Big Brother 17 Week 9 Top Animated Gifs


Lots of great gifs from week 9. Steve stealing that green beanie, James pranking everyone, Goblin love, and of course Johnny mac showing us what he thinks of the liz/Austin showmance.

– The live feeds are going to be crazy leading up to Thursday’s Eviction –
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Big Brother 17 Top Animated Gifs Week 9
*** Presented in no order ***

Goblin camping

Power house Meg opens a jar

Jmac after Austin and Liz kissing/fighting/sweet nothings

JUJU and James celebrate

Battle tested James

Goblin Love

Goblins safe

James scares Liz

Austin smelling his arm pit

Steve is fake fuck him

Steve exposses whats underneath the beanie

James strikes again

James scares people

Jmac nails the glory hole

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Vanessa now has all the ammunition she needs to rebuild a new army and go after Austinks and his twits. All is revealed after Jmac exposed them. Hi five Jmac at least you’ve done something helpful this season. Wish it was done sooner to help yourself in the game but oh well Vanessa will continue to benefit bringing her further along in the game deservingly. She is the only one playing strategically. No matter what! Lie/scheme /deny/cry/question ppl/ etc ….etc. AT LEAST SHE IS PLAYING THE GAME! Haters gonna hate and Vanessa will laugh all the way to the bank with the 500k! No need to comment based on emotions. It’s all about strategy. Yes planning your next move ahead of time. Unfortunately James and Meg missed that bus!


That’s a whole lot of bravado. Strategically, she is not that good by the way, how does she get rid of Austwins? See some folks have her next to go to jury. Where does she get numbers as long as nooblins James and Meg are loyal to the twits. Van is great at scampering, very good at it actually. That’s a long way from 500K. Until 2 weeks ago twits win nothing. Don’t presume we have HOH super stars all of a sudden. Austin owns Gobs not Van. I like her to jury around F6 or F5 barring a twist from AG. I think this is AG’s push this season which definitely helps.
Last thought previous thread. WTF is Johnnie Mac thinking blowing up the house to Vanessa of all people? You might come back you moron. It’s a big night regardless b/c the returning HG will set a tone as to targets. Some like Becky back out the door unless HOH. Shelli would have a sweet spot and Jackie clearly has another sweet spot. J Mac just go to jury your only good for throwing comps. Were past BB Kindergarten son you cannot play with the big boys.

The fun returns….
Jackie- clearly goblins get new life but need to pull in a 4th if they win HOH to secure 3 votes. Worst return for Austwins by far. But I do not think James/Meg go after them so just Steve or Van target and a wasted HOH.
Shelli- the other interesting option back. In interviews said she does not like Van. Gotta be who she works with coming back? Or the Gobs don’t think so.
The rest are meh!
Jackie number for Gobs/Shelli number for twits. Yes and Van rides the middle while Steve treads water. He better be a very good swimmer.


Goblins are toast Smeg will make sure of that.


Van should of had another green beanie on under that one lol


Really wishing James will win the next HOH. I think everyone knows the Austwins need to be taken out, but I cannot see any of them actually doing it(Steve would die…). James, take another one for the team and pls take out Liz. I know the Goblins are not good strategic players, but I like them for never giving up and not being afraid to get messy. I actually dont get why would Steve or Vanessa stay with Austwins unless they lost their minds. At this point I mnot even sure they are their 4th&5th. Austin seems to “like” the Goblins which seems to be some pretty deciding factor in his mind so …if I was Vanessa I d put their asses up.


Any links for the live show tonight?


Hi can someone post the live stream link πŸ™‚


Link? πŸ™


The worst week ever!