Big Brother 16 Post Season Interview list **Videos**

Last night was the Finale of Big Brother 16. We witnessed Cody winning the final HOH and sticking true to his alliance the Hitmen. COdy Evicted Victoria and Derrick won the game by a vote of 7-2. Bellow is a grow list of post season interviews. I will continue to add to this list as more videos become available. From other media sources.

If the videos are blocked due to your geographic area I recommend getting a VPN. Being in Canada everything is blocked from CBS so I’ve been using Hidemyass for years it’s cheap and easy to use. VPN Sign up Link

Derrick and Frankie on the view..

Big Brother 16 Finale – Kelli Green’s Backyard Interviews

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I can’t look at any of the interviews. it says “the uploader has not made this video available in your country”. Is there another way to see these videos?

Kathie from Canada

Simon addressed the issue in his comments. All the info you need is there.

Linda from Canada

I just went a bought hide my ass for a year,an cant get it to work 🙁


Thank you for link Sassy1. Am enjoying interviews but think I will forego Skankie’s.


Videos were interesting. So happy for Donny winning AFP. Loved seeing the Donny interview with Jeff. Zach is a character. I would like to see a lot more of him – perhaps Donny and Zach on TAR. AG giving a pink hat to Zach was surprising. Zach saying he is now going from Zankie to Zariana was funny. Frankie is going to be devastated. LOL… Loved watching Jeff give the zinger gifts to Christine and Victoria. Two floaters who were lost in fantasy land. The Hitman shirts were great… Have to give Derrick and Cody credit – they played a good game together. Derrick deserved his win and perhaps is one of the best players in the history of BB.

Funny Strange or Funny Ha Ha?

LMAO at people saying they loved the videos Simon & Dawg posted but skipped the Frankie vid after we just did the exact same thing. He’s such an Arsehole capital A, but here I find out Ariana is trying to salvage any scrap of good will possible by giving Zach a pink hat. Methinks she tasted the Frankie Hatorade! HaHaHaHa


What hate are you referring to about Frankie Grande? It’s sure not being taken seriously by CBS the network that airs Big Brother.. In case you didn’t know by now, CBS has signed Frankie & Zach on to next season’s edition of The Amazing Race… There goes your theory down the toilet where it belongs that people hate Frankie.. He was ratings gold this year for Big Brother and helped bring massive publicity to the show, good and bad. So you can look forward to seeing him on The Amazing Race next season and continue the hate on… Just make sure you continue to trend his name on social media along with others just like you. Love live Zankie… To be continued on The Amazing Race on CBS next season.

An Airplane

I think we still provide a throw-up bag!


Nice try. They have announced what the format is for next season of TAR and those two wouldn’t even fit in the format.


Zankie is a duo, what difficulty do you think The Amazing Race will have fitting a duo that is neither married or related to each other on the show? Frankie and Zach have already stated that they have signed on to next season which reportedly starts filming in November 2014. There is no rules set in stone that the contestants on The Amazing Race must in some ways be related or married to each other. Frankie’s haters will follow him to TAR simply because they will want to bash him later on social media on what they seen that night on the show. Zankie fans will tune in to see both of them on CBS.. That is a ratings success…


Thank you so much. I was able to watch all the videos.

Kathie from Canada

honestly, Veronica is about as bright as a 15 watt bulb! ????


Does she win any cash for third place?

Pinocchio Obama

Three great things from last night show:

Even though I don’t like him Derrick did deserve to win.

Donny won America’s Favorite Player.

I don’t have to see Frankie again.


I agree with first two, but Frankie? CBS will prostitute him around for a long time. Why was he even on the Talk? (which sucks since Leah left). Derrick was the winner, not Frankie, it should have been Derrick and Cody or Derrick and Donny since he was AFP!! What does Julie Chen get for kissing the pink parrot’s ass anyway?


Why don’t you ask instead what CBS got from Frankie Grande during the entire season run of Big Brother?? Where do you want to start? The upswing in ratings that surpassed last year’s Big Brother 15? How about the unprecedented social media attention that the show received this year? World wide trending that the show received this year? Good and bad, it doesn’t matter as long as people were talking about Big Brother and it became a water cooler moment this summer, which is exactly what happened. The same goes for television ratings, it didn’t matter if you tuned in to love the show or just to scream at the screen every time Frankie was on, all that mattered was that the channel was turned to Big Brother this past summer.. Now did that answer your question? By the way you will be able to continue your hate on for Frankie next year as well because he along with Zach have been signed on to The Amazing Race for next season and the filming begins in a few months… So Frankie Grande will be back on the small screen on CBS for your enjoyment in a few months.


Hey Branded you just started posting after the show? And so pro Frankie…are you Frankie? Or Ariana’s pr person? Did you even watch the feeds? e.g. When Frankie lost the last comp, he ran into the fire room where Cody was lying down, and asked about him being safe while he opened his mouth and went towards Cody’s pelvis…Cody freaked out and pushed him away. That’s appropriate behavior? He simulated attacking Victoria. That’s appropriate behavior? So many times the guys pushed him away. And he wouldn’t leave the HOH room, said it was his room thru out the show, especially after announcing who his sis was and he was a “media mogul.”. He threatened Caleb and the guys with using his legions of fans to attack them when he was going to be voted out, and even before that. Not very nice behavior.


I have posted comments throughout this past season’s shows. What is your problem towards the Grande family anyway? Have they personally done you wrong, right down to the family pets? You and other’s irrational hatred towards Frankie Grande has transferred over to innocent family members, which is insane to say the least. Like I said even if a family pet of the Grande’s was shown by Frankie or Ariana people like you would turn your anger towards a cat or dog in a heartbeat.. That is just insane blind hatred. Anyway I look forward to next season’s edition of The Amazing Race that will feature Zankie and I will be cheering for them to win the $1 Million top prize.

Roll. Tide

You must be Arianna or Mama Joan.


I don’t have a problem with the Grande family. Liked Frankie in the beginning. He is the one that kept shoving his sister’s fame, his mogul status down the viewer’s throats with hash tags and shout outs and threats that he would use their legions of fans to hurt the other house guests. It was sad when his grandfather passed, yet Jocasta, who was so kind to have a memorial for Frankie’s grandpa, Frankie later said she should die! These things, along with his constant ego maniacal, obtrusive behavior caused viewers to not like him at all. And believe me, if CBS would have had a real audience when Frankie was evicted, instead of a CBS employee audience which they announced it would be, he would have been booed to high heaven. Don’t have a Grande problem, just have no respect for Frankie’s behavior.

TY Obama for saving us from Dumbya's Great Depression

Three things I loved about your comments

1 We don’t have to see your ugly face while reading them
2 Yes it was great to see Donnie win AFP and Derrick deserved to win (Didn’t love him but liked him though)
3 You prove that the only Frankie haters are the brainwashed and braindead Faux News watchers (You oxygen deprived morons are hilarious to listen to)


Why the Frankie hate? If Obozo had a son….

Bumbling Bozo Barack


So do you think BB17 will be new contestants or All Stars?

Pinocchio Obama

Maybe have an All Star seaon with all the second place contestants from the first 16 seasons or all the America’s favorite Players and some of the best non winners.

i wish that instead of America’s Team Big Brother would let the fans have an eviction vote each week and vote for the winner on finale night. Maybe even have a week when the fans get to put one houseguest on the block.

Obozo Lies Again

Thanks for the video links!


Simon thank you for posting the videos. Loved them.

Bumbling Bozo Barack

Me too. I was hoping we would of got a little more fire from the jury last night.

les Moondes says

Let’s pander to frank the fondler instead of the winner because we covered up his sexual assaults.frank still sucking up to julie.Franke just said he would accept Zach marriage proposal .sorry thought I could tell fans about talk show, I can’t derrick was sideshow, if you really want to see Frank in sparkles in team Zach shirt feed his head, while derrick smiles be my for me, I will gargle with bleach to get the bad taste out of my mouth.Franke crawl back in your den of iniquity your 15 minutes are over

bb16 maven

!!WON!!! Frankie bragged about TEABAGGING Derrick!! That’s sexual harassment!! Derrick and the other males were subjected to Frankie’s sexual harassment for the past three months and CBS continues to promote this scumbag!! Derrick deserved his day!! Cody was supposed to be on the show with Derrick!!! Frankie is scum and why CBS subjected Derrick to one more minute being in a room with him is just beyond sadistic!! I guess CBS enjoys sexual harassment and scumbags who commit it, that is Frankie Grande.


I taped The Talk to watch Derrick’s interview about his win – and who’s on there but the f-in pink flamingo. Seriously, CBS, this is the lowest of the low!!! Cody should have been there. Absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable that CBS felt it was appropriate to have that complete POS shoved down our throats yet again. OMG, I’m so disgusted.


Their Facebook page blew up with Frankie haters. Would be nice if the would take a hint! But it’s all about Ariana, he is riding her coattails and only getting attention because she is his sister.


I liked Big Brother’s Facebook page and I can tell your for a fact that the majority of those comments were vile homophobic remarks… The ugliness of homophobia was brought out this year, partly because of Frankie’s actions and also the grown men he was in the house with not only encouraged him to continue but rarely said NO… What is telling is that these same grown men would invite him or accept his invitation to spend the night in the HOH room cuddling in bed… Yes grown men have the ability to say NO.. But did they? The answer to that is a loud and clear NO.


The fact that they are MARRIED and self-stated heterosexuals should be plain and simple enough of a NO!!!! to anybody , even a peacocked, sexual molester/ peanut sized brained like your IDOL should be able to comprehend. Or do you endorse sexual predators like him?


Curious but on The talk Facebook Page today under the Live chat portion with Chen where they were talking about Frankie someone said it was wrong for them not to tell the others that he was HIV Positive???? Where they talking about Frankie???

Kathie from Canada

They might have been referring to Evel Dick who has gone public that he had to leave BB 13 because he tested positive for HIV.


You do realize that the majority of the homophobic comments directed towards Frankie were saying he has AIDS and should just die already.. Things like that on Facebook. So of course anybody with common sense would tell off those who were doing that.. It’s one thing to spew anger at someone you don’t like, but to use vile derogatory name calling in order to get a point across is sickening to say the least.. Yes homophobes are vile disgusting excuses for human beings, and they were out in force this year on most sites that featured stories on Big Brother 16.. There were no homophobes on the show this past year so these homophobic viewers personal views on gay people couldn’t be expressed through the house guests.


I bet Derrick was thinking of how he could arrest this perv (Frankie) for sexual assault


Talk about over reacting!!!! Derrick was also cuddling up to Frankie in case you forgot… In order for a complaint of sexual harassment to be filed, an actual complaint has to be uttered or put in writing during or afterwards.. Or is that too simple for you to understand? These grown men were not physically over powered by Frankie Grande… Or is that something you also imagined? These same grown men invited Frankie to spend the night in the HOH room and cuddled with him at night, they also accepted his invitation to spend the night in the HOH room as well.. To go even further the cuddling occurred in other parts of the house as well.. Zach went further with Frankie then the others but that was reciprocated back and forth so many times people lost track. Don’t attempt to make victims of out those who were not victims to begin with.. These grown men could have said NO at any time and chose not to, nor did they complain to production… That was their choice and it’s none of your business to judge them on their actions either. Their body.. their choice. Anyway there is nothing wrong or sexual about grown men cuddling anyway this is 2014, not 1954.


Apparently you are under the delusion that grown men are fragile and docile that they are not able to speak for themselves and are utterly and completely defenseless at all times?? Did I get that right? Because basically what you are saying about this year’s crop of men that entered the Big Brother house this past summer.. Not a single one of them were able to speak out for themselves according to you and big bad Frankie took advantage of their fragile states???? WTF??? These grown MEN not children who enjoyed Frankie’s company, many times in bed cuddling up to each other.. I think the homophobia was rampant among viewers this year, the one thing they never seen before was grown men cuddling each other, one gay and one straight man doing that brought out the worse in some people.. There are still idiots out there like you who don’t seem to think that grown men can or should cuddle with each other, that somehow it must be leading to sex.. Well if anything Frankie proved that wrong cuddling with Derrick/Caleb/Cody and of course his favorite main squeeze Zach. The word NO should have been used if these grown men were uncomfortable with Frankie, but the choice not to use it was entirely on these grown men’s shoulders. Blame them if you didn’t like it, but then again it’s their choice not yours.. In other words mind your own business these grown men can take of themselves.


You do realize that Julie Chen’s husband is the big boss over there at CBS right? Julie along with Les are fans of Frankie Grande and gave him the push not only this past summer but will continue to as long as he is under the 1 year contract that all the house guests signed on to.. That means they can’t go on any other network to appear on shows… Good to see Les has completely and utterly ignored brain dead haters of Frankie’s like yourself and will give those who are fans of Frankie the chance to see him again on CBS when the next season of The Amazing Race begins, along with Zach as well.. Zankie will be back on CBS next year.. Frankie brought unprecedented attention to the show this year(good and bad) and the ratings were better than last year’s. Zach Rance was also the breakout star and some can argue including myself that it was Zach who was the biggest break out star this year..


Branded: Seems like you’re a plant, work for CBS or a personal friend of Frankie. Sorry to hear he will be on Amazing Race. And the guys did complain to DR about Frankie’s actions. Remember, people didn’t want to ruffle feathers when they’re in this alliance and in this game. But to say it wasn’t inappropriate and obnoxious, well I don’t know what you were seeing on BBAD. And the Victoria situation with Frankie, was way out of line.


Well, its over. Another disappointing summer of BB. I agree that Derrick played the “best” game, but I just don’t like that guy. He’s smug, arrogant and yet is a pandering, suck-up at the same time. I can’t stand people who pretend to be a “good guy” when they’re not. Own your shit Derrick.
That being said, I’m so happy about Donny’s AFP win and that Frankie wasn’t even in the top 3.
A big thank you to Simon & Dawg for their patience and commitment…I can’t even imagine listening to Victoria and Nicole’s voices all day, Cody’s snot-sucking, Frankie’s lip-smacking and Derrick’s constant claim of people trying to “take food from his daughter’s mouth”. Simon and Dawg, you’re the best. You make a crappy season fun and a great season even better. I made my donation earlier, but am getting ready to make a few big purchases on Amazon and I will most definitely link through OBB.
Finally, thanks to all of the posters who made me laugh my ass off….the user names, the clever observations and the overall snarky comments kept me entertained all summer…even when the show didn’t.
See you all next Summer!


Thanks for saying what I was thinking – now I don’t have to type so much.


Just saw the interview on the Talk… Wish they would have asked about Frankie’s rape comment. They wimped out. I didn’t see that they favored Frankie, they actually seemed pretty bored with him. Sara couldn’t even read the question she was given and IMO didn’t believe his answer. I think he’s done, his 15 minutes of fame are over, no one likes him he’s just and over grown child. He just needs to fade out and not be more of an embarrassment.


Why the hell was Frankie even on it? I thought it was suppose to be the final 3? I really wish CBS would really that everyone HATES Frankie.


Yeah she said she wanted his response to several things he did or said which caused some controversy and only managed to ask about his lesbian comment….which btw he did a horrible job of answering. It made no sense why he was on that show. No one needs to see or hear from him again. He has absolutely nothing to offer


He is absolutely ridiculous. Totally took the attention away from Derrick – the WINNER. He was annoying and his reply to the question posed was laughable, at best. It bothers me that the other panelists knew ZERO of what to ask and Julie should have returned the focus to the winner or questions that were never answered last night in the poorly planned hour and a half of wasted time. Why were the nonjury members there? They waived and that’s it. There was no “closure” to things that we, as watchers, have been waiting to come out in the open all summer. PLEASE stop catering to Frankie, CBS. He is, as much as he would like to be, not his sister – he is not a pull for an audience.

Alex C.

It’s obvious that Frankie is CBS’s darling because they did everything in their power so that he doesn’t get booed during the eviction, they didn’t show how he was welcomed ( or “welcomed’ ? ) in the jury house, he hasn’t been called out on the rape comments he made about Victoria in the house or about groping Caleb.CBS may have something sweet in store for him even though …i don’t know why.


Did Victoria’s parents arrive at finale with a battalion of lawyers? I would love to see an interview with Vic in about 1 week when she has had time to look at the entire season. Wonder if she will still be singing Derrick’s praises then.


Seriously? Those people are always trying to sue somebody. Shouldn’t they be praying instead of litigating. Ridiculous. Glad that the CBS contract is sealed tight. Good luck with lawsuit.


“THOSE” people??? Yeesh!



Alex C.

When the people sign up for the show they are required to fill out a waiver so that nobody get sued.

Not a lawyer

In a court of law the waiver isn’t always legally binding and depending on circumstances completely irrelevant. A decent attorney can get around them.


I would LOVE It if they had a reunion a week later. AFTER everyone had a chance to see what was actually being said/done in the house. The whole finale was so rushed and we never got to see what the jury really thought. And shame on CBS for running cover for Frankie. The taped eviction, not showing his entrance into the jury house. I highly doubt they were laying roses at his feet as he entered.

I thought the cutest Jeff interview was with NIcole when she talked about her little romance with Hayden. I watched Caleb’s and OMG he was still all about Amber.


Simon and Dawg, thank you for all your hard work getting the updates up! Simon, I wish you many blessing with your little one. Mine are grown and in college, it goes so fast, enjoy it! Dawg, I wish you a lifetime of blessings with your new bride. Both of you have a great season with BBCAN and BBAU, looking forward to joining you next year!


I don’t understand why people thought Cody was dumb for taking Derrick to the final two. They were real close the whole game,were allies, and most importantly friends. Cody would look like a jerk and a wimp to take floater Victoria just to win the money, plus he didn’t know Derrick was a cop or in team America. I’m glad Cody picked Derrick to go with him it cost him the 500,000 but it didn’t cost a broken friendship. At least Cody has some morals. The season was boring but I’m glad the best player Derrick won. Congrats Donny on AFP, I voted for you!


Hi, I’d like to buy this house.

That will be 300,000

Do you take morals as payment?


A lot of Monday morning quarterbacks on here.

Truth is, most of them are just envious haters. If Cody had taken Victoria those same people would be calling him names for that instead.

North East Girl

How can they be envious haters when they wanted Cody to win $500K? Just because others disagree with your little opinions doesn’t make them haters – it’s pretty obvious you’re the hater.


I totally agree with you MB. I don’t know why people are giving Cody such a hard time about taking Derrick. He said it was not in his character to backstab the guy who he felt helped him make it to the final two. He also said Derrick is like his brother. It was clear from the jury questions that the jury was very bitter towards Cody. I’m not sure if he had taken Vitoria if he would have won. Derrick , Caleb and Frankie would have voted for Victoria. Probably Christine too out of bitterness as well as Hayden and Nicole. I like that Cody did what he felt he could live with. I wouldn’t be surprised if Derrick gave him another $50,000. I wish Cody all the best. Money is not everything. I think many good things are in store for him.


LOL! If you think Derrick or anybody would just give $50K away, then you’re really gone! You’re sooo gullible. Others really vote for Victoria? I CRINGE at your unworthy comments!


Smh, Yeah I stand by what I said. Your insults don’t faze me. They are just proof of your lack of maturity and intelligence. I think its odd that Donny won AFP because everyone said he was full of integrity and character. Yet Cody does something that is also reflective of his personal integrity and character and everyone blasts him for it.

You all act as if you know these people personally. Yeah I’m a fan of the show , does that mean I need every single move has to be cutthroat and nasty? No. I respect Cody’s choice. And I believe Derrick is going to help him out with his student loans. If that means I’m gullible , then you all are jaded, greedy and materialistic.

Thanks for the comments and see ya never.

BB Fan

If you actually think Derrick was friends with Cody other than to help himself to the end, you’re helplessly naive. It’s not like they hung out all the time like really close bros (at the end, it was only 3 people, so they had no other choice than to hang out with each other) Derrick and Cody have little in common. ‘Show friendships’ typically fall apart after the show.

As for morals, again your NAIVE! Where was Derrick’s morals in deceiving everybody? Where was Cody’s morals in romancing a married woman and only to further his game?? I think the dumb label really should go to you. I’d rather have $500,000 and let people think what they want – it’s only thoughts than to have $50,000 and some shallow ‘show friendship’ any day.


Exactly BB FAN! And your name is perfect. If you’re a real fan of show you want people to do anything to win this game! Combine that with this is a TV show for OUR entertainment actions like Cody’s are what make this boring. Why are shows like Housewives popular? It’s because of all the drama! (Ps. I never watch these shows) NOT everyone just hanging out, getting along. Derrick is grown man with family and job and responsibilities that will take up most of his time. How great of a ‘friendship’ will this be? Cody will go back to slacking with his friends, dirty dancing at parties for Monday and underwear modeling. And if they were great ‘friends’ Derrick would have respected the move as a big boy move to WIN the GAME. You people who talk about morals, truthfulness and friendships as being most important in this game are ridiculous. Watch Family Feud or something. jeez. And as others have pointed out Derrick Lied to and Manipulated his “best friend” the entire show!! Cody was just week minded and was the whole season.


By taking Derrick to the F2 Cody completely marginalized his biggest accomplishment in the game – winning his last two comps and the distinction of being the Final HOH. I never expected Derrick to lose the Final comp. I felt he threw comps during the season so his record really wasn’t indicative of his potential. But when he lost the final comp (granted it is random when you have to guess what HG’s would say to a question) Cody basically was handed the opportunity to win the $500K. Cody’s final decision symbolizes the entire season for me. NONE of these HG’s could make sound decisions – or any decisions at all in some cases. They were paralyzed by the game and in my mind spent less than 1% of the time strategizing. Derrick played the game 24/7 and although I was continuously bored by how soundly he dominated every aspect of the summer I kept holding out hope that someone would finally make a move and take Derrick out. The fact that his own alliance member didn’t even know that Derrick outplayed everyone to such a degree helps me better understand why a Nicole, Christine, Caleb or all of the others couldn’t figure him out either. Anyone who ever tries to tell me that this cast was smart can’t possibly defend that view when any BB fan knows that the most obvious threat in the house is someone who is NEVER nominated. I will concede that the ill-conceived BOB twist destroyed all hope for drama as you could never nominate a pair of power players as they would simply win, remove themselves from the Block, and put the HOH in jeopardy of going home as a consequence. So even in those rare weeks when someone outside the Alliance was in power, they were powerless to flip the power in the house like you could in past seasons when the BOB wasn’t in play. I doubt you will ever again see a player walk to victory with so little stress as Derrick did this year. BB17 needs to really step it up as their current formula is not working and they need to do a better job of guaranteeing suspense, drama, unpredictability and more diverse cast members that can hopefully give us a season we can remember and enjoy. Thanks You for a great summer; this site is awesome!


Still hating Derprick with a passion. He’s nothing more than a Con Artist in a uniform. Cody is a schmuck for giving Derprick the win – the only thing missing was the silver platter. Vanessa ‘may’ be Derprick’s ‘little sister’ but Cody is Derprick’s ‘little bitch’ to the end. Wonder how tight they’ll all be in six months’ time.


I watched all the interviews on CBS, thought they would have asked some hard questions but once again disappointed. Guess shankie get away with all his bad behaviour. Thx Simon and Dawg for all your hard work once again.


Did anyone catch the Talk with Derrick and Frankie today? What the hell was that! First of all, Derrick and Cody were the final two. Secondly, they totally concentrated on Stankie and introduced him as THE DECIDING VOTE…Julie purposely pulled his key before Caleb’s and Victoria’s. She fawned all over him. They asked him one question that he backtracked on what he said (thanks to his sis’s pr person I bet.) It was obnoxious to watch. We never saw him enter the jury house, they had a closed CBS audience when he was evicted, he got away with getting into the guys personal space, didn’t have to eat slop because of his “medical condition,” reset the comp when Caleb told DR he was throwing it, on and on. It was so obvious he was favored by them and never, like other hgs, had to answer for his horrible behavior which we all saw on BBAD. Cody and Donny were not interviewed, but the fifth placed finisher was put on a pedestal. Not going to watch next year.


The votes, and the way they are pulled, are in the order of (final) eviction.

So Frankie’s was pulled before Caleb and Victoria’s (they lasted longer).


Did it occur to anyone that Frankie being the 5th jury member may just be why the game was reset when it was? Think about it. The reset button made no sense to anyone in the game. Does it now? He gets to have the deciding vote (and an opening for post show interviews). Do you suppose if Caleb had been evicted that night (as Frankie had HIM on the block and Derrick and Cody to cast the votes), would Caleb have been on “The Talk” as the “deciding vote”?????? Think about it. <3 EVERYTHING about this season wreaked of being FIXED (which gets more and more obvious every season).


Bad enough you cant move on with your life,
Julie pulled the Keys in order Yeah ON PURPOSE
Caleb was evicted AFTER Frankie and Victoria last as she was the last one out.
I’m no fan of the Frankie love but you’re reaching with one…
Give it up
Don’t worry be happy…


Where can I see interviews that take place in a week or so? After they have a chance to catch up and find out the things that we know? Like Victoria’s reaction to the rape comments or Frankie realizing that we don’t like him at all?


Donnie is on Oct 30-31
“We’re going to have fun with all the speculations about Donny’s ‘real’ career and it’ll involve a lot of costume changes,” hints the soap’s supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk, a longtime Big Brother fan who has also hired twelve other Big Brother houseguests for roles on the soap’s Halloween episode. That roster includes BB16 players Amber, Zach, Cody, Caleb, Nicole, Hayden and Devin, plus past Big Brother favorites Brendon, Rachel, Elissa, Jeff and Jordan. “We were only limited by time and budget,” Kasprzyk says. “Otherwise, we would have invited even more houseguests. This was a season of terrific personalities.”


Thanks for the info. About the BB16 cast – (most of them) really did seem to like each other and got along surprisingly well. That part was fun to watch. Looking forward to seeing them in the Bold & Beautiful Halloween special.


TG!!! No Frankie!!! Snap!


so, everyone but Frankie ? if only …


Oct 30-31….”We’re going to have fun with all the speculations about Donny’s ‘real’ career and it’ll involve a lot of costume changes,” hints the soap’s supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk, a longtime Big Brother fan who has also hired twelve other Big Brother houseguests for roles on the soap’s Halloween episode. That roster includes BB16 players Amber, Zach, Cody, Caleb, Nicole, Hayden and Devin, plus past Big Brother favorites Brendon, Rachel, Elissa, Jeff and Jordan. “We were only limited by time and budget,” Kasprzyk says. “Otherwise, we would have invited even more houseguests. This was a season of terrific personalities.”


I read this article and was very happy to NOT see Frankie listed. I guess the producers of that show get it that a lot of people are not fans of his. Not sure I understand why Rachel, Brendon and Elissa were included but I just might watch those two days since I won’t have to look at that pink haired little rodent.


Rachael and Brendan have been on The Bold and the Beautiful every year since BB12 several times a year (Jeff and Jordan also). Elissa started being on there last year.

Roll Tide

Rachel plays a waitress, Brendon plays the bartender at the Bikini Bar on B&B. They are on several times a year.


I was quite confused as to why The Talk would have the person that came in 5th place, as a guest today. I never watch The Talk, but did today only to see Derrick’s view. I was SSOOO disappointed that he had to have Frankie sitting next to him. It was completely unfair to Derrick. If they would have let Frankie know how hated he is, it would have been understandable. But because they didn’t really address his behavior, I was disgusting. He thinks he is going to be a host on The Talk? What is wrong with him? If anyone can help me understand why CBS strokes this chump, please let me know.


No clue why he was on The Talk. But did anyone else think he seemed deflated? Not his flamboyant self? Like reality was starting to sink in?


Reality set in when he didn’t win America’s Favorite Houseguest and he wasn’t even in the top 3!


The little pink flamingo most likely had The Talk appearance written into his contract before he signed up. He pulled a Diva like his rotten little sister. You could tell how they were all cringing at that table just having to interact with him during his appearance. It was as if the moderators of The Talk were being forced to eat shit sandwiches talking to the pink turdlet. It was forced and they all look very uncomfortable.


Thank you Simon and Dawg for all your hardwork this season! I watched all the interviews except for Frankie 😀

Bumbling Bozo Barack

Congrats Derrick. You controlled the game most of this season.


CBS posts the HGs’ move-in weights and move-out weights. I was a little surprised to find that the individual who made unflattering remarks about others’ weight gain while in the BB House — Frankie — was the one who gained the most weight. Zach Attack, I hope you’re reading this. Frankie was one pound short of putting on 30 pounds while in the BB House. Wow!!


Adore Zach and I wish he stayed away from Frankie.

Zach looked so good last night! I was watching his DR session video and he just made the season for me.

another name

oh damn…. does that mean he’s preparing to go on a binge to get on the biggest loser?


one pound shy of 30. LOL!!!
… Just like his real age. 29. Nada.
THIRTY ONE !!!! 31 …. Thirty one !
Frankie gained 29 lbs, but he is 31.


Although Victoria is as clueless as her hair extensions, i really do feel bad for her on a personal level.
She is convinced that Derrick loves her like a sister, yet is unaware of all the disgusting comments he made about her. Hopefully she can watch the feeds and will realize what a piece of s#it Derrick really is.
Also, the comparison of Dan or Dr.will to Derrick really annoys me. Dan and will never made personal attacks against anyone in the house and never thought they were deserving of the money. Derrick think’s he a god because he has a home, a wife and a daughter and believes that alone should earn him the money. It was total bulls#it that he said he never used his family for strategy. He would of used them in his plea speech is Caleb didn’t question him about it.
Derrick also took the game way too personally. He basically said no one should win except him, where as Dan and will saw and played everything as game.
If derrick and andy were on All Stars 2, i’d like to see that just to see them get evicted.

Dan's not a saint

Dan’s game was different than Derrick’s game. Dan hid behind his Bible (ask Jerry) and had an ‘anyone but me’ strategy til the end , his first season. Derrick systematically orchestrated almost every eviction and eliminated people before they could gain traction (this is what happened to Donny) He built an escape valve to get rid of people who discovered his game by exposing everyone’s motivations to the others thus laying the groundwork for their future eviction as if it were other people’s idea. Oh man I think I hate him too. Frankie needs pants. Here’s to a real reunion of BB16.


Dan may not be a saint but he has been the under dog several times and won victory. I think more people would’ve liked Derrick more if he was in the hot seat

Dan's not a saint

Don’t get me wrong I was pulling for Donny. Donny just couldn’t gain the traction he needed because Derrick played upon the “mystery” of Donny and kept saying he was dangerous over and over to the echo chamber. Christine kept saying he was dangerous and told lies about Donny. They all played into pack behavior.

another name

I’d prefer interviews that were done by with a little less interest in promotion of the big brother thought police. even the interviews were predictable. no hard hitting questions that actually gets answers viewers would actually care about. boring.
not that boring is a big surprise.


Thanks for the links, guys! You are the best! 🙂
If you see any good (written) interviews coming your way, I’d love a little hint! 😀

I’d love to see Derrick give his opinion on being taken to F2, and on why he thinks the Hitmen were divided into “the puppetmaster” and “his puppet” in jury… Noone even questioned that statement or asked them something about it.


I didn’t like Derrick,but Congrats on his win. Thanks to Julie Chen and CBS Production for allowing a narcissist scumbag like Frankie,ruining Derrick chance to shine on the Talk. But our Big Brother viewer’s will not forget the viles things he said, the dry humping, nakeness, follow in my sister shadow,smacking, evilness,childish way and most of all Frankie came in 5th place and DONNY WAS AMERICA FAVORITE PLAYER!!!!!!


Frankie put on the most weight because he only did slop once. Also, the reason he was on the Talk is because CBS is trying to force feed us the GRande family. Ariana opened a CBS football game. Her brother continues to get good edits by CBS. The only message that CBS understands is ratings. If you want them to care about your feelings than hit them where it hurts. Quit watching their programs. I have already started. But it takes more than one to make a big difference.


of course CBS is in it for ratings because their advertisers care about that. if you want to make impact at CBS, you have to write to their advertisers.


Advertisers will pour big money into shows that get big ratings, writing them won’t make a difference especially if you are one of the older skewing demo that they want nothing to do with. The advertisers along with the networks only care that you are watching the tv shows. You contradicted your own comments as well but saying networks shouldn’t have Frankie on tv, yet only care about ratings. That what television is about getting the most money they can from advertisers. It’s a business not a public service forum. Frankie is controversial and controversy gets viewers.


FUN FACT: Final 2 doesn’t get their stipend. So technically Donny walks away with more money than Cody. $15k + $25k + $14k = $54,000 #BB16
8:24 PM – 24 Sep 2014


Just a question… Does Derrick get to keep his Team America money???and if so, does he get the extra $25000 for winning???(thought it was a “single” Team America task??)…thanks in advance…:-)


Yes. Derrick won a total of $575k. Most in BB history.


you sure its the most ever? the summer of boogie(all stars) had mike win(not sure what the cash was there I think it was 500k), he also took home an expensive car in the final HOH, and had multiple other wins, I think a trip was in there somewhere in that comp where he and will bid on all the good stuff silently.

either way, I hate the TA “twist” that handed 3 people an alliance and a bond that no one else got. just total BS IMO. and his final “task” to “WIN!!!!!” earning EXTRA money was just trash.


I didn’t like giving 50,000 to the winner. I really think that CBS had Frankie in mind to win that money, not Derrick

Alex C.

Finlay the whole this thing has come to an end. Hopefully, just hopefully, next year it’s going to be better.


Frankie is an entertainer. Entertainers are not held to the same standards as you or I. They get away with stuff because they are are loved by so many. Welcome to life.


If Frankie is an entertainer, then why does he not have an entertaining personality? Frankie has an off-putting personality that is vulgar and garish.

Frankie is no entertainer

My hamster who escaped this morning is an entertainer Frankie is a photobombing hack who projects his voice and forces himself upon people in ways unfathomable. I would love a real reunion of all past BB players. I’d love to hear from everyone and we could vote who we’d like to see in All stars.

Frankie is no entertainer

Simon and Dawg could host and ask good questions, our questions. That would be righteous.


Zane is a douche.

Now that’s entertainment.


Simon and Dawg you totally “crushed” this season.



Thank goodness I did not have to watch the finale night and could just get the predictable ending here!
I do not fault Derrick because his goal from Day 1 was to win the money…and he did….big time.
I hope I see Donny and Zach again….I am so done with Frankie and I did not even have to endure the live feeds.
Thanks to Simon and Dawg and all the witty bloggers who kept me laughing all summer. BB is completely unbearable on its own…’s this blog that is the real entertainment!!!

Have Not

Wow! They all think they are going to be MEGA STARS! What a disappointment when everyone but Donny finds out their 15 minutes of fame ended last night!!


Cody and Beastmode were filming today for The Bold and Beautiful.


Can you please tell me the exact link to make amazon purchases that benefit OBB? It’s not coming up on my screen.

Laurie C

Simon or Dawg
I just made an Amazon purchase with your link but it doesn’t give any feedback that you’re given credit. Did I do something wrong?

Anonymous #3

Why do I feel grossed out after watching some of these interviews? Oh yeah, because delusional fame seekers, self involved lunatics, and clueless, mindless people are gross. Could hardly contain myself with the Frankie and Victoria interviews…. Wow, I hope Victoria & Frankie seek professional help.


Victoria is ready going to need the mental help when she finds out that her “brother” Derrick is not the person that she thinks that he is. And common sense tell you that it ain’t no way in hell that Derrick’s wife is going to allow him to be friends with Victoria


I was glad to see Zach walk away without winning any cash. TMZ had Frankie on their show this week clubbing on the strip.


Barf. Skankie slapped Caleb on the ass in the background of one of the interviews.


Just want to say that I feel cheated by Big Brother since they elected not to show Frankie’s reception by the jury and for not letting us witness his reaction to the others being invited to be on the bold and the beautiful. They also didn’t call him out on his bad behavior. Guess if he had made some slur regarding Asians they would have favored him less.

Memo To Cody

You are young, good looking, charismatic, life smart, have a great family, athletic, likeable, $50k richer, have a .great smile, great hair, great physique and great future in store for you. You will make a lady very happy in life. Take all the positives out of your Big Brother experience, hold your head high and make the most of your future. As an older person, I wish I had what you have at your stage in life.


Even his dumbness?

Playing vs Watching

Playing the game inside the house where you only know what is going on in one room at a time is very different than watching it on TV, live feeds, internet blogs and websites. Each house guest probably has one-tenth the information than those outside the house.


I liked the videos overall and Jeff’s rapport with them. He’s easier to take than Rachel who can be over the top at times with those interviews.

If any future BB players can learn anything from Derrick is to come in there to play and have an end goal and remember it is a game and you should go in there to try to win it. Donny came in there with the same mindset just a different approach. I didn’t really like Derrick or reason already said and thought he was very lucky with the cast and other things. But the doesn’t discount the fact that he definitely came in there prepared before possibly even knowing how young the cast was unless he was told of course. And he was lucky not to be in a pigeon hole like Donny. While they were in the house Donny’s girlfriend explained that he wears a beard a certain time of year but then shaves it. But the producers wanted him to keep it for the show. The beard aged him. Who knows if his social would have been better due to how clueless and immature some of the were but people do make judgments and how they take to you based off of it.

On another note, for those sort of wondering about Frankie and CBS favoritisim. Scooter Braun manages Justin Beiber and Ariana Grande and he just so happens to be the executive producer of that new show Scorpian. And that’s just one way they are connected I bet there are some other ways. I guess they may plan to put him on something else . People can “buy” their way into doors that’s for sure or try to anyway. Oh and to me it’s like he’s trying to attach himself to Zach’s popularity and youthfulness.

Thanks Simon and Dawg. This has been my summer hangout for a few years. lol. I’ve made one purchase throught the link on here on Amazon and plan to make many more. I hope that affliate program is useful for you all. I know it takes a lot of hard work to blog and actually transcribe all this stuff. And BB is a little beast all of it’s own. And thanks commenters for having personality . lol

Until next season


Looking at what everyone wore at the finale, all I can think is, Who the hell dressed them?

waz smh thinking wtf

I thought the EXACT same thing. I personally couldn’t wait to see Brittney and Amber come out on finale night looking smokin hot. I got just the opposite.

Mama Mia

Who’s on the talk with the winner? None other than ugly ass pink piece of sh*t Frankie Grande the boy molestor. Why didn’t they put Cody beside Derrick on the Talk?????? Not only was he the runner up, but he is much better looking than Frankiee and has a better personality.

CBS quit pushing your agenda down our throats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To Melissa,
The reason CBS favored Stankie is that CBS is the parent company of Ariana’s record label supposedly and her big new “hit” was coming out while the show was airing this summer.I think his “confession” when he got into hot water was contrived and timed, along with his incessant hashtags, shout outs and his annoying, constant references to his sister. Maybe they made a deal to make that horrible, fame seeking, desperate guy a “star.” Also, would love to hear the houseguests’ views on Derrick’s being a undercover cop. Would they have voted the same way if they knew before they chose the keys?


the picture is quite clear here

Frankie wins that HOH in a 2 week window right before her album release, and as they planned, and Frankie claimed was ALWAYS his strategy…Frankie out of nowhere tells everyone about his sister. and oh gosh, why not just throw in a copy of Ariana Grande’s new CD!!!!

I mean, just very obvious, that with Julie chen’s absolute love of all things grande(the same way she defends the show and claims we don’t need all stars, its too expensive for CBS so it is a bad idea to her)

Seriously says, "Worth a read."

Locked in our own BB house, we had no idea that the outside world i.e. the Detroit Press described this season’s cast as “hugely likeable,” and noted that an average of 7.6 million viewers responded giving BB the highest ratings, yet! and now we know why Frankie is happy and not chastened, ditto for CBS with two more shows in the future.

Four life lessons from BB inside this article. 🙂

Shows that superfans (us) are kinda watching a different show!
Worth a read.


this isn’t the last you will see of Freakie on CBS.

My Theory

Because of the backlash CBS saw/heard re Frankie’s behaviour and the Tweets put out by his sister, I think that CBS took Frankie aside before the finale and told him how AFP would play out (re: not being on the top 3) but he would be on “the Talk” with Derrick and a future show (Amazing Race with Zach or Survivor). BTW, I think Zach would be great on the Amazing Race, but with Cody, not Frankie. Maybe an Amazing Race season with all Big Brother pairings would be a great show.

No Booing

Because his name wouldn’t be mentioned by Julie, it eliminated the opportunity for audience booing.


it doesn’t seem to stop Julie from tweeting to Frankie, she already asked him for a bb16 reunion, then Derrick got in on the tweet, and said “Julie, can I come too?” Sickening, just sickening………. 🙁


Read Cody’s finale interview where he was surprised that Christine and Victoria voted for Derrick. Made me realize that Derrick/Victoria fake fight worked and she fooled Frankie with her fake crying and definitely Cody. By Cody not listing his total comp and hoh wins in his finale speech and answering that his big move was getting Christine out insteady of securing his F2 place by winning the most important comps and POVs, he alienated Christine’s vote (or maybe she didn’t want to get her hubby mad by a Cody vote.) But congrats to Derrick, he played a masterful mind game and it will benefit his family.

new to BB 14

Final thought:

I watched SNL last night with musical guest Ariana Grande

She is mediocre at best she will be a “where are they now” in 10 yrs or less and Frankie Grande will be eon ‘where are they now” in 6 months. Frankies 15 minutes ended rather soon!!


Any new updates… news?


Glad I don’t watch Amazing Race. No decision to be made about tuning out because of what’s his name.


Congratulations to Donny for getting engaged to his girlfriend Christine!!


SIMON or DAWG, I posted 2 comments and they seem to have disappeared


Hey Simon i thought you should know that today on Tmz Dick Donato says that he’s HIV Positive that’s the reason he left BB13.


Watching Couples Therapy on VH1 and Evel Dick just admitted that he’s HIV Positive and that he probably got it from a stripper in Vegas(he’s not really sure where he got it from). His ex girlfriend is negative. He also said he hasn’t had sex since he found out he was Positive


Yes Simon that was a mystery. I had always thought that the reason ED left was because he was having personal problems with his ex – fiancee and maybe she was suicidal or something like that. I’m glad that he’s come forward with this information so maybe it can help others.


I meant to say that Evel Dick ‘ s ex – fiancee Tested Negative (not that she is negative)