Vanessa “best if the Noms stay the same .. better for me personally if James goes home”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 19-29-24-936_jpg

7:29pm Storage room Austin and Jason
ASutin saying he’s glad Jason and Meg won the BOB he didn’t want them to stay on the block. Austin mentions how he really wants to play in the veto to make sure they can stick with the plan. (fake plan to backdoor Ausrey)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 19-40-14-250_jpg

7:36pm Kitchen, House Guests coming in and out
They are talking about the extra’s during the competitions. Sounds like they were ‘Beef Cake” guys and ‘Skanky” Girls.
Austin says when they took off their sunglasses he could see “They were all on cocaine”

Sounds like Jeff was flirting one of the girls says she liked him.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 19-47-38-290_jpg

Throws comps like a boss

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 19-49-48-159_jpg

7:49pm Jackie and Meg
Talking about how much it sucks being a pawn. Jackie the first week Meg the second.
Jackie saying there’s tons of people in the house she doesn’t want to see Meg go.
Jackie says she was the target for 12 days she says she’s “Done her duty”

Meg says not knowing she’s was going up doesn’t sit right for her. Meg has noticed “The three of them all working together”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 20-00-48-247_jpg

8:00pm HOH Austin, Liz and Vanessa
talking about James not looking worried at all. Austin says the other side if buying they are talking about Audrey.
Vanessa says she’s doing the same thing to Jeff.James than they did with Jace
Liz says James has never talked game to her mentions James saying “I have nothing to worry about”
Steve comes in high fives everyone.
Steve – I would say I had no idea
liz – what one am I liz or the twin
Steve – Liz
Steve says the entire house knows she’s a twin
Liz – no they don’t
Steve – Liz, I’m sorry they do.
Liz says the memory wall picture is her “That was press day I was the only one that did press day”
Steve tells her tell people downstairs are saying the picture is photoshopped together.

They start thinking about how the can deal with Liz being outed.
Steve recommends they use the angle that it’s better for them to have two liz’ instead of a member from the jury brought back.

Steve brings up that JohnnyMac has noticed she has a cap on her tooth.
Liz says she has to survive 6 weeks.

They tell her the rule with Big Brother 5 twins was they cannot be discovered but with Liz they have to be evicted.
liz blames Da’vonne for all this.
Steve says the weeks before the season the internet was filled with rumours about a twin in the game. He says Da and Jason knew about this.

Steve says any playing that Liz does is a waste of time.
Austin – she should come clean?
Austin recommends they play up the fact that she can’t tell anyone.

They agree Jeff, James, Meg and Jackie are the people that cannot know the twin.
Steve warns them that John is close to Becky and Becky is close to Jackie.
Steve – Jackie is playing a great James Rhine game right now Between Becky and John

They tell Steve Jeff’s main target is Audrey then Steve
Steve wonders why he did to steve
Vanessa says it’s just game, his name is easy to throw under the bus.. you’re just not aligned with him
Steve – why did you nominate John
Vanessa – because he told me he wouldn’t mind.. he knows he’s not going home.. He came to me volunteering.

They count the votes if the nominations stay the same. Steve is worried there’s something strange going on with the votes. Austin says it was Audrey.
Vanessa says Liz needs to go and confine to a small group of people, “The main people that are suspicious”
Austin – I think we should wait till after Veto
VAnessa – I’m going to be dead honest to you Audrey is not the target this week.. I don’t care if it’s Jeff or james
Steve says that sounds good.
Vanessa says James, Jeff and Meg came up to the HOH and gave the same story take out Audrey this week followed by Steve and Becky.
Steve says they should pick Shelli or Clay as houseguests choice.
Vanessa and liz suggest Becky.
Austin – Becky or Shelli
They agree Jeff has his hands in too many things. Clay brings up telling Jeff that.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 20-27-32-423_jpg

[envira-gallery id=”120439″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 20-27-31-421_jpg

Vanessa – It’s better for me personally if James goes home
She adds they are of equal weight and can be convinced either way.
Vanessa – It would be best if the Noms stay the same
Steve explains she wants to get out of this week with that she unsuccessfully tried to backdoor Audrey
Steve recommends they expand their alliance (Freaks and Geeks). suggest either Shelli/Clay or Becky/John
They all say they trust Shelli and Clay
Steve says he has strong relationships with Clay and John and a decent one with Shelli.

Steve again brings up the John From Becky to Jackie ‘Train”
Austin wonders what happen with Jackie if Jeff leaves.
Austin – I think I can pull Jackie in
Steve says Jackie is throwing competitions and laying low.

They notice Jackie and Meg were in the Cabana room for the last house. liz points out those two were being major sketchy today.
They agree Jackie isn’t very charismatic. Steve points out the advantage of getting rid of Jeff is it free sup Jackie.
They agree not to tell JohnnyMac who to pick as Houseguests choice. Liz mentions that Johnnymac is in love with Becky.
Steve leaves.
(Vanessa and Austin already have an alliance with Clay and Shelli)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 21-01-58-757_jpg

9:01pm Vanesssa, Austin and Liz
Liz messed up during their talk with Steve said something she wasn’t supposed to and Steve heard it. Vanessa says she’s going to do the talking from now on.
Them mention that Shelli/Clay are saying that the house isn’t sure Liz has a twin but Steve makes it sound like the house is in on it.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 21-09-07-439_jpg

Clay comes up
Austin says Jeff is wanting to start an alliance with Jackie, Meg , Austin and Jeff.
(During the BOB they had alcohol)
Austin says Jeff got drunk and told him everything
liz – He’s go the biggest mouth
Clay says Jeff was throwing the other side under the bus.
Austin wants to make sure Meg knows that. They agree to wait until after the POV.
Clay says Meg and Jason are on board to get rid of Jeff if the chance comes up to get him out.
Austin Jeff is singing like a canary right now

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 21-05-40-052_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-10 21-18-29-990_jpg

9:17pm HOH Austin and Liz
Liz says she doesn’t get a good vibe from Jackie until Jeff leaves
Austin – I can’t believe she had s$x with him too.. .so gross. .
Austin – He told me they did.. he said it’s not that hard.. during the show .. .according to what he’s been whispering to me

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Vanessa just lets her HOH get to her. She tries to form a big alliance (half of the house) like Audrey did this year and Frankie did last year. Her big alliance will explode very soon as long as the other side wins HOH. She does not reach out to the other side is one big mistake in BB. She starts opening her mouth too much. She tells Steve, Steve tells Becky, Becky tells John, John tells Jeff, Jeff tells others. Others will let Audrey know. Audrey will piss off then she will tell other side about the alliance. This year there is no loyal Caleb to keep the group together. In addition, there is Audrey in the house. And Audrey is not a person who can be controlled by anyone. Vanessa’s game will go down hill from here as long as Audrey is still in the house. Vanessa might forget that Audrey still knows a lot of information.


Totally agree. I thought she was playing the best game until she won HoH. She didn’t need to win it, and now she’s talking waaaaay too much like John throwing BoB or telling Steve about Liz. Why did those things have to be shared with anyone? Super disappointing. She would have been better off letting Austin and James battle it out for HoH, and it would have been more interesting for the viewers too.


I think she read Steve correctly, I don’t think he will tell anyone. She already made a final two with him and he hasn’t said anything. She’s building alliances within alliances, all with the same core ppl, so I think the threat to her is minimal. Austin is more likely to damage her game, he needs to shut up. Audrey is still an issue though, she will not be happy having to lay low for long.

Walt Kowalski

I completely agree with your assessment. I’d be really surprised if Steve ran his mouth, i think he genuinely likes her. She knows how to communicate with him and found common interests to discuss. I think she has her core and then has her extensions from that core and has done a better job at this than the rest. She is very diplomatic.


I don’t understand the kind of girl that would date Jeff. He’s gross, wiped “stuff” on Liz/Julia, thinks that every girl in the world exists for his own gratification, and doesn’t respect boundaries. What was going thorough Jackie’s mind when she started dating him much less having s$x with him?

Butters Mom

Watching the live show on Pop now… Liz was complaining about Da not trying to work with her and blabbing the twin twist… called her dumb… then started saying the one person whose back she will always have in this game is…. and it went to commercial break… Please tell me she didnt just tell Austin the one person she will always have their back is her sister?! I mean obviously she would… but to state the obvious out loud at this point in the game to someone a bit clueless in this game like Austin… was not smart. Anyone watching the live feeds know who she said? Was it her sister?


Yup. She said her sister. I don’t think anyone would expect otherwise, though.


Did Austin and Vanessa lie to Jeff and James they target Audrey and Steve? As long as Jeff is on the block, he will expose their lie to Steve and Audrey to get their votes to stay. Then Vanessa’s alliance will be exploded. Vanessa and Austin cannot keep their mouth shut. Look forward this week play out. Interesting!


Steve and Audrey already know. Steve is part of the alliance with Vanessa, Austin, and Liz. They’ve told Audrey that they’re pretending to target her so they can blindside Jeff.


first comment this year.

i hate this conversation between liz and austin. i hope, as i do every year, that the douches who do the show to get on television to advance “careers” all get kicked out before jury.


I have tried watching BB on POP, It’s nothing but a big fizzle!!


I record it and put it on while I’m cleaning, cooking, or whatnot in the house and just pay attention when something funny happens. Last week I fast forwarded through any talk with Shelli and Clay…some episodes only took 10 minutes to get through.


Watching AD right now and last night Vanessa acted like she knew exactly what she was gonna do and now watching her talking to Austin and Clay, she’s leaning more towards being indecisive. They’re all second guessing. Darn! I thought this game was about to get rolling along. AND John and Becky should really band together with Meg, Jason, and Jackie, but, they can’t seem to figure out that something’s going on. It would be so much more fun to watch if there was another side of the house to battle back against Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Clay, Shelly, and whoever else they ring in. It’s tiring watching the same people talking game. 🙁

Twistin' for the win

Liz is officially a floater being carried by V, A, C and S. Do these people not realize that when her sister gets in the house all bets are off? These people acr like they are playing to WIN a spot in the Jury House instead of $500k.


Lizia is a Coattail Rider rather than a Floater (she doesn’t have the social game or strategy to Float). But Vanessa, Austin, Shelli, and Clay are stupid to let twins enter the game. They are playing for each other only.

I’ve noticed that so many people talk about just making it to jury. Like did you come to win or just sit around in the jury house?


Liz/Julia’s social game is hampered by the twin twist. She can’t start making too many connections or people will get suspicious. With the twist being exposed, everyone suspects and half the house knows, she has the chance to start playing. I think she’s trying to wait it out until her sister comes in, which is why she’s hanging on to Vanessa’s crew.

Jury house

I think it has to do with the stipend. If you are out before Jury you may not get as much or any money. Make it to Jury and you get the full stipend. Plus at jury the numbers are much smaller and your odd are better.

Guy From Canada

Hey Simon,

This post is under “uncategorised” instead of “Big Brother 17”. But I follow you guys on FB, so I got this blog through there 😉


Vanessa is out of control. James is now her target because he gave her the brush off after losing the BOTB??? And this is the person who is always like I don’t play with emotion , blah, blah, blah. Jeff is going to find out about this backdoor attempt and there will be fireworks.
Also , why does Vanessa need a reason to backdoor anyone? She keeps saying I need a reason to get rid of Audrey. I need a reason to backdoor James, Jeff or whomever. If her side has the numbers and her alliance will protect her during the next HOH, who cares about her reasons to take someone out. Just do it. Vanessa is really a coward IMO.


I think Vanessa is concerned about Clay’s connection with James. She heard a few things that made her suspect he was trying to protect him. That doesn’t appear to be the case, but I think she is BS-ing to cover the change from Jeff to James. I hope she BDs Jeff this week.


Well for Jeff to go up someone’s gotta come down. James wins POV Johnnie the paw has a problem. If Johnnie comes off James versus Jeff maybe. Splits their side and Nessa and friends decide.

Save Johnnie
evict James or Jeff I don’t care
Depending on how Nessa plays it johnnie better realize if he stays the pawn bullet dodging won’t last. He has a real chance to go home this week. Nessa is going to f him for her game and in the process blow her own game up. Should have been Audrey’s week to go.

Question for the bloggers

Have either of you auditioned for big brother – I think you’d both be great at the game, considering you write, read, and analyze the game and contestants


Yes I understand Simon! The fame, notoriety and don’t forget appearance fee money. You’ll need an agent and an accountant. And don’t forget the sideshow they gotta replace Brown someday. That stipend would come in handy too. This is the place to kick start your acting career or write a book on how to get on BB. Put it on sale online and get dozens of orders. That minimum print 1K was a little heavy though! 🙂
Appearance money and stipend I tells ya Simon you can’t pass it up!!!

Online Big Brother Community

Wouldn’t it be cool though if someone that regularly visits this site happens to be on the show and gives a shout out to simon, dawg and this website?


I finally figured out who Liz reminds me of its Lydia from BB11 she acts like Austin is her Jessie. notice when the girls are around she swears she not into him and its disgusting that he touches and puts his arm around her all the time but when its just them she don’t mind. I think what it is she don’t want to be viewed as a home wrecker.


Da’Vonne’s vision of this season is slowly coming true. I don’t foresee Audrey going home anytime soon, and not because of production keeping her. I think in part nobody wants to be the one to get the first transgender HG out, and more importantly these HG are letting HOH’s get to their heads and making (too many) sloppy deals and moves that are going to gain them targets. Audrey will slither by week after week, and by the time jury roles around she may be able to make a run to the end. Lol at her throwing water on her face to look like she was crying (she’s out of control).

I can’t believe how clueless Liz/Julia and Austin are, and they actually believe the house doesn’t realize Lizia are twins (they’d be lost without Vanessa). Those roots and her body/face are dead giveaways. Vanessa shouldn’t have won HOH this early, she was literally in no danger of being evicted for a couple weeks. Now’s she’s making all these deals. Everyone in that house minus Jason, Meg, Jackie, Becky, and James are making deals every single week. Everybody’s trying to play Audrey’s game, and it’s going to backfire on all of them.

JohnnyMac is starting to remind me of Godfrey from BBCan 3. Playing a similar game, well minus waking the sleeping giant lol. Even if he makes it to the end, he’s not likely to win, and being the pawn every week is bound to backfire on him sooner or later.

I feel bad for Steve. Austin/Jace/Lizia talked so much s**t about him (Austin/Lizia still do), and he’s seems so dead set on being their Rat. He seems to desperate to get in with the “cool kids” of the week, that he’s not thinking strategically. I’m getting Donny vibes from in the likelihood of him getting knocked out when his usefulness is up or during a DE.


i wouldnt mind that final 5 there of the names you listed. as long as jackie would be the first one out of the 5