Big Brother 18 feed outage results

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-13 17-41-34-157

When the feeds went dark Corey had the head of household, Nicole had the Power of Veto, Victor and Paul were nominated for Evictions.

Nicole votes to evict Victor
James Votes to evict Victor

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-13 17-42-03-604

Victor is evicted by a vote of 2-1
Victor – third times a charm

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-13 17-42-14-972

the final 4

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-13 17-49-48-135

The HOH competition is called “What the Bleep”

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-13 17-56-56-928

The Head of Household winner is Paul

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147 thoughts on “Big Brother 18 feed outage results

    1. LMAO @ Paul and Vic with the ether speeches. love them or hate them, the sitting ducks were the only two that truly played BB this season.

    2. The game is in its final stages…and the momentum has shifted as it always has..

      Those that held the power are now on the block..those that were on the block now hold the power…another showmance will be cut in half..

      And yet the posters on here still name call, and bicker..please remember it is just a game..and the Pendulum will continue to swing until the end

  1. Kinda sad that Vic was evicted. he deserves AFP.

    He’s a really nice guy …. a little too gullible but that’s what makes him so endearing.

    I hope the snake is next to be evicted.

    1. He was great at comps but had zero social game and no strategy other than you voted me out so I’m getting revenge.

      Yes, a likable guy but not a great player

      1. He threw comps – you mean he COULD be great at comps. I really do not want him in the final two regardless of if I can’t stand Corey or Nicole or not.

        Paul for the win and Vic for AFP.

  2. If you google it, many sites confirm what Simon already revealed from a source he trusts. Paul apparently did win the final HOH. Well that can really shake things up going into the home stretch!

  3. Actually surprised Nicole couldn’t get Paul gone first. She would have a better chance with Vic than she ever will with Paul. She defiantly could have flirted Vic to her but she’s got no chance with Paul.

    1. She did try, she just wasn’t able to manipulate james and corey the way she has with others. and she couldn’t go against them in the voting. Not only would he be loyal to her had she managed to save him but she probably would have won this comp against both vic and james, wouldn’t have come to a tie breaker. no one ‘saved’ paul, so paul has zero loyalties to any of them, however i think he will still link up with james.

      at this point for this HOH winner he has pretty much equal power with everyone else. the only one who matters is HOH and who wins the veto if the veto winner is not HOH. If paul wins the veto, the most he can do is keep noms the same, the one off the block decides. at the time of eviction the HOH and the one off the block are the only ones guaranteed F3, but paul isn’t going to be able to control which of those 3 go home, and if james is up there, james may not stay in the house

    1. Paul winning HOH isnt actually ideal because he doesn’t vote to evict anyone and nobody else will evict Nicole if he hadnt won HOH me may have won the veto and could cast the final vote to evict her :(

      1. Yes, but too dangerous if he didn’t win Veto. This way he is final 3 guaranteed. James game is on the line so Paul or James NEED to win Veto. CorV will likely vote out James if he has to go up.

      2. Of course it is ideal he will be in final 3 for sure. Then all 3 play the final games so for him this is great. If he didn’t win HOH he would had to win veto or he would be gone

      3. Definitely ideal – this is the most crucial besides the final veto – he can play in all remaining HOH’s. He is in a good spot – fingers crossed :-)

    2. Wife said she won POV. Not sure if that was Sundays episode or not and haven’t watched todays episode yet either. So take that what it’s worth. Not sure where my wife got her info. She said Paul is HOH and Nicole won POV but when she won POV doesn’t know.

      1. Hope that’s not true but I wouldn’t be surprised. Hope she leaves tomorrow but if not definitely hope Corey goes. No one wants to watch the live feeds of her and Corey up each other’s behind the last week. What a waste of money on feeds if those two are in final three. I feel sorry for Paul if that’s the case he won’t have anyone to talk to.

      2. PAUL HAS WON VETO and why is Nicole mad at James because he won’t tell her who he’s voting out? Did she forget she is a snake and didn’t tell people who she was voting out? Or did she forget she back stabbed Nat and James. I say GOOD JAMES don’t tell her and pray you evict her tomorrow and when you do tell her mom you GAVE HER AN HOH, (even though you were about to drop anyway), but you’re not giving her 500,000 dollars.

        1. Paul needs to stay in James’ ear to make sure James votes out Nicole. Why would James debate this? James can impress Nat by sending Nic out and James can get closer to 2nd place. Nic is the person standing in the way of Paul winning. Paul needs Nic out to win. Paul, Corey, James in F3 gets Paul the win. Nic out is better for James too at this juncture.

          VOTE OUT NIC

  4. What is up with Corey and Paulie discounting Vic’s comp wins? Seems to me that they are the ones who are catty, petty and insecure.
    Is James even in the game? He has shown zero interest in getting HOH tonight.
    Glad Paul is HOH but pissed he could not pull off a win to save both the Sitting Ducks.
    Sad Vic is gone, but he has made BB history; as the saying goes: Famous or infamous, you will know my name.

  5. Why the hell was Pigface Wiggums aka Derrick on my tv again? It was cute though to see him defend that idiot Cody and his dambass move he made. Please stop shoving that smarmy asshole down our throats CBS we’re tired of him, please take a hint.

    1. Why wouldn’t Derrick be on tonight’s episode? He’s the one who coached James and Nicole (and Paulie) prior to entering the Big Brother 18 house. I can not believe that once James’ and Nicole’s pre-show final 2 deal was outed publicly that CBS production STILL funneled them forward in this game. The ONLY thing that might get me to come back and watch next year is for neither of them to make it to final 2. NEITHER OF THEM. As badly as I don’t want Corey to win anything, I want James and Nicole to win far less because CBS has inflated their floaties to get this far (and helped Nicole win her comps “when she needed too”). I just can’t believe that CBS was so blatant with this mess this year. I’m not going to see good people get dumped on and treated like crap next year just so CBS can hand $550,000 to THEIR puppies and know they set it up that way. I sure wish now I’d stopped watching when I first learned of James’ and Nicole’s prior deal – I just never believed that if it were true production would let it go this far. What a sad waste of a once great game.

    1. I hope Nat or even Vic tells the jury about the bullhorn message. May get Paul or Corey votes in the end. Nicole and James are cheaters. Pre-season alliance and giving each other some of the winnings. They should be disqualified.

    2. The fight in the jury house is between Nat, meech, Bridgette and Paulie. Paulie started his bs with Nat again, and he was gained up on by the other ladies in the house and he couldn’t think fast enough against them all, and the final blow was once again by Ms Da assuring him he’s nothing but a little man with a big mouth.

    3. I think it’s Paulie and Zakiyah fighting. Big Meech will spill the beans on what Paulie said behind Z’s back after she left. P & Z will start fighting and since P can’t fight fair …He’ll pull Meech into the verbal tirade and then the eruption will be when Day and Bridge jump in.

      Paulie is in a house with 4 women. If you can’t win a fight with one woman ….how the hell does he think he can win against all four???

      Paulie is a millennial chauvinistic PIG/POS.

  6. God Dammit since Paul supposedly won this last HOH Nicole guarantees herself a spot in the final 3 as Corey and James wont vote her out and Paul cant vote so if Paul were smart hed nominate Nicole and Corey and hope that either he wins the veto and uses it on Nicole or Nicole wins the veto removing herself forcing her to pick between James and Corey for the final vote which would expose her loyalties

    1. I think it’s 50/50 James would vote her out. If Paul gets in his ear and remind him she’s never been on the block and no matter how much she says no one in jury will vote for her the women in jury want to see a female win and with a majority female jury I hope James wouldn’t risk it, even it means him and Nicole in final two. If anything CBS will rig it for her to be in final three but I hope she’s next to go.

  7. I know Nicole seems to be the most unpopular here, and I’m not the biggest fan but I think she deserves to be here way more than James. I wish he would go next.

    1. They’d have to be fools to vote James out at this point. Paul, Nicole and Corey all plan to drag his ass to the final two, because they all know that they will easily win against him… Because he’s useless and hasn’t done f all in the game. So, he gets 50k for following Natalie around all summer.
      Hopefully he won’t get America’s favorite this year.

  8. #SittingDucks STILL LIVE!!!!! WAY TO GO PAUL! His speech was hilarious! I wondered what drama happened at jury! Anyone know? Your sources were right! Please donate to Simon & Dawg! Thanks for the site.

    1. His gut has been wrong EVERY time and when he tries to act like he knows what is happening next, he is also wrong EVERY time. I am about to start feeling sorry for how pathetic he looks but I am thinking production is allowing him to look foolish to gain sympathy for AFP.

  9. I teared up when Vic and Paul told each other “I love you” – knowing that Victor was actually leaving for good. And then I teared up again when I saw Paul so emotional after the win! Despite their flaws I love these guys and I love their friendship.

  10. I wonder who Nicole is going to throw under the bus now to save herself? She knows Paul is not stupid enough to want James out and keep a showmance in the game at final 3, so will she back stab Corey? The only thing that would be worse is if CBS rigs it and Nicole or Corey wins veto. Then James will most definitely be going to jury tomorrow.

  11. Oh my golly jeepers! Paul won!

    I love how he teared up. He is psyched. One of the CoCos will be evicted. Karma is so powerful. Love it.

    While I don’t really want Paul to win, of those remaining, Paul may possibly sneak into 1st place with me. Let’s see how things unfold….

  12. Yahoo!!!!! Paul wins HOH…..

    ….. Please nominate Nicole/Corey…….

    ……Paul/James PLEASE win the Veto……

    …..send Nicole to jury:)

    1. It doesn’t matter who Paul nominates!!! Have u people ever watched bb?? The veto is all that matters when it comes down to final 4.

      1. THANK YOU, I’m sooo tired of seeing “i hope Paul nominates ……….whoever.”

  13. It comes down to the veto. James probably won’t try and if he did how could we tell the difference? LOL he missed the Natalie speech question. I hope Paul gets it and I really think he would be smart to take out Nicole. She is the only one who can give him a real run with the mental comps.

    1. The way I understand it Paul won’t vote no matter what. Even if he wins the veto. The other player not on the block would cast the vote to evict. Paul could only encourage that person to vote out Nicole (assuming she’s on the block)

  14. I think we’re going to be surprised to learn that Paul has such a strong dislike of James that he’s going to try & get Corey/Nicole to vote James out rather than breaking up C/N. Thoughts?

    1. I don’t think what Paul wants matters in the least even if he wins POV. I’m assuming if Corey is off the block, he will save Nicole. If James if off the block, he will save Nicole. I have a feeling no matter what Nicole is safe. If Nicole is off the block, I assume she’ll take Corey.

      1. i think nicole is well aware that she won’t be voted out by either corey or james. both will want her in the game because both will assume if it is up to her she’ll pick them.

        If james is not in the game at F3, and she is the winner of final HOH comp, she might surprise us all and take paul, thinking that he didn’t make many friends, only has Vic as his vote, she would get corey’s by voting corey out, she would not get pauls if voting paul out. she is counting votes. corey has more wins than paul, paul’s big claim to fame is not sticking with one alliance (not his fault lol) and being nominated more than anyone else in the house. that kind of makes him less likely to beat her at the end, over corey, over james too really. how many jury members are going to see two controversial people at the end and say they don’t want either one to win, but nicole managed to get herself to the end anyway, so vote for her. if corey (or james) was up there, they might talk themselves out of voting nicole

        anyway, interesting to see

        for the one saying increase the prize? I don’t agree that the 500K needs to be increased, but the 2nd place?? absolutely, it’s been too low for far too long, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be a reasonable comparable amount, to get that far takes as much effort as to be winner, at least 100K if not 150, imo. this is 3 months, no other reality show takes that much time out of someone’s life (i don’t think) that separate from others, including jury time. if at the end, they should get a life changing sum, not something that is not

  15. Hmm I wonder if nat and bawlie are the ones who got into in the jury house ??? I hope it was someone giving that clown Paulie a taste of reality , because I’m sure once he hits the real world there’s gonna be a lot of people either yelling or punching him in the face !! Daddy is gonna have to hire security to follow the d-bag around lol

  16. It would actually be smarter for James to get Rid of Nicole because he could beat Corey in part 1 and part three is mental, so he could win

  17. Watching Nicole squirm on the game podium was so enjoyable. She and Corey looked petrified from the first shot. Ooh, mental comp, should have kept Vic. Oops, I guess production forgot to tip you off on the comp.
    I was waiting for them to start changing answers based on the audible audience groaning, but that didn’t happen either. This time the good guy won Nicole, maybe your the bad guy. Paul even tried to cover your antics with the baseball joke. My punchline would have been “you throw comps like a girl”.
    I think James wants to get to jury, even if it’s only for one night. He’s got some discussin to do with his girl about soul mates and her saying he’ll never get rid of her. “Shoot, Nat I’ll load up Gizmo and my lava lamp in the truck and I’ll see you in about 13 hours and 27 minutes…heard you gotta lot of those dove chickens up there in Jersey. It takes 3 or r 4 BB’s or a shot in the eye, but that’s the sport. Gives them a fighting chance”

    1. just get that pov now…’wish vic was here to see them all squirm….cept james, doesn’t seem to give a hoot as long as each week gives him another couple bux

  18. i can hear snacole already whining about going on the block, hope paul can pull off the veto so he can get the couple out..

  19. Jamesy, you wasted time on the veto comp looking at Nat’s comic book and getting wrong on the HOH question on “What Nat said.” James, you are beyond useless. Even a pylon has a better chance of winning than what you are doing.

    Every time James sees Nat, he sees stars. In reality James is seeing a unicorn with a horn aiming for his butt cheeks.

      1. I’m guessing the jury house fight is between Paulie, Z and Nat Nat. Of course Bridgette is on Nat’s side, you end up with the Royal Rumble.

        I would guess Big Meech but both Paulie and Z were very friendly when Meech enter the jury house.

    1. I wouldn’t doubt it. I’m sure there’s no way production will make it a comp that isn’t catered to her. But, there is no way they know already…. unless the feeds are back on? They probably haven’t updated their sites yet.

      1. I think they’re talking about last pov. The one for this week hasn’t been played yet. I think, not 100% sure, but I think it’s played tomorrow

  20. What an embarrassment that James was the only one to get wrong the question about what Natalie said about him on the way out the door. He truly lives in fantasyland when it comes to Natalie.

    1. Yeah, I noticed that.. and he said 2 of his favorite things. When he actually complained about Nicole being on his comic and that he doesn’t even like Christmas that much.

  21. I’m sad for Victor. I’m glad Paul won HOH. Now, see if they had voted Paul out, Nicole would have won for sure. Victor wasn’t in the house for some of those questions. I know they regretting their votes now.
    Oh, why Corey keeps disregarding Victor’s wins? He’s hating!!! Saying Victor won only 6 comps in the house. Actually if Corey thinks about it, all the comps were held in the BB backyard and Victor won 9, 3 of the comps just not with him.

  22. It’s really Paul’s (and James’) fault for not targeting Corey and Nicole earlier, or in fact EVER. They were given a free queen-size-bed ride to the end. Waiting till final four to put her on the block is too late!! Sorry ’bout it.

  23. Julie also said that in the event that they both went over, the person closest to the number would win. They both went over. Nicole was waaaay off. Paul was really close!

      1. i think you should watch it again. I only saw the episode once and i heard it very very clearly.

        that’s why i got all excited when i heard Julie say the actual time was 4500 and something. i knew they’d both gone over, and that paul was closer to the real time.

  24. Yeah Paul yeah, karma, now nicole just has to get gangster and take james over corey, hands down best move ever she will be best female since rachel if she pulls this off

  25. OK….Paul is HOH. Whoever is Veto holder…….ask yourself one question………

    Who can you beat for jury votes?

    Bye Corey…………

  26. Now, Paul don’t waste the HOH on James put Nicorey up with the intentions of taking out Nicole, hell with what Production wants.. Defy The Kraken…..

  27. Why is James still leading as AFP! Haven’t you watched this season???? He’s done nothing but float and follow Natalie around all season. He still thinks he has a chance with her since she called him her soulmate. Nice guy but he was not playing BB this season. He thought he was on Love Connection.
    Vote VIC = AFP

  28. Correct me if I”m wrong, but for this Veto, only the HOH or someone on the Block can use the Veto. If the 1 person not on the block uses it, there is no one to be a replacement nominee.

    So I say you put up Corey & James. If either of them win Veto and use it, their “ride or die” Snakole goes up. If she wins Veto she can’t use it to save either of her men. Plus then she has to decide who to vote out, and since she allegedly has a pre-season deal with James she just might vote out The Co-Man.

    She most likely won’t beat Paul in a physical comp, so he should go to part 3 of the final HOH. We know Lames can’t win anything, so most likely it’s Paul with HOH.. and as much as I don’t want Lames in Final 2, It would at least let Vic win AFP.

    That’s my plan…

  29. There is a possible jury leak that the confrontation is between DaVon and Paulie. Pic on Twitter shows them in each other’s faces and Day telling him no one is afraid of him! Hope it’s true!

  30. and isn’t this usually a F3 comp, like the winner of 1 and 3 battle out 7 questions? are they going to do it again with the jury members, A & B answers? confused

  31. Production is desperate to save Nicole so for the veto comp They are breaking out the “who can suck on a straw with the stupidest look on their face” competition”. But, it could be time for Corey to divulge his secret…and with his crazy eyes and empty soul he could give the snake some competitition.
    Meanwhile James is contemplating self eviction, but he’s too out of shape to scale the jury house walls to get to Juliet…damn james, Nat is only gonna be captive a few more days. Just one more night and you might have gotten to the on deck circle with Nat. Oh well, you still have your memories, the panties you stole, and your hand…hows that turkey sandwich?

  32. It’s s funny James heard “be with you” when she said she cares lol … there is a difference there! Funny in a delusional James way lol

  33. Did anyone else notice how Corey couldn’t find the stairs during the veto competition? But we’re supposed to believe he knew to go right to the pipe in the MacGyver veto?


    1. I have a hard time believing Nics winning time too. When times were revealed Nic had on her “this is a lie I am the worst at lying so I just have to make this weird face.” Nic has talked about her lying face on the feeds and diary room talks.

  34. Nicole is evicted.
    Paul takes James to the Final 2 (good luck to both players).
    If James wins BB18, Victor will win America’s Fave Player.

    If Nicole or Corey win BB18, please shoot me.

  35. Corey/ Nicole/ James on BBAD – Paul won the HOH and these 3 look like their dog died – these 3 just got out Vic the best competitor left and Nicole and James had the preseason alliance and now when things are not rigged their way they look lost.

  36. So according to BBAD, Paul or Lames won the veto because Nicole/Corey are ta”king about finding out what James’s decision is going to be. (Hes the deciding vote)


  37. So according to BBAD, Paul or Lames won the veto because Nicole/Corey are ta”king about finding out what James’s decision is going to be. (Hes the deciding vote)


  38. Did James or Paul win the POV? On BBAD it sounds like Nic and Corey are on the block.

    I hope James votes Nicole out. What is the dilemma? James could win Nat’s affection by getting Nic out. Paul could avenged Vic’s eviction by sending Nic out (Nic the person pulling Corey’s strings having Corey The Lab follow his master’s and puppeteers orders on going against the Vic, Paul, Corey, Nic F4 leading to Vic and Paul being betrayed).

    Paul and James should both want Nic out. End of story. Paul can win in a F2 next to either James or Corey.

    If Paul wants to win Paul needs Nic out. Paul needs to make sure James votes out Nic. Nic is Paul’s only competition.

  39. Hope Nicole wins veto!!!
    All the troll hating in here shows just how great a game she played. She laid low in the beginning and has been killing it in comps in the second half. If she makes it to final 2 against any of these guys she deserves the win

  40. If you were playing the game wouldn’t you have evicted Nic over Corey?

    Either Nic threw the baseball comp per production instructions, or, Nic wanted Corey out. Nic knowing Paul was going after Corey not winning baseball Veto made it easier for Nic to betray her ride or die in a camouflaged way.

    Hoping Paul takes win Paul needs to take James to F2 for Paul to take the win

    Paul winning with Vic getting AFP and Paulie getting the help he needs Paulie not being able to have a civilized conversation while being filmed by network TV is sad

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