Big Brother 18 Commercial Officially Confirms 4 Mystery House Guests!

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big brother 18 live feed subscriptionThe newest Big Brother promotional commercial below officially confirms that there will be 4 more house guests in addition to the 12 new cast members that were released earlier this week. The identities of the four mystery house guests has still not been released but they will likely be Big Brother alumni. Check out our post about the rumored alumni that could be joining the cast of newbies. Will they be competing for the grand prize along with the other house guests? Will they be coaches? Or possibly involved in some other twist we haven’t seen before? Only time will tell! Let us know who you hope the mystery house guests are by commenting below.

The next season of Big Brother will be the wildest yet!
These new house guests are in for a twisted summer!
Including Cody’s brother Paul and Vanessa’s sister Tiffany!
Plus who are the mystery guests?!
Big Brother season premiere Wednesday at 8/7c

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Thank you to twitter user @LisaBreezy for posting the video!

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73 thoughts on “Big Brother 18 Commercial Officially Confirms 4 Mystery House Guests!

  1. Thanks for the info Dawg. I hope the newbies band tofether to take out the ” Mystery Guests” but I bet they won’t.

  2. If the silhouette are the returning players I can’t tell who the females are
    But the males look like Zach bb16 and Russell bb11.
    That’s what it looks like to me.

    1. Zach was a weird one to watch. He was mildly retarded, he poorly imitated Dr. Will, he cried too much, but females somehow found him cute, so he remained popular.

      1. Well it’s definitely not Cody. He’s been posting on social media. But Zach still hasn’t posted anything at all……

  3. Thank thank U for all u do this is the best big brother blog out there I’m not knocking others cause it’s a lot of work and dedication but u guys are by far the best out there I’m sure no one who visits this site could argue it

  4. Hopefully its bb stars from around the world. Like bbcan did. It was a great idea.


    And we can all confirm its not frankie. So rejoice.

    1. Wasn’t a fan of his on season 14. Now thought, out of the rumored 4 to be back I’m the most excited to see Frank back in the game.
      rumored 4 = Frank (BB14), Nicole (BB16), Da’Vonne (BB17), James (BB17)

      1. Do you have any “Empirical Evidence” that “at the end of the day” one of the 4 is NOT Audrey ?

        Sorry, had a BB17 flashback there

        1. LOL no evidence.. There’s that one rumor that it’s going to be Nicole, Frank, James and DA’Vonne. The only one out of those 3 that really did a lot on their season is Frank. Sure Nicole was cute and fun, James was funny and sweet and Da’vonne was FIESTY but they were kinda lacking in the game. With that said place them in an entire new house dynamic and maybe James, Nicole will be powerhouses. Dunno….

          I hope there’s NO mechanics in the game that insulates the returnees them from getting evicted early on. I really hate that. They have enough going for them with having played the game before.

          1. Bro, I agree 100 % Frank would be a great addition. James was likable but his game was pretty weak. Da’Vonne would light a fire or two but i don’t see her as a good add. Nicole either.

            And they better not insulate the 4. I think it’s about a wash having game experience vs being a target among the new players based on prior experience.

    1. Frank’s name keeps popping up. To refresh folks memory Boggie mentored Frank and Frank was a comp beast. He certainly was competitive but likely was chosen for the show because of a famous wrestling father. I liked him in his season but he definitely isn’t coaching material IMHO.
      If the new “Sunday Comp” turns out to be the 4 returning HG’s each week Frank might have a huge impact on the season as likely Vanessa on questions if she returns. We’ll know in 2 days but it’s fun to speculate for now.

    1. He’s not. Thankfully, Amazon bit the bullet and hired him to be a co-host of some live internet style show. Hopefully it will run for 30 years with any luck.

  5. Meh – I’m still not sure why they ran the commercial indicating the siblings. So much for expect the unexpected. And who honestly cares that Cody’s brother and Vanessa’s sister are there? They are both too recent of players. This could be the last season of this show unless it doesn’t seriously reinvent itself.

  6. Ok, Frank won fan favorite a bunch of comps, made the Jury and was tricked by Dan.

    James won fan favorite a bunch of comps, made the jury and was tricked by Vanessa.

    Nicole top 3 fan favorite, won a bunch of comps, made the jury, only person to see through Derrick but was an outcast.

    Da’vonne won zero comps, blabbed about the twins didn’t make the jury and came in 16th when only 16 people Wales through the front door.

    One of this is not like the others, one of these things are different. I honestly don’t think they’re coaches because all Da’vonne could teach was not to do to get evicted because she only spent like 20 days played Big Brother with only two different HoHs.

  7. Simon & Dawg who are your 4 you want back and everybody else?
    I want James bb17 , Kaitlin bb15 , Jeremy bb15 , Danielle bb14

    1. I would want Dr. Will, Brittney, Zach, and ??? I can’t think of who else…
      Personally I hope the other four house guests are enemies of 4 of the current newbies like BB8.

      1. I agree on those three plus Vanessa. I know some didn’t like her but she was an amazing player. Also, I don’t see greatness in Derrick. Caleb was the one who made the move that saved the “big alliance” when he told Derrick just a short time before the vote to oust Jacosta instead of Zach. Derrick was all set to get rid of Zach, then Caleb stopped that. Derrick didn’t do much except be the older brother of all the super alliance. And by the way, Donny had everything figured out along with nicole but the super alliance had the numbers and one of them was going to win.

    2. Why Kaitlin and Jeremy. So they could have sex on camera all day? They were also two of the rudest contestants on BB.

      1. I liked Jeremy he was kinda of loud and a braggart you need people
        in the house like that it makes it fun to watch

  8. I just hope all these househuests are here to play the game, not to just further their pipedreams of acting and modeling careers etc. I feel that’s what has been wrong with past seasons. Let’s see some mind f#@$ing!

  9. Did you guys see Bronte’s interview? Holy crap, she’s so weird. At first I wanted to hit her with my silver sword (Witcher 3)…. but the more she talked, the more she won me over. I can’t help but like her.

    I also like Tiffany… she looks so good and seems nicer than Vanessa. She is so similar though in the way she talks and just her facial expressions, that somebody over there has to figure it out.

  10. Loving Tiffany! Gonna be a great season. Can’t wait! Simon and Dawg,you guys are awesome. Great job on your posts!

    1. Thanks TxBBfan!

      Getting excited for the season. Still not ready though.. lol.

      Mentally about 35% ready
      physically about 80%
      Operationally about 95%

  11. As always, I want to start the BB season with a thanks to both Simon and Dawg

    Appreciate the updates and the site Guys !!


    Unbattled Block…Formerly known as I survived last seasons BB

  12. OMG, OMG can you believe its been a year. I have been going crazy over this show for the past 17 years and each year I say its my last. I hope this year the house guest don’t drive me crazy like last year. I hope they bring back Donnie or Mama Day!!!! OMG OMG BB18 is back!!!!!!!!!

  13. This year there will be a female final three. The only thing that could prevent this is either Allison Grodner with her rigging. The female cast members have a innocent “girly” facade, but they are brainiacs who know the game and cutthroats who will stop at nothing.
    What’s for dinner?
    Spaghetti with meat-testes.

    1. The reason more women have not one is when they get a majority
      they turn on each other . Take season 15 four of the first five out
      we’re men they had a 7 to 4 lead . And how did it end up 4 men
      and Ginamarie . A woman not Andy should have won 15 !!!!

  14. Simon and Dawg won’t be moderating the website this year, they are two of the mystery houseguests.
    Wishful thinking.
    Another great year conversating, speculating, strategizing, gossiping, hoping, dreaming, wanting, hating, envying, loving, lying, studying, quoting, the BB HGs!

  15. The house design looks awesome this season.
    As far as returning guest … Daniele Donato and Britney Haynes
    would be my female picks.
    I like how they seem to have some spunky women with brains this season
    No DaVonne … she was an awful player
    As far as the guys … No Frankie! obvious reasons, No Frank and
    No Zack! Zack is just a attention seeking spoiled frat man-boy with no brains.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Jason Roy … He’d do better the second round
    I just want to see smart strategic players … not 15 minutes of fame-ers
    Overall … season seems to be on the right track … Time will tell
    Cheers to all …

  16. Shelli, Johnny Mac, Vanessa and Cody…… These are possibly the 4 returning HG”s!! Saw a commercial last night that had these 4 HG’s in it. If you consider siblings it makes sense that Cody and Van are 2 of the 4 returnees. I have a hard time getting excited about these 4 in general.
    Based on how hard AG tried to get Van the money last season it could be a rigged season…….. oh boy. All 4 of these folks we have watched way to recently IMHO.

    Just a guess on the order these 4 go out……
    Johnny Mac
    Van- winner BB 18( AG sucks)
    Van gets Shelli out early, then J M and Cody was such a lap dog his season maybe he sticks around long enough to make the jury.
    Of course the ad could be a tease but I’m betting it’s not as the value on the 2 siblings is a story line based on the previous HG’s returning.

    1. I hope those are the returnees. Actually I don’t want anyone from the last season back even if I did like them.

      Jmac was not a favorite of mine, I always found it puzzling how people loved him as much as they did.
      Shelli, I liked Shelli she was a capable strong player.
      Cody, BARF … if Cody is back not sure if myself or Dawg can handle the non stop snot sounds
      Vanessa, I liked Vanessa she was crazy and powerful but again like Shelli I would rather have someone that isn’t fresh in my mind. Vanessa was hyper annoying and difficult to follow on the feeds. I need two years to recover from that.

      1. i’m laughing at this -> Vanessa was hyper annoying and difficult to follow on the feeds. I need two years to recover from that. :)

  17. If the current rumour of returnees is right, I’m okay with all of them (not that my opinion really means anything…) It’s certainly a better crop than the returnee rumour that included Frankie + Audrey. I wasn’t a huge fan of Frank during his season, but he’s certainly entertaining + great at comps, so I can see why they’d ask him back. I quite liked Nicole, James, and Da’Vonne, so I’d be excited to have them return. I wish Donny made it in there somehow. Either way I think it’s going to be an interesting dynamic for sure. I’m hopeful about this season.

  18. One more sleep to go and I am excited. Can’t wait for this Season to begin. I am with a few others and believe one of the returnees is Zack. He has been off Twitter since May 19th and Gina-Marie has been dropping hints about him lately. If it is him I would love it. I am one of the few that actually liked him and his fruit loop dingus face! As for the other 3 not sure who they are as long as one of them isn’t Vanessa – I think my head might explode. But I was thinking if it is Zack then the other 3 are probably 3 we would all probably never expect to be going back in to the House. Anyways we are about to have a really great Summer of BB as usual.
    On another note – Simon and Dawg I was wondering have you had a chance to watch any of the BB UK S17 that is currently being aired right now it is outrageous. Getting my episodes on YT and the characters on there are BIG to say the least but fun to watch. Killing time til BB starts.

    1. Hey BBAlias, Zack coming back would be cool he’ll be super amplified beyond what he use to be. Trying to rekindle that Post BB fame. I laughed pretty hard at a lot of his antics and he was a bright spot in what I have classified as my least favorite season.

      I’ve never liked BBUK much. I get the odd bit of drama from the twitter people but for the most part stay out of that show.

      1. What was it about BB16 that put it behind 15 for you? I thought 15 was pretty generally the consensus of ‘Worst Season Ever’.

    2. I had no idea you could watch other countries BB episodes on YT..thanx for the tip! I really wanted to watch Tim’s season just to see if he played differently there? Anyway, will be a good way to get my fix when there is no BB (US or Canada) for me to watch :-)

    1. I think me and a ton of other people are with you on that Chessie. It gets so boring when the whole house agrees 100% on who to evict even if a few don’t want to. I want everyone in the house to show their personalities this Season and not be scared of the consequences of being nominated just because it may ruffle a few feathers. It makes it more fun when people clash for being themselves – because after all that is what the Real World is all about.

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