Big Brother 17 Week 9 Summary and Live Show Results Jmac Vs Steve


Week 9
Week 8 ends with Becky being evicted followed by Austin winning and ‘Endurance’ competition . Austin nominates Steve and Jmac. Austin targets at this point depending on who wins POV range from Vanessa, Jmac, Steve and James. Though I never think he was serious about James. The POV is played and Vanessa is the winner. At this point Austin is wanting the nominations to stay the same but is listening to ideas. What happens next is a series of scrambles by Vanessa as she tries to change the target for the week. It really went back and forth dozens of times.
Vanessa brings Jmac and Steve close in the hopes to get Meg nominated. This doesn’t work, Austin tells them unless they have a very good reason he’s not putting a goblin up and it’s definitely not going to be Meg. If they have something on James they can put up James. Austin stresses it has to be a very good reason because voting out James means that the twins are the ones that will be flipping their votes against him. The twins are the ones getting the blood on their hands.

Vanessa and Austin decide not to use the veto. At this point Vanessa plays the victim telling everyone how betrayed she was by Steve.. Yadda Yadda Yadda.. At the end of the day the twins and Austin want to keep Steve, Vanessa jumps on board. With the majority the goblins will follow suit.

The final couple days Vanessa works overtime befriending Jmac thinking he’s the favorite to come back. Jmac will be evicted.

Thursday morning Jmac exposes all the alliance he knows about in an attempt to stay. Gaining Meg and James vote he can;t flip Vanessa. by 3pm Thursday the vote will be to evict Jmac.

The Endurance competition will be on the live feeds tonight

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Summary of live show
Liz votes to evict JOhnnyMac
Julia votes to evict JohnnyMac
Meg votes to evict JohnnyMac
James votes to evict JohnnyMac
Vanessa votes to evict JohnnyMac

Evicted Houseguest is JohnnyMac

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 18-37-33-128_jpg
Johnnymac says if he comes back into the game he’s going after Meg.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 18-45-48-958_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 18-53-58-243_jpg

Competition called Dizzy Land
Last person standing is the HOH, Last Jury Standing enters the game.
Steve, Julia and Meg already out
Next Thursday is double eviction..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 19-04-44-724_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 19-04-16-722_jpg

Vanessa wins HOH

Jmac Back in the game

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188 thoughts on “Big Brother 17 Week 9 Summary and Live Show Results Jmac Vs Steve

      1. Your diss would have been better had you proofread before posting. It’s WON, not one.

        A testament to the IQ of all Vanessa fans? Maybe.

        1. Homophones you’re hilarious!!! And what’s the deal with all the ????? after all the lolololols anyway? Proofreading is a good thing people!

        2. Vanessa now has all the ammunition she needs to rebuild a new army and go after Austinks and his twits. All is revealed after Jmac exposed them. Hi five Jmac at least you’ve done something helpful this game. Vanessa will continue to benefit bringing her further along in the game deservingly. She is the only one playing strategically. No matter what! Lie/scheme /deny/cry/question ppl/ etc ….etc. AT LEAST SHE IS PLAYING THE GAME! Haters gonna hate and Vanessa will laugh all the way to the bank with the 500k! No need to comment based on emotions. It’s all about strategy. Yes planning your next move ahead of time. Unfortunately James and Meg missed that bus!

      2. I think this is a good outcome. Things are going to get rolling this week and next. Thank God Julia or Liz didn’t win. Anyone else I was good with.

    1. Hopefully Jmac will calm down Meg did screw him and hinders he and James from teaming up. Meg keeps screwing Jmac every time. I don’t understand her issue with him. I think it maybe because he was Shellie’s friend and she hated the fact that Clay was with her. I think Jmac was loyal to Shellie just because he was friends with Clay way before clay got stupid
      Strategy wise a twin needs to go.

      1. Actually I really think Liz needs to go. With her out nothing is really thing Austin and Julia.

        Alternatively I’d probably evict Austin over Julia. Yes blood before water and all that but I just get the feeling Julia is t all that dangerous

    2. Thank sweet baby jeeezus. I love that JMAC came back because it drives AssTwits crazy. I can’t believe JMAC didn’t take HOH or make a deal to be safe. Feeds say he made a deal. Lets go with it was the quote. Van is covering for herself when she said she didn’t make deals and AssTwits are safe. Whispering to Steve later their gonna work with JMAC to do what’s best for her game. Van will earn points back if she kills the monster she created. Watching AssTwits melt down, and James Meg sweat priceless. I might even watch feeds. Vanessa is going to use her trust test as THE REASON James & Meg are next to go. Don’t think James will get AFP even after his looong infomercial tonight. Steve JMAC & Van would be great final 3.

      Fairies at work: Feeds also showed Becky Jackie Shelli being disqualified for sitting on swing footrest during comp-didn’t they get the rules right? James also used headbands on his elbows to grip rope, fishy. Lots of fishes they didn’t want us to hear decisions.

    3. Vanessa chrated sitting down like Jurors who got disqualified for it. They followed her and got thrown out. That’s why Van says I can’t believe I won. We can, Producers have been bribed too. They better correct this error or make them both HOH. It’s total bullshit the constant cheating & favorable edits. Vanessa was first alternate on Amazing Race but Mel was disqualified for Canadian citizenship. Come on CBS scrapping secret individual votes for HOH organized house votes the day before eviction, and throwing the game to your favorites is killing your show.

      1. This time comes during every season when the game starts to feel sort of rigged. C’mon Big Brother at least try to make it halfway believable! Sheesh!

  1. Meg should’ve kept her mouth shut before going around and telling everyone what Jmac said. She could have felt out where Vanessa was gonna vote FIRST then if she sensed that Vanessa was gonna vote out Jmac she could have told him that he didn’t have that votes b/c they needed Vanessa to be with them. Instead she goes and tells Liz and the rest that Jmac is campaigning.

    I swear some people just don’t know how to keep information to themselves to use to advance their game. The less you say in BB the better and Meg doesn’t get it. I feel bad for James b/c is basically him vs the house b/c Meg is useless. Hopefully anybody but Shelli comes back and teams up with James and a combination of Liz/Austin/Vanessa is on the block and as a replacement.

    1. Couldn’t stand her from the beginning and her game play has only reinforced my notion, that she is the biggest laziest, useless, floater EVER! Meg, you’ve been carried way too long. Just listening to her fake stupid laugh everytime she taps out of an endurance comp makes me want to smack that red lipstick off her face, dumb bitch! And a blabber mouth at that. Send that bitch packing for stupidity.

    1. These Twits (twins) get on my nerves. It should be time for someone to realize that they need to be broken up along with their master (Austin). This has been the WORST, WORST, WORST BB season in the history of this show. I continue watching just because but I am so disgusted by these house guests and their game plans. They are all in summer camp in the house and little will they know one of these aliens from Florida will walk out with the big prize when all they had to do at the beginning was to split them or never allow Julia to come to the house. I really don’t know what people see in them and why they are so nice to them when they are both a pair of dirty *itches with foul mouths.

      1. I hope they cry their fatheaded eyes out when they see America hates their guts. They look like a couple of female Pee Wee Hermans!

    2. I think Jmac was smart. He said he was going after Meg because she is the weakest player and she ratted him out. I think he did that so the other 5 people would not go after him and to mislead Van. He is playing the game so much better.

      1. Your thinking too much … They do not see the interview he has with July, therefore they didn’t hear anything he said. If he goes after Meg, that would be stupid for his game, but then again I would love to see that idiot leave the game for her useless behaviour alone.

        1. You are right. I was out with friends and just saw the comment and did not realize it was in his interview. I hope he was just angry because Meg keeps trying to get him evicted. I think she is not a smart player and bad for both James and Johnny’s game but Austin or one of the twins needs to go.

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      1. Students of Sound/RockStars alliance to Wipeout AssTwits & Goblin Killers Meg & James. They could make beautiful music together, and Van could rehab her reputation. Can’t wait to watch AssTwits scamper, screech and swear on the way to the block. I love how nervous they are, we blew it didn’t we? Yeah, suckas and what goes around comes around.

    1. James winning is good how? Austin will run his HOH. He won’t target the twits. Likely Steve and Van/be back unless it’s Jackie. Be interesting to see Van scramble to get the twits up instead of her. Everybody has to be a pawn at some point. Just not Nessa… ROFL
      I’d love to see the crap Van would spew with a Jackie return and James HOH. Meg will tell James to put Jackie up you watch.

  3. Wow Jmac would go after Meg if he gets back in! Might not be a bad move. I’d still like to see Austwits on the block. So Becky for the buy back!!

  4. JohnnyMac proving how stupid he really is until the very end. LOL. After being already evicted by the austwins he’ll help them move forward by eliminating Meg. Seriously??????? And to think he already decipher that the austwins will never break up with steve and vanessa as a five he’ll play for six. See you never!

    1. Jonny might be leaving Austwins alone because he thinks all 3 of them would get no voted at the end.

      The twins had a big advantage with their blood alliance and Austin is not very likable, in my opinion.

    1. That interview was the single weirdest thing I’ve ever seen on BB. I wonder if JMac understands people are laughing at him rather than with him?

  5. Not a fan of Vanessa but was hoping she would team up with Johnny, but for some odd reason she is sticking with Austin and his twins. Can’t believe she is that stupid. Maybe she wants them to win.
    Looks like James on bloick next unless he wins HoH, which I am hoping for.

  6. really Jon going after meg?
    are you stupid? wait yes you are. you waited until the last minute to try to save yourself.

      1. JMAC won! Ha,ha,ha. Van’s playing he didn’t accept deal, because AssTwits would kill her for letting him stay. JMac Steve Van for Final 3, because her 5-alliance kept stabbing her in the back. And yes, taking Meg out is best for his game, she went straight to Austin, and is everyone’s target. He’s not stepping on toes til he secures votes. Vanessa has led the sheep to slaughter.

    1. Yeah pretty stupid move since she would be the only person he would win against. If anything he should bring her to the end.

  7. Oh christ, could those 2 simpletons have preened any more when voting? Jeez, I can’t stand them. And Meg, you just joined their ranks in twitdom.

    1. That’s emotion talking. Meg won’t be evicted. She will absolutely win $50,000 unless Austin and the Twins are with her in the final four. What player in their right mind doesn’t take her to final two?

      Let’s say JMac stays and wins HOH and targets Meg. Whoever ends up on the block next to her goes home.

      They need to just get Liz out, because then Austin begs to go to Jury.

  8. John are you serious that going after Meg? This is what I am talking about He is weird. He suck! America need to open your eyes to not pushing john to be a favorite player.

  9. I know every year there is complaining about production helping out their favorites with twists ect. This year has been really lacking in any of the ‘expect the unexpected’. I kinda miss the few wrenches thrown in to change up the game.

  10. For the love of God, whoever wins HOH this week, put up both the twins, and in the event POV is used, put up Austin and vote his ass out. Do all of this without telling anyone, without getting a signed and notarized affidavit from each houseguest or even taking suggestions. Just do it and tell everyone to goddamn deal with it.

  11. What a freaking waste of a week. Vanessa is HOH for the third week in a row. John didnt spend 10 mins out of the house. This is absolutely horrendous.

  12. Austin’s HOH was pointless. LOL! This is really bad news for James and Meg though and the twins and Austin will have another week. Vanessa probably lost the game tonight. She will be an easy target in DE. She should have thrown it to JMac and tried to work with him.

  13. Crap,,JMac back but Vanessa HIH,,Noms will be JMac and Steve,,If one wins POV Goblin goes up…JMac or Steve evicted and its basically a replay of this week,,except all three of Austwins can play for HOH,,,,UGHHHHHHHH

  14. Johnny Mac is the returning Houseguest and Vanessa is the HOH.
    I think I am going to take nap this week… unless Vanessa shakes things up by putting up Steve and Liz

  15. Shit….Vanessa wins. I can’t take her as HOH again. She makes ME need meds!!!!! Worst outcome ever. EVER!!!

  16. It comes down to Vanessa and Jmac and surprise! Jmac lets Van win. Another throw or he just suck? She promised him safety but is she pulling a James?. They all agreed returning player would be the target.

    1. Total embarrassment that the HGs allowed Vanessa to last thing long. And almost as bad is that they allowed the twins to make it into the house together despite knowing very early on about it.

  17. Mother F*CK!!!!!!! I KNEW THAT B*TCH WOULD WIN!!!!!!!!! Another week of pukey DR sessions!!! I’m DONE!!

  18. Yeah Vanessa wins!

    Next week a double eviction. Somebody try and get Vanessa out in the second eviction? Bring it!

    #Team Vanessa!

  19. so Jmac is back. promised safety this week for throwing the hoh to Vanessa. Vanessa is hoh.
    Collectively i’m guessing the commenters don’t know whether to cheer, vomit or explode right now.
    So… of course she did well at spinning. she’s been spinning for weeks. She makes me dizzy.
    and that’s coming from someone that hates inexplicably and inadvertently having become a supporter of vanessa about 2 weeks ago. I still hate her emotional barrage and paranoia… but she’s playing the game.
    What’s she going to do…

    1. The idiot would of been safe if he won hoh and had the power to get out who he wanted he is a moron.
      I don’t think I can watch this week they all make me sick.

    2. my brother and i are now debating whether Jmac made the deal or turned down the deal.
      neither of us can tell because of his speech pattern.
      when he said ‘rrrryauarr let’s do this hehhehheh’ did he mean lets make the deal or did he mean lets hang in there and see who drops?

  20. I bet the twits are pissed. They never expected JohnnyMac to come back in. Hopefully he, Steve and, as much as I hate to say this, Vanessa team up and take out Liz then the other 2.

    1. Watching the feeds after the comp, the twins were throwing a FIT to each other about jmack. They are definitely freaking out. Liz said she hates him.

  21. Vanessa HOH & Johnny Mac is back in the game?!?! Worst “returning juror” night in BB history… Goes right along with the worst double eviction in BB history. It’s going to be very difficult to keep watching this season.

  22. Oh my God….
    That moron J Mac is down to him and Vanessa. He throws it on a deal Van keeps him safe. Has the whole BB world lost it’s mind! He’s gone again Thursday what a complete moron.
    Worst be back result possible. The twits running Vanessa this week please God let the nightmare end. Twits will protect Gobs leaving Steve and likely J Mac on the block again. J Mac is a complete idiot period. Van’s word isn’t worth shit JC.

    1. How about just ending the entire Big Brother series all together, just cancel this show already we’ve had too many shit seasons in a row already just put this show and that fat self-centered turd Allison Grodner out of its misery and just put Survivor on 3 times a year instead cause that’s the only reality game show worth watching anymore.

  23. Well if Vanessa is truly a gamer she has to see this is a week to bust up the threesome. Stay strong James….you have to win the pov.

    1. Vanessa now has all the ammunition she needs to rebuild a new army and go after Austinks and his twits. All is revealed after Jmac exposed them. Hi five Jmac at least you’ve done something helpful this season. Vanessa will continue to benefit bringing her further along in the game deservingly. She is the only one playing strategically. No matter what! Lie/scheme /deny/cry/question ppl/ etc ….etc. AT LEAST SHE IS PLAYING THE GAME! Haters gonna hate and Vanessa will laugh all the way to the bank with the 500k! No need to comment based on emotions. It’s all about strategy. Yes planning your next move ahead of time. Unfortunately James and Meg missed that bus!

  24. The WORST possible outcome occurred tonight lmao I feel bad for BB because the ratings are going to take a dive after people see the worst endurance comp ever on Sunday.

  25. Ugh. Johnny is back, how lame. Any of the girls returning would have been fine. Shelli not giving Vanessa a hug at first -epic! It would have been so interesting with her back in the game and her being after Vanessa. Now we’re stuck with JMac who just said he would go after Meg, well thanks a lot fan favorite. Throwing shade at everybody else’s game but you would go after Meg… don’t believe the JMac hype. Johnny can’t move groups, can’t convince or bringe people together, Shelli would have been able to do so. Nothing major will change, now that John stays, unless Vanessa decides to turn on Austwins sooner than she planned. A missed opportunity for a great shift in the game.

    1. I agree 100%. The show would’ve regained my interest a little bit had anyone other than Jmac returned, but now I’m left with little reason to do any more than simply check-in every now and then real quick just to see how it plays out.

      Even if Vanessa nominated the Austwins this week it still doesn’t pack enough of a bunch to draw me back in. It might a little, but meh… the remaining HGs either bore and/disappointment me.

    1. Vanessa is HOH, Vanessa knows Aus and Twins have been trying to get her out. Maybe she would gang forces with Meg, James JMace and Steve to work on getting out the other theee. Because, if she does’t start getting them out now she may not have a chance later. Just a thought!!!

      1. It would be so poetic if Vanessa took out Austin this week and the next HOH (hopefully James or Jmac) took out Vanessa next week. So tired of his wishy washy “I’m gonna back door Vanessa/It’s not the right time to take Vanessa out” crap and her fake ass crying paranoid flake routine.

  26. Did JMAC really throw it? Did Vanessa promise him immunity? Can’t believe he couldn’t or wouldn’t outlast her. Still a chance to change the game in a big way. Or play out safe to get our Meg. How much you wanna bet he’s on the block next to her.

  27. I can’t even express how frustrated I am right now. Was soooo hoping this buy back would make a difference… Ugh : {

  28. Simon. I didn’t get to watch live show. Is JMAC safe this week? Can’t remember if the returning juror is safe or not?

  29. Maybe JMac will realize the audience was dead silent when he said he would target Meg. That means it’s a bad move, buddy. Julie even pointed you in the direction of the Twins. Take a hint and attack that side of the house if you can. Use Vanessa’s craziness to have her follow through with backstabbing Austin. JMac, Vanessa and Steve would make a good team then the boys can cut Vanessa when they get a chance.

  30. This season became too predictable the moment they kept Vanessa over Shelli. I’ve barely followed anything since they then voted Becky out the following week.

    And, oh yeah, the twin twist sucks. But I guess it isn’t productions fault that the HG’s were too stupid to knock ’em out before they could pair together with Austin as a trio.

    Meh… just a number of poor decisions this season. Another that comes to mind was keeping Shelli around over Clay. Oh well..

  31. So she has promised JMac safety, but wasn’t she one of the ones that said the returning juror needed to go right back out again? How is this going to work!!!

  32. Urgggg so last week was a total waste…they should have evicted Steve because then for sure one of the girls could have come back instead of lame jmac!

  33. Best game move for Vanessa is to put up Austin and Liz with a backdoor option of Julia. Breaking up that trio will be the biggest game move of the season. Just put anyone up besides Steve and Jmac. Otherwise it’s another boring Ass HOH.

  34. I did not just hear John threw it to Van!?!? It’s double elimination-omg! What has happened to my hero? Hopefully Van will….oh never mind

  35. Hopefully Vanessa makes a good move and targets Austin and those dimwits. Vanessa has got to realize this, but we will see. Wonder if the audience reaction to Jmac will let her realize differently…who knows.

  36. Guess I’ll drown my sorrows. Somebody pass me that gallon of Hagen Daz…..and that bag of Oreos ….and some of those M&Ms….

  37. Watching the feeds and everyone is in the kitchen joking around and talking. And then there’s Vanessa standing back, not saying a word, and watching the entire dynamic…you can see the wheels turning while she’s thinking about her best move. I hope she’s thinking about striking at the Austwins. She’s got JMac, James, and Meg on her side. oh please oh please oh please…

  38. You don’t throw an HoH right after you get tossed from the game…especially to gain Vanessa’s trust. James and Meg on the Block with a John backdoor? Or does Vanessa see this as the time to remove the twins?

    I don’t think they are aware there’s a double eviction next week although I bet the DR will start asking them what they’d do if there was one so they’ll know soon enough.

  39. Austins crap attitude during the eviction and the HOH is shrugging his shoulders like he doesnt give a crap, kind of ticks me off. Maybe he realized he voted out the most likable based on reactions, but seeing his ugly ass face one more week sucks!

  40. Just stop watching and shut you pie holes.

    You act like five year olds that don’t get what they want at the store and throw a tantrum.

    A lot of people love this season and the ratings are great!

    CBS and all of us won’t miss you one bit!

    1. The funny thing is not a single one of them will go anywhere. I know because I felt the same way last year lol. But I still kept watching, and came back for more this year. Even after Frankie….blah.

  41. Vanessa finessed Jmac for the last few days.
    She learned how close she came to being out of the game this week.
    She knows Meg and James are close with Austin and the twins.
    She might still have pull with Steve.
    The twins and Austin are going to go nuts that Vanessa made a deal with Jmac. They’ll expect her to break it. no question. they’ll think Jmac is after them. Like they would have been any safer with Jackie, Becky or Shelli. yeah i rolled my eyes.
    I expect her target to be the Goblins… but it really depends on when they give her her meds.
    going into double eviction she’s in a reallllllly bad position as a three time hoh with two pov wins. yeesh. well, at least the majority will be happy about that.

    1. I’ve got Cheez Whiz, Haagen Daz and Ben & Jerry’s, Grey Goose and red wine, and an assortment of cheeses and crackers. Come on over – I’m just outside Philadelphia.

  42. Please don’t be fooled. I could have seen this coming a mile away. This is BB chance to make Vanessa ” the good guy.” She will now work to get out the ” bad guys”. The fans get JMAC back , Vanessa becomes the hero by working with Steve/JMac . she’ll be your hero. She’s going to torture Austin/twins all week- for your pleasure!! This is how you flip the script(BB) and give the fans the out come they wanted. I mean… Could it be any other way? I mean really … How stupid do you think some fans are? I told my husband this is what would happen and it did. I could have written this myself – word for word. She will play with the goblings too… Just to make it extra special.

    1. I guess we will see soon enough but I don’t think it will happen. I think she will put up James and Meg. with James going home.

    2. I sure hope you are right. I would love to see Van torture Austwits and Goblins with Steve and Jmac safe. But I won’t hold my breath.

  43. if she is smart

    Austin and Liz ….Liz goes home
    Julia and Liz….Liz goes home
    Austin and Julia…Julia goes home
    I date a twin, there are powers in twins…

  44. Better Vanessa than liz. That would have suck even more. At least Vanessa it’s kinda coco and who knows what she’ll do. Of course she has to first catch someone in a lie LOL

  45. Unfortunately, it looks like season over. James and Meg will probably be picked off and one of the remaining creeps will win. Sigh…

  46. I have changed my opinion on how to view the season.

    its a wrap. we have a winner from either AusTwins or Vanessa, and based on how the season has gone…I guess I hope its Vanessa because she has played the game, the Twins have just played Austin, I guess?

    so because of this, I am glad MAC is back. I think Vanessa may think twice about trying to get him sent home this week, he is now ALL alone in the eyes of everyone, so one has to wonder if he can slip into meg’s role(nope, meg is a locked final 2 if a twin is removed)

    I don’t know, I guess I am happy MAC ATTACK will be in the DR…but I blame production for not LOCKING. THAT. DOOR….and Meg for running to Austin the SECOND she gets all that info, and James for letting it happen and giving Meg the OK to run with it. WTF happened to that guy who took out Clelli?


  47. calling MAC the dumbest male HG in history is simply not fair to Marcellus. you can’t make a move like that and be second to anyone.

  48. The script is called – keeping JMAC and redeeming Vanessa. JMAC will all of a sudden be a “genius” in the game. Knowing all moves and plays. All of a sudden he’s superman.( fed to him of course) his lines and moves – that is. Freaking give me a break!!!

  49. OMG, Vanessa HOH!! There goes another weeks of verbal diarrhea, green beanie, intense disillusion talk, self-victimization and intimidation. Help! The only way I’ll start respecting Vanessa is if she teams up with JMac and targets Austwins (with liz as the ultimate target).

  50. Bunch of whiny, little bitches posting here this year, Do us all a favor and don’t just post that you are done with BB, actually be done with BB and fuck off.

    1. You do know the comment section is for letting people know what you think good or bad.
      I’m sure lots of people will be leaving if that makes you happy.

  51. I could see Vanessa going after James, because she just said to Austin that he and the twins won’t touch her block, but she has to do what’s best for her game. Didn’t she initially want James to be the replacement nom last week? But Austin refused. She could try to take one of the Goblins away so that the Austwins don’t have that F5 opportunity no more.

  52. Vanessa is HOH, Vanessa knows Aus and Twins have been trying to get her out. Maybe she would gang forces with Meg, James JMace and Steve to work on getting out the other theee. Because, if she does’t start getting them out now she may not have a chance later. Just a thought!!!

    1. I agree. She has to chip away at the trio in order to advance her game and give her the best chance to win this thing.

      Someone has to eventually break up the trio, and this is the week to do it.

      1. I cannot argue with your logic about Vanessa playing the game because she definately is. She is emotional
        vindicitive,and over thinking everything I can’t help but think that this is going to be her downfall. Even the three stooges figured this out.(One of them must have taken their socks off and counted the lies. GOOOOD girls have a cookie) I am so tired of this season. I try to watch late night feeds but between James 5 year old
        pranks,Lurch’s tatoos,(for the love of God man PUT ON A SHIRT) and the twins endless whining about nothing and Vanessa’s Lady MacBeth every night I have never slept better. Last year this kept me awake.
        This year instant sominex. I guess I should thank CBS. Looks good on the Tffaney network

  53. Vanessa needs to be smart
    align with Jmac
    put up Liz and Austin
    Make friends with James.
    Not James and Meg just James.

    Liz and Austin need to be split up Julia doesn’t seem to be good at comps so she is a lesser threat.

  54. About the only interesting thing left to happen is to watch Liz get evicted and then watch Austin try to romance Julia.

    Now that would be interesting

  55. Jesus Mary and Joseph will someone please put up Asstin and Gizzard please? Don’t make me beg. I’d like to see some blowitus interriptis. The indignant protests coming from their pieholes would be priceless!

  56. Austin is in the room upset that Johnny Mac is back and worried that big bad Johnny Mac is going to target them. Austin is really nervous about him coming back in the house, not realizing his big game move is Meg. Johnny Mac walks in the room with his cogney accent Ello, while Austin is fuming inside

    Too Comical!

  57. I could care less that Vanessa won HOH and production is going to push her to be a hero by nominating Assttwins. She will be my hero because that my dear is BIG BROTHER ladies and gentlemen. I want to see those three assholes get their fair share of shaking up. Hahahaha! It’s the only way she can win. Oyherwise S ge is playing for 4th place. I promise she knows this.

  58. The script- saving JMAC and redeeming Vanessa. You will swear up and down she was the”Derrick” of the show. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!

  59. I just realized, no more Liztin under the HOH blanket action! Yey! So there’s apositive. And Vanessa just said to Steve that her him and John would be the only ones who could take out the Austwins. Will probably not happen until next week, but there’s another positive outlook to cling to. vanessa seems to seriously consider that F3 with John and Steve. Steve just said he would cut Vanessa in a F3 with V/JMac/him, guess what Steve, I bet, Vanessa has that same idea. It could happen that JMac is dragged to the end as a F2 candidate by the two of them.

  60. There’s a big Twitter controversy that Vanessa was actually sitting on disc long before Johnny Mac jumped off. Will BB review this?! Johnny Mac could be the real HOH…

    1. Producers eliminated all the other Jurors for sitting and let VaMessa slide as usual. JaMrs was also allowed to use extra headbands to grip on his arms. Producers play favorites and that’s why people hate & stop watching the show. They better fix this, but they won’t. She probably bribed Producers too.

      James was silent before vote, let Meg do all the talking again, telling her she can decide what side they’re on. Really?? James talked about his erections on feeds for half an hour before the show. These people suck. #KentuckyFriedHillbillyAsian needs more than gimmicks & potty mouth & scaring girls to win AFP. Buh-bye Goblin Killers.

    2. Apparently:
      Her feet and butt were on the disc/knot.
      From what i’ve read in a couple other places:
      The rules did not state your butt couldn’t be on the disc/knot, the rules stated that feet had to be on the disc/knot.
      The people that sat with their feet removed were disqualified.

  61. You know what …. if u can’t beat them, join them. At this point if Vanessa and all the rest can’t put up the twins and the caveman Austin, the twins need to get to 1st and 2nd place. They are all so dumb to let them get stronger as each houseguest is evicted, their power grows. All the game talk Van has done, she has not once thought about herself advancing beyond 4th place. It’s like she wants them to win. Recruits at that. They did not even apply for the show. And as far as James and Meg. Don’t feel sorry for them please. They had a chance to get Vanessa out but they did not. It hurt Becky, John (dorky self) and the goblins game in the long run. So they can go up on the block for all I care. In the end I think it will be those damn Twins in 1st and 2nd place which will suck major balls big time. But if they are all stupid enough to let it happen….good!!!! These sorry contestants are just as worthless and dumb as the idiots that let Derrick win. Just plain DUMB.

  62. I’m pretty sure in the last post before the feeds cut EVERYone was freaking the f*%k out because Meg blew up the plan to potentially get Steve out and collapsed the possibility of Van and JM working together….
    The majority on here was practically foaming at the mouth because it looked like that option had sailed away…
    Now that there is a very concrete probability that it will now happen, all I see is complaints that those two are in power/cahoots…
    Seriously??? Make up your mind!
    Hopefully Van was serious in her good-bye message about aligning with him, because if she goes for it this week (to take out AuTwits) she has the foresight to convince JM that targeting Meg would be an emotional, not strategic, move…
    Bliss would be A&L on the block and one going home, preferably Liz followed by Austin for the double.

  63. I don’t get the feeds where I live and I must admit I have not watched the tv show for nearly two weeks but was gobsmacked listening to JMac with Julie. Is he on meds? He didn’t seem able to complete one sentence and he squirmed in his seat like a kiddie with ADHD or whatever it is called these days. I wonder what he is like in his professional life.

  64. This is literally the most boring way it could have went down!!!! Vanessa wins HOH and JohnnyMac is back?! Ugh. How completely uneventful!!!!

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