Big Brother 16 Final HOH Part 1 “We’re going to get soaked”

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7:58pm Competition has just started, Cody – We’re going to get soaked”

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8:01pm – 8:15om They are getting misted periodically by cold water.. Derrick says you think this is good (the hang-glider above them) but its really a ramp for the water. Cody asks do they give us time checks? Derricks says Julie did on the spit one. Cody says yeah you’re right. The mist hits them again. Derrick says that torrential! Cody asks is that water or paint?! It smells funny! Cody says wow that was intense. We were down there dude! (The wall moving forward. (There’s flashes of lightening too.) Derrick says that sucks! Cody says dude we get down there. Make sure you feet stay on. (Victoria hasn’t said a word. The angle shifts far forward. Derrick asks you are serious right now?! Cody says this is sick!!

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-17 20-14-21-265

8:20pm – 8:36pm Victoria asks how long do you think we’ve been on here .. 10 minutes? Cody yells to ask if they’re able to get time checks? Big Brother blocks the feeds. VIctoria says Frankie wouldn’t have done well in this challenge at all. Derrick says he would have crushed it! Victoria says no his fingers would have turned purple and he would have fallen off. Derrick says true. (The cold water is really getting to them already.) Victoria says that her hands are slipping. Derrick tells her to hold on. Cody says we’re going back up. Derrick says his hands are killing him. Cody laughs. Derrick asks what?! I’m old. Victoria says her hands were falling asleep.

8:37pm – 8:50pm Victoria fell off! Derrick says stay for a couple and I’ll jump off. Cody asks what? Derrick says you’re not going anywhere. Derrick asks what do you think about the next comp? Cody says I don’t know. Derrick asks do you want this one? Cody says yeah. It would make me feel good. Endurance. Derrick says its no doubt you know it better than me.

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155 thoughts on “Big Brother 16 Final HOH Part 1 “We’re going to get soaked”

      1. I know, right?!?! That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the pic. FINALLY, the dagburned wall!! Oh well, when he sees the clip, he’ll be able to tell the world how he would have “crushed” it. If I never hear that phrase again, it’ll be too soon. :0)

      2. Smart Derrick- Just set Cody up to throw 7 questions. Or more accurately trust Derrick enough to not worry about the out come. wanna bet he convinces Victoria to throw part 2 telling her she can’t beat Cody let me do it for “us”. I fully expect Derrick to take Victoria and not Cody and complete the circle of the betray perfectly. They won’t have the balls in the jury to give the money to Victoria and thus everything BB is/can be.
        The end to a terrible season is almost here

    1. The crazy thing is they have nothing to do for a whole week. Usually the final three only has a few days to wait until the finale, but this year it’s going to be an extremely long time for them (and us) to wait!!!!

    1. I’m afraid if she wins the HOH she’s going to ask Derrick and Cody on the day of the eviction “Now what I’m I supposed to do?”

    1. So true and the challenge is fitting. Hope she wins then he’ll fly or glide her was right into the final two. It would be nice to see her win this one and see if Cody tells her all the stuff about Derrick just to get her to take him if he looses the 2nd HOH

    2. Well, she is still there and could possibly end up second place with money, not bad for hanging out all summer long and winning no competitions except the POV by luck of the draw

      1. The number 1 predictable thing in a season of unbelievable predictability was that Vic was going to be first off that wall. And then, have a cow if Derrick didn’t win it. Sheesh.

        1. Derrick isn’t good at physical comps and losing that first HOH is part of his strategy to get Cody to do the dirty work of bouncing Victoria. She can’t save herself and he won’t risk his game to do it. He’d gladly take her to F2 if she just would contribute to the effort by winning.

      2. ….and primping, and whining, and Eating, and crying and that screechy voice! UGH! Every week I hoped somebody would overrule Derrick and get rid of her, and Christine, and Skankie so the decibel level would drop!

  1. want it be funny if Victoria wins this or next then the final hoh
    in derrick look real happy then she takes cody

    I think her speech could beat cody here why she could say hay
    all of you protect derrick I did too but what saperate me from you is I got him out

    1. I’m seeing a lot of delusional comments here. Victoria has no chance of winning BB and will not win comp 1. It’s ridiculous to think that. As usual she performs the worst of the group. She has no will power or drive to win. She’s not strong minded. She doesn’t deserve to be there. She did nothing all summer except whine and follow Derrick .

      1. Your 100% correct. She’s a disgrace to this game….and an insult to real players trying to get on this show. What connection does she have to get on here?? There is no way this dingbat was ‘discovered’. And if she was then these casting people should be thrown onto that wall. It’s just so f*cking ridiculous her being on and being in final three. It’s makes this season laughable.

          1. IMHO, I’m tired of the strategy of carrying a floater to guarantee a win. It really pisses me off. It has happened too often and it seems that BB players see this as the only way to ensure you get the big bucks. If I was on jury, I would try to convince people to pick Victoria for the win so that in future BB’s, people would think twice about this tactic. Now, Derrick could take Cody and at least he’s more deserving of 2nd place. That I can respect even though I have no love for Derrick or Cody.

      2. And even NOW she continues to whine and ‘hint’ that Derrick BETTER take her over Cody. I predict Derrick will throw it to Cody so HE can choose, because he WILL choose Derrick over this whiny, ungrateful woman! Who wouldn’t?

  2. even if vic wins it wont change anything, whoever wins is going to take her to the final two, so she will be there regardless right?

    1. no derrick and cody are taking each other 100%. derrick wouldn’t care if vic won since she would take him, but he is still taking cody if he wins. he told the others too much that if anyone took vic then they should give vic the money.

    2. As for now I really think Cody is loyal to Derrick. I am not sure who Derrick will take in the end and honestly it may be close if he goes with Cody. Unless Vic and Cody compare notes and Cody realizes he stands a better chance against Vic I am not sure if he won’t stick to his word and take Derrick. Derrick I don’t know which one he’s loyal too, but he has a bigger chance of winning against Vic and if Production really want to give him that extra 50 thousand they will step in and make sure Cody goes. I would really like to know what’s Derrick back story that Production for the first time is willing to give him almost an extra 75 grand with his TA winnings and if he wins in the end? That extra 50 thousand is really unfair because that should have been mentioned in the beginning when America chose the three. That offer should have been given to each of them. They already knew Frankie was going to be leaving because Production already saw how Derrick was quick to get rid of Donny so why offer Derrick the extra 50 when I am sure like the rest of us he’s more then likely going to win.

      1. Hoestly i think derrick is just hedging his bet in the sever likely hood a miracle happens and victoria wins she will take him. If derrick wins he will take cody and vs vera. I think the boys know that the jury will not give them the money if they take the easy way out and take victoria. Not to mention both derricks and cody’s arrugment is that they have been loyal to each other they would have a hard time explaining turning on each other now.

  3. i’m willing to go out on a limb and say what everyone else is too jealous to admit. FRANKIE IS THE BEST BIG BROTHER PLAYER TO EVER PLAY THE GAME. doesn’t matter what you haters say he won the mst competitions of any big brother contestant. BRING FRANKIE BACK #BFB

    1. Um you’re stupid and as delusional as frankie. Comp wins mean very little in the big scheme of BB. There are so many different aspects. You obviously don’t have a good grasp on the game and are prob 13 years old. Frankie was really not a very good strategic player . He just followed along with . Although he thinks he was a great social player, he really wasn’t towards the end, he irritated a lot of people and obviously made America hate him.

    2. several were thrown to him and with the bob thing cant judge against any other season he didn’t win them when he had to so that theory is worthless

      1. Also cannot count the HOH comps where he made the second HOH by coming in second to the person who won first when comparing to other seasons. Those wouldn’t have been wins in any of the past seasons.

    3. Haters asside i think frankie played a good game his only mis step is he didn’t really have anyone loyal to him once he turned on zack he was on his own as for him being the best player i strongly disagree he was good at challeges but his mental game was off and for me dan is one of the best people to ever play this game hands down. If you r stalking strickly challeges i would go with rachel or janelle

      1. No one was loyal to Frankie because everyone knew he couldn’t be trusted, everyone knew he talked to everyone in the house and told everything, the minute anyone said anything to him he’d run and tell someone else.

    4. I dislike Frankie as a person but for the most part he was a good at competitions and his social game was good. The problem is Frankie was not a good strategic player. A good strategic player would have turned on his detonator alliance (but stay close to one or two members) and join the other side (women and Donny) when the votes could be split with him being the swing vote. A good BB play know that you cannot take a bunch of strong physical players to the end which is why people always take at least 2 to 3 floaters going into to last couple weeks.

    1. I agree Jane, especially given his statement to Frankie that any one who took her to the F2 would be making a cowardly move. Several have also said, including Derrick, they would vote for Victoria if someone was dumb enough to take her to the F2. I’ve LOVED Derrick’s game from the beginning; he better NOT fcuk it up by taking Victoria!

  4. Victoria has an advantage. She’s use to flying through the air, having being carried off by a giant crow. I hope this competition doesn’t give her PTSD flashbacks to her childhood.

  5. well this looks kinda fun I guess…and something Victoria might possibly be able to win due to her size…which means she’ll take derrick to the final 2 and he’ll win season over bye

    1. Ummm uou do realize there are two more comps right? This comp doesn’t decide final hoh. And Cody is favored to win this bc the comp is best for people with lean muscle. Victoria is definitely not lean muscle. Someone like amber would kill at this comp.

  6. Which one is Derrick really loyal too? I believe he’s going to lose both comps on purpose because he feels both of the, will take him to the end. It would be ironic if Cody wins and decided he wanted a guaranteed win and take Vic. I think Derrick is going to throw these comps because he doesn’t want to decide which one to take.

    1. There is no way he will throw the comp to victoria. It doesn’t matter if he thinks she will take him his whole plan with vic is in the event he doesn’t win but that is a back up plan derrick has no problem desiding who to take. I think he will take cody. Derrick giving cody part 1 partly because he knew he couldn’t beat him and partly because he knew he can beat vic if anyone thinks she will win prt 2 you r crazy

      1. By taking Cody, Derrick guarantees himself Victorias jury vote. Her loyalty to him is so intense, there’s no way she’d vote any other way, even if he is the one to send her packing!

    2. Regardless who wins (if not Derrick) Cody would take Derrick over Vic, and Vic would take Derrick over Cody (whom she claims to dislike).

  7. Havent liked derrick much all year but i cant remember any houseguest in the final 3 ever who is in position to throw the final 3 part hoh and still win 500k easily. Pretty impressive.

    Cody is in the same boat this week that caleb was in yesterday. Cut ties with derrick fool so you can win money. Or stay loyal to daddy and get 50k at the very most

    1. that’s why derrick threw the first part then it appears hes loyal but it doesn’t matter because now he has to beat Victoria that’s simple before it even started we all knew the part will be cody and derrick but it looks better for derrick giving cody the first part bet he don’t give him part 3

    2. my advice to Cody is to win whatever he can win, and be the one to choose the F2, because right now i would say it is 60/40 that if Derrick is the deciding HOH, he won’t take Cody. I don’t care what he says to everyone else about how they shouldn’t take Victoria to F2 as it is a coward move, all that was is talk in order to make sure they wouldn’t evict her before F4. and it worked.

      But in any case, Cody in this case is like Neda BBCAN2, if he wants to be F2, he’d best be the one winning when it matters, and not blow it.

      final HOH should be a memory one, like a 7 question before and after/ true or false kind of questions? derrick is going to think he’s going to smoke Cody out of it, but he just might be struggling to beat him, just like the HOH. he makes mistakes, and Cody is smarter than he looks.

    3. I think Derrick has a chance of beating Cody in the end. If any of those jurors are voting “game” instead of “emotion”…..which is what has happened in past BBs.

  8. Nice one Dawg, no holes no pushy lol.Helen is probably throwing Judi chops at her monitor right now!!!!And Vic don’t sail she floats….Shoestring.Derrick has sailed through this season while towing Vic on a raft.

  9. Caleb was waiting for the wall all summer and imo he got his wish,Cody put up a wall tonight so he couldn’t go no further in the game.Cody wins part 1 Derrick wins part 2, Cereal Killer finds her weapon of choice a dull spoon and eats her way to the final two!!!

  10. I think Both Derrick and Cody think it will be an easy win to take Vic and if either gets the chance, they will take Vic. I hope they forget how bitter the Jury is and the Jury pics Vic to win.

  11. Great job Cody!! I’m hoping that Cody gets to decide who he wants to sit beside! It will be interesting to see who he picks! Victoria – guaranteed win. Derrick – the person who he’s been loyal to since week one.

  12. And if you haven’t figured it out yet Derrick is very loyal to……Derrick!!!He has 1 goal winning that moolah,anything he has said or done was in hopes of,yes again getting the cash.This is b f in b if you come on this show to be a loyal friend you have made a big azz mistake!I have hated Derrick’s game play most of the season,cause I really didn’t understand his strategy until after finally listening to his words.Dude convinced everybody he was no big threat when in reality he has always been the Puppet master, and each hg was his marionette.

    1. and derrick scripted all that stuff out and people he was aligned with hell he had to help them to when they made mistakes like before they told caleb about the hitmen cody said it in his goodbye message derrick said immediately he shouldn’t have because he goes to jury and there is no positive there im sure derrick would like to say some things to people throughout the game in anger but theres no benefit to do that can only hurt he thinks about everything before he says it nobody else remotely came close to doing that and very few players have ever been that self aware of what they say in past bb seasons he weeds out a single person and works them one at a time he put in 10 times the effort anyone else did

        1. Not an outstanding, spectacular game, but what I mean is he always talked people into deciding to do what he wanted them to do without him telling them outright. Things worked out in his favor pretty much every week. It was somewhat boring. He never got caught in many lies. I’m not saying I love him. I hated how he put out people for dumb reasons in the beginning. He seemed to know who were smart enough to figure out game strategy and who might challenge him and he managed to get rid of them. Though he said early alliances never work, if he had not been put in one by Devin, he may not have done as well as he has.

  13. I just have to say that Caleb made up for the booing we missed out on for Frankie by saying just what he thought about his lack of respect for him. He also nailed it on Derrick and the disappointment in him.
    It should be interesting who he votes for.

    1. Hitmen were worried that Caleb going to jury would be manipulated by Frankie, but I think that Caleb said it well to Julie, he didn’t like the way Frankie went out when he found out he was going to be evicted. He didn’t like the way Frankie assumed he was going to go to jury and everyone in there was going to fall over themselves to listen to him. Now Caleb is following him only a day later, Frankie isn’t going to be able to do much in there before he gets there and turns it all back around, letting them know what Frankie was up to :O

      1. I think it’s pretty obvious the jury will vote for Derrick. 9 jurors, need 5 votes to win. You’ve got Donny, Hayden, Nicole and Jocasta all voting the same, no doubt. All of them have mentioned Derrick being a great player so there’s no doubt in my mind they’ll all vote for Derrick. He needs one more vote to win…Victoria. I actually believe Frankie will vote for Derrick since he was on to his game and was a fellow TA member. I feel Zach will vote for Derrick as well. Christine is up in the air due to the Cody infatuation. And Caleb could possibly vote Cody just because he’s obsessed with who has the most comp wins.

        I’m leaning towards a 9-0 vote for Derrick to win (befitting for this “house vote” season). If not that, at worst an 8-2 vote for Derrick to win. Victoria will not go to final two. Derrick will never choose her over Cody because that would be viewed as a punk move (same goes for Cody taking Victoria). So there’s no point in speculating what votes she might get.

        1. You’re obviously very smart since you say Derrick vs Cody would be 9-0 or 8-2.
          Think about that for a second.
          No way Donny would vote for Derrick over Cody. Donny said Cody was a friend of his, they had a genuine connection, and that he felt Derrick was blowing smoke up everyone’s a$$ all season long. Donny couldn’t stand Derrick. I’m also hoping Jocasta will vote for Cody over Derrick. And maybe Hayden can stop being Nicole’s puppet and realize both Hitmen betrayed him equally, and vote for the guy he actually saw as a friend – that would be Cody.

        2. You all are so enthralled with Derrick that you can’t count jury votes. If it is Derrick v Cody:

          Frankie will go to jury, tell Donny about the final TA challenge of an xtra 50K for Derrick if Derricks makes it to final 2. NO way Donny or Frankie are going to give him that money after the nasty game Derrick played against them.
          Jacosta, Hayden, Nichole and Christine will all vote for Cody over Derrick. They are not going to reward Derrick because they know he didn’t own his game.

        3. Bitter Jury = vote out the one that voted you out. Bitter Jury = revenge. If Victoria goes to final 2, she will win just because they know that she made zero decisions.

  14. I mean did anybody ever even find out what Derrick’s supposed work outside the house was?I don’t think so, he has never gave up any info besides I’m a father I’m married blah blah blah.I work in this part of the city and work around kids…..really Derrick what do you do then?The man has never gave up his cards everybody else has like his Roadie….yeah umm we are the Hitmen or Caleb yeah we made a pact all guys.Derrick has not even confirmed any of this so he can keep twisting the story.Like I said along time ago he isn’t the best player ever,but he is in that conversation!!!

    1. I endured a long long LONG, (did I say long) conversation where Derrick went into great detail with Caleb or Cody about his work. He had the story down pat, very detailed and all BS. It actually scared me to watch it beause Derrick was so clearly lying but he had his storyline down. It was on the feeds a while ago., other may have seen it to. It actually was one of the reason that I got turned off of Derrick and stopped rooting for him. His acting was more than acting and crossed over into somtehing kind of creepy. It was like watching a Criminal Minds episode where the unsub is actually a cop.

  15. Derrick was just setting himself up in advance regarding telling future jury members they wpuld be cowards to take Victoria to final two. The same goes for the bitter voting for her to win- no they would not. They vote for the best player and most deserving, and I think they would have a hard time deciding between Derrick and Cody. He will be taking Victoria and Cody would be crazy not to as well.
    Side note: Frankie pronounced his own last name a few different ways in his interview with Jeff.

  16. Did the endurance lasted less than an hour??? seriously ¬¬ ………..

    Derrick pretty much won already, but I keep thinking about cody’s comment to caleb: “We made all the decisions”. The viwers know they didn’t, derrick know they didn’t, but the jury doesn’t and neither does Cody. If Derrick wins the HOH and doesn’t bring cody to final 2, I can definitely see the jury rewarding Victoria out of spite ,I mean everybody (with the exception of Donny) was blindsided in a very harsh way. But again it’s a very small chance of that happening.

    So Derrick won the damn thing, good for his family, yadda yadda yadda, BRING IT ON BB CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I am, too. Just to shake it up. I hope Cody wins the final HOH and takes Victoria and not Derrick! and the jury votes for Victoria to win. Just for kicks. It would be the most exciting thing to happen all season.

  17. Victoria should be in final 2-who wouldn’t want her next to them for a guaranteed win? What a great inadvertent strategy-lose everything so you’re the most wanted final 2 partner…..
    Watch her boast about how great she is…..clueless dufus,,,,

  18. I would die laughing if Victoria beat Derrick the Cody in the Final two comps.
    Like I said the last one is more about how you really know the House guests.
    In this group it is a totla toss up. They all either had a lie of a relationship or
    thjey froze the jury member out before evicting them.
    Out of the three of them I think Victoria is the only one that really talked to Nicole,
    Frankie, Christine, Hayden and Jocasta. She listened to Donny.
    Like I said the last one is a fill in the blank that isn’t what the person said in the game
    but how they would respond to a question asked them. I don’t think Cody or Derrick really know
    any of the jury better than Victoria…. I think she may have a shot at the last one. She really
    should have put a better effort at the wall. She actually has the advantage. Women in general have better balance, her feet are smaller so the shrinking platform would not effect her the same. Men do have better upper body strength but women weigh less. She just gave up…. she should have stayed on it like her life depended on it. I think Victoria has gone through this game like she goes through life.. a reward with very little effort.

    1. You know how much I love you EricCa, but this is VICTORIA we’re talking about here! She wasn’t going to put more effort into the wall! She honestly doesn’t put effort into anything other than her hair and makeup. And this is coming from a girl that loves hair and makeup!

  19. Donny deserves that AFP $,But Derrick deserves that BB game winner$,I mean how could you not give it to him over her,Even if you were mad that he lied to u or manipulated you or even just bitter because you like to be bitter.You would still have to consider the obvious this man played the fucking game and she did not,it would be a sad day if you as a jury member tried to justify giving her his money cause you didn’t play as well as he did.Im actually hoping it is D and C in those chairs just so it’s a better finale!!!She can have her stipend she was there all summer holding down the chairs from floating to the ceiling,but besides that and noticing every mirror in the house she laid an goose egg in the game.He needs that money and IMHO he did what it takes to win that money.

    1. But she only floated because Derrick protected her as he wanted her. There were so many times she could have been put out and he worked his magic. She’s there because of him. So he wins. I’m surprised it was never because he needed her vote though. She was just his chronic pawn.

    2. Derrick doesn’t “need” the money. Derrick “wants” the money. Big difference. He may have misted the houseguests, but as viewers, we know better.

  20. If Vic wins she is taking Derick, in her mind they’ve been working together all season. If Cody wins the third…… He is taking Derick, once again “they’ve” been working together all season. If Derick wins, he is taking Vic.

  21. So of you are ridiculous. Why wouldn’t Derrick take Victoria to the final 2. It is the best strategic move he could make (although he probably beats Cody easily too). There are too many people in the jury that have too much respect for this game to actually give the money to Victoria. People like Nicole, Zach, Donny, Hayden, and as much as you hate them Frankie and Christine. They would never give the money to Victoria. As for Caleb and Cody they seem like the type to hold a grudge and well… Jocosta is kinda just there. If I were Derrick, I’m taking Victoria to the final 2.

    1. I think Derrick has misted himself into believing that the jury is strictly bitter and will not vote based on strategy. That’s why he commented in DR that he was glad Cody was getting Caleb or Vic’s blood on his hands before last nights eviction. He even said that the evicted HG would vote for whoever was sitting opposite Cody. Every year the HGs get paranoid about bitter jury as the numbers dwindle, but this yr in particular Derrick knows that the jury feels especially betrayed. Particularly with the way things played out with Donny, who is a nice balanced guy who obviously wanted nothing to do with the detonators ever again. Somewhere in the back of his mind I think he also wants to believe this bc he would feel awful about cutting Cody, but also he knows it would look like unforgivable betrayal to many. So there is a touch of ego affecting his game decision.

  22. I still would love a season of ex athletes ( not over the hill), and all ex special forces, or like FBI/CIA types. I’d say in a season like that….. Let the beasts win comps, and let the others play mind games….. Flip a coin and let’s see who wins!

  23. Do you think in the end if Derrick wins the comps he’ll choose to take Victoria instead of Cody? Thumbs up if you think he will take Victoria. Thumbs down if you think he’ll take Cody.

  24. After thinking about it, I’m not 100% sure that Cody would take Derrick. He’s proved and admitted that he doesn’t read people all that well; might think he has a better shot against Victoria, and I’m not sure that he knows how much the jury would despise him for it (Derrick knows that HE can’t take her). He’s also proven that he’s a coward, and might wimp out thinking Derrick could (and would) beat him. If it turns out to be Cody and Victoria in the F2, I KNOW that for the first time in 16 seasons, I couldn’t bring myself to watch.

  25. Cody vs. Derprick in final 2 … it’s like choosing between cat poop or pig shit

  26. BB17 lawyers Vs ex cons,season of the best liars,every comp is chosen by the viewers!Instead of have nots have never.Nomore America’s favorite player have America’s favorite double talker.

  27. The so-called Hitmen: hoooo, be really scared; they shoot fish in a barrel. Real tough guys.
    If this sums of season 16, it’s a total disgrace. Letting a mindless, money-worshipping, Kardashian wanna-be, layabout get to the end.
    Only cowards would even think of doing that.
    She actually told Derrick yesterday that she ‘crushed’ Caleb in that one POV where he took the $5K.
    I have never seen such a shallow, self-absorbed, deluded human on TV – oh yeah, there’s still Kanye West.

  28. Derrick has got himself in quite the pickle. While I think Frankie may respect derricks game play the rest of the jury is well aware derrick is the reason they all went home. I’m not certain they will respect him for it. I also think if he doesn’t take Cody he will lose Cody’s vote in the end BC he will feel insanely betrayed. Either way I think derrick may be playing for second place.

  29. Yes you are right bb fan forever!Thats the easiest way to secure your winnings but I’m old school I’d rather win against the better player.But that’s not how it is now days,the w is all that matters but then it leaves a lot to be desired. And Cody imo has done more for 2nd place than Victoria.All things are going this route, it’s like playing only if you know you can win against who you are playing.Its sad really no challenge no testing yourself?

  30. went and put my votes in tonight and decided to check and see who is ahead .. dang WHERE are the Donny fans .. I liked Zack to an extent .. but Donny was a much more lovable player to watch .. yes that means as of tonight Zack is leading .. just thought I would mention this don’t have to have the feeds to place your votes..

    1. Where did you “check who’s ahead”? Are you talking about a poll somewhere? I can’t imagine CBS would show you the current standings, would they? (if they do, please tell me what the standings are!)

  31. Dang Victoria might just be more shallow than a kiddie pool,she really does think she has done something this summer.Holy shit balls if she wins I might hurt myself!!!Sometimes I pause my dvr on Victoria’s eyes turn off the lights and tell my daughter the grudge is a true story.I know I know?…Shouldn’t scare her hell scar her like that.

  32. Derrick is taking Victoria hes not stupid it’s more of a fight with Cody with Victoria it will be a win! The interesting part will be if Cody wins if he will take Derrick or make the smarter choice Victoria…although from his Caleb eviction speech I think he may might the wrong move and take Derrick!

  33. Victoria brushing off Derrick keeping her safe nine fudging times on the block is the dumbest thing,no scratch that I feel like every time I listen to her my IQ drops.Someone earlier said Vic has scooted through life like this game with no effort involved.Bingo……Hammer meet nail!I really don’t hate Victoria,but Jesus woman you need to try some humble pie,or cereal choice is yours.

  34. To my fellow OBB Fans – Ariana Grande has 18.6M twitter fans, Frankie has 885K, their mom has 175K, and Justin Bieber has 54.6M. Justin previously tweeted congrats to Frankie for making it to Final 5. Frankie’s mother tweeted that Frankie’s family will rally votes for Frankie to win AFP just like all the other family members of the other house guest. Wow, some multi-millionaires just never have enough money. Lets see, how many designer outfits can Frankie buy with $25K? Maybe 12 to 18 outfits at the most. PLEASE vote for DONNY 20X a day for AFP. He is a good, hard working guy. It was so nice to watch someone so considerate and kind on the show. Tell all your friends on social media to vote for Donny!!! We need to rally and get as many votes as we can for Donny!!!! Thanks!!!!

  35. so victoria lasted barely 10 plus minutes with 500k potentially on the line. wow this girl has no guts. useless in every sense of the word. imagine what this season would have been like if players like jocasta and victoria would have been replaced by power players. it would have changed the entire dynamic of the season for the better. every player casted is an ingredient for how good the season could be. it’s important that you leave dog shit out. just my 2 cents. i mean how hard could it be to get 16 intelligent ambitious determined people with fascinating personalities. the entire casting crew should be fired based on casting victoria alone.

  36. CONNECTIONS!!!!!!

    I read the below on twitter:

    There is so much cross promotion right now that its not even funny. Ariana Grande’s manager is Scooter Braun. Justin Bieber’s manager is also Scooter Braun. Justin sent out the congrats to Frankie tweet last week, in all likelyhood, he was asked to send that tweet by Braun to support Ariana.

    Scooter Braun also happens to be the exec producer for the show Scorpian. We have been hammered with ads about this new show during episodes of Big Brother. I imagine Frankie getting on Big Brother was part of the package that brought Scorpion to CBS.

    Also, a few weeks ago, Bieber performed on the CBS aired Fashion Rocks show. Ariana performed on the season opening game. CBS owns the rights to Thursday night Football.

    Scooter Braun, CBS, and his stable of pop stars seem to be one big messy family.


  37. Congratulation Simon and D. I want to find out about the number of competitions left in BB16?I’m a bit confuse. I know Derick will compete with Vic for the second HOH. Does it mean that Cody has secured a place in the final 2? Does it mean whoever wins the second HOH comp will join Cody in the final 2? Are they going to play POV? In other words, what is the mechanism or road to final 2 as at now?

    1. This final HOH is a 3 part HOH.
      – All three competed together in the hang gliding endurance competition = Cody won so he advances to part 3
      – Derrick and Victoria will compete in part 2 where the winner of round two advances to part 3
      – The winner of part 2 competes against Cody in part 3 where the winner of this round wins the Final HOH. There is no veto competition. The winner of round 3 is determined on Finale night where that person picks who they want to evict/who they want to sit against in the final 2.

  38. Victoria – what can I say?
    The ‘virgin’ in lingerie who says she has a ‘sick-ass body’. Does that sound like something a virgin says?
    Getting the guy rocks off for them.
    She eerily resembles a crow – lifeless black eyes…and that beak.
    No wonder the crow wanted to swoop her away; it mistook her for it’s baby.
    I just wish someone once smacked her across her ugly-ass face and said ‘Snap out of it, you look like a psycho’.

  39. In order to win big brother you have to play the second best game, not the first. It is that slippery slope that makes it so challenging. The jurors will figure it out. Cody’s POV speech to Caleb was his way of insuring Derrick takes him if to the final two. Their secret is out and if Derrick wins the HOH, and takes Victoria his game is exposed as a master manipulator and it may be enough to not win the 500K. What has Victoria done, nothing, but she has done enough not to get evicted. A super floater or a master opportunist. Those who have said they played the game (Christine, Frankie) have overestimated their strategies and underestimated Victoria’s. The fact is they are on the outside looking in. And she is potentially one last eviction away from winning it all.

    1. I have to disagree with your assessment of why Frankie and Chris are on the outside looking in,the reason being both were and are bigger threats.Victoria couldn’t win a prize in 1 of the many boxes of cereal she got in,and she did enough not to get evicted?How by Derrick deciding not to let her go just in case he might use her? Wow are you related?I usually don’t get to worked up,but like I have been saying she has been gift wrapped two wins by Hayden and BMC,and tagged along like Derrick’s mama said if you wanna go somewhere you have to take your sister!Just wow!!!

  40. I have so enjoyed the humor of a lot of those who post here. This last post I have to shout out to CD, Evictoria (love the handle) and The Beard. Truly funny stuff. Kudos!

  41. I honestly don’t think I can stomach Vic winning anymore than I can Derelict. But if Cody somehow pulls this off I promise I will never ever call him Pussasaurus or Phelmasaurus again.

  42. Stick to one story Cody. First he got rid of Brittany because she knew too much about him and Derrek, now it’s because she was targeting Christine? We all know the real reason, he had no access to her pants.

  43. Sorry to say that Derrick will win…not that he hasn’t played the best game he knows how, but that the jury will do what they are paid to do as no one has voted their own mind through this entire season.

  44. People on here have the worst taste, are you actually rooting for Victoria, my god. She’s the worst person there… Hopefully Derrick wins.

  45. If you think Its not gonna be Cody and Derrick Final 2 you are one of the BB fans still clinging to hope for a twist … Still dellusional about something unexpected happening.
    You as fans have become so desperate for drama, you actually hope for one of the worst players in Bb history to win?!
    Nothing can save such a predictable season.
    And if you think the Jury is bitter against Derrick then You clearly have been watching another show. They didnt know who dropped the ax until it was too late. That doesnt create animosity it creates respect.
    Cody would have 1 for sure vote : Christine and im not even sure anyone else.
    And if you think Donny is holding a grudge lol that man is too kind hearted for that.
    That entire jury except maybe Caleb and Christine will be giving Derrick a vote

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