“I’m having a F******G bad day everybody wants my friends out”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH ? Next HOH Aug 17th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?

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8:10pm Have nots James and Becky
James says there’s one group that hasn’t lost any members Austin and the twins. Adds Austin’s got all theses minions in the house and he must be throwing competitions.
Becky – If it’s physical you and I, cats in the bag if it’s logical we’re f***D

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8:16pm Jmac and Becky
Jmac says Steve is with the whole other side of the house
Jmac – If I won I was going to put up Meg and Liz to force the veto to be used.
Becky – Vanessa is really dangerous
Becky starts bringing up Austin as a dangerous person in the game she believes he’s throwing all these competitions.
Jmac – Vanessa trusts me a lot for some reason I don’t know if we can use that
Becky says they need to pull in Meg and James and go after the other side (The Generals)
Jmac – we can pull in Steve
Jmac says Steve’s move was a “Fan boy move”

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8:21pm Hammock room
Steve – I have people gunning me like nobody’s business right now I did what I had to do
Jmac – Yup

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 20-23-38-756_jpg

8:22pm Vanessa, Austin, Julia, Liz and Steve
They’ve been studying for the last hour..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 20-26-50-757_jpg

8:23pm Have nots Goblins and Becky
Meg is shocked that Vanessa tried to make a deal with her during the double eviction.
Becky calls her a b1tch
James – This is Big Brother you can bounce Checks
Meg – I gotta keep calm with Steve man I want to bite his head off
Becky – we’re out numbered don’t
Becky thinks Vanessa is giving Steve a lot of attention that is why he’s so influenced by her. Becky thinks Steve is the type of person that responds to attention
Becky leaves the last two goblins start scheming to get Austin and the twins out.
Becky comes back – “I’m having a F******G bad day everybody wants my friends out”
Meg – Every week every single week, Why are they taking my peeps (She thinks they’re making a montage of her every week saying that)
Jmac comes in
Meg – Who is the most dangerous on that side
Jmac – Vanessa

Becky – she doesn’t need numbers she creates them
Becky goes on about how dangerous Vanessa is. “She creates paranoia in your environment, Make you feel someone is against you and then she offers her a helping hand”
Becky – She did it to Austin, Shelli and Clay, She creates paranoia in your environment and that’s what she’s doing to Steve.
Becky – she’s the puppeteer
The goblins + Jmac and Becky agree to be as sweet as possible to Steve
Becky tells them they can win they have the stronger players the other side is going to be scared.
James – powerhouses
Becky says the fans like them more everyone is cheering for them.
Meg tells Jmac there’s no hard feelings with him not using the veto.
Becky starts talking about forming up a solid group of four to include Johnnymac. “WE’re well rounded.. the four of us”
Becky says Jmac can “Perform magic” on Steve to get him to vote their way.
Becky says if they win HOH they need to put up Vanessa and Austin if POV is used Liz goes up. “We got to get them out”

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8:39pm Vanessa, Julia, Austin, Steve and Liz

Austin to Steve – welcome to making an important decision
Steve says he’s never had to make a hard decision like that .
Steve says he feels empty.
They go back to studying

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-13 21-17-16-879_jpg

8:48pm Have nots Becky, Meg and Steve
Steve “I wasn’t prepared to win HOH I didn’t have Noms decided”
Steve – Jackie was the one person that was distinct from mer it made me worried that she was coming after me
Steve says he put Meg up with her because he knew then he would have the votes to get Jackie out
Meg – Jackie of all people in this house had no intention putting you up never..
They tell Steve Jackie’s main target has always been Austin she never was targeting Steve. Meg warns him whoever told him Jackie was coming after him is lying to him.
Steve – Ummhmmm immhmmmm (most of the time)

Meg wishes Steve would have talked to them.
Steve tells them Vanessa told him Jackie was coming after him.

Meg – To be very frank and bold with you I believe you were set up to be my next target
Becky says the other side is using Steve “Who do you think we will all come after”
Steve – You think I was set up
Meg – Who do you think I will go after
Steve- Are you kidding me
Becky says they all know Steve didn’t come up with the HOH nomination himself it was someone else influencing him.
Becky says they want to take those people out because they did the same thing to them.
Meg tells Steve not to worry Jackie will be coming back in.
Steve worries Jackie will come after him.
Meg doesn’t think so tells him Jackie knows who they need to get out she knows what happened to Steve.
Steve – This sucks.. they are using me and I f****D you
Steve- I f** you over and did the opposite what I told you I would do
Meg – we’ve all made mistakes, Everything happen for a reason
Becky – that’s OK
James joins them.
James tells Steve this group right here we’ll protect you.
(The goblins and Becky are really pushing Steve to join their team)

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9:19pm Feeds cut for second HOH


  • Goblins/Gremlins = Jackie, James and Meg
  • Generals = anyone allied with Becky
  • SOS = Steve and Vaenssa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • ? = Becky, Shelli, Jmac, Steve
  • Freaks n Geeks = Austin, Twins, Steve, Vanessa
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Brass Tacks”  Gobins and Austwins

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Becky sure likes to complain.


F*cking Vanessa, f*ck her, f*ck that b*tch. That sums up Becky’s strategy.


Becky is the one who has the best read on Vanessa. JJM should have listened to her..

“She creates paranoia in your environment, Make you feel someone is against you and then she offers her a helping hand”


And it’s a pretty childish one that doesn’t work well


Yes, she complains quite a bit, but in that group, she has the best read on people and relationships. Meg and James…not so much.


Everyone says Becky has a good read on everyone up high she has no idea that Steve is with JMAC and Vanessa doesn’t know Steve is who John is using to get shit done is trusting a group that went against her and voted out 2 of people that weren’t going after her (shelli&clay) I’d say she is got no ducking clue what’s going on.


jealousy will get you Meg! Your lust over Clay blinded you.


Meg let her jealously of Shelli work to get Shelli out. Instead of seeing the real threat, Vanessa, Meg is so gullible and was clouded by her feelings for Clay. And James listens…fyi: Austin is not your friend! You all changed your vote again and look what happened, another good guy alliance member left. Please let the Coup d’etat come into play this week. Austin is vile and the twins, especially Liz, are mean and nasty. It’s becoming a lop sided season which is not making me want to watch.


Becky had the perfect plan, she just screwed up on the nominations. She should have nominated a Twin and Meg. Meg won’t win POV, the Twins and Austin will try for it, John won she puts up Vanessa. No one votes out useless Meg, Vanessa goes home. As soon as you put up a strong player against Vanessa, they (Shelli) were dead meat. She can talk people into nominating themselves. They had the chance to get her out, they may never get another.

the coreys

I’ll check out for the week if anyone but jmac, james or becky wins tonight’s hoh.

We know the results if anyone else wins.


I always root for the underdog. At this point, it’s Steve. It’s him vs the whole house. He’s a sitting duck. If he’s taken out, my second choice to root for would be Johnny Mac. We’ll see what happens. The bad attitudes and/or sleazy behavior of the rest of the houseguests makes it difficult for me to root for them, no matter how well or poorly they play the game. Steve and Johnny Mac are the only ones left who behave like decent human beings who don’t want to hurt people. The rest of the houseguests would put their own mothers on the block for a chance at the $500k.
#TeamSteve & #TeamJohnnyMac


I can’t believe that non playing whore liz won HOH. U fucking cunt


WOW – I am surprised they actually allowed your comment to get posted!
That is truly vile of you.


Becky, jm and the two goblins be selling. Steve ain’t buying. If Becky goes after Vanessa again and not the twins she deserves whatever happens to her.


It’s hard to tell with Steve. He went in the comic book room and told them he never felt so empty and got nothing more than that’s the way it is. But when he went into HN he was forgiven and hugged. That’s what Steve responds to and that’s why Sithe Lord Van has had him on a leash. He might actually leave the dark side. We can only hope.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Steve isn`t going anywhere. As soon as Vanessa realizes that JMB (James + Meg + Becky) is trying to pull in Steve, she will triple up on the attention she gives Steve. She will talk more game with him, pretend to include him in the deals she makes etc…They won`t get a minute alone with the guy.


Finally a great season! I don’t care that Jackie is gone, didn’t really see her do much and didn’t want her getting to final 2 either so it’s no big loss….things change in this house all the time and I love not knowing how the week will go, hoping for a jmac hoh this week to keep things balanced 🙂


GOD James, Beckie, John, Meg Need to win this HOH and stick to a plan and not change it NOOOO matter what….

Like...I'm Jackie

It’s so hard to tell sometimes when or if Steve is playing naive and stupid. He is obviously very intelligent. That could be all book smarts…

Ariana Grande stinks!

Ssssssteve the Snake will float a few weeks more. Sorry for Jackie but at least Johnny and Becky dodged the chopping block. Vanessa is clearly a drug user and she will eventually fall in pieces too. It is very weird that no one (including the Snake Sssssssteve) realizes the potential problem with Jiz Sisters, Austin and Vanessa being a strong team.

Meg is a source of all stupid decisions made so far. She’s a nice girl but not even a tool — completely useless! Hope Johnny or Meg wins HoH. GO!


I couldn’t agree more about Meg. Was hoping she would be voted out tonight, since she is useless to her team….but knew that won’t happen.


“Welcome to making an important decision”- Austin…really? Coming from the guy who just cries and pleads like a big baby anytime someone even mentions him going on the block. “Please oh please Vanessa I’m sorry don’t put me on the block!” Those four (Steve, the twins, and Austin) would be lost without Vanessa, she literally holds their damn hand every single week. I’d love to see them scramble if Vanessa is evicted this week. Fingers crossed!


Now we’re starting to see the awesome JMac that we all knew was there!!! #incognitodentist stepping out the shadows and entering the game!!! #TeamJMac&Steve


Hope Van win this HOH. Becky needs to STFU


Yes yes yes!!! Love me some JonnyMac??

GeekSquad McGee

I don’t know, do you?


Steve is an idiot who shouldve just thrown the HOH competition. Becky used her as a pawn cuz he was useless he was never a target of anyone. Wish his autism ass gets kicked out the door.


i think the lesson here is don’t use people as pawns who you want to work with. i think becky would have a way easier time working with steve had she not used him as a pawn, and now she’s screwed much chance of converting him.

Yo Yo Yo

Steve does not have autism. He has social issues, but it’s not autism. Please do not throw that word around without understanding autism.
Nobody is perfect.


Did you really have to throw in the ‘autism’ before ass? How disrespectful. Grow up!


He said he was going to throw it. It seems to me that in the studying, when two other people say false, and one says true, it seems to me that the one who said true was hoping it was the wrong answer if the other people think the answer was false.

just because austin is not coming in first doesn’t mean he is throwing it. He came close this time around, and one other agreed with the same answer he had, it hardly seems likely that they both chose the wrong answer in order to throw it. I don’t see a good way to throw that one, if you really didn’t remember what the right answer is, you’d have a 50/50 chance of guessing right thinking you were guessing wrong, and ending up HOH.

steve is tricky, he has a way of presenting himself to make it look like he plans to do something then he talks to the cameras and i’m like, woah, where did that come from. this when i found out the level of hate he carried for becky, when i had never really seen them interact and she was HOH only for a minute, it seemed unlikely to be a carry over grudge for being on the block if she put him up.

the number one thing i dislike about these goblins/becky is how they lay responsibility on vanessa for every move other HGs are doing. It takes ownership away from them, and they look like puppets, when the reality is much of the time, she has no influence on what they did or are doing. like in the case of Austin, he is doing a number of things she wants him to stop, he has an alliance lined up with them, she is not in it, but she’s trying to mess with the twins to make him distance himself from an alliance that could have helped them stay safe. and by extension, vanessa.

anyways, to Jen who i hit reply on, your comment regarding austism is ignorant. grow up.


I agree with you, but the comment about the level of hate/grudge directed toward Becky made me laugh a little. Guess Becky is getting Karma for her abject hate for Vanessa using her as a pawn. LOL!


Just because someone is socially awkward and somewhat of a nerd, does not mean they have autism. I have watched Steve for awhile for traits of this based on some discussions and I don’t see it as that. If anything, it seems like social anxiety or just plain gawkiness. On the other hand, I did think that Ian displayed some traits. Not that it really matters…..they are both functioning adults with some interesting traits. People are people and we all have some oddities.

For the record, my son has autism and I didn’t appreciate the comment. Second, 1 in every 68 children have autism now. Chances are someone you love will be affected by it someday. Try to be respectful.


God Vanessa better pull out a win and get that butherface out of the damn house!

BB Fan

As much as it hurts to lose a member, this is a good thing for Team Goblin. The bulls-eye was always on them; whether they evicted Shelli or Vanessa, that would have likely changed nothing. But now, the target should easily be on the Austwins and Vanessa. Meg and James need to think strategic here and deal with taking out Steve later in the game. If HOH goes there way, Vanessa should be the ultimate target.


Also Steve is the man! Take out their side, blame Vanessa, and still not an enemy! Freaking love it!


Its getting good, battle lines are getting drawn constantly alliances everywhere, and Vanessa controlling them all in the most parinoid way imaginable. James and Becky got so much pressure to win. I hope they can pull it off Austwins need to be split up.


Please get Vecky on the block and out… It’s all about her and she’s just pissy because she’s too stupid to play this game and keeps getting beat. I can’t wait for her “Black Friday” self to learn that she’s been calling s multimillionaire s bunch of aware words for the last week…


Will somebody Pleeeeeeeeease put The DoubleMint Twins on the block!!!

Jakiee! Oh no

Becky foreseen everything, she just didnt use the right words to convience people unlike vanessa.


Now shelli needed to be evicted she has time to clear her head and come back in the game the only way she won’t cone back in the game if it’s a cap shoot I don’t see Jackie or anyone else from the gremlins beating her in a physical comp maybe James if it’s endurance. This is assuming that the next person evicted from the house is James.


Becky has huge hard on for Vanessa.


Who would’ve thought Steve is actually sitting BETTER then he was prior to his HoH. Unbelievable – I like the Goblins – Becky but their decision making is terrible.

Jake K.

Easily the best season in years

Becky Stinks

I cannot handle Becky running the general alliance… Please Hames find someone else to work with and JohnnyMac why are you attracted to that…I get she’s upset but she has been flat out mean spirited and really awful this week to listen to


What happened to that? Becky is a have not.


They are in the have not room. Have not haven’t been picked yet


Sooo tired of Becky saying Van has been behind everything. I can’t stand her. Hope Becky goes home.


Becky needs to get over Van. She blames here for everything. Tired of listening to her.

is it just me

its jealousy. becky simply cannot stand that vanessa is better then her and this makes her very scared and angry. becky thinks that she is the smartest one in the house but these idiots just cannot get on her level. for god sake she’s wirked black friday what have these other idiots done.

Ms Chiff

Won’t Steve go back and tell Austin and the twins that James/Meg/Becky are targeting them now?

Aren’t Steve and Austin on good terms? Guess they don’t know that?

Saucers Aunt

If they would’ve stuck with getting Vanessa out as planned, none of this would’ve happened. Pat yourself in the back meg for taking out one of your own alliance members.


Because it would hv been,Steve Shelli and Johnny Mac. Steve and Shelli would hv thrown it

Ms Chiff

Team Goblin needed that hit to be honest. Not only is the target off them now, this result has now made the Austwin and Vanessa a massive target. In the long run, this is a good thing if Meg and James concentrate on getting Becky, Jmac and Steve on their side.

(the original) Ms Chiff

Hey, u stole my posting name!! This could get very confusing lol!! :p

We don’t seem to have the same faves 🙂

Stupid name

Who cares about either one of you


Gosh I was so nervous the veto was gonna be used on Jackie and James would have been her replacement! Lmao

The Ninety Percent

What a bummer… They should have kept Shelli. I still have no idea why no one has gone after the Jiz Twins. Who cares if Austin loses it? I don’t think he’s throwing sh*t. I honestly think the dude just completely sucks balls! Get Liz out now! Please! I can’t take the “I don’t knnooooooooowwwwwwwwww”‘s anymore!

is it just me

i knowwwwwwwwwwwww

Gordon Ramsey

Meg, the reason “they” keep taking your peeps out is because YOU keep convincing your peeps to make terrible choices. “They” is Vanessa and regardless of your transparent eye-ware are too blind to realize it.


I’m rooting for Vanessa, Austwins and Steve!!!!


I have a bad feeling that since Van, Austwins are all studying for the comp just in case, that they will win it since the rest of the house seems to be walking around dazed and confused.


Yeah Austin, welcome Steve to the Important Decision Making Club. The one you’ve yet to join.


Unfortunately, the way this season is going, Vanessa, Austin and the twins will end up in the final 4…


i’d been hoping for vanessa vs. clay, but man, becky vs. vanessa kinda came out of nowhere and is awesome. at this point liz, austin, james, and meg are dead weight that i hope leave sooner than later (but they’re split evenly among the two sides of the house). everyone else is playing crazy with huge targets on their backs and it’s fascinating. i think becky made a big mistake both winning hoh last week and putting up big targets like shelli and vanessa instead of easy also-rans like the twins and austin. she could have easily whittled down that side of the house without invoking vanessa’s wrath. instead she went after a huge target and then gave vanessa ammunition by telling jmac, steve, shelli, and the goblins all separately that vanessa was the target while claiming she wasn’t telling anyone else. becky was totally off the radar and is now screwed and it’ll be entertaining to see if she manages to take down vanessa before she goes or is forced into hoping she did enough to rally the troops as she watches from jury.


50/50 chance either side could win next hoh….

beckie,james,meg,john against vanessa,austin,liz,julia ….steve can’t play as out going hoh.

steve will likely float to which ever side wins hoh this week…..

Rolling with John and Becky F2

So I just subscribed to the feeds for the first time ever and gained a huge amount of appreciation for Online Big Brother. It’s not easy trying to keep up with all the conversations and record them at the same time. Thanks Simon/Dawg!!!!




Oh no……not freaking Liz…….a whole week of Austin talking and groping. Damn.


Ummmmm feeds are back on…did Liz win HOH??? Because WTF WHY ARE SHE AND AUSTIN CELEBRATING!

another name

lol. the goblins and becky are so gullible.
they’re being played by steve. lol.
during the discussions this week jackie did say she would vote out steve or john. of course it was crap she was selling the austwins as part of the brass tacks crap, but she did say it.
I don’t remember Vanessa ever telling steve that jackie was after him. She may have said that he was dispensable to all of them.
He’s passing the buck because he knows the house views her as the master manipulator.
Good game move on his part. He skated from making a direct attack on the goblins. He said to john on feeds before they were cut that if either wins they should each nominate the goblins. Now Steve looks like the innocent victim.
And the goblins are completely buying it and offering to protect him.


It looks like Liz is the new HOH….BOOOO!!!


I think Steve and Johnnymac could be in trouble. Austin wants the guys out. James gets a pass because he doesn’t seem anyone to be jealous about.


Sounds like Liz won HOH (ugh). It’ll be Liztin make out sessions all week.

Unless she plans on turning on Austin (which would be funny) or Vanessa, then the other side of the house is in danger again. They needed a physical comp.

Meg leaving this week would be perfect though.


Liz is the new HOH, bye Johnny Mac? Hope not.

Ms Chiff (not the one that's fan of the goblins)

Oooh, just noticed the update to the player pic up top, with who just won HOH – yes!! 🙂

Any thoughts on who might get nominated? Becky hopefully? 😀

Jake K.

So let’s call it like it is. We are split down the middle. JM&B, with J&M versus A&twins with V&S. Plus an extra person on JBJM cause production will make sure that jury member comes back in their benefit


I can’t stand becky. I hate how she barely decided to join JJM last week, when before that all she did was float. And now that she’s been with them for one week she acts like she’s been with them forever. she’s acting like she’s an important member of their group but thankfully they know she is a rat and wont keep her long.


LIZ!!! Yes! guessing original noms will be jmac and becky. james or jmac goes if veto is used (not sure which would be seen as bigger threat as it has to come down who can win comps and i think they both have two wins?). becky goes otherwise.


Ayuuuuuup and there’s Vanessa and Julia talking about who’s going up next week, who “we need to get out” and SURPRISE! It’s Becky! And the strategic reasoning iiiiiis:

She broke the deal and she was mean to me. So she has to go. And then nobody will be mean to me anymore – Vanessa

I hate her. My god I hate her. And her posse eats this sh*z up! For the love of god, please blindside the snot out of her, Spring Breakers…do it for America.