Big Brother 21 Tree House

Big Brother 21 House “It’s all about Camp”

Tonight on “ET”, Julie Chen showed off parts of the Big Brother 21 house. Looks nice enough.. It’s the same ant infested set and this year “It’s all about Camp”. So it’s a good fit.

First, if you don’t have them yet grab your feeds. Live Feeds Stream

Big Brother 21 Fire-pit dinner table

Bringing the great outdoors inside.. firepit in the dining room table.

Big Brother 21 Trailer
Trailer Room

There’s a Trailer in one of the bedrooms

Big Brother 21 Tree House
Big Brother 21 Tree House

two ways to get upstairs. The traditional way via the stairs and a new way up via a ladder. The ladder leads to a tree house which use to be the upstairs lounge.

Big Brother 21 Living Room
Living room

Big Brother 21 Stairs to the HOH

Stair to the Head of Household room

Head of Household Room.

16 Houseguests 99 days 94 cameras.


They’ve added new fish and games.

“Don’t get in my way I came here to play… ”

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My first thought was……Wait…..Sam was on LAST season.

The house is getting a lot of hate on Twitter for its loud design. It doesn’t BUG me. I’m sure MosquitoCliff loves it.


I’m just hoping Cliff is able to get a toehold in a couple groups just so he’s not seen as a 3 legged gazelle on the savannah. I hope he’s more game wise than Kevin was.


BB18 Kevin got to 4th place, though. Laying low (which seems to be the majority game strategy this season according to their interviews) can pay off. I hope Cliff does well!


A house full of folks laying low could be boring. I’m sure they have a few folks looking to take the tiller and steer the ship into some entertainment once the cameras start. I don’t mind the laying low as long as they are still active in the game if that makes sense. They may not want to be seen as the one calling the shots but hopefully they’ll still be part of the dialogue.


Sadly, I’m being told Cliff was the first eviction. I really hope that’s wrong.

double D

Isn’t the first eviction live?


Well, the audio link definitely debunked the Cliff theory


Not always, Cameron from 19 was evicted after the first night with the let’s give Paul every possible advantage twist came into play and that was before the first live show. Glenn may have been tossed prior to the live show as well.


So many people say they want lay low but just can’t help themselves…I say bring on the crazies.

J e t s jets jets jets

Who cares about the house. I’m here to check out the people especially the girls. Analyse and Holly need to be around a long time.


Love it!

Guy From Canada

First twist of the season, everyone is a have not…….


Some of the rooms are hideous but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

double D

Somebody is going to end up in a park ranger outfit or better yet…Smokey the Bear


I really want to see the backyard! I’m picturing canoes, smores, a trampoline, capture the flag, and BB style Kumbaya.


request was granted

CBS posted pics of the backyard


Did I hear this is a duo season? If you look at the pics you can see similar facial features in quite a few.


Sorry hit something wrong trying to figure things out on here. Sorry. Hope I did mess anybody up.


If you have the live feeds there is a pretty lengthy audio leak beginning at 11:38:30 CST. Very interesting!

Houka Inumuta

I’m BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

This year I know who’s going to win.


Ugliest house ever !!