Big Brother 17 – After the 2 day feed outage

POV Holder: ? POV Competition ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH ? Next HOH ?
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and >?


Finale Schedule
Tues, 9/15- 8p = Eviction episode
Wed, 9/16- 8p
Thu, 9/17 – pre-empted by NFL = First of the Finale HOH played
Sun, 9/20- 8p = Second part of HOH Played
Wed, 9/23– 9:30-11p Finale = Winner of Big Brother

We’re not sure how the final shows will play out. I will update once it’s revealed on the show.

After the 2 day feed outage results

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-15 17-20-31-018

Jmac wins the POV.. (We all knew that a hundreds years ago)

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-15 17-31-45-215

Jmac uses the veto on himself Vanessa nominates Austin.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-15 17-40-07-219

Liz votes to evict Steve
Johnnymac votes to evict Austin
Vanessa breaks the tie evicts Austin

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-15 17-40-57-049

Evicted houseguest is Austin

Doesn’t wear shoes.. (LOL)

Austin says Vanessa would have made it to the end she didn’t have to scumbag him and Liz.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-15 17-50-07-609

it’s comes to a tiebreaker between Steve and Johnnymac – In second how long was the under the rainbow competitions in seconds
Jmac – 3600
Steve – 601

HOH Winner is Steve

Next eviction is tomorrow night.
The feeds will be back at 9pm PST. We’ll find out the Noms and POV results

Feeds are back but we don’t know who won POV yet..

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266 thoughts on “Big Brother 17 – After the 2 day feed outage

    1. Vanessa is a beast when she has to be. She will win power of veto and then decide who goes home.

      Vanessa is absolutely the best player in BB history.

      For the record, Liz is the hottest!

      1. I absolutely agree. Best player in AGES. Derrick was so overrated. He definitely was a good player, but the houseguests were all recruited people with no clue on how to play the game.

      2. I think Liz is sooooooo ugly…. it was awful having her twin there cuz then you have to look at two of those ugly faces.

      3. You must be a family member or CBS production.The Hoh was designed for Steve to win ;he is suppose to be a math whiz Jmac did not throw I,t he was only about 12 min in seconds of he could remember how long the game took he guessed around an hour it was 48 min that’s not bad. Steve was going to say 6000 he got lucky. The Pov was designed for Van now v can take one of her lackeys and no one will say anything if she wins against them. She also could say she saved John if she took him along thanks production.

    2. JudassHat Lizard blindside! Liz crying, Austin stomping barefoot out the door after a ridiculous Veto speech. Even the paid CBS employee audience booed when he called Steve Boy so he tried to turn that epic fail around with no luck. Slimed in Bold and Beautiful then shanked Vanessa she’s NEVER winning! Hahahaha Austins yelling he’s poisoning the Jury all the way out the door — Austins biggest move in the game–and that’s why Vanessa looks like she’s gonna puke.

      What’s the cherry?? Steve winning HOH!! Boy showed them who to respect, even if it was a math error. Aspergers trumps 5 of Van’s unfinished degrees, cheating, bullying and bribes! Time to fold Vanessa you got played.

      Now Liz is in the hospice bed, stabbed in the back by Vanessa whose tears all night play no one. How does it feel now Liz? Playing without your mommy and daddy—poetic justice for one of Steve’s tormentors. She gets to prove she’s a player now. Right.

      And Vanessa twisting on a spit on the coals for the rest of her game which has to end in tomorrow’s eviction! Priceless. Van & Liz frontdoored in Noms. Gonna be blood on everyone’s hands in the Veto comp. Priceless!

      1. With Austin proclaiming that “You can’t win” to Vanessa on the way out the door. That just makes Vanessa more appealing to take to the final 2. Austin’s heat of the moment outburst should help Vanessa more than hurt.

        1. Think about it she has three votes against her in Jury. This three way jacked everything up for the season, it’s a complete disaster .. They should have axed the twins long ago but the held on to the end of the game and they won’t have enough time in jury to set the bitterness aside. What a complete mess, with Vanessa trying to ride that shirt tale it was almost a fourway .. What a joke.

        2. U are so right as Austin said that to Vanessa on the way out you saw Steve’s wheels start to spin. He now thinks he can beat her in final two.

          Joke will be in him though because the only person in that jury house not voting for Vanessa is that useless bitch Meg.

          Vanessa needs to win the POV. If she does she wins the game. No doubt. I know the haters who said they stopped watching are all happy now because they think Vanessa is gone. Guess what? She still there and if she wins that POV as I said she wins Big Brother.

          Haha. I love this season.

        1. And the frazzled look on Liz’s face during the entire True/False game was priceless!!!! Hahahaha!!…..seems like her losing answer was on a relatively easy question , which made her exit from that comp more blissful!!

      2. Hmmm. Liz doesn’t look too upset that Austnit left. She’s tickling Steve..getting on his good side. Guess she’s not that heartbroken. Next we’ll see Scaressa work her pyschotic ramblings on Liz and Steve.

      3. I’ve watched and re watched last nights show……when Austin left the house there was no panning shot of the audience ….no outstretched hands , just average applause……..I’m almost positive in my mind that there was NO audience at all….CBS used a laugh track…..ah the magic of TV…….what do you think?

    3. On the live feeds Steve just said to the camera – I cannot evict Vanessa I would not be here without her help.

      A Vanessa Liz final would e the greatest final to in Reality tv history. What great speeches they would have.

      C’mon Steve keep Vanessa dump JMAC and bring my girls to the finals!!

        1. Well, Steve never said he did not want her gone. He just said he did not want to be the one to evict her. If Jmac or Liz win Veto, Vanessa will be gone and Steve will not be the one to evict her. Not one of the 3 want to put up with continual Vanessa mind game play all the way to the end.

      1. YAY!!!! That nasty haired, no-shirt-wearin’, bare-foot peacock-struttin’ freak is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jmac for the win & James for AFP!!!!

    4. Couldn’t have gone any better for Vanessa. Sure, she’s a weirdo but she is a very smart and calculating weirdo. She knew Austin would blow up on her in front of everyone. Thus, making Steve and JMac believe she’ll have no jury votes in the end. They will want to take her to the finals. They know Austin has no pull in the jury house.

      1. Austin is a vote. If Liz goes next, she’s a vote. She was going to vote for Van. Now, after austin got blindsided, and especially if he says to Liz no way, Van loses Liz’s vote, too. I think austin can damage van’s game in the jury house. hope so.

      1. Vanessa is an actress. She lies over lies. She asked so many questions because she knows that she was playing everyone and couldn’t bare the thought of others playing her. I don’t like her at all. SHE CAN’T WIN!!! IF SHE DOES I WILL BE DONE WITH BB

        1. It amazes me that every year, people threaten if their favorite doesn’t win it is fixed or their enemy wins, they will NEVER watch BB again. Yet they always come back. You cannot deny Vanessa played this game from Week 1. Maybe overplaying it at times but playing with her all. If she wins or does not win, time will tell.

          1. The whole house played the game Too Fast, and Too Furious….that was a crazed first 3-4 weeks. I just hope that JohnnyMac pulls this season off for the win…he has annoyed me the least, amused me the most, and I love his youtube videos.

      1. There is a difference here. This is not a ” Dan ” Funeral comeback scenario.

        Vanessa has as much as admitted to the public that she isn’t owning her gameplay. In fact, if she makes it to final 2, I very much think Vanessa will still not own anything, by playing the integrity card. If she for one minutes gives them the hint her strategy was to catch “them” in lies or reasons to make her choices, they will call her on it.

        That is the difference. Dan owned his game and still lost, ( he should have won ). Vanessa won’t own her game, and try to pass everything off as someone else doing it, even when some jury members know she was doing it. Her own strategy of integrity may derail her, because integrity.. she isn’t.

      2. A mAjor factor there is that Dan hAd already won the game before. It was definitely in people’s minds when it came to voting. Im not aware of any other season where most people voted bitterly, although I haven’t seen them all. But I’ve seen many disgruntled players get over it once they’ve been pampered in jury. Shelly already seemed to have forgiven Vanessa, and Becky was ready to align with her if she had returned. James is a very rational person and seems to value sportsmanship. Vanessa has a good chance to win.

    1. The relevant point was made here perhaps a week ago that so many recruits rather than BB fans less likely to be a bitter jury. Austin would appear to be an exception but a fan as well. Can he taint the jury? He has all the info on the Vanessa back game that’s for sure. Except the Steve/J Mac thing. Austin was the one person I thought had a chance F2 with Van of beating her. J Mac next out the door this feels like BB Can 3 where the idiot Godfrey choose the wrong person to sit beside. I think Steve wins then chooses Van over Liz and throws away 450K. God forbid maybe Liz beats him to. Steve has to sit by J Mac and take his chances.
      Scared of the Steve HOH. He could actually dump J Mac if he won veto by giving the veto to Nessa to do the dirty work. I’m hoping it’s 2 versus 2 in the POV and Steve uses it on J Mac if he wins. I’ve got Steve as a slight fav for F2 if Van wins 7 questions. Liz next and JM never if Van chooses.

  1. Best moment of the season! A true blindside!
    I don’t know what was funnier: not wearing shoes or trying to argue with Vanessa (as if she could change her vote)
    Hopefully Vanessa is out next!

  2. Thanks for the update. Time Warner Cable is out in our neighborhood and they don’t know when it will be fixed. SO HAPPY Austin is gone.

  3. Here we go. Vanessa unleashes the waterworks to deflect her actions. “It’s just game, sob, I’m not an evil person, sob”.
    I don’t like Austin, but I hollowed and pumped my fist when he told Vanessa “You’re not gonna win this game!
    Very cool!

    1. I don’t think that was smart for Austin to say (assuming he will be rooting for Liz now). He basically just gave Steve and JMac a pretty good reason to take Vanessa to F3 over Liz. Not that Steve or JMac should believe that Vanessa wouldn’t have the votes, but why carelessly weaken your gf’s chances?

  4. MAC just flipped the entire game on Vanessa. he ENDED her. that is so awesome. to those on twitter questioning such brilliance, please refer to OBB where many of us thought it was the best move, and would totally flip everyone against Vanessa in one single move.

    I am so happy with MAC right now. good for you. I am now expecting the best final speech in history.

    1. I wrote this the other day, but it totally answers how I see his final speech happening!
      ThunderStruck says: September 12, 2015 at 5:43 pm

      JohnnyMac – Taxi Driver – “You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me?” LOL That’s the way this all ends!!!
      JohnnyMac wins the veto! Then, he wipes their butts in the other competitions and ends up at the finale.
      His real personality, cool and collected and speaking calmly, tells them about his fake, bumbling idiot, non-threatening game play. He tells them he hates them all and they are all fools! And when they question him, he will Robert De Niro them, “You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me?” THE END

    2. Wasn’t it her idea to evict Austin? From what I saw on the last BBAD, she shook hands with Jmac to do so. So tired of her crocodile tears. Please whoever wins HOH, kick her sorry a** out tomorrow!

      1. Yep! And they shook on it…all this crying from Vanessa makes me imagine the scene where she leaves the terminally ill,cancer ridden husband for her girlfriend and as she’s moving on and out crying,her mascara and eyeliner dribbling off her chin…” i am NOT an evil person, this is just something I need to do for ME, MY life right now…please don’t hate me!”

  5. My prayers were answered, no more gag worthy make out sessions.

    My second prayer is that John wins BOTH HOH and POV so he is in control to the end. amen.

    1. She sure did. She claimed that her time ran out and was going backwards so she was out. She just sat down. Austin reset his button with -11 seconds on it and HE wasn’t out of the game. She totally threw that and if you were watching the times closely, THAT WHOLE GAME WAS RIGGED and it was so BLATANT!!! Big Brother doesn’t even care if it’s obvious anymore. What a joke. I’ll bet they did all this crap because we’re all so sick of Vanessa and have been ratting her sweet, precious little self out on OBB. I could not believe how sweet and innocent they are trying to portray her NOW. I find it hard to believe anyone is buying that sweet, innocent act of hers. Regardless of how AG got JohnnyMac to do it, I’m glad he finally grew some balls and made Vanessa own her own dirty work for a change. Anybody but Vanessa or Liz in Final 2. Thanks Simon/Dawg, Awesome site!!!

      1. That made absolutely no sense. Vanessa is going to win this game. Johnny will win AFP but he will go next. Van & Steve will be in final 2.

  6. With Steve as HOH, looks like Vanny is about to join Austank in jury. Steve has the best shot at winning taking Jmac and Liz, but in that scenario I see Jmac taking the prize!

    1. Vanassa will brain wash Steve with all of her fast talk and he will turn his back on John.
      Austin sure looked awful walking out of the house. I only hope Liz does not fall under Van’s spell.

      1. Difficult to watch BBAD because Vanessa is all over Steve like he is the second coming of JC! Poor Steve, he has been bullied, played a fool, threatened,discounted,and scolded by Vanessa in the last week…now she is the cheerful, happy, mean mommy, full of compliments…she is an evil person! Pretending to be his friend!!! Steve is a little delusional too…

    2. Don’t get to excited. Remember Steve can win POV but cannot make the single vote to evict. He can use it if he chooses to take either nom off the block or leave noms the same. Person not on the block casts the single vote to evict.

  7. Well there you have it folks, Johnny Mac is your winner. No way Steve will neglect him after he just saved his BB life. And when it comes down to it, John has too many friends in jury to lose.

  8. austin is the bitter jury. Jmac better be ready for the veto again. But I mean why did he throw the hoh. That answer did not make sense did he do a pilli.

    1. Actually his answer wasn’t that far off considering it was in seconds not minutes. You can see he was trying to figure out how many minutes and then change to seconds.
      If you watched Steve, he couldn’t believe he won, because his original answer was 6010. When he rewrote it on the 2nd board, he said he didn’t realize he had forgotten the last zero. He showed Liz & JMAC his original board which had the extra zero on it.

      1. The answer was 2100 seconds I think…Steve was trying to put 6000, at least that’s what he said. He mentioned he left out a zero.

        Steve puts up Liz and Vanessa, not that it matters, they play veto and that’s where the power lies. I think Liz and John will both take out Vanessa, unless Vanessa can work her magic fast. She has less than a day.

        1. I heard Julie Chen say 2800- something…not too far off…60 mins in an hour, 60 seconds in a minute…and Austin was talking about the length of the comp going from light to total darkness! So…I believe Steve was the confused one but pulled the win out of his MotherLovin’ butt!

    1. Go back on your DVR why did Steve use a 2nd Chalkboard the HOH Game was rigged the answer was on the 1st Chalkboard there was no reason for him to use a 2nd Chalkboard with the FEEDS DOWN for almost 40 hours we did not see what went on behind the scenes CBS RIGGED THE FINAL FOUR HOH RESULTS TO FAVOR WHO THEY WANT TO WIN IT ALL WHICH IS STEVE

      1. If I remember right, they usually have several boards under the counter in case one breaks, they drop it or can’t erase it well. Steve couldn’t erase his number very well so he grabbed another. I didn’t see anything that indicated it was rigged. Plus it’s the veto that really matters this time.

    1. Steve can’t take any one out right now. It doesn’t matter who he puts up. The veto winner decides who goes home. He is guaranteed final 3 though .

  9. That’s it…….. pack your bags Vanessa!
    Oh and, could it be more obvious that John threw that comp at the end? Let Steve do the dirty work.
    All in all a good day.

    1. I don’t think John threw it this time. He wanted to win and wasn’t that far off. Steve even said himself that he forgot a “0”, if he didn’t, John would have won.

    1. I do not care what Steve does as long as Va-J-J goes out that door next. I hate the puppet master. Her face annoys me as much as her interrogation quests for information. Please send her packing!
      —JMac suppoter forever!

      1. He didn’t. Vanessa haters giving him credit for her eviction choice. She wanted to get rid of Austin way before they even spoke. She never had any intention of getting rid of Steve.

        1. JohnnyMac flipped on ole Vanessa when he voted to evict Austin instead of Steve. Had he voted (with Liz) to evict Steve, Austin would still be there (and Vanessa would be good with both Austin and Steve, because Liz and JMac voted him out). She was thinking more about jury votes and keeping the jury happy. She REALLY did want Steve gone. JohnnyMac wouldn’t vote to evict Steve and voted out Austin thus MAKING Vanessa choose who had to go and letting HER get blood on her hands, FINALLY. She was using reverse psycology on JMac by trying hard to convince him that she wanted Austin voted out. Only JMac reveresed the reverse psycology on Vanessa and voted to evict Austin. By the way, if Steve forgot to write a 0 at the end of that number, he forgot to write it 4 times, because in NONE of the numbers he wrote, did he have more than 3 numbers written down . . . . . 601 (twice), then 701, then back to 601. Something REALLY fishy about all that up in there. Just saying.

  10. I CAN’T DEAL!!!!,
    This guy did not even put on shoes like he knew for a fact he was staying, priceless! What a clown.
    Best blindside ever!!!! Tonights episode has made up for a disappointing season.
    Austin is going to be that bitter jury member that votes on a personal level if Vanessa makes it to the end. Smh.

    1. They’ll make it up to Austin when they put him on The Bold and the Beautiful…and then edit it out of the show with Jace taking his role=)

  11. What an ass. “You’re not going to win,” like she’s going to change her mind. Would love to be a fly on the wall and hear that blowhard tell his tale of woe to the jury members. Hope they all tell him it’s a pity party of one, because they will have no sympathy for him whatsoever.

    1. I agree, Austin is an ASS! His interview with Julie made me want to PUKE, he certainty thinks ALOT of himself and his gameplay! Can’t wait to see the reception he gets from the jury!

  12. After seeing Vanessa in tonight’s episode, i think that the medics should stay close by. She looks completely ill. It’s tragic.

    1. Yesterday morning the houseguests were woken and most of them went back to bed…that looked like they were again woken up with no time for make up, hair, SHOES!!!, or tooth brushing! Austin looked smelly and his ponytail beard was crooked! Hahahahahaha…bye Mr.Showmance wannabe!

    1. Soooo…..I’m confused about what you’re saying, since Steve WON the tie breaker. It was an accidental win, since he said that he accidentally left the “0” off the end of his number when he copied it over from the board that he had done his computations on. (If he had included the “0” at the end of his number, he would have lost and Johnny Mac would have won.)

  13. I am elated that Austin is gone! I think Van’s only chance is to win the veto at this point. I don’t see Liz evicting JMac over Van if she wins the veto, not after Vanessa just sent her bf out the door. But who knows? I’m still rooting for my man JMac, but if Van can make it to the end she’s a deserving winner.

    1. I think you are forgetting about the “mist” of Vanessa. Liz will listen to her. Vanessa will tell Liz that she would not make it to the end with Austin and it’s better for her game. And Liz will say “OOOHHHHHHHH…”

        1. not directed at you personally…..
          Liz is NOT evicting Vanessa. As another poster pointed out Van will tell her I did it for your game and you couldn’t beat him in the end. I don’t need the money I want you to win 500K. Liz will eat that chit up if she wins veto. Johnnie Mac goes out 4th. Then Van takes Steve F2 and wins easily.
          Not what I want to happen just a gut feeling the scenario above or Steve uses the veto on her not J Mac. J Mac win or your done sir.

    1. I am confused. I always thought the numbers game was whoever got the closest. if Julie said 2800, and JMAC wrote 3600 (difference of 800) and Steve wrote 601 (difference of 2199) doesnt that mean Jmac was closer to the final number? I need to rewatch, I must have missed something. Either was fine, I think Steve wants VAN out hopefully.

  14. Wow shocker! Just as a cbs disgruntled employee leaked, Vanessa will scum bag Austin and now she will win BB 17. On to poker show plugs up the ass….

  15. The smartest move JM could make, make Vanessa get the blood on her hands. Austin was not pleased!!! LOL
    One very bitter JH member.
    Steve wins by forgetting a 0, naturally. LOL
    I hope JM wins Veto!!

    1. Me too! And I watched it in slo-mo!!! Hahahahaha…loved it! So mean….but bitter bitch was funny! Julie Chen did not want a hug or kiss, she had that arm extended long before he got near her! ….going to watch it again!!!

  16. No shoes??!!! Really?!! I think he tempted fate by being so over confidant that he did not dress up (or put on shoes) or even pack a bag. Looked like he was wearing pajamas. I hate to say it but Vanessa will win if she gets to F2. Especially if she takes Steve or Jmac. Austen just showed himself a douche by his behavior.

    1. It was a SURPRISE EVICTION. Austin was just lounging around the house…that’s why no shoes. Liz was in bed. They were not told to dress for a taping.

    2. At the beginning of the show, Julie woke them up and told them to go straight to the couches, and then told them it was a surprise eviction. So, I guess it’s possible that they didn’t let them go back in their rooms to dress? Hard to know, but Austin usually seemed to primp for the live shows, so I would be surprised if he dressed like that purposely. Soooo glad he’s gone!

      1. If you go back and look Steve and Austin are wearing different shirts when Julie announced the surprise eviction so the obviously did get time to go get dressed.

    1. Vanessa will vote out Johnny Mac. She will get her all girl final. AG will get her poker face champion.
      Wonder if it was the days? Van knew those inside out.
      It would be nice to have a likeable winner. With AG at the helm, it is not going to happen. After Van pays out all her bribes, she won’t have any money left.

  17. So Vanessa will either browbeat Steve into not nominating her or will be kissing his butt. I’m afraid she’ll convince him to do what she wants. Hopefully, Steve will remember his talk with himself &go after her.

    1. It won’t matter if Steve puts her up or not because it is all about the veto and everyone is targeting Vanessa. She has to win veto or she is gone.

    1. Yes, I saw it on TV. David Tutera’s My Fair Wedding… Brendan and Rachel got married. Rachel was the same old crybaby she always was!

    2. Yes they are married. I believe they had their ceremony on some second rate cable television show. They were on The Amazing Race together and Rachel kept talking about how she wanted a baby. I’m guessing she’s pregnant.

    3. Yes they are married. I’m sure they will announce they are having a baby. When they were on Amazing Race, that’s all she talked about.

    4. Didn’t you see the wedding on tv? She entered the site in a helicopter and was passed out drunk under a counter at the end of the reception! God bless David Tutera, who had the unenviable job of wedding coordinator. She must finally be pregnant. I really wish Julie would stop referring to “fan favorites” when talking about things or people that are anything but.

  18. I would love to see Steve tell Vanessa that he does not want to talk game to her anymore. No more alliances, no more incentives, no more integrity, no more skittles. Just you on your own! Who will she lie to then?

    1. Or tell her “You’re not in any position to ask me questions”. Shut her completely down.

      Or use Skittles and M&Ms together to drive her completely insane.

    2. Yeah he should question her about some tiny thing, then roll his eyes as she answers, then audibly groan, then say “Don’t lie to me Vanessa, this is important now!”.

      1. I just hope he doesn’t let her talk over him and chase him around the house. He needs to tell her to take off the sunglasses, dry up the tears, and realize her current situation, pucker up and let ass kissing begin.

    3. He won’t do it but he needs to say, “I don’t want to talk to you right now” and then let JMAC in to discuss his choices like she did with Austin. And then when he does talk to her, he should constantly interrupt her & shout, “you’re wrong!” over & over again.

  19. I almost died of laughter watching Austin’s face as he got evicted. That almost, Almost made up for the lack of real gameplay in this season. Kudos to Vanessa for coming through. Although I’m looking forward to Steve hopefully putting his big boy pants on and acting on all that distrust he voiced against her. She didn’t really save him, she just thought it was the better move for her to get to final 3. Still , based on that move I wouldn’t mind if she won.

  20. Wasn’t the best case scenario, but wasn’t the worst. So happy Austin is gone and Liz didn’t win HOH. I just wish Johnny would have pulled it through to secure his final 3 spot and have an argument to win in final two. He could have admitted to throwing all previous HOH’s to stay under the radar, but when it came down to needing to win he was able to. He was super close, but can’t say that now.
    Worst case scenario Liz or Vanessa win veto.

  21. I thought Austin played a very good game but I was sorry to see him go out via the low road. He didn’t show much class on his way out.

        1. Yeah, where every straight man in the world would want to be. Any guy that says he wouldn’t, is only saying so because his fat wife is mouth-breathing right next to him.

  22. I am waiting to see Vanessa all stressed over the noms even though the mean jack. Sh has to know that if she does not win pov she will be a nom. be interesting to see who wins the pov and what they do. we know steve is final three

  23. Hey Austin how do you know Vanessa does not have the votes to win.
    HEY BUTTHEAD you are only one vote.
    What I think is funny is you though you had a chance to win the game
    You didn’t have the votes you twit.

  24. Well there’s at least 1 week of not seeing or hearing about Liztin’s bed aerobics! Yea!

    Steve’s DR sessions sounds like he’s off the Vanessa bandwagon. I hope so. I’d love to see Vanessa & Liz on the block!

    Big winner will be the new Veto holder……….c’mon JMac!

    James for AFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. if you really want Vanessa out, then Steve should put Jmac and Vanessa on the block and let poor blind sided Liz have a little vengeance for taking Austin out…LOL

  25. yeah man…I guessed 2700 which is 45 minutes…come on j mac! so wanted him to win an hoh to secure himself in final 3! now he has to win another veto! ugh!

  26. I guessed an hour and got the same answer as Jmac. Steve changed from 601 to 701 and back to 601. He said he forgot a zero. One more zero and Jmac would have been closest. Can’t decide whether Steve really though it took that long or if he wrote so low trying to throw it to Jmac.

    Regardless, Vanessa looks really worried. She should.

    1. why should hoh have her worried, hoh has no power this week regardless of noms only power lies in veto, she needs to win veto or she will be on the block regardless and then should be worried

      1. Vanessa and Liz will be on the block.
        If either Steve or Jmac wins veto, Vanessa will likely go because Jmac will have the vote. Keep in mind how many veto comps Jmac has either won, thrown or came in second to Austin, and Austin is gone. She wanted to keep Steve (less physical skill) and Liz.
        Vanessa will be fighting for herself, and would send Johnny home.
        Liz has two potential grudges: Steve for evicting JUJU and Vanessa for evicting Austin. Even though she says she wants a girl to win, she could vote for Jmac to stay and get even with one of them, hoping to win the last HOH and get rid of Steve.

  27. Haha. So far so good. I hope when Steve puts Liz and Vanessa on the block he tells her she is not in a position to ask him any questions.

  28. So I guess the tip we got yesterday on the Board from anon that his sis was at the show and steve was evicted was wrong? lol!

  29. Wtf was that “kiss” between Austin and Liz? looked like two squirrels nibbling on each other’s mouths. Shit was gross. True blindside but I knew Vanessa was going to stay true to her scumbag “incentives”. We’ve had empirical evidence to this all summer. I HATE that Steve won. He is such a pansy that I feel like Vanessa might as well have won this. Hope he proves me wrong and takes her out. His HOH history makes this unlikely though.

    1. Seriously, his HOHs have proved he will do what needs to be done.
      I think his last HOH putting up Austin and Liz shows that the boy has the balls, and Hopefully he has them this week to take Vanessa out.

  30. All this chatter, week after week, of how Vanessa MUST GO, reminds me that even a stopped clock is correct twice a day. Don’t worry haters, the houseguests are running out of options to prove you wrong.

  31. Steve didn’t forget the zero he wrote 601 then 701 en flipped it over erased it and wrote it again. No way did he forget the zero three times he is just saying that to curry favor Nd an excuse

    1. There is no telling with him. I am sure time to him may appear to pass at different rates when his mind is calculating everything in the house. Since he was not playing in the contest, he was sitting on a bench. Unless someone told him a specific time it took, or he later looked, for all we know, to him it may have seemed like 2 hours. I do find it strange though. 701 and 601. Why put a zero on the end of either of those, unless his first chalkboard showed 7010. Then why did he have 2 chalkboards? Doesn’t matter either way. I don’t give Steve too much credit to think he is buying favor by saying he forgot a 0. He plays on the number of hugs he gives.

  32. Jmac is so clueless he was going to throw the last veto because he thought liztin would keep him. He only won it because he thought steve was about to win. The guy is clueless.

    1. He was messing with them, he knew they’d run to Van and tell her, therefore making her head explode trying to figure out why he said that. Of course he wasn’t ever intending on throwing the veto comp.

  33. stevo gonna have a big choice to make now..liz know how to work that thang…hear her now, c’mon boy, why settle for the teddy bear when you can have beaver lol…thinking that beaver been used to get a lot of things

    1. that snapper not worth the chance stevie, be safe and stick to the teddy bear going camping with a beaver thats not been used and abused

  34. Vanessa, change your name to Scumbag because that’s what you are; and please…stop with the fake-ass crying! Steve, put up Scumbag/lLiz, Jmac win the Veto and leave nominations the same, and since you’re the sole voter…tell Scumbag to get the hell outta your house; and face the wrath of The Jury!!!!!

  35. Omg if Van goes to jury all the plotting and misting she will do to get the voters to go her way! Her lies will continue into jury and Julia and Austin will confirm the lies to get Liz votes, but that of course is like I said if Van ends up in jury…… One week countdown…..

  36. Vanessa has to go! Her crying and Liz hugging her made me want throw up. Can Liz really so stupid? Van went into thespian mode on the spot. What a bitch!

  37. Epic! JMac using his vote to force Vanessa to evict. Her face though! Ha! And Austin’s…and the “but you won’t win”…ha! And Liz not winning HOH…a great day in the BB house! Now I hope Steve has the brains to put up Vanessa. He’s smart enough to know if she gets to the end no one beats her. He is…right? He’s a ‘lil loopy so I don’t know what he’ll do. And she’s good with the mindf*ck…so I guess we wait and see. It’s all in the Veto this week. Finally…the unexpected!!

  38. America’s Favorite House Guest Voting is now OPEN. You can do 20 votes a day. Go to CBS, Big Brother, same place they have the live feeds and start voting!!!!
    Go James!

  39. Austin saying Vanessa will never win in front of the jury is going to be her biggest selling point:
    if she says hey guys i’ll never win, so take me that’s her only salvation at this point.


  41. Vanessa is a bag of shit . Not because of Austin . Just in general . I hate her aura on screen . Say bye bye tomm. Night . Congrats you made about 5k after taxes being a HG. 3 months work for 5k? Bahaha. See ya later scumbag. Worst human on planet, sack a garbage . Nice job taking out sasquatch though. Now go take one step back tomm. Night and literally go FAQ yourself .

  42. Steve wins on the technicality of a nervous foul up.. Event time aside, forgetting to write a 0 for 6000 seconds is funny. For someone who is studying to be a Mechanical Engineer…. Quick math is a must, and the ability to not have nervous mistakes in math on quick decisions is job reliability. The Irony is funny, but that is just his social skills forcing stress on him. That is just a funny aside.

    That said, the last topic from S&D here was focused on Steve deeply entrenched in a conversation with himself, trying to pep himself up with positive reinforcement thoughts that he is the best BB player ever. The Irony he won by fouling up an answer is just typical of how this season is going. In fact, it will inflate his inner thought ego even more, probably to God levels. Doesn’t matter, he earned it, even if by luck I guess.

    Steve winning HoH may not be a bad thing. We know he dislikes Liz, and he no longer trusts Vanessa, so he will be happy at getting out either of those 2 I think. ( Steve seems to have disliked all the females ). Not suggesting anything, but perhaps a female is a threat to him? Especially with his deep mommy ties. He obviously doesn’t think JMac is a threat, ( if his ramblings mean anything ) and to be honest, with the way JMac behaves and thinks, he is probably right.

    I think this will be the first week since James knocking out Shelli, that it will be straightforward targetting without any side deals other than him making sure to HUG everyone ( along with informing them ahead of time) . Obviously the PoV is the deciding factor, but I think regardless of how it plays out.. one of these 2 go home. no paricular order.
    Target 1 : Liz
    Target 2: Vanessa

    Final comment: The amount of hugging is unreal. It is almost a crime if you don’t give hugs now. I do know there is a Vanquisition if you do not hug Vanessa. A lot of…. You didn’t hug me.. I’m mad. Hug me! Give me a hug. Do you need a hug or should I leave and come back later? Is this a good time for a hug or not? I need to hug the plastic plant, Teddy needs a hug. I want to hug the fish. Pool Shark hug. Next season HuggyBrother 18 in play.

    1. OMG-you are so right about the hugging and Steve looks so awkward giving them. He also seems to think they help his game ” okay , one more hug” Very strange dynamic to the game he obviously is not comfortable with it , but feels he must do as game play. Stop the hugging and stop telling how many votes people get. I think this could really change the game especially in the early weeks

  43. jumping for joy that Austin was evicted. Best eviction thus far this season. why does he and Liz feel so entitled to win it all and that it belongs to them? they were both so useless in the game.. Hardest worker to get this far is Vanessa. She deserves the win. Jmac and Steve coasted through as far as i’m concern. There’s no prize for scampering and throwing comps …. if it existed … then these two deserve the prize.

  44. Steve does not have the courage to put up Vanessa. He will think she got him this far so he owes her. I wish he was a little more mature. Mommy is going to screw the boy over.

      1. I don’t know. Obviously the final four dynamic of the PoV is supreme, however, I think with the social status of the current Houseguests, that no matter what, one of the 2 noms goes home regardless of who uses PoV. I am making a HUGE amount of assumptions by saying that, but after Vanessa throwing out Austin, I don’t see any of them targetting JMac, even as a forced renom. Like I said, I am assuming a lot….. but I think Steve puts up Liz and Vanessa, and one of them go home regardless of who wins PoV. Simply due to current player dynamics and who is HoH. I may be wrong, but just my assumption of who is likely to go home, that being either Van or Liz next. ( I don’t think Steve noms JMac )

        1. It doesn’t matter if Steve keeps Johnny off the block. Johnny goes right up on the block if one of the two nominees win veto. Steve has no control over the vote, unless he wins veto. But even if Steve wins, the person not on the block makes the decision, not Steve.

    1. i don’t know about that. if you remember videos from home and steve’s family rock star moves. i think knowing what his family wants will carry alot of weight in his decisions. here’s hoping anyways!

    2. Steve knows enough about BB to know he will never win against JohnnyMac! He needs to drag Vanessa along with him…JohnnyMac knows he is a goner if Steve is the historian he thinks he is!

  45. Vanessa will be all over Jamc now. The two assumed POV will be endurance and that he is the one favored to win it. Funny if it a how bad do you want it comp. If it’s before and after or chance, Jmac might be screwed.

  46. Lol, Nessums must be on suicide watch! She had never looked uglier than she hads tonight!!! This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for! Love the giant eyeballs floating in pools of dirty oil!

  47. Finally they got rid of the goof austin. did u see his face like “oh u screwed me out of the money” i loved it i hate his guts cause hes so full of himself. what a loser. and liz gonna dump ur ass when she gets out. if she wanats any chances of gettting a job from her exposure she cant do it with that baggage. LOSER. Plus so many good looking ballers are gonna want to hit that so hes got no chance.

  48. Austin deserved that. As a matter of fact he was asking for it. About three evictions back was a good turning point for him and Liz both. But they chose to stick with Vanessa in an alliance already knowing her tactics and that at some point in the game she was going to evict Austin. But they chose to take the lazy way out and not think for themselves and truly strategize or at least attempt to put more thought into evicting her when they had three chances. Instead they went after James who really wasnt going to be good at most of the comps.I don’t ersonally dislike Liz like I read but whats painful is how immature she is and she is didn’t think for herself unless it was something personal like not liking Jackie and wanting her out. And on that note, please Big Brother casting with these famewhores.Hearing Austin talk about what his focus on in the first part of the game is part of the reason players like Vanessa can make it far. And he does know that the Bold and Beautiful is just a tempoary gig.I mean grow up dude.

  49. Hope that Liz and John are F2.

    Watching Steve and Vanessa leave the house will be the best moments in BB History, IMO

    Steve and Vanessa’s faces, body language, statements as they leave leaving the Big Brother House with both (Steve and Vanessa) knowing that Liz and John have won the Big Brother Game will be the best part of Big Brother.

    Liz and John as F2 will allow viewers to see the best Big Brother entertainment: Steve and Vanessa’s animated reactions to losing the game.

  50. Lol if you listened closely when Austin got evicted, you could hear Vanessa say “if JohnnyMac hadn’t won veto”. I wonder if JMac heard that

  51. When Vanessa goes to Steve in his HOH room, and asks, can I talk to you, he should say “NO, I need some alone time..” She can dish it out but I bet ya she can’t take it!!
    Vanessa is BBUS’s Sabrina from BBC2 with mental issues and hysteria. (you tube Sab’s melt downs)

  52. John took that stupid blood Vanessa constantly talks about and dumped it all over her. I love it.

    now please, win that POV John or Steve…PLEASE. drop kick Vanessa out the darn house, or Liz, at this point the jury is going to vote for Steve or John if in F2 in terms of majority. Steve probably edges John unless John wins that final HOH AND has a great speech. because Steve WILL prepare a heck of a speech. count on that…I feel like John destroys Liz in a vote.

    if somehow he can fall into that….give a good speech and destroy Liz with her max 2 votes.

  53. I know the house guests keep referring to JMac as taxi driver but I think it would be funnier if he turned out to be Keyser Soze and these fools took him to final 2 and he talks normal and tells them it was all an act.

    1. And if he just said something “like what’s wrong with all of you!”.
      If I was stuck with that bunch I’d sleep all day too just to avoid them all.
      Can’t wait for tomorrow – hope Jmac is safe!

  54. As many have pointed out Austin’s jury comment might help Vanessa. I doubt Jmac wants to take Liz to the final 3 with her locked jury votes. Liz probably doesn’t want to compete against jmac. I think Vanessa’s in a good spot right now.

  55. Sometimes I wonder if I am watching the same thing that most of the people posting here are watching. Johnny didn’t manipulate Austin’s demise. Vanessa did. She and Johnny shook hands on deal to evict Austin. Vanessa asked Johnny how stupid would it be to take showmance to final three.
    Johnny’s idea to throw the veto to Austin or Liz was one of the dumbest ideas ever hatched. Austin, liz and Vanessa all knew it.
    Steve, for all his awkwardness and nervousness was trying hard to win that veto. Not sure what his plan was for hoh comp but I’m betting he will try hard to win pov. And I’m betting he will evict Vanessa. He doesn’t want to be sitting next to her in final two. And he knows with her eviction on his resume he really can win. Whoever gets her out at this point will win.
    Johnny will win the endurance part of final hoh and Steve will win questions.
    I’m thinking final two will be Steve and Johnny. Steve wins and Johnny takes second place.

  56. All you poor deluded souls. Y’all know that when all this is over, Vanessa will become a regular on “The Talk” and she’ll probably appear at least once a week with Prissy @$$ Grande. Just saying.

  57. just saw watching BBAD….

    Vanessa won the stupid POV.

    so Vanessa gets to choose between John and Liz to send home….sigh.

  58. well, steve and vanessa are in the final three.
    steve nominated john and vanessa. weird. but not so weird given his talking to himself.
    vanessa won power of veto.
    now there will be more talk of bathing in blood (we’ve got to be getting to the shining levels of blood by now.

  59. For all the JMAC fans please explain w/ some serious points on how or why he should win & how he is not playing for 2nd place. I know you will spout off the he is some evil genius mastermind who has gotten everybody to do his dirty work like evicting his dumbass. I know you are going to tell me that it is amazing that he made it this far b/c he got evicted & won back in & nobody has ever done that although Van & Steve kept him around to help go after the Austwins but Van & Steve actually did all that. He was just a vote folks. I know you are going to tell me his game is similar to Dr.Will by not winning HOH but this fool has not convinced a single person that was HOH to go after who he wanted except Becky’s HOH to go after Van but that was another epic fail, so bad his best ally got evicted. SMH! I know you are going to tell me he won Vetos & saved himself from being evicted, but he did get evicted While Austin went farther than him w/out going on the block before getting evicted. I know you will tell me he actually would have won almost every comp but he was just throwing them. So what you are saying he was a freeloader & spineless who didn’t have the balls to make a move. Give me some valuable reason.

    I like Jmac but the dude has literally rode the coattails of others. He was in no official alliance, was used as a pawn, He won no HOH’s to evict anyone, made no clear insight to any HOH to get out a major target. His big statement after being evicted was ” I want to take out Meg, RWaRharHaha Huh Huh”. This cat might possibly beat Liz, but Van or Steve should mop the floor w/ him in jury votes. If jmac beats either one of those 2 then this jury would be way more bitter than BB14. I really think Jmac is pretty entertaining ( in a Beavis & Butt-Head sort of way) but he is not this remarkable player by no stretch of the means. Maybe some of his fans can convince w/ some logical points b/c I dont see it or maybe I am watching another BB different from everyone. Oh yea did I mention he also got evicted once already so that means he already lost once. But hey maybe Jmac is living his dream of being Steve’s sidekick & finishing 2nd

  60. Did anybody else watch BBAD tonight? Vanessa was asking the others about when her Veto speech will be. It looks like Steve nominated Vanessa and Jmac. Vanessa won the Veto and Liz will go up. Vanessa then votes to evict one of them.

  61. Simon or Dawg….did they do nominations and play for veto today? Vanessa on BBAD seems sure she is removing herself from block.
    Also I want to thank you both for the work y o u do on this site. Another good season with you guys telling me what’s going on when I just can’t stand to watch. Thanks guys. I suppose it’s a terrible job but somebody’s got to do it. And you two are great!

  62. Watching BBAD and Liz looks quite happy to not have Judas hanging on her,spitting on her, and giving her moondoggy cow eyes!
    Please,please let JohnnyMac continue to dodge bullets,knives to the back, and Vanessa’s empty promises! Let Steve look at him as a guy who has no HOH wins, no relationships in the jury house…please! Thank you!

  63. Did ASStin *really* say to Julie Chen, “See you on The Bold and Beautiful”?!?!? Did ASStin *really* have a mini tantrum when he was blindsided and evicted, huffing and puffing as he stormed out of the BB house? Did ASStin *really* tell Julie that he had been thinking he could WIN the whole game? He is absolutely delusional! I can’t WAIT until he can access social media or websites like OBB so he can see how much America despises him. What a wacko.

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