Amanda tells Elissa “McCrae wants to take you further. He doesn’t think anyone can win over Andy.”

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Sept 7*
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sep 9th*
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations: Amanda/Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


12:35pm When the live feeds come back from showing TRIVIA while the house guests were in the HOH room lock down – Spencer and McCrae are sleeping in the bedroom. Judd and Ginamarie are sleeping in the rainbow room. Elissa and Amanda are in the bathroom talking. Elissa says that she is so excited but I am so nervous for tonight. Elissa says she wants to win the first HOH of the double eviction. Amanda says it doesn’t matter as long as it is one of us. Elissa asks would you want to win the second one? Amanda no because then you can’t play in the next one but I am still going to try. Amanda says that she wants Ginamarie out but that she and he (Judd?) are equal to her on who to get out, whatever everyone else wants to do. Amanda says I look so .. I need to do something with my life. Elissa leaves the bathroom for the kitchen and Amanda heads to the bedroom. Elissa asks Amanda in the hall “are you sure McCrae is going to take me over Andy?” Amanda tells Elissa that McCrae 100% wants to take her further rather than Andy. He wants to take you further because he doesn’t think anyone could win over Andy, which he is right. 100% you’re good. Elissa says okay.

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1:05pm Elissa is doing yoga in the hall. Amanda is getting ready in the bathroom and the others are napping.

1:25pm – 1:45pm In the bathroom – Amanda comments that she thinks Spencer is just feeling safe because he has been on the block for a month and a half now. He thinks he is just a pawn, but sometimes the pawns go home.. Amanda says that she overheard Spencer getting up from sitting with Ginamarie in the hammock and he said in a very staged way “Thanks for hearing me out.” He is such an a$$hole. I think he volunteered to go up. Elissa says yup. Elissa takes a shower. Andy and Judd finally wake up.

Judd joins Elissa in the bathroom – Elissa says that Double Evictions are so stressful! Judd says you think they are, I went home on one. Judd calls Aaryn an a$$hole for nominating him/sending him home.

2:35pm Elissa doing her hair in the bathroom. Judd and Andy are back in bed. Ginamarie is doing her makeup in the rainbow room. Spencer is lying on the living room couch.

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In the bathroom – Amanda is getting ready. Judd joins her and hugs her. He says this might be the last time I see you for a while. Or will it?! I might go out right after. Amanda says as soon as you feel safe you go home.
3pm In the rainbow room – Judd tells Andy and McCrae we all just need to stick together. They all agree that they will go after Elissa to get her out. Judd asks them if they heard Elissa taunting me in the kitchen. She was telling me that you (McCrae) had my hat and that you were hiding it. McCrae says no I don’t have it. Judd says if we can’t win HOH over Elissa, then we don’t even deserve it. McCrae says there is no way she will win it she gets so nervous. Judd says it would be disgusting if she won it.

3:05pm McCrae tells Spencer that he is sorry but he has to vote him out tonight. He says he has to vote for Amanda to stay. Spencer says he understands and knew he would, that’s why I didn’t even talk to you about it. McCrae says Amanda would kill me if I didn’t vote to keep her. McCrae says it will still be a 3 – 1 vote for Amanda to go home. Spencer says oh really? McCrae says she would murder me! Elissa comes in and tells McCrae he would never get laid again.


3:04pm In the bathroom – Judd talks to Amanda. He tells her that he is nervous. Amanda asks why are you nervous. Judd says because I am always nervous and plus because it’s a double eviction. Judd tells Amanda that he is thinking about it (Voting to keep her). Amanda says you should, it would be in your best interest. Judd says if I did, you better not f**k me! Amanda says I won’t. Judd goes into the toilet. Elissa comes into the bathroom and tells Elissa that McCrae just broke the news to Spencer that he is voting him out. I said he would never get laid again. Amanda tells her that Judd is in the washroom. Judd comes out and he smiles. Amanda asks what are you smiling about. Judd says I love you.


3:08pm The Big Brother 15 Live Feeds switch to TRIVIA for the live double eviction episode tonight..

5:16pm Still TRIVIA .. the live feeds won’t return until after the show airs on the east coast..

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344 thoughts on “Amanda tells Elissa “McCrae wants to take you further. He doesn’t think anyone can win over Andy.”

  1. Does Elissa do the same yoga routine every time? Or does she mix it up?

    Same routine, thumbs up OR Mix it up, thumbs down pls

      1. First, I love your name, “Elissa’s Ass” LOL

        Why in the world does CBS give us this tripe. e.g. Elissa?? Really??

        There has never been a more Vapid player.

        1. Oh Man!

          Talking about crossing the red line! Really dude? Calling someone a waste of skin is way over the top. I hope you get some help. Why don’t you apply for BB16 and use BB mental health services. They are going to be looking for some nutcases like you.

          Make sure on the application that you put things like: you like long walks in the dark, that you hate women, that you like butterscotch, and that you have ADHD which requires you to take a boatload of drugs. You are then guaranteed to be a BB houseguest.

      2. I am signing my wife up for yoga. If Elissa’s body is the result of doing yoga, then I am all for women doing yoga. Elissa had by far the best body in the house. Haters may want to hate, but I think if you are objective, then Elissa wins. She easily beat out the all the beauty queens. I am talking body here now. If we get into looks that may be up for debate.

        1. Yoga is not just about the body you get from doing it, but the mind, body, spirit connection. Then, when you get masterful, you find a partner for kundalini yoga in which you practice sexual yoga. Also, Jane Fonda, Raquel Welch and many other older women with fantastic bodies have practiced yoga for years. If a beginner were to start they should learn a simple Sun Salutation… covers a range of movements and breathing techniques… very addictive!

    1. I don’t know if she does the same yoga routine. But it sounds like you are enjoying them Melanie. So sounds like guys and girls are both entertained by Elissa’s yoga routine.

      1. Don’t get too excited there, Tex. Strictly dickly here.

        I go to gym but I haven’t tried yoga. It seems like there are too many moves and I wouldn’t know where to start. If she did the same routine than maybe i could pick up a couple poses but if she mixes it up then i am lost.

        1. Well, TG!! For some reason, I couldn’t read quotes or send comments the last coupla days, and I’ve been jonsing for some “Ill Will” (trademarked). Elissa is highhigh level yoga, you wouldn’t start with what she mostly does. Start with Hatha – gentle stretches and lots of breath work. You’ll be amazed at the quick results in body shaping you’ll get, even with “easy” yoga.

        2. So you are saying that you are “strictly dickly”. Well I am glad you like to play with my team. However, since being in the BB house I am open to new ideas. So if you and my Marilyn would ever like to try nude yoga in my living room someday. I am totally supportive. Nude yoga is all the rage, Lady Gaga does it all the time in Central Park. So let your inhibitions go and explore your inner yang.

      1. I ain’t saying that Elissa is a gold digger, but she didn’t marry any broke sugar daddy. Saying the ring is fake would give Elissa credit for some forethought and planning. Based on the type of questions that Elissa has asked during the game, I highly doubt the ring is fake. Questions like do you think Howard has a special power like a Coup de lump, or can you still put up the POV winner if they use the POV, or how does a double eviction work. If Elissa had strategized and planned before she came into BB, then she would of known the answer to some of these basic questions. No Elissa brought the real deal into the house. Her husband sounds like a great guy. Raised by a single mother and became successful, great story. So I guarantee that ring is worth a lot of change. Hence, I think her husband is rightfully upset. Elissa better get that ring.

        1. doesn’t really matter fake or not if she votes for Amanda she did her part if Amanda tries to keep pawn or destroy ring elissa takes her to court its all on film a slam dunk Amanda has to pay for ring or return it and since she lost pay court cost for both

        2. Elissa did say in the past that her sister, rachael, told her not to bring anything valuable in the house. Either some people missed that or forget about it. I’m betting it doesn’t have much value.

        3. Hello! Elissa’s sister is a BB champ and I believe there was a fake ring involved in exchange for a vote in one of Rachel’s seasons. SO, it makes sense that Elissa came in with this strategy in mind and had some fake one’s made for safety insurance in house. gold stamp and all.

        4. “Well to do” people with expensive jewelry often have CZ replicas of their wedding rings for use when they travel & such. I would not be surprised to find out that Elissa’s ring is a $500. copy.

        1. Pretty sure if the ring that Elissa gave Amanda is real, then the ring she gets back will be fake.


          Right, Amanda has a goldsmith kit in her belongings and will be working day and night at the jury house crafting an exact replica of the ring. :shakeshead:

      1. Elissa did not tell Helen that ring was a fake. Everyone just can’t get over the fact that Elissa was so foolish to give Amanda of all people her wedding ring. The ring is real. The question is does Elissa wait until finale to get it back or confront Amanda before she leaves. If I were her husband, I would expect Elissa to get that ring back before Amanda left that house. Game or no Game, I would be surprised that she took it off and would have a few questions of why she thought it would be a good idea to give someone the wedding ring.

        1. And what knowledge do have that says the ring is real whether she told Helen or not? I do not believe she would bring her real ring into the house. Remember this is so scripted and it’s not the first time something of supposed value has been offered up in this game.

        2. Ellissas rich ads husband is definitely not buying her a WEDDING ring that is only worth 5grand
          From an old fiancé or whatever…that is not from her husband…NO WAY

        3. Ok most of you are not married and /or you are men. Enough about the ring already. I am sure it is a “real” ring no one can wear fake gold for that long. It is probably a nice ring but NOT her real wedding ring. As a married woman she should wear a wedding ring and she would probably feel weird without one but you wouldn’t risk taking your real wedding ring in case something happened to it.

        1. Dude – you are crazy if you think that body is fake! She might have injected lips and botox in the forehead, but you cannot buy abs like that. She works out daily – which we see every morning and she definately takes care of her body.I do not know if the boobs are real but even if they are not they look way better then Amandas. I am not a fan of Elissa, but I give her credit for her workout routine every day.

          1. The rings that Elissa has on in BB house are what is called “travel jewelry”. What we women of means buy to wear everyday, and on vacation, in place of our real wedding rings that we would never want lost or stolen because of their value, both sentimental and monetary.
            Of course the ring that she gave to Amanda is real! They comes in sets of three, or individually in 1/4ct diamond weights in 14k gold of white, yellow, and rose ‘stack’ rings, sold on a television shopping network for few $100. I have several small carat diamonds and other precious gemstones that I wear regularly as my wedding set, for that very reason. I would NEVER wear my original family heairloom wedding set anywhere, or other family gems, but to special occasions or family functions.
            Elissa is not as ‘dumb’ as many think she is. She is cautious and she thinks BEFORE she speaks or acts…a trait lost on most in this world today.

      1. I wouldn’t give Ratboy the time of day in the real world, but I have to admit he may be the best liar ever to play BB, even better than Dan. He’s lied to everyone all the time since day one and never seems suffer any consequences. Even when someone does catch him he gets out of it. He allies himself with everyone, knifes them, and next thing you know they’re allied with him again. He swears loyalty, then votes the person out, and nobody confronts him. It may be that these houseguests are as dense as stone, but I’ve never seen anyone play everyone else like he is. Gotta give him his props…..but I still can’t stand him. Can you imagine associating with someone like this in real life? Having watched him in action how can he ever again have any close friends who would actually believe anything he said.

        1. I hope that little ginger sissy rat boy gets his tonight! That bitch will turn on the water works as soon as he hears his name. I can see the real girls having to wear waders in the jury house.
          Hope he finds out that he was one of several who America hates!!!!

        2. Andy is not in the same class as Dan or anyone else. Jessie and Elissa saw through his act weeks ago. Unfortunately for them they had no numbers to get the little snitch out. Andy has made so many slips and people just choose to ignore them, if this was a normal season he would of been out weeks ago crying with Ronnie the Snitch, Lucky for Andy he is playing with the dumbest players that have ever enter the BB House.

    1. Consultation???? I assume you mean consolation? (Hey, sorry for calling you out on your shocking spelling/word choice, but it can sometimes be ridiculous trying to figure out what people on this site mean when they take no care in making their comments clear and accurate). Nevertheless, I doubt anything will be able to ‘console’ that deluded woman from the reality of her shocking behaviour in this BB season. All she has in her future may be pawn shops and crack houses.

      1. Sweetsage, based on your post, you must know the definition of the pretentious. The people commenting on this site are doing so to have fun. I doubt they are looking to be criticized.

        1. Life is fun: Point taken, and apologies for any offense (esp. to Andy’s Fan) – I’m here to have fun too. Can’t get the English teacher out of me!

          Thanks to Dawg and Simon for your efforts to keep us all in the loop!

    2. She will be in shock when they tell her the ring is fake. Amanda is so silly to even think Elissa would give her a real diamond ring. She more than likely got the 14k engraved into it because that’s the first thing people look for. She should do the breath test to check if the diamond is real or fake.

        1. Amanda has an ugliness to her that goes soul deep, she is only involved with herself and that which advances her in life, she seems incapable of real love. i would like to see her in about 20 years, 3-4 abortions, 4-5 failed marriages, 75 extra pounds, more cosmetic surgery than Michael Jackson, turning tricks for 5-10 dollars, to many std s to count, all alone, telling anyone that she can corner about the “glory days” on big brother, chain smoking and talking with a gravelly voice.
          man, life is going to shit all over her . . . i cant wait!!!!!.

          1. This comment saddens me. Amanda is not a serial killer, for cryin’ in the night. These are terrible things to wish on someone.

      1. If Amanda does get to keep it, she’ll be in a huge mess trying to sell a worthless piece of travel jewelry to a knowledgeable criminal. Why a criminal? Because that’s who she ‘ roll’s ‘ with.

    3. I don’t think Big Brother will allow Amanda to keep Elissa’s ring being that Elissa is keeping her word and voting for Amanda to stay. The deal was that Amanda was to hold it until she sees how Elissa votes. It isn’t Elissa’s fault if Andy votes Amanda out.

    4. Re: Elissa giving Amanda her ring,
      This was posted on Joker. Elissa told HELEN beginning of season her wedding ring and engagement ring were fake. Her husband did not want real one in the house.
      Also in season 13 Shelly gave Rachel her ring (was fake) to save her and Rachel still voted her out.

      1. Then that would mean Amanda is dumber than we all thought, she claimed to McCrae that it was real. It’s going to be hilarious if Elissa did lie to her, would serve her right for what she did last week.

        1. Demanda is stupid enough to think that 14k is a big deal. I guess she’s never heard of 18k or 24k. And if it was an expensive diamond you shouldn’t be able to see a dot or anything–no flaws. Even when they laser diamonds it’s microscopic so you can’t see it with the naked eye. You would think a professional Ho like Demanda would know that.

      2. The ring IS A FAKE. I’ll present two reasons as to why this is a certitude.

        Reason Number One: CBS definitely includes a clause in their boilerplate contracts between CBS and the Houseguests that states: “CBS (Big Brother) is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.” Once that clause is fully understood, you (the houseguest) would take nothing of real and/or sentimental value into the BB House. In other words, no reasonable person would take anything into that house that’s either expensive and/or of true sentimental value.

        Reason Number Two — Elissa DID tell Helen early in the season that her husband instructed her to NOT take anything or real and/or sentimental value into the BB house. Elissa said she fought his idea at first but later realized he was correct. <– Not the exact words of the conversation but pretty dang close.

        Let's hope this ends the "Ring – real or fake?" discussion. It IS fake. Amanda is essentially holding onto something you could get out of any dime store gumball machine.

        1. My cubic’s are of excellent quality, get many compliments on them when I wear them. Part of the fun of cubic’s is to have people believe that what they are seeing is real. I am against the diamond industry for many reasons and do not own real diamonds anymore. But the fakies are fun and my other real jewelry is silver and stones. I don’t believe any woman would risk the loss of her wedding ring on a show, believe Elissa’s are fake.

    5. The exterminators should just be called what the truly are.. Assholes floating. Good bye Andy, you red headed freckled dick!! Start sharpening the knives!

    6. I think that Judd is with Elissa and they will vote to keep Amanda, and then Spencer will go followed by ANDY the cry baby

  2. What was with the playdoh. Grown men supposedly somewhat educated and all they can make are snakes and penises. Why didn’t they give them Legos or building blocks because they all act like they are 5 years old. Geeeesh!

  3. Check it..I need rat Andy that little ugly red headed fart to walk out of the BB house tonite!!!!! Medic will be on stand by since he will be shitting his pants while slitting his wrists and having a nervous break down from being evicted by Elissa!

    1. Julie will have a padded vinyl seat to park his peed stain tight assed shorts. Hope Julie gets sick looking at him and vomits on the rodent!

  4. Amanda will have to give the ring back once she knows that it was Andy and not Elissa.
    Elissa’s husband will make sure of it. “Money talks”

  5. Oh I can’t wait to see Judd vote out Spencer and see the look on Ratboy’s face tonight. I just hope that’s what Judd and Elissa have been secretly planning. It would be the most exciting eviction show yet, and Andy would still be in shock thus making his chances of winning HOH that much tougher. Please let this be your grand scheme Judissa. This is the only possibe way they have at winning this game. Would be so hilarious!

    1. Not happening, Judd was dead serious when he told Elissa to STFU last night (even though he later tried to claim to her that it was for game). At this point, she doesn’t like him and he doesn’t like her, no matter how many wish otherwise.

      Don’t agree that Judd’s only chance of winning would be to blindside Spence and Andy and team with McRanda. By voting out Amanda, Judd is essentially choosing a final 4 of himself, Andy, GM and Spencer over a final 4 of himself, Amanda, McCrae, and Elissa. I’d choose The Exterminators too were I in his shoes.

      1. It was a stupid move to ally with Amanda. Elissa’s supporters are trying to rationalize this ridiculous move by her and can’t make sense of it. How does this expose Andy, the Terminators already knew he was playing both sides. How this move endear McCrae to Elissa, it doesn’t. McCrae was going to be the next one out but Elissa made herself a bigger target and he’s happy with that. Even if McCrae wins HOH, he’s going to put up Elissa, and hope he can cut a deal with one of the Terminators. By the way, the same thing Elissa should be planning, win HOH and cut a deal with one of the Terminators.

        This move by Elissa to save Amanda never had a prayer. It relied on Andy doing the right thing and Elissa knew he was not to be trusted. It relied on McCrae being loyal to her after Amanda’s eviction, but McCrae’s loyalty is going to Andy. It relied on the rest of the house not knowing that she attempted to make a move, and Andy made sure that Elissa is not to be trusted. Nope the only person that gained from this move was everyone but Elissa.

        1. Ok so then what would you suggest she do exactly? She tried to work with Judd, tried to work with gm yet they formed a different alliance behind her back and did not include her. So what now? Sit by herself? Just wait for that crappy alliance to target her (which wouldn’t be long)? I mean really, it cracks me up when people carry on about how dumb it is. Yeah I’m sure that’s not her first choice but really she doesn’t have many options.

          1. It cracks me up that people think Elissa is in a better position now then before! If she knew about the Exterminators, which I highly doubt, because it was almost certain that Production is the one that told her. She should of done the same thing that she has been doing since Helen left. Win comps, target ring leaders and cut deals.

            But to cut a deal with someone that has no intention of honoring their end is plain silly. Lets review the past deals that Amanda has cut in the past. There was Candice and Amanda deal for a two week truce. Just as soon as Amanda agreed to the truce she went to McCrae and told him she had no intention in honoring it. There was the Amanda and Helen deal that they would wait until the final five before they target each other. Amanda then had Aaryn evict Helen before the final five, which by the way was a stupid move that brought down Helen, Aaryn and Amanda. BB101, get rid floaters first before you attack your alliance. Now Amanda, whom Elissa has nothing in common with, tells McCrae Elissa will be the replacement in a double eviction.

            So, if Amanda stays in the game, you have Amanda/McCrae gunning for Elissa on one side and Andy,Gina, Judd on the other side……Ah! You think that’s a better position. LOL! Ok…..I agree with you…this move of Elissa’s is brilliant! I have never seen such a move that almost guarantees she will be leaving.

        2. I think Ellissa had a major win by “aligning” with Amanda….she got some peace. Amanda hasn’t tortured her at all. Worth the price of a fake ring to me!

      2. It was right after Judd told Elissa to STFU and when he contined with ” kjjldf lk k ooisas; ki kjoijj lla;eiwqp o[[jk kwe kjweja iro w kweij fsodoj ” that Elissa finally got it. Judd is not the not ” the ripest (fruit) in the bowl “.

    2. I don’t think Judd is voting Spencer out! Judd is being a rat boy like Andy telling Andy what he tells Elissa. Andy is trying to be the master planner and it needs to backfire tonight. I so want McCrae and Amanda to see rat boy #1 exposed before the show. Then rat boy #1 can leave 2nd on tonight’s double eviction. That would be priceless.

    1. Yes, you are the only one who likes Spencer who is foul, lazy, lacks creativity and is mean-mouthed towards women and especially little girls. There’s a place for guys like Spencer.

      1. I bet he even made his girlfriend up. Marilyn after Marilyn Monroe. It is probably his dog. Who the hell would tell there boyfriend they could have a hall pass? He should have left before Howard. I can’t believe rat boy #1 wants to be associated with that pos since he is suppose to be a teacher. What example is that are you condoning his behavior? Do these people not realize what they say and do is live 24/7? Rat boy #1 will never be Americas favorite. Elissa, Candice or maybe Jesse or Howard are the only ones that deserve that title.

    2. No. He was my 2nd choice to win after the first episode (Wife and I both picked Howard #1) If MaCrae goes before him – I get 60 minute massage. Go Spencer!!

  6. What’s that noise coming from the jury house; sounds like Helen. Ah right now it’s clear she is jumping up and down trying to get the HG’s attention.
    Her message is simple “now is not the time to vote out Amanda”.

    1. She needs to go ape sh;t on Andy sorry rat boy#1. Why am I even rooting for Amanda I don’t like her. Oh wait I don’t like Andy more and because she is the underdog. Ugh Amanda and McCrae need to wake up and smell the rat poison! Feed it to Rat boy #2!

      1. She’s going to leave the same way everyone does..surprised, and upset..but calm. She’ll go talk to Julie..and maybe she’ll get asked about bullying..but it won’t be much and that will be’s DE..too fast for any BS….plus Amanda already knows there is a chance she’s leaving, so she won’t be that surprised.

    1. I think Andy knows that he’s probably in trouble if Elissa or McCrae wins HOH, so it’s not gonna exactly be a blindside. You’re acting like the dude’s already on the block or something. It’s certainly possible that Andy is the 2nd eviction tonight, but far from a given. Only Amanda, McCrae, and Elissa are sure to receive blindsides tonight….. in the form of Andy’s vote.

      1. Don’t bet on it!!!! Andy doesn’t have a clue that he will be blindside by McCrae!!!!! So, Andy will be exposed and going to the jury house. Your comment doesn’t make sense.

      2. Don’t forget Amanda told Judd that Andy was going to vote to keep her. IMO Judd is already suspicious of Andy. The only HG who totally trust Andy is Spencer.

  7. That will be fun to watch if Amanda tries to leave with Amanda’s ring. As far as I am concerned she can keep the ring as long as she leaves. Good riddence.

      1. Spencer you would play with a plastic dolly, not a babe like Elissa?
        You fat ugly perverted creepy sob. Go home hillbilly!

  8. I want Andy out so badly…I think that the fact that many of my gay and straight friends ALL detest him says alot about him.

    1. You don’t speak for all of us. Andy is by far a better player than Ragan and Will. And much hotter might I add.

      Andy is going to be the swing vote again after tonight. The deciding vote and will make it to the final 3, where he will then win the HOH and take Spencer to the finals. Andy will win the 500K and go down as the BB15 GRAND CHAMPION!!!

      Go Andy Go!!!!

      1. I agree. I don’t know why people are so hard on Andy, they all lie and scheme and pretend to be on both sides. He is just smarter and better at it. Team Andy all the way!!!!

          1. Yes it’s obvious that Andy acts feminine. Anybody can see that. He aligned with Elissa, Helen and Amanda. I think he beat them at the backstab game. If he was female I really think alot of people wouldn’t mind his play. The fact that he’s a homosexual makes people hate him even more. No, he isn’t an athletic genius. This is the only way he can win this game and if he does, he wins 500K, so he must have done something right.

        1. His intelligence and the way he likes to talk and stuff makes him a special man. Looks isn’t everything. He’s successful, sweet and handsome in my eyes.

      2. I never thought Andy was ugly, but tonight on the episode, he looks like a carp. Perhaps it’s his personality showing.

  9. I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but this season SUCKS! At first, I thought, OK, since all the nice players are out (aka Helen’s friends), who canI vote for? Well the choice was easy, Elisa or Judd…But now, I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel…I like Elissa wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more than Amanda (I can’t even compare the two!) but I relly hope she has some sort of Master Plan because if she keeps that B*&?H in the house tonight, I’m gonna flip! Judd is nice, but I don’t know….This season is beyond boring not to mention disgusting (I’m so not over the racist homophobic comments!!!) anyways, let’s hope something major happens and that Amanda goes home tonight!

    1. I think production is very aware that this is awful. That’s why they have meddled so much. What a shame. This may have run it’s coarse for me and mine.

      1. the production thing for me kinda devalues this season and really every other previous winner what was them and what was production

    1. Pretty much… I definitely think that BB should force them to wake up or something. I’m so sick of watching their lazy asses sleep until 2 p.m. every day

        1. When you are bored you sleep more. Can’t be that exciting in that house with that bunch. The dirt even would be depressing.

          Btw, has anyone actually seen the group use the vacuum? I would be riding that baby all day in that house. Cleaning and the added bonus of the vibrating motor.


      1. Agree. They should have to get up at a set time and no sleeping until the house has been cleaned! The worst job in America is the poor people who have to clean after these people leave. I hope they give them Hazmat suits.

    2. Yesterday McCrea was in bed until 6pm. then was yawning when he was awake. He didn’t get carried to the end, he slept his way to the end. He’s never washed and dish, made a meal, done laundry. He barely showers unless Amanda is in there with him. Vote McCrae laziest HG ever.

        1. McStinky is a filthy lazy slug. Even Amanda talks about how he smells. His clothes are dirty and he never combs his nasty dirty hair. Can’t stand the red headed coward RAT boy. He’s useless. He spent all the time in the house wandering from room to room butting in on conversations and agreeing with whoever he was with at the time. He even stood by and said or did nothing when horrible racist remarks and disgusting name calling and personal attacks were happening. He is too chicken s!/t too ever make any move on his own. He needs his butt evicted tonight and outed for the coward rat he is. Grrrrr

  10. FIRST Thursday this season I’ve been excited to watch. Live eviction with some mystery for once… BTW will Amanda coward out or own her words when Julie interviews? After all the bitch did say “I hate Asians” among other things. I know her All hold assumptions about other race’s but she’s just a nasty bitch. With Gnu feel like It’s not coming from a hateful place. AMANDA absolutely a hateful person. Don’t you think?

    1. First off, get your own name, this one’s taken.

      Second of all, judging from that Bridezillas show she was on, Elissa was a perfect 10 before she got all that Botox in her face.

  11. Someone had a good idea on the last update to require the HG’s to verbally vote tonight. That would seal Andy’s fate.

    1. Huh? How would that seal Andy’s fate? He’s in an alliance of 4 and there will only be 6 people left in the house. All that would do is screw Andy’s plan to frame Elissa to McCrae and McCrae to Elissa for voting Amanda out. That crap doesn’t have much chance of working anyway, McCrae is already anticipating that Andy may try this. Where Andy is potentially screwed is if McCrae or Elissa wins HOH and puts a fellow Exterminator next to Andy on the block. He’s sitting pretty good otherwise.

      1. Sadly, I fear this will all go like Andy wants. Amanda will leave, Elissa and McCrae will fight either with each other ( because of Andy’s vote) or together for veto..neither will win..E or Mc will leave tonight as well (b Probably ELissa, since Exterminators want her gone first)…and then one of the floater alliance will win the final HOH. Leaving them final 4..with Spencer and Andy going to final 2. Seems like a done deal…but fingers crossed something can save Amanda tonight….that really is Elissa’s only chance to stay.

      2. @Name: I think there is a very strong chance that either Mcp$$y or Elissa will win HOH tonight and probably VETO as well. I just cannot see Andy, Judd, or Spence winning a competition. This is their weakness in the game and will end the exterminators because they cannot beat McCrae and Elissa in comps. The Comps are everythng going forward now.

      3. @Name: I think there is a very strong chance that either Mcp$$y or Elissa will win HOH tonight and probably VETO as well. I just cannot see Andy, Judd, or Spence winning a competition. This is their weakness in the game and will end the exterminators because they cannot beat McCrae and Elissa in comps. The Comps are everythng going forward now.

      4. exactly when Amanda goes its 4 against mccrae and elissa and if you cant work with that and are still paranoid you don’t deserve to win win the comps and put them out all you need to think about you control your own destiny good lord

  12. Yes my Jewish and Christian Queens are so smart. Go Amanda and Elissa. Love you both. These Pina Colada’s are soooo good. My BB15 party is going great. Everyone loves Amanda. Wish The Captain was here. What a party. Love you all. I’m in the money, life is so sunny:)

    1. OMG, you’re not even Elissa fan!!!! She going to blindside Amanda & Andy. Okay, do us a favor and shut your freak mouth and move on. You don’t even have money. You just being broke!!!!!!!!!

      1. Capt Wedgie, are you gonna admit to being a fool in these 100+ posts you’ve made over the past couple of days when Elissa votes to evict Spencer tonight?

        1. What are you talking about? Elissa is going to vote 4 Amanda and McCrae will blame on Andy!! So, it’s done is done!!!

          1. Ha, that ain’t happening. Elissa and McCrae are gonna vote Spencer out, Judd and Andy are gonna vote Amanda out, GM is gonna send Amanda home with the tiebreaker. THEN, even after McCrae realizes Andy voted his beloved out, McCrae is still going to target Elissa if he gets the chance.

            But, odds are, one of The Exterminators is going to go ahead and win HOH and they’ll all send Elissa home.

              1. I cannot see JUDD voting to keep Amanda, he really doesn’t like her, which is one of his likable qualities. I’m a bit behind on my reading here, but this would surprise me.

    2. Buff..I gottta hand it to def know how to get these people worked up! I hope Amanda stays..E and Mc together won’t last long…the Floater Alliance will be the nail in BB’s coffin. With Grodner leaving and the CEO stepping down from Endemol…I wouldn’t be surprised if this is BB’s last year..maybe we’ll get a all star or god forbid a celebrity BB…but the BB of old is long gone.

  13. Yes Elissa, McCrae is going to take you over Andy. Because McCrae thinks he can beat you over Andy. However, how does Amanda fit into this latest scenario? Amanda still thinks she is going to be in the game next week. So I highly doubt McCrae will choose you over Amanda. Sounds like a set up for the double eviction scenario just in case you win the HOH. Elissa is being told that so she favors Amanda/McCrae over Andy in any of her future nominations. However, I thought part of the deal in saving Amanda was that you had control of Amanda/McCrae nominations and their undying loyalty. If she has to tell you that McCrae will favor you over Andy, then that undying loyalty thing is hogwash. If Amanda is saying that she doesn’t want HOH, then that’s not the person you want to be allied with. Sounds like Amanda is going to keep her hands clean and have you create the enemies, just like she did with Aaryn.

    Oh Elissa, when Amanda leaves tonight. McCrae will not be turning towards you. McCrae has already made plans with Andy in the eventuality that Amanda leaves. You are on an island by yourself. Your best hope is that you lose HOH and placed on the block. You win the POV take yourself off the block and you have survived the double elimination. You are then eligible to play for HOH next week and have your fate in your own hands. Good luck!

    1. He’s definitely playing Elissa, can’t stand her. He reports to The Exterminators everything she says. She doesn’t care for him much either.

  14. I watched the fight last night between GM and Amanda and several things kept going thru my mind. 1) Amanda crying to McWhiney about all of the things GM said is so ridiculous. GM didn’t do anything that Amanda hasn’t done to several others (namely Elissa) for the last few weeks and 2) Amanda’s parents must be mortified. Can you imagine watching your daughter, on national TV, giving BJs, bleaching her ahole, having sex, talking about anal? I shudder to think of their embarrassment. 3) Either McWhiney is a complete Puss or (hopefully) it’s all strategy. Because any man who would sit by and let his woman be treated like that is no man at all. Jeff didn’t let it happen to Jordan, Brenden didn’t let it happen to Rachel and McWhiney should’ve at least stopped it between GM and Amanda. But 4) Amanda riding him about it only made him look like more of a pansy.

  15. Poor Amanda… she’s the typical wannabe ACTRESS who spent her young years loving musical theater…I don’t know about her voice, but her body isn’t a dancer…she went to NYC and LA, they didn’t want her…so she gave up and became a Real Estate agent (A great deal of RAs are wannabe actors) and works for MOM…gets a guy…gets pregnant…and THEN…BB CALLS her to be on national TV every night for 3 months!!! SHe ditches the job, ditches the boyfriend of 3 yrs and…worst of all…ditches the baby with an abortion. NO WONDER SHE’S SO MESSED UP!! SHE’s got GUILT written all over her! So she ropes this idiot into her mental breakdown and now we’ll see if he even survives tonight…she’s already talking like she’s dumping him…he’s not MAN enough for her, etc. She KNOWS when she gets home…there is nothing waiting for her…
    except an angry family, neighbors, and anybody else who will be spitting on her and starting fights in bars for the next 3-4 years….or she will probably be put in a rehab by parents…

    1. Amanda did not have an abortion and it wasn’t her boyfriend of 3 years. And btw, she did not lose her job either. I’m not an Amanda fan, I’m just sick of people making up lies about a HG, then others jump on the mob mentality bandwagon and carry on spreading the lies and bullshit. Get a life.

      1. @Get Real, Amanda has been removed from her employer’s website and the assumption can be made she has indeed been released from her employment. ABC news in early August contacted the employer and issued statement noted they do not disclose current or past employees. True, it’s not a definite answer but again a strong assumption can be logically made here.

        Amanda (on live feeds) has said she had both an abortion and a miscarriage – who knows what the real deal is but it’s clear her character is not so holy and her decision likely mirrors her character.

    2. Get some fucking lives you low life pieces of shit!! Talking about how Amanda’s a Bully and terrorizes and trash talks everyone yet all of you psycho motherfuckers are sitting behind a fucking computer screen doing the same bullshit because you have nothing better to do with your sad lives. It’s a fucking reality show. You have no idea who the fuck Amanda is so to judge her and her character because you watch her trying to win 500,000 just like the rest of them are is pretty pathetic. And no she did not lose her job and no she didn’t have an abortion. All you losers trying to act big and bad behind a fucking computer screen.. Get over yourselves.

      1. I love this!! People who have not been in the house don’t understand what it does to your mental state. Just listen to ALL previous houseguests. Amanda is one of the few still playing the game. Whether or not people like her personality is irrelevant. People need to understand that bashing people they don’t know with derogatory comments makes them just as bad as the person they are bashing. People love to see other people in misery. People love to see other people hated. It’s sickening. What happened for pulling for people that play the best game?

  16. Andy got up and used the bathroom. He goes back to bed and Judd asks him what time is it? It’s 1:30.

    How can you get up at 1:30 in the afternoon, the lights are on, you have a show to do and you can still go back to bed?

  17. Why is Elissa concerned if McPussy will take her over Andy? McPussy couldn’t win a competition if his life depended on it. If anything, McPussy should be asking Amanda if Elissa would take him.

  18. This is the first year, that I have read online comments and watched the live feeds, it has been very enlightening. Only my opinion, Elissa’s plan is to trap, Andy the Rat. So she gives the impression that she is going to vote to evict Spencer. Alas, the rat is getting closer to being caught. Andy, is feeling a little to confident, that he can blame Elissa for Amanda leaving. So, the rat votes Amanda out, planning on blaming it on Elissa. However, the rat doesn’t realize that Elissa will also vote Amanda out, which will leave it 4-1. Thus no where for the rat to go. The look on the rat’s face will be priceless, when he knows that the trap has been sprung.

    1. I think Amanda will process it instantly, Andy will probably start crying and go in for a good-bye hug- DON’T DO IT ANDY! His game is over. If he manages to survive DE, Amanda will drag his name through the mud in the JH.

      1. Who cares if Amanda talks crap about him in the jury house? People there understand what kind of bitch she is, so they’ll likely give each other high fives behind her back and praise Andy for taking her out.

        This is his big move, just like Ian took out Boogie.

        I don’t like Andy at all, but the only thing he has to worry about is if Elissa wins HOH.

        1. By the way, Candice hates Amanda, Jessie hates Amanda, Aaryn told Gina to vote out Amanda if she can, Amanda was behind Helen being voted out. Oh yeah, they’re going to be happy to see Amanda. And Andy just may get extra jury votes out of it.

          1. You’re right about Amanda not having much impact on the jury house. But Helen will. I’m sure she’s filled them in on what a RAT he is….

    2. Yes, I agree with this. I hope that this is what Elissa does. It’s the only way to expose Andy to McCrusty. If she votes to keep Amanda, Andy will lie to McCrusty and claim her additional vote to keep Amanda was his own.

    3. I don’t really see the point of all this convolution just to “trap the rat”. It will be very interesting to see which way Elissa actually votes tonight.

  19. I hope Elissa works hard to get the HOH then she can send Andy home as he has been playing both sides and figures he is safe.Please blindeside him Elissa if you win HOH.
    And I am sooo happy that Amanda will be going to jury.I hope this is true unless Production screws it up and she stays.

    1. OMG, people please.

      Andy isn’t playing both sides anymore and hasn’t since right before Aaryn was voted out, as he said on CBS he isn’t working with Amanda from now on and that she’s his target. He has the exterminators now and they’re all clued in on what he’s doing.

      There is nothing to ‘out’, except to Elissa and maybe McCrae but he may believe Andy over Elissa.

  20. I think a lot of the cat people around here are fundamentally incapable of thinking that Elissa might have made a bad move. GM and/or Judd are not with her, Andy is not flipping, Amanda is going home, and Elissa will walk out behind her unless she wins HOH/POV.

    1. Its hard to make a good move when there is no move at all. Elissa is trying to do whatever she can to stay in the game. She and Mc are the only targets for the snoozinators, so they don’t really care who goes after amanda. I commend Elissa for fighting until the last moment. Elissa must win hoh/povs from now on to stay.

    2. Thank you! That’s what I’ve been trying to say! People say it’s dumb but what choice does she have??? Sit there by herself and wait for their crappy alliance to come after her? Jeez people!

  21. Production made up that story about trading rings and probably gave them both money to act out this whole story just to get people to watch. Amanda is leaving and now BB people can find someone else to hate because it seems like you all just leave rude comments.

  22. Joe will cook everyone up laxative stew in the jury house tonight so all the shit that’s been coming out of amandas mouth will be exiting the correct valve finally

  23. Best case Spencer and Andy walk tonight. As much as I can’t stand Amanda and McCrea the biggest rat and I’ve done nothing but watch the girls take showers and talk about sex all summer Spencer need to go. I think part of the problem and there are many, production did little to make the game interesting except try to control it. When the players are guessing the next move and comp and getting it right it’s time to change the format. How can you really call it except the unexpected.

    1. ‘except the unexpected.’

      I’m still waiting for that to happen as Julie keeps reminding us…. was that the MVP thingy or the racist remarks? I suppose we have 3 weeks for the unexpected to be expected!


  24. McCrae is going to vote out Amanda because he can’t stand her, and she’s bad for his game. He thinks Andy and Elissa are voting for her, so he can blame it on one of them for not going through with it. Now that would be a huge move!

    1. It would be really funny if both Andy and McCrea use that strategy and Elissa votes her out as well. Can’t imagine Amanda’s reaction if she was unanimously voted out, but it would certainly be worth watching, along with the looks on Andy and McCrea’s faces when they can’t claim Elissa’s vote as theirs.

  25. As Gomer Pyle would say Surprise, surprise, surprise! The on aMANduh’s face will be priceless as the cracker-box ring Elissa gave her….. the ring is a hoax to buy security, votes or what have ya if needed, Elissa is not going to bring in ‘real’ jewelry to get lost or stolen! aMANduh you not only getting punked once, but twice?….. Surprise, surprise, surprise!

  26. Last nights show was so staged. Mccrae was trying to make himself cry by just looking down and rubbing his eyes. He doesn’t give a flying efff whether Amanda goes or not as long as its not him. Production has interfered so much at this point that the show is just plain cheesy. Somethng about that veto comp and amanda and mccrae finishing so close to one another seemed really off too. I dunno.

    1. I taped the show.but haven’t watched it. From everything I’ve heard it sounds nauseating & not worth watching. Any reason to at all?

  27. EElissa’s sudden change in keeping Amanda and appearing to be putting half trust in Andy has me thinking that production has a game plan fit perfectly for that plan to work and Elissa to win Hoh and POV, along with possibly JUDD in on this masterpiece. I can’t hardly wait to see what happens. I hope her rings are specially made to cause foolery.

  28. Is everyone ready for tonight????? Lets get this party started !!!!!!! There is going to be a lot to talk about tonight. Simon you better go to the beer store for that 12 pack and Dawg you keep on snapping those pics of Elissa now OK.

  29. For sure Amanda leaves tonight. The DE will be huge, no matter who goes home. I don’t understand the whole Andy being exposed thing. Even if Elissa DOES also vote to evict Amanda, that was the original plan until the other day anyway. It’s not like Andy was originally planning to make the vote a tie and have GM break it. He KNEW he was going to blindside her. And if Elissa votes to evict Amanda, it means that even if Andy HAD voted to keep her, it still would’ve been a tie and Amanda would still get evicted.

    I genuinely don’t think McCrae WANTS Amanda to stay. The way he’s been talking to Andy, making plans without Amanda and whatnot, it seems like he’s expecting her to be evicted and trying to prepare. I really don’t think he’d be very angry with Elissa or Andy, because of the relief of being away from Crazy for a little while. Even if McCrae is still a target of the exterminators, if he really started playing the game he may have a shot (personally I hope not bc he’s such a pussy). Thus far in the game, McCrae has been playing for second place at best. Without Amanda in the house, I think any of the HGs have a fair shot at winning.

    1. They don’t know for sure, they all made the educated guess that its a double eviction. Reasons: Too many house guests in the house. There has to be a double and time is running out. Locked up in the HOH room earlier at 10am instead of the regular 11am. Last Double eviction production advised the house guest that HOH at the time Gina had to have time to practice the backyard HOH comp which tipped them off that it would be a double as she otherwise wouldn’t get to compete.

  30. Ive been a fan of Andy, or a Fandy, from the Beginning. Rat Or not, his game has worked very well for him so far. Worried it’ll blow up in his face but still rooting for him.

      1. I wouldn’t consider Andy being voted out tonight a “blindside”. He KNOWS he may become a target after the votes are revealed.

  31. Of course Elissa is the only person awake. They keep complaining about how Elissa thinks she is better than everyone else. Well heck, if I was Elissa and I was in that house, I would think that same way. She is in a house full of slobs and adults who function and think like tired high school students.

  32. Andy sucks, he obviously threw the POV last night but somehow no one noticed, everybody says they don’t trust him then tells him everything, what the hell is wrong with these idiots !! Please somebody stomp the rat bastard and vote his ass out !

  33. Stan here!

    I work on production of BB15. I asked Allison Grodner for Thursday so I could go to tonight’s football game as I am a HUGE Broncos fan. At first she granted my request, but then changed her mind as she said this is a big double eviction night. I had to sell my tickets to the game which I didn’t want to do. So I’m here to let everyone know we have been rigging the game for Amanda and giving special perks to Elissa.

    Elissa is very demanding always threatening to walk off the show if she don’t get her way. Everyone in production hates her but we are reminded by Allison that this is what CBS wants and we need to make the Reilly family happy.

    Everyone in production is rooting for Judd cause he is the least demanding of the HGs and is not doped up like the rest.

    1. You are very convincing “Stan” from “Production”.

      Hell, I didn’t even know that Big Brother was produced in Denver. I thought they were in California. It’s odd that you, a lowly production worker, has season tickets for the Denver Broncos for some reason. Do you fly in your private jet to Denver for each game?

  34. why is there so much speculation about the ring? a lot of dumb going on up in hurr.

    1) the ring is real. it’s elissa’s. much discussion this season has been about her wealth. why the hell would she wear a fake ring? that would imply she planned ahead for this opportunity and purposely brought in a fake ring for this very moment and i assure you there’s no way that’s the case. this chick is far too dumb to mastermind such a thing.

    2) the ring isn’t going to a pawn shop. if amanda gets sent packing tonight the ring goes to production for safekeeping or with amanda to the jury house. if it’s the latter, it will stay there until the finale when she will find out andy lied, not elissa, and she will return the ring.

    further, i would venture to guess CBS has been wise enough (as this is not a new development in BB) to address this already through the HGs contracts or some other such precaution. whatever the case, the idea that this ring will be involved in any serious scandal after tonight is effing ridiculous. stfu.

    1. there is no way she would wear an expensive ring into a house full of strangers for 100 days. It could be lost during a comp or dropped down a drain as she is cleaning. Anyone who values nice or sentimental jewellery would not take a chance on it being lost. Please give the lady some credit for having common sense.

    2. @b i z:

      The ring is a fake. Go back to page two or so of this thread and see why. The ring is as fake as Amanda’s boobs. Sorry to disappoint!!

      1. @taylor – i would assume she would take the ring off for comps. it could fall down a drain anywhere – it happening in the BB house is irrelevant. so is being in a house full of strangers. nobody in their right mind is going to attempt to steal a ring – an item that will be noticed to be missing almost immediately – in a house literally surrounded by and filled with cameras. the only valid point you made was regarding the 100 days cuz when you’re going into a house for potentially several weeks and being secluded from friends & family, bringing something of sentimental value makes perfect sense.

        @smurfnation – what’s your evidence? because someone on here said so?

  35. I think Gina Marie is hot and a homophobic racist in an almost comical sort of way, But I don’t really want her to win. I’m searching for someone worthy. I can’t make up my mind anymore. I hate them all now.

  36. Tie Vote — GM votes out Amanda.
    Elissa – Spencer
    McCrae- Spencer
    Andy – Amanda
    Judd – Amanda

    Andy exposed to McCrae for the rat that he is.

    1. Unfortunately, Amanda believes in Andy 200% and has already told Andy and McCrae that if it is a tie, Elissa changed her mind and voted for Amanda to go to jury. Andy has an out, so he can snake through Double Eviction. I hope McCrae works with Elissa and they get to final two.. and I actually hope Elissa wins (I never thought I would want that…but the rest of the HG are filth.)

  37. After last nights Big Brother After Dark, I am done.
    What a humiliating display, not just Amanda and Gina Marie.
    Andy turns my stomach, the night before last he sat there as Gina Marie said that horrible thing about Elissa’s son. Then just laughed while a friend of his is attacked. I understand game, but for gos sake there was nothing enjoyable or amusing about that fight.. nothing.
    Judd and Spencer are both pieces of useless crap. Yeh enjoy giving Andy that 500k boys.
    McCrae I think offended me the most… he just sat there..what a piece of crap.. useless, the man is useless.

    Amanda is going tonight. I wish she was still in the house over most of the crap that is staying.
    I thought I would never say this but after last nights game..
    Go #TeamElissa… She was right, the rest of that house is total filth and I wouldn’t ever associate with them at all.
    (Please note: I have had favorites and players I disliked, but this post is completely out of my usual character…. I have never seen such a disgusting cast of BB.).

    1. “She was right, the rest of that house is total filth and I wouldn’t ever associate with them at all.”

      Except Elissa has done nothing but enable said “filth,” so her constant whining about how everyone is “sooooo disgustinggggg” is totally phony and annoying.

    2. I’m sorry you feel that way Eric. I don’t know what Allison was thinking with this group. We in production are always talking about just pulling the pull and going to dead air on a live show to do everyone a favor.

  38. MCcrae won’t believe Andy and suspect him as the rat.. I would like to see either Elissa or MCcare win HOH put up Andy and Spencer and watch Andy walk out the door.

  39. I have to hand it to CBS. The NFL season starts tonight and i really think they hatched this Eliisa (aka I have amnesia about all the nasty things Amanda ever said to me. ) change in voting out Amanda. They had to try snd get viewers for ratings tonight. It was very smart !! Go Ravens!!!

  40. I think Elissa will vote Amanda out and the vote will be 3-1 and they won’t trust Andy I Elissa anymore and elissa will be like, I overheard Andy saying he won’t vote for you(since she listens to people’s convo) nd I didn’t want a target on my back.

  41. Elissa will be following Amanda to the jury house tonight anyway, so she’ll just take her right back then and blame it all on Andy.

  42. It’s funny how the exterminaters want to exterminate rats and shit when they already have a rat right in front of them. They are all idiots!!

  43. Simon and Dawg, I guess when you no longer provide the spoilers, maybe then people will decide they should have donated a little to help. I got thumbs down for just asking if people had donated, not sure why. If you guys appreciate Simon and Dawgs spoilers so much, why not help them out? Seriously, a couple dollars from even half of the people commenting here would help them out I’m sure. And if I get thumbs down for that, oh well. Just shows how self serving some people can be.

    1. Thank you. We really appreciate your support as we couldn’t do all of this without it. And yes any amount is greatly appreciated to help pay for the costs of running this site.

      1. Dawg & SImon – planning to donate – have in the past. Just waiting for a check to come in the mail. Wish it could be more, but we’re both currently unemployed & our family is helping us out. Hopefully Sat…
        And yes – if we can give a little, everyone else can too. This is the first year that we got the live feeds & not that I watch all the time but when I check in & they’re all sleeping or just down right boring I can’t imagine how these guys get rhu it all!
        And as always – when you vote – vote Dawg!!

  44. BAMMM. two minutes ago. Judd and Amanda in the bathroom, he takes off his mike like he’s going into the toilet room and whispered to Amanda while she’s shaving her legs in the sink. “You better not f**k me over.” She says, “I won’t. It’s in your best interest” Then he ducks into toilet room, as Elissa comes into the bathroom to say something to Amanda- them Judd pops back out of the toilet room, while washing his hands says in the mirror to Amanda” I love you.” Immediate cut to Trivia.

    1. Slightly wrong, missed the IF. He’s says ” I’m thinking about (garbled) IF I did, you better not f**k me. Then takes off mic and heads into toilet. Comes out, tells Amanda he loves her.

  45. 3 days left…
    I wish I were a better writer, if I were I’d have more money and confidence. But, alas, I am not. So here it goes with 72 hours left on the clock. Tomorrow I plan to play “Zelda: Ocerana of Time” for a good while. It is my favorite game of all time. After I get done i will eat some food, hang out with the grandparents that are in town, and continue to “give it my all” not to drink. By the way, I’m an alcoholic who relapesed two days ago. I’ve been able to stay away from it today but I’m not sure how long I can hold it together. I’ve damaged the relationship I care most about with the woman I love. She wants me out of the house..soon. I don’t blame her at all. I would get as far away from me as I could.
    I live in Florida, therefore now that my grandparents are in town, they want to do Disney for a day. We use to all take trips there when I was a kid 20 years ago or so. I can’t wait to give them the joy of their last trip there as a family. They certainly deserve it, and so do I.
    I’ll think of you all as I “hit the turn” on Thunder Mountain.
    I’m going to try to make the best of the next few hours ahead of me. Enjoy each passing second, because that is all that counts. Each…passing….second…
    To tell you the truth, I hate Florida, this is the craziest state I’ve ever lived in. I feel like a tourist 23 hours a day. I’ve lived here for 6 years now, from Texas (We aren’t all racists, btw.) I’ve yet to feel welcome here. I can’t wait to soon “shed” myself of this place.
    I’m sure you are all tired of reading my b.s. about my own life; so here I go on my bb15 rant…
    As much as I don’t like her, I believe that Elissa is brilliant. No matter how the vote falls tonight, everyone will be asking questions about the vote count. They will all be trying to pin it on Elissa, but each will have their own doubts. As Dr. Will has said before “make the target so big on your back, that nobody can see it.” That’s exactly what Elissa is doing. In everybody elses’ mind she is “crazy”, someone who can be dealt with later.
    If my first assesment is wrong than at least half the house will side with Elissa after tonight, mark my words, it will happen. I don’t know if it production help or not, but Elissa’s moves this week have given her the best situation moving into next week.
    Anyhow wish me luck, I need to slay some evil, Zelda is waiting for me. Talk to you all tomorrow. Good night and good luck.

    1. I say hello, hopefully you’ll break your alcohol addiction. Go to AA and involve yourself in Church, pray to God and read the Bible. Don’t go out with friends that drink. At home drink soda instead of alcohol. Get recipes for non-alcoholic drinks. Exercise everyday and have a healthy diet. Surround yourself with people that contribute to your wellbeing, not people that take away from it. Have fun with your grandparents! By the way I also live in Florida, but I like it. I wish you the best going forward. God bless you.

  46. Dawg check out the feed , while McCrae is telling Spencer he can’t vote for him, Amanda is in the bathroom shaving her legs. Judd takes of his microphone and tells her that he is thinking about keeping her. She says he should, it would be in his best interest. Then he closes the door of toilet area. Elissa comes in and says that McCrae told Spender that he was voting for Amanda. Amanda mouths that Judd is in the toilet room, Elissa leaves. Judd pops out, washes his hands and look at Amanda in the mirror and says “I love ya.”

    1. I saw this mentioned earlier but I thought it was a joke. This really happened??!! Wow, unless it’s just another stunt by Production to cause more suspense. I still think Amanda is leaving, but they want to keep us all tuned in….

  47. So Nick (remember the one who should have been forgotten because he left week 2) is promoting his KickStart campaign by offering a prize of a date at a monster truck rally with him & GM. Way to encourage & take advantage of her sick delusions for your own self-promotion & publicity Nick!

    1. Well he did say he would go on a date with her so this way he’s got someone with him and maybe some media to keep the cameras going so she doesn’t knock him in the head and throw him in the trunk.

      1. It’d be better to have security near as well as the cameras. No telling what GM is going to do once he tells her “let’s be friends”..

  48. I think Elissa reaction to the tie will prove she voted for spencer to go. I think Andy will come off fake. They all have said Elss idoes not lie well.

  49. Lol. They said expect the unexpected. It would be so funny if Julie said, houseguest stand up and cast your votes in front of the nominees. I would love it. Lol

  50. It’s getting close to showtime and we are having a crisis. One of the interns misplaced the DPOV which Amanda is supposed to pull out just before the vote. We are searching all over the house before we go live. Stay tuned.

  51. Nick taking GM on a date for a PR stunt.

    1. He is friends with B & Rachel

    2. GM made that awful racist dig at Ellisa’s 8 year old son

    3. Brendon made it clear via his twitter he’s got some
    harsh words to say to the people who attacked Ellisa’s
    son when he sees them at finale.

    4. Nick is the biggest BB Famewhore ever. I have met
    him a few times, nice guy but just so FAKE!!!!!!
    His DR sessions early on was just an indicator of
    what a big poseur he is.
    With that said, Using GM for his own fame and messing
    with her head just shows what a pathetic fame-whoring
    person he is.

    1. You are here blasting Nick for living off of GM BB experience.. claiming he is fame-whoring.

      You are dropping his name claiming you met him a few times.

      Last I checked Nick was voted out in week #2. (because of the MVP twist)

      Elissa stayed in the game because of the MVP twist. Elissa even said herself if she would of left early she would of been brought back because she is BB blood.

      Sounds like Elissa is the one who is dropping names and living off of what her sister did.

      I hope she leaves the show will be much better without her.

  52. I don’t like Judd because many times I don’t know where his head is at. I also can’t understand what he says when he mumbles. I think he is the first man to insult a woman (Elissa) directly in BB15. Not nice.

  53. I was done with Judd after he made sexual accusations about Jessie in the jury house to the nation. She had no way to defend herself against such a malicious rumor. No, I’m not a Jessie fan but it was totally uncalled for because she is in the jury house! I hope Howard wins America’s favorite because he is the only HG that showed any resemblance of true class. Andy is just out for Andy and acts like he has done so much. He has floated on everyone else’s coat tails. Spencer is gross picking his nose constantly and hasn’t done anything of significance. GM can be real but seems to be real stupid or immature with her derogatory remarks about people in general. Elissa has tried to stay on the high road but it would be difficult not to think more highly of yourself with this crew. Amanda truly needs to have some self reflection upon leaving the house. She is a piece of work. I hope BB will learn a valuable lesson from this season’s cast. You can bring in all these young people that have no clue about real life. Helen, Howard and Elissa (yes, Elissa) are the only HG that seem to have real life experiences that taught them about how to interact with others. I hope Elissa survives tonight by winning veto in double elimination and then the HOH! That will cause some exterminators to be using their pesticide on each other!

  54. Okay here is what I am thinking……the thing with Andy is he has been loyal to Amanda but he has not told Amanda about the Exterminator Alliance….where he has told all of the Judd GM and Spencer everything Amanda McCrae and Elissa are saying therefore I think Andy will vote out Amanda….Hopefully Amanda will see she has been blindsided by Andy but that still leave little hope for Elissa…it seems McCrae is talking about a boys alliance….whatever happens tonight will be a good one!

  55. My final prediction is quite simply, Amanda stays Mcrea goes on the 2nd eviction. Julie Chen is full of Crap Big Brother has changed the way they recruit the Houseguests and she knows it. They used to come from a larger demographic, old, young, mothers, fathers and not all aspiring models hard bodies and CBS flunkees. If there were more mature people in that house it would set the tone of what is acceptable . but because the house was stocked with mostly twentysomthing dorm rats (GM 30something hoodrat) and other malcontents the strategy and game play never got off the ground. MVP killed off the competitors and Helen spiked the Kool-aid ( Its not time yet) we ended up left with a game full of racists and floaters. Rigging the win is CBS’s down fall. I understand manipulating the game ,but it gets a little obvious and sloppy to try to shove people down our throats that just should not WIN. None of the remaining HG’s deserve the $$. Amanda has run away with the game but went too far with the sex and bullying.I love Big brother for a different reason than most. If you I had 16 people you could lock in a house and have them compete to win how would you manipulate them for the best entrtainment? In Rome they did not want the Gladiators to immediatly kill each other they wanted an entertaining show. So same with Big Bro. Thats why I believe that Amanda will stay, same with Elissa and GM for now. Its a ratings bonanza. *teehee
    -Mark my words

    1. Yes, I think you’re right – production manipulation is over the top this year – sort of ‘in your face’ viewer…. Julie taking the hate Aaryn speech on the road – all for what – well that’s easy to answer – Money – because, money, money changes everything.

  56. GM told Spencer in the HOH room I think on Monday night during BBAD, “You are my new Nick, we’re making it till the end” and quickly dropped the subject when Andy came in and told them about Elissa planning to vote to save Amanda.

    GM is also getting played in this if she thinks any of the guys will stay loyal to her. I’m rooting for Elissa because shes played the cleanest game. Everyone in the house talks about how rich she is or how she’s “autistic” they can’t stand her, shes the most annoying person ever, yet none of them confront her about anything? For people that claim to be “real” they should be ashamed they’ve dragged her kids, husband, and personal life into this game.

    I have no idea what JUDD’s intentions are by telling Amanda he might vote for her, there is so many last minute conversations who knows how this is going to play out.

    1. I remembered that too! I was cracking up about the new Nick comment! If I were Spencer I’d be worry about that since her last Nick got voted out. LOL!!

      1. Ha, the “new Nick.” Does Nick pick his nose, too? So gross. I knew nothing about Nick since he was evicted so early but if it’s true he is doing a PR stint with GM, then he is as gross as Spencer, nose picker or not. Anyone who thinks being associated with GM is a career-boost deserves being the object of her sick obsession. WHERE DID THEY FIND THESE DISGUSTING PEOPLE??????!!!!!

  57. Andy The Rat should have been exposed prior to tonight’s live show – Watching Andy receive a backstabbing liar’s comeuppance from Amanda would have both satisfying and gratifying.

    Andy is the worst! Andy remains silent when people are being abused in front of him. Amanda is abusive – Amanda’s abusive behavior is expected.

    Andy’s silence and failure to stop the abuse – Andy’s lies that put Elissa in physical danger – Andy “feeding” the abuser for no valid reason other than receiving joy at watching a person being abused (for example – when Andy told Amanda that Elissa was listening at the door provoking Amanda to attempt to physical harm Elissa – Andy had no valid reason to say those things to Amanda).

    Andy is watering at the mouth in anticipation of blaming Elissa for voting out Amanda. Simply – Andy is scurrilous, and, is the worst type of human being.

    GM has shown that her racism is has no limits – GM’s disturbing comments about Elissa’s son were uncalled for, and, wrong. Parents would be insane to allow GM to interact with their children. Personally, I am very disappointed in GM because I wanted to “root” for her.

    Andy, Judd, GM, Spencer, Amanda, McCrae – are examples of the vulgar, dangerous, inappropriate human beings that society works to protect themselves from.

    Elissa has not behaved in any manner to deserve the hate and abuse that she receives from everyone in the house. Elissa being subjected to these rejects comes across as cruel,disturbing, sad, and depressing.

    Big Brother is supposed to be fun – this season has been uncomfortable and depressing to watch.

    It is a shame that one of these rejects will be given 500,000 – CBS should have “pulled” the plug on this season of Big Brother weeks ago, IMO.

      1. If he votes out amanda and its a 2-2 tie Amanda will know only elissa and mcrae voted to keep her and she will hate Judd. So i’m not sure what hes thinking besides just messing with her OR is he serious? Ive seen NO signs of him going against the exterminators in any way

      2. game time in 25 minutes. can not wait to see amandas face when she is evicted by GM!!! could be some serious fireworks if not all out fisticuffs on her exit walk

    1. Don’t get me- wrong I distaste the mouth on Amanda she is a bully – but she has played the game and he did have a sound board with McCrae – The others just talk about the game and do nothing WTF is that.

  58. Amanda out followed by Rattady Andy…no more “A’s” for for “A.M.” yeehaw go dirty southern boys Judd and Spencer, get the damn Yankees out!!

      1. Thanks DAWG . Keep up the awesome job. we all love you guys… doesn’t matter what happens tonight this will be the best Live show this far :)

  59. call me crazy but I just have this sneaking suspicion that something is going to go down tonight with Amandas vote. the last exchange that she had with Judd makes me believe that he’s going to flip. he is terrified about the possibility of him leaving again on a double eviction …I think this fear will alter his plans.

    1. Me too. Also when I saw this in the post above: 3pm In the rainbow room – Judd tells Andy and McCrae we all just need to stick together.

      It makes me wonder if Judd/McCrae/Andy have a boys alliance excluding Spencer… so now would be a good time to get him out & go for Elissa in the second eviction…..

      Soon enough we’ll know!

  60. Andy says Spencer and him will play in the dark.


    That quote is from the last blog but it’s too funny not to keep commenting on…

    Yup, there was a picture a few blogs ago with Spencer and Andy in a bed. Andy was surrounded by pink teddy bears….. Hmmmm, wonder if that’s the bed they’re going to “play in the dark” in.

    What a disturbing piece of crap he is.

  61. Seriously you are going to use GM to help with your project. I hope no one donates because they don’t want to hang out with a crazy, racist bigot. No wonder you got voted out you are shady.

  62. if GM gets nasty when she evicts Amanda then amanda may physically confront GM and bait GM into hitting her leading to automatic eviction from the game by security. that could be your double eviction right there people…

  63. Even if the jewelry were real — half a million dollars is worth more than that ring. She could buy 100 rings with that. Why do they trust this collateral?

    1. Andy’s collateral – a t-shirt? He could buy a screen printing shop with the winnings and make all the t-shirts he wants.

  64. Rat confesses to Amanda ahhhhh, what I don’t understand is don’t the other exterminators distinguish him the biggest rat fink, even if he is the cutesy little elfy looking rat ever oh yes you are, who’s the cutesy little rat ever? Now go squeak your tears to Mack-ray

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