Feeds back after outage “He wants me to go .. I’m pretty sure” -Corey

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition Done
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Paul Next HOH finale
Nominations: Corey AND Nicole

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-13 21-07-56-288

9:00pm Feeds back
Paul won the Power of Veto, Corey and Nicole are nominated
Corey – I think it’s me ( getting evicted)

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-13 21-14-14-129

James rolls by

Corey – what up James
James says the Dr is calling everyone in tonight
Corey – Nicole and I kinda want to sleep tonight… if you decide tonight can you tell us.. what you’re doing tomorrow..
JAme s- Paul wants to pull you all up to talk about this some more
Corey – what more is there to talk about.. he wants me to go .. I’m pretty sure.. he knows I’ll probably get him in that mental comp.
James – if he said it’s up to me.. I don’t know
Corey – what do you mean it is up to you

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-13 21-24-41-410

James gets to wear a uniform..

James tells them that Paul is throwing him a lifeline by not using the veto and putting him up because that would mean he’s going home. James will vote out who Paul wants him to vote out. Corey says than it’s decided he’s leaving.

James tells them if they decide who they want out then it’ll make it harder on him if they don’t then “i’ll have to pick somebody”

James- just saying it’ll be hard to decide between you to
Corey – you can sleep in here we don’t care
James- I want to give y’all some alone time..
James leaves..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-13 21-24-02-414
Nicole says she’s disgusted that James is asking them to decide.. “that’s not right” She says it’s like in hunger games.. mentions something about berries..
Corey – sounds like he’s making a deal with Paul vote me out..
Nicole – what if we decide the other way would he go through with it
Nicole – Paul wants you gone.. why wouldn’t you.. you’re the strongest competitor here and you wouldn’t take him.. I won’t take him but I’m not as threatening as you
Corey – what do you want to do Nicole
Nic – I just want James to decide.. he gave us a round about answer.. if Paul doesn’t use the veto he’ll do what Paul wants.
Nicole says people have been throwing James “life lines” this entire game
Nic – going to let whatever happen happen.. it is what it is

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-13 21-31-53-489

9:30pm James, Corey and Nicole
Corey – James are you scared to tell me.. you voting me out
Corey – are you leaning a certain way do you have your mind made up
James – I feel Paul is gunning for you.. if he asks me to do that it’s something I have to do
Nicole – What if I say vote me out
James- i’ll have to ask Paul..
Nic – I’m just curious
Nicole says it’s very hard for them to volunteer.
James leaves

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-13 21-34-05-114

Corey starts to sulk…

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-13 21-34-03-491
Nicole – what can I do
Corey – Nothing.. Nothing.. doesn’t matter Nicole go Final 3 you want your family to come.. what do you want me to do
Nic – tell me what i should do
Corey – Nothing
Nic – I don’t think you feel that way

Nicole saying that James just said they can decide because he wants them to feel like crap. His mind is already set. Nicole can’t believe this late in the game James is listening to another person.
She wonders that maybe James is playing along with Paul until after the Veto is used at which point he’ll do what he wants to do .
Nic – you’re closer than him

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-13 21-46-33-308

9:45pm James to Paul “Dude Corey and Nicole are pressing me”

James – they’re pretty dead set on you not using the veto.. they didn’t say anything about no final 2 or nothing.. they are more like James we want to sleep easy tonight.. they’re like Dude who you voting out.
James – I’m like dude honesty you know I like you both but I can’t f*** Paul over he’s HOH and he through me a life lien.. whatever Paul says..
JAmes going on about how he told Corey and Nicole if Paul doesn’t use the veto he’ll vote for Paul 100%

James says Nicole told him if they decided to evict her would he
Paul – that might me she’s mentally checked out..
Paul says he loves them but at this point it’s strategy

James – I don’t want you to take all the heat.. we both want Corey out
Paul says for game he doesn’t want Corey and Nicole want to know so they don’t prepare but on the flip side they’re his friends and he doesn’t want them to panic.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-13 22-06-55-381

10:01pm HOH Paul and Nicole
Paul is saying this is the move he has to make. He would look stupid
Paul says he’s planted the seed in James

Paul says james came up here and told him everything “he basically tossed it on me he would do what Paul wants to do”

Nicole fills him in on everything James said
Paul – what he’s trying to do is make it that he’s the nice guy..
Nicole – he’s going to do what he wants to do not what he doesn’t want to do.. he’s not dumb.. he kept saying that’s what Paul wants
Nicole – Corey is very frustrated with James.. he’s like I threw him a life line I don’t get why he’s doing this
Paul – I’m giving you my word for Final 2

Paul says James laid out his game for him and pretty much said he didn’t win anything got no blood on his hands says he played like Derrick. Paul says he doesn’t trust James at all.
Paul – you got to make sure Corey doesn’t sweet talk James because then you leave..

Paul – just like you guys have to split Victor and I up I have to split you up.
Paul – Corey has been so nice I don’t stand a chance in final 2. you have enemas I have enemies
Nicole – It’s stupid not to take me.. I don’t even have to campaign at this point

Paul says everyone in Jury hates James he could take James to final 2 but James doesn’t deserve
Nicole – he’s been screwing everyone..
Paul – and I’m taking him to final 2 he f****g wishes.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-13 22-06-59-446

They shake on their final 2
Nicole – lets do it
Paul – if you f*** me
The go over the Jury Paul makes is sound like they are equal.
Paul – this whole season he f***g got me.. (James)

Nicole – eviction is tomorrow right
Paul – ya

Paul your ride or die is dying.. same thing happened to me last week I didn’t cry I won HOH
Paul- i don’t owe James anything I don’t owe him 1 thing… but you saved me I owe you.
Paul – “this is not a dating show this is a game show
Paul is going on and on about wanting to take Nicole to final 2 but doesn’t want Corey to know because he’ll go to James and Nicole will be evicted.
Nicole says Corey is the best boy she ever met in her entire life.
Paul is saying that one of them is going
Nicole – ok lets do it..
Paul – if James wins..
Nic – he’s not going to win 1 of us just beat him in endurance
Paul about James – he does not know anything.. (dates) apparently he made a deal with Natalie to get you guys out..

Nic – he wears Natalie’s thing on his hate.
Paul about James – I’m not going let someone that hasn’t done anything slide to the end..
Paul says he went flying through the woods this season hitting every stick along the way whereas James was riding a tricycle on a paved road.
Paul – we care about Corey and I care about you
Nicole – we care about you too
Paul goes on about how useless James was this season ‘You motherf***r”

Paul – we going to win this
nic – ya lets win this..

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-13 22-37-58-086

10:22pm Corey and Paul
Paul – I cried when I won that HOH bro.. that wasn’t fake..
Paul tells Corey strategically Corey is the better person to leave, he’s a beast in comps and if Corey wins the Final HOH he’ll take Nicole. Paul’s main concern is to get to final 2
Paul – I wish we stuck to the final 4 plan..
Corey says if he takes James or Nicole to final 2 “Game over”
Corey – you know I get it
Paul – I want to take you and Nicole but if I don’t win …
Corey agrees..
Paul – If you guys win (final HOH) I would call you stupid if you didn’t take each other to the end..
Paul says if they had kept to the final 4 this all would have been different.. (not as difficult?)
Corey – hey dude after all this is over it doesn’t matter to me..
Paul starts to talk about the Veto and the feeds get cut. (apparently something happened and Corey maybe complained to production about something Paul did)
when they come back Paul is talking about not wanting to keep Corey in the dark. Saying there’s no way he can beat him. Corey says Paul has a lot of Jury votes. They start to joke around calling each other a nice guy.

10:40pm Paul tells Nicole he’s talked to Corey he knwos what’s happening and is fine.

Big-Brother-18 2016-09-13 22-46-16-895

10:46pm Corey and Nicole
Nicole says she feels bad.. Points out that Corey has been crying. Corey says it was them filming his goodbye message for Nicole. he knows Nicole’s not going.
Nicole – what do i do from here if Paul works with me is that something I should do.. if you can make a deal with James to stay in this game I will be OK with it..
Nicole says Paul wants to work with her and go final 2 “is that smart”
Corey tells her taking Paul to final 2 isn’t smart she needs to take James.

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say what?

Corey thinks he’ll win a mental comp?? Cute!


Wow James. How can you go up to Paul’s HOH room and tell them, incorrectly, what Nicory asked you..who you voting out? That’s a obvious question to ask their friend who they saved a few times. What purpose did it serve…for you to prove your loyalty to Paul now? I like you but am disappointed James.

Just Sayin'

Corey couldn’t beat my 4 year old niece in a mental comp…

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Way to step it up Paul. HOH and Veto in crunch time is impressive.

Katie Girl

Geaux Paul!!!


Well, I can honestly say, that now that we know who is left…I can’t honestly root for anyone else but Paul. Despite his lewd remarks, despite his despicable ping pong playing both sides of the house for the first half of the season…the guy has exhausted himself mentally and physically playing this game.


If Paul thinks he had to work harder maybe it was because of the choices he made. Look at the people he aligned with, particularly early in the game, look at the people he pissed off with his big mouth, he had Paulie’s ear for weeks about who to cut, never cared! His ride or die was the biggest target in the game and the biggest meat shield there ever was to keep him from being evicted.
James and Nicole as veterans both had targets on their backs from Day 1, so both played the stealth game, appearing weak, but Nicole had a strong partner, an uber-bro who kept her name out of the Executives’ cut list but also who won some strategic comps along the way or she would have surely gone up.
I don’t think James is there by accident. There seems to be one of these people every season, most notably Jordan who seems to squeak by until the end, seemingly harmless, or Victoria, a blow up doll/meat shield. James isn’t an idiot, he knows why he’s there, like Nicole he has been on the block only once. He both distracted and was distracted by his showmance with Natalie, which many fans deemed fake, on both sides, but it served to keep them under the radar because there are always bigger fish to fry, and in the house it brought James a lot of sympathy from the largely male population the second half of the season. If there are people out there who insist that all he did was sleep, well, with the exception of Corey, when you are sleeping, YOU AREN’T TALKING. Keeping your mouth shut is a very underappreciated discipline in the BB house. His strategy has been to lay low, be quiet, appear weak, and it has gotten him to F3, and quite possibly F2. I agree he isn’t articulate enough (we don’t think) to out talk Paul, but I think if he is F2 with Nicole he could have a real chance of winning the game. They only think everybody in the jury hates James, but except for Corey and the sitting ducks, who else would vote for Nicole?


Yes, completely agree. Whether you love Paul or hate him I think he has worked the hardest to make the show entertaining from day 1. He stirs up peoples emotions and that creates good tv. He deserves at least final 2. FYI- if production reads these things, I’m a female in my 40s and personally not offended by Paul’s use of the C-word. He is the type I hung out with and dated when I was young. Please have more interesting people like him (loved Da & Frank this year too). I don’t normally watch BBUS due to lack of diversity and interesting people, but I love the diverse casting of BBcanada. This year I decided to watch BBUS due to the pre-show interviews of Paul and Vic. I thought Paul seemed cool/interesting and vic interesting&hot, and they have not disappointed me. would love to see them together on Amazing Race.


Paul will win this thing if he’s in the final 2! I love how the tides always turn! Exciting. I’m pretty sure Nicole will be final 2 because James or Paul will beat her. Victor for AFP

paul for the win

if paul gets to the final 2 it will be on his merit only. Nics not taking him and neither will james 🙁

Big Sister

Hey, megaphone person–you need to yell to Paul that Nicole is still lying and plans to take James to F2. Not that he would listen…Wish he was playing Nicole, but I doubt it. Victor for AFP!!!!!!


I thought Julie said that this year, for the first team, there will be 3 people pleading their case to the jury, not 2. Did I hear that wrong?


So happy! Good job Paul!


I hope Paul is serious about taking Nicole to F2..I always liked James but James has just now on BBAD laid his game plan out to Paul( he said he was playing Derrick’s game, win nothing, stay low…he’s no Derrick) and threw Nicory under the bus when he didn’t have to. Could just vote one out with a little more respect.They were both loyal to him. I must say Paul is extremely intelligent and probably a nice person out of the house. But his antics in the house were over the top and so nasty at times. I would like to see a vet win. Go Nicole.

Your boy

Whooo let’s go


James you need to grow a pair and vote out Nicole but I doubt that will happen.

Basket of deplorables...

Crapola! I feel bad for James.

An Apple A Day

Wait, what??? James said he’s played this game like Derrick???? Riiiggghhhhttttt (Frank’s voice). SMH.


James ….PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ vote the sssssssssssssnake out!!!!! Neither she or her boy toy deserve to win. They didn’t play BB until recently. As for James ….his strategy was to play the middle to the end and he accomplished that.

For all the haters that will thumbs down this post. Sorry but of these four Paul deserves the win. He played BB from day one.


Paul started as an underdog. He has fought his way. He has entertained. Potty mouth, yes, but somewhat strategic at times. Pulls out wins as needed.

James played a stay out of the way game and it worked for him. Good for him!

Paul & James are my final 2 favs.



Paul won HOH…..

Nominated : Corey/ Nicole

Paul won VETO

PLEASE PLEASE Don’t use the veto…….

PLEASE PLEASE James vote Nicole OUT!!!!

Final 2 Paul/James …. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

2nd Season BB Fan

I hope you are right!

Corey has served his purpose in this game...

Lika said before, he’s just a supporting cast for Nicole.

Care package, directions where pipes were to win veto etc, all’s done deal now that Nicole and James are in the finals.

Lika piece of tissue, he’s ready to be tossed aside after use.

Tsk! Tsk!


love it they some major ass kissing


Thumbs up for Paul!


saw the episode that paul guy is a real A$$ hes the type of guy in the bar that doesnt shut up until eventually the quiet one in the bar shuts him up by making him eat the floor.

James and Nicole final 2 veterans all the way woot woot


Yes. Nicole and James in Final 2. Paul has played the dirtiest and piggish game.

Just here for the entertainment

Nicole is a snake.
Paul is the chameleon
And I mean that in the nicest way. He has adapted to every power change by sucking up to them and becoming one of them if needed.
He was probably at his worst during Paulies reign of terror emulating all his bad behavior. When Vic came back in he easily talked Pauline into letting him handle Vic and roped in an Ali.
After Paulies demise he rolled with the flow and toned down quite a bit but still loud but entertaining to boot.
Love his chameleon game and feel it’s been the best game this season

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

Bye Corey. Paul, Nicole & James are Final 3.

Paul wins against either.
Nicole wins against James.
James cannot win BB18.

HOWEVER, watching James talk to Corey & Nicole about who he is going to vote out, James hands down does win AFP….as in America’s Favorite Pussy.


Unfortunately, I agree. James has so caved.


Paul is the beast!!!! He won Veto and HOH!!! Paul, please make James and his gut decision easier by telling him you want Snakecole gone

Roll Tide

Paul a beast? Look who his competition was.


Payback LMAO!

skeptical onlooker

I am BEYOND chuffed!!!! Not boring now. Nic and Cory both looking extremely frazzled and worn at the edges.
Oh..and guess what? NO bumps and grinds in the Storage room. HEH.
No hip bombs..or hugs.
How happy Vic and Paul are.
Even if Paul doesn’t get to final 2..which I would like…it’s not *those* 2.\
Paul has to take James..and even then..James could win. I can live with that (ugh) because he does have a child..and he hasn’t used his kid like Devin did.
So…Corey has no more use or Nic….and will give her the cold shoulder soon. I’m OK with that also.
Victor was as usual class . I think he will be asked back..or him and Paul have a shot at Amazing race.
Quite pleasant to see Nic and Corey squirm….expect some nasties. LOL. Corey is PISSED!!!!!

This couple bores me to pieces

Not frigging kidding.

Sick and tired of them laying around in bed all day long.. Glad they are somewhat shivering now.

Nicole is playing the weak card ONCE again, like she said. She KNOWS she’s going to final 3.

Production prolly already pushed Paul the idea to vote out Corey.

Nicole is prolly snickering inside. I trust no one like her in real life.

Katie Girl

Paul laying in the HOH Bed like a Boss!!! Lol


Well 1 in 3 odds.
I think Paul might have the bigger penis in the house.
Simon, your thoughts?


Dreams do come true!!!!! Go Paul! Love seeing Ratcole and Corey squirm!!!!! Finally!!!!! Surprised James is doing what Paul wants.

skeptical onlooker

Nicole should stay. Corey wins against anyone final2. I would love Nic gone..but that’s NOT Paul’s best move.


Oooooh, Nicole’s not happy. Poor baby…not. She won’t sleep a bit tonight. And she’s going to drive Corey crazy.


At first I didn’t care for Paul! However I thinking he’s interesting! Out of the 3 remaining he deserves to win the most! He’s got my vote to win! #Friendship


Never liked Paul’s antics (exception: Security bit)….but he’s NOT an idiot! No matter how many people here want Nicole gone….Paul knows he has MUCH better odds with Corey gone.

Bye Corey…..

Mrs. Mac

Finally!!! Nicole and Corey are up together, hallelujah!!

skeptical onlooker

Nicole should stay. Corey wins against anyone final2. I would love Nic gone..but that’s NOT Paul’s best move. Corey being VERY snippy to Nic…(smile)..unlike Paul an Vic…who laughed..played games…and hung tight with each other.
Were they sad? Sure..but they rose above it. THAT’S TRUE gamers.

Reality Check

There are 4 people left in the house and James is still going to vote what the house wants. lol Apparently Nat still has bigger balls than James and she is in jury house.


LOL!! Don’t sound so excited!
Previous posts:
POV Winner: COREY!!!!!
HOH Winner: NICOLE!!!!!!!!!

Last 2 posts:
hoh is paul
paul won power of veto


Either James or Corey leave. Chances are James views Corey as the stronger competitor between Corey and Nicole. And there is not a bad chance that either Nicole or Corey win the POV since by now it’s clear James is not throwing comps. Comps are throwing him. Thus the PoV contest is 2 vs 1.

Now James interest would actually be to vote Nicole out over Corey. Because he isn’t winning the next HOH either way and it becomes a matter of who will bring James along for the ride. Paul brings James over Corey. And Corey brings James over Paul. Paul probably brings James over Nicole but it is not as much a given since he will have to give Nicole some consideration due to her rocky relationships with other house guests. Corey is also a more limited competitor. There are certain things where he’ll crush everyone in. But there are other things where he will be helpless. Whereas Nicole is at least “pretty good” at everything. So if there is say an endurance challenge like the wall again with Corey he may have a small chance rather than no chance.


Yippee, yippee!

2nd Season BB Fan

Sad to see Victor leave but the rest of the night couldn’t be better!

I am rooting for Paul and Victor as final 2.

2nd year bob fan

Oops I meant Paul and James.

I have Vic on my mind.


Ya boii did it!!! #final3 #yassss #teampaul


I love this! The only two houseguests who were on the the block together and didn’t get angry at each other were Paul and Vic. Good job Paul, now reel it in. Haha Nicole and Corey, Vic wouldn’t have won that HOH. Sucks to be on the block huh Nicole?


That’s right girl! I am loving it!


James looks like the Pokemon kid with that uniform and hat on


Love watching Nic and C. squirm for a change.


We wouldn’t enjoy it so much if they hadn’t gloated and used those zingers like “we’re players,” “we’re the only ones being strategic. ” OMG.

Can't believe Nicole & James might make final 2

James & Nicole’s preBB18 Final 2 alliance is soooo obvious now for all to see. James basically just “told” Corey he would probably be voting him out – “if that’s what Paul wants.” Yeah, right.!! Sssssssssnacole is slivering pretty right mow.


What I don’t get is why these players don’t try to reason and make deals. Corey says do nothing. Why not go to Paul or James and say, “I’ll take you final 2 if you vote out Nicole now.” Geesh.

Just here for the entertainment

I’m not sure I’d trust James to do anything he promised.

1) – His checks are made of rubber

2) -He has a final 2 deal with Nicole


Paul is amazing! He came out on top and I am damn glad to see the others squirm for their lives. Paul for Final 2!!!


Awwwwwwwwwww come on!!!! Sssssorey must realize that unless Paul uses the veto on one of them…100% one of them is leaving tomorrow. There’s no way out of this. Let’s see who wants the win more … and who will fall on the sword. They don’t have much time to campaign. If they just lie in bed and do nothing …they both deserve to be evicted tomorrow. Let James and Paul battle it out for the win.


Exactly. (especially the lie in bed part)


So now on BBAD James is working with Paul? Really? I’m so bummed about this outcome. I do hope Nicole wins.


Just read this, “Nicole: I just can’t believe he (James) is doing what someone else (Paul) wants at this point in the game.”

WHAT DOES SHE EXPECT!? She isn’t making any sense. Is it an act for Corey?

Yes, Nicole, James is not going to send himself home to save you.


Yay Paul.
Corey or Snake go home. Never cared.

AFP – Go Vic!!!!!!

James suuuuuuucks

He’s just a disappointing human. No backbone. Walks like Natalie now what a freak. Paul all the way.

skeptical onlooker

On BBAD Corey was questioning production on Paul’s ringing in first. Apparantly…giving Production a hard time on EVERYTHING!!!!


Wow! How telling is that! And what a sore loser he is.

So anyway...

Simon put that snake picture back up. Nicole just lied through her teeth. Can’t stand her.


Paul just made a final 2 with Nicole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here’s what I’m thinking—he does that (makes an F2 with her) in an effort that should she win, she will take him. He probably has an F2 with James too. He has to make both James and her believe he’s taking them.

OR, better yet, maybe he has the knife ready to stick in her back as revenge for Vic–is building her up with his loyalty so he can stick it to her at eviction. ha ha


I hope your thinking is right. Surely Paul is not stupid enough to believe Nicole would honor that F2 with him. Anyone would be crazy not to take James and the good thing about James coming in 2nd we wouldn’t have to worry about James getting AFP. I plan on voting for Victor.


Paul won? This means it’s RIGGED. I KNEW IT. Production helped him!!!!11!1!!1 (This is for all Nicole’s haters)


when paul is done he can fuck my tiny pink pussy til its dead.

Froot Loop Dingus

Nicole says people have been throwing James “life lines” this entire game – You mean like you and Corey teaming up with him to backstab Paul & Vic?

And This:
Nicole can’t believe this late in the game James is listening to another person. As Simon would say ZOMG!! When has James ever NOT listened to someone else to make his decisions? She’s just mad it’s not her giving him his orders.

And this:
James tells them if they decide who they want out then it’ll make it harder on him if they don’t then “i’ll have to pick somebody” – Afraid to break that pre-season deal Lamesy? Let’s see if we can find him a camo life vest.

And then this:
Corey – what more is there to talk about.. he wants me to go .. I’m pretty sure.. he knows I’ll probably get him in that mental comp. – Only if DR gives you 2 whole bottles of adderall and an ear piece.

Although to me smart money votes Nicole out.. she was only on the block at Final 4 and the jury is 6 women and 3 men… Two of the men vote Nicole in F2 (Paulie and whoever is evicted out of James/Corey). And Snakole is the only challenge for Paul in a Mental Comp… sorry Co-Man.

James is the best choice to for Paul to take to Final 2.. he hasn’t won crap, he’s screwed everyone except Nicole and he already got money last year as AFP (SMH)….


On James, when he was HOH Week 6 he put Frank up, who was voted out successfully, was part of the charge to get Paulie out voting out Z first with his Care Package passes to stir up Paulie’s game, and was he not the deciding vote to vote Victor out Week 11?

He played in the middle and started making mistakes after Week 11 and I lost respect for him when he sided with Nicole. Dumb move. Nevertheless, he didn’t “do nothing.” he did a few things. And when he supposedly gave Nicole that wall HOH, that may have been a sham. I suspect he tried to buy her loyalty as a quick idea because he was so cold he was ready to drop. But he didn’t want to just drop and miss an opportunity of making himself look like the nice guy to her. In some people’s minds he handed it to her, but maybe he actually manipulated her loyalty so that is smart.


On BBAD, it’s so obvious that Nicole and James had a pre-arranged Final 2 deal with each other. She’s a wretched little witch. And James in worthless in this game. How did I like both of them in their seasons?

I love how Derrick’s first choice to win was Victor….only picking Nicole as a back up.

Vic for AFP!


Derrick doesn’t really want any more BB winners using his same strategy, then anyone could do it. That’s why he picked Vic.


OMFG…. i’m watching the live feeds……

Paul/James want to save Nicole and vote Corey out……what the HELL……

I swear Nicole is going to either win or come in 2nd place……this sucks:(