Steve “I had a Final 2 with her and I gave her a taste of her own medicine”

POV Holder: Jmac POV Competition Sept 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 14th
HOH Vanessa Next HOH ?
Original Nominations: Steve and Johnnymac
After POV Nominations: Steve and Austin

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-14 02-33-47-378
12am Austin is in the kitchen eating. He then gets ready and heads to bed. Austin says tomorrow the backyard will probably be locked down. He says he’ll do some upper body workout. Liz tells him not to do anything to hurt himself. She says he needs to be on his game to win the next HOH comp. Austin says he’ll be good. I just want to get to the next comp. Liz says I love you. Austin says I love you. I think we’re okay no matter what though. I think Johnny Mac is serious. I think he’s crazy and he’s serious. If that’s the case then Vnaessa is going to take us to final 3 too. If that’s the case then we made it. Liz says I don’t want to jinx it. We need to jedi mind drill tomorrow. Austin says first showmance ever. We just need to get to the end together. Austin says sorry bucko its time to be a man! Julia will be so pumped! Liz says to see him! I know! Austin says it needs to happen. Liz says I am more scared of him (Steve) than Johnny Mac. Austin agrees.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-14 02-48-22-670
12:10am In the backyard – Steve is talking to himself. Literally every single juror except for Meg was head of household. What is your biggest strategic move. John doesn’t have any strategic move that he made. There are two things that really sold me on taking John. That he didn’t have any big moves that he made and he was never head of household ..ever! He was never head of household and no one would see me as stabbing them in the back. I did try to cover my bases and try to have as many layers around me as possible and get as many people to trust me as possible. My head of household I did not want it. I never had any intention be being head of household unless I really needed it until like final 6. I’m a big fan of Final 6, final 4, final 3 HOH’s. I am so thrilled I was able to win those three comps. WOw I am talking to myself really elaborately about HOH’s that haven’t even happened. I’ve only had 2 HOH’s. Liz is pissed at me. They made this deal with John to get me out this week. I am in such a good spot and out Austin goes. If that is what I need to win I will do it! I said I will do whatever I have to do to win this game. If they want me to swear on my mom I will do it. I want to bring this 500K to my family and I want to make my mom’s life better. Honesty, Integrity and Morality were not a part of my game. At All! They play a huge role in my life but not in this game. In the context of this game, I was willing to do whatever it took to win this game. If the world doesn’t like it, then sorry. Vanessa I am sorry but I am a scientist and breaking that promise .. there is my mom and when you deal with science and get me to swear on my mom .. it does not hurt her. No negative effect on her of any kind. I’m sorry I did and if lying and swearing on her name is the price I have to pay to bring her a cheque for 500K then I was willing to do that.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-14 03-09-51-711

12:30am – 1:10am Steven the player and Steven the human could not be more opposite. Steve the player is a liar, he’s a manipulator and a back stabber. Its upsetting because Vanessa would have deserved to win. I broke up the twin twist .. I think I made two huge moves that really changed this game. The first one is that I broke up the twin twist .. for weeks and weeks no one went after them. Secondly The biggest player in this game and the person that probably had the most effect on this game is Vanessa. She is a very, very good strategist and I am the one. During Becky’s HOH she was the one to flip the vote back in our favour and then I was the one who finally got rid of the biggest player in this game. And I was the one responsible for getting rid of the biggest player in this game. I had a Final 2 with her and I gave her a taste of her own medicine. I can beat Liz. Would you be willing to throw it to her so that I would go up against Liz in the second round. If I can beat Liz, I would be willing. I am just so happy I won this endurance. I am just praying Johnny Mac wins the physical. We did it! Um I’m a rockstars baby! Liz get to steppin’! I’ve had a final 2 deal with Johnny Mac since the beginning of this game and I have to stay loyal to it. As with every decision in this game it is entirely personal .. it is entirely strategic and nothing personal. Johnny Mac you’ve been a Rockstar since the beginning of this game and I have to honor that commitment which means I am sorry Liz I have to vote to evict you. You know I love you but I have to vote to evict you. By keeping Liz out of part 3 .. it would be nice to say that Johnny was never HOH. I think I just won this game. I can’t be cocky but confident. John might still not take me and anything can happen. TV show in a parking lot! Steve starts scampering around the house counting things.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-14 03-37-53-083

1:10am – 1:30am Steve heads to bed. He then gets up and eats. Then goes back to bed. Then gets up and goes to the bathroom. Then goes back to bed. Austin and Liz comment on how annoying Steve is. Steve then gets up again and goes to the cabana room to count M&M’s and think about incentives.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-14 03-46-57-653

1:30am All the house guests are sleeping..

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-14 08-38-47-989

8:36am – 8:55am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Johnny tells Austin its 8:30am, the yard is closed and we have tie dye t shirts. Austin asks why? Johnny says I don’t know. I think I’m going back to bed. Austin says its a little project. Like children. Steve says I’m a children. Austin says yeah I know. Cane we just draw hearts and stuff? Austin and Liz head back to bed. Steve heads back to bed as well.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-14 08-42-54-406
Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they come back the house guests were told they have to get up and get ready. Steve and Johnny Mac get back up.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-14 08-55-01-869

9am Big Brother switches the feeds to the live feed highlights..

Live Feed Announcement – The live feeds will be down from Monday 9am to Tuesday 9pm
(Austin or Steve will be evicted tomorrow and it will then be shown on the special Tuesday night episode.)

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Vanessa is hot

Better player has never played the game. Can you imagine her and Frankie in the house at the same time? They would run it like BB has never seen.

Sit back, put on your beanie and cheer for the worlds best BB player of all time!!

You go girl



Vanessa is so NOT hot, lol. Take of the rose tinted glasses

Double D

Have you seen her Sports Illustrated swimsuit photos?

Canadian Kevin

Come on, the comment was simply to get attention.


Have you seen the videos and articles about how pictures are thoroughly manipulated until the subject is almost unrecognizable?

Real deal

Yeah that was before her crystal meth physique took over.


You internet trolls are unnecessarily malicious and are a disgusting example of humankind’s true ugliness. Have some respect; we are all human beings. If you do not like Vanessa (or the Austwins, etc), you do not have to describe your disdain in such a degrading and abrasive way. Would you like yourself or a loved one to be described in such a derogatory manner? I am ashamed and embarrassed to have to classify myself as a human being with you. Such disparaging comments only continue to weaken us as a country and world. Be kinder, jeez. Just because you can hide your identity by being a faceless internet user does not mean you should vehemently belittle a fellow human being whom has not attacked you him-/herself. For all of our sakes, I hope many of you grow up.


Replace internet trolls with Vanessa and I agree with you
You aren’t so polite for someone standing on a soap box

It's Only Okay If the Cast Does It

Wow, you’ve got to be kidding or high. Apparently you haven’t been watching the “show” because you are defending the worst drug addled emotional & phschological abuse, bullying & name calling on prime time television. We are routinely subjected to Vanessa’s cruel bullying of Becky, James, Steve, Audrey everyone, then daily name calling Steve little motherfu*cker, Boy, calls herself his Mommy and berates and degrades him shouting at him to get out of the room even though she knows he’s Aspergers Autustic. The Twins surpass any mean girls I’ve seen in middle school no one is spared ungodly names even JMacs laugh. Austin Liz practice humiliating Steve on live air until they raise it will be taped and edited out. You are disgusting for accepting their horrid behavior and accusing anyone who throws such bullying remarks back at them. Spare us your fake righteous indignation, and save it for Les Moonves who hires this scum and labels it entertainment. And don’t lump us into your kind of humanity, thankfully everyone has more compassion than you who would defend the shit that comes out of the casts mouths. They are ugly and so are you for defending them and maligning those who would disagree or give them a taste of their own medicine. We’re not gonna wait for someone to abuse us individually before we speak up, what a joke. You should be ashamed of yourself, I’ll agree with you there.

You need an education CRYSTAL C...and GET A LIFE

CRYSTAL C – Get a life…This world has gone to shit because people like you who think that everything in life should be fair…LIFE IS NOT FAIR!!! I’m sure that you were brought up by parents that congratulated you on ever little thing…Oh good girl, you can smile…Give me a break…Reality is that you are nothing even close to the “special” that your parents made you think you were and did you no favors in life, they should have been preparing you for the REAL WORLD!!! Stop pretending that you are so fu**ing politically correct.
People are naturally predigest, it’s human nature (i’m not talking in the sense of black or white) but as in we judge people all day each and every day…It this the right candidate for the job, would I enjoy taking that person on a date…etc. Because you parent’s never allowed you to feel failure and made you believe that everything is fair, you feel that you are always right and the rest of us who believe differently than you are not as enlightened as you…WOULDN’T THAT IN ITS SELF BE JUDGMENTAL….Think on that…By the way I am an expert in predigest, and have a PHD Psychiatry and teach at an Ivy League school.



Guy From Canada

But show some pride πŸ˜‰


You mean the pictures Sports Illustrated declined to run and PokerStars paid them to publish in advertising insert?


Just googled them. Wow I had no idea she has implants. She should get her money back cause they’re too far apart. Now I’m going to go throw up.


Novel idea? How about next year vetting these people based on their meds? Anything related to a non-mental diagnosis, I don’t know, diabetes, blood pressure, GERD, epilepsy, et cetera, versus panic disorders, ADD, adHd, schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, any mental illness, that those be deemed too fragile for such a Stockholm Syndrome game that these people are placed in.
Vanessa is losing her shit in here. Who knows if she’s such a bully in the real world. Who knows if it’s just game play, but she comes off like a psycho. Can be entertaining at times, admittedly, but it’s like being at an old sideshow freakshow of 100 years ago glibly laughing at someone’s disability. These days, that makes anyone with any empathy uncomfortable.
Yes, they agree to put themselves out there, which is why the vetting process for mental issues should be more fully explored. One only need think of “Blanket” Audrey to get it. She more fully decompressed on this show more than anyone I’d ever seen. Very uncomfortable to watch. Shaudenfraud? Sure. But still uncomfortable.
I put this fully on casting and their desire for ratings, and also on mentally unstable people who will do anything for their 15 minutes, not realizing the full implications of such. Each season gets worse with the crazy. Fully expecting a further season of nothing but nut jobs…or racist/homophobic/religious extremists or whomever is beyond the norm. Problem is that even the non-gamers and show fans that get on this show can watch old seasons, figure out the game (very easy to do) and manipulate the so-called twists. It’s not a true game anymore. I so miss the early seasons! Yes, they were more naive about the game, but that made it fun. Vanessa is showing why the game doesn’t work anymore. They pitch con men/women against naive recruits. Boring.

why does it take so many producers to make this crap

It’s not entertaining watching a pit bull maul a children.
Typical set-up: House guest is looking at a blue cloth. Vanessa tells house guest the cloth is red. Within micro-seconds the house guest agrees the cloth is red. Other house guests, seeing the cloth is blue, allow this scenario or a variation thereof to play out over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over……… afraid of a pit bull attack they are frozen with inaction. It’s not that Vanessa is a bully; it’s that she’s placed into a house with the lowest form of sheeple (except for Becky and James). Even worse, with people who’s emotional and mental I.Q.s are only slightly above that of a cockroach–it’s so easy for drug-fueled Vanessa to smash them or send them scampering in fear. Some may find taking advantage of retarded people entertaining; but under these circumstances can anyone really say Vanessa “deserves” to win. Last season it was an adult with a bunch of children. Of course the lone adult “deserved” to win, but it wasn’t much of a contest …..or entertaining.


I get what you’re saying here, but come on… Comparing her to a pitbull mauling children? It was a bad analogy. They are all adults here, and if she evoked so much fear, as you say, then they would have voted her ass out before Shelli. Its not that I dont agree with you about her hostile way of manipulating people, I just disagree with your simile.

why does it take so many producers to male this crap

The picture of a pit bull mauling children was intentional hyperbole to illustrate a point. “They are all adults” is a questionable statement. If they were in the sense you mean, they wouldn’t let Vanessa walk all over them and dictate their every thought.

Vanessa sucks!

You’re as delusional and crazy as your girlfriend! Do you take Adderall at home together and devise a plan to figure out money making schemes? You should come out with an infomercial titled, “How to cure crazy”. You would make a million bucks!


What’s the big deal with having to take Adderall? If a doctor prescribes it because you have been diagnosed with ADHD, then why is she so wrong for taking it? lol

You’re just trying to come up with any hate on her you can possibly muster up. The constant shots at her taking medicine for a medical issue is literally the dumbest thing I have ever heard. There’s alot of other things you could say that actually make sense. I.E. crying etc, etc. But the constant drug jabs are pathetic. My brother has to take it PRESCRIBED BY HIS DOCTOR because of his ADHD issues. Doesn’t make him a bad person, or some druggie. He hates that he has to take it, but it is what it is.


ADHD drugs are the most over-prescribed drugs on the market, and (unethical) doctors will prescribe them to people who just want the amphetamine boost (or amphetamine-like boost in the case of Straterra) to lose weight, increase focus, stay awake when they need to, etc. My guess is that Vanessa doesn’t have “real” attention problems, the meds are just really helpful for poker. Strattera is sometimes prescribed for those who may have addiction to stimulant issues…and I’m guessing Vanessa might be.


wow, gee thanks doctor

Paid Detox @BB18 Casting Applications Now!

I’ve been trying to figure out something nice to say about Vanessa all summer! She showed us the best grift yet, how to GET PAID for doing DETOX on Biiiiiiig Brrroootthherr! They should add it to the commercial for BB18 casting they showed last night…

Why go to some stinky old hospital facility downtown, clean toilets, shower and pretend to care about the douchebags in your group therapy sessions when YOU CAN FLY to LA and DETOX on Biiiiig Brooooothher! Come sit by the pool and scream at houseguests like the slaves they are…order your personal drug cocktail from BB doctors in DR…go cold turkey on live national TV, bug eyes, chattering teeth, stinky baggy clothes & beanies, shakes, sobbing, religious rants, meth scabs, hallucinations, delusions, defecate, risky unprotected sex with strangers, NO PROBLEM –WE WANT TO SEE IT ALL… while you play summer camp with a raffle for a $500,000 cash, and prizes like stints on the Bold & the Beautiful, Amazing Race, Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, Price is Right…hey Let’s Make a Deal because we need you! Complete a BB18 Application now at your nearest halfway house, rehab, county jail, Tindr or Grinder! See you next summer on CBS!


Too funny!!


Not a doctor, but I’ve worked in community mental health for 15+ years. I’m also a high school teacher, and fostered parented teens for 10+ years. As a result, I’m quite familiar with mental health treatment, particularly with ADHD as it relates to youth.


I’m sorry but not a single one of the things you listed makes you even remotely qualified to determine whether or not someone has adhd.

You, in all your worldly knowledge, act like its some devil drug. But the bottom line is my brother couldn’t stay focused enough to read two pages in a book without it. Would’ve never even graduated from high school if he wasn’t diagnosed.

So maybe it’s “over prescribed” as are many medications, but there are many people who actually do need it. You have absolutely no idea if Vanessa truly has adhd therefore you have no business commenting on it as if you’re some authority on all things Vanessa and adhd.


I simply commented/conjectured like anyone else, nothing more, adding to a line of comment further up. I don’t think ADHD meds are “devil drugs”. On the contrary, they are very beneficial to those who need them. There’s no call for the caustic tone or hostility.


Wtf who are you to say what someone’s medical issues are when you don’t even know them? Even a doctor would refuse to do that. And I think it’s pretty clear you’re no doctor.

Another assinine comment.

Hey Arnold twins

You should not be allowed on the show if you are under that medication. It gives an unfair advantage to that player.


There is quite a lot of psychological, skill and interview testing by a trained Doctor before someone is assessed as having ADHD…I personally do not have a diagnosis of this disease, but I sure enjoy the drug because I can clean and organize for hours with no feeling of being speedy,jittery, or needing the drug the next day! When I have a lot to do, I take a 5 mg pill.
I have an extreme case of PTSD due to a fatal car accident that killed my husband who was under our truck, in a river, dead after I became conscious! Due to my crazed, unstoppable hyper vigilance, Adderoll keeps me moving and not getting lost in a negative thought that can sidetrack me for hours! Anyhow, I feel for anyone that needs drugs to stabilize their mind.

Grandma G

Properly prescribed Adderall is a godsend to those who need it. Like your brother who has adHd. The H being the proper purpose for the drug. A person who is hyper kenetic is slowed down by an amphtamine. It has the opposite effect. Those improperly prescribed it just becomes legal ‘speed” and amps them up. Vanessa has told Steve she doesn’t take it for ADHD. It amps her up . if you saw this last week the CBS doctor took her off Adderall and put her on Stratera.. a non amphetamine drug. Perhaps still not correct but better than downing Adderall with a bunch of Red Bull to speed her up. There is nothing wrong with taking opiods for pain prescribed by doctors either until they are being prescribed to people who dont need them.

plain and simple ... MrJWall

she lied to be prescribed it years ago instead of having to buy it off the streets….for those late night 24 to 72 hr poker games underground….now its got her exhibiting the effects of Adhd..thats what happens…If you don’t truly need it!

plain and simple ... MrJWall

wrong …read my truth comment…

IBurning incense

What is your incentive for being so incensed? I need to be incentivized here! NOW!! What are your incentivizations? I’m really a nice person! I’m honest and my integrity remains solid. I’ve never lied to you, so why are you doing this to me? What are your incentives? Incentivize me now, DR!!……….. Oh my gawd, those incentive debates she had, in her own mind, were just the worst!!!.. Glad they’ve subsided.. Interesting to see if “they” come back this week… Incensed incentives…fuuuuuuck me


Some of you need to lighten the fuck up. This is a game… and right now, Vanessa is crushing everyone in the house. If you hate watching her so much, tune out. Why attack her personally? Especially for medication she takes. That just makes you look like an ignorant scumbag. I dislike a lot of houseguests too.. that’s bound to happen. But why make it person, and be so ridiculous? At the end of the day, she’s getting a once in a lifetime experience and making money; she’s never going to know you exist, and you’re letting her consume so much of your time.

Take the show for what it’s worth; it’s a cheesy, fun, reality show. Get a grip and lighten up.

Disturbing Disturbed Preturbed

If you’ve been reading comments and ratings, viewers have turned Vanessa off had universally dislike her personality demonstrated 24/7 by her behavior and rhetoric. If you’ve been reading press even Les Moonves is pissed and making changes in casting. If you’ve been listening to Producton they’ve been yelling over speakers to shut up and stop cheating. If you understood the economics of tv, you’d understand we paid for this “entertainment” that includes psychological, emotional and physical torment one can find in Lord of the Flies. If you are thinking we are not laughing at Vanessa for making a fool of herself and CBS, think again, we are. If you think we are condoning drug and mentally ill abuse, we aren’t. BB House just got sharp knives back after a near stabbing in season 1. Draw some lines for yourself-abusing drugs, abusing people and cheating is illegal. And embrace free speech for everyone else.


Vanessa should have been booted of the show for offering other house guests $$$ for their compliance with her wishes…

She also has an unfair advantage by the use of the ADHD medication(s).

I’ll bet that she need some kind of benzodiazepine to get to sleep at night…Lunesta or Ambien…
Hell…with as HIGH she is flying she made need a barbiturate…Seconal anyone…


Obviously a very smart women who plays to win will often times intimate men to the point where they feel a need to lash out because they are actually the ones who lack intelligence.

Saaaame BS excuses

In no particular order: Janelle, Danielle BB8, Rachel Riley, Jun Song, Britney, Nakomis… the list goes on and on. Love ’em or hate ’em, they well respected women because of their strength and innovative contributions to the game. To say that Vanessa doesn’t get respect because she’s ooooh so delicious is rediculous.

Vanessa needs professional HELP..... STAT!!!

Vanessa has a VERY REAL Mental Health issue. This has nothing to do with her being liked or not. She is mentally ill and needs some serious real life intervention or help. She has been like this since DAY 1….so the excuse of ” she just gets stressed from the game” or “its just because of the game” is a complete lie. Her behavior has signaled a problem from the start. Mental illness is no joke, just look what happens in real life with the mentally ill. I bet when she gets out of the house we start hearing bazaar stories about her. CBS needs to be more worried with getting her help instead of parading a mentally ill person as entertainment.


Sorry but you sound like you need some professional help yourself. Lmao

Uncaring Pricks Who Consider Self-Harm Entertainment

Uncontrollable sobbing, ranting raving mind racing mania, screaming shouting rages, refusal to eat or sleep, self harm over loneliness from alienating others, severe depression and panic attacks followed by Bible preaching praying apologizing to calm her mind and mend fences with Production and houseguests IS NOT NORMAL, HEALTHY OR ENTERTAINMENT. Consult a doctor if you disagree. You sound like a drug dealer, enabler or hater for the sake of hating. You’d watch your friend OD and laugh. You’d say you’d don’t know CPR and they off’d themselves. They needed help because they had fake friends like you who take joy in their misery and self destruction. Get some humanity and a conscience. This is a TV show not a dog fight.


One word:



The question is who gets to define normal? My normal is not your normal nor her normal.

Check the feeds, please...

My normal is not throwing a fit because Steve beat me at pot-ball.

I don’t think it’s healthy for her in that house. She needs to get out of competing for a living…. she doesn’t externalize it well. She needs to find something to do where she can just be a happy cookie.


All networks should check these contestants out before putting them on air, I think we all saw signs of things that were not cool about Van about the 3rd or 4th week into the game. It’s not fair to the contestants or the person needing help to be put in this type of position. It may make things worst, is CBS going to make sure she’s ok after the show? This year I believe they’ve had more people on meds than ever before (I don’t mean like B/P meds). I often wonder about Steve walking around talking to himself (who does that in a so called normal world)? BB YOU have a whole year to regroup, I hope next year YOU check out your contestants, try to get back to the BB’s in the pass. Last year and this year SUCKED!!!


lol. Steve’s not on any kind of drugs, prescribed or otherwise. He won’t even drink beer. He has talked to himself his whole life. He has a hard time handling stress; the more stressed he is the weirder he acts. Some people are different because they were born that way, and not because they’re abusing meds! Shocking, I know.


right. That said. He probably could use some therapy to help him function socially. Not even Freud would use the term ” mommy issues ” on him. That’s a different diagnosis. With Steve, he seems to just need those ” safety blanket ” things to function.


Guessing the HGs with mental health issues were chosen intentionally by CBS. Not sure why casting felt it necessary to do that- maybe hoping for more drama? Don’t the producers realize the nature of the show naturally lends itself to drama – there was no reason to exploit people (encourage them to self-destruct or abuse each other.) It’s become a thing for the season to have an underlying theme. BB17 has an obvious one.


There are a lot more people with mental illness than you may realize. One in 100 is schizophrenic even. Most of your friends most likely hide their dark moments or unusual ways of processing things. Perhaps instead of normalizing transgenders and lesbians, we should focus on normalizing mental illness and breaking the stigma which obviously, by some comments here, is still pretty strong and something people want to discriminate over.


Actually, I walk around talking to myself. I’m an auditory learner. It is a helpful way for me to process things. When will people accept we are all different and that doesn’t make us less. You know another person might walk around picking their nose at home. If they did that on TV would that be better?


Vanessa is completely normal. No one has seen her in real life, without the cameras on her. No one can diagnose a person who is locked up and held prisoner for 3 months. I am amazed at how fans of BB are so quick to come down on a guest, because in their mind, so and so should have won and/or not have been evicted.

Vanessa is a very person who has been playing this game aggrasively

Ban Frankie


Am I correct in reading between the lines that Vanessa is going to vote out Austin? I hope JMAC votes Steve out.


I think Vanessa wants AUstin out.. Maybe we’ll get a leak tonight

Double D

If there is a tie does Vanessa vote face to face or in the diary room?

Frankie likes Fudge

Face to face.


You’ve probably already seen this, but confirmed on Twitter- photo of Austin onstage with Julie Chen, and Austin walking out to limo, that he was in fact evicted tonight.


if true, this means…..

A: Liz voted for Steve to Leave
B: JMac voted for Austin to Leave
C: Vanessa had to do a face to face and evict Austin as tie breaker.

Vanessa may see the game one way from the in house Point of View, but from the outside, it looks like she made a strategic blunder due to overthinking with her HoH reign and all this Bully, Integrity, Trust, 100%, No Blood, Find a reason to nominate philosophy she has. No player should act like a Bully, or a cheat bribing others. CBS is allowing it, which I will address lower.

JMac has been onto her for weeks, although due to editing and the feeds, his mind is all over the place. I think he sees her as the biggest thread, unless his lack of social game has mislead him into thinking it is Liz. However, unless he is brain dead, he should see the obvious after the last 7 weeks, he should know she is the opposite of integrity.

Steve is a walking disaster, however, he doesn’t want to bring Van along any further and he may start standing up to her Bullish crying tactics. I think he will join JMac fully now

Liz is that woman scorned, that will blame everyone but herself, so its very feasible that she will be Loyal to Vanessa even after what Vanessa done and will do to her. Liz/Julia were your stereotypical rule of blondes, Blind, arrogant, conceited , and talks crap behind people’s back. yet incredibly dense and ignorant.

Vanessa showed her hand the week with Jeff, but I think people in today’s gameplay are just too scared to confront anyone. I think they would hug a damn cockroach before spraying it with Raid, or at least warn it. So people were inadverntantly intimidated by her so as not to cause a stink on themselves… not to mention always wanting someone else to take her out. Thats why she is still here. Which brings up Meg’s Folly during Becky’s ( And probably the biggest game move of the season ) hoh that was foiled due to Meg. I actually wanted Meg gone after I saw on the feeds how she was tainting James, and all the other votes. Not only could she not win anything, her entire game theory was wrong. Who cast her and why, because she didn’t know the game, no more than Liz/Julia due to fact they didn’t know cameras were in the HoH room watching them finger bang.

The issue with Vanessa and Meg.. I don’t know how much of it is real, but from hindsight, it looks perfect. Production may have told Meg to flip the house the week Vanessa was all but evicted already. Why? I don’t know if its a conspiracy theory or not, but it makes sense ” IF TRUE ABOUT THE Poker Face show”.. I don’t know how much value to put into it, but there is now this ” Vanessa is the Winner to promote CBS’s new Poker Face show ” conspiracy/reality . Why else cast a Professional Poker Player, unless there is incentive to push an agenda. Look at their agenda with Frankie and Ariana ( Their Super Bowl last year ). Who knows. Something fishy did happen, when Meg talked the entire house that week into keeping Vanessa. Meg ruined the entire season due to that, ( Vanessa was Audrey 2.0 during all this with the sheet and everything ).

What do you think?


I so hope that Austin is out. I am new to the game so I am assuming from comments that all depends on HOH and POV.
If Vanessa wins HOH, she should hope to take Liz and Steve to F3 and Steve to F2.
If Liz wins HOH, she should try to take JMac and Steve but take Steve to F2.
If JMac wins HOH, he should try to take Liz and Steve. But don’t know how the jury would vote but he has the best chance with Steve.
If Steve wins HOH, his should try to take Liz and Steve and his only hope to win is JMac.


Vanessa can’t play in the final 4 HoH. She’ll have to survive Wednesday’s eviction to play against the remaining house guests the following week.

Pinocchio Obama

The power this week is all with the veto holder. They cast the only vote to evict.

Sir Peanut

I’m ok with them keeping Vanessa that week. The problem to me was when the Austwins wanted to keep Vanessa so someone else could get rid of her. They keep her then they promptly get rid of the same people they want to get rid of Vanessa. (James/JMac) So now guess who is happily getting rid of the Austwins now. Vanessa!!! Austwins should have made a game decision and got out Vanessa when they had the chance during the DE.

Clelli forever

That makes perfect sense Twig but I also believe Meg wanted Shelli out before jury to split up Clay & Shelli. She was obsessed with Clay & she knew she had no shot with Shelli around. I can’t stand girls like that.


I can’t remember, but I think this was the week after they had already gotten rid of Clay. That duo had been broken up. Becky seemed to have a good assessment ( or decent ) of the big threats. She did the right thing by throwing Van and Shel up. The irony is, she would have been a hero 10 years ago, but today, nobody wants big moves. Becky handed them Vanessa on a silver platter. Had the numbers. Even had the votes, until about a 2 hour time frame after Meg came out of a DR session. From then she got into James ear, and they both agreed ” Screw Becky’s game ! We are playing our own game “. So something put it into Meg’s head that they were playing Becky’s game. Vanessa had been sulking with a sheet and crying for hours by now on the feeds. (Audrey 2.0) . The only time Vanessa showed any life was in the DR on the CBS shows. Something fishy that week. I have always said Meg saboteur played the entire season with her logic. I was not disappointed to see her leave. She just took 4 people with her because she was awful at processing information handed to her on a silver platter. It amazes me someone can’t process information at that level, so I logic suggests Production helped sway her. I’m probably wrong, but to this day, no one can figure out, with any facts on why Meg flipped the entire house against Becky. ( It was explained the power duo was disrupted, and everyone knew what Van was doing )


I so hope Austin is evicted and Steve wins HOH so he can tell Vanessa she is in no position to ask him questions (or tell him how to run his HOH).


HoH at this point does nothing except get to final 3. The nominations don’t really matter except if the HoH wins the veto.


As I see it, Austwins and Vanessa have severely misjudged how well they are liked, not only by their peers, but also by the fans. Those twins think they are America’s darlings, and that we just love the showmance. They are in for a rude awakening. I, for one, can’t wait to watch the implosion!


I’m with ya PBnJ, on the possible, impending implosion, but let’s not hold our collective breaths over that. This cast is really very mundane and they’ve made it this far, and to them, well that’s just good enough. All of them are extremely boring people. Nobody in there has a mind of their own, except maybe JMac.. As for Vansknky, she’s got “minds” for EVERYone.. They’re all comfortably numb, and it does not make for good entertainment at all. It all stems from their collective unwillingness to make a move! I think we all,as viewers, sort of saw this coming. Only James early on did anything. Although when he did, I thought maybe the game was on! But alas, haphazard gameplay became the norm. THEN it got worse! Not only were they all lacking any sort of idea how to move forward, they all started telling everyone what everyone was going to do! Not one iota of drama or gameplay or strategy. Vanessa did have some sort of strategy, conducted by production, but that isn’t gameplay in the true sense of the word.. So, like I was saying in my reply to your hopeful implosion, which i really wish we could see happen, in the end I doubt we will.


Uugggghhhhh. Really? You’re serious? She is a schizophrenic with no moral compass. I don’t even think SHE believes her BS. I don’t mind lying in this game but own it. Don’t try to “catch” ppl lying so you have a reason to do what you were gonna do anyway. BTW: HOT? I THINK NOT. SHE OLD, WRINKLY, OUTTA SHAPE AND LAZY. Oh and she cries over everything. Wawawawawa. If she wins it’s because others lost not by doing or being anything special. Get her some help when she gets home.


If she is schizophrenic how do you know she hasn’t been under treatment? There is no cure you know. Does mental illness preclude people from participating in a game? If so it’s the new racism. Is there a term for that? Discrimination against a mentally ill person?


Yes! Hell yes certain mental illness should preclude someone from participating in a pressure cooker of a game. Ever hear the houseguests talk about going to the storage room to get or drop off the knife? That’s because they’re not allowed to have sharp objects because of the knife attack in BB2.

The producers won’t let anyone that’s HIV+ play the game because they’re a “danger”, so they sure as hell shouldn’t be letting anyone in with mental conditions that could do harm to that or fellow house guests. It’s not a “come one, come all”… the producers have a duty to ensure that the house guests are suitable, safe candidates for the competition they run.

Uh yeah

Tracy it is called safety…
Mentally ill people are unstable. People should not have their lives put in ANY danger whatsoever bc somebody is mentally ill. Crying discrimination is just a loser play…
Some people should be ineligible to play big brother period. They should impose age discrimination while they are at it… children should not be allowed to play. Nor should the elderly some of those competitions are physically dangerous. It isn’t about discrimination it is about protecting the majority…


You may or may not know the law is on the side of the mentally ill. If a person has it, they are allowed to live anywhere they want and be in any situation they want, even their own families or parents have no rights even if they know the person is dangerous. They cannot be locked up against their will. Many refuse treatment, so all around us everyday are those that could pop a cork at any time. Just saying. There really is no protection anywhere.

Anne Onimus

I agree that Vanessa is pretty. I’ve even heard American Pharaoh is thinking about having her as a mate.

Vanessa and this season sucked

Yes, Vanessa played the game, which is more than most other HG, but she was also a complete bully, and certainly not in the top 10 (maybe 20) of best big brother players. Her drug addict, emotional mess, crazy eyes ways, make her a pathetic game player, not a great! I would have loved to see evil dick put her in her place, and bully her. After watching every season this may have been the worst. I kinda blame BOB for setting the “let’s vote together as a house” theme.

I just hope next year is better this this garbage, and please Big Brother, screen the HG better. Crazy bitch does not necessarily mean entertaining (Although Audry melt downs were very entertaining).


Mel, I BEG you to get out of that relationship while you can. Vanessa is paranoid and delusional, a very SCARY combination for someone to be in a relationship.
Vanessa is going to loose it, as in a mental breakdown and will need to be hospitalized in the very near future, not only for her addiction but her delusions (everyone is after me), stuttering when trying to get a thought out…etc. Which lead me to believe that she is experiencing AMPHETAMINE PSYCHOSIS ( and/or schizophrenia. Most people are diagnosed in their early 20’s with schizophrenia. This girl needs help (and mood stabilizer), not a check for 500K.
I find it very strange that no one caught this during the house guests mental health screenings, and still allowed this girl to be on the show. It shows how little production and CBS cares about the integrity of the game.
Ask yourself this question…why would someone that is strung out on Adderal be allowed on the show…
WHAT’s NEXT…Heroin and narcotic addicts, who are provided their “prescribed” medications. I would not be surprised if she go on this medication with in the last 6 months…she probably got the prescription from a “Dr. Feelgood” as soon as she thought she might be on the show or she has been taking it for years for “concentration” at poker tournaments and law school.
Yea it might help your concentration in the short term, but with the potential side effects of AMPHETAMINE PSYCHOSIS.

is it just me

wow this forum is some funny shit
i have never seen butthurt in this level anywhere else before lol if you could work in something about guns don’t kill people and obama is to blame for vanessa being on big brother, i think we would have the ultimate butthurt cake

i can’t stop laughing at you bunch of pathetic losers

step back and think about this for a second: in her early 30’s a drug addicted schitzo managed to have more success then 99% if you will have in a lifetime lol

what does that say about you when all you can do is sit and throw virtual shit like enraged monkeys because in the real world you would not have the balls to say any of this in the real world you are flipping her burgers and hoping for a big tip

keep on crying its entertaining as hell to watch human stupidity at its best because when its said and done your opinion don’t mean shit and crying online about a crazed junkie who has a better life then you who is respected more then you and who is getting paid to antagonize you, will not change the fact that you are pathetic lol

damn who needs the show when we got these idiots on the forum, honestly i stopped watching a while ago because its boring and predictable and in all honesty its been a sittty show for years now but i do love reading the comments and watching the monkeys rage

rage on little monkeys rage on

Waaaaait a minute....

If you stopped watching a long time ago and think it’s a “shitty show”, why are you trolling around these boards pontificating to people that clearly don’t care what you think? You call US pathetic? Don’t you have some donuts to go lick or something?

Forget Frankie!

Definitely right about Vanessa though! One of the best to play this game. Hope she wins Veto so she can win this game!




When is the vote?

Ban Frankie

Johnny Mac is a lock for AFHG. The real race is between Vanessa and Steve for Mayor of Crazy Town.


Idk I wouldnt assume that. Everyone I know that watches big brother is voting James. That doesn’t mean he’ll win it, but I think she has a good shot.


Everyone I know is voting Johnny Mac. It looks like the members here agree according to our poll.


JAMES! What a loser, twice could have sent Vanessa packing but didn’t, Shelli & Clay were his targets, loser. Broke his word to Shelli in front of the whole house, huge bad move. He should have been voted out the very next week, but this house is full of STUPID. His strategy was to come out HUGE in the beginning and then play small later, DUMB. Turned on his own side deserting Becky with a brain and hanging to brainless Meg. This guy was worthless, Meg was more deserving than him.

Meg's Hot

I will vote for Johnny Mac for AFHG because James is a dead beat Dad. No way can for I vote for that.

Silly Goose

So, you’d rather give the money to a dentist than to someone who could get his life back on the right track and improve his daughter’s? Yeah that makes tons of sense.

Cooked Goose

Whereas you would like to give the money to someone who is a dead beat father. Johnny Mac has got this in the bag.

I need 2 know...

Do they always shut down the feeds right b4 the end?


They shut down for a taped eviction, which often happens towards the end. They don’t want viewers to know the results of the vote. This time we really have no idea. I

Double D

Don’t worry. Somebody from the audience usually lets the secret out.




there’s a difference between playing everyone and being aware everyone is playing you. He’s not buying their BS and they aren’t buying his.

Steve's got to go

All full of himself & thinks he’s winning.
One psycho this late in the game is plenty,
don’t need 2 in final 4

Psychos Running the Asylum

If you’re listing the mentality ill CBS cast for drama due to lack of imagination and to save money on production, keep counting: Vanessa, Jase, Steve, Audrey. Then there’s the rage-aholics who stage screaming hazing for ratings: Vanessa, Liz, Julia, Jase, Jeff, Jason, Day. Then the delusional model/actor wannabes sociopaths addicted to shock value & weaves for airtime: Austin, James, Liz. Julia, Clay, Jeff, Jackie, Meg. Watch out Bold & Beautiful fans.

Casting for BB18 had begun! BB will be visiting jails, half-way houses, rehabs and Tindr to take your application!


You can add Day to that list of ‘model/actor wannabe’…girl’s got her pics out there (& they’re so bad…can we say 80s/90s modeling pose? One foot forward, hands on hips, leaning, pursed lips with attitude…only thing missing were the shoulder pads)


Wow, you could be talking about Vanessa, Austin, or Liz. You described them all.

Steve La Loca

Wow. Steve drank Vanessa’s Kool-Aid and now he’s just as crazy her.

Amanda queefs slop

JMac better evict Austin! I really want to see if Steve puts his money where his mouth is, and someone FINALLY evicts Vanessa.


I think that JMac should vote to evict Steve to make Vanessa show her hand and be the tie breaker. Then Vanessa would evict Austin and Austin would know that Vanessa playing him and if by chance she makes it to the end, she will possibly lose 3 jury votes

Yo Yo Yo

There would not be a tie to break. If Liz and JM both evict Steve…. That’s it. He’s gone. I think you mean JM vote to evict Austin and then there would be a tie.


Said it backwards. JMac should vote to evict Austin to make Vanessa be the tie breaker and show her hand


Austin Liz Julia will vote for the Van win…
they know shes got $..and possibly tv show..also gambling plans with her.

Double D

Surprise evict Austin..Liz will be in shock, do poor at HOH, handing it to Jmac or Steve


This is Vanessa we’re talking about. She could just as easily talk Johnny into voting to evict Austin, vote Steve out in the tie breaker, then deny telling Jmac and using his vote as a reason to go after him.
Vanessa is a bit spooked by Jmac. She’s never sure if he is onboard or not.

Charlie Sheen

Even I think this boy is nuts.


…. My precious!!!!

Ian's lament

Steve has finally gone full Vanessa. You never go full Vanessa


Never. You dun goofed Steve. You dun goofed.


Shine bright like a Frankie!


He literaly seemed to be glowing. Did he rub uranium on his arms?

He Swims In Nuclear Reactor Waste

He’s half amphibian half douche who swims in nuclear waste for that glow and infection pink Mohawk. Where else did he get those slithering swimming jizz hands and homobanging dolphin moves he calls Broadway choriography? He’s down every man’s pants searching for their dorsal fin or mermaid tail. He was spawned in the drainage of San Onofre nuclear reactor seawater and hopefully there he will return to mate so we don’t have to watch him rape every guy he sees as though it’s his right. MTV miscast his seal clapping whale talk gigglin man-boy ass on ABDC where we found he knows absolutely nothing about dance, he just slobbered drooled passed out his phone number and begged contestants to come sit on him.

vanessa's joan jett eyeballs

That is the funniest thing I’ve read in three years!


You must not read to much


Might as well just leave steve in the house alone after the wrap party so he can go around counting things. Pretty much been the feeds since juju got out anyway.


Watching steve’s eviction would be priceless. He is way more annoying than Liztin and Vanessa now.

Pinocchio Obama


Which causes the bigger meltdown? Moving Vanessa’s Skittles or hiding Steve’s teddy before the next HOH?


teddy bear.. the skittles were committed to memory by Vanessa already πŸ˜‰


What if you add some tropical wildberry skittles…


Tuesday night can’t come fast enough! I don’t care who goes out of the door right now as long as Vanessa is next.


Steve is in TOO DEEP, he acting like he already in final 2 final 3 LOL. CALM down lil dude u dealing with a HOH that’s kinda crazy when it cones to “sticking to deal’s and one decision” She changes her mind a lot, although getting out Austin is a good idea, she may not stick to it. IMHO I think Vanessa can win by taking out Austin.


A lot of people “picture” themselves where they want to be, what they want to accomplish. I think this is what might be going through his head when he does that.


Well he is delusional if he thinks he’s winning an endurance comp. Does he think he’s playing against Coco, the pool shark and a box of skittles? Even then, he’ll be first to jump off.


Steve must think he’s Hamlet; always doing a soliloquy. “To Be Or Not To Be That Is The Question “


It still seems healthier ,
and safer than the whack-job that is Vanessa.


Ok better late than never, Simon & Dawg I finally made my donation, $25 US only cost $34.07 CAN… there a reason why we can’t pay in Canadian funds?
now back to the game, I sure hope Steve is right and that JMAC is rockstars all the way, if so JMAC is one hell of an actor because, he’s convinced me that he doesn’t care who stays. Van the man made a huge mistake not nominating Liz this week, the girls in jury have all stated they want a girl to win and Liz is the only REAL girl left. I would say with Liz & Van the man in F2 she has 0% chance of winning…….I’m not getting my hopes up because Van the man changes her mind with the wind but, sure hope Austin is blindsided tomorrow…….


Seriously? You can’t leave a comment without taking a homophobic jab? You suck.


I am so far from being homophobic….not the way it’s meant….she has more male features than most of the men on this season, and, when she’s bulling people she gets her shoulders up and squared off, so grow up just because I don’t like “VAN THE MAN” doesn’t have anything to do with gays or lesbians…to each their own in my opinion, and I didn’t need society to tell me it was ok to feel that way 25 yrs ago I had a very good female friend that was a lesbian and it just didn’t matter to me


Really? At least own it. I love it when racist or homophobic people use the ole “I have a black friend” or “I had a gay friend once”. Therefore I’m not being racist or homophobic. Lol.


Whatever…..believe what you want to believe

Yes, it's both...

Homophobic and misogynistic. If a woman being tough and confrontational is seen as a man, that means you see most women as weak and ineffectual.

I hate Vanessa’s bullying tactics and don’t want her to get any prize money, but at least own that your hate is based on the fact that she doesn’t suit your ideals of womanhood.


i think you’re all crazy…must be drinking some of that kool-aid van is serving, society today is over-sensitized! thumb down all you want. people can’t even make comments without someone going bat shit crazy!


Calling this misognyny is a bit much. The person posting wasn’t spewing any hatred towards women, or anyone. At most, it could be a certain amount of stereotypical bias regarding gender roles, but you really can’t ascertain that with such a minimal amount of info. It could also just be an observation. Observations regarding masculinity vs femininity can certainly be valid without being derogatory or prejudicial. However, the manner in which the original comment was made, did have a negative connotation to it regarding Vanessa’s masculine traits. So maybe there is something there. But sheesh, you’re really overreacting. Go cool down.

White Wolf

True that. Didn’t take it as harshly as some while other LBGT commenters went so far as to claim she wasn’t legit enough to pull the “gay card” to get sympathy and explain imagined exile, when she didn’t actually grow up gay or experience traumatic sexual identity issues or real discrimination. Some said she put in on like a costume with her suspenders. So what she dresses like a man, describes Mel as the fem, discusses her new transition from hetero to lesbianism often and blames it for not having a showmance to take her to F2. I’m just glad she gave up the hipster glasses, and that doesn’t make me a hipster-phobe.


Vanessa is going to feel like an idiot if she actually votes out Austin over Steve at this point. Steve’s been plotting to stab her in the back for a while now. Then again Austin and Liz have been too, to an extent (as has Jmac publicly). Besides if Vanessa was really going to make a “big move”, she would have gotten rid of Liz this week considering the number of HOH’s Liz has won. Liz though may be able to squeeze through to the final 3, especially if Steve stays, and he and Jmac target Vanessa in the final 4.

Ultimately, Vanessa has played a good, if not a paranoid and psychotic game. She’s far from the best to ever play the game, but she played very well in the early stages of the game, and is still in the house with 6 comp wins. If she gets to the end she’ll win, but that’s a big IF. Then again the jury may be bitter, but I don’t see anyone beating Vanessa in a final 2.

One problem with Vanessa’s game is that she has played to get to the end, but has not set herself up well at the end. She has no real allies left (and certainly no Cody stupid enough to take her to the end). She’s stuck in the final 5, with two pairs. And everyone left wants her gone, before final 2.

Best case scenario for Vanessa is to get rid of Steve (I can’t believe people have still let him slide by), and then go for Veto in final 4, and separate Austin and Liz. Steve is, and has been, a snake in the grass. Which is fine for his game, but terrible for everyone left save Jmac. Steve would have to take Jmac to the end for any hope of winning though. I don’t see Steve beating Vanessa, Liz, or Austin in the end.

Jmac has set himself up well for second place. He’s poised to take home 50k despite doing nothing substantial, but play on the defensive all summer.


I see the jury way differently, imho it looks like everyone left has vanessa at a disadvanyage going in to finals voting.

Austin and liz would have each others votes if they are against her, with liz also having julia and austin 95% likely to have james’. Jmac has shelli’s and he is the biggest beneficiary if the jury is sour. Steve is vannessa’s best bet in my book as he has shelli too but cancels that out with jackie.

Seems to me that even with her comp wins, vannessa is the easiest opponent in f2 for ALL remainig houseguests. She better have a good speach ready.

My Take

Favorites in order

Vanessa…..admit it, she’s played best game and juries don’t hold grudges
Liz….few wins plus 2 guaranteed votes
Jmac…4 veto victories, more times nominated, threw several BOBs at the beginning
Austin/Steve….tie…both won about the same. Steve did break up the twins. Austin could have 2 guaranteed jury votes.

Lots still to happen to change things


Based on how I believe the house sees the other HG’s without bitter jury.

Van- beats them all the jury is not bitter. Sit beside JM or Steve she has the Austwins 3 votes in her pocket
Austin- only one with a shot at van twins plus gobs 4 or 5 votes think he beats the rest including Liz
Liz- beats JM or Steve.
Steve/J Mac toss up. The house hasn’t really taken to either guy. If social matters they are both weak and unless we have bitter jury I think they only have a shot versus each other.

If Van evicts Austin my gut tells me she takes Steve F2 if she has a choice. Very little control over that. Liz wins HOH and POV Van will be picking who gets evicted sorry JM you go F4 with Liz or Van POV holder. I think Steve gets a pass F3 unless it’s him versus Van on the block and Liz POV holder.


Jury’s don’t hold grudges? Where the h*ll did you come up with that? It has happened on BB and Survivor.
Vanessa has been her own worst enemy, “my word is Golden” “I’m the only one who has had your back” ect, the people who constantly tell you they don’t lie or their word is golden are always called out on it, most people can forgive being out preformed or out played but have a problem with being out right lied to. She might forget all the lies she has told but to those who sit in jury will remember word for word. This gives them justification for any personal or petty reasons to not vote for her.
I honestly believe her only chance is Steve and it would probably go 5-4 either way


Vanessa reminds me a little of Russell from Survivor in that she played well to get to the end, but she didn’t cultivate the relationships with the jurors to get their votes.


Cody and Derrick had been working together since day 1, so taking Derrick to the end was the right thing to do.


Taking Derrick cost Cody $450k.


I agree it did cost him but he didn’t know what we know about Derrick and actually Cody thought that he was going to beat Derrick.

And He Had to Dry Hump Christine All Summer

Geez, he had it the worst, sucking that b*tch. Are you sure he didn’t make any money on the side as Christine’s or Skankie’s escort? Prolly still can’t get the taste out of his mouth…. Eeewww… chills…


Cody was an idiot to take Derrick. Derrick had everyone convinced that they didn’t need to win. Jackie would have been his best final 2


Who the heck was Jackie? Do you mean Victoria?


I think for her game Vanessa should keep Austing as well. He and Liz are more likely to honor their final 3 deal with her for whatever reason. I feel that both JMAC and Steve will want to take her out next round and take the remaining austwin to f3

Canadian Kevin

I’m not seeing what he’s seeing. They get out Austin, cool. But he’s banking on winning. He’s the one who keeps saying if you have to win, you’re in trouble.

Well um buddy – you have to win.

I think Vanessa will take Liz over Steve; it’s a personal feeling.

All i know is, i want JMac to be in F2 – and hopefully be the one to get out Vanessa.

Now would be a good time to win HoH. And Veto.. back to back.


I think it would be bad to take either one of Liz or Austin to final two. They have two locked in jury votes regardless. That to me would be too risky. You need all three austwins in jury!


I totally agree. I got my skittles out and think Vanessa’s safest bet is to take Steve but she has to put a wedge between JMac and Steve. She should have kept Julia. If I were her, I convince Liz to vote out Austin, JMac to vote whatever he wants. If he votes to evict Steve…she should make sure Steve knows.
Problem is I think she really only trusts Liz and knows that any of the guys could flip on her. BTW I am still voting for JMac for F2 and James for AFHG.

Canadian Kevin

The problem, from Jmac’s pov, is that Vanessa has a final two with Liz, and Steve. So even if she evicts Austin – however it works – she’s still tied in with those two. The only way Jmac moves forward is if he a) wins veto, even if he doesn’t win HoH – and b) he’s able to keep Steve and gang up on Vanessa.

If Jmac makes final three, either of them will take him, because they think they can beat him.

I just want to see Vanessa go before final 2. Would be nice if Jmac was still there and had a hand in it, if it happens


I could care less about how many thumbs down I get. I dislike psycho Vanessa and I do not want her to win.

Steve & JMac for F2!!


can’t see you getting to many thumbs down……who else is there to root for


Jmac seems nice enough but terrible at big brother. Honestly if he won that would be pretty sad. He hasn’t done anything in this game, at all. If it wasn’t for Vanessa he would’ve been voted right back out.

I don’t necessarily like the remaining houseguest but at least they’ve actually played the game for the most part. Which is, after all, what they are supposed to be doing. I don’t think jmac would win over anyone of the remaining houseguest.


I dont know how JMac can be described as a terrible BB player and yet he is in final 4. He won when he needed to, knows when to talk and when to shut up and hasnt lost his dignity by grovelling at the feet of Vanessa. He has no problem telling ppl he hates them in a nice way haha. He might not be up in HH pleading for his life or running around making empty deals but that in itself is a strategy. It might be different than what we are acustomed to but at least it’s interesting at times . He is the only one Vanessa cant read and that in itself makes the game a bit more fun to watch. Terrible is not a word I would use in his case.


Maybe because he’s only in the final 4 because of Vanessa. Liz wanted him out but targeted James instead of jmac because of Vanessa. In fact, every houseguest planned on voting out any one of the returning jury members immediately, but Vanessa steered Liz from it. He’s not still there due to any game moves, game plays, or deals other than the deal he made with Vanessa which in turn she decided keep him.

Ok so maybe I’ll give him a point for trying to team up with Vanessa. But that’s about it other than winning veto.

Better Than Last Year But Not By Much

First of all…..Skankie Frankie…yikes! YUK! Turned it off.

Dear JMac:
I really didn’t get the love for you this season. You are kind of a goof ball.


You have succeeded in doing something no one else in this game has done. You have befuddled Vanessa! She has no idea what you are going to do (& neither do I). Granted, she knows that she will control the outcome, but for the first time she doesn’t have the slightest control over a vote.

That, in & of itself, is a major accomplishment..IMHO. So……….I never thought I would say this, but….

JMac for the win!

James for AFP!



Countdown to the End of BB17 / Survivor Starts

We’re in the single digits now folks !!!



I don’t think CBS reads these opinions. If they do….they don’t care about John Q public!


Is Steve the one going this week or Austin? Not much strategy left in the game, so nothing to really follow.


JMac is keeping it all quiet to mess with Vanessa. He’s not telling Steve anything either. I am sure he will vote to keep Steve to force Vanessa to break the tie – it’s the least risky because it makes his vote irrelevant. His justification (if he feels he needs one) to the Liztin is that Vanessa needed to make the call for all their end games…which is true. Regardless, he needs to “win out”.


WTF is Steve talking about??? Is he role playing or what??? He hasn’t even really talked to JMac, how can he be so confident he will get his vote?


Please follow through with evicting Austinks although this means you will need to win final veto so that you can tell him to “get to steppin”. Vanessa is always two chess moves ahead of everyone and it would be fitting if she sends teddy bear Steve out the front door as well crushing the sneaky boys dream. Lol @ sneaky. … that’s what he thinks πŸ˜‰


Has anyone voted on favorite HOH at Which one beside dizzyland has Jmac done really well at because I can’t remember?


I read somewhere on here, that JMac has been runner up 10 times in comps. If he was throwing them as often as people think, that would have been a lot of wins. He’d have been evicted much earlier if he hadn’t thrown. He currently has 4 (or 5?) veto wins. That’s not insignificant. In my book, that’s pretty good game play. I think he can make a good case in the F2 debate.


I really hope jmac can win this next hoh and plan to get van out. He needs that move if he wantS a chance to win. And honestly out of who is left I would love him to win, although Vanessa “deserves” to (I hate to say that!) so perfect scenario jmac wins hoh and veto and sends her out the door. I really think he would win over some jury votes if that happened. Shelli already said she’s cheering for him too! Doubtful it will happen but I can dream!


That means he will have to win three comps right in a row. I can’t see anyone doing that.


Nobody has ever “won out”. Very hard to do. But, who knows. There’s a first time for everything

Guy From Canada

The next HOH is irrelevant. with F4, the POV holder casts the sole vote to evict.

HOH win will only secure someone to F3, its the best HOH to win of the season and you’d be an idiot to throw this one.


Vanessa, Steve, Liz and Austin see them in final 3 already. Only JohnMac did not talk about final 3 yet. Did I miss something? Why are they so confident to win HOH and POV comp over John? What clue made them think like that?
Vanessa, she still has a big target on her back
Steve and Austin, they are still on the block
Liz, she is riding Austin cocktail the whole season and uses him as a meat shield.

Rooting for John all to the end.

Grandma G

Simon/Dawg I have forgotten but JMac and James are so close for AFP. If JMac gets to F2 but was voted AFP will they announce that and give AFP to James or just give it to James without announcing it?

Enjoy your 36 hour vacation. (33 for you with the show) I will be checking in furiously on Tuesday because you get the show 3 hours before me and I have no intentions of waiting 3 more hours for the results. Do you think the show will give us both the eviction and the new HOH?


We will .. a nice break is just what we need πŸ™‚


2 HGs are not what they seem….one carries a teddy bear and the other is taxi driver!! 3 months of acting coming to an end. Steve and JMac, final 2!!


I have to confess the previous episode Liz may have caused an erection due to her new make – up. Any suggestions? (It did subside as soon as she opened her mouth in the next segment).


It’s been said before but worth repeating… How the F is hanging out with Frankie a “reward”?

Last night’s episode had to be the worst of this mediocre season. Vanessa’s ramblings, looking for reasons to put people up- since when do you need a reason to want someone out other than they are the biggest threats to your own chance of winning? She sucks. Then Frank the Skank comes walking onto my screen? What a disaster of a human being. What a disaster of a Sunday night episode.

Ok I feel better now


I was very fortunate Not to see that segment with Frankie because right before they showed them, the whole station on my Cable cannel went out and didnt return until 1 minute before “The Luxury Comp” was over. That really made my day.


Lucky, but I had it DVR’d so I FF’d through Frankie’s part, but it still wasn’t enough, since I was looking at the screen…

Jake K.

Let’s go JMac vote out Austin! Is JMac as winner, Steve as runner up, and James AFP too much to ask for to end this lackluster season?!


Not to much to ask for at all!


Johnny Mac is a wild card but the best for his game is to keep Steve, Steve will not put him up but Austin might so that’s what I am sure is going through his mind. Steve getting to the end is highly unlikely but he might make it to final 3 if he gets through this eviction. I think it might be a Liz vs. Johnny Mac. If Austin goes then they get rid of Vanessa…it’s Steve, Johnny Mac and Liz. Johnny Mac might take Liz over Steve it’s hard to say.


Both girls got a professional makeover and both looked way better. Odd how they spend lots of money and time to be bleached blondes when they look so much more attractive with dark hair. Liz especially looked stunning with her short dark hair. They are both natural brunettes, maybe they should let nature be.


It was the makeup, as well. Liz usually doesn’t wear much of it, but they gave her heavy makeup which highlighted her striking features. Vanessa’s makeup is usually awful, so having it professionally done could only be a huge improvement.

Vanessa knows.

The final POV will determine the winner. If Vanessa can win that Steve and Johnnys little plan to get her out is over. And if either of them doesnt win the next HOH they also done. If Austin goes tuesday and Liz wins HOH. Vanessa wins BB. If Vanessa wins the last POV. Vanessa wins BB.

Steve that little twit will not win this game. He already celebrating the win.. Can’t wait to see him cry in mommys arms. She told him he would win just like she has lied to him his whole life. She should have been jailed years ago. Look what she has created. I hope she is happy. The whole country is disgusted by you and your son.

Team Vanessa. She got this!


Actually, Steve said his mom told him he wouldn’t make it to jury.

Roten Tomato Ranking for BB17 HG's

I really hope Austin gets the boot….I guess we will all know soon. Just go outside tomorrow night and smell the air. If you get a whiff of something nasty, it means Austin has been evicted as they have released his stench from that house.

Steve is Norman Bates

I hope Steve gets the boot. I’m tired of watching that creep walking around touching and scratching his junk then sticking his hands in food/snacks and eating it, Gross! His stares at Liz’s ass and Julia’s picture make me uncomfortable. I can totally see the next Bill Cosby in him.

Is it over yet?

ok, ok…..I get how some people feel like Vanessa has played the best game, after all she is running the house, every nomination and manipulating EVERY thought in her fellow house guests minds…. but I can’t agree. She is SO very difficult to watch and appreciate – I find her to be a bully. When she’s HOH it’s like watching an episode of Law and Order. She isolates, interrogates, cross checks stories and back again. There’s been no game from the other contestants because anything they try to start with one another gets revealed to Vanessa during cross examination. They’re all so afraid of the wrath of the ‘evil queen’, they’re happy to throw each other under the bus so that she’ll go after someone else and leave them alone. That’s not game play to me and it’s not entertaining. Lie, manipulate, be sneaky – drop subtle innuendos to get others to do your dirty work – and own up to it in the DR – that’s big brother. Bullying, interrogating, cross examining, belittling……and then turning on the water works and playing victim….(not sure if victim is part of her strategy or if she truly believes it!) is not good game play IMO. I will give JMac props – he recognized Vanessa’s true colors pretty early on and was gunning for her until he was evicted. I have no idea what his strategy has been since he returned. Instead of a summer full of strategic competition…’s been like watching several people on lock down with Vanessa as the Warden. James told her to chill, she was playing too hard and she was deeply offended (to the point of crying and throwing him out of her room?!) – I think after a while she’s been too much to deal with – she needed to go during a double eviction week where they didn’t have to deal with her emotional melt downs. I catch an update online from time to time, but I can’t stomach watching anymore – between the Warden and those two rolling around on each other all the time (they’re so gross!). Bring on Survivor πŸ™‚


How can anyone say jmac hasn’t done anything in this game? He threw tons of comps for people, was the pawn for everyone and still won veto. He may not of won hoh but the guy has been up on the block a ton, as pawn and target. the first few weeks of the game he three comp after comp so that the hoh at the time could get out who they wanted. He did a lot of the work putting his ass on the line. Got voted out then came back in and is still in the house. Plus he is playing Vanessa and I swear he has to be some crazy amazing actor for pulling off half the crap he does. No one knows where he stands for that reason. He has more of a reason to win over Austin and maybe even Steve. He did what he had to do in his own way to get where he is. I’m not a huge jmac fan, but out of everyone left I would like to at least see him f2 he deserves that much.


Agree with you on Jmac. After watching his preview I found that his plan in general has worked.
How to get to the end with the least amount of disturbance and not be considered a floater. He focused on saving himself, including the endurance jury member comeback comp. He might have beaten Van in that one but I dont think he wanted that HOH. Jmac didn’t want HOH’s !!


Vanessa KNOWS Steve is going to take HER out. She is just pretending to want Austin out so that JMAC is the sole vote for Austin and then if Austin or Liz need to choose between her and JMAC it wll be in HER favor.


Why would it be the sole vote for Austin? Liz will be voting, and Liz will no doubt vote for Austin. If JMac votes for Austin, Austin has two votes and stays.

AFP Wanna B Voter

Can you please tell me where & when you vote for AFP? I’ve looked everywhere, but can’t find the answer. Thanks for another great season of updates! See you next year.


Too funny, they get up this a.m. and are given tie dyed tee shirts, “Oh, we must be playing a children’s game! BWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


Yes, and that comes from a Sasquatch who likes a 22 year old twit…


IMHO who does Van want to be next HOH? So with Austin, Liz & Jmac competing thats 2 out of three in her favor.
Jmac wins HOH; Noms Van & Austin
Liz wins HOH; Noms Jmac & Van
Austin wins HOH; Noms Jmac & Van
My point is Steve gets evicted today.


It doesn’t matter what the HOH wants next week, the POV winner is the deciding vote.

disappointed BB fan

unless the HOH wins POV then its up to the individual not on the block


Brutus you missed the point. Steve gets evicted because she missed on Jmac and she needs the Austwits for F2 votes. I know the HOH doesn’t matter, it just outlined why it doesn’t matter to Van. Regardless she is going on the block and has to win POV to stay in the game.


IF Vanessa ends up in Jury, her reaction will be entertaining to say the least. Can you picture her freak out, disappointment, attitude that it’s not fair she ended up in Jury and not final two. IF she makes final two, we all know she wins hands down. Jury members won’t be bitter, they know it’s a game and they all know Van has had a major role in their exit from the game, therefore she wins.


As much as I hated listening to Austinks nasty make out sessions amplified by their mics. I want Steve gone. He needs a wake up call so he can stop thinking he’s the best payer ever to have been on the show.

save steves bear

everyone is missing the point, the real concern while the feeds are down should be the safety of steves teddy bear..with no fear of cameras to see it, it’s probably not good what boy is doing to the bear…as far as the same logic with austin and liz, something tells me that snapper been well used and if anything, austin could be in danger lol


If you listen carefully to the highlight feeds you can hear the Bear quietly whimpering punctuated with occasional primal screams.

Operation bye bye

Sorry guys I still think it will be vanessa n jmac final 2 cuz she wants steve, austin and twins jury votes. Think abt it! Jmac knows steve will take him, liz will take him n vanessa will take him. Well liz is questionable since she said she would take van f2 if austin is gone but it cld change to jmac no way will she take steve n steve needs to go next after austin. Liz or jmac will win next hoh n van pov n steve will get to steppin to jury. VANESSA OR JMAC FOR THE WINNER FOR BB17!!! JAMES FOR AFP as he was the most entertaining!!! You can hate vanessa all you want but she has played the best game out and jury even knows it… put ur hate aside and look at strategy n game play cuz we know the jury will. Cant wait till tuesday shld be good to see austin walk out that door!


Van is on the block 100% because she can’t play HOH, It doesn’t matter who she sends home. If she sends Austin home, Liz is mad and after her , if she sends Steve home Austin and Liz won’t put each other up, and JM and Van are on the block..JM will def. put up Van and Austin. So her only chance of making final 3 is to win POV. I don’t even think Liz and Austin are stupid enough to keep Van over JM , I HOPE…LOL


There’s 4 people left. So whoever wins out of the three there’s two other people besides her they can put up. It will be interesting to see if she goes up bc even though she can win POV how will that affect that person with her in F3 if she makes it


My take on John if he makes the final 2 is that he’ll have to be able to articulate what his strategy was and incorporate his getting evicted. He’ll have to convince the jury that that was the danger of his strategy but he was able to fight his way back in and align with the very people who voted him out. He’ll also have to convince them that he wasn’t carried because he’s easy to beat but rather that was his choice and skill at the social aspect of the game that kept him there especially after being on the block as many times as he was.

I can hear JMac saying mathimatically my percentage of surviving the block is a lot better than anyone else’s. I was only evicted 10% of the time. No one else can say that! Rwarrwarg!?