Big Brother 17 – Shelli “I’m serious this is my plan, just don’t screw it up for me!”

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POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 5th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: ?, ?
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

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Big Brother 17 Alliances

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 11-16-23-716

11:20am – 12pm HOH room – Clay returns from the diary room. Shelli asks how are you not tired? We’ve had 3 hours sleep. You’ll crash. Clay gets Shelli come chocolate. Shelli says thank you for nutritious breakfast. Clay says that’s my plan for you. Get you all fattened up so other guys will be like EHHHH what is that. Clay gets in bed and says chubs McChubs! Shelli says no I have so many chubs right now. Clay says I have chubs right now too. Clay says he’s really touchy feely. Shelli says she’s the opposite. She is if she likes really someone but when that changes she’s not.
Clay says I talked to James and asked him if Day approached him after she talked to Jeff. He said that Day was just asking if Jeff knew about it. Jeff said I think the main target is still Audrey. Clay says I told James to just make sure she keeps thinking that. SHelli gets mad and says don’t say it like that! Don’t say it like that. Now you’ve let James know that the plan is to deflect that. The plan is to not let people know. Clay says you told everybody though. Shelli says Everyone probably thinks there’s a chance that Audrey might go up. Shelli says you don’t know what James is going to run and tell them that. You don’t know what James is going to tell Day. Clay says James won’t do that. Shelli says I’m serious this is my plan, just don’t screw it up for me! Clay says I didnt say deflect. Shelli says it doesn’t matter what you said its what you implied. Clay says wow I’m like your little servant. You win 1 HOH and you’re walking around like King Tut. Shelli says I just don’t want you to mess up my plan. Shelli tells Clay do not promise Johnny we’re going to take him off because then I have to put somebody else up there. Clay says you said that last night. Shelli says I did not! You can’t give people false hope! You need to talk less. You kept saying 100% he’ll come off .. I’m like no zero percent… the only way he comes off is if he wins veto and take himself off. Clay says sorry. I’m just going to stop talking. Shelli says we need some kind of sign to tell you to stop talking.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 11-27-02-889

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 11-25-49-956

In the bedroom – Vanessa is talking to Liz. Liz says she knows she’s (Day) going home. Vanessa says can you believe its working!?? Liz says even when she got nominated she was like MMmHHHmm. Vanessa says that’s the risk you take when you make an 8 person alliance. The other side of the house is going to. That’s the same thing they were doing last week. Liz says me and Austin were just talking about how we dont trust Audrey and then she runs and tells her. If I get put up in that veto I do not want to have to saver her. I am not using it if I win it. I do not want to get involved.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 11-30-03-520

12:20pm Liz is in the kitchen cleaning. She comments to Shelli who’s heading to the diary room that the ants decided to multiply last night. If you remember ask for raid in the diary room. Meg joins Liz in the kitchen. Liz says I’m glad Jace is gone he was so mess and never did one dish.

12:30pm – 1pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the live feeds return – The house guest had picked players for the Power of Veto competition.

Power of Veto Players: Clay, John, Meg, Day, Shelli, Steve
POV HOST: Jackie

In the living room – Jason is talking to Becky. Becky says I think Shelli brought up skeletons. And Day is Calm. Audrey needs to go, not Day. Its not her week. She needs to not pack her bags.

In the kitchen – Shelli tells Clay she is creating a target on me and she needs to stop going up there. In the bathroom – Vanessa tells Johnny Mac that Shelli is someone that you can trust. I have trusted her numerous times. Johnny says okay. I’m still going to try and win it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 13-05-46-025

1:10pm In the cabana room – Shelli talks to Day. Day says you know me I’m a straight shooter, when did the target switch to me. Shelli says the target could be both of you. Shelli says you didn’t start trying to establish trust with me until you wanted to turn against Audrey. So I felt like you were only using me for a benefit in your game. Anyone else in the house I don’t feel a distrust with. You’re the only one I was unsure where we stood. If it was turned around I thought you might put me up. Since day 1 we haven’t built that trust. Day says its a game. Shelli says its not a personal thing at all. I love you and think you’re a hilarious person. Its a game decision. Days says okay.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 13-11-25-714

1:20pm – 1:40pm In the havenot room – Day asks James if he know she was going up. James says no. You just need to win. She tells him that the house has flipped. James says I could be next. Day says I am positive this house has flipped. James says you just have to win. Day says there’s some sh*t going on. You just watch your back in here James. James says I know. Day says and you watch Steve.. 1000%! James says it will be very interesting to see how this veto works. I had another scenario that Shelli could pull John off the block and put Audrey next to you. Day lists off the veto players: Clay, John, Meg, Day, Shelli, Steve. Day says look at you … you took all that blood and look whos still talking to you. Nobody. Day says this house is going to flip because I am going for blood. To hell with my list, I am going for blood. James asks have Meg and Jeff been clinging towards Shelli and Clay? Day says I don’t know. Jeff joins them. He tells her to talk to Meg and Steve. Day says I don’t think she would use it and I don’t think Steve would use it because he’s too much of a puppet. Jeff says who knows maybe someone would use it on him. Day says the vibe I’m getting I think I would still go home if I was against her (Audrey). Jeff says if they put up anyone other than Audrey it would expose them so bad. Day says they could just put up Becky. Or Jackie again. Vanessa comes in and leaves. Day tells James to watch her.. She is playing this game.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 13-15-28-891

1:45pm – 1:55pm In the cabana room – Liz and Austin are talking. Austin says Day, James and Jason are a trio. If they attack Day, they attack James too. Liz says I am so glad I didn’t get picked to play because if I won she would expect me to use it on her. AUstin says and we have that twist this week too. I hope its something America decides because then Day wouldn’t get it. He says maybe it will be a coup d’etat. Austin says Shelli told me she wouldn’t backdoor me. Austin comments on how Audrey went up to the HOH and Shelli told Clay to tell her to get down. She needs to stop talking game. Austin says I think Day is the target. Liz says especially the way she is acting. Austin comments on how pissed he was that James was up talking so loud last night with his alliance.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 13-45-51-857

1:55pm Jeff talks to Clay in the bedroom. Jeff says Day feels like she made a big mistake blowing up Audrey because ever since then everyone has avoided me. Jeff says she asked me if I knew anything about it. Clay says I was talking to Shelli and we decided we need to get everyone together and make it official. Have you talked to Jackie at all? Jeff says next week we have to get rid of Audrey. Shelli is trying to get away from her. She told me to go up and tell Audrey to get out of there. I told Audrey she needs to keep her f**king mouth shut. Anyone that wins next week will get her out.

Meg tells Shelli that her concern is that one side of the house will be pissed if Audrey doesn’t go up. Shelli asks are you saying you’re going to take her off if you win? Meg says no! I just didn’t want you to get backlash. Shelli says I will have backlash either way. I know Clay won’t use it, I won’t use it. Meg says I just wanted to know what the plan is. Shelli says I think if Day stays I am in trouble. But now I don’t know. Meg says if Day did stay and ended up winning HOH next week .. the card you could play with her is that you gave her the chance to play in the veto and didn’t backdoor her. Meg says I think there’s an opportunity to see where Johnny mac stands then this would give him the opportunity to show us. Meg says Becky and Jackie are going to be pissed because there was an obvious target (Audrey) that should have been sent home. Shelli, Meg and Clay head into the cabana room. Shelli says my target is Day because she hasn’t built any trust with me. Audrey is untrustworthy but she has tried to build trust with me. Shelli says I realize Audrey is dangerous and I am trying to not be around her… but for me Day has to go first. Shelli asks do you think the Day could talk others into voting out John? Clay says I gave my word that John wouldn’t go home. Meg says that James will be fine voting out Day. Clay says we have to make sure Day doesn’t win the pov.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-03 13-56-57-136

2:10pm Becky tells Johnny that Shelli and I didn’t talk about our noms. I didn’t know she was going for you and Day. I think we just wanted an even playing field for our main target. How do you feel about this? Johnny says I just need to win. Johnny says I’m in a really hard spot.

2:12pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

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It will be his own fault. I shan’t feel bad for him. He’s endearing, but sometimes I just wish he would pronounce his words clearer.


Shelli loving the dictator role. She might order Clay and the other HGs to invade Poland.

Jay A

Ugh I hope shlay is nominated next week


I was hoping Day would have done well, but I am rapidly losing faith. Shes still pretty too look at though.


Liz/ Julia are doing great given their circumstances! Laying low, staying out of it and not getting caught or out up as a pawn (amazing social game)!


I don’t know how they can’t tell them apart. Their faces look very different.


i am surprised with 3 other twin sets in the house that at least those 3 don’t notice anything.

Dear Abbey

Last night when they were sitting side by side, while voting, their hair was clearly different. One had her hair (grown out bangs) at chin length, on the left side and the other’s hair in that spot was to her shoulder.


Anyone using the veto would be great. I want to see shelli put in that awkward position of having to nominate again. The house will be turned up if certain people don’t go up as replacements.


From a game perspective it makes sense for them to target Day. Her and Clay have had issues (regardless of how/why it started, the fact remains that it happened), and she is clearly not aligned with Clay/Shelli. Whereas the others may be more workable for them, Day has shown herself to be emotional and stubborn (ie. her reaction to Audrey, which in real life I don’t begrudge but you have to remember that they are also playing a game!).

I think if they were smart they would replace Jeff to go up against Day, because either of them out would benefit them. I personally like Day and hope she doesn’t go, but unfortunately since the Audrey fight she’s been an easy target (people calling other people out in that House Meeting fashion makes the other HGs nervous usually – you gotta play it cool!)


I imagine Production might let the right phone call from Kathy Griffin ring, right when Day is standing next to it. Then she can decide which 3 HG can’t vote.


as much as i like joking about the call going to da or audrey, i actually think it will go to an ally of whomever production wants to rig it for in an attempt to make it less obvious, only problem is that neither has a ton of allies.


I think Jason or Meg will “randomly” pick up the 7th call.


Why would they want Meg to have it???…Meg wouldn’t for sure flip the house…I do not even think this is something that Meg would want…she doesnt want to show her cards early…if someone like her gets it…it will hurt their game…I imagine someone like Meg would just go with the power if they were to win the 3 vote nullification thing….


Just another way to rig the show.

Wait until the person they want to get the phone call is closest to the phone. Done.

Beach Girlg

I think Production will make sure Audrey is next to the phone for ring number 7.

Beach Girl

I think Production will make sure Audrey is next to the phone for ring number 7.

Butters Mom

Maybe the the BB website isnt the place for your format? Maybe you would find more interest in your topic of discussion somewhere else?

Butters Mom

This comment was directed towards a comment that has been deleted lol.


Day needs to up her social game. I’m sorry, but you can’t sit there for 15 days saying mmmhmmm and not attract attention. It’s up to her to build relationships, which is what BB is all about. Like Audrey, they aren’t engaging people, having some fun. It can’t all be game, because people get tired of it – Audrey. Then Day has opposite approach, which is to talk to hardly anyone. This is not about race, it’s about how people play the game. I had high hopes for Day, and would love to see her open up. Audrey isn’t going to change – amanda 2.0. Stay in bed all summer, and summon people.


Even if there were some racial underpinnings with regard to the demise of Da’Vonne, she dug that big hole she’s in all by herself. She acted like a queen bee all throughout James’s HOH instead of taking that opportunity to get to know other hg’s and strategize. She acted as if this was the last week in the house instead of week 1. You have to always be thinking several weeks ahead in this game and be willing to work w/ people even if you don’t like them or trust them 100% For someone with such a huge attitude you need to be able to ‘walk the walk’ and not just ‘talk the talk’. Neither she nor her “allies” won these last few comps. At least she has been given 2 chances to stay in the game (BOTB, VETO) which is more than she was willing to do for Jace and is certainly more than Audrey (the other loose cannon) will get.

Doran Martell

Thank you! You described the situation with Day very well. But unlike you I’m not really pulling for her. Can’t stand that attitude, you’re playing BB.


I really hope Day can win the veto and slaughter Clay’s and Shellie’s ass next week.

Angry Inch

I have a feeling Clay is gay, too. Shellie is like his beard. His actions, talk, and game play are not masculine. Seems he prefers to hang with women.


What was said that makes Clay and Shelli racist/bigot? I must have missed that conversation/

Eric CA

That racial controversy this year actually isn’t much of a controversy and has absolutely nothing to do with Da’Vonne, Clay or Shelli.
Becky was talking and she said that here family told her to watch what she said because it can easily get twisted like her being racist or homophobic. Audrey then ran with her parents advise and twisted into accusing Becky of being a racist. It was not even Da’Vonne that said anything but for some reason she is getting the flack for it and it is getting twisted even more. I hope this clarifies things.


Audrey, Clay, and Shelli…you suck’!!!! Come on, Momma Da’, win that POV or Jason, win it and save your homegirl!!!!


Ausrey should not have mentioned that she was transgender – Jeff would have been pitching a showmance with her. He’s looking for one so hard.


I somewhat I agree with Tim! Try as you might,we don’t want to seem like everything is a race issue. But the first thing I thought when the cast was revealed….was,here we go again with the one token black person!!! Why is it BB can’t even it out? In the beginning(cause I’ve watched BB from day 1)they had a number of black ppl on the show. Or,why can’t it be more multi-cultural? There’s more than just Caucasian ppl in this world! I myself,prefer to see more if a diversity!

Butters Mom

They probably picked the cast based on the issue of the moment that they wanted to focus on. This season it is the LGBT. Obviously. Everyone seems to be respectful of each other in that house in regards to the focus issue so its going well so far. The season they focused on racism was not as nice. I honestly dont understand why skin color is always such a huge topic of discussion on BB . What about game play? Lets talk about that!

GeekSquad McGee

There’s roughly the same percentage of black contestants on BB as there are black people in America. That’s what fair is.

IMO, BB shouldn’t even consider the color of someone’s skin when casting them. That would be racist. If a computer did the casting, and didn’t acknowledge race or gender, you would get the same casting that we usually see.

The vast majority of America is white, so the majority of applicants are white, and you would exclude them based on the color of their skin which is the actual racism.

BB Bombshell

Since when is BB supposed to represent the demographic of America? BB is a game and should give ALL players equal opportunity in the game. You cannot cast 16 people, make 14 of them white and expect those who do not look, talk, and present themselves in the same way as the majority to make it to the end of the game. Day stood no chance to make it past week 4 MAXIMUM because no matter what she would be seen as “hood” and thus angry and black. She’s no less/more of a gamer than anyone playing hard this week but she’s being targeted by Shelli and Clay for…? Even when Shelli, Audrey and Day made their original alliance, Shelli only focused on building her trust with Audrey and not Day.

Now I have to say having watched both BBCanada and BBUS for all their seasons, its a lot easier to be black on BBCanada. BBUS just seems to have an issue with race and stereotypes and it comes up every season.

Angry Inch

Blacks make up 13% of our population!
Have you ever watched daytime game shows? Races are not in proportion for other reasons!
Education, personality, and some morals are reasons for contestants.

GeekSquad McGee

I’m sorry but that’s ridiculous. In one week, Day has blown up on Audrey, and Clay, who’s the meat shield of the HOH. That’s gonna put a huge target on anyone’s back. She did it to herself.

A black person cannot be a target on BB without people crying racism, even when they do it to themselves. It’s always because they’re black. Yet the EXACT SAME THING happens to white loose cannons like Jace and Willie, but the race-baiters choose to ignore that fact.

If this over-sensitive PC crowd had their way, a black person would be able to coast to the finish, because it would be impossible to target them without being considered racist. And the jury would have to vote for them because voting for the white person would be racist. That’s pretty much the logic that you get in a lot of these comments.

Someone even mentioned Helen being treated unfairly, even though she was pretty much running the house for a lot of the season. And Helen (who isn’t white) was the reason that Howard went home, because he lied to her face when the truth of the MC was already out. He did it to himself. He was in a great position though with an alliance that didn’t care that he was black.

As for BBCanada. Godfrey went far for the simple reason that he was a great game player. He was just a much better player than Howard, Lawon, Devin, Day, etc., That’s the only reason.


She seems kinda hood to me. I think she’s from inglewood ca, that’s kinda in the hood too. She’s hood, so what?

Danielle has cankles

Agree 100%. Blacks and whites should have separate but equal big brother series.


Lets not get that one going around lol


You assume Shelli must be a racist because she didn’t click with DA. She might be, but I think overall that rationale is flawed. Also, the comment about people probably thinking of DA as “ghetto” is disgusting. I’m sure there are some folks out there that are ignorant, but is that the norm? I think not!


Well I don’t think Shellie or any of the houseguest are racist. Some of the guys might be sexist tho. But I agree with you on both counts. Racist is an overused term and the truth can be disgusting. Facts of life


Based on your logic, then there should be more Latinos on the show as they are actually the largest minority in American not African Americans. The show caters to a white demographic , hence the constant majority of white players. end of story.

GeekSquad McGee

The majority of the population would naturally have the majority of representation. That’s common sense. Why shouldn’t they? If the majority of the population is white, but they’re not the majority on BB, then the odds of being cast as a white person on BB are significantly less than other races. So how would that be fair? If black people have higher representation on BB than in the population, then the odds of a black individual being cast are greater than other races. That’s racist and it’s not fair. BB should reflect the population which makes it equally fair for everyone to be cast, statistically.

As for Latinos, I agree with you. They actually are being under-represented; unlike black people. Yet the race-baiters aren’t saying anything about casting more Latinos; they just want to see more black people.

BB Bombshell

Actually based on my logic, if there were to be Latinos on the show I would expect BB to cast ore than one of them. My logic is simply that to give all players a fair chance in the game you cannot cast one black person and/or one asian person, or latino, or wtv other race and then cast 14 white people. I am only talking about fairness in the overall game. Based on a cast of 16, you could at least cast two black people, two Asians, two Latinos and STILL have a majority of 10 white people. Upping the minority count in the game would allow ALL minorities a better chance in the game.

Also its very easy to call someone a race baiter when you yourself are being represented in every which way possible. Easy on the name calling.

I would never want anyone to win the game if it wasn’t based on game play. I would never want anyone to coast to the end and win, no matter their race. That’s just not what the game is about. But i would like to see BB up their minority count. And i would LOVE to see some latinos and latinas in the house!

GeekSquad McGee

It comes down to math.

You’re suggesting that the house should be 60% white, when roughly 80% of the applicants are white.

Then 12.5 % Asian, when about 4% of the applicants are Asian.

Now with all things being equal, if you were white and I was Asian, I would have a FAR greater chance at being cast on Big Brother than you do, just because of the color of my skin. Please tell me how that would be fair.


There has ALWAYS been majority of white players. We’ve had 17 seasons of it. I think all people are saying is can we have just ONE season where there is majority of people of color or at the very least more than 4???

Doran Martell

Maybe there aren’t that many black people who apply for BB. Just a thought.

GeekSquad McGee

Race should not be a factor in casting. If 80% of the applicants are white people, then that should be reflected in the casting.

If blacks make up 13% of applicants, and 25% of casting, yet whites make up 80% of applicants, and 25% of casting, it would be DRASTICALLY easier as a black individual to be cast on BB than a white person.

If whites make up 80% of the applicants, but only 25-30% of the cast, then as an individual who happens to be white, the odds of being selected are WAY less than a minority applicant. That would be extremely unfair, and quite frankly, racist.

BB Bombshell

I beg to differ but we’re obviously going to have to disagree on this one. I don’t understand how casting more minorities would be “racist casting”. White people would still make for at least 60-75% of the cast. Giving more opportunities to one group does not mean that you shun another. Share the (casting) love is all I’m saying.

But again, its easy to dismiss others when you ARE being represented year after year after year after year.


I do not want to see Shelli and Clay kissing all season I hope they go home quick!

Ariana Grande stinks!

I’m about to start hating Shelli. Fer arguably racially based fixation on Dae is disgusting on every possible level, which in addition to her cougarish behavior towards Clay, and her sweet-talk makes her the worst snake in the history of reality TV. If that all at least was entertaining! No, she’s boring as Fk.

Get that bitxh out PRONTO!

Eric CA

I feel that I have to disagree. I believe that her targeting is based more on their are people that have lead her to believe that Clay and her are Da’Vonnes targets, much as what was done last week with James being convinced that Jace was after him. I do not believe that race entered in her deaccession at all. The accusations of racism didn’t even come from Da’Vonne. It was Audrey twisting something that Becky had said about being advised to watch what she says because it can get twisted to make her look racist… then Audrey took that and twisted to make it sound racist.
The fact is Da’Vonne never got to know Shelli and someone put it in Shellis head that Da’Vonne was gunning for her. That is all that is going on.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Their (Shelli & Clay) sole mission in the house was to get rid of the black girl. It happens EVERY season, and it’s happening right now.


Wow, that’s a pretty big assumption on your part. You know what they say about assumptions, right?

Get Over It!

Even Jeff is confused by the way Clay is always after Da, Clay needs to get over his little ego.


If Da goes this week and Aubrey goes next week it will be a boring season for sure.


Still can’t get any worse than last year.


Would love to see Jason win POV and save DA…then have Da smile and wink at Audrey

Too many J's

Wishful thinking? Jason is not playing in the POV!!

Boring White Bread

Why do Becky hate Audrey so much? Is it because she is a transgender? The hate is real!

That Card Is Old

Stop it with the they hate her because she is transgender crap! Aubrey is a crazy person and she needs to go! People don’t hate her because she is a tranny people hate her for her attitude!


Most trans people do not apprecite the cis-gendered use the term tr*nny. Not cool. Audrey is a trans woman.


Someone told Becky that Audrey was spreading rumors that Becky was saying racial slurs. Becky said it never happened.


The funny thing is it was Jason and Day that started the whole Becky is a bigot thing. Audrey just spread it around the house and then Jason and Day blamed Audrey. When Audrey goes the house is going to be out a scapegoat for their lies and gossip.


It has been discussed that Audrey started that rumor to put a bigger target on Day’s back. Jason said that it was something Becky said about a sweatshop, that he didn’t like. But neither one of them called Becky racist.


I didn’t say they called her racist. I said they started it. But from my impression (and I could be wrong) I got that Jason and Day were the ones that commented about it and then Audrey spread it saying she was racist. So she turned the wording around but Jason and Day were implying that she was a bigot (not racist).

Eric CA

Yet again Becky’s issues with Audrey has nothing to Transphobia.
Becky was talking about how her family stated that she should watch what she says because that it could be twisted to make her sound racist or homophobic…. so what did Audrey do… she ran with that statement and accused Becky of being racist.

Becky does not like Audrey because she feels that Audrey tried to ruin her game by accusing her of being racist.


I’m somewhat disappointed in BB….I was hoping to see more of a diversity this season of people! Why is it they Allways have one token black person? In the beginning there was more….cause I’ve been watching from day one! I somewhat get where Tim is coming from….you or I don’t want to think its a racists situation,but when there’s only one black person….and you target them for no real reason…..Cause after all,they were Ali’s @one point. I think she took it personal when Dat didn’t choose her when guys vent the opportunity! I thought Days’ excuse was lame myself,but didn’t see that as a rascist situation….just a bad decision making! But she seems to have taken it personal so it’s pay back time! BB is a game….and I dislike when people make it-personal. And as for BB…..get it together!!! Bring in more black peoples next season…..and-more other ethnicities as well-WE spare ALL watching!!! Thank you.

Walt Kowalski

I think they set themselves(BB) up for alot of this crap. The cast is 12 people between the ages of 22-27 & a 30,31,32,33 yr. old. A group of almost all white twenty somethings becomes humdrum. I’d like to see more age groups represented. I’m in my 40’s, NADA! Spread it out by age first then further diversify the group by race, sexual orientation, etc.. There is more walking around out there besides young douchey white guys & young pretty girls.


Yea but look at james. He’s asian, southern, adopted, single parent and he’s ex military. He’s a walking talking case of diversity lol. He’s all the damn diversity you would need. Also ask yourself how many hispanic or black people you know that like bb? I know of 0 Hispanic fans and 1 black fan, and I live in NC where we have plenty of hispanic and black diversity.

Not just Black&white

Yes more black people but not just black people! They need to bring in more People of Color like more Asians, Mexicans, and Indians. I get real tried of seeing an almost all white cast its make me sick!


I’m confused…why watch if it makes you sick??

Doran Martell

Maybe there just aren’t many black people who apply for BB. Btw diversity is more than just black and white. I think this is a pretty diverse cast. Diversity can also be geographical. Not always ab black and white. Not being mean just saying


Clay is just like that punk McNasty, he is letting a women control him.


Clay reminds me of Shane form season 14, I really hope Clay goes out like Shane did. LOL

Lise Cho

Watch James will be the next target! The white people always go after the Minorities in that house, Just like season 15 they went after Candice, Howard, and Helen.


yup, I wouldn’t be surprised if James goes up if JohnnyMac comes down. First minorities go, then strong women.


Oh yeah because Helen wasn’t completely controlling that since week two. Howard went out the exact same reason so many other guys have left and the exact same reason have just left. He was muscular and big looking making him look scary in competitions which he really wasn’t but plenty of guys have gone because their muscular look at david in that season. He left because he just happen to slightly look like frank from the last season


Johnny Mac is not very smart. Can’t wait until he goes in about week 5! Judd Version 2!


Production leak at 1:01pm camera 3. shows setting up comp in the backyard. What comp is that?


I bet Johnny Mac will win the Veto!!!!


Not sure if this has been brought up yet..but did anyone notice that during the voting, we see Austin waiting for Liz outside the door before going to vote. Everyone else passes each other in that hallway room after they vote. Don’t you think the houseguests would notice this only happened to Liz when she was leaving the room?

Miss SC

I thought the same thing at first, but it was after a commercial break, so,it made sense.


also they didn’t have a special hand sign like everyone else


also they didn’t have a special hand sign like everyone else


Austin had not even gone through the first door yet when liz walked out. He was still in the room with the others. Austin was supposed to walk out the first door and pass Liz in the hall but he was going too slow. He was NOT at the door that led into the voting booth.


I can’t handle all the love you guys have for DAY she is boring no chance she ever wins a comp so how can she do good in this game if she goes then it will get more exciting Cuz James and Jason will have to decide who they can work with now


It is going to suck if Day is eliminated this early…i had high hopes for her. However it’s going to be even worse if johnny is evicted. In a perfect world, Day wins veto, pulls herself off, james goes up in her place, james goes home 😀

Clay is Gay

Clay is really gay I bet!

Eric CA

I don’t think Clay is gay… I think he is in his early 20’s… Now Austin… my gaydar goes ding ding with him all of the time… he may be Bi, Gay or Pansexual…. Clay nope not gay, just a metrosexual that wants to be an underwear model pretty Mamma’s Boy that is all.

Too many

what the heck is a pansexual?


I’ve heard of a pansexual bizarre before, I just figured it meant some wild freaky shit. Lol not a word you hear often tho

Dee Dee

I was wondering the same thing!

Biff Tannen

Jeff is the worst.


Davonne better win that Veto and then POOF Audrey gone hopefully then next week Shelly or Clay gone. And then adios putas!!!


8 run the house….well maybe not that fast. That 7th call can flip the vote if POV is not used. Johnnie could be in real trouble. He needs a save for safety sake. Funny all the game needed for balance was a normal week to bad production can’t leave things alone. Week might end very badly for Johnnie.
PS I’d prefer James gone myself. Most dangerous of the rollers is Meg ATM. She’s one to watch


Is there a onlinebigbrother chat room??


This would be it


There is no race issue here at all…some of you are trying to make it one! Even out? Come on…IF BB. Put half and half…youz would still have an issue like: aren’t we all human…why did make it half and half! Gèeezus…
get over it….youz that wanna make it about race.


I just want to say tah Vanessa and Austin are a MAJOR dissapointement. Even Shelli and Clay can be more clear. sneaky dumbo rats!!!


And i want express how hypocrites are the designed super fans always ask for players and then root for players like Jon Mac. Pleaseee!!! He’s a nice person but BORING! If you are a big brother fan and like jonny Mac and Becky please quick season 17 and re-watch season 16 and so.


When CBS has to cut the feeds why do we have air listen to jeff with the same over questions when CBS has access to tv shows and CBSN they could run instead.


I dont understand. Is everyone hating on Shelli and Clay because they are aligned with Audrey, or did they do something actually cringeworthy other than play the game?


So it has nothing to do with race? Right. Someone messaged me a link of the DISGUSTING convo shelli jace and clay had. I almost fell off my chair. The way clay asked “would you ever date a black girl” and his look of shock when jace said yes…..omw. Don’t even get me started on the whole light skin dark skin thing. I really couldn’t believe my ears. Anyone who doesn’t think clays dislike of davonne stems from racism….well I have a bridge in brooklyn I’d like to sell them


Speaking of bridges, you need to build one and get over it. The whole race thing is OLD. Day sucks as a bb player. End of story. NOT BECAUSE SHE IS BLACK but because she simply has NO CLUE what she is doing. That’s it. The end. Stop with the race crap. If I were Shelly, Day is EXACTLY who I would go after. Have you not been watching (or reading updates in the event you don’t have the live feeds)????


It says JohnnyMac won the POV


I said last week that John was going to be in trouble early…everyone was raving about how great he was playing when he is really not…they are all just using him and throwing him up on the block because he is another easy person to throw up…they don’t care about him at all…or if he goes, that is why they throw him up there…if the wrong person wins the veto or if Jason or Da’Vonne pick up the phone, then he could be a goner …it sucks because I like both Steve and John and even find them both quite cute, but they are both in serious trouble. …


I had three people that I didn’t want to beat to death with a hammer…now I am down to only one. Vanessa. Steve and Johnny I’ve realized aren’t cats I can root for. Too into following for me. I had high hopes for them but there isn’t much there with either of them. Oh well, at least I/we still have Vanessa.


Wow. It’s sad that Austin assumed Day wouldn’t be chosen as America’s favorite…or even be considered chosen for a special power. I really can’t stand him

Brad H

I’d much rather see Shelli play this game without Clay.