in the final 3. Enzo has the added luxury of nominating Cody and Nicole, or Christmas and Nicole… watching Christmas take out Cody…. and claim the biggest move of the Season when he did nothing.

Enzo is a rat and a coward. He is doing exactly what he did before. He had stronger players drag him to the end and if he got a shot to cut that stronger player (Matt/ Tyler/ now Cody) he will do it… especially if he can claim no blood… and take full credit “I’m the HoH that took out Cody and Janelle two of the biggest players in Big Brother history… Yo’ Enzo will want to take Christmas and Nicole because he has a better resume than them, and he has a better chance against them in the final HoH. There is a hood chance if Cody does not win that PoV Cody is gone.

Game fan

Kaysar went on his hoh.
Jannelle on Tyler’s.

Barney Rubble

It it so nice watching Cody and Nicole squirm. Hopefully Christmas wins POV and then let the fireworks begin.


If Enzo was smart he’s stick Cody up so Cody can’t use the “never seen the block”

Joelle Knox

Now I can watch it again. Enzo as head of household is interesting.


I think everyone left has had accomplishments and flaws in their season. Genuinely interested in who everyone wants to win (or lose) and why…


What a disgrace this season has turned out to be. I have actually resorted to watching big brother 10 on CBS all access instead. I have to tell you. Seeing once again how Big Brother USED to be and what it is today. I don’t know how we bring ourselves to watch this drivel. What the hell happened to this show? I mean, I know tons of people blame Grodner, but she was there back then when it was actually still good. Comments, please. I’d like to know others thoughts on what has been the downfall of Big Brother and why just about every season we see now is worst then the last.


Yeah! I also went back in time and watched BB6 & BB7.


I don’t buy it. Threw it to Enzo in the final 4?? Cody Controlled the game the whole time but “threw” it to him at critical vote time??
Just admit you got beat Cody and move on!
Christmas for veto


I agree in that I’m not totally convinced he threw it…but IF he did…he would still be controlling the game because he threw it to his most loyal partner and he knows the hoh is just a title this week…no raw power whatsoever.


I really don’t think Cody threw it, not this far in the game. It’s just his MO to claim he threw what he actually lost, to try and belittle the other person. She

Bic Mitchum

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but for the love of bb, Christmas please win that veto!


You guys think Nicole would have the guts to clip COdy if she wins POV and pulls herself down? I know Xmas will.
Surely they all know that anyone sitting next to COdy in the end loses????


Nope. I believe she will come final 3….but not this week.

BiBiFan 2020

Now the Meow Meow has one thing to brag about when he has to plea to the jury for the half million haha


First of all…I think it’s funny seeing Nicole and Cody gaslight each other.

Cody: “If I get clipped this week…one million percent you have my vote.”
Nicole: “How dare Shitmas talk bout clipping you after all you’ve done to get everyone to where they are.”

LMFAO!!! Nicole was engaging in that talk w/ Shitmas last week when she was HOH.
And Cody…he’s just sayin that for when he gets Enzo to clip Nicole @ Final 3 so she’ll vote for him to win. Hi-lar-ious.

Also, it’s funny seeing how jealous Cody is of Kaysar and I don’t get why? Loved when Enzo said “Oh so that’s why they called him King Kaysar in the comics.” Cody, silently fuming, while he remembered how he dogged that particular comic in the veto. If Cody is sitting there on finale night…he deserves the win….but I sure hope SOMEONE clips him this week or next.

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

I love Enzo’s statement that this current group made Big Brother great again.Now ,all he needs is a red baseball cap,”Make BB great Again”! Forgive me,now I am going to go and throw up !


“Well Said”


Well, we know it’ll be Christmas and Nicole on the block. He’s too scared to put up Cody straight away, plus it would hurt his chances should Cody win veto. So maybe Cody did throw the HOH to Enzo because he doesn’t want to show his cards and have to choose between Nicole or Enzo to sit next to Christmas? Regardless, Cody is sitting pretty unless Christmas wins the veto and Cody is the replacement nom. Best case scenario, Nicole won’t get a vote and Christmas would sure enough send Cody home. Worst case scenario, Nicole wins veto, takes herself off and votes Christmas out instead of Cody. Worst, worst case scenario, Cody/Enzo wins veto and noms are kept the same. Hate to say it, Enzo wouldn’t use the veto and backdoor Cody even if the opportunity presented itself. Cody will hands down win the entire game if he’s not sitting on the block next to Nicole. Enzo could potentially win the whole game, too. He has to hope he’s taken to the final 2 because he may not be strong in a mental comp. He’ll just has make a strong case (talk like he’s got some sense) at the end of what his biggest moves were and not a lot of Yo, Yo, Yo’s…..Yo


If Enzo is Mike Boogie, Cody is Dr. Will, Christmas is Erika and Nicole is Janelle, if Nicole wins the POV, will she cast the soul vote to get Cody out and save us from having a predictable winner or will she make the same move Cody made in BB16? Stick to her Final 2 with Cody, knowing she can never beat him?

The latter, you say? I agree. That’s why you’ll never be the kind of player Janelle is, Nicole.


Thanks for everything Simon and Dawg. Made 2 donations and will make a third before seasons end.
Can I get a password as I haven’t gotten an email after.


Hey AlwaysSuspect, I’m thinking the emails are getting sent to spam. We set your account up some time ago you should have received an email. If you can check your spam or junk folder to see if it’s in there I just resent ont.

Thanks again for all the support sorry for some of these hiccups.