James calls Meg a club rat. Meg “I am not!” Jeff “Meg just smells like bad decisions!”

POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used YES POV Ceremony June 3rd
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Jace, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Jace, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

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Big Brother 17 Alliances

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-29 09-34-12-820

9:15am – 10:15am Big Brother blocks the live feeds to wake up the house guests. When then feeds return – Johnny Mac, Steve and Jason are out in the backyard. The others are inside getting ready for the day. Jason says it doesn’t help that I’m up for 3 minutes and I already have a coffee. I’m just pretending I’m at Dunkin’Donuts. Let a bit*h live her life. Jason and Johnny talk about ouija boards. Johnny wonders if there’s a proper way to destroy a ouija board if something bad happens. Clay joins them and complains about a sore neck. Jason asks if he’s going to get Meg to massage that. Clay comments it’s not one of the things she’s good at… painting your fingernails, massaging. Jason asks massaging your neck bone isn’t one of those. Austin joins them. They talk about the “BB Takover” twist and wonder who will come host it next. Jason comments on how Evel Dick made it to casting finals 3 times before he made it. They were probably like just cast this guy so we can get him out of our hair. Shelli says he first applied to season 6. The conversation turns to talking about secret pairs. Austin says Evel Dick would be tough to fit into a cast. He wouldn’t have fit into a season 6. Jason says they would have had to have a different duo not him and Danielle. Austin says they did a secret partner in 6 too. If you had told me that Johnny Mac and I are secret pair you would read so much into it like why are they so special. There has to be more.

In the bathroom – Austin and Liz are talking. Liz says when we get off of slop on Wednesday night, we’re going to be homeless. Becky asks wait why is it Wednesday night. Liz says I’m not sure. In the bedroom – James climbs in bed with Meg. He comments that she’s a club rat. Meg says I am not. Jeff says that Meg just smells like bad decisions.

10:20am In the bathroom – Shelli and Vanessa are talking. His plan was this backdoor thing. He made Jace believe they were in an alliance. Vanessa says he’s capable of being very two faced. Shelli says he’s a great game player and he’s hilarous. Shelli says I just don’t know if he has my back. He’s a question mark with me. Vanessa talks about not being so sure about Day or James. Shelli asks what are your thoughts on Liz? Vanessa says she seems to be ..or I thought she was loyal to Austin. She doesn’t talk to me. She’s friendly. Do I trust her? I have no reason not to. I haven’t really talked to her.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-29 10-20-34-702

10:30am – 11am Backyard. Clay asks Austin are you and Liz still cool. Austin says yeah. Clay says that she came to Jeff and said that Austin’s been throwing you under the bus a lot lately. Austin asks what? Really?! Clay says she said something like the ship was sinking and wanted to jump ship. It would honestly be good for you to distance yourself from her. She clearly doesn’t care about you, if she’s saying stuff like that. Austin says yeah. It’s too risky if she’s like that. I’m glad we’ve got our thing. Clay agrees. Austin says we just have to calm Jace down. He is going to blow our sh*t up. Clay says he’s a good man. He just came in here too abrasive. If I could have him stay I would because he would have our back. You can’t trust him with information though. Clays says there’s not much we can do now. Its set in stone. Clay asks are you 100% trustworthy of Vanessa? Austin says yeah. I trust her more than anyone outside of us. Austin says I just don’t want to start avoiding Liz now. Clay asks does she know you know? Austin says no, I’m trying to hide that I know but its hard. Clay says its hard to do. Just like me and Day .. she and I are good or so she thinks. Austin says I just want her to think we’re cool and once I’m HOH then we go after her. Clay says Audrey really likes Jason. Clay calls James the snake. Maybe we can get James in our back pocket. Austin says I hope Jeff knows I’m not trying to come after him right now especially if he’s cool with you. Clay says Yeah I’m trying to deflect that. Maybe if you could come up with.. Austin asks smooth it over? Clay says yeah. Austin says I tried to shake his hand the other day. Clay says you just have to smooth it over so someone else becomes the target. Austin says we have to stay solid. Clay says with the women we have to keep re-enforcing that. I tell them that you’re good. Austin says thanks man. They talk about bringing in Steve later in the game. Austin says that people like Becky ..when they make up their mind they will never change it. Clay says I don’t know who she is with. Austin says I don’t think anyone. Austin says I see John as someone very valuable to us. Clay says its tough at this stage because you don’t know if they’re with anyone. Austin wonders if we just observe him to see. I’ve told him I have his back. Clay says he doesn’t really understand the game that well. Austin says I think we could sway his vote anyway we want. Should we pull him in? Maybe we should run it by Audrey? Clay says yeah I’ll run it by Audrey. Clay tells Austin to see where Vanessa is with Johnny Mac. Clay says Steve I think is trying to get in all these alliances …like twos. He will never tell you who he’s with. That’s why I don’t like to talk game with him. Did you know he approached Day with an alliance. Austin says he was supposed to be his eavesdropper. Clay says I would never backdoor someone I have respect for. I would backdoor someone like Day. She would tear sh*t up! Jason joins them. They talk about finding loop holes in the competitions. Jason says if its not in the rules its okay. And if they change it they’ll warn you first. Austin heads inside. Clay tells Jason I am trying to figure out where Austin is at. Like if he is with Liz. I was asking him about Liz and Vanessa. I think he’s solo. They talk about how they never see Vanessa talking to anyone. Jason says she’s either a mastermind or nothing at all.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-29 10-30-48-937

11am In the bathroom – Shelli and Vanessa are talking. Vanessa says she thinks Jace is a great competitor but he has to go. He would be so loyal which sucks that he’s going because that’s tough to find. I was having such an integrity battle with feeling bad about lying but now that we’ve solidified things I don’t feel bad about lying if people ask me things.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-29 11-01-26-876

11:10am – 11:30am Clay says that Shelli and I relate. She keeps me grounded. And you kind of need that in this game. It’s a showmance in the fact that she reminds me of home. Yeah she’s an attractive girl but I’m here for the game. Jason says you would be on the bachelor if that’s want you wanted. Clay agrees. Clay says I don’t know where Steve is at.. at all! James has been taking some heat and when we win we need to do our part. Clay says I think its a done deal (Jace going home). Jason says he’s sitting up there next to Jackie. If he was sitting next to Austin then I would be like okay but he’s next to Jackie. They talk about staying solid and taking out each others targets. Clay says just keep re-enforcing each others trust. They agree that Jeff’s connection to Jackie is a loose end. Sooner or later we will have to get rid of Jackie. Jason and Clay speculate on what the next HOH will be like.

11:30am – 11:50am In the bathroom – Vanessa and Johnny Mac are talking. Johnny is asking Vanessa about her schooling in music and her DJ’ing. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Liz and Clay are talking about the have not room. Liz says the dentist chairs are horrible. The talk about past havenot rooms.

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Why is clay so against Da. He is always talking trash about her.


I honestly think Clay is really against all the people n the house. He is playing the game and would throw all of them under the bus. That pretty American boy is devious. He even speaks bad about Becky and Shelli.


I’ve been wondering the same thing. I don’t know if I missed something along the way,but he seems to never miss an opportunity to let people know she’s his target.


Johnny Mac sees things so clearly and always seems to ask the right questions:
How does one properly destroy a Ouija Board if the session is going bad?
That dental idiot savant.


Is it true they’ve been in the house for 15 days now? If that’s the case, what did they do before the feeds and what are we missing out on if they’ve been in that long?

Fan favourite.

It looks like Johnny Mac is the fan favourite of the season. Which is a shame, because the fan favourite almost never wins. And I got 20 bucks on him winning. Don’t let me down Johnny!


Ridiculous comment. Only one person wins so yes probability says, “the fan favourite almost never wins”.


He’s funny and sharp. And his mannerisms remind me of Dan Gheesling during BB10. Of course, Dan was a fan fave who ended up winning. So there’s that.

Jay A

That’s why when I hear him speak he sounds like Dan lol


Well no shit, because they only give fan favorites to jury members.


My first impression of Austin was he was weak and just wanted an alliance. He is growing on me and hopefully that was an act. He doesn’t believe Clay when Clay says Liz is starting crap between him and Jeff. Come on you are so close Austin to figuring out who the 2 drama queens are, Audrey and Clay. Go WWF?, I don’t know the whole wrestling letters. Who ever the twin is is having it easier because all of this lying and misrepresentation is helping them.


He already knows.. Vanessa told him yesterday. Everyone in the house is onto Audrey after last night, but Clay is still remaining under the radar (except to Vanessa who told Austin who told Liz and Jace and also hinted at to Jeff and Jason). The problem is everyone knows about Audrey but at the same time they are all planning on using her to their advantage… doesn’t work when everyone has the same plan. Jason is clueless about Clay and Audrey being tight, which I think will be his demise.


Johnny man does not seem like a dentist. he really seems extremely stupid. no disrespect but he seems like a space cadet. maybe he was hitting the nitris tank in his “dentists” office way too hard!!

EZ does it

Jackie sure wears that red bikini well !!!! Hot package there !!


She is easily the hottest girl in the house. Just sayin’.


I think it will be rigged for Audrey to win or at least be in the finals…unfortunately…publicity for cbs and the whole Bruce Jenner thing…I hope not tho….I would like to see Ya Johnny or Meg finals…Jeff maybe..or even anyone that’s not Audrey


If anyone needs BBAFTERDARK…you can watch it free on SLICE.CA in Canada…not sure if you can from the states…but probably …SLICE aren’t asses! Like CBS!


So Vannessa and Austin are still being played by Audrey and Clay? I know that Austin has some doubts with them but it seems that Vanessa is now misted. Ugh. I seriously hope that Jason or Day AND Liz, Austin, Vanessa wins the next two HOH, it will be so funny how Audrey will talk to them because she will have no choice but to choose and reveal which side she is on.

thing is

I know people like to point to bruce as the one who started this onslaught(not a bad thing just saying), there was an amazon series before bruce, MTV had on a transgendered HG and put her on the challenge as well. Seacrest made a reality show about a kid and his..mother or father I honestly don’t remember.

its pretty obvious its best for Big Brother to keep Audrey around, she is also super controversial within the house, and pretty much every Big Brother headline that makes main news sites has to do with her. if she is gone before Zach Rance was last year, I would be surprised. you have to keep around people like that. same with Jace, may be annoying, but he sure as heck stirs a lot of drama in that house and keeps basically everyone in a state of panic.


Audrey is a tornado in that house, and can’t stop herself, and thank goodness cause it’s feeds gold. Usually everyone’s just bitching about how boring it is, and voting with the house. Nobody even cares if the house votes together this week. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a day or two Audrey is trying to save Jace. if Audrey goes next week, and then it gets boring, remember to send Audrey a thank you tweet for all her great work. She is my fan favourite!


Austln is no dummy…he’s on to Clay, Audrey, etc. It’s Clay who’s actually playing himself during their conversation. I don’t like Audrey. I’m ready for her to go because the meltdown will be so very entertaining. I can’t wait for her to be confronted with her bs.


What is the deal with Clay? Why does he have such a hard on for Day? Why does he hate her so much?