Fes “Brett needs to f***ing go man! I am tired of him! I am tired of that motherf***er!”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 20th
HOH: FES Next HOH: Aug 23th
Noms: Have Nots

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8pm Kitchen. Haleigh, Fes, Tyler, Scottie. Fes – about time there was an athletic comp. Fes to Tyler – so you have how many comp wins? Tyler – four. Fes – in my book you’ve got five. Tyler – three vetos and one HOH. Scottie – so next week is definitely going to be double (Double Eviction) with questions. Tyler to Fes – so you have four? Fes – two vetos and an HOH. Fes – figured my vote was being cancelled when I would walk in a room and no one would discuss vote with me. Tyler – Rockstar is probably on blast for her speech. Haleigh – yeah that was bad. Tyler – it wasn’t that bad. Haleigh – I was uncomfortable.

8:09pm Outside the HOH room. Scottie and Tyler. Scottie – I’m the vote to get Kaycee out because I thought that’s what they were all going to do. They all told me right before. Tyler – all of them? Scottie – JC told Fes right before. Sam had a deal with Rockstar. She was with me Haleigh and Rockstar. Scottie – I thought it was going to be 2/4. Tyler – for Rockstar to stay? Scottie – yeah. I was just trying to do what the house wanted to do. Tyler – I am probably going to get backdoored. Scottie would you rather go up or risk being backdoored? Tyler – I don’t know I would probably rather not go up. I know I’m a backdoor target so I’m not going to bullsh*t around with Fes.

8:08pm Lounge room. Fes and Haleigh. Haleigh – I’m sad. Fes – you’re safe. Are you sure Scottie is the one? Haliegh – yes. Fes – when I get my HOH do you think I ask everyone who was the one vote to keep Rockstar? See if anyone else comes forward? Scottie raises his hand and see who else. Haleigh – yeah. I don’t want to put Scottie on the spot like that though with everyone else. Fes – you trust Scottie. I don’t. Haleigh – Sam just apologized to me. So it wasn’t her. For not voting for Rockstar. Fes – I don’t think I am going to put up Kaycee or Angela. For what?! They’re not going to win sh*t. Haleigh – who are you going to put up? Fes – who do you think? Angela and Kaycee what!? If they win next week… Haleigh – we will talk about it tonight. Fes – I don’t want to talk to anybody tonight. I’m not hearing no bullsh*t! Haleigh – not even me? Fes – I will kick everyone out .. you come back in a bit. I am going to tell people if y’all want to talk you can wake me up before 10am if y’all want. If y’all want more time than 10am then that is okay but I am not hearing no bullsh&t tonight. I haven’t been know what’s going on the whole game.

Haleigh – we’ll talk about it tonight. Who do you want out? Fes – one of the boys. Haleigh – which one? Fes – anyone. What I don’t want is to put Tyler on the block and Scottie wins and takes Tyler off. Haleigh – Scottie isn’t going to take Tyler off. Fes – Scottie’s got you. I don’t have no loyalty towards Scottie. Haleigh – what do you want to do then? Fes – Angela and Kaycee. If we leave Angela and Kaycee in the game .. I will take me and you versus Angela and Kaycee any day of the week. Okay!? Haleigh – Angela did beat us in a comp. True or False. Fes – if they put you up, I will win the veto and take you off. And all of this.. at least we know what side they’re on. Brett was up your a$$ all week and you couldn’t even get his vote. Its a bunch of bullsh*t. Haleigh – if you put Tyler next to Brett and Tyler comes down who do you replace him with? Fes – I don’t know how close you are to Brett and Tyler .. I don’t want to tell you and have you run back and tell them. Haleigh – are you kidding me!? Fes – okay good that’s the response I wanted. Haleigh – you’re joking?! Fes – are you done? I was testing you. Haleigh – are we not past the point of testing each other Fessie!? If that’s the case, then put me on the block. Fes – OOHHH.. but when you win HOH “I can’t trust you!” When you win HOH you can say that but I can’t say some sh*t. Haleigh – Scottie voted with us. I heard Brett tell Scottie – I am voting to keep Rock. And then he flipped. Brett came to Rockstar to make a final two deal. Fes – Brett needs to f**king go man! I am tired of him! I am tired of that motherf**ker! Haleigh – okay then put him next to Tyler. Fes – I don’t want Scottie taking Tyler off. Haleigh – no he’s not. Fes – I like Scottie but all he’s done is give me a bad vibe. Its not like he talks to me. Haleigh – on eviction day Scottie is going home. They’re not together. Fes – if he is with us then I won’t put Scottie up. Haleigh – JC is going to sneak all the way to the end. Fes – If I put Tyler next to Brett and one of them come down.. Haleigh – if one of them come down, put Sam up. She won’t go home. Right now you and I don’t have anyone .. so if we have someone that voted with us.. that sat in my room last night and told me anything Tyler said to him for the past f**king forever. Fes – this is on you.. If I don’t put up Scottie and he ends up coming for me next week .. that’s on you because I trusted you. Haleigh – then put him up. Fes – we’ve got power this week, lets pull in someone. And Sam I don’t trust her.

8:35pm – 9:15pm Kitchen – Angela and Kaycee are making dinner.

9:24pm – 9:30pm Lounge room. JC and Fes. JC – Scottie didn’t vote for her to go. He didn’t do it. Fes – who? JC – Scottie voted Rockstar out. Fes – who voted for her to stay? JC – Sam told me that Brett voted for her to stay. Fes – Brett is smarter than that, if Brett knows she is going to go then he voted her out. Fes – I’ve got something planned. The two people I trust the most in this game are you and Haleigh. You both are safe this week. At the end of the day I am going to do what is best for my game. Just know whatever I do, I am doing it for me. JC – just be careful of whatever you do .. because you need to votes for whatever move you want to make. This is your opportunity to take out whoever is coming for you. Fes – I know. I am going to try and figure out who the flip vote was. Just know whatever I do its to propel us forward.

9:45pm Scottie and Haleigh. Haleigh tells Scottie about Fes’s plan to ask everyone. Scottie – my game is to literally be up front and honest with people and they keen turning it and screwing me. The keep me so that they can blame me for everything. Haleigh – I want Sam to go. F**k Sam. They are stressing out. That was so f**king shaddy! So F**king shaddy! Scottie – which ever way you vote.. I will vote. Haleigh – f**k these people! You can’t trust anyone ..

10pm – 10:10pm Fes tells Angela and Kaycee. Kaycee – are you going to do one on one’s or what? Fes – I am going to wait until I get my room. This whole game I have played it straight up, everyone knows what I’m doing. I haven’t thrown comps and then when it is time for me to know what’s going on nobody lets me know. Now that I’m HOH do I want to hear y’alls relationship? Its all bullsh*t! Everything is bullsh*t! Angela – if you’re going to get blood on your hands, get blood on your hands for a good reason and make sure that person leaves. Fes – I don’t have barely nobody. I am cool with Haleigh and JC .. but even JC ..nobody tells me what they’re doing. I don’t even know if I want to hear all the throwing under the bus. Kaycee – its your game and you have to do what is best for you.

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Wow Haleigh suggesting to put Sam up… I really had high hopes for her but yeah, that’s gone now

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

That’s one of the many reasons I disliked Rock and Haleigh’s game. Deception is all part of BB; and they are the first to cry about “fake a@@ people”. Yet their “friendship” with Sam was all manipulative. Notice that all 4 of the L6 hugged Sam and told her no matter which way she voted they still loved her. They didn’t hold their friendship hostage for her vote.

Ha and Scottie hunkered down on After Dark whispering with each other, and Ha says, “I guess we should go hang out with everyone since they are all working together.” Uhhhh almost 60 days in, great idea. Too late. I honestly think Haleigh,, RS and Swaggy completely ruined Fez’s chances in this game with their “Hibernate & B!tch Stategy”. Right now, Fez is hanging out a little and talking to the others. I like him when he’s just laid back and not caught up in the crazy hate and stupid conspiracy theories. Even Scottie. They have no idea how hard they’ve been played.

However, if some people don’t win HOH, Level 6 will be Level 2 before long lol.


I really like the way you worded that…”they didn’t hold their friendship hostage…”

Haleigh is quite superficial, and it’s my opinion that while Angela can be savage, she is genuine.


Angela gets a bad rap because she’s not a silly little girl, she’s just reserved. She has had her harsh moments, but so have they all.


I would agree with you, but what do you think about Fez being such a big comp threat but being able to fly under everyone’s radar?


It’s because he’s an idiot, that why he’s under the radar. I mean he’s pretty much proving it now while he’s HOH and will most likely get Scottie out. L4 knows he can be easily manipulated by JC so he doesn’t pose as much of a threat as Scottie or Haleigh.


I absolutely love Level 6 but the fact that they can’t win an hoh to save their damn lives is getting ridiculous…I don’t see them getting out intact out of this week unfortunately.


Don’t be so quick to discount Fez’s jealousy getting in the way of seeing the game. The only person he should trust is Hay, but he doesn’t trust her around Brett. This is going to unfold badly for them.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

Yep. He’s gonna put up brett and scottie. And their plans to back door tyler will get screwed up. Scottie or sam is going home this week.


sam and scottie’s names are getting thrown around. there’s a good chance fes completely blows this hoh. angela, kaycee, and tyler really should be the only ones they should be considering as they know those three are against them 100%.


And Fes having it out with Scottie… yeah, this is just hopeless… If L6 survives this, Hive really deserved it


Wtf, right? Damn it Fes, wake the f up! My gosh, I just want to slap his face and tell him to snap out of it. The fact that he trusts JC when JC hasn’t been truthful one time makes me want to bang my head into the wall. Put up Brett and Tyler, come on!! Just freaking do it!

Charles Bronson

Even though Fed won, Angela is still safe because she’s beautiful and KC is safe because she’s a football player….


yup, brett and tyler with angela as replacement nom (should angela win pov and take tyler/brett down, put up kaycee). obvious play here.


If nothing else, just repeat Haleigh’s nominations. That would make sense to a normal person who is supposedly working tight with the previous HoH. If he does either Sam or Scottie as a nominee at any point, he’s an idiot.


Even with Fes as HOH, L6 can still keep all their people. Try out this scenario:
Fes puts up Brett and Kaycee
Angela wins POV
Angela removes Kaycee from the block
Fes attempts to replace with Tyler
Tyler uses his cloud app
Fes is forced to put up Scottie or Sam (doubt he will put up JC or Haleigh)
Angela, Kaycee, Tyler and JC/Sam vote to evict whoever is not L6.

It’s a stretch, but if the stars align… it is possible.


Sadly, as much as the possibility of this happening is very remote, with Fes’ level of gameplay, this could actually happen

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

With Hive’s track record, that may not even be a long shot. And I would giggle like little girl all over again. I’d bet Production would like for at least ONE power app to be used this season.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

Its quite likely. L6 has shown that they control votes. Hay and fezzy still havent figured out todays eviction vote. they are helpless


I don’t think it’s a stretch!!! .
Hey Rocky watch me pull a rabbit out of a hat… Bullwinkle


F*@#!!!! This will probably happen. I swear if the HIVE blow another week I’m going to lose it. It’s freaking annoying how they can win comps and then be complete f-ing morons. I’m sorry for my cursing but dang it, I can’t take it anymore.

Silky Smooth

If Angela does shave, ain’t much-needed.
My money is on, there’s nothing to shave.
But really, why are we judging grooming?


Love it! Let’s sneak a note to L6.

Oblivious Faysal

Oh goodness, we have to listen to his ridiculousness all week.


WARNING: Listening to Fessy strategize will result in…

head banging on desk.


Wow without the Hacker twist Level 6 would have lost a member today and another would have followed after the results of this week.

Level 6 is a fraud alliance that relies on productions help to succeed. Time to send Mangela home!


All these comps are planned way in advance and let’s recall Haleigh son hacker the week before and blew it. Level 6 just has the brains and strategic ability to parlay an ability like that to their advantags.


L6 would not have lost a member this week. hayleigh would not have put up brett if tyler took down angela (my guess would be jc or scottie (scottie being stupid and hilarious), possibly sam).


Tyler & Brett initially is the best move, but Tyler not going anywhere with that app, so Brett & KayCee Angela? Either way Level 6 loses a number. I still think Tyler will win tho, his game is too good.


Tyler can still go home if he does not use the app correctly. He uses it for original noms and does not go up BUT if someone uses veto he can be replacement nominee. OR He saves it for veto noms and goes on original block. Someone wins veto and chooses to leave noms the same….he could go home.


If you are Tyler do you save the app for veto and risk being an original nom, or use it up front and just hope he is picked for veto? All but three play in veto this week, so he has a 50/50 chance of being picked for veto if he is not on the block.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Yeah, he’s already working JC to push Fez for a back door, same as this past week. If he hadn’t won veto he was prepared to use his app before the Veto Ceremony. He had Hay all set up to back door him. Since he’s so easily manipulated and such lol.


Oh yes Fessie! Please put up Scottie & Brett. Tyler will sit in the cloud for the veto.

I loved the way Hay was telling Fes who to nominate & he went off on her. Is Fessie growing a backbone????

This is gonna be another good week!!!!!!!!!


naa he doesnt have a backbone he just goes into this frantic wtf is going on mode.. talks big and bad.. once he chills out and his other head wakes up he becomes goo once again and she dominates him..

unfortunately for brett their little ruse re the vote blame on scottie wont work because fes wont even consider it.. brett is a competitor for hailey’s attention and that is deep down all he sees.


You are probably right, but if I was Brett I would fill Fessie’s head with all kinds of shite about Haleigh coming onto him etc.


Fez, the cave man, is so jelly of Brett AND Scottie because of their interactions with Hay. He stated he wants to send one of the guys home- why not get rid of the competition for his showmance. If Hay argues too much with Fez and she spends much of her time with Scottie- he will go.

JC should point out how much time Hay and Scottie s hang together and plant seeds that she would take him to F2 and he would take her- leaving Fez to look like a d*mn fool. Brett needs to lay low, but if Fez asks, Brett should play up how flirty Hay has been with him while Fez was out of the room.

This could turn out to be a delicious week. Team chaos.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

God love him; let the man have his HOH. Haleigh lost Bay when she was the hacker, & Rockout when she was HOH. It’s time to hang up you “Strategy Hat” Hay.They FINALLY get who is working together LOL (I THINK). Everyone can hang with who they want to hang out with and play the game hard.


Correction, the only one that Fes STILL hasn’t caught onto is JC (his 2nd closest ally!).

JC told Fes that BRETT was the single vote to save Rockstar, not Scotty… and what do you know, Magilla Gorilla believed him… hmph.

What a rock head.


Which is hilarious because that meant JC just told him he evicted Not a princess Angie.


Oh it is already starting to unravel this week!


Here it comes fes you dumb ass listen to haleigh. I hope Tyler saves his power for veto again and ends up on the block.

Who said that!

He should save it for the veto,if he uses it at noms I think he could still be nominated at the veto ceremony.


The app is pretty weak. It’s only real play is saving it to avoid a backdoor.


So is the hacker app completely done or is there another week?


This is hopeless just hand Tyler the dam check how blind are these people? Sam Jc the two biggest floaters in game and they are just skating by lol..


Is Tyler’s power expired?




Do you follow the show? Or the feeds? Or this blog?


A million times, this!!! How do people not know these things? It’s almost like they are trying out to be a member of the HIVE….

Sorry, I’m pissed and venting.


Well if something like that pisses you off, you should get a life. I don’t follow every second of the show or this blog like you do.


I’m not pissed at you, I’m pissed at the HIVE. That’s why I said sorry I’m just venting. I guess syntax isn’t your thing. You’re on a site dedicated to BB, people on here are diehard fans. I have a life, it revolves around BB, duh.

who me?

That’s kind of pathetic


No not really, that’s why I asked, bitch.


I think folks are a bit short because the folks who can win comps can’t think of a strategy that’ll avoid getting their own tossed week after week. And those who can think a way through a problem are only in the problem because they couldn’t win a prize in a happy meal.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

Scottie and Tyler. Scottie – I’m the vote to get Kaycee out because I thought that’s what they were all going to do. They all told me right before.

Good grief! Another idiot

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

Does anyone else have the feeling Fezzy is gonna screw this up and they are not going to figure out who voted to keep RS???? He seems more interested in eliminating Hay’s potential boyfriends…

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Watching After Dark now, and they are already playing HARD. Fez’s new HOH room, Brett is already claiming he voted to keep RS and Scottie flipped. Even though Scottie is telling the truth, he always has that swarmy look about him (probably nerves) and he just doesn’t come across trust worthy. KC even starts crying defending herself against Scottie making a snide comment. Our little Peanut deserves an Academy Award! Now, JC is playing a masterful game. He is talking to Hay (at least for 20 minutes now) and sharing random situations going back to when Swaggy was still in the house. This little dude could be a defense attorney. He’s also using the fact that Scottie has a huge crush on Hay and would like Fez out of the way (which has a ring of truth to it). Just watch – they are going to get Scottie & Brett on the block, and depending on who wins Veto, Tyler will use his power app to avoid being back doored. Long shot, but they are already spinning the web. Impressive!


Plus JC already told Fes Brett was the vote to keep Blockstar. If L6/5/4 stays intact this week, there’s an impressive level of stupid in the house.


Jc makes my bloood boil… pissed

Jay Crimson

Man has there ever been a time where every week it’s a new HOH winner? The past 4 seasons we would see someone win HOH every other week but so far… haven’t seen it this season.


One of the reasons this could be the best season ever.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

JC – Scottie didn’t vote for her to go. He didn’t do it. Fes – who? JC – Scottie voted Rockstar out. Fes – who voted for her to stay? JC – Sam told me that Brett voted for her to stay.

Cmon fezzy!!!! You can’t believe this bull shit man! And why aren’t you coming at JC for his vote????


JC using excuse he can’t vote out Kaycee because of backlash from gay community. Said it earlier in the week.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

He tells Fezzy every damn week he is voting WITH fezzy. And every week he does not. And for some reason fezzy is unable to count and figure out JC NEVER votes with him.


It’s freaking infuriating. The fact that he thinks JC is so loyal to him is laughable.


Come on, voting with someone in an elimination type game doesn’t make you loyal…well it’s not like he’s voting out people close to…well…it is the hive…the bar is pretty low at this point.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I think they are going to buy it. It’s a strategy – can’t win HOH, get thrown on the block every week, manage to send an opponent home. JC is a smart little dude. It’s a game of chess. Don’t convince your buddy, convince his girlfriend.

Curb on Sam’s Street

I wish Sam would either self evict or have a televised DR session already where she tells America this is all an act to garner jury votes and float along.

This whole mysterious Vanessa/Donnie hybrid bs is getting stale.


Maybe she will get kicked out for curb stomping zingbot

Kaitlin’s Magic 8 Ball

Hilarious! Best speculation so far this season. Would be hilarious to see???


Fez is going to freak out when Hay doesn’t want to stay in the HOH all week…he will lose his mind first time he catches Hay talking to Brett. Or god forbid, Hay sleep in the same room as Brett! He may self evict as HOH!

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

This is the part where the smart move is to put up angie and tyler. even if L6 wins POV, one of L6 goes home. But Hay is so obsessed with backdooring Tyler, that they will get too cute for school and screw this HoH up again. fezzy will put up brett and scottie up. The cloud app comes into play, L6 controls the votes, and somehow scottie will go home. I can just smell the Hive incompetence yet again….

BB Fanatic

Why does Fes even trust JC when he knows he hasn’t voted with him once

Who said that!

JC calls Fes stupid to his face.


The Zingbot will too, on Wednesday…

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

Because Fezzy can not and will not count the votes!!! NONE of the Hive ever counts the votes! They think its some random occurrence and there is no other team. Credit to Rockbop. In her eviction she identified it for them!!! well 3 of them anyways!!!

I predict L6 stays in tact

L6 stays in tact this week no matter what happens. Do we really think Sam and JC will flip back now? It only takes 4 votes. Plus, I don’t think Tyler should expose his power unless he absolutely had to. His Alliance will be so pissed he didn’t tell them sooner, he’d be the first to go for them as well.


Unless Fez can keep two of Brett, Tyler, Angela, or Kaycee on the block Thursday.


Rocktard counted her votes….hahaha. She thought she had everyone’s vote but one. See, even when they try to count the votes, they get it so wrong…


This guy is a moron! Yes JC at this point may not be coming for you but it doesn’t mean he won’t vote u out or through you under (which his done). If he votes against you, he IS NOT WITH YOU!!!!!! Also you’ve never known which way the vote was going but JC has and has never given you a heads up. And he calls himself a school teacher???? Those poor kids!
Their downfall, has been the oversharing and the sad part is they don’t realize that the only info circulating is the ones the’ve been giving ppl.

Who said that!

OMG Fes stop talking!

3s a Crowd

I think Brett leaves this week. Would have benefitied HIS game to throw Rock a vote. Pin it on JC or Sam to L4 and claim it when talking w/ Hive. Now he’ll go up, rest of L4 will pick any of them to stay over Brett.


Probably right except maybe JC or Sam did same thing and they’d be screwed.


too risky for brett to throw a pity vote as both jc and sam have thrown rogue votes before and a 3-3 tie could have occurred.

My Two Cents

I wonder if Tyler is planning on using Sam as his Victoria, or if he is just using her to vote for his target each week and sees her as expendable. He said in a preseason interview that Derrick was the best player ever and that he’d like to model his strategy after Derrick’s.


Sam might be his Victoria , but he doesn’t have a Cody . Tyler is Derek and Cody combined , he is playing a Derek game, Cody game , and you can even throw in a little Dr. Will.


i strongly believe tyler has been grooming sam, jc, and scottie as victoria. sam is the best option of the three, but jc and scottie have also been playing weak float games with a blindspot regarding tyler.


Sam is definitely his Victoria. He will send Level 6 members home before Sam.

Here I Am

Worried for L6 this week but boy, am I loving their performance in the HOH room tonight!!


So proud of Rockstar for going through with her speech, which will help her if there is a battle back and she wins, and for going out of the house with some class and self respect. Also for not even entertaining Tyler’s bull shit. Seriously, Hayleigh, Fes, and Scottie need to take note. She is correct about the fact that she is good at reading people and her strategy of trying to from a core group in the beginning was good (if very dull) Big Brother survival. She just chose a bunch of twits (Swaggy, Bayleigh, Hayleigh, and Fes) who are only there for the camera time and seem to have no real interest in winning BB.


yes, building a core is good strategy. basing it on gender is not. and rs always based it on gender overlooking that fessie and scottie were two of her best numbers.


She’s good at reading people, yet could not tell that Brett was playing her? She couldn’t see the glazed-over look in Sam’s eyes as she droned on and on about how privileged and entitled Angela is? That she actually thought she had the votes to stay? Yeah, she’s Miss Cleo.


That would have been hilarious if everyone raised their hand when Fes asked who voted to keep RockStar

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

I did not like RockSnot. But at the eviction she actually identified that angela, tyler, and KC were in an alliance. so she got 3 out of 4. Credit to her. But what happened??? Fezzy and hay were talking later and didn’t like that she was throwing people under the bus!!! It appears that fezzy and hay still do not know who is on the other side. And fezzy still fails to realize that JC has NEVER voted with him…….good grief!!! The will screw up this HoH once the L6 starts planting seeds with sam brett and jc…..


Is it really a feather in her cap that she finally recognized part of a solid alliance on day 60 after her side were consistently blindsided week after week? That seems like a participation ribbon at best.


Hayleigh needs to talk to fess and get his dang head on straight.


Its just all that testosterone pumping from the comp win. Fez will be good tomorrow lol


I respectfully disagree. Haleigh got Bayleigh out with her hacker power and Rockstar out with her HOH. I’d stay far away from Haleigh’s strategy. Maybe I’m just a Haleigh hater, but I actually think Fes would be better off if he had given up on her a long time ago.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Interestingly enough, as Sam is taking a shower she is singing “Chain of Fools” by the late, great, Aretha Franklin.


Wow! That’s crazy.


Oh! My! Monkey!!!!! I just can’t with Fessy and Hay anymore!! Waiting for them to catch a clue, is like waiting for snow in FLORIDA!!!! Boring and frusting!!!


JC is putting work in…ready for another week where the remainder of the hive fuck up their opportunity to take out a member of L6 Just when I think things cant get funnier


Oh! My! Monkey! JC litterally just said “Bayliegh came to me and tried to get in to our aliance…” If they think that he is for them…. : O

Who said that!

JC has now hijacked Fes and Haleighs brains saving level 4 yet again,bye Scottie.


Is Haleigh buying what he’s selling ? Or will she now run back to Scottie and tell him everything.


That’s funny! Go JC,


If JC pulls it off to convince Fes & Hay to backdoor Scottie, that will go down as greatest move of the season.


If JC actually arranges for Scottie to go out on Fessie’s HOH, then he moves up another level on my ranking.


I hate to break the news to everyone celebrating that L6 is losing a member cause it ain’t over til it’s over! JC has worked his magic. He is Haliegh’s new best friend and her and Fessie now believe Scottie was the one that flipped on them and voted Rocknado out.

This all happened before Haliegh opened the wine. I know JC isn’t the most popular but personally, I have enjoyed watching how he manages to manipulate others. A lot can change in a week but at the moment it looks like Scottie is the one in the most danger.

You never know with this cast which is making this a good season.


Ugh! Here we go with again with a power trip! Cmon Fussy, get a grip!


It’s funny seeing Fes turn into a a big a-hole now that he’s in power lol. This power trip he is on now will only guarantee his eviction next week.


Paul would figure his way out of this….Fes not so much. Bye bye Scottie or Sam!