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Tonight will be the second Double Eviction of Big Brother 15 which will bring the number of house guests down from 7 to 5. Double eviction episodes are always a huge surprise as everything happens so fast and there is next to no time to campaign or conspire.

2AM Alliance + Elissa formerly known as 3AM – Amanda, McCrae, Elissa and Andy (Who is faking being with them) all believe they are going to blindside Spencer, Ginamarie and Judd by evicting Spencer.

The Exterminators Alliance – Andy, Ginamarie, Judd and Spencer all believe they are going to blindside Amanda, McCrae and Elissa by evicting Amanda.

The Exterminators Plan for Tonight – Andy has been lying to Elissa, Amanda & McCrae all week telling them he is voting with them to vote out Spencer, when he will actually vote out Amanda. McCrae and Elissa will be voting to evict Spencer. Judd and Andy will vote out Amanda. Ginamarie will then break the tie, to vote out Amanda. Andy then plans to act shocked and upset blaming it on Elissa so that McCrae thinks that Elissa voted out Amanda. This will then make McCrae target Elissa over the members of the Exterminator’s alliance (Judd, Ginamarie, Andy, Spencer). The exterminator’s also plan to tell Elissa right before the voting happens that McCrae told them he is voting out Amanda. This way if either McCrae or Elissa win HOH during the double eviction they will target each other.

Items given to Amanda to prove voting loyalty:

  • Elissa gave her wedding ring to hold (Amanda’s Est. Value $4000 but likely fake)
  • Andy gave his Organ t-shirt (Est. Value $20)

Amanda evicted after Ginamarie puts the nail in the coffin by breaking the 2 – 2 tied vote.

CONFIRMED Double Eviction Results:
Andy votes to evict: Amanda
Judd votes to evict: Amanda
Elissa votes to evict: Spencer
McCrae votes to evict: Spencer

In the event of a tie vote – As Head of HouseHold Ginamarie votes to evict: Amanda

First House Guest Evicted During Double Eviction: AMANDA

WINNER of the First HOH Competition: McCRAE
Nominations: Ginamarie and Elissa
Power of Veto Winner: JUDD
Veto used: NO
Second Evicted House Guest: ELISSA

WINNER of the Second HOH Competition: ? The second HOH will likely happen later tonight.

Julie Chen says “Less than 2 weeks remain before we crown the winner of Big Brother 15!” BB15 Finale September 18th!

CBS Interactive Inc.
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THIS: “The exterminator’s also plan to tell Elissa right before the voting happens that McCrae told them he is voting out Amanda. This way if either McCrae or Elissa win HOH during the double eviction they will target each other.”

Elissa would never believe that McCrae would vote out Amanda. That part of the plan is just stupid and will tip her off, I think.

Rigged for the Reillys

You give Elissa too much credit she might figure it out if DR tells her.

Shaking my head

Amanda voted out. Then Elissa. Wow! I spent HOURS of my valuable time reading these updates and posts, putting many down myself. I am officially done with Big Brother for the season and possibly forever. (CBS you will know because I have a feeling your viewership ratings are going to precipitously drop after tonight). I cannot believe the $500,000 is going to be handed to a piece of shit (GM, Andy, Spencer, Judd) this year. My opinion of Elissa has changed 180… I regret calling her names on these posts like duck lips, gold digger, joker face, etc. I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE for that. I just won’t be watching because my stomach is sick that the biggest losers in BB history made it to final 4. Little does GM know that the boys will be kicking her out soon, which is fitting. Simon and Dawg, no offense but I don’t think I’ll be posting on here either. You guys do a GREAT job keeping us updated and that too is very much appreciated. I think I’m going to go puke now. I guess I’m hoping Spencer wins it. The others are just too big a piece of shit to root for.


Thank God football has started tonight. Now on Thursday nights I can watch NFL instead of those morons.


this sorta quietly sinks the speculations & rumors as of late that CBS
was going to hand the game to Amanda or Elissa on a silver platter…


Or, that Elissa and Amanda were so bad, there was nothing production could do to save their butts from being exterminated.


Get to steppin’


GM is so disgusting. Before 2nd nominatations started, we couldn’t hear anything because her nasty
Mouth was cursing and using profanity words while fighting with Elissa.
She is gross and I can’t wait to see her go.


I am done too! Not worth watching anymore!

you all suck

NO GUYS AMANDA WILL COME BACK AND WIN THE HALF MILLION REMEMBER SHE WAS PRE PICKED TO WIN!!! Remember she knows the producer!! Its rigid!! so happy I dont have to read that bull sh*t anymore


So done with this show. Just watched the last episode I will ever watch. If Andy wins, which I will only hear through the news, not watch, I think I’ll literally be sick.


the odds are Andy and/or GM will be cannibalized first by their alliance buddies
as scrawny lil ole McCrae becomes a competition beast in full survival mode…

Just wondering?

McStinky better form an alliance fast. He thinks he can trust Andy, he is wrong. No one wants to take McStinky to the finals. He can not play in next HOH, so he must win the veto. If he saves himself with the veto, he then has to win HOH ect… He needs help. I do not think he can win them all.

Big Sister

I can’t see the current jury members voting for Andy. Remember, he told Amanda that he betrayed her in his farewell message and she will be sure to share that info. The jury should simply show up on finale night, absolutely REFUSE to vote for any one of these five losers, and vote that the money be given to charities for those who are bullied, autistic, and/or victims of racism. Now I think I will catch up on my sleep. BBAD was another joke. If we can hear a**hole, b****, and s*** on TVGN, I don’t think it would kill those who watch to hear other curse words. Last night was a perfect example of being unable to follow much of what was being said because of their due diligence in bleeping Amanda and GM. Give it back to SHO next year, IF there is a next year. In all honesty, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if BB15 has killed the franchise. For it to once again be the show I fell in love with, a complete overhaul from top to bottom, production, casting, competitions, etc. needs to be done ASAP!! Just think, they had all year to get ready for this year and THIS was the best they could do?? I can honestly say that the only person for whom I could vote for America’s Favorite is Howard and he wasn’t perfect.


I agree completely , I actually am dying to see what goes on in jury house right now, Elissa’s interview was pitiful, she was so confused…(Amanda actually pulled hers off) can’t wait for her, Amanda and Helen to catch up!! That’s a show I would pay to watch, the BB house is so not worth anyone’s time anymore!


I agree completely – done with this season and maybe BB forever – hard to believe what remains but this is true – they are not worth TV time


Worst season ever. Never thought I would stop watching.


Done for sure. Come on CBS who in the world are we supposed to root for? A rat? A dudish “female” heathen? A floater who comes across as a sexual deviant? Or I know, the dirty kid that slept his way to the end riding his girlfriend’s coattails? Please. What crap.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Every single person left in the house has made either a racist remark, an inappropriate comment about children or a sexist comment. I really don’t care who wins. I won’t be watching the show anymore.

BB's last season (I hope)

The Exteminators’ plan worked perfectly. GM obviously got into McCrae’s head before the nominations. Elissa should have gone right to him & told him in no uncertain terms that she didn’t vote to evict Amanda. Now he’s on his own & he did it to himself. Not one person in that house deserves to win, and with the way these houseguests have all behaved this year, CBS should be ashamed of themselves….Throw in the allegations of rigging (which we all knew but this year is so blatant) and Production is backpedaling because their 2 “chosen” people are now gone. I’m not watching next year & I’m done reading the feeds. I could care less who wins because the show is a worthless piece of crap.


I have never had such a negative physical reaction
to a reality show eviction then I had for tonight.
Say what you want about Ellisa but she was the
only person who had Integrity and symbolized
light and love in a house full of rancid hate.
I cannot hold back my disgust for ( Andy, GM, Spencer, McCrae for
being so dumb & Judd for being a mean nasty
disloyal backstabber ) these people are not playing a game,
They sit around in a floater allience bashing Ellisa calling her
Cunt, saying they want to punch her face in.
In a world that is full of hate. It’s sad that CBS did not reprimend
these vile people but instead rewarding them.
I cancelled my feeds and will no longer be posting on here.
I will no longer watch Big Brother. The show is dead to me.
So gross!!!
Thanks Simon and Dawg for all your hard work
I appreciated it greatly.
It’s been a truly fucked up summer watching BB
I am gonna send CBS my therapy bill.


Ditto – feel the same. Well at least we can stop talking about Elissa’s RING!!! So upset with McCrae for wasting his H.O.H. He is CLUELESS!! G.M. is sadly so ignorant, Spencer is a pervert – so that just leaves Duh Judd & Rat Andy. What an awful choice. I’m already missing Amanda & Elissa! Though I tend to like Judd over Andy, Andy has played the “Better Game” than Judd. So sadly I’m saying, (Very Sadly), Andy for the win???


i’m assuming the two pieces of jewelry have returned themselves to their original owners
if Spencer did not loot the earings from Elissa’s belongings as her things were packed up!


typo — earrings


Never before have I been this disappointed with who was left in the house for the season. This season there is no one left to root for. I am so bummed. I am so disappointed in McCrea for putting Elissa up when she tried to save his nasty vile girlfriend. Ugh. No point in even watching anymore. :(

Tonight sucks

I can’t believe I’m going to get my first night of 8 hours sleep in weeks. After tonight’s travesty I’m not going to be watching BBAD any more because I really don’t give a eff what happens to those turds. Andy the rat, Judd the stupid reject who unfairly got to come back, Spencer the pervert, and GM the racist without a conscience. (McCrae ain’t nothing to write home about but he at least managed to get through the season without saying too many offensive things). They can all go to hell. This is unquestionably the WORSE season in BB history. And hopefully its last.

Note to CBS: cast winners next year. People with responsible jobs, smart people, upstanding members of society. Not a bunch of stupid, minimum-wage/unemployed losers who don’t care about their reputations in the community.

julie fooly

again with people like you saying they’ll boycott big brother. why are you lying for? you know you’re going to tune in this sunday til the finale, so why this farce? i bet you’re one of those people who during every election says, if this person wins i’m moving out of the state/country. grow up. this has been the best season for cbs. they’re laughing all the way to the bank, and having a tie breaker to get out amanda, you dream of a better ending.


All the players left make me want to puke. I will only watch the finale.

Thanks Simon and Dawg! You guys are awesome. Hope you do this next season.

Pinocchio Obama

Lets face it. If Elissa doesn’t win HOH, then she has to win the POV. That is the only way she survives past tonight. This hair brain scheme that Production concocted for Elissa made her Public Enemy to the entire house. There is no grand plan by Elissa. It is what it is and Elissa screwed herself. Instead of McCrae leaving after Amanda, its Elissa if she doesn’t win a comp tonight.

Danity Kane

Hmmm.. I remember saying McCrae would win HoH and avenge his partner like done several times in BB history.
And I said Elissa would be evicted. Let’s see if I’m right! Hopefully not.


Actually, like all the evictions from Helen’s till this one! Helen goes, Elissa HOH, Aaryn goes, GM HOH, Amanda goes, McCrea HOH… three ” couples” all broken up in one stretch…


actually it was a good plan in retrospect.

think about it, if elissa didnt flip, mcpussy definitely would have nominated her. but her doing what she did at least made him think what he’d do beforehand. however, being the dumb fuck that he is, he decided to trust the scumbags lying about elissa’s vote instead.

simon and dawg, while i appreciate your efforts, i won’t be reading much anymore. already never watched. i may interact in the comments though because that was the best thing about this website. i loved interacting with all of you.

but i cant find the effort to give any attention to find out what happens with a rat bastard, a loudmouth bitch, or 3 people that did absolutely nothing to get as far as they did in the game.


No! Why would he put up ELISSA?? :( ugh she Better win veto!


Did you see GM telling Mcnasty to put up
Ellisa and he shook his head up and down (yes) motion.
Lets face it. Even him knowing Andy voted out Amanda he
Still would have nominated Elissa because he doesn’t like her.

McCrae has sucker written on his forehead

But McCrae doesn’t know Andy voted Amanda out. They told McCrae that Elissa switched and that Andy stayed true. McCrae will believe that bc Andy had been loyal up until tonight. They will probably tell him tonight about the exterminators. He can’t win HOH so his fate is sealed. Unless the guys just decide to get rid of GM first and then McCrae. Either way it doesn’t matter to me because the season ended for me tonight.


Nobody watch Big Brother on sunday. Cancel Live Feed and just go on here to read about it. This show is rigged.


First it’s rigged if Amanda doesn’t go home, now it’s rigged because Amanda did go home followed by Elissa. Make up your mind, people. This is proof positive that the show IS influenced but not completely rigged. But now it’s going to be boring as hell and I pray to god GM goes home next just to show her where her idiot self stood with an alliance of her and a bunch of dudes. After that I don’t care who wins. They all suck.


To those that said its rigged for elissa clearly not since she went home tonight. Spencer literally grosses me out. I would hate to be his wife and know all of America thinks he’s a pedophile. Mcrae is just nasty all together. Like take a shower pizza boy. GM is the definition of white trash. Andy is the biggest rat in Big brother history. I have never seen such a floater. God is disgusting. Judd has an IQ of a rock. The kid is literally so stupid. Like I hope he gets evicted tomorrow.

BB's last season (I hope)

I don’t think there’s a doubt that the show is rigged….it looks to me like production backpedaled because of the flak they were taking here on the comments about it being rigged for Amanda & Elissa. They had to do something to stem the tide of backlash they were getting from social media.


BBFannatic, God is disgusting? Gasp! What did God have to do with any of this?


Gosh he’s disgusting** (referring to the princess rat andy)


Amanda is exterminated. Elissa gets Fuggked. And nobody suspects the RAT.
Exactly as I predicted. You would think Production could have at least thrown the POV to Elissa as consolation for giving her this HORRIBLE plan in the first place. Now there’s literally nothing left in that house to root for. Ugh Big Brother WHY!!! They must want RAT face to win. He’s the only one who keeps sliding through with no barriers.


Yup, I saw these a mile away.
I’m already predicting the Rat making it to final.
He is just in a good position, everybody likes him
In the house.
What a bunch of idiots, floaters. What a season. All
The floaters made it to the end. Hahhahaha


Well, as we now know you were wrong, Elissa was that easy to fool. Not hard to believe since she also said that she was playing with her heart and not her emotions. Really a feat. Guess she was saying she is a stone cold… Yeah right.

So Amanda and Elissa are gone. McCrae has to keep winning to stay in it. If he goes, and GM does not win any comps, she goes too. Which leaves us with the unholy trio: Spencer who talks filth with no real game play, Andy who talks lies as his only game play and Judd who plays at talking but no one can understand him. Creep, Geek and Mumbles. What a crap shot.

BB's last season (I hope)

I think McCrae did more to screw himself over than Elissa did. Not knowing what they discussed in between commercials, we don’t know if Elissa managed to talk to McCrae but we know GM did. My guess is GM did damage control after what Amanda said to Ratboy as she was leaving & told McCrae that Elissa flipped on Amanda & McCrae, being the pussy wimp that he is, chose to believe that Ratboy was solidly behind him despite having reservations about it. Amanda convinced him that Andy was 100% on their side & he ignored his own feelings & now it’s going to cost him dearly because he has NO allies in the house whatsoever. McCrae


I’m no longer compelled to watch whats left of BB15!!

chenbot is a hypocrite

really Julie, you bust ayrn’s chops for her misdeeds and then you let amandacunt off the hook with those lame ass questions? Julie has no credibility, guess you don’t need any when you’re banging the network president.
love the way the votes unfolded.

The psychoanalyst

I think you are a hypocrite Chenbot. I mean you called Amanda the c word in your post. And you wanted to see HER embarrassed and humiliated for the things that came out of her mouth? You should look long and hard in the mirror girl.


Tonight’s Chen display was the height of hippocracy. BB making Aayrn the face of racism and saying squat on the subject to the giant purveyor of all evil, shows nothing but the bullying of a 22 year old culturally ignorant girl by BB/CBS themselves. They chose to profit on the back of a little girl. BB/CBS deserved to get sued. Chen has failed and has diminished her credibility.


I thought it at times, but it wasn’t until she was finally evicted and talking to Julie that I realized that Elissa is actually that stupid. Fricking amazing! I never thought I say that Rachel is the more normal Reilly sister.


WOW Chen gives Amanda such a soft interview and why should anyone be surprised. The nastiest person to ever be on BB and Chen gives her almost an apologetic interview. She blasts Aaryn, a 22 year old ignorant mean girl, but gives the most vile and nasty person ever, AManda such a nice interview. That sickened me. They let Amanda get away with all the nasty and hate filled things she did and allow her to think it is just fine. UNFAIR and BIASED IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT OR do they just pick on the young ones and only they should be held accountable, but when a person that is older acted nastier and said homophobic, racist, horrid things such as gang raping Jessie or killing Candice and Chen does not hold Amanda accountable is sickening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Totally agree with you Name and I’ll bet A.G. had a lot to do with that! Sick!

The psychoanalyst

I think just the opposite. I think there was so much flack from last week’s blind side inquisition of Aaryn that Chen was told to go back to what she’s done every other time and just talk about the evictee’s game and strategy. And I am glad for that! This is America. People can say whatever they want and they have a constitutional right to be an asshole if they so choose. Political correctness has NO place in a BB exit interview. I’m glad Chen allowed the viewers to make their own judgment about Amanda instead of telling us how we should feel.


You’re way off base and have no idea how the world works.
When’s the last time you saw a Jewish person being called a racist on the news?
You haven’t. In today’s society, only WASPs can be called racist.
I don’t agree with it…but that’s the way it is.
Google “who controls the news media”………


As stated, AG and Julie’s husband (runs CBS) are both Jewish. Aaryn is not.
This is nothing new. Even in the real news media (Jewish controlled), people that look like Aaryn are the only ones that get “bad edits.”
Then think to yourself….why are we fighting in the middle east? Then think Israel.
Ignorants can Downvote….or actually educate themselves. I’m sure the latter is too much for them though.

perfect night!!!

Tonight couldn’t have gone any better! Perfect evictions and now it’s just the Exterminators competing for HOH with McCrae sitting on the sidelines. Absolutely beautiful!!!!

And Elissa did believe that McCrae voted out Amanda. She fell for it perfectly.

Now all you Elissa fans can just wallow in your tears;)


You thought wrong. Elissa did think that. Her fans are fans of the DR because she had no game. Only did what production told her.
Throw in being a horrible, fake person and I wonder why she has any fans at all.
Julie’s interview with Amanda went as expected. Julie’s exposing her own biases here.


Amanda the racist bully is out of there! oh hell yeah, how good is that?! good to see Andy actually voted out Amanda – im very happy to see her gone

Julie Chen went super easy on Amanda in the interview(especially compared to the Aaryn interview where Julie read out mean spirited Aaryn quotes) and Julie even was laughing and joking with Amanda at one point – this is no surprise as Amanda knows or is friends with multiple members of production, including executive producer Alison Grodner, and Amanda is a former cbs employee…to show just how delusional Amanda is, just listen to her shocked reaction when she got some boos from the audience on Thursday…she will have to wait until after jury to realize just how many people are disgusted by her comments and behaviour over the last 10 weeks…if she seemed shocked by a few boos, imagine her reaction when she discovers that tens of thousands of people dislike her greatly…from some comments ive seen on the internet, she is going to need 24/7 security and/or a disguise anywhere she goes in public…that is the reality of the situation she finds herself in

i hope McCrae does not win as he would give half the money to Amanda, possibly more, he is that submissive…she could probably con him out of all of it, then dump him, as thats the sort of person Amanda is

the next 2 weeks in jury house i hope Jess kicks Amandas ass again in the resumption of their verbal jousting…its going to be like the bad girls club in jury, with those 6 girls…i hope they have security, especially as Amanda has talked about killing and raping Jess, and killing Elissa and Candice…then there is Jess v Helen, Aaryn v Elissa, Aaryn v Candice

for Americas favourite for the 25k im voting for the only houseguest i actually like – Jess

Amandas cootch smells like onions

we shall see how Judd will vote…hope he votes out Spencer

Pinocchio Obama

So Amanda left with Elissa’s wedding ring. Oh well! Why is Julie not giving Amanda the same 3rd degree that she gave Aaryn last week? So Julie holds Aaryn responsible for this whole hate filled season. That is so much Bull!

Amanda's Yeast Infection


Amanda's Yeast Infection



Howard might have been the crappiest player EVER since…. well, EVER.

Pinocchio Obama

Thank you for bringing us that news flash Aaryn. A guy that been out the house almost 4 weeks, you are concerned with, good luck with. In more current news, will the Exterminators win the night. Gina is their best competitor. Elissa has a great chance of kicking all these guys butts. Did you see that block Elissa gave Andy for her POV win. Elissa also catches better then the rest of the guys, hence her HOh win. Granted McCrae and Andy are essentially girls, Judd depends if he is on his meds, and Spencer, well he’s Spencer.

Pinocchio Obama

News Flash! Elissa and Gina are up on the block. Wow! Did Production see this coming. LOL!


You must be a rapist..

Aaryn Gries

Right? He should have been evicted first. Production should said “By a vote of fry me some chicken, Howard, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house!”. I may have been evicted but I got the last laugh- I completed my ultimate goal! I got Howard & Helen evicted under my HoH, and Candice evicted under my fellow bigot’s HoH reign! The Texan’s will be proud! :)

David Girton

Hey Aaryn, like dude I miss looking into your wolfish teeth, those sh1tty eyebrows oh and those bleached blonde roots and as you snort your Adderall and talk all racist….MEMORIES BABE YEAH!!!!!




Haha give it to charity that’s hilarious

I hoping for Andy to follow Amanda out the door!

Pinocchio Obama

Not going to happen. If in doubt, trust the gay guy. Andy is going down as the greatest floater to ever play the game. We have seen people before play both sides, but no one has done it better then Andy. Helen thought she controlled Andy, but Andy really controlled her. Amanda thought Andy’s loyalty was unquestionable, but she couldn’t read Andy. Dan played both sides last year, and they are now writing books about him because he was so good. Granted Dan wrote several of those books and he never forgets to mention them on every appearance. Dan on BB Canada, announces I wrote 2 motivation books. Dan on BB, I wrote 2 motivation books. Ok Dan, enough already, we know you have authored a few books. Dr. Will played both sides and is deemed as one of the best BB players ever.

Nope, you may not like Andy’s game……but the guy has serious game. Don’t hate the player….Hate the game!


As Emmett’s brother told him in Big Brother Canada never trust a flamboyant gay guy in big brother.(well the only thing that is flamboyant about Andy are the way his little rat eyes pop out at the TV screen.) What do these girls do? They trust Andy and Elissa knew not to trust him but I don’t know why she did…Rest of the season is going to be “meh” it sucks…Today was such a horrible double eviction felt like a punch to the guy. Sigh…


Be nice if the jury decides who should get the 500K, and America gets to vote if that winner gets to keep it, or it gets donated to charity.


I canttttt waitttttt

For the first time this season I cannot wait for an eviction episode. Finally a house divided!!!

Welcome to Big Brother nerds, right near the end. Way to show your game face

Real Scandals Phony President

I love that Andy has less than 1% in thepoll. Dawg is right on your tail. Go Dawg! Spencer is looking pretty strong at 0% too.

Those who are there

Start a chant!!!

This is bullshit (if Amanda isn’t evicted somehow)

Or a bitch chant if she is

How about a “grill her chenbot” clap clap clapclapclap

OMG! Excited???

Please let this go the way I hope!!! Crosses fingers!! :) Judd be a good guy please!!

OMG! Excited???

7 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! Excited???

Here we Go !!!

Winey BB Fan

This sucks I am not watching anymore if one more girl leaves!! Glad Amanda is gone but upset with JUdd!!


Merry Christmas guys!! Lol. Amanda leaving tonight will be the best gift ever!!!


I am so happy that amanda is going bye bye! I am so happy, and I want Elissa to win hoh put up Andy and Judd. Elissa wins the veto and sends andy right out behind amanda. Its going to be fun watching tonight


Boot the rat!


How big of a fugging toolbag do you have to be to vote for Elissa for favorite house guest???


How big of a fucking toolbag do you have to be to vote for a rat bastard, 3 pussy floaters, a loud mouth bitch or a dumbass who did nothing but lie around in a bed with his bully gf for favorite house guest???


From the previous post: 3pm In the rainbow room – Judd tells Andy and McCrae we all just need to stick together.

Could Judd, Andy & McCrae have a boys alliance that doesn’t include Spencer? It would be a perfect time to get him out….


Pluck that chicken! All aboard the Spencer train out of the house.

Just wondering?

Shouldn’t everyone want to take Spencer to the final. He would lose against everyone.

This Season Blows

Can’t wait for Demanda to leave and hopefully Duck Lips will be quacking her way out the door shortly afterwards.


The Exterminators, bug killers, dumb name, I mean I wouldn’t want to be an exterminator… how about The Winners … all they could come up with was bug spray… there is not ONE PERSON IN THE EXTERMINATORS I HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING IN THE FEEDS AT ALL. NOT ONE. I want Amanda to stay, McCray or Elissa to win HOH. Evict Andy. Then Amanda or McCray or Elissa win next HOH and evict GM. God I need a miracle. Maybe JUDD will vote to keep amanda, it’s our only hope cause ANDY has just flipped loyalty to his shomance with Spencer.

YO Yo Yo

where can we watch this episode online?

YO Yo Yo

Thank you


Go exterminators !!!!


GinaMarie is cold!

Jeremy's Boat

I know I have right on my side when I have simon


I knew Amanda and Elissa would implode. Didn’t think it would be on the same night lol. Nick’s hat, bear shirt, and strawberry boy for final three

Teri B

Simon or Dawg:

Link for live streaming for left coasters?

Teri B

Thanks Dawg!!

Ding Dong the Bitch is GONE!! WOO HOO!!!


Maybe we will finally see the elusive Comb D’Pa


I voted on the poll and the results so far is very disheartening. Duck Lips Elissa is in the lead by a wide margin. Why? This filthy, nasty fake assed cunt has been he greatest floater this game has ever seen. Bigger floater by the next biggest RatBasterdAndy. Again, like her game play, this will be given to her and her not deserving any of it. I say her game play because she bounced along on the skirts of Helen until she was evicted and hen production undoubtedly coached this patheticly stupid woman every step of the way. This is just another travesty of a season of travesties. Fuck anyone who claims to be in the Brenchal Army, you bunch of dumbasses.

Rigged for the Reillys

She is not the biggest floater but…

Should have another poll. “Who’s game was helped most by production”

This Season Blows

Unfortunately, Elissa fans would immediately spam it with votes for Demanda even though only one houseguest was bailed out with the MVP and gets every perk they ask for and more from production and it isn’t her.


EXACTLY! Elissa was an idiot as far as the game was concerned. She actually thought McCrae voted out Amanda and not Andy? Because he looked shocked? Unbelievable. Helen pushed her through the game, then when she left production took over. Elissa did not deserve to be in that house with that kind of game stupidity.


I don’t ‘hate’ Elissa but since her game is over can viewers just have a heart and vote to give that 25k to a contestant whose life could be helped greatly by that much money…like Jesse or Howard. I’m not particularly big fans of those two either but they could use the money so much more than Elissa. I know the Brenchal army will see that Elissa gets it though. :(


Elissa will give it to charity plus it will piss off Andy and spencer. So I’m voting Elissa for sure.

la la la

where can i watch the episode online



What a softball interview!

Julie’s interview with Amanda was a softball. Incredible. Aaryn was a saint compared to her.


Can’t believe Julie didn’t grill Amanda like she did Aaryn :(


I totally agree with you on that one. Amazing that Chen berates Aaryn for all the comments that she made and yes there were many but maybe at 22 there is so hope for Aaryn to change, but wow Amanda is 28 and is definitely the most vile human to ever be on Big Brother and Chen and the media treat her like she is Golden. It really was despicable to watch that interview where Chen does not hold Amanda accountable for anything she did or said on the show. I mean Aaryn was no saint but compared to Gina Marie and Amanda she definitely was more of a saint than either of them. JULIE CHEN IS THE BIGGEST BIGOT AND BULLY ON THE SHOW!!! Chen totally discriminated against the 22 year old, and protected the older house guests. Disgusted by her Amanda interview.


I hope Andy leaves tonight at Elissa’s hand. That would be perfect! Get that two faced rat weasel bastard face out!!!! America’s favorite player, ha. Wait til he reads all these posts and sees why he is not our favorite player. Yuck!


Ok. Lets get ready for the water works.. See ya Amanda…


Hope these people evict Amanda

You So Funny

Dang that bedroom is fricken nasty dirty.


Did Spencer spoke about his girl friend?


well it’s all up to Andy or GM!!


Long live Queen Amanda. Go my Rainbow Warrior Andy1


RIP BUFFALOBILL and take Amanda with you.

Rigged for the Reillys

Judd played Mccrae…

Buh Bye Demanda

You So Funny

Get to steppin! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


I said it would be a tie! Go GM

Rigged for the Reillys

Get the stepping!!!!

Tell Helen I said Hi

Andy is going to cry now.. lol




Andy you are done!

Rigged for the Reillys

Julie didn’t ask Amanda about her racist comments like she did to Aaryn. – hmmm… CBS continues to protect Amanda through editing.

Amanda claims she is not a bully. lol. Then claims she bullied the Joker.

This Season Blows

Now Elissa needs to get voted out and then the season will be saved!


THE BITCH IS GONE!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!


Damn, Julie was really too easy on Amanda during her interview. Amanda deserved a better roasting.

Rigged for the Reillys

LOL Andy grew some balls.

You been exterminated.. see ya!!

Obvious CBS hand picked live crowd cheering Amanda on.

Real Scandals Phony President

Pretty lame Julie not calling Amanda out on all her “comments” this year.


Another eviction yeah. Hope it is Judd he has no game play.


Ding Dong The Bitch Is Dead!!!!!!

You So Funny

Ellissa will probably be getting the ring back in about 15-minutes.


To bad Amanda didn’t listen to McCrae. He said that he did trust Andy. Now I want to see Elissa get the HoH


I knew Julie wouldn’t call out that skanky yeastbag.I’m fuming!


I hope McCrae believes that Elissa voted to evict Spencer. And I hope the Rat gets the boot today.


As much as I’d like to see Andy go next – I’d rather see GM first. She can’t play in HOH, her foot is hurt so chances are the POV could be something physical. She’s good at comps & it might be harder to get rid of her later – no offense GM – it’s just game play. LOL!!