36 hour Feed Outage “what the F*** is up with all the arts and crafts we got”

POV Holder: Nicole POV Competition Sept 10th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Sept 11th
HOH Corey Next HOH Sept 15th
Original Nominations: Vic AND Paul
After POV Nominations: Vic AND Paul

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Big-Brother-18 2016-09-12 15-33-53-894

8:18am Zzzzzzzz

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-12 15-43-44-649

8:54am London room Vic, Paul and james
Victor – ain’t that Bizarre
James- we’re on single digits now
Vic – that’s crazy
Paul – what the f** is up with all the arts and crafts we got
James- because we’re so bored
Paul – really
Vic – the Backyard is shutdown
James- it’ll be shutdown for the rest of the 9 days
Paul – they gave us shirts and Tie dye
Vic – and Playdough
James- you know how much fun we can have with playdough
Paul – there might be a reason
Vic – Legit we have nothing to do
They wonder why they were woken up so early. Victor says it’s been around 9 o’Clock every day this year. Paul says something else is happening
Victor says they know there’s a good chance of a eviction today.
James- we went to bed around 4 last night.. ya’ll up late last night talking about something eating b*tt hol$s.

James- Paul said something about period and wearing the blood like war paint.. y’all my heroes man.. I’m over here trygin to get to thrtid base.
Vic – aren’t you tired .
James – I’m excited
Vic – you got ab*ner
James says Paul had “a legit B*n$r” this morning.
Paul – no I didn’t
James – I’ve seen you get out of bed for 90 days.. it’s day 90 and I’ve seen you get out that bed.. and no hommo bro I know your d!ck size man..
they laugh
James- you legit had a stiffy today.. it’s OK it’s natural

(that’s it for feeds. the arts and crafts are given too them every year. After Dark tonight will be taped and include footage from them doing arts and crafts) Sadly, feed customers miss out of this for some reason.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-12 15-34-47-740

9:00am Wake up !!! @ 9:14am the feeds go to Jeff..


Live feeds will be down until Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 10pm PST.

This is so they can tape today’s eviction and show it on Tuesday. (Bye Victor)

Here’s a spoiler I’m trusting..

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now they will show those horrible Jeff videos

Yet Another Hillary Lie

It is going to be a slow day. I hope they show us the jury footage of Vic hitting the house on the Wednesday show.

Reality Check

Remember what James said? He said that the houseguest evicted will spent a week in an isolated hotel room. Assuming Vic is evicted, he will spend a week in the hotel room then go to the jury house for one stinking day.

The houseguest evicted tomorrow night will only spend a week in the hotel room but will meet the rest of the houseguests at the round table hosted by Jeff.

Sucks to be evicted now and not going to the jury house.

Paulie will spend at the jury house with 5 girls and Vic for 24 hours…lol.


Thanks for the info. I had not heard that before. Any idea why that is that they don’t go straight to the jury house?


obb used to be fun.. people posted about game strategy and funny commentary about whats going on in the house.. anymore not so much.. its mostly become childish trolls posting the same immature comments over and over about how horrible this season is and how production is rigging everything blah blah.. not too mention the stupid pet names yes im talking to you snakehole borey fatalie and lames sooo boring.. and the disgusting user names about dripping private parts and juicy farts or the obnoxious idiot who keeps changing his name to let us all know just how much he hates hillary umm yeah we dont care dude smh.. sorry simon and dawg you guys are still the best but unfortunately obb has really gone downhill i wish these idiots would stop ruining it for everyone.. man i sure miss the good old days around here 🙂

More Oldschool

I agree with everything you said Oldschool, I myself came on here and complained a bit and said some idiot things about the house guests. You know what though, ALL these house guests I’m sure are amazing people outside. How many of us key board warriors could go into that house and have cameras on us 24/7. Almost every person on here that whines and complains, name calls house guests would fold like a cheap suit if they came on here and read the comments, if they got in that house.

I give props to all these house guests. Quite honestly I said Corey was one of the worse house guests, yet here he is on his way to the finals and he is definitely stepping up his Big Bro game. It is funny as I took the last two weeks off of Big Bro, came back and have a whole new appreciation and view on these house guests. The people that annoyed me early in the season, no longer do….it is amazing what self reflection can do. Don’t sweat the people that come on here and do nothing but complain and whine because from experience I can say it is these people that are the truly delusional people…not the ones in the house!!


How do you justify getting finger banged all season as strategic game play.
Very classy.


Don’t try to justify the actions of other people, worry about yourself. How cares if Nicole got finger banged, its been happening since the birth of man. What she does is her business, people that say stuff like that are just trying to push their values on to others. Time to wake up, just because you don’t get any doesn’t mean Nicole can’t.


Some of us use our real names without any agenda. 🙂


Nicole fans are all butt hurt over shade being thrown her way despite her current position….we all get old just don’t get stuck and keep it moving…folks are holding on to the past and the American pie/cookie cutter player for the win, and quite frankly it seems that won’t change with this year, and with the hand of productions interference.
So shut up and be happy. Your girl won or will win. So let people show their disgust over the rigged fake game of the rat snake who slept in bed all summer and then was handed the game to her.

Soapbox Annie

Its not the Nicole fans that should shut up. It’s the sore loosers who are so frustrated and vindictive that they’ll say or embeliish anything just to ruin her reputation. It doesn’t even have to be true. Or sometimes with just enough truth to make it all believeable.

It’s a GAME! But a game that not only changes one winner’s life hopefully for the good but could ruin the near future lives of multiple game players. These are real people not fictional characters. You could be ruining lives here.

I’ve never understood why people take such glee at another persons misfortune or misery, and their probable public and internet humiliation. Deserved or not. Some of the posts here are trying to increase the likelihood that it will be as bad as possible.

Nicole biggest mistake was hooking up with Cory on the rebound. And forgetting that whatever they did under the covers would be taped and watched and listened to in such minute detail. You posters don’t have to watch. Look at a different camera or utube video. I can’t debate what actually went on because I wouldn’t watch it. Felt too much like voyeurism.

When Nicole and Cory breakup that will be 2 big breakups in one year. That should be enough pain to satisfy everyone.
And Posters looking forward to a public humiliating breakup with Cory show what type of people those posters are.

And just to be clear I’m not talking about the Nicole haters that keep their anger to the BB game play. Only the ones that want to punish and feel like they have the right to or feel like she has to be punished.

Although IMO the ones that constantly feel the need to use sexual derogatory comments over and over again and probably watch the blanket tapes over and over in the name of research might be the ones in need of help.
I’d be afraid for my family living next to them than living next to Nicole.


Talk About Trying To Hard.
F*ck Nicole.

Nicole the New Janelle

Nicole is killing it. Deal with it.


Nicole and janelle in the same sentence? Now you’re taking it way too far. Lol. Janelle would never spend 95% of her summer laying on her back.


Victor is the new Janelle*
Nicole is the new Andy(RAT)
Take a shower Nicole, chew on that


If you have to write a book to try and defend your beloved Nicole that should tell you something. Lol.

She chose to come on a national television show and then partake in actions that are going to get her judged. She’s not new at this. She knows full well everyone can see what she’s doing on live feeds. No ones fault but her own!


I agree 100% The only positive outcome out of this is if Nicole wins bb18. Otherwise she’s going to be dealing with another heartbreak and realizing people see her have intercourse on live feeds. Plus she’s lost a lot of respect by her fans, friends, and family. All social media is going to be brutal to her. She couldn’t even deal with derick and Cody making fun of her acne and body, Shes extremely fragile and insecure with body dysmorphia. Anytime the guys joke around she believes it and takes defense to it. Thats why she has lost too much weight. Twitter was nice the first time around imagine when they send her hate. Nicole has been an emotional roller coaster all season after her breakup with Hayden. It happend unexpectedly and she was still visiting him up until she left for bb. Corey asked her if Hayden ever gave her closure and she said no. Corey still thinks Nicole has feelings for Hayden because she’s always talking about how great there relationship was and he has asked her to stop talking about him but it doesnt last very long, Corey asked her a few days ago if Hayden is going to be mad at her and she said he had a few months to get over it. Nicole said he might be at the finale. I doubt Hayden will be, after he deleted all his social media. Corey has said they’ll be best friends for life. Once Nicole hears Corey talking crap about her, she won’t want anything to do with him. She’s going to avoid him at all cost and probably block him on all social media. Sunday she told Corey if he has any secrets that come out during and after the finale she’ll never talk to him again. Maybe that’s what he wants but I highly doubt that. Corey gets pissed when she says she doesn’t want to visit him in Texas or go to the finale. They’ve been connected to the hip since the beginning and if he didn’t care he could have put her on the block twice and used the veto on James and then Nicole would go up. Corey is really loyal game wise with Nicole besides the executives alliance. But to his defense Nicole lied about final 2 deal with frank and Fatal five. He said alone talking to the feedsters after exec were already formed that he wanted Paulie and Nicole in final 3 and let them both battle it out because they’ll choose him no matter what.


Yes! Thank you so much for addressing the stupid names. It makes me embarrassed I even watch BB reading what other viewers choose as names. Frank’s odor, flatulence? Nicole’s girl anatomy? Flipping Fatalie? I’m what world is that young woman fat??? These names only serve to discredit OBB and all the insightful posts by those viewer’s whose IQ is above 70. And apologies for the redundant nature of my post but man you nailed it! (And I get my name could be viewed as offensive as someone commented a while back but it’s truly only in honor of Mr. Robot, best show on now that GOT’s done for the season;-)


Your mom is a discredit to society.
Oh burn! Yeah


Oh how the wit goes on….


They line them up with all those interviews you see in Parade, EW and so forth at the hotel. Once in Jury house they are kept sequestered again. I also read that they have exit appointments with the shrink they saw at the beginning plus if they said anything controversial that is out in the media this is the time to prepare them. I don’t think they see anyone but staff but they get to order whatever they want and watch limited TV/

sunny dee

i think that happens to the 4th, not the 5th. the 4th will be sequestered then go to the round table. Not sure what james was talking about the round table is filmed at the jury house, is he saying all jury members are removed and put into hotel rooms by themselves for 4 days because the round table is where #4 just shows up like surprise. so is he saying #5 (vic for the purpose of our story) is evicted today, put in hotel, all jury members put in hotel, on thursday #4 is evicted, put in hotel. some time later all jury members are taken from their hotel rooms BACK to the jury house to do the filming of the roundtable, where #4 is revealed (for the purpose of our story let’s call #4 NICOLE) and then after filming ends, all are again rounded up and sent packing to the hotel rooms where they remain until finale night

why can’t #5 hang out at the jury house, if not they get nothing on film so obviously #5 sticks around for more than 5 minutes.

i wish the HGs would talk about production somewhere outside of the house, all the behind the scenes filming could be interesting. already BB is unique in that you can see the difference between what really happens and the final edits for the shows. like natalie’s edit is that she never once said to vic/paul she wanted them to vote her out not james, and watching the after dark i know that was one of the first things she said. the fact that vic/paul are so suspicious and decide to not believe her when she said that is on them, not her, but BB edit makes her look like she never said it at all

Flip Floppers

One of the HGs mention they are in sequester for a week before round table.


The houseguest that want a chance to come back to do anything for cbs whether it’s big brother, bold and the beautiful, amazing race, survivor etc, will never speak out about production and give any behind the scenes info.

The ones that never want to do anything with cbs again, such as Evel dick, will tell you straight up what the deal is with production. And he has basically said what everyone has been saying the last few weeks.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone, this is a tv show after all.


I think the vets mentioned the evicted HG is sequestered for 5 days before going into the Jury House. So Victor’s entrance into the Jury house won’t happen until Friday at the earliest. Maybe on this Fridays airing of BB?

Paul WON HOH!!!

Hoping it’s true.

I hope THAT sleeping couple starts getting outta bed, and start shivering for once!

Ian's Lament

That’s good for Paul. Some people may not like because it guarantees the Nicole will make final 3. Paul can’t vote, James will take her, Corey will take her. Curious if she gets the veto if she takes Corey.


Pretty smug about Nicole making final three. What if Paul wins pov and takes some one off the block only if they promise to evict Nicole, or if Corey is off the block and realizes this is his big chance to separate from Nicole. Everyone should want James next to them at final two. I think Paul deserves to win over any of them, but he will talk circles around James in front of the jury. James will throw the jury just like every other obstacle in BB….perhaps he could distract the jury by pranking them…better yet – use his jury answers to apologize to Natalie some more. He must have hurt her heart with something he said or did while she was in the jury house and couldn’t hear him. Nat made a bad mistake calling James her soulmate to make herself look good for TV. She shut his ass down ten different wAys before she was evicted, but now James has renewed hope. James, you should invite Natalie over for your special “chicken dinner” you make…you know, the one you make from the pigeons you shoot off the electrical wires….don’t even tell her, just serve it and tell her later…she will be so impressed. Maybe some fresh armadillo roadkill for a side dish. Take your monthly bath, maybe even wash your hair with the garden hose out back, put on that sexy stars and strip tank top and your sweaty, stained zingbot hat…wow what a stud!
Five foot nothing little vacant headed, spineless weasel.
I hope paulie and Victor take turns making road trips to Texas to kick your ass….then Corey can come over and stick a bat up there….over and over……and don’t worry Nicole will remeber you as she’s laughing all the way to the bank to cash the check you handed to her.

In That Order

In That Order says:
September 7, 2016 at 6:37 pm

Tomorrow: Natalie
Next: Victor
Then: Corey…

Final Three: Paul, James, Nicole

James wins final competition, and takes Nicole..

Final two: James and Nicole.
**Remember this post when it happens**

— In That Order


Is this production?


Much respect Victor!! If Paul doesn’t pull a win he’ll be the next one out.

Botox Pelosi

I wonder with Paul targeting Corey and Nicole if this means that James is going to weasel his way to the final?


Yup. As long as one of Nicory goes next week, he’ll 100% make it to final 2. I think Paul, and who ever is left between Corey and Nicole would take him. Everybody thinks they have the best shot against him.


NO RESPECT FOR VICTOR FROM ME…he didn’t even try to stay, he just rolled over and died…that’s not how you play BB, and I won’t vote him for AFP, so what if you wins comps if you let someone else control them? pfft

Nicole the New Janelle

Well he does have the record for being voted out three times in one season. I wonder if he took his beads with him?

Corey's fingers stink

Please please please Paul win the final POV and vote that snake rathole out.


From your “lips” to Production ears.

This season will be worth watching having to slither up on the nomination chair and then slither out the door!

Production can at least reward fan viewers the enjoyment of watching Snake Rathole being evicted after Vic!

Vic is evicted. There is a HOH Comp. Paul has to win the HOH Comp and/or Veto – correct?

When the feeds come back will we see the new HOH and the HOH’s noms?

Really am hopeful that we see Paul or James play smart to get Snake Ratcole out after Vic!

Visualizing has seemed to work for Corey this game. I am visualizing Snake Ratcole being evicted after Vic!


Apologies. Should Read:

This season will be worth watching **getting to see Snake Ratcole** having to slither up on the nomination chair and then slither out the door!

Lying Hillary Does the Face Plant

I think Paul is the only one who would evict Nicole.


Then that means Cory will be the deciding vote. Bye Paul i luv you.

Nicole the Baby Faced Assassin

More likely that Nicole and Corey’s late season dominance continues.


Sssssssss. Thisssssss sssssssstink will sssssssstink if they sssssssss don’t get ssssssss out Ssssssssnacole. Ssssssss ssssssss sssssssss ssssss


Better to be a snake than clueless about *opponents* being loyal when 500,000 is on the line


Victor has watched one season of big brother. I think he learned a lot about the game as time went on and adapted. I give both he and Paul props. They don’t have the advantages Nicole has. This is her third try on the show and she’s watched all the other seasons. She knows quite a bit more about the game. She SHOULD be routing them.

With that being said I’m just glad it’s almost over and this will be the last time she’s on here. Hopefully she’ll go on bachelor next time instead of big brother. She’s so desperate for a man, I think that would be better suited for her.


this is Nicole’s third try? I thought she’d only been on once before.


After Nicole was evicted, she won the comp to re-enter the game. Two chances in her season and a third chance this season.


Nope this is her third chance at big brother. Her first season she was evicted, then got back in via a jury buy back. Then production invited her back again this season.


James did say on BBAD “Big Brother 18 is the last season of Big Brother. That’s what I heard.”

Paul responded by saying “I think they (CBS) should do 20 years of Big Brother and then close the book. Twenty years is a long time. If the show is still making money then keep doing it. Twenty years, 25 years, 30 years as long as Big Brother is making money.”

If Big Brother 18 was supposed to be the last season why wasn’t there any fanfare? Was the plan to Crown Nicole Big Brother 18 Winner and call it quits, shut down production, flatten the set?

James being away from all news for 3 months (give or take) obviously has not heard about Big Brother 19 beginning right after Big Brother 18 ends, and, only airing on CBS All Access (in other words, Big Brother 19 will not air during a CBS Network Time Slot).

Is the plan for Big Brother 20 to be the last year of Big Brother? Is this why CBS is rushing to make Big Brother 19 airing Big Brother 19 only via CBS All Access?


James don’t know anything! The tv version has been renewed for 2 more seasons. The online only version is not BB19 it’s “Over the Top”. CBS isn’t calling it BB19 for a reason…..Because it’s not.


“”Anonymous says:
September 12, 2016 at 5:17 pm
James don’t know anything! The tv version has been renewed for 2 more seasons. The online only version is not BB19 it’s “Over the Top”. CBS isn’t calling it BB19 for a reason…..Because it’s not.””

Anonymous 5:17pm,
Thank you. Your response is greatly appreciated!! Glad to know that Big Brother Online Version is “Big Brother Over The Top.” I wonder why CBS after 18 years has decided to do an online version. I also wonder how Alison Groder (spelling?) keeps her job as Executive Big Brother Producer. If AG has not written a book on “How to obtain and keep a high profile and high earning career: Escaping complaints and accusations of Cheating” AG should.

Anonymous 5:17pm, Thank you very much for the response and clarification.


Don’t know why the thumbs down.

Honestly want to know what the “scoop” is. Big Brother has been a fan favorite for 18 years. There are tons of people that would consider it a dream come true to be chosen to play. If Big Brother 20 is the “Final Big Brother Voyage,” I would like to know. It seems odd that James (a person that has been on Big Brother 2 times and would have to know more about Big Brother than “regular” viewers said “this season, 18, is the last year of Big Brother).

What is going on? Why would CBS decide to make Big Brother 19 directly after 18, and, make Big Brother 19 available via the internet CBS All Access only? Clearly, CBS is trying to do something. Take Big Brother into another direction? Stop airing Big Brother on the CBS Network, instead, only airing it via the internet CBS All Access?

Is CBS trying to make the next Big Brother scheduled to air on the CBS Network Big Brother 20 as “Twenty” seems like a reasonable amount of seasons to end Big Brother on?

Why is Big Brother being “pushed” into being available only to viewers that purchase CBS All Access? Big Brother did air in the winter months when there was a writers’ strike. However, there was a reason for it: The Writers’ Strike.

What is the reason now?

Was Big Brother never able to recover from the loss of advertisement monies after the disaster of Big Brother 15?

Something is happening to Big Brother, and, as a fan I am curious to know what direction CBS is taking Big Brother. First there was the change of Big Brother taking over Live Feeds. The change of BBAD leaving Showtime and going to POP. Now, Big Brother 19 is being aired via the internet during months Big Brother never airs (with the exception of writers’ strike: Big Brother is a Summer Show).

For James to say “Big Brother 18 is the last season” must mean that the talk between Big Brother handlers/producers/set workers is that 18 is the last season.

With such talk, for James to overhear such talk, and for CBS to announce “hey don’t cry Big Brother 19 will air right after Big Brother 18 via CBS All Access. Viewers will not be able to watch 19 on the CBS Network. If Viewers want to tune in, Viewers will have to sign up and pay monthly to watch 19 on CBS All Access.”

No one thinks this is strange? No one thinks that CBS should answer a few questions as to why they are making such changes? No one thinks that CBS should put out a press release explaining their future intentions of CBS Big Brother?


No. They renewed the show for 2 more years. On television. James, however, thinks that next year instead of BB19, CBS will fill the summer time slot with a new show. Called “James”. Why bother with all these other people on the show when CBS has JAMES.


Yes, and he can nauseate us by chasing around women out of his league that are not at all interested in him romantically. He will then act as those he is the one that was wronged. The ladies will not be able to get away from him because they are locked in a house together. He will follow them around all day, every day – even when they tell him to leave them alone, as Nat did repeatedly. Then CBS will try to edit it so that we can stand the sight of James.


It might just be so they can show everything that happens and not censor for a pg audience


CBS wants to find a way into the online streaming market place. I think this was a big part of Colbert coming to the network. I seem to remember reading something from Moonves when Steven was struggling in ratings and people were talking about the show perhaps being canceled. Moonves said something along the lines of Colbert representing a future profit model for the network.

CBS knows they have a hard core fan base for BB. If they want to start a streaming service that people have to pay for, they have to have a show that people are willing to pay for. I don’t know how well the feeds sell, but I’m guessing it is good enough to use an online-only version of the edited show to get people to start paying.


OMGee, too many words….


James has a gut feeling this is the last season….we all know about James’ gut feeling


Kelpskeys, Your reply made me chuckle. Thank you for sharing your humor!

Morgan LaFay

Sad to say, but I take everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, James says with a grain of salt. Here’s a man who couldn’t even give a description of what he did as a recruiter and didn’t even know what type of position he supposedly interviewed for at CBS, and suddenly he’s Mr Inside Info on that this is the final season of BB? Oh right, he’s best buds with Julie and Les…


What is wrong with all you people? Big Brother has always been on the verge of cancellation, it has had to be renewed every year. Every year the fans wait to find out if it is coming back. We found out this summer it has been renewed for two more seasons, a fact, like so many others, that James and the other HG know nothing about but we do. As far as James knows he is in the final season, but they will all find out when they leave the house that it has been renewed, so why is this even a thing? I know, it is a chance to rip James, because you know something he doesn’t. Stupid James. Until he gets F2, or wins the game, or gets AFP. Yeah, stupid James, who played weak all game like Derrick suggested. “Hasn’t done anything all game!” Laughing all the way to the bank.


It’s going to tank online..do they not know how many people outside the US watch this show? Now with this CBS All Access bs you have to jump through hoops to watch?? I can’t even get it now..bought all the crap I needed to get around the US internet crap and then to find out I need a US credit card…pissed!


Tanica, I know. Would be interesting to know what CBS’ goal is with “Big Brother Over The Top.” CBS has never done this before. It does isolate a large number of Big Brother USA fans. Obtaining access to CBS All Access requires acts of miracles. I swear, CBS has the most complicated most user unfriendly website of all the Network Websites and Premium Websites. The CBS Website might as well add “to watch All Access viewers must tap their heads, rub their stomachs, and hop on one foot at the same time in addition to having the laundry list of system requirements, plug ins, and operating system requirements.”

Go Nicole and James for final two!

I have CBS all access and it costs me $5.99 per month. You can watch shows on your own time. I save $ big time and got rid of cable and use the Amazon fire stick and apps now. Do wish Bravo had a free app but they don’t so they’ve lost my business. There are many to chose from and it is very user friendly….no problems and I am age 60. In other words I was not born computer savvy.

As far as Victor not in a showmance it doesn’t matter. He and Paul have been as equally partners as the showmances.

Froot Loop Dingus

CBS is using All Access to launch new original online programming to compete with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.
In addition to BB OTT they have a new Star Trek series coming as well as a spin off of the Good Wife. Sounds like BB OTT is a low budget option as the others sound more expensive to produce.
It also sounds like they are launching multiple genres to attract different audiences.
I don’t think there is anything sinister about BB OTT launching online. I see it more as reaching out to an audience, many of whom already subscribe to all access to watch the feeds.
Hope that is enlightening.


“Since they haven’t approached him with an offer to be on BB19 yet, then they must not be having one”- is what James probably assumes. The show could never survive without him.


Boutit?Eh? Monsoon!!


Come on Paul win that Veto!!!

Very Dirty Harry Reid

I would like to see Paul win HOH and the veto.


One down, one to go. Go Paul!!!


Well Victor …. It’s been real fun watching you on this show! You really do deserve the big money but as you already know … Production has their winner 🙁 I out of many I’m sure love you and hope that something comes out of you being on BB18.
Your Baldwin show from BBAD will forever be on my dvr! Good luck to you in the future Victor! You have a heart of gold and will be surprised to see how many fans you have!
Thanks Simon & Dawg! Have a good rest while the feeds are down 🙂 I’m really going to miss you guys after the show ends!


I have read that Paulie’s bro Corey is trying to be an actor. When was he on Big Brother, 2 years ago ? How’s that career going for him ? Wouldn’t it be sweet if Victor got some good work out of this. I watched a music video Victor was featured in and imo he has some real chemistry.

sunny dee

It’s Cody, Paulie’s younger brother, it was BB16 (same as Nicole) and he has a supporting role in a movie just out now or coming out soon, What Happened Last Night, and a couple of other yet to be released in production

i don’t know but i think people would be crazy not to try to use him as a younger version of John travolta sometime lol.


oops, sorry yes Cody –I didn’t watch that season of Big Brother. Hopefully Victor will get something going quicker thank this kid if he is interested in acting. 2 years is a long time in Hollywood.

I'm thinking...

More along the lines of Antonio Banderas! Calienté!


Hope to see Vic on Survivor.


Is the poll for AFP working on this site? The percentages have been the same for the last few days and when I vote it says, “We have already counted your vote” even when it’s the first time I’ve voted in 24 hours.


I’m not positive but I think that up until this point they’ve been doing weekly polls – resetting after the eviction or with the hoh b



Zingbot for AFP

They better get it fixed soon because I’m sure there will be a huge late surge of Joeza votes coming.


You know the poll votes on this site don’t count, right? You say you’re voting every 24 hours…why? This site is not affiliated with CBS.


Maybe production is in on that too?


This montage is really cute, of all the houseguest dancing. https:you.be/NtmUDhNNiA


Before CBS took over the Live Feeds (Live Feeds were Purchased and Viewed via another website), this website would air “The Big Brother After Show.” The After Show would take place in the Big Brother backyard. All of the BB contestants would be interviewed. Sometimes there were contestants at the after show from previous years.

Does the CBS All Access Live Feed Pass air The Big Brother After Show?

It was always interesting to see the contestants discuss their future plans and watch them interact with each other. It would be interesting to watch this season’s After Show to see if Corey is giving Nicole the cold shoulder, if Paulie is still behaving like a crying two year old and making us stories about his terminally ill aunt, to see what Z has to say for herself.

To watch interviewers ask Nicole why she got friendly (you know what I mean) with all of those cameras broadcasting live her (Nicole’s) and Corey’s satin summer big brother intimate nights.

Does anyone know if CBS All Access Live Feeds will air The Big Brother After Party? Thanks a ton!!

Hey Simon

Simon do you guys get credit if i signup for All Access?
What is the sign up process like for Live feeds?
It says one week free. Do I need a credit card or can I use a Visa or pay pal gift card? If I don’t like it is it easy to cancel?


I signed up for it through site but I had problems viewing feeds . It always told me feeds down till 10p but never saw anything so I had to cancel


Thank you Simon for answering our questions!
Sorry I have a few more.
Do the feeds show the interviews with Jeff at the after party?
It’s nice to hear what the hgs and the winner plan to do and such.
If the show ends on the 21st what do we get to see from 21st to 23rd?


Production for AFP!

Paul's Pubicbeard

Why is Victor so deserving? Yes, he’s great at comps but his social game consists of letting Paul verbally berate women.

To be deserving you need to have a mixture of social game and comp wins. Vic would excel at a comp only show

Daniel Craig being offer $250 million to do two more James Bond

One thing I will not miss, the intro to Big Brother where Paulie is dancing like a storm with his shirt off.


After 8 more days Aand a wake up, we will never have to see him again. (Fingers crossed)

Crazy Glazy

And Bridgettte’s giggling peace sign.


RIGHT!? I LOL everytime i see it. That has got to be the most awkward looking intro I’ve seen. Him doing the crip walk/jazz hands hahahaha


Love your guts so much Simon and Dawg. Love reading this page.

Captain Crunch

No live feeds you can just imagine what Corey and Nicole will be doing since they had no problem doing it with the cameras in the first place.

All i want is Nicole on the block and sent home but production isnt gonna allow it.


Maybe Paul can get into Corey’s ear reminding Corey “you are here to win five hundred thousand dollars. Just like you snatched the spoon from Nicole’s hands when we were playing Card Spoons you have to snatch 1st place from Nicole. The only way to do that is to get Nicole out.”

Paul might be able to convince Corey, “Corey it was your idea to get Nicole out at this juncture of the game. When you were talking about going all out buying and putting up Christmas decorations, you said “if Nicole is not out by F4 we have to make sure we get Nicole out. Nicole is a nice girl and all but I’m not in here to meet a wife or leave with a girlfriend. I’m here to win. Corey, your Superhero “Christmas Corey” was a clue to remind you that it’s time to get Nicole out because it was your idea.”

Nicole can walk out now or Nicole can walk out 3rd like Dan G’s Danielle BB14 did.

Just send Nicole out!!!


Captain Crunch,

Will the Big Brother Live After Party air? Want to watch interviewers ask Nicole why she got friendly (you know what I mean) with all of those cameras broadcasting live her (Nicole’s) and Corey’s satin summer big brother intimate nights.

Also want Corey to say things that he said to his “brahs” about Nicole in front of Nicole. How Nicole better not follow him around and get up on him when Corey is trying to mingle after the show.

The way Corey speaks in the house makes Corey sound like he thought “they” were all supposed to get into showmances, being with Nicole has been Corey’s contractual obligations to the show, and after certain hours viewers require undercover hip to hip entertainment.

Count Chocula

Cheers Crunch. Corey might be too busy thinking of all that Meet & Greet cash out there waiting for him.


You’d have to pay me to want to meet him at one of those events.


Since the feeds will be back after the taped eviction on Tuesday does any know if both the HOH and POV would have already been played out for the Wed Live eviction?


I hope Nicole wins…stop being haters.


Why would I be considered a “hater” just because I want someone other than Nicole to win?
And what gives you the right to say who you want to win, but then turn around and call anyone that doesn’t feel like you a hater?


Matt’s statement is how millennial liberals think…scary stuff!


Scary to me that people would make a comment like this about a political group. People – even in a like minded group – do NOT all do the same thing or think the same thing. It’s naive and ignorant to lump people together and make a global statement like that. And no, I’m not a millennial Liberal.

Can we leave politics OFF this board and stop insulting each other for any reason? Simon and Dawg do such a great job at keeping us entertained. It’s about Big Brother.


Haven’t you read any of the posts that attack Nicole not only about her game play but personal attacks about her body/looks, what she wears and her smarts?


Yeah well she ruined the season. What do you expect?


Obviously “Anonymous.” Just like I’ve read some Nicole supporters trash Paul and Vic. But does that mean that every single person that posts here is “hater”? nope. Just the handful of people that talk trash. And at the time that this post was written, there was no Nicole hating on this page.

I have to point out that a lot of the people that are calling people “Nicole haters” and complaining about the things that are said about her, are the same people saying terrible things about Paul and Vic.

Support your side, give your reasons, and ignore the other crap. And please – don’t decide that a group as a whole are ‘haters’ just because they want someone else to win.

Reality Check

I still can not believe Simon is working today. That is true dedication. Simon and Dawg, you are the best.


Nicole deserves to win.

Paul's Troll beard

Her and Corey are ruling the house lately.


my prediction final three pual james Nicole


Im afraid they are setting up Corey/Nicole for Amazing Race.


I don’t see that happening, although I could be wrong. Corey has verbalized that he has no intention of being with Nicole after the show. They also aren’t popular with the majority of fans. But you never know, they had Jeff and Jackie on last season and they weren’t popular when they were on The Amazing Race.


I’m laughing at the thought of those two trying to navigate! They wouldn’t make it thru the first airport – much less make it to the first pit stop. “Coooorrrrereeeeyyyy where arrrrre weeeeee?!”


What if they had to go to Hawaii? I’m sure they’d have trouble finding “wah-KEEkee”.

Butters Mom

I hope not… I’d rather see Paul and Vic on Amazing Race. I dont want to see Corey ever again.


Maybe James and Nicole will be The Amazing Race pair.


I don’t think those two would ever make it on Amazing Race. All they know how to do is lay in the bed all day.

clarence thirtytwo

Nicole whining 24/7


If it’s going to be any duo it will be James & Nat.


Well Jozea and Paulie could be interesting. Not that I like either of them but we could atleast get all the drama which we couldn’t get a lot out of BB18

April in Paris

Lets hope they don’t have Cody and Paulie race, way too much ego not they mite do well

Two Left Feet

Why does Survivor last 39 days and pay one million to the winner while Big Brother takes months and only pays half as much?


Probably because they get free food? I dunno lol

Lying Hillary Does the Face Plant

When you figure out the food cost it is probably a push. These guys all eat a gallon of ice cream a day.

BB Fan

Are you seriously trying to compare the two? BB house guests get shelter food alcohol water beds lie around suntanning sitting in a hot tub or sleeping in a air conditioned house and basically doing squat. Most of these BB house guests wouldn’t last a day on survivor. As Paul said I wouldn’t even get out of the fucking boat.

Just Sayin'

Survivor is even more rigged than big brother! Those women would be so hairy after about a week, and I have never seen a leg hair on any of them. I can just picture them all running down to the water when the cameras turn off, ridiculous. As is people really believe they are surviving haha.


Leg hair would be the least of my problems on Survivor. In 39 days I could grow a beard that would give competition to Paul, but mine would be grey. Scary thought isn’t it and I am female.


It’s called Capitalism, Survivor has averaged 11 million viewers over the last 3 years while Big Brother has averaged around 7 million thus more revenue for CBS and thus can pay Survivor more…


Well I won’t be watching BB All Acess. If it is going to be anything like BB 18 with production calling the shots it will not be worth my money.

I have a question

Can someone please explain to me why Allison Grodner is such a horrible producer, who doesn’t give a shit about what the fans want? She must be one angry, self loathing individual.


I knew there was a reason I liked her.


I looked ahead on my TV and there’s episodes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and then finale next Wednesday. So I guess Wednesday is final 4 eviction and part 1 of the final hoh? Dawg or Simon when do the live feeds get shut down for the season? Is it the day before the finale?

Lurker 1216

I hope James wins. Stop being haters.


James and Nicole always look so – dirty. I don’t get the feeds- do they shower regularly?


Short answer… NO! Vic even told her to bathe!


Where is my post? Just because I said I will not be watching bb acess and it is not worth my money you want post.


There’s a lag between when you post a comment and it shows up. Don’t take it personally. 🙂


I wanted to take a minute from Monday Night Football and clear the air (literally) about something I’ve seen hashed around on this site since the beginning of BB18. Numerous people have made comments about the guests not taking baths. It seems that Michelle and Nicole have taken the most shots about their bathing habits.

Some of you may not be aware that the state of California (USA) is in an extreme draught and has been for the past 7-8 years. They are in a severe water shortage and I’m sure CBS has been limited to the amount of water they can allow the housequests to use recently.

I for one have been furious to see them using water in comps, knowing that there are hundreds of thousands of California residents who can’t take a regular bath, water their lawns, or wash their cars regularly. I did notice that they limited the water for the McGyver comp to a quarter of a barrel each, but that was still being extremely wasteful with the situation being as critical as it is. It also infuriated me to hear Victor brag about taking 3-4 showers a day when he was locked up in that hotel room alone before being returned to the game the first time.

Give the houseguests a break about their hygiene and the next time you’re taking a relaxing bath or nice, long, hot shower – maybe be thankful that YOU have access to enough water to do that when you WANT to because, not everyone can. Just wanted y’all to be aware. If you think I’m just trying to stick up for Nicole or Michelle (or anyone else in the house for that matter), just Google the California Draught. You won’t have a problem finding information about their current and very dry situation.


Thanks for the info, remind me to keep my sprinklers on all day, everyday!


Then why are Nicole and Michelle the only dirty ones if CBS told them to limit their showers? I think they are just lazy, especially being in a house for over 70 days (whatever it is now. I would fail at the days comp)

Grandma G

I live in California and we are limited on water usage but we can still shower. Lol. In past years BB used to show people showering more but I notice this year you see very little of people showering and I think it is PR so people don’t complain. If Nicole didn’t shower she’d have soot and butter in her hair and I didn’t SEE anyone else showering it all off either. As far as BB saving water they need to install a dishwasher or 2 because it uses little water and that is where you see the houseguests wasting water.


Do you mean drought, by any chance?


Thank you moonwinds59, I kept thinking that I was spelling that wrong and should have looked it up (no spell check apparently). That is definitely my bad and every time I typed it thought it looked wrong and I appreciate your correcting it for me. DROUGHT!!!!! LOL!!! <3


From a Los Angeles Dept of Water and Power user and L.A. resident thanks Dawggirl for mentioning the drought here in this state. I think we are in the 8th year, personally I think it’s the new normal. Building a city on desert land (Los Angeles) and covering it over in greenery was a fool’s folly – we have always had to import water to support it. As far as Big Brother house CBS would have to perform due diligence and inform HGs to conserve, but HGs would have to make that effort. I am not a Nicole fan but I did hear her tell Corey the other evening on BBAD that he should wash dishes in a sink of water, not under an open tap. She went on to say she does that to save water because there is a drought in CA. Great advice which he promptly ignored. I have a feeling if folks are skipping showers it is because they are lazy, not that they care about the drought here. Generally folks seems to be very wasteful of all things in that house. There are those HGs that are bothered by waste and those that seem they couldn’t care less. Probably exposure to each others attitudes eventually creates a middle ground of co-existence.


Most people are aware there’s a draught. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep yourself clean. Take an army shower if you have to but at least wash yourself.


What type of sex are Corey and Nicole having in BBAD? Any news on that?

Marble Rye

The gross kind.


One site is keeping a tally. Other sites have pictures, gifs, videos.

You can find it all by using an internet search “big brother 18 nicole corey s e x on camera”


Paul should remind Corey that if his mother didn’t raise no Bitch, then she is saying get rid of the greasy haired, nasal talking, accident prone leach!


I think there’s something wrong with Corey. He has monkey eyes.


Eyes are the window to the soul. Corey’s a space cadet.


Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter, lmao

Girlie girl

What I don’t understand is why production wants nicole to win when victor is the better player, was more entertaining to watch and worked alot harder than her. Since victor wasn’t in a showman e he had to find other things to do so he was on tv more than her and they are giving the prize to her?


Looks like CBS is more interested in showmances. Look at how many singles under 25 we had this season.


Just my opinion, but I feel like they wanted a girl to win. They want to keep the female audience and lure female contestants?


Yes it bc showmances. The stupid popularity of jeff and jordan have hurt a lot of things about this show especially showmance casting


I’d like to see a concept of bb counting how many time a hgs gets called out and use it against them. Maybe less singing, getting up, talking about production, etc. They really have to come up with some different ideas. It’s becoming the same year after year with different players. Change it up. The last couple of years there were twists that didn’t pan out or change The game. (Super safety, bribe). Not one twist worked this year. The difference between bbc and us for a spoilers fan is bbc has secret tasks that the live feeders don’t always get so its more fun to tune in to watch. My fav was having the two easterners secretly get drunk.


Are you kidding? No twists worked this year? Vic took advantage of at least three of them, twice bringing him back to the house, and giving him $5000. The entire season would have been different without those twists.


Anybody else notice how obsessed Nicole is with sell buy dates on food?

Nicole Pure Michigan

Food or product packaging is the only “reading material” available in the BB house unless a HG chooses to bring a Bible to read during their stay. (The HGs may have a copy of the BB Game Rules,too, possibly.)


I figured out why Corey doesn’t want a relationship with Nicole anymore. Last Friday night James was talking about settling down with a good girl. Corey said its hard to find good girls but has met good girls but they like too much attention(Nicole) He doesn’t want to settle down until he’s 32. Corey liked Nicole a lot in the beginning. But Nicole doesn’t really try enough to show him she cares about him enough and is willing to stop flirting with all the guys that approach her. She allows the flirting to Get out of hand. He’s always testing her on scenarios and they all seem to come down to jealousy, cheating and flirting. I don’t think Nicole really cares about Corey or else she would respect him. Corey is very sensitive and affectionate and Nicole is the opposite. Nicole was trying make Corey jealous at the half way party by flirting with Victor. Corey got upset because Victor called him a creep for just sitting calmly at the party. When Nicole felt guilty she tried being nice and denied ever flirting with Vic. At that point Corey was over Nicole’s bs. I knew had feelings for Nicole when she didn’t know his parents names and he said that really Broke his heart. He had his hand on his chest and said he didn’t know if he could get over it. Nicole is very selfish in relationships and she puts her feelings and needs before anyone. On the other hand Corey is very selfless and does whatever his partner wants but he’s been hurt so many times he’s givin up and wants to stay single. Nicole has hurt him so many times and he’s not going to fall into a trap again. Corey said to James he doesn’t like attention and he was insinuating Nicole likes attention. Corey has lost so much respect for Nicole and has said she’s changed a lot and true colors are showing. Nicole this season really only cares about herself and what people think of her. She talks in the third person and she’s in for a rude awakening, everyone hates her and she isn’t as innocent as she likes people to think.


Heck no she’s not as innocent as she wants people to think. I think that’s pretty clear judging by her willingness to do what she does under the covers for so many people to see.


word is Paul won HOH tonight. time to throw up the snake and the goat killer on the block.

Keebler elf

Paul won final 4 hoh

BB leak

Paul wins HOH!!!! Yaaaaaayyyyy!!!!

Now paul or james for pov send nicole packing…


How did this get out??? If there are no feeds, then it’s just a rumor.


Yes! The season is saved. Well maybe.


The source is Miss Cleo? The psychic?

Nicole Pure Michigan

Miss Cleo died recently….seriously. Didn’t she “communicate” with you from the “other side” when she departed from this world?


Cbs employees leak this info every year. I’m betting it’s accurate. Cleo wouldn’t post it on Twitter if it wasn’t a 100% reliable source


listen here, cbs. if anybody besides vic wins, you have failed.


FUCK if the leaks are true and Paul won HOH Nicole is definately final 3 because Paul cant vote and neither Corey or James will evict her!!!!! Paul is clearly gonna nominate Nicole/Corey so the only possible way it can be interesting is if Nicole wins veto she has to pick between James or Corey perhaps losing her the jury vote on whoever she chooses to evict

Go Paul!

Well, if it’s true…..
If Paul didn’t win HOH or POV, he wouldn’t make final 3. So, at this point, I’ll just be glad that he’s in the final 3 – however he gets there!


Or James could completely blindside all of us and vote Nicole out. Making himself the last vet standing and actually making a run at the 500K


Bring on BBCAN already! Haha at least they listen to the fans (saving sarah and ashley) and let us watch competitions! Victor will be missed (I don’t think that’s the last time we’ll see him) and hoping Paul lights a fire in him and wins HOH and POV! PLEASE VOTE VICTOR FOR AFP!


SIMON DAWG People in audience said PAUL WON HOH!!


Paul please put Nicole on the block to take away her argument she has never been on the block. Please vote Nicole out whoever is the deciding vote, maybe James. James do it for your Nat Nat


Where’s the source that’s says Paul won??


Simon added it to the post

Down Low

The guy who scrubbed Hillary’s server.


Hope James wins. As far as floaters go, Paul hid behind Vic’s strength and then told Vic what he should do with his power. Just another spoiled rich kid hope he wins nothing. Vic should win but since they making smart move by getting him out I’m pulling for the Asian redneck it seems he has had a tough up grinning.


It was posted last night and the time stamp said 12:51am Sept 13th that Paul had won the HOH. The only problem I had was the fact it was only 11:30 pm Sept 12th when I read it. So am unsure if it is correct or not. If it is correct and Paul follows thru and nominates Corey and Nicole, James better get his PF Flyers on and win this POV. Otherwise he will be gone. Cannot see Corey or Nicole (if either wins the POV) keeping him over their other half. Actually want Paul to win POV and see who James would evict. At this point I guess it really doesn’t matter to me, as long as either Corey or Nicole gets knocked off.

America listen

Paul ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????now want u to win POV


We don’t even know who officially got voted out yet.


Well if they are saying Paul won HOH I’ll go out on that limb and guess Victor?