“You know what I think is best? the three of us you, me and Johnny “

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ?and ?
Have Nots ?

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7:15pm Comic room Liz, Julia and Austin
The twins are Pissed johnnymac is back
Austin – I can’t believe those jurors dropped.. they had enough you could see it in their eyes
Austin – they wanted to party
Austin leaves the twins.
Julia – Oh my god it’s going to be the 4 of us in this room
Liz – Oh my GOD i’m scared he’s going to win Veto (Jmac)
Liz – He’s going to win Veto… he needs to be backdoored
Julia- Stop, Are you crying
Liz – noooooo… i’m pissed
Liz says JOhnnymac is after them.
Liz – All jokes aside what the hell happened to you
Julia says the spinning got to her.

Liz points out Julia is doing pathetic in competitions lately. Julia doesn’t care that on her.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 19-28-50-536_jpg

7:24pm Austin, James and Meg
Austin says johnny mac is coming after him and the twins. Mention show he never took Vanessa’s deal.
Austin wants to call Jmac out for his comment “What did you mean by that man just say it just say it.. “
Austin – He almost f** g did it.. that was my biggest fear send him out he comes right back
James – yup
Austin – you hear what he said up there.. I got my targets, I gotta do what I gotta do
Austin – He’s coming after me and the twins
Austin – that was crazy it was almost down to the 4 jurors for HOH, those girls were in vacation mode
Austin leaves.
Meg and James
Meg – are we going to be OK
James – yeah, the only thing I’m, worried about is she’s not going to put Steve up
Meg thinks the nominations will be the same.
James wonders if Vanessa will turn on Austin and the twins this week. “She might think of that she’s not dumb”

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7:37pm Bathroom Vanessa and Austin
Vanessa is happy she gets a letter from Mel.
Austin is stewing about Johnny Mac’s comments when he said “I have my targets”
Austin – He’s a kamikaze.. in his mind it’s world war 2 and he’s a dive bomber… I’m scared
Vanessa – I have to do whats best for my game but you and the girls are safe.
Austin – Ya totally.. what’s good for you is good for us
Vanessa – I can’t believe I just won that how did that happen
Steve joins them.. they’re giggling about Vanessa winning the “Endurance’
Vanessa – I’m slow, soft and old

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 19-50-26-348_jpg

7:48pm Vanessa and Steve
Vanessa – I’m going to want Strategic input
Vanessa – we’re partners
Steve – I know, I can’t trust him anymore now
Vanessa – now here’s the thing Austin and what me to go for him because he’s after them
Vanessa – I don’t think that’s best
Vanessa – you know what I think is best? the three of us you, me and Johnny
Vanessa – I think you, me and Johnny can beat Austin and the twins in any comps
Steve – let me sit on it we’ll talk tonight I agree with what you are saying

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 19-55-53-193_jpg

7:54pm Steve alone
Saying that the final three with Vanessa and John is a good idea.
Steve would take Johnnymac to the end not Vanessa.
Steve says taking out Meg might be better than James.


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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122 thoughts on ““You know what I think is best? the three of us you, me and Johnny “

  1. This is her chance to redeem herself with fans. We want to see strategic moves. Not playing a fucking game for Austin and his THOTS. Go Vanessa and you better not disappoint.

      1. Not just a twin – it has to be Liz. Julia can’t win crap, even her own sister is busting her about it. If Liz goes, Austin will be pissed, but he’ll lose his focus because she’s not there. So hopefully he loses. The only real competition left is James and JMac, with Vanessa unable to play for HOH next week. Put Vanessa and Steve/Austin up, and bye Vanessa. Then it’s every man for himself. There’s flaws in this thinking, I’m sure, but I’m half-bombed at this point after watching tonight’s borefest.

        1. Austin’s not thinking with the right head anyway. If Liz goes to jury, he might just give up and take off running out the door after her.

      2. Im glad Vanessa is trying to team up with Steve and Johnny. It’s the only possible group left in the house. John and Vanessa are both good at endurance comps, Vanessa and Steve are both good at mental comps. But Vanessa really should go after Liz this week. Liz is the strongest competitor of the Austwins alliance. And she’s the link between Austin and Julia. While they are a strong 3, they’re really made up of two couples: Liz and Julia, and Liz and Austin. If Liz goes, they could pull Julia in and get rid of eith Austin or James at double eviction.

        1. Liz should be the most feared – she’s not necessarily the best. She has two people that will NEVER turn against her. That’s dangerous.

    1. This happens every year. The evicted house guest is the one that comes back and bam, we have to do the same week all over again.

      Unless vanessa goes rogue and puts up Austin and Liz I’ll be skipping this week.

      1. I think she absolutely wants to work with them. She’s always known Austin and/or the twins would not take her to the final.

        Now she has found out they have basically formed alliances to target her, she is not going to trust them again. I think she trust the twins more than Austin. But she knows they are not a final 2 option.

        I’m not sure that she will put them up directly this week. I’m hoping James tells her about their alliance and her not REALLY being a part of brass tacks. She asked meg that directly today. She was basically like give me a reason to use the veto but meg wouldn’t. Hopefully she will now. That will be her excuse.

        1. Meg hasn’t made any good decisions so far but you’re expecting her to do this right?
          Jmac might be right, get rid of Meg, pull James into the alliance with Jmac, Steve and Vanessa to get rid of the twins and Austin. Or, since it’s double elimination do the twins this week.

    1. If she gets out Liz or Austin, I sure will. It’s part of why I love BB… when it’s good, my opinion is always changing. Van is our only hope right now for the twins/Austin not to run it til the end.

    2. Actually, the issue I think the viewers have with Vanessa, is not who she goes after, its her hypocritical play “TO” the viewers. Be a hypocrite all you want to the people you play against. But all this ” catch you in a lie “, “100% honest “, is something that at the start of the season, she was preaching to the viewers. Unfortunately, that is pathological. She is doing exactly what she is claiming others is doing. If she had just once, in a DR, or on a camera said it was her gameplay, I think people would like her. The big players in the past, would lie to you, own it in the DR, and not cry and whine if you didn’t get a hug.

      She could throw up Austin and Liz, and that would be great from a viewer drama standpoint, but then, she would pass that move off to the viewer as catching them in a lie, or redeeming a ticket on not being honest with her. Something to justify her own delusion. Treating your competition that way, is different than telling the viewer.

      A person can be bat-poop crazy with how they handle other HG’s for all I care, but to then lie or not own up to it in the DR or camera’s makes her look bad IMHO. She needs to just own what she does. She’s a bully, whiny, liar that is self reinforced with the idea she isn’t doing those things herself.

      1. I “picked” Vanessa early on, and I’m sticking with that pick no matter what! lol

        Vanessa has some very good qualities as far as the game goes, and a couple I don’t love. The crying really gets on my nerves, I think sometimes its strategy and sometimes the game is getting to her.

        I’m also not sure why she always needs a “reason” to do things such as catch someone in a lie. Is she attempting to keep her cards close to her so others don’t see her moves as games moves? I’m not sure, but in her mind she thinks she has to justify making moves.

        On the other hand, she’s extremely smart and strategic. She’s also proven to be good at comps. So for me, that’s a good real rounded player. Her social game could be better at times. I personally prefer that type of player over say a Derrick who is just really strong at social.

      2. Big Brother has some similarities to poker.
        You must be able to read your opponent.
        Van is a very successful poker (she’s won millions) and she is very good at reading people when they are lying. The best way to see a persons “tells” when they are lying is to put them on the spot and see how they react when they are not expecting it.
        Next and almost equally as important. You must create a persona that you want your opponent to see you as. While you as a viewer may see her as a hypocrite, she is just creating that persona of “I can’t stand lairs”. So if she catches someone lying she can then say “I can’t trust you and you have to go”. And most importantly IF she were to make it to the end, she can list a reason why she evicted or helped evict each jury member.
        You can see that in comments from some of the jury members they have said she is playing an excellent game and they realized (to late) that she is the best in the house (at this point).

  2. I soooooo hope Vanessa is serious about teaming up with Steve and Johnny Mac. It would be magical for them to be the ones that break up the Austwins!

    1. Problem is, Vanessa won’t want any blood on her hands so she’ll make the alliance this week but probably take out Meg during her HOH and hope Steve or Johnny Mac win next week to take one of the Austwins out. It would be awesome if she started it this week. I hope double eviction is a good one. A twin followed by Austin.

      1. No… someone else, then Liz.

        I want to see Austin in the house for a week without Liz. I don’t want him to go to jury the same night as her.

    1. Both Steve & JMAC want to take out Meg….What the *** she is useless. A comment was made about her & James being a strong duo….Really!? My feeling is she has brought down James game! That would be the only reason I would be OK with her leaving.

  3. And there it is folks….she was down and out, back against the wall and like any true fighter, she made her way out of the corner to take charge. Vanessa has to be one of the smartest players I have seen in Big Brother. Now if she can just stop crying…lol

    1. LOL. She has gotten a lot of help from Austin the pussy and the twins without brains who follow whoever takes charge. She is definitely smarter than the rest of these fools, but I don’t think she is as good as most of the BB greats.

  4. Vanessa do the smart thing and put up the ugly twins and the caveman that aligns with them. Stay with Johnny Mac and Steve

  5. I hope Van take out Austin or Liz this week that would give John, Steve and her a great way to get to final 3, if she goes after james or meg than i don’t know she might mess up, she needs to turn on liz and austin now

  6. OMG…. Watch Vanessa play both sides and put James/Meg on the block ….

    ….She can’t play in the next hoh, so keep john and steve is great for her game because they will go after Austin/twins…..Austin/twins will go after john and steve ….Meg will be the pawn week after week…..

    James needs to win the VETO to screw Vanessa over by making her pick a side.

    1. Why Milo? If Vanessa had not won POV, Austin would have backdoored her in a heartbeat!! Put Austin and Liz up. It’s time they see what’s it’s like and be taken down a few notches. Better for V to take her shot at them now rather than later.

  7. My prediction…nominate Austin and Liz. If one wins Julia take a seat….by Liz or Austin. HUGE HUGE MOVE and the only chance to guarantee breaking up the trio. Camp over Lol lol lol oh my gawwwwwwwd juuuuunujuuuuu and Lizzzzzzzzzzzzerd

    1. You’ve got that right. Before telling Steve she wants to work with him & JMAC, she told Austin him and the twins were safe this week!

      1. Obviously. She’s not going to put them up this week that would reveal her game. She will recruit someone else to do that.

  8. OMG!! Why won’t these dummies consider busting up the Austwits?!!! It is a numbers game. Granted Meg can’t win anything but she is a vote not to mention easy to get out after Liz/Austin/James. I know this will all flip flop in 15 minutes.

  9. What a waste!!! BB way to screw up the season with that non sense… jmac meg really???? Really u cant be this stupid… Another week of groundhogs day… take out a big target vanessa or just self evict… sooo irritated with this season.

  10. Omg!!!! I freaking love my JohnnyMAC!!!! How freaking bittersweet!!! BB almost lost a few viewers had this bs continued!! Of course now Van finally realized she needs Johnny its about time for a good power shift!!! Now she needs to target the nasty twits and Austink!!!! #TeamJohnnyMAC #RockStarDentist

    1. The only people vanessa is going to target is james/meg…This game is so 1 sided and boring!!! almost everyone is protecting the Asstwits, and for what a jury vote??? you’re never going to get to the finals if you don’t get these heavy targets anyways..!!!

  11. well, I feel like at this point one sort of has to root for Vanessa. I really respect her hustle, but its not even about that. its that I really don’t want an AusTwins win on the books, and Vanessa is really the only legitimate shot here. Meg is the obvious “take to final 2” candidate. James is going to get picked off, MAC is a sitting duck….Steve has played a very interesting game but far too scared in the process.

    We NEED Vanessa to do her thing and flip this on the Twins and Austin, she is the only one who playing the odds through her head more than anything else, understands you can’t leave 3 freaking votes in the game past this week….

    that said…I am glad MAC is back on CBS, Ill take his DR’s over the Austwins/Meg anyday.

  12. For those of you mad at j-Mac for targeting meg, isn’t it so James will be alone and have to work with JM-a good choice over the 3 headed monster?

    1. absolutely, but that is if you actually believe Meg would be voted out, lets break it down…

      Steve V Meg: Steve goes home
      MAC V Meg: MAC goes home
      Austin V Meg: Austin goes home
      James V Meg: James goes home
      a Twin V Meg: a Twin goes home

      there is no scenario I can see where Meg is going to get voted out BEFORE we(hopefully this never happens) get to where the Austwins have a majority, even then I question if they will just keep her until #5

      I don’t think its going out on a limb to say that Meg outside of a major twist is guaranteed a spot in the final 5

  13. Well if Vanessa tries to get Austin and Liz out and leaves James alone this week I’ll be happy. Hopefully James wins the second HoH and takes out Vanessa. My 90 year old Mom wants me to say she thinks the house guest are a bunch of pu$$ys. She is pi$$ed. She is also going to kill me for actually posting it. Haha

  14. considering how the Twins were talking about Becky’s injury, and sending MAC home….I am loving their tears right now

    and Austin…he has to be the most insecure delusional HG in BB that I can remember. Can you believe that the Kamikaze himself J-MAC is after Austin? Its not like Austin nominated him, asked for the veto to not be used, and sent him out the door. ohhhh…wait…

  15. Vanessa better not jack this up… I still don’t want her to win but if she don’t go after the twins and Austin she will confirm that she is a total moron …

  16. I am soooo sick of the johnnymac worship. What has he done? He started playing a day ago. He’s already going to win Americas favorite. I’m completely flabbergasted.???????

    1. He has IT. The thing that makes people crazy in love at first sight. He could be a mass murderer and people would still love him.

  17. How much you wanna bet Vanessaland puts up james/meg up for eviction???? does anyone realize you have to go after the assstwits????/ She’s already 4th on that totem pole, maybe even 5th w/ Steve…..why not try to slow down your odds??? get 1 out now!! Unless James wins the pov he’s a goner!

  18. I hate how Van bullies Steve. It is drives me nuts how the water works start when mention she should go up. She has cried since day one. This may be a week Van doesn’t cry.

    1. I hate the way she bullies him . I’m sorry but its disgusting behavior in anyone , but in an adult , its inexcusable!!

  19. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy best news i heard all night that the jurors took the head bands sooo no slimg band….hahaha… no one wants to watch you play sling bands for 2 hrs on after dark!

  20. She already told Austwins they are safe, She is going to put up James and Meg and then if one of them win veto that will be her chance to break up the trio, if not then James or Meg goes home. This season is getting too boring. I can’t stand Vanessa always wanting to make ascene to put someone up, she always has to try to back someone in a corner to justify her moves. Will never like her

  21. Vanessa needs to put up Austin and Julia. Either one wins POV then Liz goes up. Liz wins POV then she saves Julia and Austin goes to Jury. I agree this is a chance for Vanessa to redeem herself in our eyes. I hope this game will finally get interesting. Vanessa needs to allign herself with JMac, Meg, James and Steve. Although, Steve is so loyal to the Austwins because they’ve included him in their ‘cool club’ , I don’t think he can be objective. In the end I would take Meg with me to final 2. Even Zingbot would win against her. Poor girl has No game.

  22. I believe the goblins are going up. Really don’t understand how James and Meg think they are safe.The Austwins will be upset if Johnny Mac is not put up and start to realize that Vanessa has made an alliance with him.

  23. The two idiots James and Meg kept Vanessa over Shelli. Now they finally see they will never get Vanessa out because everyone wants to keep her over everyone else. These two idiots will pay their price for their stupid move of keeping Vanessa. James and Meg will taste the block this week for their stupid personal move.

  24. Best strategic move for Vanessa isn’t going to get her any love on here.
    Best strategic move for Vanessa is making the secret alliance with the Rockstars and keeping the Auschtwits in the game at the same time.
    get rid of a goblin.
    If she targets steve and John she stays at the bottom of a foursome that likes the goblins. they’re fun (mensa grade strategy there). That puts her in the 7th spot on the ladder.
    If she targets austin or a twin, the remaining other two join up with the goblins. That means four people looking to get her out.
    If she targets a goblin the other one can either go to the rockstars, that she’s already aligned with, or go to the austwits, that she’s already aligned with. Or lie in bed and whine that there’s no more peeps.
    She’s unknowingly in hot water already because of double elimination on thursday. best to try to be in with the majority of the house, and target people that she thinks don’t trust her. Meg proved she didn’t trust Vanessa in the Vanessaversal Church of Truth interrogation when she wouldn’t own up to the brass tacks without Vanessa as an entity. James did the same (insert a monty python nobody expects a spanish inquisition comment here).
    Sending meg home is foolish unless someone wants to fill the albatross spot she’s in. Sending James home is smarter. Don’t worry, he’s already won america’s favorite, the episode spent 11- 14 minutes on him. it’s a 44 minute episode without commercials.

    1. As much as I want Liztin gone I think you are right. Vanessa is not at the top of anyone’s alliance, doing your way as least she has a chance of surviving next week. I say a chance because I am afraid no matter what she does this week she may go in the DE.

  25. Vanessa now has all the ammunition she needs to rebuild a new army and go after Austinks and his twits. All is revealed after Jmac exposed them. Hi five Jmac at least you’ve done something helpful this season. Vanessa will continue to benefit bringing her further along in the game deservingly. She is the only one playing strategically. No matter what! Lie/scheme /deny/cry/question ppl/ etc ….etc. AT LEAST SHE IS PLAYING THE GAME! Haters gonna hate and Vanessa will laugh all the way to the bank with the 500k! No need to comment based on emotions. It’s all about strategy. Yes planning your next move ahead of time. Unfortunately James and Meg missed that bus!

    1. Can Vanessa really take credit for “her game” when she believes all of the crazy things that she says? It would be one thing if she was crying & lying in the house while laughing in the DR. Instead she seems to be internalizing all the BS that she says. I don’t think she is a good player. She is just the right combination of crazy.

      1. Then you’re not really seeing everything she is doing. Even the Great BB past players say she is playing a good game- Minus the crying and need to have excuses to take people out. lol

  26. If Vanessa actually turns on Austin and the twits I may actually tune in to see that. If she stays with Austin and its a repeat of last week I am out. At this point I am fine with anyone winning except Austin, twits, or meg.

  27. I’m all for Jmac, Steve and Vanessa working together, but I hope Vanessa is smart enough to go after the disgusting trio!

  28. The HGs gotta do something. It most get boring as hell in there. Freaking- cabin fever. They are not playing games to bug US. They are keeping themselves entertained ON down time.

  29. Just one problem with Vanessa going after the Austwins they’re 3 votes in jury and if she turns on them that’s 3 votes she’s not getting plus she’s not getting Jackie’s either that makes 4 and last week Shelli was blaming her for her and Clay being out of the game. So she would be taking a huge risk if she was the one to take them out.

    1. She’ll have Shellis and Jackies vote. Both said she is good and playing a good game. I think she would still get Austin’s vote as its a great move that she was able to stay in and then take him out.

    2. No way. These players all see that sheis the one who is going to win and will deserve that win if no one gets her out. NOBODY will win over Vanessa in final 2.

  30. Vanessa – I think you, me and Johnny can beat Austin and the twins in any comps

    7:54pm Steve alone
    Steve says taking out Meg might be better than James.


    these people are stupid…. Go for the Lizard and Julia! split the Austwins

  31. Stop with the Van better go after Austin and the twins nonsense. She is putting up Meg and James. She isn’t playing to make you happy, she will do what puts he in the best position. This way she can play the middle. Keep Austin/twins on one side and have Jmac and Steve on the other. She has no relation with the goblins and doesn’t give two shits if they are upset about going up.

  32. RA is physical so sure meg you get a pass in comps . But mental? What’s your excuse . Forget about game play which is also non existtant . This fuckin girl can’t even figure out where to go when she gets booted from comps . I’ve watched her pull off her headband in the last 3 pitiful comp attempts and have no idea where to go sit . If u watch close she was first to vote tonight and got hung up where the fucking door was. Um there’s only 2 doors in the fuckin house, and the other one is the eviction door ! She is beyond stupid .

  33. I’ll believe it when I see it. She’ll be bucking the whole house plan to target the returnee and she told Austin he and the twins are safe. So sick of getting my hopes up over and over and over. Did love to see the Austwits freaking out. They are totally baffled by the huge audience reception Jmac got.

  34. If the Austwins find out about Vanessa is aligned with JohnMac, they will be pissed off at her more because they will feel betrayed by Vanessa. Let Vanessa do her work, John just needs to relax and wins veto this week. The Austwins will keep James so that James will come after Vanessa. So let Vanessa do her HOH. As long as John is safe I do not care about anything else.

  35. 3 weeks ago half of the people in the comments were talking about hating Vanessa because she lies and backstabs and isn’t loyal, and whatever else Becky told them to think, and now those same people are hoping and praying she lies, backstabs, isn’t loyal, and does all of the things Becky said she did. Can someone say hypocritical phonies?

  36. I’m disclaiming right now. This will not happen.
    A goblin will be the target. Period. Vanessa lacks social prowess prefering strategy. She knows Austin was completely unwilling to put up a Goblin last week. In order to keep the Austin’s Angels in line, gotta cut away a summercamper.
    But lets say a goblin wins veto.
    Wouldn’t it be completely hilarious for Vanessa to be sitting with Steve and bring Austin into the hoh room to say that she just doesn’t know what to do… she’s been bouncing ideas off of Steve and neither knows what to do. She needs a pawn, who’s going to do it? Can Austin say he can’t be the pawn? Worked so well for Steve last week.
    It won’t happen, but admit it, it would be fun.

  37. Love seeing the twins upset about JMac back in the game. This is why you should have voted out Steve, but it wouldn’t matter…anyone returning wasn’t going to work with them. Their nasty attitudes got them where they are. If they wanted control this week, then their butts shouldn’t have fallen. Boo hoo, I now have to share a room with JMac and he’s going to make fake gagging noises when I snuggle into Austin’s dirty smelly hair.

  38. Have nots need to be Austwins! It’s their turn in the stupid rotation. Then they won’t have to share a room with JMac. Maybe the twins should have been nicer to John this past week. I’m laughing now that they feel scared. Come on Vanessa, make a big move!!!

  39. “Julia – Oh my god it’s going to be the 4 of us in this room.” AusTurd, the two bimbo’s and the crier. What a combination. The least they could do is invite the virgin (Steve) and the guy I wouldn’t want having his hands in my mouth (JMac) to even up the numbers. That would give James and his camping partner free run of the rest of the house.

  40. Oh my goodness!!! I am literally getting so sick and tired of Vanessa and her feelings!!!!!! Vanessa, nobody gives a flying crap, shut up!!!!!!!!! Trutfully, I didn’t think she had any, bahahhaaha. *johnny mac laugh*

    1. Johnny wack sat on the disc as well this is not good enough BB.
      I cant believe they would disqualify most of them but not Jwack or van this is rigged.

      1. #REDOTHECOMP on twitter has pictures

        This isn’t right and they need to redo the comp if I was Shelli, Jackie or Becky I would be so angry.

    2. One of the live feeders were posting a house discussion on this. They said you could rest your butt on the disc BUT only if BOTH feet also remained there. That is why some got disqualified their foot/feet slipped off.

      1. The comp went for 10 mins I’m sure they could of lasted longer than that and for all of them to be caught out seems fishy to me if it was one of them but so many?

        I guess BB has its ass covered so that’s it anyway.

  41. Hopefully meg and james find out they are the targets and flip it on austin and twins. I’m just happy John is still in the game. Would be nice to see what Austin and Julia would do without Liz

  42. Easy to say do this / do that. She has to do what is best for HER game. She does not need a bitter jury. We ain’t playing.

  43. Meg has sole handedly led her team astray, committed so many bad decisions, that she is a walking time bomb for anyone trying to work with her. JMac may want to go after Meg, but for the wrong reasons. Meg has made so many blunders with information handed to her on a plate, that the game’s dynamic is literally due solely to her actions. She single handled derailed any idea that Vanessa or the threediots were of any threat to her, that she blew up the entire week Becky was making a huge move to even the odds.

    CBS may have placed a saboteur in there and not told anyone, not even the viewer, because she is a walking disaster zone to anyones gameplay. No need to target anyone, just talk to Meg to give her the truth ! Meg analyzes the data, and confirms 1+1=5, and Bam alliance member/friend .. evicted.

  44. Vanessa u dnt need dirt on james n meg to put them up its big brother u dnt even need to tell them why just pick 2 ppl n put them up. U dnt even have to talk to them. Also u all dnt have to vote the same either its stupid n chicken sh*t… ppl lets get it together n start playin big brother its not summer camp where u all hold hands sing cumbiya n play titlywinks with each other… its not abt who’s fun to hangout with its who wants 500k!!! Wake the f*ck up n take ppl out that u cnt beat…

  45. I think its funny how many people are excited about vanessa winning hoh…have you forgotten what happens to her when shes hoh?! She goes for a big target..changes her mind..looks for reasons to doubt whoever austin tells her and disappoints us..all while making us hate her and question her sanity at the same time. Johnny, James or Steve will most likely be leaving this week if vanessa plays like she has been this season…but not before she makes us all think her initial target is Austin or the twins…not holding my breath.

  46. It’s about time the twins get put on the block!!! Or Austin and Liz. They need to feel the heat and suffer instead of running the show. Hopefully Vanessa is pissed off enough and stops crying to see this is the best move for her game. Take them out before they take her out.

    JMAC is just socially awkward but he is one of my favorites after James.

  47. I only caught the tail end of it, but did we just watch a conversation between Vanessa and Austin discussing how to split the winning among 4 people? 125 thousand each. This would be a direct conflict with the spirit of the game. I think bringing the fact that you may or may not be able to help someone out finacially outside of the house ( Vanessa did say this to Jason in a way ), is getting way too close to a serious conflict of interest in the rules. Collusion on money, or reinbursments, from players is a door I would think they would not want to open. Imagine a scenario where someone who may have a lot of cash outside the game, would actually try and collude with others to take a dive, only to be reimbursed later. Like I said, I only caught part of it, but I did hear splitting money 4 ways in the conversation. That would put the nail in the coffin of any future of the series I would think, just on public backlash.

    1. Beuler, it’s against the rules, and I believe grounds for a DR meeting at minimum.. There was a season where one HG mentioned it, sharing winnings, and was immediately told to “Stop That” and sent to the DR, where they were reminded of the rules… That being said, If you end up living with a HG after the game, you are exempt from that rule, I think…

  48. Van is making a deal to split the money with the final 4 Austin and the twins I hope BB kicks her out the house for breaking the rules.

  49. Did I heard that right? JMAC and Steve want Meg out? Where the fk did that come from? She hasnt done squat. Vanessa, I hope you are not this stupid to waste your HOH on Meg.

  50. For all of you people that are saying “The strategic thing to do would be for her to put up….” Remember who you’re talking about here..they’re all MORONS!!! Vanessa will out think herself this week, but in the end put up James n Meg, or James n Jmac and if, neither one of them win veto then one goes home, probably James. Then DE happens One twin wins, puts up Jmac/James and Steve, Steve wins veto and Jmac/James goes home….So you see, after DE this week we’ll be left with Austinkies, Van, Steve n Meg…Just as production had planned all along.. After that they won’t care. BTW, I don’t know if anyone noticed but Vanessa did not seem to be spinning as much as the rest of them….phishy,,,,,, and to clear the air, I too am a moron for watching this

  51. I’m so sick of Butters mom and Ladybugs jealous hate towards Vanessa. Get over her already. U seem like creepy obsessed stalkers of hers.

  52. I’m so glad those last two weeks are over I can’t stand the Austwins!!! Now if Vanessa would just stop playing with them and flip the script I’ll be hooked again! I’m SO glad Jonny Mac is back. He is the only reason I still watch he is funny!!

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