Big Brother 17 “I have this weird feeling the producers don’t want me to go yet.” – Jace

POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony June 3rd
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Jace, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Jace, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

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Big Brother 17 Alliances

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-29 12-14-46-630

12pm Alone in the backyard Steve talks to himself/the live feeders. “As I said at the veto meeting .. the veto was a short term solution to a long term problem. Very happy I won it, very thankful I won it. No right to complain. Happy I’m not in Jace’s position. I absolutely have more to do prior to the next HOH. As you already know I’ve been making a lot of 1 week deals … I mean Vanessa .. Oh and by the way I’m throwing the next HOH because lines are going to be drawn in the sand. And I don’t want to make sure .. If I were to win HOH people would see me as the ring.. Because there’s kind of the inside and the outside. And I think the inside is going to be James, Meg Audrey, Day… Maybe Day. Maybe some Jason in there too. I know that James and Meg are super super close. And there is a 200% chance that James and Meg have some type of a alliance or deal. And then you throw Jeff in the mix. I think Jeff just desperately wants to be included. He is trying so hard to be with the boys because the boys are on the inside. And I think that James is keeping him at a distance. I think that Jeff is kind of in and kind of not. The part of him that is in .. is definitely at the way bottom of the totem pole of that inside alliance. And this could work for me and Day because she would be on the inside and I’d be on the outside. How’s that for an alliance name “On the outside” … Audrey, Audrey, Audrey has an alliance with just about everyone in this house. I saw her with Shelli, I see her with Austin. I think Audrey has an alliance with everyone in this house.”

12:30pm Shelli and Jason are talking in the backyard. Shelli says that Jace seems to think that 1 person stabbed him in the back. He thinks that 1 person might have turned James against him. I don’t know what he’s talking about when he says things like that. He said that its someone that you wouldn’t suspect. Jason says you want to be emotionally supportive but you don’t want to say anything either. I almost want to do the Johnny mac thing and just say you don’t have my vote so he won’t bother me any more. Jason says that Jace was the backdoor plan all along. Liz and Jace join them on the couch.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-29 12-39-53-781
12:40pm Backyard by the weights. Jace and Austin are talking. Jace says I honestly have no one in the house. Austin says I will start campaigning for you secretly. I think this has to wait till wednesday because there’s still too much time. Jace says you’re one of the coolest people I’ve met and this really hurt me. As long as you haven’t turned your back on me. You have to understand where I’m at.. I gave up everything to be here. Everyone is avoiding me. Steve said I have his vote if I get the votes but no one will give me there vote. I had a dream that Honeycutt threw me under the bus. Austin says I can’t talk game any more .. I already got thrown under the bus. Did Liz throw us under the bus? She might have freaked out right after the veto ceremony and then now recanted that. You just have to act like you’re leaving and then Wednesday make your big push. Then maybe shake it up. Jace says I have something crazy planned. I have this weird feeling that the producers don’t want me to go yet. Can you imagine if I go out and come back and win HOH. Austin says Imagine you go and come back in 2 weeks. That would be sick! Jace says can you imagine! Austin says that would be perfect!

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-29 12-39-56-400

1:10pm – 1:50pm Backyard. Steve and Liz are in the pool. Steve talks about survivor and past seasons of Big Brother. Steve asks Liz if her applied or if she was found. Liz says applied. Steve asks you’ve been watching forever? Liz says my ? (sister) is super in to it and watches the live feeds. Austin is working out. In the kitchen Jace, Jeff and James are cooking/eating. Meg, Vanessa and Austin join them to eat lunch.

Backyard. Jason, Meg and Jackie are talking about Jace. Jackie says I can’t wait for his eviction speech. Meg thinks the person Jace thinks screwed him over is Clay.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-29 13-46-32-758

1:50pm In the bedroom Steve is talking to Jace. I’m not going to tell you. Its kind of a last minute plan. I’m not going to do it until the live show. It may sway peoples hearts. I’m going to try and rally some votes. I’m hoping that give you the confidence to vote for me. You know how people go out like Zach .. I’m not going to do that. That’s not me. Steven says good, I’m glad you’re trying something.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-29 14-01-42-968

2:15pm In the kitchen – Jace is whispering / mouthing the rap speech he has planned for the eviction. Da tells him for some positivity .. this is a long season you might come back. Jace says I just want to show people the real me. Jace says the old testament talks about an eye for an eye but it doesn’t say that in the new testament. The bible says plead with your neighbour. When I read that it changed my perspective. You’re speaking to me right now.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-29 14-10-13-735

2:25pm Jace campaigns to Johnny Mac.
Jace says so pretty much if I want you on my side, I need the house that’s what you’re saying. I don’t think I can get the house but I think I can get enough votes to stay. Here’s another thing no one knows who you vote for. If you did decide to step out on a limb and vote for me and I stayed I would always be a bigger target than you. I could carry though the game. That’s a pretty good deal for you. The people that are trying to take me down will try and take you down too. Jackie is putting out the vibe that she’s good, she’s safe. What does she bring to the table…. boobs! Johnny laughs. Jace says there’s still a lot of time. I’ll talk to you again before then.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-29 14-25-39-833

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Why do people like Clay? I don’t understand. I say this out of sincerity of heart.


If you are referring to the HGs, they like him because he is the nice, good-looking, southern guy who was raised to nurture, protect, and to be the most loyal and trustworthy person on the planet.

When people insinuate taking out a big player, they NEVER mean the Drew, Hayden, Andy, Cody, Derrick, and the Andys (the normal guys who ALWAYS make it far). Keeping Clay will bite them all in the ass, especially because he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Anyways, they mean the Jace, Jase, Zach (BB16), Devin, Jeremy, Willie, Josh (BB3), and the Jessie’s when it comes to the big strong guy, which they really mean by that is that they are annoying, obnoxious, and aggravating. It is frustrating to watch trainwrecks (who WILL ruin their own games) to down early, while the calm guys make it to the end. You would THINK they would learn after a decade and a bit.


I don’t get it either.


I don’t care for his gameplay or his personality, but he is really nice to look at imo.


ehhh, He’s no Cody.


I was starring into Cody’s eyes the whole season lol


I really wish this show would reevaluate its casting. The average age and body fat % both need to go up, while the knowledge of the show’s history need to go down. We all want to see the great strategic element come back, it’s only possible if those there are more life experienced, less physically/sexually charged, less immature agenda driven, less believing that they were born TV stars-that this was their deserved destiny, and not as wanting to be like past stars on the show.

We are just being handed watered down, embarrassing copies of originals gone by. Also, get rid of “twists”, which is a code word for “control over the outcome” -“twists”=”scripted”, this show has become some bastardized version of its true spirit, where the power is too concentrated with its producers. Please…move away from the millennial generation, and make this a true sociological and strategic game again. I never thought I’d enjoy watching the first two seasons of this show on YouTube, but it happened…..and get rid of this medically altered, awkwardly twisting, programmed and anorexic Chen-bot, and bring back Julie Chen! Oh, and I forgot that there was true odds makers in season one placing odds on players, and psychological analysts to give us takes on each player many of the weeks. Let’s really bring that back! We could have Fantasy big brother leagues with accompanying rules-it would be AWESOME!!!! The first season did so much that would translate with the fans now. They need to readdress a reboot back to that game!


They won’t go back now, it’s lucky that BBUS still has livefeeds, they lost them in Aus after some scandals, and the UK after a channel reboot. However someone could likely create an oldschool BB on a specialty cable channel, or even completely online. If anyone knows of an appropriate channel, or company they could start a campaign to lobby for this. Do a lot of episode only viewers dislike the twists and production changes? How many livefeeders are there?

Also, there still seem to be a lot of ppl who don’t know how to get the feeds in Canada, here is a link.


Amen hallelujah!

Elderly shut-in crazy cat lady

I so agree. Bring in some gen x-ers. We spent time with others face-to-face and have more social experience (I am the best witness against my statement considering I named myself elderly shut in ccc). Most of these kids have little real time social skills because they grew up behind the screen. Older guests have more relatable things to talk about to hold our interest. The show started its run with gen x and gen y as its original audience.


Jace is an idiot…

how are the ratings

I love this site, but correct me if I am wrong, in the past X amount of years hasn’t it always been overflowing with comments and people? I am wondering if this season of BB isn’t quite bringing in the fans


Not sure about the ratings but I think that their casting choices are targeting younger people who are busy with other things besides investing so much in the show. I also think that if Julie Chen was not married to the head of CBS season 15 would have been the final one. Production has gotten sloppy about letting viewers see how much they interfere and manipulate the game.
These young arrogant and entitled casts tend to get boring quickly. I have watched since season two and find myself missing episodes and after dark more than ever before because these casts have zero life experience to draw on in their strategies. They play like a bunch of sheep…..afraid to rock the boat… the best bully wins. That’s not fun to watch. Just one old person’s opinion.

Girl Interupted

Usually at the start there are not many comments – we need lower cast members and a better handle on their personalities…. give it time.. also – I had to switch my browser to get OLBB in its correct form

Katie L

During the first few weeks of the game, there’s not as many people commenting. As the game goes on, viewers get into the game more and you will see more comments on this site.


I have no clue why Jace thinks he is so liked or was so liked by the house or the fans of this show. It’s been a week dude chill this is why you are going home such a cocky attitude, these people don’t have fans yet we barely know them!


No Jace; they just want footage of you campaigning, even though nothing will result of it. Devin was forced to campaign too last year.

Steve is such a sad thing to watch.


I really want to like Steve but he does really lack social skills. I feel like I kind of want him to shut up immediately when he starts talking.


Steve is smart and cautious. Ultimately I think he’ll do well.


I like that Steve was talking to the viewers. I know it was annoying. with some. when Derrick did it last year, but I think Steve’s is more inclusive, giving some inside-skinny, while at the same time, helping himself think it out. I like him, Vanessa, Day, Clay and Shelli; maybe Liz, not sure yet. And maybe James, there’s something I like about him, not sure yet. I’m not on the JohnnieMac wagon yet, I don’t know anything about him. The rest are meh for me.


even though we don’t get to see much of the rockstar dentist, I think he’s playing one of the better games right now. Everybody likes him and considers him as someone they are willing to work with. More than that, the fact that he stands out in the diary room and not in the feeds is great- it means he has a personality, but knows how to reel it in and lay low for the time being.

and besides, he’s a rockstar dentist. If that doesn’t win you over, what will?


There will be a twist were an evicted houseguest returns.. so yes, Jace could come back into the house.


I doubt jace will be brought back. The audience doesn’t hate him enough for production to love him.


If Jace was smart he would stop complaining about what he had to give up and start making deals. He needs to go to Da and try to pull her in because no one would realize they were working together. The same thing with Becky there is so much bad blood between those two that no one would suspect that they were in an alliance. These people let their personal feelings get in the way of playing the game.


It won’t happen, simply because of the reason we all know. These to life inexperienced cast members are so fearful of others in the house being the original strategists, ie, Steve=Ian, that their projections from “super fandom” blind them from open perception, that once the hoh hath made their decree from their own unfounded perception, none want to “rock the boat”, and are so grateful they’re not going home, pay homage to their great “weekly leader” and all vote “chalk”, this game met its final death when everyone votes the same way every week. There’s no allowance for playing a long game with all of the twists, but I’m certIain they do this because producers know that these wannabe TV stars could play one. Anyone able to, a rarity, has walked easily through the game-unopposed. Last year, so easy enough to basically talk one of the younger fools into handing him $500,000 with a few words. It’s a joke. This show will disappear completely if it doesn’t take a swing back to the casting and game it use to be, the producers must take that leap of faith if this game is going to stay relevant. My fear is that the producers, like the show, have become so lost, young, and twisted, that they don’t have the courage to make the changes-blind to the failings that are so apparent to all of us.
Jace doesn’t know how to repurpose his strategy because his strategy was so perfect in his you arrogant mind that he never thought he’d need to have a “plan b”. But, even if he did, his peers are so cut from the same mold, that flipping them would never happen and be used against him more.

New BB cast strategy as molded over the years: Don’t be noticed, or labeled “as” pre battle of the block.

It’s not a matter of playing the game, more a matter of NOT looking LIKE someone who played the game years previous, or not being un-lliked-because kids today can’t handle the fact that they might have to put up being around someone with a different personality or one they disagree with, God that just kills them! The generation that shouts for people to be themselves can’t stand having to be with those who are, UNLESS, it fits their agenda of appearing to be who they want to be.

It’s sick, and this cast displays that perfectly. To win this would be as simple as a three person alliance of extremely different personalities with a solid quiet agreement who meet one a week to decide their goal, and seperate for the remainder of the week having all pushed that goal. The game is that easy now. That’s sad.

Katie L

Hi Simon/Dawg,

Great site this year as always. Just a quick note on the above chart…noticed for some reason that the POV Used section has a question mark instead of the word, Yes. Also, current noms are listed as Jackie and Steve instead of Jace. I know it was correct on previous post. Guess the chart wasnt saved when it was updated or something. : )


Hey Katie, Thanks for the correction!


Look at the flowers Jace… Look at the flowers.


Poor, poor Jace…..doesn’t have anywhere to go, nowhere to live, wouldn’t CONSIDER taking up Vanessa’s kind offer to stay with her in Vegas. I doubt that he’ll get an invitation from Becky to stay with him in ‘Rado! Lol. My read on him from the first show was that he’d have all the ladies drooling. What a piece of work!


Oops! What I meant to say was that HE thought he’d have all the ladies drooling.


Even the non-hg, the audience, seem to like him 2nd. I just don’t like him and his game play. Sweet to look at, maybe, but I go for good people, no matter how they look. Clay is not a nice person.


I was really hoping they would have a couple of older people this year. It is really too soon in the season to really have any feelings about this cast. However, like someone previously mentioned, I find myself turning away from BBAD at night. I have been losing interest in this show for the last few seasons. Which is really sad because every summer I really looked toward to it.


My feelings have changed towards Clay since pre-season. It’s a long summer tho we’ll see.


For everyone saying they should expand the age gap of the players, ita. I’m 27 and these people are so boring. I wish someone like dick would be casted!