“the boys have been throwing out my name to go up and your name to go up while bringing Cliff down”

Big Brother Spoilers – Christie won the HOH, Nominated Cliff and Kathryn. Veto players were: Christie, Kathryn Cliff, Sam, Jack, Nicole. POV was Host was Tommy.  Sam wins the Power of Veto, it was called Food fight. Sam plans on using the Veto on Cliff. Christie plans on putting Kemi/Ovion the block as the replacement.

House Guest alternate names:
Analyse AKA Sis
Jackson AKA Michie (Jackson Michie)
Isabella AKA Bella

12:36 am Nicole and Jessica
Talking about there’s a lot more to Sis than meets the eye

Jessica – we need to talk to Sis one on one to feel her out
Nicole – it’s hard because she’s always with somebody
Jessica – she’s upset because we don’t talk game
Nicole – Have you talked to Bella
Jessica – I haven’t talked to Bella
Nicole – You should, She’s a good person

Jessica – she’s playing really hard with the boys, it’s good for us to have different people so when we come together we’ll know what’s going on
They start talking about forming a girls alliance.
Jessica – not everyone has to be in the girl’s alliance I think there will be a core group and an understanding with the rest of the girls
Jessica – Sis, and Holly are together.
Jessica isn’t sure what Christie has with them she’s doesn’t think there’s anything
Nicole – I don’t know she might but.. judging how she spoke to us today in the boat room. Christie was so forthcoming I don’t think she would have been.
Jessica – I feel really bad. If Sam uses the veto to take off CLiff if it’s a boy more than likely it’s going to be Ovi (as the replacement it’s actually Kemi)
Jessica – that sucks because I feel like he’s a vote but the way he’s headed he’s the guy that will be least pissed at everybody (if he goes up)
Jessica – Ovi is playing a really weird game
Jessica – if they put Ovi up it’s really in our best interest to keep Kathryn. Because it’s a number (huh)

Jessica adds that kat is really close to Holly and kat really doesn’t know the game.
Jessica – I still think they would be a vote for girls (kat) I don’t think they would vote a guy to stay instead of a girl

Jessica – I don’t know where Ovi lies, he’s rubbing the guys the wrong way
Nicole – they pick on him, I don’t even know if he’s aware of it.
Jessica- he’s oblivious to it
Nicole was debating if she should pull him to the side and tell him he needs to be aware
Jessica- he needs to lay low
Nicole – he thinks he is
Jessica points out that the other guys have paired up Jack/Jackson. Sam/Nick. Ovi doesn’t have a pair
Jessica – he’s usually with the girls
Nicole – and Cliff
Jessica – Cliff could be with the guys
Nicole – or a floater
Jessica – Sam and Nick are for sure like this.
Nicole – absolutely

They agree the biggest four targets are the two guy duos

1:00 am Snap chat glasses

1:30 am – 2:30 am Auditon game

2:21 am Sis and Jack in the HOH bed. Jackson in the bathroom
Sis – I’m so f*ing tired oh my god .. hmmmmmm
Jack – I just wanted to finish this conversation
Jackson – what were we talking about
Jack – recapping our day
Sis – I love being here but I hate being here

Jackson joins them brings up Christie saying when Nick says stuff “I don’t quite buy into it”
Jackson – I just have this weird feeling between him and Bella I can’t shake it I don’t know why
Jackson – they are caught and are now trying to dig themselves out of it. they were never this passionate about being on board until after they
Jack – they were f*
Jackson – that’s what happened
Jacks – we’ll use it
Jackson agrees “we’ll use them as long as we can”
Jack – the way the game should be right now Solid 8 get to the 8
Jackson – yeah, this game is crazy you never know what to believe
Holly with them now.
Talking about is Nick down with the 8.
Jackson says when Nick realizes they have Cliff, Ovi, and Kat they don’t have much to work with
Christie now with them.
Jackson says he has a lot of trust in their six but not their 8 (the 8 person alliance includes Nick and Bella)
(the 6 person is Jack, Jackson, Sis, Holly, Christie, Kat)
Christie says Nick and Bella are “flip-floppers 100%”
Jackson – they are two cats that will latch onto the strongest tree

2:26 am Storage room Kemi and Bella
Kemi says Jess told her “A guy, she doesn’t remember who was trying to convince Christie to backdoor me ”
Kemi – Obviously jack
Kemi – she said that she doesn’t know if it’s you or me that’s running around to the boys but the boys have been throwing out my name as an option to go up and your name as an option to go up while bringing Cliff down that’s why Christie was so upset and Crying
Kemi – she doesn’t want to feel manipulated by the guys she wants to play her own game
Kemi brings up that Jessica told her she really wants the girls to work together but she really can’t trust Nicole, Bella. Bella is really close to the guys.
Kemi says Jessica wants to pull the girls together, You, me, her, Nicole, Christie but she doesn’t know how much she can trust Holly and Analyse

Bella – and Kat too
Kemi – Kat depending on how this week goes

Kemi – Jack and Jackson have been acting completely weird towards me Mostly JAck..
Kemi – I don’t know what Christie is going to do but She’s hoping that Sam doesn’t use the veto I don’t know if he’s going to use it or not. if he were to use it he would be bringing Cliff down
Kemi – and she would put up Ovi.. but..
Bella – I don’t know if he’s going to use it
They talk about how Jack is trying to create a F*ing alliance with everyone
Kemi – forming an alliance of 8 literally day one

Bella brings up jack trying to make a 5 person alliance with Christie, “I don’t know who the 4th guy is”
Bella – I think Nicole would never put you or me up

Bella says the only people she trusts on the other side is Chrsitie and Sis
Kemi says that Holly and Sis are together she’s not sure about CHrsitie
Bella – it’ll be interesting when she’s not HOH
Bella again brings up all the alliances jack is making and how you can’t do that in this game.
Bella – Nick and jack are tight there still really tight
Bella – I talk a lot to Nick but he’s not going to give me his game, Here’s here to win.
Bella has been trying to get information from Nick “he’s more on the inside than Sam”
Kemi mentions talking to Cliff asking him if she should be paranoid and he said no. “I really don’t talk game with Sam”

They agree to not talk sh1t about Jack to Christie
Kemi – No matter what she says there are feelings there (BINGO!!!!)
Kemi – next week neither Jack, Sis, Holly or Jackson wins the next HOH
Bella says she’s going to try for HOH and if she wins she’ll put up Ovi and jack


2:53 am Kemi counting out the alliance to Jessica and Nicole
Kemi says Jack told her not to play so hard and fast while he’s the one going around making an alliance with everyone. “he’s on four different alliance right now day one’
Kemi – Day one he made an alliance of 8 people: Jack, Jackson, Holly, Sis, Christie’s, Nick, Bella and Tommy
Kemi – he never told anybody they never met together none of them talk to each other.
Kemi – Jack has been going around trying to backtrack

Kemi corrects herself says it was day two she overheard Jack talking about this in the storage room
Kemi mentions someone told her “day two or three” that Jack is saying that her under his wing because all she does is flirt with him. Kemi goes off about not being attracted to jack. “I think we all know if I was going to be flirting with anyone in the house who it would be”
Kemi – I have been very honest about that it’s not Jack I just hate the way he’s playing this game
Kemi wishes Christie would backdoor jack.

9:30 am Ruling the house
Nick is convinced that it’s either Cliff or Nicole that has it. Nick tells them it’s not Bella and if it was Kathryn she would be walking around acting so neurotic.
Christie thinks it’s Cliff.
Nick says maybe he should head downstairs before the house gets suspicious that the 6 of them are in the HOH.
Jack – At this point f* them we will always have the numbers eat a d!ck.. we run this house.. Eat a bag of d1ck flame on

(LOL wow good for you Jack)

9:53 am Houseguests are up getting ready for the day.

Sam talking about missing his family, “Everyone is probably in church today”. Say he’s got a lump in his throat he’s fighting back the tears.
Tommy reminds him how happy they will be when they see him win the veto.
Tommy and Sam hug it out

10:07 am
Jack telling them that his dad collects guns but his uncle has rooms of guns.
Sam telling a story about being in a Pastor family but growing up behind a strip club. Explains they could jump from his roof to that of the strip club.
Starts the story about a guy that was 20 yards away .. feeds cut .. (LOL this is s treasure trove)

10:08 am

Nick pointing out to everyone how much he respects Ovi working out so hard says other than Mickey, Ovi works out the hardest in the house. “my eyes still haven’t adjusted and he’s on the Bike” (ovi is working out)

10:19 am

Cliff sharing a story while working in Venezuela he was attacked by a swarm of “Africanized killer bees” he was stung 20 times. The medic told h9im “just don’t respond to them and they’ll leave you alone”

10:21 am Bella and Tommy
Bells saying that she really likes Kemi but she just won’t stop talking game. Bella says Kemi won’t put Tommy, Christie, or her up but in the grand scheme of things.
Bella says that Kemi is saying that Jessica told her Jack told Jess if the power of veto is used Christie should put up Bella or Kemi

Bella says jack “really wants to be Tyler and play everybody else.. dude you’re so obvious”
Tommy agree
Bella – you can’t win a game like this you can be friends with everyone but can’t have alliances with everyone
Bella is looking forward to seeing how the dynamics change with Christie not being the HOH.

Tommy says he’s still pushing for the 8 to happen
Bella – Me two 100%
They talk about how they love Sam but he’s not part of the 8.

10:56 am Sam, Tommy, Christie, Bella

Sam is talking abotu the Sun shrinking 1.5 incehs a year so if the earth was 2 millionm years old it would have engulkfed the earth .
He starts talkign abotu the moon landing sand the feeds flip

(Sam sticking to scripture)

11:08 am Feeds go down perhaps for the Power of Veto Ceremony

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“Kemi wishes Christie would backdoor jack.”

So does Granny!


We all want Jack gone!


I’d be good with a Jack backdoor or if Ovi or Kemi go up a Kat exit. She can’t seem to handle any pressure.


It may be that, in a subsequent week, the HoH puts up both Jack and Jackson to make sure one of them goes home


Kemi is playing a great game right now. Sure, she made the misstep of pissing the Jacks off (lol) but they’re huge targets now anyways so she picked a great enemy to have. She also seems to be attune to relationships and alliances in the house while also slowly building trust with Jess, Christie, Nicole and Bella.


She just has to survive this eviction and things can get crazy.


This is the first week. I know it is not a think two weeks ahead week…. but

Best move for week one for most of the house is to take Cliff off not Christie. Cliff is a likable guy. Then we have to choose a replacement. Game wise week one is usually a no harm no foul week, take out someone that has not really become close to everyone or hasn’t made the kind of mark on the house that could provide you cover… but knowing sometimes they come back is in play and David a fit athletic guy has already been evicted… I might think Jack this week and Jackson next week. This would create a situation where three of the most athletic guys would have to fight to come back…. that means only one of them would be coming back and he would have to rebuild relationships because the house dynamic would be completely different. Game wise that is the best course of action…. especially with the chance that the come back might be endurance, the one physical competition the meatheads have the disadvantage.

If it is Kemi is nominated as a replacement for Cliff or Christie. To be honest I would keep Kemi because she would provide the most cover for most of the house… she would have a serious ax to grind and saving her would provide that early cover… especially if she is up against Christie. I never trust a crier in the Big Brother Game… especially one with a potential showmance.


Great insight….except for the fact that KAT is on the block, not Christie. Pay attention!


Wow, who would Kemi flirt with? It’s early but so far most of the available guys seem like assholes.


I was wondering that myself. I missed who she would have liked if she liked any of them.

another name

two or three days ago she said she’d flirt with Nick, not Jack. no idea why.

another name

is there anyone he hasn’t made a point of annoying or alienating yet?

another name

last night when Jack took over Tommy’s casting game, the halo slipped any time you looked at Tommy’s face when Jack would give directions. lol.


Tommy is well placed in the game. He has a great shot at sneaking along and taking over towards the end.


I agree Simon I think he has pasted a large target and the perfect time to kick him to the curb. I liked him at start but now he is wearing on me big time.

another name

As Tommy laments to Bella that the 8 is a best bet premise but the personalities don’t work i’m left thinking:
did the 8 ever actually have a full meeting? not that i’ve seen.
Tommy hasn’t been in attendance of the nine times a day usual suspect 5 (two jacks, christie, holly, sis).
Bella hasn’t been included in them either. Neither has Nick for the most part.
Tommy has only been momentarily the cheese in any of those meetings. Nick and Bella have been the subject of much ire.
Perhaps. Just perhaps, Instead of 5 meeting multiple times a day in order to bash each other over the head with the same information, the alliance might have been better in action if it had actually rotated attendance.
It’s almost like they can’t have a meeting if one or both Jacks aren’t in attendance.
What would Tommy think of the meetings where Jackson is trying to shoe horn in Kat and Cliff?
Would he still be GR8FUL if he knew that every meeting starts and ends and mostly consists of one of the Jacks speaking over everyone, followed by gossip and accusations by one of the girls, followed by off the handle reactionary threats by the Jackhole in attendance, then more talking over everyone by a Jack, then a wishy washy statement by christie (unless she’s the one at that meeting making the gossipy accusation) followed by yet another don’t let anyone else finish a sentence Jack moment… then inevitably somebody not invited showing up.

The gist is this to me: Kat isn’t in the 8. but she knew Holly already, and Jackson hit it and doesn’t know how to quit it. This is the crux of the problem. SO as Kat became jealous of Bella and Jackson hanging out, Holly jumped in on Kat’s side, and has taken every opportunity to push Kat’s agenda to tank Bella (in the 8) for Kat (not in the 8). Jackson wants to look like the good guy (when he’s already said he doesn’t have any interest in Kat, only had sex with her because it was in the big brother house). Notice i said wants to LOOK like the good guy, not BE the stand up guy. Why did Nick become part of the issue? I thought Holly answered that herself. It annoyed her that every morning when she and Sis wake up, Nick is always flirting and complimenting Sis on how beautiful she is. Holly said it made her feel unattractive. The fact that he’s with Bella made it even easier because see above. The issue within the 8 is they didn’t come together, they were enlisted on day 2, and some of the outside relationships that existed or formed in the first three days weren’t drafted into the 8. They’ve been doing logistical cartwheels to save a non member of the alliance because one of the alliance boned her and another secretly knew her from previous work experience.
If the 8 were all important, then it wouldn’t matter at all which non member left this week. the fact that members of the 8 have tried so hard to save a non-member means the 8 was already doomed.


I’d like to see 4 of the 8 [Nick, Bella, Christie, Tommy] split off and pick up Sam, Nicole and Kemi to form a solid 7. Maybe work in Jess as a number.


They’ve never been a cohesive unit. The alliance is mostly in Jack and Jackson’s head. The rest of the group hasn’t figured out just how weak the connections between them are. Plus Nick and Bella are in the group but not really. The group exists because Jack and Jackson won’t let it go.

another name

i think they won’t let go for more than one reason:
both need to think they are the alpha leader and they have subjects / thralls to praise them and do what they say.
both need to think that none of the other members will make any side deals like the two of them are making that include non members. if they keep them complacent thinking they are the majority, then they won’t try to make a side deal (like jackson’s southern thing and any one of jack’s side deals that may or may not include sam or cliff).