“She should have never been told she’s good this week we should have let her spiral out of control. “

Head of Household Winner – Nicole
Nominations – Christmas and Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Nicole
Power of Veto Ceremony – Nicole did not use the power of veto.
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Spoilers – It’s been extra slow today with a nice serving of “Stars” Still looking like Memphis is going to be evicted.

12:35 pm Zzzzz…

1:45 pm Nicole and Cody
Nicole – Christmas is really good at staying calm on the block. It really surprises me.
Cody – every time she’s on the block she’s being told she’s good. She should have never been told she’s good this week we should have let her spiral out of control.
Nicole – you still could make her
Nicole – I did tell her she’s not my target.
Cody – you didn’t have to
Nicole – you don’t understand the pressure she was trying to put on me.
Cody – to get me on the block? all you should say is you literally tried to take me out last week why would I put anyone but you on the block.
Nicole – I did say that at first.

Nicole – I told Memphis she’s my target.

2:28 pm Christmas and Memphis
Memphis says he doesn’t want to say something to her that changes how she plays her game. He wants her to play her own game.
Memphis – I’m a bit proponent on take your line play your hand do your thing if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work. Don’t take what I say I don’t want to switch something up that you have
Christmas says she felt that Nicole was really considering their offer.
Christmas says they stopped talking game at a certain point.
Memphis – the committee no..
Christmas – me and Cody stopped talking game. While you were HOH I voted for her to go
Memphis – yeah
Christmas – we hang out all the time. no matter how much it benefited her she was still trying to get out a pair. Why not friggin Enzo or Cody..

2:30 pm Christmas grabbing some inflatables

2:35 pm Enzo and Cody
Running through what would have happened if Enzo had voted Nicole out during the triple.
Cody – Tyler would have won that HOH and Dani would have went anyways.
Enzo – so dave would have been in the final 6 then.
Cody – I would have won the next HOH
Enzo – you would have put up Dave and Tyler
Cody – no I would have put up Christmas and Dave and Sent Christmas home
Cody – would have been you, me and Tyler.. and Memphis in the final 5, and who wins that HOH who knows
Enzo – who the f*** knows I think we played it right we’re this close to the final 3 so we played it right.
They agree Tyler had something with Christmas and Dave.
Enzo – them three had somethign.. something tight.
Cody says Tyler would have gone to Memphis and kept Christmas “Christmas would have stayed it would be Tyler, Memphis, and Christmas in the pumpkin competition and I would have been on the block”
Enzo – we played it right
Cody – we played it real right

Memphis joins them.

3:30 pm Memphis, Cody, and Enzo
Talking about restaurants and what their plans are after the show.

3:30 pm Christmas grabs some inflatables to take back

3:40 pm Feeds go to stars WHen we’re back all feeds on Christmas in the key room.

4:00 pm

5:00 pm Dinner time.

6:00 pm Sleeping

7:50pm -8:35pm Pizza and backgammon. Cody gets frustrated that Christmas beats him at backgammon. Cody – is it 10pm!? As soon as its 10 I’m going to bed.

8:41pm HOH room. Enzo and Cody.
Enzo – Damn I feel bad YO! We have to tell Memphis. Nicole said that Christmas told her that I’m voting for her. Cody – why did you tell her that?! Enzo – I didn’t tell her. I told her to go talk to Cody. And you didn’t talk to him. Cody – Nicole told me that Christmas said that Enzo told me that Cody voting to keep me because I am less of a threat. Enzo – maybe I did tell her. Cody – you definitely did tell her! You’re a f**king idiot. Enzo – Maybe I did tell her.. I swear to god I don’t think I did yo! Cody – I think you f**king did and I don’t have to know. Enzo – I just want to get rid of her (Christmas) YO! But you guys want to keep Memphis. Cody – I’ll get rid of her. Tell her to go. Enzo – she is just all over the f**king place yo! I don’t trust her. She is just everywhere yo! I know you’re tight with Nicole but I don’t think she will take you to the final 2. Cody – Maybe she will take you. Nicole joins them. Cody – I want to blindside him. Nicole – then lets just do that. Its safer. Enzo – he’s going to be mad at everyone. Cody – I don’t think he will be mad. I think he is going to be a good sport. Cody – lets do it this way, if she doesn’t come talk to me then we vote her out.

10:30pm Enzo and Cody playing chess.

11:30pm All the house guests are sleeping.

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Xmas packed a few momentos into her bag.

Christine M Ahrens

I dont like her at all. She caused isdhe with Paul and Josh and shes a sneak. Enzo is like a damn yoyo.


That tongue again….yummy yummy


Christmas is downright sexy


I swear to god they’ve shown that wise guys conversation on the show 18 times now. It’s insane considering all the crud they never show.

Lady E

Then the next scene is Enzo ratting out Memphis to Cody LOL

Christine M Ahrens

Theyll lut enzo on the block before long..


I can’t stand listening to Enzo talk like he’s some kind of master strategist.
He’s the delusional Puppetmaster/Raven of this season.


Yeah it’s crazy to hear him talking like he’s making all the moves when he’s just Cody’s chosen floater!!!


Yes plays he is a happy participant in “Big Cody” versus Big brother as Raven played “Big Paul” just to get to jury and not play to win.
Love the assessment and analogy

I'm Fuckface, he's asshole

It’s pretty bad when Christmas is the only one left worth rooting for.


Cody should win…


looks like Nicole has given up on wearing makeup this week


She needs it. Maybe they should edit that, like they edit everything else for her. Lol


I notice Enzo doesn’t have any on either??!!!!??

Tom is a Canuck

where is his toupee?


why is Cody always licking his lip? Does he have a cold sore?


And he always snorts. Yuck!!!!


I wish he was licking me.


nurk…now that’s funny. True, but funny.

BBAS2 baby

@nurk get out of here with your sexual comments


He drools over Nicole




Wish there was a power for Memphis or Christmas to replace both noms to save this miserable season.

Barney Rubble

The Grodner medallion?



another name

Hey Simon and Dawg,
haven’t had a lot of interest in bothering with feeds today…
tonight’s episode edit didn’t help with the only question I have (well other than do they really expect us to believe those veto times)
As of now (745pm bbtime):
Am i right that Memphis is still 90% the target?


Yes, Memphis is the one going at this point..


Dawg…why am I thinking that Nicole and Cody made a final 2 deal on day one. She was going to listen to what the girls were saying and Cody would listen to the boys, and then they were going to report back to each other what was said. Am I imagining that?

another name

According to Enzo tonight, Cody and Nicf made their plans and final 2 deal months ago over the phone before the season began.


Nicole was part of a pregame alliance with Cody. They’ve been a single unit since before the game began.


That’s the gossip, but Derek says he’s not a part of it.

another name

Derrick lies. At the same time that he said he’s not a part of it (exact same time on feeds as his video statement was released), Cody was talking to Dani about Derrick setting it up.

The Beef

The times seemed really long, except for Nicole (of course) but none of the players seemed to question them, or if they did they didn’t show it, which I guess they wouldn’t. Has there been any discussion at all on the live feeds of anybody questioning the times? If so, I would like to hear about it.


Exactly. Nicole beat Cody, Memphis and Christmas. Lol. She could barely move across on the zip line.

Team New School Team New School

Cody looks like a dog with his tongue hanging out all the time.

Tom is a Canuck

Passive aggression. He is tense.


Question? I thought Xmas had this crazy veto speech the houseguest talked about? They just showed Nicole saying she chose not to use the veto? Every other time they let people give a speech on why the veto holder should use the veto on them?
2nd question? Why was Nicole hiding in the storage room?
I cannot.

another name

They’ve only shown veto speeches during the triple (because they couldn’t cut them out) and during Da’vonne’s veto, and possibly the week Janelle and Kaysar were on the block.
So they only show the veto speeches they think will increase viewership for the eviction episode or amplify disappointment for storyline purposes anymore, it seems.
They’ve only shown hoh reveal/letter from home once this season, this week. They shouldn’t have bothered.


You know it’s because they want to rally around Nicole as if she is going to win for the second time to get ratings up…

another name

They’re trying to increase fan positivity toward Nicf in hopes of filming a wedding special is my bet. You know that’s what her management is going after so that she can get the network to pay for some of her wedding (since guests are already paying waaay more than market value on the island for their hotel stays for the 3 night stay). Wouldn’t be the first time cbs tried to pull a reality tv fairytale wedding episode. But in order for it to get numbers, they have to make nicf likeable to viewers. Notice, she’s changed her voice in d/r since two weeks ago. Notice, the episodes don’t air any of her early season passive agressions, just the whining about the people that call her out on her shit without background. They show her being the victim of meangirls, without showing her being the meangirl that’s being called out.


Oh ok.


Her speech probably didn’t reflect the story line the producers are pushing so it had to go.



BBAS2 baby

Rooting for Christmas to win tonight’s HOH

Barney Rubble

If that happened you would see Nicole and Cody on the block and I think Enzo would chop Cody. Now that would be good television.


Enzo won’t chop Cody, Enzo has been helping Cody win from the beginning.


Right….they paisanos


Nope, Enzo has been riding Cody’s coattail the entire game; besides he would never win against anyone, he’s a floater!!!

BBAS2 baby

Christmas would put up Cody and Enzo


Maybe… she might be smart about it and put up Nicole and Cody.

The Beef

Why would he chop Cody, when he knows Nicole will take Christmas over him to Final 2? Cody on the other hand may take him over Christmas (he may not because he wants to WIN) because they’ve been working so closely together the entire season. His best chance in a Cody vs. Nicole choice at THIS point (final 4) is probably to cut Nicole, as much as I hate to say that, because it ups his chances of sitting in a final 2 chair.


Enzo needs to win HOH and Christmas win veto. Then Cody and Nicole on the block and Christmas decides who to keep. That would be interesting.

BBAS2 baby

That’s actually an even better scenario


I think it should be Christmas HOH, Cody wins veto takes himself off and then Cody has to choose between Nicole and Enzo and picks a side. Having too many final 2’s gets you in trouble and bitter jurors.

Game fan

He is throwing that veto

The Beef

No way he throws the veto this late in the game. He could go home! It’s too risky. He’d rather run the risk of losing a vote and pick one of the two, versus run the risk of going home, I guarantee that! I think he picks Nicole over Enzo, but that’s just my thinking right now. Who knows what may happen!


Next week, it doesn’t matter who wins HOH except that person will be safe. The POV winner has the power. Also, I think Christmas will do whatever she can to take Nicole to the final 2. I think she knows she can’t win in the end with either Cody or Enzo next to her..


This season I believe the Jury will be forgiving and give the win to Cody, if he makes it to F2 the win is his, hands down!


Enzo isn’t winning shit!!!

Sam X

He talked about Dayvonne not winning shit early and he has been there a month longer and still hasn’t won shit

Staci Lusk

I never thought I’d see the day where I’m rooting for Christmas… yet here I am..


Cody would convince her to put up nicole and enzo so he can win veto and not use it. Just another predictable week if she were to win. Unless Enzo got in her ear would be our only saving grace.


Um, first of all, they all play for next weeks veto. Secondly, if he won veto of course he wouldn’t use the veto as then HE would be the only person to go and replace the person he took down…c’mon now…

BB Juicy Blast

In Final 4 if the person not on the block wins veto they don’t go up if they use it. They just vote out one of the 2 nominees. Veto holder can’t be the replacement nominee regardless.


That would be a game changer, Enzo can’t win shit, and Cody is “in bed/w Nicole”. However, I don’t think Nicole will make it to F2.

Sticky Fingers Joe

No kitchen table switchout this year?

BBAS2 baby

It’s coming… October 23rd Friday

Lady E

Lmao I’ve been wondering that myself


I figured it was because of COVID, less people in the house


I noticed that…


Can anyone out there give me hope that Nicole won’t be in Final 2?


They would be foolish NOT to take Nicole to final 2! Would guarantee a win for them. None of the jury will award a win to a previous winner, plus she burned too many bridges with most of the jury.

The Beef

I still think she’s going to get votes, depending on who she’s up against, if she makes the Final 2. In fact I think she wins against Christmas, and she will be very close against Enzo, possibly winning, although I do think he wins probably 5-4 or maybe 6-3.


Nicole had very poor Jury management in regards to David, Kevin, Ian (maybe) and Davonne. I don’t think she would win but could be wrong. The fact that she’s a bit of an undercover sociopath is another very interesting turn in this game (Giving Davonne the 5k was the biggest virtue signal I’ve ever seen!!). The fact that so many are rooting for X-mas is shocking to me. I have spent two seasons despising the most self-centered person I have EVERY SEEN SPEAK IN MY LIFE! She is the sun….the world revolves around her. Her false self-esteem is comical with the emotional self- control of a 5 year old. She almost overplayed herself into being evicted this week. She still might!! I’m personally rooting for Enzo. NOBODY EVER WANTS TO PUT HIM UP OR VOTE HIM OUT! That is a MASSIVE IN THIS GAME and that should not be overlooked. I understand what he is,…I get it but man to stay off the radar is amazing. I kinda see Nicole like that too. When X-mas was saying she was the least threat even though she won before made me think “Wow, how’d she do that?”. Always thought she only won cuz Paul was such a raging prick but really maybe I have not given her enough credit.


Only if Enzo makes it to final 2. Everyone else wants Nicole to sit next to since she’s won before and they believe jury will not give it to her again.


They are stupid… take Enzo to F2 for the sure win.


Christmas in F2 is a sure win for the other person

Game fan

If Christmas is hoh and enzo gets veto
Nicole is gone.
If Enzo wins last hoh , he would probably cut Nicole from f2.

So.. you need enzo to gain power.
Christmas and cody will take Nicole.


I don’t think she will be… anyways I hope not!!!

Lady E

They should blindside the viewers and vote Xmas out


a blindside for the viewers and a happy blindside would be to announce the season is over and everyone is evicted!


Honestly it’s a better play for Cody and Enzo to vote out X-mas and it absolutely destroys Nicole. Also if they let Nicole get to the final three I bet she beats Cody in the little scale game and THEN BRINGS ENZO or X mas (whichever is left). The only draw back is Memphis MIGHT be a little better in comps than X mas but its not that much. Memphis if wont the veto final 4 would take out nicole. X mas would take out Cody and if he was HOH would take out Enzo. They aren’t running their numbers right however I think it’s easier for us to see that.


Cody and Enzo keeps playing/w the thought of it… we shall see tonight.


At this point, I hope Enzo wins. Not because he is worthy of it, or contributed any gameplay whatsoever this season. I simply don’t like anybody left. The entire All-Star season has been a huge letdown. It’s been unfair, rigged, and doomed thanks to pre-game alliances. CBS should have allowed viewer input/voting this year, to amp things up and make it salvageable. Let the useless bald guy win. Go Enzo, yo.


Wait, does Memphis think hes good? Or he knows hes going home?


He thinks he’s good but potentially suspects. His poker face is the best part of his game

Christine M Ahrens

Vote christmas out quit messing with her. She causes issues everything shes here. Keep memphis. Shes not gonna talk to cody… and mark my word shell put cody on the block.

You guys

Christine M Ahrens

Christmas is not gonna talk game with cody.. vite her out. She said shes all done talking game at this point


I wish the guys would split the vote and make Nichole be the one to choose who to send home, putting the blood on her hands. she’d poop her pants.


I listened to Danielle Reyes & Jason from BB3 (they have a podcast) and she said that’s precisely what Cody/Enzo should do. Then again Danielle was one of the best BB players ever and got screwed b/c she played when the evictees went home & got to see all the DRs so she lost based on a bitter jury. The next season they started sequestering the jury.

Anyway – she’s an OG BB player so you can imagine how this season is going over with her/Jason.

Lady E

They should totally do that. I think it’s a good strategy lol


Im rooting for Christmas over Nicole. Nicole is too whiny, be the all star you are suppose to be. Whining about Christmas putting to much pressure on her and trying to hide from her and Memphis. Christmas is real, upfront, and smart.

George's chicken

I wonder why there were no twists this season? No pandora’s boxes or secret players or special powers (after those initial 3) or audience votes. Not even a lame movie and popcorn they compete for. SOMETHING unexpected would have helped. Seems like production just phoned it in this season.


Warning – long post

Thoughts heading into F5 eviction night.

Nicole is talking as if she’s the best BB player ever and the dripping hypocrisy from her tongue is like acid to my ears. It’s funny she felt everyone should be kissing her ass b/c she was HOH & all offer her F2 deals. Funny I don’t remember her ever having to offer sh*t to anyone who was HOH to be kept off the block or be safe.

I recognize there are those who are her fans & are entitled to their opinion but I’m sorry having a prearranged F2 with the safest person in the house – three F2 deals (Cody/Dani/Ian) and the protection of the Committee allowed her to lay on her back until F5 letting her wrist heal from the carpel tunnel of her two previous appearances. And in response to those saying she played a great game – please explain to me how you can credit someone who was unable to convince even her closest allies to keep Ian, Day and Kevin (her preferences) in three consecutive eviction ousts.

Cody wants to take out Memphis b/c he had the audacity to make other deals w/o telling him about it — namely WG 2.0. Funny the same judgement doesn’t apply to Cody who had far more deals deeper into the game – (F2 deals with Memphis, Nicole, Dani, Enzo, Tyler etc.) Moreover, he blatantly lied about having those deals when asked whereas Memphis is only guilty of not telling him about one alliance he made. Again it’s hypocrisy on full blast.

Neither Cody or Nicole do well with any type of criticism or lack of ass kissing. The rules they hold true for themselves are completely different than for everyone else. It’s the ‘do as I say – not as I do’ rule.

Enzo is pushing hard for Cody to keep Memphis instead of Xmas. For those who question that he has played a good game – NO ONE in the house has understood the house dynamics better than the Meow Meow or his best interest. He understands a fundamental truth — that Cody likely beats everyone in F2. He’s willing to roll the dice b/c he feels Cody will take him over Nic (so do I). But there is a sound reason for Enzo to want to keep Memphis instead of Xmas…. If Memphis stays each of the other 3 would take him to F2 but keeping Xmas wouldn’t be good for him as the ladies would take each other.

The other reason it would be wise for Enzo to keep Memphis is the small percentage of losing Cody at F4. If they keep Memphis he could potentially lose Cody at F4 and feel fairly confident both Nic/Memphis would take him to F2 (and he could BEAT them both too b/c of the bitter jury). Whereas keeping Xmas isn’t as smart for him b/c he’d need to win the F2 HOH in order to be in the money. He might be able to convince Xmas but it would be a tough sell & there’s no way in hell Nic would take Enzo over Xmas.

The other aspect of the vote tonight (as I commented on in a post below) is the smartest thing for Enzo to do would be to force Nicole to break the tie tonight so she gets the blood on her hands. Unfortunately, Cody/Enzo will likely vote as a duo tonight so that option likely won’t transpire. As of late last night the duo were still leaning toward ousting Memphis and NiCodyZo all seemed to think he’d be fine with that & just take it in stride.

I’m not so certain that’s the case b/c what Zo/Nic don’t know is Memphis has a F2 with Cody so he’ll view this as a major slight. Sure, sure, Memphis likely wouldn’t have honored the Commission’s F2 either but cutting him at F5 as opposed to F3 would be deemed more disloyal by Memphis. Although I could still see him voting for Cody I could equally imagine him raising the fact in jury that Cody had so many F2 deals he shouldn’t be rewarded for getting to the end based on Memphis’ Committee (he’ll rightly claim ownership for creating it – you wait) & numerous F2 deals.

F4 – how each will view the week:

Nic can’t play in HOH so for her to guarantee her safety she would need to win POV. The other option would be if Xmas won HOH as she would put up the two guys (although Xmas could shock & keep Enzo safe). Cutting Cody would be the BIG MOVE she needs to ensure winning but it’s doubtful b/c she’d believe Cody would take her over Xmas BUT — if she cut Enzo from Cody & he won F2 HOH he’d also likely screw her & take Xmas instead as payback.

Enzo: we can debate how hard Enzo has tried to win comps but the truth is this will be the first time he truly guns to win an HOH b/c he would love to be ensured of his F3 position and not have to get blood on his hands for the F4 cut. “That’s right, that’s right” (sarcastic nod to Enzo’s famous line to everyone). His preference would be a F4 with Memphis and then it wouldn’t matter as much since all 3 would prefer to take him to F3. The reality is it’ll likely be the Root & the ladies at F4 so he’ll want one of the ladies cut this coming week with Nic being the better cut (to separate NiCody).

For that to occur: Cody wins HOH & either he or Enzo win POV. He’d have to convince Cody that Nic was the better cut or go rogue & just cut her on his own (but the latter is unlikely). Or – Xmas wins HOH & then he wins POV & saves Cody – again this is also unlikely since TPTB will make the F4 POV a timed event & if Cody isn’t HOH he’ll win it (even if he doesn’t wink-wink).

The other big truth is if Enzo somehow could convince Cody to keep Memphis there would be an avenue to cut Cody at F4. This could occur if he won HOH & someone other than Cody won POV (again – not gonna happen) & they cut Cody or Enzo won POV & elected to cut Cody himself. And the odds of Enzo doing that are about as likely as one of Memphis, Nic or Xmas winning AFP.

Cody: his choice is obvious — he wants Nic/Enzo in F3 and he’ll likely win both comps or at worst POV b/c TPTB aren’t letting him lose now. As noted– if Enzo can talk him into keeping Memphis the situation could be more drama filled. If Cody wins both comps he’ll let Enzo be the one to make the cut b/c he won’t chance Nic cutting the Meow Meow.

Xmas: An almost identical game plan as Nic except she wants Cody out. She’s been studying dates forever but seems to melt under pressure That said – numerous F4 HOHs in recent years have resulted in someone unexpectedly winning so her taking the HOH wouldn’t be that surprising. She’s in most jeopardy of leaving next week unless she wins one of the two comps.

Memphis: It’ll take Enzo convincing Cody to keep him tonight & if he did I could see him winning the HOH. If he did I think he would put up Nic/Cody just in case he reaches F2 with Cody so he couldn’t say he was never OTB. At this point it wouldn’t be surprising for Memphis to want to take out Nic just as easily as it would be for him to keep her & cut Cody to give him an easier shot at the big prize. He certainly hasn’t shown any paranoia this week & that comes down to him 1) believing his alliances were real 2) underestimating Enzo who told Cody about WG 2.0.

I’m electing for a wild unexpected HOH winner – Enzo or Xmas & TPTB giving Cody the POV. My preference would be for an Enzo HOH & a shocking cut at F4 — either Cody taking out Nic or Cody getting cut by one of the ladies.

Then again we haven’t got anything we wanted this season so why expect anything different now? Read: 99.9% odds of Cody, Nic & Enzo being F3. Insert BIG YAWN!


Interesting read ??