Final Power of Veto Results “Sling Band Sling band Sling band”

Finale Schedule
Wed, 9/16- 8p = Eviction Episode
Thu, 9/17 – pre-empted by NFL = First of the Finale HOH played
Sun, 9/20- 8p = Second part of HOH Played
Wed, 9/23– 9:30-11p Finale = Winner of Big Brother

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9:00pm Feeds back Everyone milling around the kitchen
Steve playing with toys. Liz bring sup Sling band. Steve doesn’t know how to set it up. Liz say she does she took over as activities coordinator after Meg left.
Steve makes some eggs says he’s not putting any Flavour in it (Franks red hot sauce?)
Steve – Some people don’t like gluten I don’t like Flavour
Vanessa heads to bed since the sling band game isn’t starting now like she thought. 10 minutes ago she got Jmac out of bed to play Sling band.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-15 21-31-22-501

Vanessa and John were nominated

Vanessa wins the Power of Veto

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-15 21-13-14-502

9:42pm They are all playing Sling band

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-15 22-02-28-250
9:58pm They agree the “Glory Hole” is more symbolic with Sling Band because it’s impossible to hit.
Vanessa wonders why they are so tired they slept in till 10
Steve – I did a lot of scampering
Jmac – I worked out
Jmac says his Austin butt work out is really helping he feels muscles now. Adds that he’s never focused on the gluts before so when you start you make big gains.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-15 22-06-52-565

10:05pm Vanessa and Steve
Vanessa going on about how successful Steve is going to be in live because he’s so smart and has such a good education.
Steve says he’s exceeded everybody expectations nobody thought that someone like him with his social skills could make it this far.

Steve – I assume they both came to you already
Vanessa – not as much as you would think
Steve says he wants to earn some trust back with Vanessa, “I threw getting loopy accidentally.. it was me and Austin in the end I tried to answer wrong but I answer right”
Vanessa – right..

Steve – should I ask what your thinking or shouldn’t I
Vanessa – Johnnymac is too hard to beat in rounds.. I think we can beat her.
Vanessa says they have a better chance of Beating Jmac in the final 2 but Liz really doesn’t have a chance to get to the end. Vanessa says Johnnymac will take her to the end because he might win. Vanessa mentions how they find out tomorrow how good Steve is in an endurance comp.

Vanessa says Liz is better at balance and Speed but Vanessa is stronger, “Maybe if Johnny thinks we both would take him he wouldn’t try so hard.”
Vanessa says Liz fits the sweet girl mold, “I’m not sweet, i’m kind hearted but I’m not Sweet, I’m a better lawyer, Lawyers aren’t sweet”

Vanessa says the incentives have to match the promises, She’s going on and on about what to do.
Steve says the goblins and Shelli were close to Jmac.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-15 22-05-12-777
10:07pm Jmac Alone most likely going out tomorrow

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-15 22-07-12-570

Vanessa says she will make it to the end but is fully expecting to come in second place
Vanessa says she has every thing she needs and most things she wants
Steve goes on about how this game is harder for him than other people.. says he’s been fortunate all his life never felt hardship makes it harder for him to keep the game in perspective. He says he’s lost all perspective.
Steve is surprised she scumbaged Austin. Vanessa says she adores Austin but he wasn’t in a showmance when they first made their deal.
Vanessa – I connected more deeeply with you than him.
Vanessa says austin was in love with Liz.
Vanessa – I’m very proud how we played the game staying loyal to each other, You and I put a lot of thought into all our decisions.

Vanessa tells him they did more in the game than Austin. They laugh at how crazy this season was with a 5 person alliance.
They laugh at how foolish Johnnymac was in the game. Pointing out all that’s left in the game now are recruits.
Steve says Austin let emotions control his game. Steve adds that he drilled in his head “no showmance no showamnce no showmance”
Vanessa laughs says it would be fun to see him try.

Jmac joins them. Jmac looks at Vanessa’s teeth “you’re a grinder”
Steve – I know what that means… hashtag music school
Vanessa – that’s for gay men.. lesbian don’t use that

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-15 22-54-58-458

10:53pm Liz and Steve
Liz says she wants to know her fate she doesn’t want to walk out there and get surprised like Austin.
Steve – do you want to keep a long distance relationship wot him
Liz – I don’t knooooooooooooowwwwwwww long distance is really hard
Liz says she tried it once before when she moved to New Orleans and it didn’t work. Lzi says she likes to cuddle
Steve says he wanted to cuddle with Julia
Liz gives him a pointer, “Work out don’t look so puny, get some muscle”

Steve asks her if she’s sleeping with Austin on finale night. Liz says it’s been 90 days.
Steve says he’s waited 22.5 years
Steve asks her when she lost her virginity
liz – 17, that’s a good age
Steve – Mines not a good age..
Liz tells him he should just wait for the right girl.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-15 23-13-54-530


Either in bed, Getting ready for bed or in the Diary room.

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174 thoughts on “Final Power of Veto Results “Sling Band Sling band Sling band”



      1. Weren’t you just screaming it was rigged against Vanessa. She’s counting votes in Jury and knows she can’t take Julia or Steve. John will win next HOH and take Steve.

        1. I aint saying BB is rigged but what about the votes Vanmessa bought? It may be against the rules but once outside the house what can BB do? So far all I know of are Julia & Austin but there could be 1 or 2 more.

      2. Van told Steve he’s coming in 3rd, they’re gonna do a money making website together, and she can’t take Liz who’s got 2 automatic votes and can beat get in endurance. She’s leading Steve about who deserves to go to Final 3, but he pushes Liz again, so Vanessa can tell he knows it’s smarter to take John to F2. She’s up his butt, he’s up hers but Liz needs to go for everyone’s game.

      3. High five! VanNation Station! Austinks is finally gone! Good riddance. He thought he had everyone fooled. Well the jokes on you Judas! Haha!Love it! It’s all gravy from here. HOH Queen. Heck after today’s veto … hands down Vanessa deserves the win. Pretty impressive looking resume on top of outwitting … acting … convincing …strategizing etc etc etc. Bitter jury maybe??? She’s responsible for almost every eviction. Bravo! Buckle up folks! Looking forward to an awesome finale! ;)

        1. Her bulging eyes, her fake cry, and he over all annoying self. I hope Vanessa goes home broke. She is fake as hell, she pretends to cry, and who really cares if she loses or not. I can’t handle one more of her diary sessions where she rolls her eyes to where they bulge out and gives her fake cry. Her voice alone makes me want to vomit. She is in the category with Audrey!! ANNOOOOOYING!

      4. don t be ..Vanessa is delusional enouh to take Steve to f2 and that would be almost literally BB14 scenario…scumbagging Austin was a mistake, there is a way to take out ppl without making them your enemy…

    2. John loses Veto after Van fanatics call cheating on the last 2 POV & HOH. and Jesse mans the Tweets and Polls?? That’s a Mr. Pectacular takeover?? So it’s sling band for 2 hours REALLY?? Thank god Van won’t take Steve, he’s too popular with Jury and won too many comps. She’s told them all they’re going to Finals, John is playing dead man walking…I can dream can’t I?

        1. This stuff gets old. Every year people come out with ridiculous ideas about what is “right” for America’s Favorite Player. IT’S NOT A CHARITY.

          Vote for who was the most entertaining TO YOU.

          Vote for who you felt deserved to get further than they did IN ACCORDANCE TO THE GAME.

          Don’t hand out money to someone because of something that had nothing to do with their time in the house. Seriously. Big Brother is not a charity. Get over yourself.

          And sorry, I liked James, but maybe he should have been looking for a better paying job if his daughter is such a priority, instead of spending a summer on Big Brother. Keep looking through the rose colored glasses all you want, but ask yourself if this is what you as a parent would have done.

          1. Um, sunshine, if people can WIN THE WHOLE GAME on a social game alone, then why can’t they WIN AFP ON A SOCIAL GAME? Social games includes playing up weakness, making connections (in this case, the audience,) and playing up sympathies to gain EMPATHY. Don’t be so linear when you are chastizing everyone. It’s unbecoming of you….especially your logic is….wait for it……


          2. Um, sunshine, if people can WIN THE WHOLE GAME on a social game alone, then why can’t they WIN AFP ON A SOCIAL GAME? Social games includes playing up weakness, making connections (in this case, the audience,) and playing up sympathies to gain EMPATHY. Don’t be so linear when you are chastizing everyone. It’s unbecoming of you….especially your logic is….wait for it……


          3. Well you took that way off in some other direction that wasn’t intended. Forgot he had a daughter. Meant do what’s right and vote for him because he checked off the most boxes for America’s Favorite. Being all around genuine guy, being himself. John had his DR’s and that’s about it. Which he forced about half the time knowing it would help him with America’s Favorite.

          4. Why don’t you take your own advice. You sound like a huge hypocrite. James WAS the most entertaining. It has nothing to do with him having a daughter. Why should we vote for the most boring person in the house? Out f charity? Because we feel sorry for the underdog? Jmac wasn’t entertaining at all besides the last couple of days. What else did he do in the house besides sleep and yell in the DR? He was a lapdog to everyone in the house. That’s why he went on the block so many times. He was an easy target because he choose to be. At one point he kept saying he didn’t want to be there and didn’t care. And it showed when he kept agreeing with everyone like an idiot instead of defending himself. James will win. So get over it now.

        2. Sorry but James played a lousy game, turned on his own alliance member (Becky) when he could have evicted Vanessa, HUGE bad move. Lied in front of the whole house to Shelli, you lie in this game, but not with witnesses around. Except for hiding in the trash and scaring people he did nothing smart in the game. NO votes for James.

          1. It made more sense for James to evict Shelli. Vanessa wasn’t coming after him at that time and Shelli had the motive and the means, James just evicted Clay and Shelli could win comps. He was screwed no matter what he did.

    1. Steve probably thinks Jm will be harder to compete against. Also steve is hoping for twins and Aus. Vote in jury , and that he will get j also.

  1. LOL. Can’t wait to read all the pathetic haters rage at Vanessa winning. For me, she was the only thing that made this season slightly interesting. Except for all the butt hurt haters. Bring it on!!! Fill this thread with your hate. After you do though, your miserable lives will still be the same.

    1. I agree. She rocked this season. Her mind games had people doing things they thought were their own original ideas. She deserves to win.

    2. I agree, except for the last sentence. I understand she can probably be exhausting to watch, but for a Big Brother “fan” watching and appreciating the gameplay, who, in all honestly, has played better than Vanessa? Nobody has a case that they actually outplayed her strategically. Regardless of how I have ever felt about a player in 17 seasons of Big Brother, at the end of the game, I can at least respect strong gameplay.

      1. Ya, the last sentence was a little harsh. I didn’t really mean it, I just wanted to get the most out of the haters. They have been the most entertaining part of the game lately.

    3. Agreed. I’ve been a Vanessa fan since early in the game and knew she needed to win this POV to have any chance at finals, so I was relieved to see that she won. I know how much she’s hated by some people but as someone who’s watched since Season 1 (damn if that wasn’t a loooong season) I’ve seen a lot of good gamers and she’s definitely on that list. I’d like her more if she’d own her sh*t to us in the DR, but even without that her gameplay has been solid. Unfortunately, she told us what we (the Vanessa fans) know may be true last week – she’s in an unwinnable situation. Even if she gets to F2, 2 out of 3 of the people she might get there with have guaranteed votes (Liz and JMac both have 2). I think her best shot is against Steve, so she’s got to take out JMac…

      1. She played hard, and is deserving of
        Her place in the game, but people forget that the social game is a huge part of the game. Just because Jmac is not running down the whole house demanding 1st born children, does not mean that he has played less. I truly think he was trying to take a little piece of past winners and favorites and the man had to play on the fly every. Single. Week. I now think he was trying to be a blend of Britanny (funny dr’s,)Derek (observe and use others to annihilate (sorry you are a casualty of that one Becky) , and Dr. Will (ain’t winning Hoh, but very apparent that he could….his “thrown” comps we’re absolutely what kept him around longer and we’re carefully thought out, but his Achilles heel out was the fact that he could never solidify a strong alliance, because well, Vanessa had that on lock DAY 1. I honestly think, when you look at all the components, john was playing to win. If the jurors are allowed to vote how they want without being hypnotized with a bottle of wine and pictionary game (which is already filled with drawings while sayimg “oh gee, the cast of 16 forgot to rip these out…must be from last season….hey, does anybody know why Donny(16) is wearing a green beanie in that pic?), then Vanessa is absolutely only playing for second

    4. Old man’s theory of Vanessa being a master of NLP just won a point for his argument. Isn’t one of the steps to will yourself into accomplishments? Isn’t that what V has done this whole past week? She was adament and vocally certain that she was winning POV. She didn’t shut up about it…all. damn. Week.

    5. So let’s talk about irony, RJ. You can’t wait to read all the “pathetic” posts by all the “butthurt” losers on this site; yet, we are to believe that you have a full filling, wonderful, rainbows and puppy filled Utopia on your end of the computer screen? NOT to call you “pathetic” or anything, but……nah….I think Pathetic is the perfect adjective. Look! I even capitalized it for you, so that you have a legit nickname! You should thank me…I had to dodge a puppy that catapulted off the beautiful rainbow that is in your mind….L.o.L.

    6. Seriously? Get a hold of yourself. This isn’t real life, it’s a scripted soap opera staged at the point of casting. You think winning one comp erases the psycho abuse, cheating and bribes? Her integrity and reputation busted while Austin’s poisons the Jury. And CBS staged the whole thing for her new show. We’re still not buying books, or her closing argument. Production helped her buy it. She’s no more likable than she was 3 hours ago. After treating Steve like crap today, she’s sucking him up good now. And surprise surprise gonna buy them a money making website.

  2. She won. No no no no no!!!!!!!!!!!! Why!!! Such a glorious night with Austank leaving and now the Loch Ness Monster will remove herself from the block and take John out…. And Liz will stay. Life is unfair, but first world problems I guess. Til’ next year!!!

    1. If Vanessa keeps Liz is is really dumb as much as I liked john he will never win so who ever goes with him in the end will win (despite what Austin said) Liz has won just as much as Vanessa but she also has two of the 5 jury votes in her pocket. If Vanessa doesn’t win the final hoh no one is taking her. She made a final three deal with John that Steve is unaware of ( unless john told him but Vanessa definetly didn’t) also Vanessa believes John and Steve are not together I just don’t see her taking Liz if she wants a chance of winning

  3. oh boo. according to her skittles she is getting rid of MAC.

    Its in her best interest, but I really hope she is overvaluing Jury votes and how many Liz can already count in the bag. I doubt it.

    it was fun. MAC to 4th. I can live with that. now take the game home Steve. you better win that freaking HOH. and if SOMEHOW Liz gets evicted instead…you both better do anything and everything to throw Vanessa off so she doesn’t win.

  4. Since Van won POV, I’m assuming she will evict JMac. Then Steve and Vanessa will ultimately go to final two. I can’t see it going any other way.

    1. Of course she will evict JMac, and it’s the right move for her. At the end of the day, I’m pretty sure Liz will take Vanessa to the Final 2 because she’s said numerous times she wants a girl to win and Steve sent her sister packing. Steve might also take Vanessa to Final 2. He will probably have Austin’s comments in the back of his mind and he will most likely consider that Liz would have 2 votes on lockdown, meaning she would only need 3 more to win. She will also have a lot of campaigning help in the jury house with Austin and Julia.

      I think this might be a BB All-Stars scenario for Vanessa, where Boogie simply threw the first part of the HOH because, in his words, “they have to take me.” Might be too much fear of the unknown for Steve or Liz to take each other. They both probably think they have a fighting chance against Vanessa if they believe the jury hates her.

    1. Maybe, but her best move is to vote out JMac because her only chance of winning is against Steve, so she has to split them up or Steve will take JMac to the finals. If she did that, smart money would be that if Steve won the final HOH then he would know Liz has 2 votes on lockdown in the jury and his best chance is against Vanessa so she’s in F2. Of course, this is all logic. Who knows how the hell this will all play out… ;)

  5. Well, there it is. . . . . . . . . . Goodbye JohnnyMac. It was REALLY nice knowing you and you gave us the BEST moment in the house so far. Much love dude and ROCK ON!!!

  6. Fuck. She will evict JMAC and she will win…. At least that’s what I would do if I’m in her position. JMAC has enough friends on the jury to win this game and both Steve and Liz will take her F2.

    Disappointing to say the least after tonight’s episode.

    Do something JMAC DDS!!!! Anything!!!! Mindfuck Vanessa like you have been all week!!! JMAC is soooooooo close to winning this game and if Vanessa ends him that would make me and (I would think) every JMAC supporter feel built up to be brought back down if Vanessa ends his game tomorrow.

  7. Of course she won! And she also gets to decide who to evict… Maybe now the haters can appreciate her game? she’s a gambler and a good one.

  8. watch vanessa vote out john after he helped her get austin out….

    final 3 … steve,vanessa,liz
    final 2…. vanessa/steve
    winner of the season vanessa

    I Predicted the correct final 3 last year…. Let’s see if i’m right again this season…..

    1. Wow!!! you are predicting a final 3 with 4 players left. Noms and Veto done….your a fucking genius!!! Wish I could be as insightful as you! Omg you are a true Nessa fan. It must be like watching yourself on tv. Did you figure it out with Skittles? Lmfao

  9. Well, if she keeps Liz, she won’t win that’s for sure. Liz has a lot of comp wins. She’d go into final vote and automatically be down 0-3. Julia, Austin and Becky.

    1. Becky told Julie in her exit interview that she would vote for Vanessa if she is in the final 2. People vote for the best player. Vanessa wins the game.

  10. Ohhhh hellllllll yaaaaaaa vanessa haters whats that VANESSA WINS POV!!!!# VANESSA FOR THE WIN!!!!
    Still PRICELESS the look on all the haters faces now…………. LUVIN IT!!! I voted James AFP go James you soo deserve it!

    1. Weren’t you the one saying it was rigged?? Hahaha. Liz goes next. You heard it hear. JMAC wins HOH takes Steve. Sorry! Not Sorry. Steve’s afraid to go to F2 against John, he’d win over Liz, Van had to take JMAC to force them into taking her to F2. Hahaha. She’s still bring, told Steve she waves to do a website with him, code for you’re going next.

    1. When Austin enters jury house and they ask who was HOH and he says Vanessa, they will again know how powerful she has been and they will know she got them all. They have to vote for best game play over who they like.

    2. Unfortunately, Vanessa has played a strong game. I don’t like the way she’s played and the house guests have made several mistakes with Vanessa. I’m still perturbed about the offers of money and prizes from Vanessa. I see the jury being aware of how strongly she’s played and they have gotten over their hurt feelings. Even Austin will see it after he pouts a bit.

      If they take Vanessa to the final 2, they lose to her.

  11. Who will she take? I’m thinking Jury votes would lean more to getting rid of Liz. Didn’t Van and Steve have a convo a week or so ago about scenarios with who would win with who? And didn’t Steve tell her that Liz would beat her? was it this last week when she was HOH or when Steve was HOH?
    I remember reading it on here. Anyone know when that convo was?

  12. YES!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!! She really needed this win.

    Like her or not, Vanessa is the one there who deserves it the most. It would be such a anticlimactic ending with a Johnny Mac win.

  13. Why do you all like J-Mac so much? He is clearly the least deserving of the four and if he were to have won the game, he would’ve gone down as one of the worst winners of all time.

  14. Someone guessed the Veto would be poker so Van would win. Between Poker Face commercials, Van gets to choose Final 3 after choosing Final 4. Van Steve & Liz are acting much too happy, so John must be getting evicted next Guess we have to root for Steve now. Steve is more popular in Jury, and she’s wanted to sit next to Liz who’s had no game. Could she keep John who’ll be easier to beat? Did he blow it by keeping Steve in? John looking grim. Time for GuitarHero to play Stairway to Heaven, cuz his game could be over.

  15. Vanessa has run the show all summer. Like it or not, she’s got this thing in the bag if she makes it to final 2. I think she’ll vote Jmac out this week and try to take Liz to the final 2. Simply put, if liz is in final 2 she can’t vote against Vanessa.

    1. More like annoyed the show all summer…..

      I personally found her game play poor and annoying. Bribing? Not allowed in the rules. Saying you will split winnings? Not allowed in the rules. Her game was against basic rules of the game unless it changed this season…… She is by far not a great, and will be forgotten like that winner in BB 15….what’s his name again?

      Johnny played the DR and not the live feeders in the house. To me this is a true fan of the game, building a show for people to enjoy at home. Where he lacked in the house, he made up for it in the DR. Steve played smart. Weird to watch, but played solid through the season. Both these guys won comps, and played a consistent game.

      Liz, bad game and only reason she made it far was because of poor game play of other house guys.

      Austin, not really sure how I feel about his game play. He was very bitter leaving. He may try and sell the jury that Vanessa should love, but if they respect her game move on Julia in the POV and now Austin, they may may vote Vanessa to win.

  16. Will someone please remind what happens after the eviction Wednesday night? I’ve watched every season, but I can’t seem to remember how the final 3 parts work. Thanks

    1. They all play part 1 HOH. The part 1 HOH winner has to wait and see who wins part 2. Then Part 2 winner plays part 1 winner. Whoever wins that decides who he/she is going to take to F2

  17. As soon as things get good the scumbag comes along and ruins it again. Can’t believe that was John’s HOH and because of Steve’s screw up it actaully causes him to win. If James gets robbed of this America’s Favorite this season will officially be the worst one. John was actually going to throw that veto. Come on how can you vote for that?

  18. Also, earlier on Sunday they were talking, Vanessa and Austin and they said if john got to final three he would get picked because he was the weakest player. So, I still see it a toss up. Wonder if there will be any talk tonight??

  19. Oh, for f*cls sake, you’ve gotta be kidding me with Vanessa winning POV!! What the hell did we all do that was terrible enough to torture us by keeping Vanessa in that damn house?!? Blah.

  20. Didn’t I hear Vanessa promise JMac in tonight’s episode final 3??? How will she twist that one?
    Oh….. She promised everyone.
    I don’t like her, but she outplayed everyone from day one.
    Austin can now finger Judas in the jury house.

  21. I believe steve put john and vanessa up with the plan of liz being the replacement and actual target. I think steve wants john to stay, but who knows what vanessa will do!

  22. Walking away from strategy talk for a minute…anyone else notice that Liz isn’t exactly torn up over Austin’s exit from the game? When he walked out, I didn’t see a tear. And she looks like she’s genuinely having fun right now playing Sling Band with the other HGs…laughing, joking around…just sayin’…

  23. People are saying Vanessa played a great game, but in my opinion the truer reality is that she was fortunate to play in a season the other HGs were weak and easily manipulated.

    If there was even just one other HG that saw through the way Becky did her chances of making it as far as she had would’ve decreased quite a bit.

    1. Becky didn’t see through shit. Jmac was her closest ally. Jmac saw through the bullshit and Becky couldn’t pull the trigger. Its a bb16 Donny theme all over again

    2. Meh. I don’t think Becky really could see through Vanessa. Becky didn’t have a clear picture of what was going on on this house. She couldn’t even tell the goblins didn’t consider her part of their group. NO, Becky was just insanely jealous of Vanessa for some reason, maybe because of Vanessa’s friendship with Shelli. I just think you might be confusing Becky’s low self esteem \ jealousy of Vanessa with the ability to see through Vanessa.

  24. Vanessa and her roller coaster emotional behavior may have been hard to watch but reality is she played harder and better than anyone else. She deserves the win!

  25. Both of the people that i ended up choosing as my picks for this season have made the top three. I didn’t expect that. before last weeks hoh competition, I had thought vanessa would go home in fifth, with steve being ditched in third. okay. i was wrong.
    do you think Vanessa saves jmac and goes into the final three with a pair, one of whom can win the first component of the final hoh? Or does she save Liz and go into the final three with someone that has two guaranteed jury votes?
    If i had to guess, Jmac will be evicted. I only think this because she had extrapolated two or three weeks ago to steve that it might be easier to go to final three with liz because both of them could beat her in most of the final hoh components. If i’m wrong, so be it. But, imo if she’s thinking next step and not end game, i think she will evict Jmac.

  26. MAC dumped the blood on her

    now on his way out the door, he should say “you know, If I was to vote one way right now, its for you Vanessa, you have played one heck of a game”

    then walk out to Julie Chen and s he will ask if he meant it, and say “NOOOOOOOO”

  27. 2 days of no feeds equals rigging for Van to win. Can they rig it for her to take Johnny Mac? Can she be convinced that Liz has Four to five jury votes if she stays? They could tell Van that Liz could have Julia Austin & sorority sister shelli and JMac & Becky if he’s voted out, then she might consider keeping JMac for final 3 knowing he hasn’t won much.
    So sick of her somehow winning in the vital times. Grodner & group need to go- vote them out!

  28. I keep wishing the gossip sites are wrong and they its not rigged for Vanessa to win but dating back to Becky’s eviction she keeps hanging on to dear life and keeping control.

    Derrick was in control all game last year but it didn’t feel rigged. This season does.


  29. She might take Johnny Mac cause she keeps on talking about how everyone will bring him along to final 3 because he hasn’t won any HOH’s

  30. I knew this scenario will happen. And she will most likely win final hoh. She is a great presuader than anyone in the house. It looks like goodbye jmac. She is not taking jmac because its an advantage for steve. Liz is playing for second place. Vanessa will win final hoh and win the game. Steve has to take liz to win the game.

  31. Love this site but hate the way your video hates hold you hostage. Anyone else experiencing being unable to scroll down because the video ads are holding the site up?

      1. Hey Simon, am I being particularly inappropriate today. I wanna see my down votes, Simon and daaaaawwwwwwwwgggguuuuhhh! ????????????

  32. Vanessa major props you have ran this season and deserve it. You have out played every single person and gave us the best blindside sending Austin finally out the door that was PRICELESS! You have earned best player and deserve to win the whole thing!!! It was hard to watch you cry all the time and question people none stop but hey I guess if that got you to f3 then you earned it. I have enjoyed this season alot more than the last two **Lady Maverick for the WIN!**

    1. I jsut realized it. Vanessa has only admitted she has seen season 14….and she is playing ruthless like Dan did! Did she not see Dan got 2nd place because of a bitter jury? SO when Austin said his shit, I wonder if he saw some of the same game play moves, thought it was played out before and won’t vote for her?

  33. It’s bad enough Van won veto, now she’s questioning Steve’s win in slingband? Are you kidding? Control freak much Vanessa? Ugh’

  34. I honestly think Vanessa does not have jury votes from Meg, James, Austin and Liz. I think John, Becky, Steve and Shelli would vote for Vanessa. Jackie and Julia are the two undecided votes. I think Liz beats Vanessa or Steve. Steve won’t win. John, I think would beat Vanessa, Liz and Steve mainly because he was already voted out and it’s pretty hard to make it to the end when you reenter the game.

    Basically Vanessa’s only shot is to take Steve to the finals.

  35. I guess vanessa could run the season with the help of production! Apparently they have her there because she has a show that’s going to be on cbs. That is ridiculous and explains why she was not voted out sooner.

  36. Let’s be happy that it’s a final 3 w/ Steve & Vanessa, really want jmac to be the third, cuz honestly, I was rooting for Steve, Jmac, & Vanessa in that order. Good gameplay, epic wins, some straight up manipulation. Liz needs to be the next juror. Good luck F4

  37. Am I hoping against all hope that Vanessa will be considering Liz’s locked-in jury votes and “tainting” of the jury, as promised by Austin? Could she be thinking that she could look better against Jmac, and present a better case to win. Am I alone with this line of thought?
    Ever hopeful anyway.

  38. So fitting to watch the feeds around 145am EST time and see Vanessa why do people not listen to me…..Then watch JohnnyMac give a sly smile in the cameo… You had your chance Johnnymac and I supported you, should have taken out steve and teamed up with liz and Vanessa..

    Unreal that we now have Vanessa with 90% of us despise in the finals…

  39. I actually think Vanessa’s best move is to evict Liz not John, but I don’t expect her to see that. She’ll instead be blinded by this Steve-John “showmance” that she keeps referring to. (By the way how disrespectful and emasculating is that? I was a Vanessa fan before BB because she’d be on television every once-in-a-while playing poker, but now that I’ve been following her for about 3 months and know more about who she really is – I can’t help but despise her). Liz already has 2 votes in the bag, and, given her personal relationship with the Goblins in the house, might have 5. If John is in the jury, I have a hard time seeing him vote for Vanessa to win as well over Liz. Does it make sense to take Liz with you to the final 3 when you just singlehandedly evicted her beau after her twin sister left the house and you destroyed any semblance of trust and influence with her? I don’t think it does. But this is Vanessa. It didn’t make sense for her to win the last HOH either and she did.

    John hates Vanessa. So much so that he thinks he’ll have a legitimate chance to beat her in the final – she said it herself. So why not take him over Liz? The only argument she’d have to make sitting next to him in the final 2 is “Hey, jury… I know you might hate me and all, but, one of us has been evicted from the BB house; the other hasn’t. The point of the game is to NOT be evicted from the BB house. If you want to let bitterness get in the way of what should be the easiest jury vote in BB history, well, then, shame on you.”

    Again, she won’t do this though. She’ll focus on the Steve-John alliance and foolishly worry about being down 2-1 in the final 3 when she’ll be down 2-1 in the final 3 regardless. Ain’t nobody taking her to the final if they can help it…

  40. So I came across a James interview on hollywood reporter where he says when asked who doesnt he want to see f2 Austin and Steve = Priceless! I totally forgot about Austin weeks ago promising up and down how if they kept him he didnt want to win he would do whatever they wanted and he would be a pawn everytime and yet he says tonight I thought I was going to win it. Are u kidding me? James said he doesnt respect anyone throwing in the towel or his game play. He said Steve floated through the whole game. Im pretty sure Steve’s not getting james vote aswell as meg, becky, jackie, or julia. Thats 5 votes so if vanessa and steve are final 2 steve looses.

  41. Third season in a row (BB16, BBcan3, BB17) where there’s calls of game rigging.
    I’m shocked.
    Imagine how hard Vanessa would be playing if it wasn’t rigged. Imagine the paranoia if it wasn’t a foregone conclusion that she’d win if the gossip has any weight. Yeah, that’s a little sarcasm.
    Realistically, her episode edit has been becoming a little less golden in the last two weeks than it was for the first half of the game. If they were rigging the game for her, would she not be getting the royal edit?

    1. Okay, BBCAN3 was my least favorite season I have watched to date. It was rigged in that what was shown on TV helped Toronto peeps make it to the finals with the fan voting. Then in BBUS16, when they started to talk about

      Its not so much rigged, its like the CBS guys have a script pre written and interfere to have what they want to happen. I find this frustrating as I would rather watch a train wreck opposed to guided questions. I for one don’t believe in coincidences, and too much doesn’t add up watching the BBCAN3 feeds religiously, and reading the blogs/watching these feeds on/off.

    2. Please, when production interferes, it’s way more blatant than this.

      Think Rachel and Porsche in the duo twist in BB13

      Think the jury turning on Natalie in BB11 because she lied about her age…when in reality production were in their ears, because Jordan was way more popular with the viewers. Rather, Jeff and Jordan were.

      BB doesn’t need to rig this season, the finalists all have a solid fan base. It’s not like BB13 where the season would have been an epic failure if floaters Porsche or Adam would have won, and unlike BB11, Vanessa winning doesn’t symbolize some kind of fairy tale ending that the tv viewers can all go “awwww” at. If Liz won, that would raise an eyebrow from me, because it would generate huge buzz for CBS that their twin twist was so successful. Vanessa winning is a solid ending to the season, but nothing spectacular. Production has little to gain from a Vanessa win in the long run, it would just be a solid end to a solid season.

  42. Still,l kudos to Austin for calling out Vanessa on his way out. Even though she has veto, it was a blast to watch her pretend to weep every time she scumbagged her own team. The highlight of the night for me was when Steve said on the CBS airing, I’m up for eviction, why is she ballin’? (vanessa)

    1. Austin calling someone on scumbagging.
      i can’t even.
      He set up two different alliances in week nine all to scumbag Vanessa didn’t he?
      He scumbagged Johnnymac didn’t he?
      The same week he was planning to scumbag Vanessa until she won veto?
      He wanted to scumbag Julia, but wanted someone else to pull the trigger so he could suck back up to Liz about it. For two weeks he was good with it.
      He planned to scumbag Vanessa again the week that led to Julia’s eviction.
      I guess he should know all about scumbags.
      Yeah, she got him before he got her.
      Sure she scumbagged him. But him acting like an innocent victim is crap.
      Not everyone can blame a made up character in their head for their bad behavior.

  43. LMFAO! at the haters of Vanessa all season. Now they will say the whole thing was rigged because they are so butthurt. Omg this is so good.

    LadyBug is so mad. LoL. That woman is so obsessed with Vanessa and Vanessa will never know she exists. That will only add to LadyBugs rage and fury.

    GO Vanessa. U got this girl!

    We are all TeamVanessa. Fuck the few haters. You made this season great and we will never forget the best player to ever play this game. VanessaRousso.

  44. I’m an older viewer, and with experience, I smell a rat. That Vanessa lady is so phony, especially when she pretends to cry after evicting her friends. At this point, I hope that Steve takes his only real team mate, Johnny Mac to the Finals, cheers

  45. Wouldn’t it be funny if at the finals Vanessa took off the elasto-mask and surprise it’s Jace! “They took my face down so I stole Vanessa’s, That’s why I was do two-faced all season”
    We’ll it would be funny! Science-fiction, but funny.

  46. Well….haven’t commented in a long time. We know a few things…

    Audrey was right about Vanessa being the manipulator.

    We know Austin and Liz are Belle and Beast.

    And we know, as much as we hate her, Vanessa is probably gonna take this. Oh, and to those calling her “the best BB player ever,” I didn’t realize this was your first season watching. :-)

    Have a wonderful night newbs.

    1. Totally agree. That’s why the DR didn’t let him in to talk. I think if he wins, he will claim all his questionable moves were actual strategy. I also think his behavior is all an act. I think he is sneaky, underhanded and manipulative. That’s why he and Vanessa hit it off. In fact, their entire alliance was full of despicable people. I have never watched a season of BB where I didn’t have at least one person I liked in F4. Cant wait for this season to be over and see how these Hg’s feel about their behavior and game decisions.

  47. After catching up on After Dark, I just don’t understand why Steve and Vanessa wouldn’t take Jmac with them. I get that they’re afraid of each other choosing him for F2, but do they seriously think they could fare better with Liz? Maybe live-feeders are seeing something I’m not. They should both be afraid of sitting with Liz. Methinks there is a trust issue….as expected.

  48. Steve is going for second place against vanessa. She made all the moves and got every single person since week3. She got jeff out. She got out audrey out. She got jason out. She campaign and got clay put. She was on the block and got shelli out. Everyone thinks that vanessa was the one who got jackie out. Becky was next. Meg was out. Julia was out because vanessa was the deciding vote. Austin now. And either jmac or liz. So she is freaking lawyer and study game theory. Steve wont win the final hoh sorry buddy. Should fought hard since final 5 or flip the vote for meg

  49. I don’t get all the jmac love. For me he wasn’t funny and his yelling in the diary room was just annoying. I did watch his you tube videos and he is an amazing guitar player. But that has nothing to do with the game.

  50. I really hope Steve or whoever is left after tomorrow win the hoh and evict Vanessa. I hate the way she played this game, preach integrity and loyalty all while scumbagging everyone who is close to you and then start bawling and saying how you would never hurt them whrn you get caught, she acted like a toddler

  51. OMG! Steve is balling his eyes out in the Hoh room crying and carrying on talking to his mom about how hes soooooooo sorryyyy he lost the game for her over and over and over and talking to himself saying what his mom would say to him (Steven you should of took johnny,) throwing that poor teddy bear on the bed a couple of times… Hes really loosing it in there. Wow! He then says over and over I cant be alone right now nobody here cares!

  52. I hope there is time for jury footage tomorrow due to brenchel appearing. I want to see everyone look to see asshole coming to jury house. Cbs should have jury footage like bbcan. If they dont have time to just show it online


  54. I am still not sure who Vanessa will evict in the same way I wasn’t sure who would go tonight. When Steve is alone and talks to the camera he talks about how he did a big game move by getting out the twins. And, then talks about his next big game move is to get out Vanessa. He is sure that will secure him to be the winner…those 2 big game moves! He also talks about how JMac has been so loyal to him and how they had a final 2 from the beginning. He always spoke in terms of he and JMac going to final 2. JMac is the one person he trusts and knows he would help him get Vanessa out. Yes, it is tricky that Vanessa is the person who decides who goes. She asked Steve if he thought about who he wanted to evict and he said he didn’t know. Of all the players, I think JMac is Steve’s weak spot. JMac is the only player who didn’t do wrong by him. He sees Vanessa for who she really is and he was mad that she chose to put up Steve and Jmac vs. Austwins. He doesn’t trust Vanessa. There’s still a possibility that he may try to talk Vanessa to evict Liz. Will it work??? THAT is the $64,000 question!?!? She sees pluses and minuses for both Jmac and Liz. I am hoping Steve for once will do the right thing and talk Vanessa into keeping JMac…(especially when he knows he technically didn’t win HOH!) Also hoping that the short time between evictions won’t give Vanessa the time to think things out as she usually does and would listen to Steve. OK….Don’t burst my bubble! I am allowed to dream!

  55. (Sigh) Forget what I just wrote… I just found out that Vanessa talked Steve into throwing the POV to her and he did!!!! He then is crying in the HOH for doing so. He knows he could have won the POV and save John. He is now feeling guilty. He admits he may have cost himself $500,000.

  56. The only possible redeption now would be to see whichever HG Vanessa chooses to stay, whether it’s John or Liz, NOT chose her for final two. To see her leave in third place in any way, I’m ok with that.

  57. I knew that deal with Austin and Vanessa would turn sour and he would be out the door as soon as they shook hands in the HOH and metal dropped on the floor. I think it was a key but it was metal nevertheless after they shook on it. That’s what he gets using the name Judas. :P

    Hope they get rid of Liz and the 3 of them fight it out. I don’t mind the people left in the house…Now lol.

  58. Hey, Johnny Mac
    Here’s what we need to do.
    You throw me the veto, & I’ll take you to final 2.
    I won’t use it to take you down, you understand ?, but I can keep you safe.
    I promise you won’t go home, I swear you’ll be safe to the end.
    Do we havea deal ?
    Yea, OK, sounds good, ha, rwahaaraaharrrhar
    Swear to me on everyone,everything & anything important to you.
    OK ha.
    Good then we have a deal.
    Ok then, we’ll talk later, I have to go wash Austins blood off my hands.
    By the way,that was realy good game, You’re the best player I’ve ever seen !

  59. Its hard to say “if this person was with these people they would have destroyed them ect ect”. It would have been a different dynamic in the house if it was Dan, Will, Dick, [Andy (kidding hahaha) the game has changed so much even since then.

    The way that Vanessa has manipulated people in the house into doing what she wants is awesome socially. The game isn’t only winning comps, sometimes its just being more social that will win the game. Most times people are bitter as hell and they will not give it to the best player but who was nice to them, whether that person won or not.
    Jmac Vanessa Steve and Liz all played different games. Obviously not to bad because there they sit. Think about how mad people would be if floater Meg (who I do like) was in final 3? As “nice” as she is people would be pissed.
    Players are left I like it.

    *I heard you’re no body…..shhhhhh don’t tell anyone*

  60. The only chance J-Mac has to stay in the game is to offer up everything.

    1. Tell Vanessa she can’t win without gaining back Austin, Julia, Liz as votes. She can’t keep Liz and run the risk of Liz not taking her to finals or Van taking Liz because not only would she never get Julia or Austin vs. Liz, Liz will be in finals and that’s another vote she could’ve had for herself. -3 votes.

    2. If she keeps Liz now but ends up winning Final HOH and cutting Liz at that point, she losses all 3 votes because Liz will walk out to the jury already on stage, they will find out Van cut her, and Austin will be pissed that Liz is pissed and they will vote emotionally with no time to decompress. Thus she is -3 votes again.

    3. The only way for Van to get Liz and Austin back is to cut Liz now and let her have a few days in jury with Austin to calm down, and, SIT NEXT TO JMAC IN FINAL 2 because that’s the ONLY shot she has at winning back any of those 3 votes. She doesn’t get all 3 vs. Steve, she gets NONE vs. Liz, but she could pull all 3 vs. Jmac even if they were pissed.

    For someone that likes number that theory might work with her. If I were JMac I would also tell her I’d throw part 1 of the HOH. Vanessa is going to realize she has to win the HOH because as she loves to do, she will say “I didnt wanna win this but then I realized I did wanna win this.” She’ll be too paranoid the others will stab her in the back and have to win. Thus creating a scenario where she either takes Liz and loses Liz as a potential vote and gives 2 real votes away. Or stabs Liz in the back on Finale night and loses 3 votes.

  61. OMFG!!!! BB15 winner Andy the Rat (#redheadedrat), BB16 Winner Derrick (#crookedcop), and it looks like our winner for BB17 will be Vanessa Rousso aka Lady Maverick (#fakecryinglyingscumbagwithnointegrity), but I have to admit, she was there to play the game, but her tactics was bullying and being disrespectful! Really had high hopes for Audrey, Davonne, James, Jason, even Meg to win, but some were there just to be on TV; and when they gotten vital information, they just blabbed it out to the entire house (Davonne and Jason)! Cannot wait for Survivor Second Chance next week; and I’ll try out for Big Brother again for next season and if I’m chosen…I’ll show the world how to play the game WITH integrity!!!

  62. I think this is going to be one of the worst endings to BB. I can not stand Vanessa and hate the idea that she is going to win, but she has it in the bag, there is no way the jury is not going to vote for her. Yes they maybe be mad at all the games she played with them, but all in all she played the game, made the moves, got so much blood on her hands. It is going to make me sick watching her win
    I just do not like her crying every second to get what she wants, reminds me of a spoiled two year old. And then there is the, do not lie to me or make alliances that I am not a part of. I can do that, I can lie all I want, make so many alliance I ran out of names. But don’t you dare do as I do, do as I say.
    She bullied Steve into an alliance, that kid is so afraid of her it is sad.
    And I am going to hate watching her take the win.

  63. It all depends on how she really sees it. Liz has won several HoH’s, a BotB, went this far in an obvious threesome, and had a twin in the game. She has a solid pedigree for winning. Steve won several HoH’s took the first shot at the threesome so he has something to tout to the jury. John has 4 veto wins and fighting his way back in the game but he’ll have to articulate a viable strategy for the jury to side with him. John has the hardest sell even if the jury looks at Steve as riding Vanessa’s coat tails.
    Vanessa has the worst odds with Liz but she may cut John because he’s less likely to take her to final 2.

  64. Alright guys I’m out. Between Liz, Steve and Vanmethhead, I could not care less who wins. JMac was the only one keeping me invested since James got axed. Thanks for your hard work this year Simon/Dawg, I’ll make sure to put a contribution in for you guys. Survivor can’t start soon enough!

  65. Can someone win the game and also be AFHG? I would love for JMac to win (yes, Vanessa may have had a great game, but I like JMac) but I wasn’t sure if the winner could br AFHG too

    1. First and second place winners cannot be the favorite. If they have the most votes they move down to the next person on the favorite list.

      Fantasy: James and Meg made it to final 2, he wins the game and has the most votes for AFHG they go to the number 2 in vote getting if that’s Meg they go to number 3.

  66. Nooooo! I am so sick and tired of Van being HOH, even when she is not HOH. There were only 2 evictions she did not plan or execute: Clay and Shelli (which were my favs).
    It’s so difficult to see Van in power week after week. I wanted to see her scramble. I wanted to see her forced off her high horse. Sigh.

  67. Why oh why do they tell people “I’m out. Never watching BB again”

    No one gives a fuck!!!!

    And by the way you are the same people under different screen names and have said you are leaving several times. Gtfo!

    CBS wants you to just leave and stop being a bitch and saying you are leaving and still here. Go fuck faces!

    They all reading this thinking “I am going to thumb down this jerk then post under a new screen name and say how much I hate Vanessa. Perhaps sprinkle in a few lies about her and say she caused me to stop watching the show”

    Lmfao. It’s the end of the show. You watched the whole season idiot!

  68. I think Van and Steve underestimating Liz will be their undoing in F3. I also think Liz , despite all of her claims for a female winner would lessen those chances by taking Steve over Vanessa to F2. All her wins + being a twin in F2 + 2 guaranteed votes = a win.

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