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Tonight will be the second Double Eviction of Big Brother 15 which will bring the number of house guests down from 7 to 5. Double eviction episodes are always a huge surprise as everything happens so fast and there is next to no time to campaign or conspire.

2AM Alliance + Elissa formerly known as 3AM – Amanda, McCrae, Elissa and Andy (Who is faking being with them) all believe they are going to blindside Spencer, Ginamarie and Judd by evicting Spencer.

The Exterminators Alliance – Andy, Ginamarie, Judd and Spencer all believe they are going to blindside Amanda, McCrae and Elissa by evicting Amanda.

The Exterminators Plan for Tonight – Andy has been lying to Elissa, Amanda & McCrae all week telling them he is voting with them to vote out Spencer, when he will actually vote out Amanda. McCrae and Elissa will be voting to evict Spencer. Judd and Andy will vote out Amanda. Ginamarie will then break the tie, to vote out Amanda. Andy then plans to act shocked and upset blaming it on Elissa so that McCrae thinks that Elissa voted out Amanda. This will then make McCrae target Elissa over the members of the Exterminator’s alliance (Judd, Ginamarie, Andy, Spencer). The exterminator’s also plan to tell Elissa right before the voting happens that McCrae told them he is voting out Amanda. This way if either McCrae or Elissa win HOH during the double eviction they will target each other.

Items given to Amanda to prove voting loyalty:

  • Elissa gave her wedding ring to hold (Amanda’s Est. Value $4000 but likely fake)
  • Andy gave his Organ t-shirt (Est. Value $20)

Amanda evicted after Ginamarie puts the nail in the coffin by breaking the 2 – 2 tied vote.

CONFIRMED Double Eviction Results:
Andy votes to evict: Amanda
Judd votes to evict: Amanda
Elissa votes to evict: Spencer
McCrae votes to evict: Spencer

In the event of a tie vote – As Head of HouseHold Ginamarie votes to evict: Amanda

First House Guest Evicted During Double Eviction: AMANDA

WINNER of the First HOH Competition: McCRAE
Nominations: Ginamarie and Elissa
Power of Veto Winner: JUDD
Veto used: NO
Second Evicted House Guest: ELISSA

WINNER of the Second HOH Competition: ? The second HOH will likely happen later tonight.

Julie Chen says “Less than 2 weeks remain before we crown the winner of Big Brother 15!” BB15 Finale September 18th!

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394 thoughts on “Big Brother 15 SPOILERS – LIVE DOUBLE EVICTION / HOH RESULTS “Blindside EDITION!”

  1. THIS: “The exterminator’s also plan to tell Elissa right before the voting happens that McCrae told them he is voting out Amanda. This way if either McCrae or Elissa win HOH during the double eviction they will target each other.”

    Elissa would never believe that McCrae would vote out Amanda. That part of the plan is just stupid and will tip her off, I think.

      1. Amanda voted out. Then Elissa. Wow! I spent HOURS of my valuable time reading these updates and posts, putting many down myself. I am officially done with Big Brother for the season and possibly forever. (CBS you will know because I have a feeling your viewership ratings are going to precipitously drop after tonight). I cannot believe the $500,000 is going to be handed to a piece of shit (GM, Andy, Spencer, Judd) this year. My opinion of Elissa has changed 180… I regret calling her names on these posts like duck lips, gold digger, joker face, etc. I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE for that. I just won’t be watching because my stomach is sick that the biggest losers in BB history made it to final 4. Little does GM know that the boys will be kicking her out soon, which is fitting. Simon and Dawg, no offense but I don’t think I’ll be posting on here either. You guys do a GREAT job keeping us updated and that too is very much appreciated. I think I’m going to go puke now. I guess I’m hoping Spencer wins it. The others are just too big a piece of shit to root for.

          1. this sorta quietly sinks the speculations & rumors as of late that CBS
            was going to hand the game to Amanda or Elissa on a silver platter…

          1. GM is so disgusting. Before 2nd nominatations started, we couldn’t hear anything because her nasty
            Mouth was cursing and using profanity words while fighting with Elissa.
            She is gross and I can’t wait to see her go.

          1. NO GUYS AMANDA WILL COME BACK AND WIN THE HALF MILLION REMEMBER SHE WAS PRE PICKED TO WIN!!! Remember she knows the producer!! Its rigid!! so happy I dont have to read that bull sh*t anymore

        1. So done with this show. Just watched the last episode I will ever watch. If Andy wins, which I will only hear through the news, not watch, I think I’ll literally be sick.

          1. the odds are Andy and/or GM will be cannibalized first by their alliance buddies
            as scrawny lil ole McCrae becomes a competition beast in full survival mode…

            1. McStinky better form an alliance fast. He thinks he can trust Andy, he is wrong. No one wants to take McStinky to the finals. He can not play in next HOH, so he must win the veto. If he saves himself with the veto, he then has to win HOH ect… He needs help. I do not think he can win them all.

          2. I can’t see the current jury members voting for Andy. Remember, he told Amanda that he betrayed her in his farewell message and she will be sure to share that info. The jury should simply show up on finale night, absolutely REFUSE to vote for any one of these five losers, and vote that the money be given to charities for those who are bullied, autistic, and/or victims of racism. Now I think I will catch up on my sleep. BBAD was another joke. If we can hear a**hole, b****, and s*** on TVGN, I don’t think it would kill those who watch to hear other curse words. Last night was a perfect example of being unable to follow much of what was being said because of their due diligence in bleeping Amanda and GM. Give it back to SHO next year, IF there is a next year. In all honesty, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if BB15 has killed the franchise. For it to once again be the show I fell in love with, a complete overhaul from top to bottom, production, casting, competitions, etc. needs to be done ASAP!! Just think, they had all year to get ready for this year and THIS was the best they could do?? I can honestly say that the only person for whom I could vote for America’s Favorite is Howard and he wasn’t perfect.

            1. I agree completely , I actually am dying to see what goes on in jury house right now, Elissa’s interview was pitiful, she was so confused…(Amanda actually pulled hers off) can’t wait for her, Amanda and Helen to catch up!! That’s a show I would pay to watch, the BB house is so not worth anyone’s time anymore!

          1. Done for sure. Come on CBS who in the world are we supposed to root for? A rat? A dudish “female” heathen? A floater who comes across as a sexual deviant? Or I know, the dirty kid that slept his way to the end riding his girlfriend’s coattails? Please. What crap.

            1. Every single person left in the house has made either a racist remark, an inappropriate comment about children or a sexist comment. I really don’t care who wins. I won’t be watching the show anymore.

        2. The Exteminators’ plan worked perfectly. GM obviously got into McCrae’s head before the nominations. Elissa should have gone right to him & told him in no uncertain terms that she didn’t vote to evict Amanda. Now he’s on his own & he did it to himself. Not one person in that house deserves to win, and with the way these houseguests have all behaved this year, CBS should be ashamed of themselves….Throw in the allegations of rigging (which we all knew but this year is so blatant) and Production is backpedaling because their 2 “chosen” people are now gone. I’m not watching next year & I’m done reading the feeds. I could care less who wins because the show is a worthless piece of crap.

          1. I have never had such a negative physical reaction
            to a reality show eviction then I had for tonight.
            Say what you want about Ellisa but she was the
            only person who had Integrity and symbolized
            light and love in a house full of rancid hate.
            I cannot hold back my disgust for ( Andy, GM, Spencer, McCrae for
            being so dumb & Judd for being a mean nasty
            disloyal backstabber ) these people are not playing a game,
            They sit around in a floater allience bashing Ellisa calling her
            Cunt, saying they want to punch her face in.
            In a world that is full of hate. It’s sad that CBS did not reprimend
            these vile people but instead rewarding them.
            I cancelled my feeds and will no longer be posting on here.
            I will no longer watch Big Brother. The show is dead to me.
            So gross!!!
            Thanks Simon and Dawg for all your hard work
            I appreciated it greatly.
            It’s been a truly fucked up summer watching BB
            I am gonna send CBS my therapy bill.

        3. Ditto – feel the same. Well at least we can stop talking about Elissa’s RING!!! So upset with McCrae for wasting his H.O.H. He is CLUELESS!! G.M. is sadly so ignorant, Spencer is a pervert – so that just leaves Duh Judd & Rat Andy. What an awful choice. I’m already missing Amanda & Elissa! Though I tend to like Judd over Andy, Andy has played the “Better Game” than Judd. So sadly I’m saying, (Very Sadly), Andy for the win???

          1. i’m assuming the two pieces of jewelry have returned themselves to their original owners
            if Spencer did not loot the earings from Elissa’s belongings as her things were packed up!

        4. Never before have I been this disappointed with who was left in the house for the season. This season there is no one left to root for. I am so bummed. I am so disappointed in McCrea for putting Elissa up when she tried to save his nasty vile girlfriend. Ugh. No point in even watching anymore. :(

        5. I can’t believe I’m going to get my first night of 8 hours sleep in weeks. After tonight’s travesty I’m not going to be watching BBAD any more because I really don’t give a eff what happens to those turds. Andy the rat, Judd the stupid reject who unfairly got to come back, Spencer the pervert, and GM the racist without a conscience. (McCrae ain’t nothing to write home about but he at least managed to get through the season without saying too many offensive things). They can all go to hell. This is unquestionably the WORSE season in BB history. And hopefully its last.

          Note to CBS: cast winners next year. People with responsible jobs, smart people, upstanding members of society. Not a bunch of stupid, minimum-wage/unemployed losers who don’t care about their reputations in the community.

        6. again with people like you saying they’ll boycott big brother. why are you lying for? you know you’re going to tune in this sunday til the finale, so why this farce? i bet you’re one of those people who during every election says, if this person wins i’m moving out of the state/country. grow up. this has been the best season for cbs. they’re laughing all the way to the bank, and having a tie breaker to get out amanda, you dream of a better ending.

        7. All the players left make me want to puke. I will only watch the finale.

          Thanks Simon and Dawg! You guys are awesome. Hope you do this next season.

    1. Lets face it. If Elissa doesn’t win HOH, then she has to win the POV. That is the only way she survives past tonight. This hair brain scheme that Production concocted for Elissa made her Public Enemy to the entire house. There is no grand plan by Elissa. It is what it is and Elissa screwed herself. Instead of McCrae leaving after Amanda, its Elissa if she doesn’t win a comp tonight.

      1. Hmmm.. I remember saying McCrae would win HoH and avenge his partner like done several times in BB history.
        And I said Elissa would be evicted. Let’s see if I’m right! Hopefully not.

        1. Actually, like all the evictions from Helen’s till this one! Helen goes, Elissa HOH, Aaryn goes, GM HOH, Amanda goes, McCrea HOH… three ” couples” all broken up in one stretch…

      2. actually it was a good plan in retrospect.

        think about it, if elissa didnt flip, mcpussy definitely would have nominated her. but her doing what she did at least made him think what he’d do beforehand. however, being the dumb fuck that he is, he decided to trust the scumbags lying about elissa’s vote instead.

        simon and dawg, while i appreciate your efforts, i won’t be reading much anymore. already never watched. i may interact in the comments though because that was the best thing about this website. i loved interacting with all of you.

        but i cant find the effort to give any attention to find out what happens with a rat bastard, a loudmouth bitch, or 3 people that did absolutely nothing to get as far as they did in the game.

      1. Did you see GM telling Mcnasty to put up
        Ellisa and he shook his head up and down (yes) motion.
        Lets face it. Even him knowing Andy voted out Amanda he
        Still would have nominated Elissa because he doesn’t like her.

        1. But McCrae doesn’t know Andy voted Amanda out. They told McCrae that Elissa switched and that Andy stayed true. McCrae will believe that bc Andy had been loyal up until tonight. They will probably tell him tonight about the exterminators. He can’t win HOH so his fate is sealed. Unless the guys just decide to get rid of GM first and then McCrae. Either way it doesn’t matter to me because the season ended for me tonight.

      1. First it’s rigged if Amanda doesn’t go home, now it’s rigged because Amanda did go home followed by Elissa. Make up your mind, people. This is proof positive that the show IS influenced but not completely rigged. But now it’s going to be boring as hell and I pray to god GM goes home next just to show her where her idiot self stood with an alliance of her and a bunch of dudes. After that I don’t care who wins. They all suck.

    2. To those that said its rigged for elissa clearly not since she went home tonight. Spencer literally grosses me out. I would hate to be his wife and know all of America thinks he’s a pedophile. Mcrae is just nasty all together. Like take a shower pizza boy. GM is the definition of white trash. Andy is the biggest rat in Big brother history. I have never seen such a floater. God is disgusting. Judd has an IQ of a rock. The kid is literally so stupid. Like I hope he gets evicted tomorrow.

      1. I don’t think there’s a doubt that the show is rigged….it looks to me like production backpedaled because of the flak they were taking here on the comments about it being rigged for Amanda & Elissa. They had to do something to stem the tide of backlash they were getting from social media.

    3. Amanda is exterminated. Elissa gets Fuggked. And nobody suspects the RAT.
      Exactly as I predicted. You would think Production could have at least thrown the POV to Elissa as consolation for giving her this HORRIBLE plan in the first place. Now there’s literally nothing left in that house to root for. Ugh Big Brother WHY!!! They must want RAT face to win. He’s the only one who keeps sliding through with no barriers.

      1. Yup, I saw these a mile away.
        I’m already predicting the Rat making it to final.
        He is just in a good position, everybody likes him
        In the house.
        What a bunch of idiots, floaters. What a season. All
        The floaters made it to the end. Hahhahaha

    4. Well, as we now know you were wrong, Elissa was that easy to fool. Not hard to believe since she also said that she was playing with her heart and not her emotions. Really a feat. Guess she was saying she is a stone cold… Yeah right.

      So Amanda and Elissa are gone. McCrae has to keep winning to stay in it. If he goes, and GM does not win any comps, she goes too. Which leaves us with the unholy trio: Spencer who talks filth with no real game play, Andy who talks lies as his only game play and Judd who plays at talking but no one can understand him. Creep, Geek and Mumbles. What a crap shot.

      1. I think McCrae did more to screw himself over than Elissa did. Not knowing what they discussed in between commercials, we don’t know if Elissa managed to talk to McCrae but we know GM did. My guess is GM did damage control after what Amanda said to Ratboy as she was leaving & told McCrae that Elissa flipped on Amanda & McCrae, being the pussy wimp that he is, chose to believe that Ratboy was solidly behind him despite having reservations about it. Amanda convinced him that Andy was 100% on their side & he ignored his own feelings & now it’s going to cost him dearly because he has NO allies in the house whatsoever. McCrae

    5. really Julie, you bust ayrn’s chops for her misdeeds and then you let amandacunt off the hook with those lame ass questions? Julie has no credibility, guess you don’t need any when you’re banging the network president.
      love the way the votes unfolded.

      1. I think you are a hypocrite Chenbot. I mean you called Amanda the c word in your post. And you wanted to see HER embarrassed and humiliated for the things that came out of her mouth? You should look long and hard in the mirror girl.

        1. Tonight’s Chen display was the height of hippocracy. BB making Aayrn the face of racism and saying squat on the subject to the giant purveyor of all evil, shows nothing but the bullying of a 22 year old culturally ignorant girl by BB/CBS themselves. They chose to profit on the back of a little girl. BB/CBS deserved to get sued. Chen has failed and has diminished her credibility.

        2. I thought it at times, but it wasn’t until she was finally evicted and talking to Julie that I realized that Elissa is actually that stupid. Fricking amazing! I never thought I say that Rachel is the more normal Reilly sister.

    6. WOW Chen gives Amanda such a soft interview and why should anyone be surprised. The nastiest person to ever be on BB and Chen gives her almost an apologetic interview. She blasts Aaryn, a 22 year old ignorant mean girl, but gives the most vile and nasty person ever, AManda such a nice interview. That sickened me. They let Amanda get away with all the nasty and hate filled things she did and allow her to think it is just fine. UNFAIR and BIASED IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT OR do they just pick on the young ones and only they should be held accountable, but when a person that is older acted nastier and said homophobic, racist, horrid things such as gang raping Jessie or killing Candice and Chen does not hold Amanda accountable is sickening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I think just the opposite. I think there was so much flack from last week’s blind side inquisition of Aaryn that Chen was told to go back to what she’s done every other time and just talk about the evictee’s game and strategy. And I am glad for that! This is America. People can say whatever they want and they have a constitutional right to be an asshole if they so choose. Political correctness has NO place in a BB exit interview. I’m glad Chen allowed the viewers to make their own judgment about Amanda instead of telling us how we should feel.

        1. You’re way off base and have no idea how the world works.
          When’s the last time you saw a Jewish person being called a racist on the news?
          You haven’t. In today’s society, only WASPs can be called racist.
          I don’t agree with it…but that’s the way it is.
          Google “who controls the news media”………

      2. As stated, AG and Julie’s husband (runs CBS) are both Jewish. Aaryn is not.
        This is nothing new. Even in the real news media (Jewish controlled), people that look like Aaryn are the only ones that get “bad edits.”
        Then think to yourself….why are we fighting in the middle east? Then think Israel.
        Ignorants can Downvote….or actually educate themselves. I’m sure the latter is too much for them though.

    7. Tonight couldn’t have gone any better! Perfect evictions and now it’s just the Exterminators competing for HOH with McCrae sitting on the sidelines. Absolutely beautiful!!!!

      And Elissa did believe that McCrae voted out Amanda. She fell for it perfectly.

      Now all you Elissa fans can just wallow in your tears;)

    8. You thought wrong. Elissa did think that. Her fans are fans of the DR because she had no game. Only did what production told her.
      Throw in being a horrible, fake person and I wonder why she has any fans at all.
      Julie’s interview with Amanda went as expected. Julie’s exposing her own biases here.

    9. Amanda the racist bully is out of there! oh hell yeah, how good is that?! good to see Andy actually voted out Amanda – im very happy to see her gone

      Julie Chen went super easy on Amanda in the interview(especially compared to the Aaryn interview where Julie read out mean spirited Aaryn quotes) and Julie even was laughing and joking with Amanda at one point – this is no surprise as Amanda knows or is friends with multiple members of production, including executive producer Alison Grodner, and Amanda is a former cbs employee…to show just how delusional Amanda is, just listen to her shocked reaction when she got some boos from the audience on Thursday…she will have to wait until after jury to realize just how many people are disgusted by her comments and behaviour over the last 10 weeks…if she seemed shocked by a few boos, imagine her reaction when she discovers that tens of thousands of people dislike her greatly…from some comments ive seen on the internet, she is going to need 24/7 security and/or a disguise anywhere she goes in public…that is the reality of the situation she finds herself in

      i hope McCrae does not win as he would give half the money to Amanda, possibly more, he is that submissive…she could probably con him out of all of it, then dump him, as thats the sort of person Amanda is

      the next 2 weeks in jury house i hope Jess kicks Amandas ass again in the resumption of their verbal jousting…its going to be like the bad girls club in jury, with those 6 girls…i hope they have security, especially as Amanda has talked about killing and raping Jess, and killing Elissa and Candice…then there is Jess v Helen, Aaryn v Elissa, Aaryn v Candice

      for Americas favourite for the 25k im voting for the only houseguest i actually like – Jess

    1. So Amanda left with Elissa’s wedding ring. Oh well! Why is Julie not giving Amanda the same 3rd degree that she gave Aaryn last week? So Julie holds Aaryn responsible for this whole hate filled season. That is so much Bull!

    1. Thank you for bringing us that news flash Aaryn. A guy that been out the house almost 4 weeks, you are concerned with, good luck with. In more current news, will the Exterminators win the night. Gina is their best competitor. Elissa has a great chance of kicking all these guys butts. Did you see that block Elissa gave Andy for her POV win. Elissa also catches better then the rest of the guys, hence her HOh win. Granted McCrae and Andy are essentially girls, Judd depends if he is on his meds, and Spencer, well he’s Spencer.

    2. Right? He should have been evicted first. Production should said “By a vote of fry me some chicken, Howard, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house!”. I may have been evicted but I got the last laugh- I completed my ultimate goal! I got Howard & Helen evicted under my HoH, and Candice evicted under my fellow bigot’s HoH reign! The Texan’s will be proud! :)

      1. Hey Aaryn, like dude I miss looking into your wolfish teeth, those sh1tty eyebrows oh and those bleached blonde roots and as you snort your Adderall and talk all racist….MEMORIES BABE YEAH!!!!!

    1. Not going to happen. If in doubt, trust the gay guy. Andy is going down as the greatest floater to ever play the game. We have seen people before play both sides, but no one has done it better then Andy. Helen thought she controlled Andy, but Andy really controlled her. Amanda thought Andy’s loyalty was unquestionable, but she couldn’t read Andy. Dan played both sides last year, and they are now writing books about him because he was so good. Granted Dan wrote several of those books and he never forgets to mention them on every appearance. Dan on BB Canada, announces I wrote 2 motivation books. Dan on BB, I wrote 2 motivation books. Ok Dan, enough already, we know you have authored a few books. Dr. Will played both sides and is deemed as one of the best BB players ever.

      Nope, you may not like Andy’s game……but the guy has serious game. Don’t hate the player….Hate the game!

      1. As Emmett’s brother told him in Big Brother Canada never trust a flamboyant gay guy in big brother.(well the only thing that is flamboyant about Andy are the way his little rat eyes pop out at the TV screen.) What do these girls do? They trust Andy and Elissa knew not to trust him but I don’t know why she did…Rest of the season is going to be “meh” it sucks…Today was such a horrible double eviction felt like a punch to the guy. Sigh…

  2. Be nice if the jury decides who should get the 500K, and America gets to vote if that winner gets to keep it, or it gets donated to charity.

  3. I canttttt waitttttt

    For the first time this season I cannot wait for an eviction episode. Finally a house divided!!!

    Welcome to Big Brother nerds, right near the end. Way to show your game face

  4. I love that Andy has less than 1% in thepoll. Dawg is right on your tail. Go Dawg! Spencer is looking pretty strong at 0% too.

  5. Start a chant!!!

    This is bullshit (if Amanda isn’t evicted somehow)

    Or a bitch chant if she is

    How about a “grill her chenbot” clap clap clapclapclap

  6. I am so happy that amanda is going bye bye! I am so happy, and I want Elissa to win hoh put up Andy and Judd. Elissa wins the veto and sends andy right out behind amanda. Its going to be fun watching tonight

    1. How big of a fucking toolbag do you have to be to vote for a rat bastard, 3 pussy floaters, a loud mouth bitch or a dumbass who did nothing but lie around in a bed with his bully gf for favorite house guest???

  7. From the previous post: 3pm In the rainbow room – Judd tells Andy and McCrae we all just need to stick together.

    Could Judd, Andy & McCrae have a boys alliance that doesn’t include Spencer? It would be a perfect time to get him out….

  8. Can’t wait for Demanda to leave and hopefully Duck Lips will be quacking her way out the door shortly afterwards.

  9. The Exterminators, bug killers, dumb name, I mean I wouldn’t want to be an exterminator… how about The Winners … all they could come up with was bug spray… there is not ONE PERSON IN THE EXTERMINATORS I HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING IN THE FEEDS AT ALL. NOT ONE. I want Amanda to stay, McCray or Elissa to win HOH. Evict Andy. Then Amanda or McCray or Elissa win next HOH and evict GM. God I need a miracle. Maybe JUDD will vote to keep amanda, it’s our only hope cause ANDY has just flipped loyalty to his shomance with Spencer.

    1. I knew Amanda and Elissa would implode. Didn’t think it would be on the same night lol. Nick’s hat, bear shirt, and strawberry boy for final three

  10. I voted on the poll and the results so far is very disheartening. Duck Lips Elissa is in the lead by a wide margin. Why? This filthy, nasty fake assed cunt has been he greatest floater this game has ever seen. Bigger floater by the next biggest RatBasterdAndy. Again, like her game play, this will be given to her and her not deserving any of it. I say her game play because she bounced along on the skirts of Helen until she was evicted and hen production undoubtedly coached this patheticly stupid woman every step of the way. This is just another travesty of a season of travesties. Fuck anyone who claims to be in the Brenchal Army, you bunch of dumbasses.

    1. She is not the biggest floater but…

      Should have another poll. “Who’s game was helped most by production”

      1. Unfortunately, Elissa fans would immediately spam it with votes for Demanda even though only one houseguest was bailed out with the MVP and gets every perk they ask for and more from production and it isn’t her.

      2. EXACTLY! Elissa was an idiot as far as the game was concerned. She actually thought McCrae voted out Amanda and not Andy? Because he looked shocked? Unbelievable. Helen pushed her through the game, then when she left production took over. Elissa did not deserve to be in that house with that kind of game stupidity.

    2. I don’t ‘hate’ Elissa but since her game is over can viewers just have a heart and vote to give that 25k to a contestant whose life could be helped greatly by that much money…like Jesse or Howard. I’m not particularly big fans of those two either but they could use the money so much more than Elissa. I know the Brenchal army will see that Elissa gets it though. :(

      1. I totally agree with you on that one. Amazing that Chen berates Aaryn for all the comments that she made and yes there were many but maybe at 22 there is so hope for Aaryn to change, but wow Amanda is 28 and is definitely the most vile human to ever be on Big Brother and Chen and the media treat her like she is Golden. It really was despicable to watch that interview where Chen does not hold Amanda accountable for anything she did or said on the show. I mean Aaryn was no saint but compared to Gina Marie and Amanda she definitely was more of a saint than either of them. JULIE CHEN IS THE BIGGEST BIGOT AND BULLY ON THE SHOW!!! Chen totally discriminated against the 22 year old, and protected the older house guests. Disgusted by her Amanda interview.

  11. I hope Andy leaves tonight at Elissa’s hand. That would be perfect! Get that two faced rat weasel bastard face out!!!! America’s favorite player, ha. Wait til he reads all these posts and sees why he is not our favorite player. Yuck!

  12. Julie didn’t ask Amanda about her racist comments like she did to Aaryn. – hmmm… CBS continues to protect Amanda through editing.

    Amanda claims she is not a bully. lol. Then claims she bullied the Joker.

  13. LOL Andy grew some balls.

    You been exterminated.. see ya!!

    Obvious CBS hand picked live crowd cheering Amanda on.

  14. As much as I’d like to see Andy go next – I’d rather see GM first. She can’t play in HOH, her foot is hurt so chances are the POV could be something physical. She’s good at comps & it might be harder to get rid of her later – no offense GM – it’s just game play. LOL!!

  15. Seems strange after months of crying… and getting into fights… Amanda goes out so quietly.

    She was either heavily sedated. or she knew ahead of time what the outcome was by production. .

    1. Bobbie, bobbie, bobbie. I know thinss are tough for you and just can’t get rid of that anger. I’m truely sorry for the abuse you received in your life. Remember you will always have a friend. I lost $100,000 tonight, but my Rainbow Warrior Andy is going to win. I’m having so much fun tonight and this is going to be a four day party. My Jewish Queen is going to do great after the show ends. I see no future with MC, she needs a real man like Howard. Love you my Rainbow Warrior Andy. Bobbie if you need help all you have to do is go to anger management. I want to see improvement, like The Captain obtained. Take care my friend.

  16. Figured McCrae would win HOH. Let’s see if he puts up GM & Andy. I think Andy probably soiled himself a few times while looking for a bone. LOL!!

    1. McStupid unknowingly killed off his only ally in Elissa. Now 100% McStupid is nominated to be evicted along with stooge, Spencer.

  17. Looks like to me that The Exterminators will send Elissa out if she doesn’t win POV. If Elissa wins POV then for sure GM will be gone cause I think the boys have an alliance so it doesn’t matter to them. And how fun would it be for Elissa to be stuck in the house with all the boys by the end of the night? LOL!

  18. WTF was ELISSA thinking?! FUggNDY ISN’T going anywhere now… I thought for sure she’d have the brains to expose that rat fuck…

    1. Elissa showed that her “brains” may have been overrated this week. She thinks McCrae voted Amanda out and not Andy. Andy has to be the best liar ever…he should run for president.

    1. go exterminators??? you are rooting for a weaselly liittle gollum, a ball scratching pedophile and a mumbling dipshit? you rock.

  19. MC is so dumb. I knew he couldn’t figure out it was Andy that back stabbed Amanda. He also won’t figure it out until Andy sends him out the door.

  20. that last HOH is the most easily rigged comp. it was rigged another season, at the end the player was yelling he didnt have any of the pieces in his pit. if they tell the hg their lanes in advance or something of that sort that its another way for bb to influence the outcome for ratings.

  21. Am I the only person here that wants to puke over Andy’s BS? I’m not saying he shouldn’t “play the game” but for cripes sakes, have loyalty to someone – ANYONE, you floating talentless loser. Get some balls.

    1. 100% little weasel will not get anywhere near the grand prize. He played almost to the end but stabbed way too many people in the back. The jury will kick him in his vagina. No money for you!

  22. Live Feeds: McCrea believed Andy. Put up Elissa and GM. McCrea wants to be with the guys. Elissa Voted out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, now McCrea can’t play for HOH. Bye, bye McPu$$y!

    1. Agreed. McPussy, McStupid, McIdiot is 100% going up. Once a pizza boy always whipped little bitch. Then eventually GM. Then the remaining idiots can enjoy their sausagefest to the top 3.

  23. Damn BB can yo be anymore predictable with this competition? This is the exact same one after DE last season that Ian won.

  24. Julie is such a fake!!!!!! I will never respect her again. Amanda was soooo much worse than Aaryn!!! Guess Julie decided to just make Aaryn the scaape goat

  25. Ahhhhhgawd Elissa needs to GO!!! Please someone win the POV that will take GM down and put up Andy, then 1 of the two idiots can get the HELL out!

  26. great. elissa will be evicted shortly. SO UPSET! So now an ahole will win $50K. And probably a bigger AHOLE will win $500k this year. OFFICIALLY THE WORST BIG BROTHER SEASON EVER NOW!

    1. Elissa made the decision to align herself with Amanda. She could have stuck with the plan and evicted Amanda unanimously (sans McCrae), and then seen what happens. She may have been targeted anyway, but if she was in the situation where no one had her back, she was doomed regardless.

  27. I think i’m done with Big brother till finale night, I cant root for any of the people left especially if Elissa leaves. Thanks Simon and Dawg for all your hard work, I really appreciate it.

    1. 2 Bitches in one swoop.. Grenades Yo BOOM

      McCranda and Brenchel Drones aren’t too happy. We should expect a shitload of downvotes from now on. Bring it on Drones.

  28. I think he was going to backdoor Andy, but if Judd is working with Elissa then he may save her – cause it’s all about getting to the boys…..

  29. Why do these people have to be so nasty? Even knowing they plan to get rid of Elissa, they can’t be gracious. These are truly vile critters.

    1. Elissa didnt act very “gracious” on her way out, did she?? I guess she will go straight home and not to jury house like she has been bitching about thru the whole game

      1. Why should she be gracious. Listen to them bitching about her now. She knew they weren’t worth hugging goodbye. Come on.

      2. They all need their mouths washed out. Wait till they have to turn on each other. We’ll see where their allegiances lie. Do they not realize the world is watching and hates them. They’re a bunch of pig perverts.

  30. McCrea you screwed yourself. You better win veto. The house is going to be boring. I guess I can take BBAD off my DVR. I don’t want listen to those idiots sit around and talk about stupid crap. GM farting, Judd complaining, and Spencer being discusting.

  31. Buh bye… Joker you been exterminated.

    Get to stepping!!

    Tell Rachel I said hi as you self evict from the Jury.

    Mcrae is in trouble he cant win HoH next week.

  32. People that said the show was rigged were completely wrong. Amanda and Elissa are out.

    I feel bad for Elissa.

    Hopefully Ratandy gets to final three and is voted out, close to tasting some money, but no money for the Rat.

    And I wanted to say that Judd is really a Dudd.

    I want to see the Exterminators exterminate each other like the rats and cockroaches they are.

  33. thumbs down on season bb15………Julie Chen’s interview with Amanda was Pffd!!! McRae is still sleepyhead not thinking of the game plans, plain revenge for nothing. Judd still is blind as a bat but I rather have him to be a winner.

  34. I feel like mccrae made a huge mistake with his nominations. He will be the next to go if he doesn’t win veto, though, they’ll probably attempt to backdoor him

    1. Sam, I agree with you. I can tell you who I don’t want to win any money: Andy for being such a liar and a Rat, Judd for being a complete dudd and traitor to Elissa, McCrae for nominating Elissa and voting her out after Elissa saved Amanda. So that leaves Spencer and GM. I’d say GM for the win and Spencer for second place. America’s player: Elissa.

  35. I can’t believe McCrea didn’t put up GM and Andy?! He even said he didn’t trust him earlier this week!! All for a stupid vendetta against Elissa. Stupid stupid move. I was hoping to see more scuffling to expose Andy but there wasn’t that much time. I’m not gonna bother recording BBAD anymore, I’ll just read it here, my interest in the show has dipped pretty low.

  36. OMFG this episode was unbelievably awesome!! I just had no words. There were too many variables to believe the exterminators plan would actually work. And it DID!! Now, unless McCrae wins PoV next week or makes some sort of crazy deal, he’s out and the Exterminators will actually make final four! In all honesty, although it was possible, I had my doubts whether or not they could pull this off, and they somehow managed to actually DO IT!! It’s kind of awesomely hilarious that four floaters have finally managed to make this season EXCITING.

      1. With pretty much only exterminators left .. I throw my support behind them..

        THis year I worked very hard not to pick a favorite.. the only person I disliked consistently was Helen everyone else was my favorite for at least a couple days throughout the season

        1. Well, I enjoy your updates and your impressions about what you think is going on plus the cute things you have done in the past like superimposing the DPOV in one of the screen captures, but I for one am not too thrilled with the thought that your personal preferences MIGHT have an impact on the updates.

          Is there a way that I can designate my second donation to Dawg?

          1. I’m not biased in my updateds.. I try very hard not to be. I this because I’m saying go exterminators when 4/5 of the players are exterminators and we have 2 weeks left

            1. Correction Simon, being pleased with tonight’s results means you were rooting for the exterminators when it was still 4 to 3 with one of each on the block.

              Look, it’s your site and you can do as you please. For better or worse, I just don’t like seeing you guys posting your preferences for the reason I stated.

    1. Simon, I know what you mean, I thought I wanted Elissa to get evicted, but in the end I guess I didn’t. Amanda and Elissa were entertaining, and I sorta wanted Andy to get his come-up-ings. I found myself rooting for MC to figure out there was a secret alliance and nominate Andy. Also, I lost some newly aquired respect for GM after watching her fight with Amanda on AD last night.

      It really worked out perfectly the “exterminators.” Here is an idea, from here on out, no alliance shall name itself. Lame!

      Oh well, at least the conspiracy theories can be put to rest. Anyway, the next two weeks should be pretty boring :-(

    2. Best episode of the season. Exterminated those 2 bitches in one swoop. If they stick to the plan and get rid of MC, they will surpass the Brigade. EXTERMINATE!

      1. I hope you are not serious about them being better then the brigade. The brigade ran the whole season, not the final 3 weeks left in the house. They also went against half-decent competitors unlike these guys.

    3. I’m done. I really didn’t care for for most of the house guests, however at least the “cat fights” provided entertainment. It is sad when you look at who is left. For people who said they loved game… There hasn’t been much game playing. Andy is the only one who has had a clue about playing. I hope a half of a million dollars makes up for the bad karma he has earned. No more watching for me. I will just check in on this web site to see if Andy gets lynched. The women always do themselves in. I appreciate the information and will gladly donate funds because this site is more entertaining than BB 15.

    4. But now it is going to be extremely excruciatingly boring. I would prefer taking BB off the air and in its place show Jury House instead.

  37. Thank u Simon and Dawg for an entertaining website, I am done watching and reading BB 15 as no one or any cast is deserve to win the money! see you next year on BB 16. Hopefully it will be a good show than this one. Thanks again Simon and Dawg

  38. Congratulations to the weakest final five in Big Brother history. Andy your performance in the diary room would make Richard Simmons proud.

  39. Let’s start calling the Exterminators what they really are…THE RAT PACK!! Don’t want any of those 4 to win…that only leaves McIdiot!!

  40. Please just broadcast the jury house from now on, nobody care about which of those losers will win, jury house or another station for me

  41. I’m really upset, I wanted Elissa to get it all the way. She struck a deal that was her only option to keep her safe, too bad Macrae didn’t believe her. She was loyal in her bloc speech because she did keep an honest game. BB won’t be the same without her. I don’t even care to watch anymore because I wish everyone else would stop talking about her behind her back with personal attacks.

    I’m sorry she didn’t sleep all day, liked to cook, clean and asked others to be respectful. I guess that is just a little to much to ask in a house full of scum. I wish she would just say I wish to vote for no one in the finale.

    I’m just glad she didn’t hug anyone on the way out…she deserves to be treated way better.

    1. They treated her exactly the way she treated them! Like crap! Now she can go home cuz she is just too good for jury. Way to play the game to the end Elissa

    2. Erica, you couldn’t have said it better. I feel just like you. But unfortunately society has been changing for the worse in the past few years and some people just like people that are filthy, dirty, vulgar, liars, bullies, pervert, etc. you get the point. I feel bad for Elissa that she couldn’t pack her own things. Now GM and the boys are going to pack her stuff and comment on everything. I don’t have the live feeds but I know they are probably cursing out Elissa like crazy, not Amanda because McCrae is there.

    3. Well at least now I don’t have to watch BBAD every night and will get better sleep. I’m not too interested in the people that are left so I think I’ll just watch the episodes on CBS and come here to get the rest of the information.

  42. Maybe tonights double eviction will finally make everyone realize that CBS can not rig it so one person wins…

    They can make suggestions to the HGs, and try to cater to them in certain ways (this has been done very obviously the past three seasons), but in the end they have no say over who wins…

    1. “Maybe tonights double eviction will finally make everyone realize that CBS can not rig it so one person wins…”

      The way season 13 was blatantly handed to Rachel by production shows that they CAN rig it so one person wins.

  43. By no means was I a fan of Amanda but really who are they exterminating? Nothing but floaters left, I mean the rat the pig and roaches. Pandora’s box shall now be brought in out comes Boogie the New HOH. He automatically wins the money and scene. Better than what’s left. UGH. Where’s the trash can I need to go cry now.

  44. the show is going to suck now . i liked elissa and judd but what judd did to elissa nope im done . i hope mccrae wins it all . he better win pov and then hoh backanforth till hes in final 2.

  45. This season sucks! All of the folks actually attempting to play the game are gone except McCrae, and he’s as good as gone. I used to like Judd, but not so much now. Spencer is this season’s Adam without the Tori Spelling obsession. GM is Medusa with her filthy mouth and nasty gas. Andy is a two-faced douche. I hope he gets crabs from Spencer’s beard.

  46. CBS made their point tonight, all of you Elissa and Amanda haters. Don’t you wish you had at least one left? How boring are the next four weeks going to be? I, for one, hate that both of them are gone (not a fan of either in specifics) but they gave the most entertainment. You all pushed and huffed your chests out, calling foul! Now the season truly is ruined. THX guys! Enjoy!

    1. “Don’t you wish you had at least one left?”

      Hell no! This season’s better already without the gruesome twosome.

  47. Give Aaryn the America’s choice AMERICA I LOVE AARYN and im still sad she is gone:((((((((( However I get to se her and David on finale night oh and Gina bareley escapes the DE tonight WIN THIS HOH COMP GINAMARIE or your a goner:))) Win this game girl woooohoooooo go Gina and give Aaryn the as you say the 25,0000 $:)) I love ya Aaryn:)))))

  48. After spoiling myself with Big Brother Australia on YouTube. I kind of wish Big Brother US would do an overhaul on the show and make it more like the Aussie version. After this season, something drastic needs to be changed!

  49. So this friggin weasel’s gonna win 500K? Well with a jury full of women, I hope they’ll vote personal especially after hearing all the horrors their trusted gay confidente said behind their backs. At least, I learned a good lesson from this season of BB:”Never ever trust the gay guy!”. All these stupid girls ridiculously thought he was one of them, SMH!

    1. Do you realize how incredibly homophobic that statement is? Like Andy or hate him, his lying or scheming has nothing to do with his sexual preferences.

      1. Do you realize that we live in a fuggking century where ppl’s sexual orientation is SO relevant that it had to be pointed out in a game just to show how supposedly different they’re? Do you realize how he subtly used his sexual orientation to make people believe he was more trustworthy, especially with female HG? I don’t care how homophobic it sounds: I tell it like it is. Andy used and benefitted from the stereotype attached to his sexual orientation to easily earn people’s trust so the lesson is: IF YOU’RE A WOMAN, JUST DON’T THINK YOU CAN TRUST A GUY BECAUSE HE’S GAY! If you don’t like it, well too bad for you because deep down, you know I’m right.

    2. Some of the people on this site are UNBELIEVABLE. For WEEKS I read NOTHING but “get Amanda out!!” or “get Elissa out!!” constant name calling and demanding the eviction of the two of them. And now that it’s happened, the amount of people COMPLAINING about it is unreal. I am GLAD with what happened. Big Brother is a game, people have been playing if, and people got voted out as a result. If you don’t like the fact that this is a GAME played for actual MONEY, maybe you shouldn’t watch.

  50. I would so much rather watch the jury house now than the exterminators. 4 nasty humans…if that’s what you want to call them. I won’t be watching the rest of the season! CBS really F’d up by screwing Elissa over!!!

  51. Unless McCrae wins veto – he is gone. Same thing for GM – unless she wins veto or HOH, she stands a good chance of going. I am officially signing off for the season. None of these worthless pieces of human excrement, with the possible exception of McCrae, are deserving of $500K. As a woman, I despise Spencer, Judd and Andy. As a human being, I despise GM. And, as someone who believes in personal hygiene, I dislike McCrae. One can only hope that next year they do a better job of doing background checks and psych evals on potential cast members. Perhaps they can change the rules that no medication will be permitted other than over the counter meds or prescriptions required for illness. If you unable to function without your Adderall or Xanax, do not apply. The only way I will watch one more minute of this season is if Rachel is the past winner that enters the house. THAT would be incredible coming on the heels of Elissa’s eviction.

  52. Right now on the feeds I’m so disgusted. Every 2nd word is the F word. All they’re doing is dissing Elissa. That is SO immature and uncalled for. I think what you’ve got left is a bunch of male chauvinist pigs and GM is one of the guys so who cares. Spencer is being horrid!

    1. That is why I had to stop watching the feeds. It’s so gross, why didn’t they say any of that to her face. I don’t understand why they have to be so cruel, who are they to judge what in life she deserves or doesn’t. Plus she’s gone, why keep attacking her, why can’t they keep her name out of their mouths. She wasn’t slow or a horrible person. She was there to compete just like everyone else.

    2. I know these guys are such losers!! I was not a big Elissa fan, but she was the only half decent one left in the house!! Spencer is saying he was not sexually attracted to Elissa. Spencer you are not exactly God’s gift to women. Judd, wait until you get out of the house and realize Elissa was the only one who had your back when you came back – you dumba**!! McCrae, you should have followed what your gut was telling you last night about Andy. You will be exterminated next if you don’t win POV. Andy, you talk about other people being rats, floaters and flip floppers! It takes one to know one. I hope you don’t make final 2!!

    1. CBS needs to have a new award “America’s most clueless player”

      Your winner.. Elissa for saying Mccrae voted against Amanda.

      Production wasnt there to save her..

  53. Great job McCrae!!!! You managed to evict the only person on your side and will now have to win HOH or POV every time from here on out or you will be evicted. This sucks. We will have a final 3 of floaters.

    1. “You managed to evict the only person on your side”

      ….for five minutes, until the DR tells her to align with someone else instead. Getting Elissa out was the right move for everyone, deal with it.

    2. I thought the same damn thing. What a dumbass…now the season is predictable…next goes McCrae then GM for an all boy final 3. I guess I’m going for Judd, Andy is a liar and flip flopper (good game play but I don’t like that type of game play) and Spencer is disgusting with the way he talks. What a boring rest of the season. Now wonder production was trying to save Amanda and/or Melissa. The rest of them no one gives two cents about.

      I’m so bummed. I hope production just starts playing more of what’s going on in the jury house. Much more interesting I’m sure.

  54. Wow McCray that was stupid. You deserve to leave next week. What a stupid stupid stupid game move. You kept that rat. And you knew he was a rat. My god you are an idiot McCray. You sure are going to be sorry in the morning.

  55. Who is left? A rat, a d-u-double d, a racist (or two), a disgusting pig and McDummy. Evicting Amanda + evicting Elissa = you just lost another viewer.

  56. Glad I recorded this tonight I will watch it over and over.. and over.

    A crap season is turned around with a great night.

    I bet Rachel and Elissa’s mom is calling CBS right now asking what happened lol

  57. It’s official production really does suck… All should be fired if this is what your involvement does for ratings. 4 of the most worthless houseguest in BB. GM is straight up trash and dumb as a box of cracker jacks! Not to mention ALL of the foul things she has spewed out of her mouth since DAY one. Lets not forget she’s also FIRED b/c of the racist comments and CBS hatches a plan to keep Amanda getting Elissa evicted too, but these idiots don’t have any brilliant ideas to get rid of GM or that wretched creature Spencer??? Now on to Andy and his arrogance. Talk about a delusional individual. He hasn’t done shit in this game except rat everyone out while playing a “nice” guy! He is a floater in every way! I DESPISE people like him. Judd was evicted & should have stayed there! McRae just blew his game. Thanks CBS I have 3 extra nights that I don’t have to watch this. CBS owes Amanda and Elissa a lot of $$$. W/out their interference those 2 would have made a great final 2. Hands down best payers this season.

  58. What lovely men that are left in the house now! They are bashing Elissa left & right now on live feeds & have been since show ended. Throwing out B**tch every 5 min.s about her & much worse. They really are such gentlemen.

    1. Spencer just said “f*ck u bi**ch, fu!” They are still cussing her! If she was still in the house she wouldn’t be acting anything like this, she has more class than any of these people it is ridiculous. Seriously, they are still bashing her left & right I have never ever in my life heard men talk about a woman like this & it’s extremely disgusting!

      1. now spencer just said “she doesn’t even get my d*ck hard” cuz he saying she isn’t pretty! Seriously he is the worst! They are still bashing her non-stop, Spencer is the worst w/ the derogatory comments, but none of them are acting like men.

        1. by his own words the only thing that gets his dick hard are 4 year olds. he looks like the hollywood casting for a pedophile man. bet his neighbors keep their kids away from now on….

  59. If you have the live feeds Spencer is the nastiest; Judd is a punk; Andy is a prick and McCrae is a piss-ant. The things they are saying about Elissa and the names they are calling her each of them deserved to be punched in their mouth by her husband.

    1. Just like prison. A bunch of convicts got McStupid to bend over. Oh well, this sausagefest will turn on each other soon enough. How sad if there was an actual apocalypse on earth and these subhumans were the only ones roaming the earth.

  60. I’m from the East Coast so I saw the show already & it was what I figured would happen. Amanda went home in lst eviction, no shocker there. I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet but it was no shocker for me for the 2nd eviction either. These Hg’s are a bunch of dummies.

  61. Wow… the past week is how EVERY week used to be all season long on bb… I hope they do a better job next year casting… it’s just getting good and now it’s almost over….. all and all I still do love this show and I’m hooked….Thanks so much for this site

  62. the bright side is mc Pussy gets to realize how he screwed himself when he gets evicted next week. shoulda kept elissa numb-nuts. now you’re EXTERMINATED.

  63. with the slight exception for GM .. not one of those DUMB boring jack ass`s deserves to win … spncers large ass did nothing more then take up space on the block and floated through this game .. I as fat as he is I do mean float .. andy is the most discustin rat ever.. just to look at him makes me ill .. MC well he is just an idiot … and Judd I swear hates women … go back to the swamp … what a sickening cast left over … hope they manage a better one next year … only good thing coming out of this season is Elissa winning Americas Favourite…lmao wont that just chalk every ones ass off….. can hardly waite ..

  64. Funny how Amanda said more racist remarks than Aaryon but Julie sure didn’t target her or go after her in the eviction interview. Nice editing.

  65. There was a lot of exasperation over Elissa’s production fed plan to save Amanda but in the end, nothing mattered because nothing changed! Even if Elissa had stuck to Gina Maria and didn’t flip to McCranda’s side, Amanda still would’ve gone home, McCrae still would’ve nominated Elissa and Gina Marie if he won the next HOH and the rest of the house would have voted out Elissa because Gina Marie is in The Exterminators.

    So all the hoopla about Elissa’s stupid surprise flip and Andy’s rat-like antics were for nothing because it would’ve ended up the exact same way that it did. The big surprise is that there was no surprise lol.

    Amanda and Elissa left… sounds like a good week to me!

  66. All the Rachlissa army is crying on Twitter… boo hoo.. BB didnt rig it for her to win.

    Production woke up and said “wtf are we doing.. she is dumber than a box of rocks. Nobody believes this crap”

  67. Mcpuss just screwed himself in the ass. He will be the next one to leave for sure .he could have had Elissa vote and get out Gina who just told his girl to get a step’n. I still hate Andy!!!!!!!

  68. Poor mackie has no idea he’s the odd man out from exterms. GM and Judd final 2? it would suck to give money to Andy or Spencer, andmackie would just blow it on his queen-unless he dumps her. What acrappy year. Dawg should go in the house nnext year and win!!

  69. Great first half, Amanda finally gone. 2nd half not so good, Mccrea dumb as can be, putting up Elissa not Andy, DUMB. Elissa stupid thinking Mccrea voted Amanda out. Andy needs to get out before anyone else that’s left, hands down, Andy out.

  70. Judd is the only one left who doesn’t disgust me.

    I wanna like McCrae so bad but he is so tainted by Amanda… I feel like if he wins…she wins. But I do like him better than GM and Spencer and definitely more than Andy. Andy is my least favorite… but he has played a better game than the rest of them…

    This is the first season I have not cared who won… 13 days to go…

  71. Dumb move, McCrae……you and Elissa could have done well……….I CAN’T STAND THE PASTY RAT AND THE TRAILER TRASH MAN STALKER ! UGH !

  72. Hey Brenchel fans…. U MAD? Next year, try rooting for someone who can play the game without production holding their hand and giving them instructions.

  73. At least Amanda and Elissa will get along fine in the jury house — Amanda now knows that it was Andy who backstabbed her and not Elissa. I hope Amanda and Elissa convince the entire jury house not to vote for Andy to win because without a doubt, he is going to final 2. The rest of the remaining house guests are too stupid to ever evict Andy. I am glad that I will not have to watch the feeds and will only come here to get updates to find out who eventually wins this season.

  74. Andy is not as bad as everyone says he is. This is a social game and hes winning. In order to play both sides that well you have to be really good at controlling emotion and acting. Hes actually playing one of the best games so far. He floated the first half but after Zingbot made the floating joke hes been playing a much better game with a lot of subtle manipulation and positioning himself very well.

  75. Someone should set fire to the big brother house and let them rats burn. Ginamarie-Bimbo, Andy-Satan, Mcrae-Supidcunt, Judd-C*ntPu*sy, Spenser- Uglyassc*nt. this season sucks. Next season they should have extra strong, smart, independant,liberal, non rats.

    1. Even if you had graduates from Ivy League schools as house guests that bunch would probably act the same nasty way but with a better vocabulary.

  76. Andy just said “They’re girls, they’re idiots.” That is so sexist! How would he react if people said, “They’re gay, they’re idiots.” !!! Double standards.

  77. It was nice bogging and reading each blogs posted. But as a result of ellisas extermination, there won’t be any needn to stay connect. Because I’m not a fan of any of the rats that’s left :/

  78. thats it for me, what an embarrassment Chicago has ever had with FLOATER ANDY, MC be PROUD, you have played a hell of a game. but you’ll be out next week or so, sad to say, UNFUKING BELIEVEABLE ALL FLOATERS STAYED AND 1 WILL WIN, ESP. AFTER JULIE SAID NO FLOATERS THIS YEAR!!!
    15 years of BB15, and i am officially done with CBS. GOOD BYE, SCREW THIS SHOW

  79. Never thought I’d say this, but I hope McCrae wins this season, he wasn’t my first choice, but he is certainly better than the floaters, rats and racists that are left. What a boring final 2 weeks this will be, the finale can’t come soon enough!!

  80. Andy a better liar and deceiver than Dan?!?!!? I dont like the dude, but someone had to tell elissa mcrae turned, and then he also had to convince mcrae that elissa turned. Even though mcrae himself doubted andy and said exactly what andy would say last night.

    Hope to see mcrae leave next as a just dessert. although all the boys might decide to get rid of GM first.

  81. big brother really sucks this year. i will never watch big brother again because i cant believe cbs let that show run that long with all the problems it had….we teach our kids to do right and treat people with respect but cbs let those people do there thing for ratings and who knows what it taught our kids…..i done watching that mess and i really dont care who wins because in my eyes they didnt win any thing just showed us how big jerks they are……….. and survior was a joke last season so i quess ill be watching a lot more nbc

  82. I am so upset with this season. It was pitiful from the start. I was rooting for elissa and now she is gone. I can’t stand anybody left in the house.

  83. So much for all the delusional wishful thinking from those who thought Judd was working with Elissa to out Andy and save Amanda.

    As I have said before, I don’t like Andy but he’s in a great position.

    He must be a very believable liar/manipulator because he had McCrae/Amanda thinking Elissa voted Amanda out and had Elissa believing — smack my head — that a boys’ alliance of Judd/Spencer/McCrae ridded the house of Amanda, meaning that McCrae votes his woman out.


  84. JULIE CHEN>>>>> GO f&*(&) YOURSELF!! You are such a lousy one sided journalist! YOU SUCK!! Amanda was more racist than anyone in the house… but I guess since she didnt tell Helen to go cook some rice…. THATS OK WITH YOU!! You should have been just as stern with Amanda as you were with Aaryn but instead all you wanted to talk about was the relationship… aka… sexaholics and discusting… NOT CUTE!!

    1. They wanted to make Aaryn the poster girl for racism when in fact Amanda was 10 times worse than her. As a Puerto Rican I got offended by Amanda’s comments. But since Julie is Asian she decided that Aaryn was the one to vilify and not Amanda. Julie probably says, who cares about Puerto Ricans. Julie is a selective and biased journalist, not a consistent journalist.

  85. I’m out! Been watching since season one and this was a very bad season, I felt like they let Jerry Springer pick the cast. Shame on me for watching this season for so long. I should have stopped weeks ago. I can no longer be a part of this show. Sad. I will miss what it used to be and what it could be. I think I would rather tell people I watch that show Honey Boo Boo, I think I would be less embarrassed.

  86. Well. let’s see CBS. A season of some of the most unsavory, unlikable HGs in the history of BB is drawing thankfully to an end. THANK GOD I never wasted my money on live feeds, I would be soooo pissed off right about now. What a fiasco. Bunch of goobers at the end, this is worse than the BRA-GADE, and I did’nt think it could get lower than that.

  87. in a way i’m relieved, now i dont have to waist my time watching this shit anymore,
    great job simon and dawg,
    see u dudes next year,
    bb sucks balls yo,

  88. Well at least Elissa gets to leave that garbage can they lived in leaving the trash behind. Now she won’t have to clean up after those slobs anymore. She was better than them, they were nothing but vile, racist, disgusting, sexist, trash who will have to deal with the reality of what they said and did in that house when they go home. I am laughing my ass off at the racist hood rat acting all big and bad not knowing that when her raunchy ass goes home she will be standing on the unemployment line……karmas a bitch hood rat……..lmao……….At least Elissa was able to walk out with her integrity values and morals intact, something the rest of those lowlifes won’t be able to do……good for you Elissa you are a winner in my book.

  89. Mc may be a pussy, but when Amanda said he should have been a man and stood up for her, he should have said if she was a lady then he would have protected her honor. She is a poor excuse for a female.

  90. I don’t think Andy has a chance ….. the game will change. I really don’t think anyone wants to go to the final with Andy. Mc has to somehow make through the hoh (he will go up) and win the veto. Andy has to go!!!/ GM/Judd or Mc top three!!!

  91. Simon Dawg….I’m signing off for the season. It’s actually made me feel disgusting about myself times watching these people. But I want to thank you both so much for this site. I made a donation to show my appreciation. I will give BB16 a try next summer and of course log onto OBB I can only hope that next season cant be any worse this year lol. Thanks much..Lizzie

  92. I stopped watching CBS weeks ago due to the cast this particular season. Those that are left in the house are just ridiculous and it seems in life, those are the one’s that usually wins in the end as goes the saying “nice guys always finish last”…..& that sucks due to allowing foul people to get away with foul methods that are manipulative and cunning which is so unfair. I believe that bbus needs more penalties against this behavior. UGH

  93. Ive been pulling for Amanda all the game because she played smart

    People pulled for Elissa because she played nice ( I liked her for this reason too but prefer a game player)

    McCrae is gone next week

    Who is left to pull for?

    Spencer = ultimate floater
    Andy = ultimate rat
    GM = the ultimate tryhard /pyscho
    Judd = voted out once in a great move but got to come back ultimate fail

    Dont know who to pull for =/

  94. I am so Happy that Amanda is gone! Maybe we will get to see the real McCrea when she is not hovering over him. Elissa did this to herself by back Amanda. That was the stupidest move ever! I actually liked Elissa, but hated Amanda.

    1. I liked Elissa too. But it didn’t matter if she voted to keep Amanda or not, she was going to leave the house tonight (unless she won a competition). She had no allies

  95. Did Julie Chen go after Amanda about the remarks she made and such like she did to Aaryn? Does Amanda think Elissa voted against her? Any reply would be helpful. Thanks in advance!!!

    1. Julie Chen treated Amanda like a queen in the interview. It’s incredible how Amanda was much worse than Aaryn and got the royal treatment. I guess they wanted Aaryn to get the brunt of everything which is not fair at all.
      In the goodbye messages Elissa said to Amanda that she voted to keep her and Andy said he was in a secret alliance called the Exterminators and he voted to evict her.

      1. Thanks Name I missed the broadcast because my Nephew’s first football was being streamed on the pc and I had it hooked up to my television. Odd no interrogation to Amanda. Wonder if Julie will treat Gina liked she did Aaryn or like she did Amanda when Gina gets voted out. Thanks again.

  96. The “Leftovers” from all the aliances crushed by the “Super Friends” remain.

    I guess it is true, after the bombs dropped the last few weeks, only the cockaroachs remain.

    To call Andy a villian, would be to defame the revered names of great BB villians of the past.

    At best he is an opportunist with no morals.

    Only thing that I could enjoy this season is if they have anohter comp like the mollasses one and Gina Marie and Spencer get stuck like bugs on a trap.

    The Jury House now has 6 women in it and no men. At one point there were 7 women and 4 men in the house, now it’s 4 men and one woman.

    They will eat the first man who shows up in the jury house alive.

    1. If the first man in the jury is MC they won’t eat him alive, Amanda will be waiting with open arms, no wait! She will be waiting with open legs LOL

  97. Oh no the Rchelissa army is pissed…. what was CBS thinking ratings are going to take a hit. I guess they could no longer rig it around Elissa stupidity it was too obvious.

  98. McCrae is an idiot that needs to self-evict for believing Andy the rat. Andy is McCrae’s demise as it is obvious in the case of Amanda. If McCrae kept Elissa, he could’ve gained an ally in the coming week. Little dies he know that he will be out that door next week with Judd following behind. Judd is also a jackass for not honoring his words with Elissa. They both could’ve gained an ally with Elissa cause of the 4 exterminators, they trust Judd the least. The show will be so boring with Spencer, Andy the rat, and GM as final 3. I don’t see why so many people trust Andy.

    1. I think they trust Andy because he is gay and seems non threatening. And no I’m not homophobic. I’m just saying it is what it is.

    2. What about giving a prize to the person that cursed the least, showered the most, cooked for others the most, respected others the most, was not a pervert, had morals, kept their word, you get the point.

      It should be called the Golden Rule Award and the first one should go to Elissa. If you think it should go to someone else I hope you are treated like that person treated others.

  99. Poor Elissa is completely clueless. MC really!!! Did Elissa forget that she was the main one who didn’t trust Andy. Amanda and MC had to reassure her that Andy was trustworthy. When she gets to the jury house and Amanda lets her know it was Andy who voted her out she will still not believe her. They are going to have to show her the tape. I also can’t believe Julie. She had plenty of time to grill Amanda. She was no better than Arayn, but I think Aaryn hit a nerve went she said Helen should make some rice. Glad Amanda and Aryan don’t get the money, but still I think it was a double standard.

  100. Some of the people on this site are UNBELIEVABLE. For WEEKS I read NOTHING but “get Amanda out!!” or “get Elissa out!!” constant name calling and demanding the eviction of the two of them. And now that it’s happened, the amount of people COMPLAINING about it is unreal. I am GLAD with what happened. Big Brother is a game, people have been playing it, and people got voted out as a result. If you don’t like the fact that this is a GAME played for actual MONEY, maybe you shouldn’t watch.

  101. It’s sad to see a show that was really a study of human nature be reduced to 5 idiot, racist pieces of crap left and one of them winning 500K. What is really appalling is the personal jabs and disgusting comments that have nothing to do with game play. It seems this experiment finally went wrong…

  102. Andy deserves to win. The fact that cluessless plastic bimbo thought MCcrae vote out Amanda because of the way Andy reacted he got my vote.

  103. I am disgusted with Julie Chen. I am finished watching this show… This year has been the WORST.. NOT ONE OF THoSE IDIOTS DESERVE TO WIN11111 They are gross…DONE DONE DONE…..

  104. Andy didn’t cry when Amanda or Joker left..

    yet he cried when Helen, Elissa and Candice left..

    enough said.

  105. Elisse was the only sane one in the house they were all jealous of her . she had no friends in the house but she carried herself well. I wish America would step in for her after what she’s been thourgh she derseves something . this was a nasty segement of bb to keep those men over elissa is cruel elissa I wish you well I am so proud of you GOD BLESS I want be watching bb anymore

  106. I think it just was too obvious Elissa wasn’t the Elissa of the past month because of the double eviction it was all shot live. She couldn’t get help from the DR

  107. Like others have said, I am done with this show. This whole season has been a huge disappointment, but the results of tonight’s episode is beyond disgusting.

    Many thanks to the authors of this blog. You guys did a great job.

  108. I wonder where CBS found these paragons? I wanna make sure i never go there. Would they speak that way if their grandmothers were in the room?
    Or someone who could defend themselves? They certainly didn’t speak that way to Elissa’s face. Nor did they abuse her stuff when she was there. I sure would be proud if I were any of their families,NOT!

  109. For several years I have put aside everything (mostly sleep) for 3 months in the Summer to watch this show. I can now say with conviction that next Summer my family and my health will greatly benefit from the fact that I will no longer be watching this show. This season has been loaded with malevolent villains and hapless victims, with too few to even cheer for.

    In anticipation of tonight’s show, I watched several hours from past seasons. For the most part the pasts casts have at least been human to each other and there was always at least one or more strong strategists worth admiring. I kept hoping that some mastermind would emerge tonight and that this group was not as ignorant about the game as they were …well, just ignorant. How is it possible that Amanda still believed Andy even as she was sitting in the chair? How could Elissa believe that McCrae actually voted out Amanda as she was sitting in the chair? How could Gina Marie not realize she is fodder at this point and will be the next one sitting in the chair? How does McCrae think he will actually beat Andy in the final? How does Judd not realize his best chance to win was against Elissa? For super fans, they have played a truly unremarkable and very predictable game.

    It disgusts me that Andy and Spencer are going to finals. Though I don’t feel either deserves it, Spencer would be the least objectionable choice at that point.

    If I had the Diamond Power of Veto – I would have changed the channel.

  110. its just so stupid to eliminate elisa. who cares if you hate her, so does EVERYONE not named Helen and at this point she may too, on the jury.

    so its sort of like….why not just bring her to the end? I sure as heck would have.

  111. Big brother 15, is by far the worst season. I dedicated hours on live feeds and after dark, but for what? All the ignorant, racist, homophobic and most of stupid contestants. I won’t watch this season anymore. All I have to say is do hope JUDD wins because he is the only hope. Besides that FUgK EVERYBODY ELSE.

  112. I am DONE with this show. I was completely invested in it as the only tv show i watch and enjoy. Always looking forward to wed, thurs, sundays.
    Huge elissa fan.

    The rest left are disgusting imo. So, im done.

    Im sure nobody cares but i hope in some little way, it will effect CBS.


  113. Look, we got what was asked for! You wanted production to prove that it wasn’t rigged for Amanda so production sat back and watched as 2 players that were the most hated and talked about we voted out. Quit crying. Sheesh. Don’t worry BB ill still be watching, I don’t really have anyone to root for but I’m not going to stop watching because you gave the viewers what they wanted. Amanda and Elissa’s head on a platter!

  114. i just made a substantial bet in Vegas that we’d never hear from Buffalo again. my winnings will be play money for my trip to bahamas.

  115. WTF is Elissa going to do with 25 grand….Sometimes I just don’t understand Big Brother fans….why not give it to someone who it will make an actual difference for like Howard. I liked Elissa but its quite evident shes a spoiled brat just like many of the other guest..sigh the rich always get richer

  116. but I will follow Simon and Dawg’s blog! Like many others, I cannot believe that one of these 5 remaining HGs will win $500,000. I hope the Jury will vote to give the money to a charity rather than reward any of these losers.

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